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00:06<Zimsky>serve your site over ddos, therefore you can't be ddosed because you are the ddos
00:07*Woet sets Zimsky on fire
00:07<Zimsky>can't set fire to what's already flaming hot
00:07*Woet throws up a little
00:07<Zimsky>you can apply fire, but fire will be ignored
00:08<Zimsky>a little what?
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00:17<Zimsky>Woet: when's your ICC trial?
00:17<Woet>Zimsky: whenever they find me
00:17<Zimsky>oh so you've already had it
00:18<Zimsky>they acquitted you of the crimes against humanity charge?
00:24<Woet>of course
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00:35<BrianRivet>hello! I need some assistance. I just did a resize on a Linode and it is now refusing connections. I need to get this resolved asap because I have a client with a live site on this server. Please help!
00:35<millisa>is it powered on?
00:36<millisa>what's it show when you connect via lish?
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00:37<BrianRivet>I was able to ssh into it, but it is refusing connections via the browser.
00:37<@bhanks>hey BrianRivet do you have a support ticket open?
00:37<BrianRivet>I just opened one, yes.
00:37<@bhanks>awesome. can you tell me the ticket number?
00:37<Woet>BrianRivet: if you're able to SSH into it, why would you open a ticket..?
00:38<Woet>BrianRivet: SSH is all you need.
00:38<@bhanks>thanks, I'll have someone take a look in a minute BrianRivet
00:38<BrianRivet>I may be able to ssh in but I don't know what I need to do to resolve the problem.
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00:39<Woet>BrianRivet: so maybe not the best choice to buy an unmanaged Linux VPS then?
00:39<millisa>is your web server running? can you see it listening on the port? did you check your firewall?
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00:40<Zimsky>Woet: is your refrigerator running?
00:40<Woet>Zimsky: I live in hotels
00:40<Woet>Zimsky: yes my minibar is running
00:41<Zimsky>I'll see you at the minibar race tomorrow
00:41<@bhanks>play nice kids!
00:41<Woet>bhanks: is discussing fridges not nice?
00:41<Woet>bhanks: I know you work for Linode so you're forced to be nice, but I don't so I can call BrianRivet out on opening tickets for no reason
00:41<Zimsky>bhanks: I think that's illegal in most countries
00:42<Woet>bhanks: people shouldn't buy unmanaged VPSes and pay unmanaged prices and then put load on the support team to solve their issues
00:42<Woet>bhanks: thats what managed VPSes or sysadmins are for.
00:42<Woet>bhanks: we'll all be out of a job if you did it for them and Trump promises me one
00:42<Woet>promised *
00:42<@bhanks>I dont disagree. and as usual, if something falls out of scope we'll let them know.
00:43<Woet>that's okay, I already notified him here
00:43<Zimsky>Woet: are you a US citizen?
00:43<Woet>Zimsky: no but I have an ESTA and I'm not afraid to use it.
00:43<Woet>no, *
00:44<Zimsky>by the whitehouse's logic, you are a foreigner taking away american jobs from americans
00:44<Woet>well maybe americans should being so needy
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05:20<Fwan>Hello what if i have 0 credit balance and have 100 invoice and i cant pay because my credit card got cancelled?
05:21<Fwan>Will they automatically turn off my vps if i exceed my credit balance?
05:22<Peng_>Immediately, no. Eventually, yes.
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05:22<Peng_>You're welcome.
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05:23<Peng_>Immediately, no. Eventually, yes.
05:23<Fwan>So what happens if i wont be able to pay them?
05:25<Peng_>Unless it's changed, 10 days after your bill is overdue, your stuff will be shut down. At 20 days, it will be deleted.
05:25<Peng_>If it's going to be tight, you should contact support to discuss it.
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05:28<Fwan>Thanks man
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06:21<Roldie>Hello, does anyone know how to reset a website to redesign it which is hosted on Linode without messing up the domain and email stuff?
06:22<Zimsky>depends how the site is set up, what you mean by "reset", and "messing up"
06:23<Zimsky>you should probably try and contact whomever set up your site
06:23<Roldie>Well, the site needs to be redesigned to look nicer so it's just removing and updating the current copy and images.
06:23<Roldie>Thanks Zimsky!
06:24-!-Roldie [~oftc-webi@2a00:23c4:9e:cb00:adb3:59b2:70ec:2c5] has quit []
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07:28<grawity>bah, the new Linode control panel doesn't allow adding rDNS for routed subnets
07:28<Peng_>What D:
07:28<Zimsky>bah says he's not in right now
07:28<Zimsky>can I take a message?
07:28<Peng_>Are you sure?
07:28<Zimsky>I recall it working
07:29<Peng_>I haven't tried it in the new panel
07:29<grawity>I can find an option to edit/remove rDNS which I already added via the old panel
07:29<grawity>but not to add rDNS for new IP addresses
07:33<Zimsky>submit a patch to the manager repo
07:33-!-ronald [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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07:34<ronald>hello, what happens when i cant pay the exceeded invoice? will they directly charge my credit card without notifying? will they terminate my account?
07:34<Zimsky>define "can't pay"
07:34<Zimsky>does your card have the funds available?
07:35<ronald>because i exceeded my initial credit balance.
07:35<Zimsky>oh I see
07:35<Zimsky>you might want to ask linode that question in a support ticket
07:35<ronald>its a credit card, theyll immediately charge it without notifying me? or theyll just cut my services off in some limits?
07:36<Zimsky>it'll probably just charge automatically at the end of the month
07:37<ronald>okay. thanks!
07:37<Zimsky>if the card is declined, you will probably get an automatic email with more info, and your services will probably be disabled at some point
07:38<Zimsky>but like I said, you should send them a ticket
07:39<ronald>thank you zimsky
07:39<grawity>if they normally charge you automatically every month, I'm pretty sure they'll charge you whenever needed
07:50-!-VladGh [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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09:20<Zimsky>you must have updated your git version or smth
09:21<Zimsky>didn't know they released the `git rekt` subcommand
09:21<Woet>Wouters-MacBook-Pro:~ woet$ git version
09:21<Woet>Agreeing to the Xcode/iOS license requires admin privileges, please run “sudo xcodebuild -license” and then retry this command.
09:21<Woet>hope this helps
09:22<Woet>thanks, I spent a week thinking of it
09:23-!-neo^ [] has quit [Quit: Bye.]
09:23<Zimsky>sounds about right
09:23-!-mode/#linode [+l 342] by ChanServ
09:24-!-neo^ [] has joined #linode
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09:26<Woet>whats yours? "zimskys-thinkpad-390"?
09:26<Zimsky>I don't have a hostname
09:26<Woet>every machine has a hostname
09:26<Woet>dont lie to me
09:34<Zimsky>root@:~# hostname
09:34<Zimsky>root@:~# hostname fotze
09:34<Zimsky>hostname: cannot set hostname; this system lacks the functionality
09:35<Woet>yea, you can use cygwin all you like
09:35<Woet>Windows machines still have a hostname
09:36<Zimsky>I stated earlier I run no windows environments
09:36<Zimsky>haven't in almost 10 years now
09:36<Woet>so what on earth do you run
09:36<Woet>did you write your own OS
09:36<Woet>are you /that/ guy
09:38<Zimsky>I'm not that kind of girl
09:39<Zimsky>maybe I tore out the ability to set hostnames and anything requiring it just gets a null label
09:40<Zimsky>maybe I'm running redstarOS
09:40<Zimsky>maybe this is all a cunning ruse
09:40<Woet>just improve your life and get a mac
09:41<Zimsky>a big mac?
09:41<Zimsky>those ruin your life, Woet
09:43-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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09:57<Zimsky>Woet: ...maybe I'm running kolibri
09:59-!-uther [] has quit [Quit: hello darkness my old friend...]
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10:02<Zimsky>Woet: thinking about actually, I'm probably the type of person that would eventually get so angry with every operating system that I would write a new one, but I'm also the type of person who doesn't accept anything less than absolute perfection, which would lead me to develop an intense hatred for computers and instead try and destroy all the computers in the world
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10:14<hammad>is linode provide free dns anagement with VPS ...
10:16<hammad>is provided trial account or any concession on first time
10:17<Cromulent>there is a 7 day money back period
10:17<Cromulent>if you don't like the service
10:17<hammad>which payment method accepted...
10:31-!-James [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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12:35<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
12:40<Zimsky>every day el is closing that connection
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13:18<Zimsky>┐( ಠ‿ ಠ;)┌
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15:51<el>Zimsky: every day someone misbehaves on tor :(
16:14<SleePy>Why can I add "*" for a DNS record, but not "*.test" or "*.test.domain.tld"?
16:15<millisa>in linode dns?
16:16<millisa>i thought i saw that they wanted you to make a zone 'test.domain.tld' then you put the * record there.
16:16<dwfreed>limitation of the validation
16:16<dwfreed>and yes, you make a separate zone for the subdomain you want the wildcard on
16:17<SleePy>Hmm, Would I have to delete the existing conflicting records for test.domain.tld? (such as MX, TXT, SRV, etc)? Or can it all be done at once and then just deleted from the main domain
16:17<millisa>there's the reference:
16:17<SleePy>Didn't know I could do a sub zone as well!
16:19<Zimsky>el: are you just refreshing the path periodically, or is a node along the path dying frequently?
16:19<dwfreed>think you'd have to move the records in the parent zone, yes
16:20<el>Zimsky: i periodically get disconnected for being banned
16:21<dwfreed>your last quit was "remote host closed the connection"
16:21<SleePy>I just tried an it let me. No idea what would happen if I waited until the zone file update. Maybe the world explodes. Oh well, that is going to clean up that zone file a lot.
16:21<el>no idea then
16:21<Zimsky>you need more Taiwanese proxies
16:22<Zimsky>people block PRoC but forget about RoC :D
16:23<el>i'm guessing then it's the same thing that is happening for freenode's tor users. i honestly don't know how to tor beyond starting it up and setting it as a proxy.
16:24<Zimsky>tor nodes just shit themselves from time to time
16:24<Zimsky>the network gets upset
16:24<Zimsky>like an angry child with a napkin
16:25<Zimsky>it's the napkin that's upset
16:27<Zimsky>who I was I arguing with over CN wildcard certificates? probably old news but LE is doing wildcard in 2018/01
16:27<Zimsky>so that's lovely
16:27<millisa>that's obscenely exciting. i missed the announcement.
16:28<Zimsky>the bloggery post is from July
16:28<millisa>I see it now. didn't see it then.
16:38<SleePy>Cool for some people. I'm already just making certs with 20+ FQDNs in them :D
16:38<SleePy>I fixed my Nginx setup so I could sign all of the domains at once with 1 LE cert.
16:41<Zimsky>you must live in SAN Francisco
16:41<dwfreed>Zimsky: get out
16:42<dwfreed>The only issue I have with wildcards is that people tend to then take that key and cert and use it on multiple boxes, increasing the risk that it will be compromised
16:42<dwfreed>but that's not really an issue with the wildcard cert itself
16:45<Zimsky>that's a people problem
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17:31<joker_>Hello all
17:31-!-fstd [] has joined #linode
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17:31<@scrane>Hey there!
17:31-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
17:31<joker_>I was wondering what does "X TB Transfer" mean?
17:31<joker_>I was looking at the pricing and specs
17:32<joker_>found that among the specs. I understand CPU, RAM and storage. But "Transfer"?
17:32<joker_>Any hints on what that is?
17:32<dwfreed>how many terabytes of data can be downloaded from your Linode
17:32<dwfreed>it's a soft limit, you just pay overage fees if you go over it
17:32<dwfreed>in a month
17:33<joker_>That's it? :D
17:33<@scrane>Haha yes, that's it. If you go over the limit, you get billed $0.02 per GB
17:34<millisa>your transfer is prorated for the month and pooled amongst all your linodes.
17:34<joker_>I appreciate your assistance.
17:34<joker_>Thanks a million.
17:34<@scrane>No problem!
17:35<joker_>How can I give back?
17:35<joker_>I just don't want to be only a taker
17:35<@scrane>Give back? Can you clarify a little further what you mean?
17:35<millisa>I think he's rabid. Everyone stand back!
17:36<dwfreed>scrane: I think he means rewarding us for our help
17:36<dwfreed>which isn't needed
17:37<joker_>Have yourself a nice day.
17:37<@scrane>You too!
17:37-!-joker_ [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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17:55<pharaun>not again
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17:58<millisa>besides, it's actually Jovovich Day. MooltiPasses for everyone. Big badda boom.
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18:38<retro|blah>> Don't mail support@
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18:47<dwfreed>I was thinking I was missing one
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19:01<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Zcash4u <>
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19:07<mellowmaroon>scrane: :)
19:08<mellowmaroon>so I'm trying to apply Domain Control Validation to my Linode server, is it just as simple as adding the CNAME from my domain registrar?
19:10<@scrane>Most likely.
19:11<mellowmaroon>One option was that, and another was downloading a file to put at the root of my http server.
19:11<@scrane>It really depends on the service you are trying to do Domain Control Validation with, I think. Best bet will be to follow their instructions for it.
19:12<mellowmaroon>Right. Their instructions aren't the best, but I just wanted to make sure I'm not doing something stupid
19:13<mellowmaroon>Thanks! :)
19:13<@scrane>Haha no, you aren't doing anything stupid. You have a good one!
19:13<mellowmaroon>You too
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19:20<Ikaros>Heh. Asking to be sure of something, isn't being stupid. It's being smart - you're merely getting a second opinion, double-checking yourself.
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20:40<neo^>How does the Linode kernel work? What are the advantages of Linode kernel compared to custom kernel?
20:41<dwfreed>it's just a kernel Linode has built that they know will work on their hardware, and has a lot of usually standard things built in
20:41<dwfreed>it lives on the host, and is provided to the hypervisor as the kernel to boot when your Linode is booted
20:41-!-ryanpc [] has left #linode []
20:42<neo^>dwfreed: how are updates handled?
20:42<staticsafe>you reboot and you have the latest Linode kernel
20:42-!-ryanpc [] has joined #linode
20:42-!-ryanpc is "ryanpc" on #linode
20:42<dwfreed>as long as you stay on the "Latest kernel" option in your config profile, whenever you reboot, you'll get the latest one
20:43<neo^>dwfreed: is there a page that details this setup? Sounds like the host has too much visibility inside the linode.
20:43<dwfreed>At this point Linode is tracking LTS branches on that (it used to be latest stable)
20:43<dwfreed>neo^: the host has no visibility inside the Linode; in the case of Xen as a hypervisor, the host specifies the kernel to use directly in the domain config file that's used for booting the VM
20:44<dwfreed>I'm not sure on the specifics of how it is implemented in KVM
20:45<dwfreed>but anyway, the host has full access to all physical memory (and neither hypervisor, Xen or KVM, prevents this access) and disk, if it really wanted to
20:45<dwfreed>this is the nature of VPS
20:45<neo^>yes, I want to learn how host kernel works on KVM.
20:46<dwfreed>I'm not sure Linode will go into implementation details there
20:46-!-ryanpc [] has quit []
20:46<dwfreed>(in Xen the implementation is obvious)
20:46<neo^>Not specific to Linode. Is there KVM docs on it?
20:46-!-mode/#linode [+l 339] by ChanServ
20:46-!-ryanpc [] has joined #linode
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20:47<dwfreed>I don't think there is a generic way of doing it in KVM
20:48-!-mpr [] has quit [Server closed connection]
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20:48<neo^>but it sounds like a big change to KVM architecture
20:48-!-mode/#linode [+l 340] by ChanServ
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20:48<dwfreed>I doubt they had to patch KVM or QEMU to pull it off
20:49<neo^>dwfreed: then, is the kernel stored inside the guest?
20:49-!-MaZ` [~maz@] has joined #linode
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20:49<dwfreed>If I were implementing this, I'd probably use iPXE and fetch a boot menu for the Linode
20:50<staticsafe>yeah I was about to suggest PXE
20:50<millisa>..with blackjack . ..
20:51<dwfreed>Linode MAC addresses are globally unique, so it's easy to lookup the Linode from just that
20:51<Peng_>neo^: You *can* use a kernel stored inside your guest, if you want to.
20:53<neo^>Peng_: yes, since when could users do this? Since KVM was rolled out?
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20:53<Peng_>neo^: Linode supported pv-grub with Xen too
20:53-!-mteufel [] has joined #linode
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21:05<neo^>dwfreed: one way without PXE is to make the host present to the guest a read-only disk with the latest kernel.
21:05-!-mode/#linode [+l 339] by ChanServ
21:05<dwfreed>yes, but there'd be no way to remove it after
21:06<dwfreed>(well, there probably is, but it would be dirty)
21:06<neo^>it will replace it with updated one whenever guest reboots
21:06<dwfreed>i mean remove the disk
21:07<dwfreed>no need for it to exist once it's loaded
21:07<neo^>yes, remove won't work.
21:07<neo^>then you'll lose the ability to unload modules
21:08<dwfreed>linode kernels don't have modules
21:08<dwfreed>everything they have enabled is built-in
21:09<dwfreed>they do allow loading modules you have built, but that doesn't require the kernel to exist on disk
21:10<neo^>even with PXE, kernel will appear to be on a special device in the guest, isn't it?
21:18<neo^>dwfreed: yes, when I used PXE to boot live CDs long ago, it was the remote squashfs filesystem that was loop mounted locally.
21:19<dwfreed>except no squashfs is needed, because the root filesystem is your disk
21:20<dwfreed>the squashfs in the livecd is the root fs
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22:28<zifnab>dwfreed: neo^:
22:29<zifnab>you can override kernels at boot time in KVM, same as xen
22:30<zifnab>and configuration for libvirt,
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