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00:17<Eugene>Every night I'm Linodin'
00:18<Woet>thanks for bringing down your apostrophe usage
00:18<Woet>but "I am" would be preferred
00:18<Eugene>Sho' me on ta' doll w'ere the bad 'un touched y'all
00:19*Woet faints
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00:20<dcraig>you woet m8
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00:22<Zimsky>May be hazardous to one's health.
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00:39<Zimsky>Woet: tfw people keep using niqqud
00:39<Woet>Zimsky: don't use racist phrases
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00:43<Eugene>You're a towel
00:44<Zimsky>Eugene: how french is that?
00:44<Zimsky>why is paris?
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02:18<jalei>hello is it possible to pay my linode balance with bitcoin?
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02:19<millisa>Doesn't appear to be one of the payment methods:
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02:26<jalei>maybe one day :(
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02:27<Woet>yea those fees being hire than the product they sell is really advantageous
02:27<afroza>I need some information
02:27<Woet>apparently not
02:27<millisa>afroza: what do you want to know?
02:27<Woet>else you'd ask a question
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02:27<afroza>Is linode hosting support any kind of server like NodeJs and Python?
02:28<Woet>do you know what Linode sells?
02:28<millisa>they are linux servers, so you could set that up if you wanted
02:28<Woet>stop ruining it millisa
02:28<millisa>but it's nearly kwanzmas!
02:29<millisa>I think they even have a nodejs doc at
02:29<Woet>people are never going to learn this way
02:30<afroza>Thanks millisa
02:30<Woet>afroza: so do you know what Linode sells now?
02:30<afroza>Actually I want a best hosting server alternative of AWS
02:31<afroza>No I didn't know that @Woet
02:31<Woet>afroza: they sell unmanaged Linux VPSes
02:32<millisa>if you are comfortable setting up ec2 instances, Linode should be easy enough. There's a getting started doc at that walks through setting things up to give you a feel for how it works
02:33<afroza>Opps!! You mean linode will be not a good choice of alternative AWS?
02:33<Woet>afroza: .. do you know what AWS sells?
02:33<millisa>depends which aws features you car eabout
02:34<afroza>Basically for hosting purpose
02:34<Woet>"hosting purpose" is quite a broad term
02:34<Woet>why don't you ask your sysadmin / programmer what they need?
02:35<afroza>ok now I need only EC2 and route53 service
02:36<afroza>However I'll ask them
02:36<Woet>afroza: you also need someone comfortable with managing a Linux VPS
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02:45<Zimsky>unless you run BSD
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02:47<scotti>Zimsky: you're not really contributing anything of value
02:47<scotti>sort of a troll
02:47<scotti>like jiggawattz
02:48<Zimsky>technically what you're saying right now falls under that category
02:48<scotti>Zimsky: no what I say is useful
02:48<scotti>calling you useless is incredibly useful
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02:48<scotti>because it stands to make you chat less
02:48<scotti>which is productive for #linode
02:48<Zimsky>or it actually has the opposite effect and makes me like you more
02:49<Zimsky>and thus makes me talk to you more often
02:49<scotti>I say these things only out of brotherly love
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02:49<scotti>you need an older brother that tells you these things
02:49<scotti>that is bluntly honest
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02:49<Eugene>Did somebody say blunt
02:49<Zimsky>no, Eugene
02:49<Zimsky>scotti is just upset
02:50<Eugene>You should try being a towel.
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02:50<Zimsky>I did
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02:51<Zimsky>it was most provocative
02:51<Eugene>Did you feel dry and refreshed
02:52<Zimsky>it's preferable to being a washcloth
03:16<dwfreed>RIP linbot
03:17<millisa>net neutrality got 'em.
03:17<dwfreed>technically I did
03:18<millisa>"Breaking News. dwfreed admits to being net neutrality. News at 11."
03:18<Zimsky>do you not mean lack of net neutrality?
03:19<Zimsky>or don't you not not?
03:19<millisa>Um. Yes. Maybe.
03:20<jalei>we need 2 keep our bitcoins free
03:20<scotti>dwfreed: what was the +q for
03:20<scotti>I think that's unfair
03:21<scotti>I got an lol out of that
03:21<jalei>net neutrality will die eventually
03:21<Zimsky>it did die
03:21<Zimsky>at least in the united states
03:21<jalei>na it'll get tied up in courts for a couple more months
03:21<dwfreed>#oftc is not a channel for trolling; you know this already
03:22*scotti isn't a troll
03:22<Zimsky>do you do stand-up?
03:22<scotti>I stood up your mama
03:22<scotti>on our first date
03:22<scotti>felt bad
03:22<shentino>scotti: that IS offtopic here
03:23<scotti>shentino: hi please see /topic
03:23<scotti>we are all Linode customers here
03:23<scotti>some of us are ex-employees
03:23<shentino>and what does standing up someone's mom on a date have to do with linode?
03:23<scotti>this is Linode Community Discussion
03:23<scotti>people date each other
03:23<scotti>it's part of life
03:24<dwfreed>scotti: enough
03:24<shentino>I'm not actually a mod so I probably shouldn't backseat the job
03:24<scotti>yeah I've dated enough
03:24*scotti is done
03:24<scotti>going solo for awhile
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03:26<Zimsky>shentino: arguably, "Linode Community Discussion" technically encompasses any topic on the condition that the interlocutors are members of the linode community
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03:27<scotti>yeah I agree with Zimsky
03:27<shentino>Dwfreed is not an op in this room. He is however a server admin which might give him the authority to enforce oftc's NETWORK policies
03:27<Peng_>Zimsky: An argument advanced by trolls and no one with a lick of sense.
03:27<Peng_>I realize that was redundant.
03:27<scotti>shentino: we've actually had this discussion before
03:27<scotti>network policies govern network abuse
03:28<scotti>like a week ago we discussed this I think
03:28<Zimsky>Peng_: what's your point?
03:28*scotti thinks Peng_ is trolling
03:28<scotti>dwfreed used to be a Linode staffer though
03:28<scotti>he was pretty good
03:29<retro|blah>Does lft support ipv6?
03:29<scotti>he dealt with my support ticket once iirc
03:29<scotti>like back in the xen days
03:29<Zimsky>retro|blah: liver function tests?
03:30<scotti>Zimsky: no this:
03:30<scotti>layer 4 traceroute
03:31<scotti>and yes retro|blah it does
03:31<dwfreed>I mean, tcptraceroute does too, and it also speaks UDP
03:31<scotti>dwfreed: hi, he asked about lft sir
03:31<scotti>please stop trolling now
03:32<@bhanks>well i see things have taken a turn.
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03:32<dwfreed>bhanks: not anymore :)
03:34<Zimsky>nping is also an option
03:35<Zimsky>pretty sure it does tracing with transport layer protocols
03:35<dwfreed>mtr will also do tcp and udp, but it doesn't play very nice on the TCP front when pointed at a port with a service on the other end
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03:40<retro|blah>OK, thanks
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03:44<dwfreed>bhanks: I expect a small DoS targetting my host in the next 5 minutes or so, just as a heads up :)
03:44<dwfreed>will it register? these days, probably not
03:45<Zimsky>dwfreed: are you perhaps overestimating there?
03:48<@bhanks>oh dear. dwfreed
03:49<Zimsky>dwfreed is thinking on his SYNs
03:49<dwfreed>okay, that was punny
03:50<@bhanks>if you think it might be more than just a baby DoS you can PM me the host dwfreed
03:51<@bhanks>some DoSs are so cute. its like they're really trying!!
03:51<dwfreed>bhanks: look at my join message from 10 minutes ago :)
03:56*bhanks is pushing buttons
04:07*Woet pushes bhanks's buttons
04:09<@bhanks>hands off Woet
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04:09*Woet pushes bhanks's buttons using his toes
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04:10<@bhanks>dont like that
04:10*Eugene flips down the plastic guard
04:10<@bhanks>well this has been fun and all but g2g bye kiddies!!
04:10<Eugene>Der blinkenlights ist nocht fur derfingerpoken!
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04:38<Woet>Eugene: are we best friends for life?
04:40<Zimsky>Woet is like a poorly positioned cabinet
04:41<Peng_>All over my apartment?
04:41<Zimsky>what you accidentally break your toes on in the dark
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06:20<smithaitufe>Hi, please I need quick answer to this question that has bordered me a while now
06:21<linbot>smithaitufe: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
06:21<smithaitufe>I bought a domain name at and I pointed it to Linode. I want to send/receive emails. What is the best approach?
06:22<dwfreed>use Google Apps
06:22<smithaitufe>Should I use Mailgun?
06:22<smithaitufe>are mailgun and google apps doing the same thing?
06:24<dwfreed>Mailgun's primary purpose is to ensure that your mailing list subscribers receive your mail (and generally all at the same time); I don't know if it has facilities for being a full-service mail provider (i've not really looked at it much)
06:25<smithaitufe>@dwfreed, thanks so much. Please I have other questions
06:25<dwfreed>ask away
06:26<smithaitufe>Like I mentioned, since the domain name is pointed to linode, if I want something like, how do I go about it? This is my first time to use Linode
06:27<dwfreed>the website and mail can be handled by entirely separate systems; MX records in DNS are used to indicate where the mailservers live responsible for handling mail for a given domain
06:27<dwfreed>for example:
06:27<dwfreed>linbot: dns6 MX
06:27<linbot>dwfreed: 1, 10, 5, 5, 10
06:28<dwfreed>^ Linode uses Google Apps for handling their mail
06:33<smithaitufe>How do I access my emails using webclient?
06:34<Peng_>When using Google Apps? Through the Google Apps website.
06:34<Peng_>When running your own email service? You would have to install a web client, such as RoundCube.
06:51<smithaitufe>what if I am using mailgun?
06:52<Peng_>Mailgun isn't a full-service provider, as far as i know.
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09:03<Zimsky>mutt is actually quite cool now
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10:34<mwalling>heh there's still a #linode.
10:40*Peng_ yelps
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11:35<FluffyFoxeh>but is there a #winode?
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13:11<Reason> Why does linode have no reason to seal my account
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18:34<Zimsky>is some flavour of mtr still actively developed for windows, or does everyone just use the builtin pathping?
18:41<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
19:09<nyancat>Zimsky: There is WinMTR
19:10<Zimsky>last updates to that were 6 years ago though
19:10<Zimsky>I can't actually test any of these since I don't run any windows environments
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19:32<Eugene>I don't know what new features one could add to MTR without making it worse
19:32<Eugene>Sometimes software is 'finished'. Leave it alone.
19:37<FluffyFoxeh>no. we must never stop changing things. if it's gone more than a week without a breaking change it's obsolete and must be replaced
19:45<Zimsky>Eugene: that's what they said about openssl
19:46<Eugene>No they didn't; its always been patched to hell. Nobody ever /realized/ that until they started putting cute names on CVEs
19:47<Eugene>mtr is (relatively) simple, and just works. You could rewrite it, sure, but to what benefit?
19:47<Zimsky>Eugene: that's what they said about the linux kernel
19:48<Eugene>I'm going back to FreeBSD
19:48<Zimsky>Eugene: that's what they said about the core concepts of unix
19:48<Eugene>You're a towel
19:49<Zimsky>I already know all those things, I don't actually care which program works better, just as long as I can find the one that works better than the others
19:50<Zimsky>if that's the one with no patches in 6 years, that's cool
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20:16<das_gym>Is there a doctor in the house?
20:16<linbot>das_gym: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
20:17<dwfreed>WinMTR actually kinda sucks compared to linux MTR
20:18<das_gym>is it possible to copy a disk image back and forth between a linode and your local desktop?
20:48<das_gym>so I'll have to shut down the linode first before the backup?
20:48<Peng_>It's a bad idea to copy a disk image while it's being modified.
20:51<das_gym>easy enough. thanks
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23:34<kilo>anyone are here?
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23:35<millisa>me and 345 of my closest friends
23:35<Woet>!to kilo ask
23:35<linbot>kilo: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
23:39<kilo>what happent when my servers are DDoS attacked ?
23:40<kilo>Will Linode put packet to null ?
23:41<Woet>kilo: if it affects other customers, yup
23:44<kilo> During are attacked, I want Linode to protect my servers. How can I ask support don't put packaget to null ?
23:45<react>kilo: easy, you ask cloudflare to do it, not linode
23:46<Woet>kilo: Linode doesn't offer DDoS protection.
23:50<kilo> thanks everyone .
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