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00:46<Eugene>You're a hack
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00:53<rk>hello there! Does linode offer any high CPU plans ?
00:54<millisa>All the plans they have are here:
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00:55<rk>Do they offer any custom plans (tailored for high CPU usage) ?
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01:07<Woet>All the plans they have are here:
01:07<Woet>oh he left
01:07<Woet>i was proud of how edgy that was
01:08<millisa>I had actually started typing it again.
01:08<Woet>did you know of this feature called copy paste
01:08<millisa>Doesn't sound child friendly.
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01:32<Rupam_debroy>i am from india ? i want to pay in INR not in USD . is to possible ?
01:32<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • fiber machine factory <> || General Discussion • China stuffed toys manufacturers <> || General Discussion • Deutz pneumatic Stop Solenoid in stock <> || General Discussion • Working Tables <https://forum.linode.
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01:39<FluffyFoxeh>man I need some deutz pneumatic stop solenoid
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02:46<FluffyFoxeh>" CentOS works just fine for 99% of people, and the few people who absolutely need RHEL for stupid reasons can install it themselves."
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03:49<Asad_>hello what is linode billing structure
03:50<Peng_>What do you mean?
03:50<Asad_>How you billed? In advance or at the end of the moneth
03:50<Asad_>In advance or at the end of the month
03:52<@jhaas>End of the month
03:52<Asad_>Is that mean I can start free?
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03:53<@jhaas>We do require a $5 deposit (with a 7-day money-back guarantee)
03:54<Asad_>So when I deposit $5 at start it will be deducted at the end of the month?
03:55<Peng_>Yes? It's not wasted, it's applied to your bill.
03:55<@jhaas>First bill would be on 1/1, if it's more than $5 your card would get charged for the difference.
03:56<Asad_>Why is your live chat not just like the others its confusing
03:57<Woet>this is not a live chat
03:57<Woet>its a community chat
03:57<Peng_>It's better :D
03:57<Woet>as shown on the website and in the topic
03:57<Peng_>Though it might be nice to have a live chat *too*
03:57<Woet>to be honest, if you struggle comprehending this chat, running an unmanaged Linux server is probably not a good idea
03:57<Peng_>Woet: :|
03:57<Woet>consider it an aptitude test
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03:58<Woet>F- for that one
03:58<Peng_>Woet: Who needs aptitude with the creation of "apt"
03:58<Woet>Peng_: it makes you 10 times cooler
03:58<Peng_>Woet: This isn't the apt-get dark ages
03:58<Woet>if you see someone use aptitude
03:58<Woet>you know they're the real deal
03:58<Woet>they've seen some shit
03:58<Peng_>Or using Ubuntu 14.04
03:59<@jhaas>I like to use htop as a test
03:59<Woet>!lick Peng_
03:59<linbot>Woet: Point given to peng_. (1)
03:59<Woet>you were a point virgin
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04:05<Rajesh>Hi there,new to Linode. Can you pls brief what exactly this MANAGED means?
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04:07<Rajesh>somebody there?
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04:32<Kiran>So, How many nodes are allowed here in 2GB Linode
04:32<nate>What do you mean?
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04:32<Kiran>I mean in my previous Host they only allowed 250000Nodes
04:32<Kiran>or say files
04:32<nate>Are you planning to try and do VPS's in a VPS...?
04:33<@jhaas>oh inodes?
04:33<Kiran>No I am Planning to Purchase a 2GB Plan Linode
04:33<Kiran>Yeah inodes
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04:33<@jhaas>There's not a hard limit on it, but there is a default if you deploy your disks in the normal way
04:34<nate>Linode doesn't enforce any explicit limits on that, you're just limited to the space itself and whatever you configure
04:34<Kiran>ooh okay
04:34<Kiran>and is there a limit on muber of websites that i can host
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04:34<nate>Only whatever your specs can effectively support
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04:34<@jhaas>you'll have root access to the box so you can do anything physics-permitting
04:34<Kiran>I mean my previous host had been a Shared server they had a limit of 20Sites
04:35<Kiran>Ooooh Awesome already
04:35<Kiran>Is this Some kind of dedicated server ?
04:35<Kiran>I am Loking at ?
04:35<Zimsky>jhaas: until I can do quantum entanglement on it, nah
04:36<nate>Kiran: VPS's are effectively a sort of root-environment yes
04:36<Kiran>@Zimsky Mannn thats amazing,
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04:36<Zimsky>pls2sell 15-qubit linodes
04:36<Kiran>so this is Dedicated or VPS ?
04:36<nate>You're basically paying to get an instanced portion of a dedicated server, it is it's own root virtual server
04:36<Kiran>I cant get it
04:36<nate>ie; you choose your own OS, you configure it, do what you want on it, etc
04:37<@jhaas>Zimsky: Yes, the physical construction of our hosts does not allow for active quantum entanglement. Thus, physics does not permit it on your linode :P
04:37<nate>(well largely you choose from the OS's linode has made available for the most part)
04:37<Kiran>oooh Ok thats awesome
04:37<Kiran>This has been awesome experience here
04:37<Kiran>so its a VPS then
04:37<Kiran>which is infact a part of Dedicated Server ?
04:37<Zimsky>jhaas: but my university gives me quantum computer time for free
04:38<@jhaas>!schroedingerlick Zimsky
04:38<@jhaas>(obviously that gives no output since the result of the operation isn't known)
04:39<@jhaas>Kiran: Yep, we call the dedicated thing the "host" and we call the VPS segment you have access to the "linode"
04:39<Zimsky>jhaas: or that's just what you think until you observe it properly
04:39<Zimsky>: O
04:39<Kiran>Bye People
04:40<Zimsky>I am not a person
04:40<Zimsky>I am an idea
04:40*jhaas copyrights Zimsky
04:41<Zimsky>A tree owns the copyright to me
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04:41<Zimsky>but only in New Zealand
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05:25<Zarushniak>Hello! I have a problem, you have a full copy of my site on the hosting.
05:42<@jhaas>Zarushniak: Like someone copied your whole website without your permission?
05:52<Zarushniak>Yes, my site was copied without my permission and waved at you on a hosting, do you want to host the site
05:53<Zarushniak>My site was registered since 2010 ( A copy of my site which you posted is registered in 2017 ( On the copy of the site, nothing has been changed, not even phone and picture numbers, but also design.
05:54<Zarushniak>Yes, my site was copied without my permission and waved at you on a hosting, do you want to host the site [12:52] <Zarushniak> My site was registered since 2010 ( A copy of my site which you posted is registered in 2017 ( On the copy of the site, nothing has been changed, not ev
05:54<Zarushniak>My site was registered since 2010 ( A copy of my site which you posted is registered in 2017 ( On the copy of the site, nothing has been changed, not even phone and picture numbers, but also design.
05:56<@jhaas>Zarushniak: Could you please send that info to If you'd like quick action, it would also be a good idea to submit a full DMCA request
05:58<@jhaas>(Also I kindly ask, please don't repeatedly post the same info.)
06:03<Zarushniak>I'm from Russia, and I do not really understand what information needs to be provided, what did I not send you enough? What evidence should I provide?
06:04<@jhaas>That should be enough evidence, but this is a community chat channel. To officially handle this it would need to be done through
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06:23<Woet>what is it with people and thinking IRC is for abuse cases
06:23<Woet>theres at least one a week
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06:52<nate>What's worse is when they complain to hosting providers without trying to reach out to the other individual first
06:53<nate>for all they know maybe they were archiving the site for posterity sake :P
07:10<Woet>it still has the same phone number and contact details
07:10<Woet>why is he complaining about the free advertising?
07:49<Zarushniak>Вы можете дать мне почту владельца хостинга на котором лежит сайт
07:49<Zarushniak>You can give me the mail of the owner of the hosting on which the site lies
07:49<@bmartin>Hey Zarushniak did you submit the situation to as we suggest?
07:52<Zarushniak> Yes, I was told that I need a DMCA message. I don `t know how to get it and why, here it 's so obvious that everything is copied
07:53<Zarushniak>Here is the answer: Hello, Thanks for reaching out. Given the information you provided we can currently do the following:   - Ask the customer to voluntarily remove the site If you can provide a valid DMCA notice we will force removal of the site. This is mainly amounts to including some legally important sentences. You can use this site if you'd like and then send us the generated response:
07:54<@bmartin>That is another link for effectively writing a DMCA notice. Our options are to ask them to voluntarily remove the site, or if you provide a DMCA notice to us we can force them to take it down if it is not done within a set period of time. Those are our two options here.
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07:54<@bmartin>Please respond to the abuse email with how you'd like to proceed so we can begin this process for you.
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07:55<Peng_>___sad: Hello
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07:57<Zarushniak>I wrote a complaint in Pshchspdu
07:57<@bmartin>Zarushniak please respond to the abuse email with that information. This is a public community channel.
07:57<Zarushniak>I wrote a complaint in Google
07:57<___sad>When I built the server encountered some trouble want to ask
07:58<@bmartin>Zarushniak thank you for writing that up. Please send it to so we can process your request.
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08:04<Netcraft>Hi, could I please speak with someone from the abuse department?
08:05<@bmartin>hey there netcraft. This is our community channel. To reach abuse you would email
08:06<Netcraft>Okay, thank you
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10:13<jimcooncat>Wow, I haven't been here in years! So glad to see linode is doing well. Will be taking out a new account soon, good to be back.
10:20<@jleal>were glad to have you back :)
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10:22<jimcooncat>thanks jleal
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10:28<jvh>Hello folks, I've been installing linode longview on various machines but I've got one that I just can't get it installed on, wondered if I could get some help here?
10:30<jvh>It's a CentOS 6.9 server managed by cPanel, but for some reason yum cannot find the perl dependencies the longview agent needs, perhaps I can try installing the perl modules via CPAN instead but I can't even find out where the .rpm for linode-longview can be downloaded
10:31<smallclone>jvh: longview and cpanel have a long history of issues
10:31<jvh>no doubt, it's our last cpanel server, we've got rid of all the others ;-)
10:32<jvh>ah, I think I just found the rpm at
10:34<jvh>ok now I just need to manually get the perl modules installed that it's missing
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10:35<smallclone>yeah it's been a long time since i dug into this but i think cpanel was installing the wrong versions of certain perl modules or something
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10:36<jvh>hey, it's working :-)
10:37<jvh>the problem seems to be that cpanel has a load of it's own rpm packages for perl modules which don't match the dependencies that longview is expecting
10:38<jvh>but manually installing longview ignoring dependencies then manually installing the perl modules seems to have worked, I was just stuck for ages finding the rpm - forgot to just look at the repo URL (doh)
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11:25<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • /dev/root shows 100% use on fresh install <>
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20:21<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
20:21<zifnab>And the circle continues
20:28<linbot>Every day I'm linbot
20:37<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • I am the new guy <>
20:38<linbot>I am the new bot
21:15<@mcintosh>!point linbot
21:15<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to linbot. (1337)
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21:29<Guest169>If I apply the linode for one month,the date from December 21 to January 21, it is all right
21:30<Guest169>or from today to December 31
21:31<@mcintosh>i am not quite sure what you're asking
21:31<Guest169>I want to know the service date from when to when
21:31<@sjacobs>Guest169: if you don't use it a full month, it will be billed at the hourly rate.
21:31<@mcintosh>you can have a linode for any amount of time - you will only be billed for as long as you keep it
21:33<Guest169>How much for one hour
21:34<@mcintosh>it depends on the size of the linode - the hourly rates are noted at that link sjacobs gave above
21:35<Guest169>Can you speak chinese
21:36<Guest169>I want to use the 5 USD for one month
21:38<Guest169>If I paid today, I can use linode from today to January 21, right or wrong
21:40-!-John_ [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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21:41<John_>Right now i want to generate CSR, but the domain being hosted on Godaddy Server, and the website files being hosted on Linode Server. May i ask i will need to generate the CSR through Godaddy or Linode?
21:42-!-Rakesh [~oftc-webi@2405:204:8088:8d6b:3475:dca0:bd10:879d] has joined #linode
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21:42<Peng_>Linode, probably.
21:42<Peng_>Are you using GoDaddy web hosting services? Or just domain registration or DNS?
21:42<Peng_>What's the site?
21:42-!-mode/#linode [+l 340] by ChanServ
21:42<John_>just the domain registration
21:42<Peng_>...And why not use Let's Encrypt? :D
21:43<John_>and it point to linode server
21:43<Zimsky>apply the linode to the affected area and seek medical attention immediately
21:43<Zimsky>let's encrypt is a tool of the masses used to oppress the bourgeoisie
21:43<Peng_>Zimsky: Sounds good to me?
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21:44<millisa>Seize the means of production!
21:44<John_>Just want to double confirm, i will need to generate the CSR from linode server right?
21:44<Peng_>You can generate it anywhere, really.
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21:44<Peng_>If you want to install the certificate on your Linode, you should probably generate it on the Linode.
21:45<Zimsky>seize the means of production, tease the beans of destruction
21:45<John_>so it will based on where the website file being hosted, but not the domain registration is it?
21:45<Peng_>The private key and certificate are destined to be installed on a web server.
21:46-!-mode/#linode [+l 338] by ChanServ
21:46<Zimsky>John_: the technicals of registering a domain is nothing other than the domain registry giving you control of the DNS for that name
21:46<Peng_>So it makes sense to generate the private key and CSR on that server, so you don't have to move them around.
21:46<Peng_>The domain registrar isn't really directly involved.
21:47<John_>alright, understood. thank you very much for the helps ya
21:47<Zimsky>ya mann
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21:47<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • wholesale metal silicon <> || General Discussion • Titanium bar wire sheet mesh supplier <> || General Discussion • Nature Peeled Wicker Fence suppliers <>
21:47<Peng_>Person should use Let's Encrypt :(
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21:47<Peng_>Oh my gosh silicon!
21:47<Zimsky>ooooooo wicker fence
21:47-!-mode/#linode [+l 336] by ChanServ
21:47<Zimsky>and titanium mesh
21:48<Zimsky>I gotta redo my chicken coop
21:48<Zimsky>it's starting to turn into a chicken coup d'etat
21:48<Zimsky>titanium should hold those crafty chooks at bay
21:50<millisa>googling for 'communist chicken' gave much more than expected.
21:50<Zimsky>all chickens are communists
21:50<millisa>I may have to get the 'che fc' image on a shirt
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