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03:42<diveyez>Debian cant iptables without UFW in place...
03:42<diveyez>Not anymore anyway...
03:42<FluffyFoxeh>pretty sure it can
03:43<diveyez>while read line; do sudo ufw insert 1 deny from $line to any; done < ~/fw.blocked
03:43<diveyez>problem solved
03:43<diveyez>Best done on a 2048 or higher linode
03:43<diveyez>That 5$ linode couldnt handle the pressure heh
03:44<@jhaas>aren't they both just interfaces to the netfilter kernel modules?
03:44<diveyez>Good news is users can upsize it for the twenty minutes to run that line...
03:44<diveyez>jhaas: yes
03:44<diveyez>Updating from 8>9 caused some weird issues with that though
03:45<diveyez>I had to reinstall ufw and go with ufw as a solution
03:45<diveyez>my old script broke everything inet lol
03:45<diveyez>using iptables also made openvpn and nginx ridiiculously slow...
03:45*jhaas definitely blames release upgrading
03:46<diveyez>(OpenVPN buold in the guide on documents for linode id broken btw)
03:46<diveyez>ME 2 BRO
03:46<diveyez>Good news is all 700,000 of those ip's identified in the last 12 weeks are denied
03:47<diveyez>Erin answered the ticket on my account regarding that btw
03:47<diveyez>Whoever made that deserves a golden THUG chain for christmas. Worked great.
03:48<diveyez>It was a dirty upgrade jhaas, what you doing up so late?
03:48*diveyez submits 15 random tickets to get jhass's attention lol
03:49<diveyez>Pirenial blindness is setting in, gonna ned some carot juice.
03:49*jhaas still has 5 hours left in his shift
03:49<diveyez>Aww bro. You need some drum and bass?
03:49*diveyez lol's
03:50<diveyez>Im gonna be sending loota business @ linode in 2018
03:50<diveyez>Btw, seizure cause identified as a bone fragment above C1 in spinal cord.
03:51*diveyez sets mode +handicapped diveyez
03:52<diveyez>I had to drop the IT degree for a medical degree
03:52<diveyez>jhaas that NJ hardware issue with my machine caused me to lose 3 months of unsaved work lol
03:53<diveyez>Fixed now*
03:53<diveyez>jhaas: if you can assist me in Jan when I buy up more ipv4's I would appreciate it, need to make sure they are not on any BL's
03:55<@jhaas>We monitor the big ones and try to be proactive with removal, but you happen to land an IP on a BL we're more than happy to work to get it delisted.
03:55<diveyez>Sweet Deal.
03:56<diveyez>Clients are requesting that their sites are on their own ip's (i tried to tell them no)
03:56<diveyez>They just want that pretty look on the resolv
03:56<diveyez>jhaas want to play PUBG with me while the world sleeps? Lol
03:57<@jhaas>lol afraid not; at work and haven't played before <.<
03:58<diveyez>They released the 1.0 tonight
03:58<diveyez>Kind of excited to play that
04:00<diveyez>jhaas is there any 8core machines available?
04:00<diveyez>(3D modeling stuff in future)
04:02<diveyez> identified as google phish (Movie Site With Scrypt Coin Miner) on
04:03<diveyez>These movie sites are cancer... Im blocking all of them across all the interfaces I operate
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04:13<@jhaas>yeah we have 8 core ($160/mo or $0.24/hr)
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04:57<diveyez>Good lord that is expensive. I remember when we had 8 cores for the 40-60 range
04:58<diveyez>My corporate 4g unlimited data plan costs less lol
04:59<Peng_>For a while Linode gave every plan 8 cores. Now the number of cores scales with the plan.
05:00<nate>was a lot more share-bleeding back then too I believe
05:00<nate>now chances of actually getting impact from another VPS on the host usually seems pretty rare
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05:04<elavarsi>AM ELAVARASI
05:04<elavarsi>I have one doubt
05:05<elavarsi>past three month am using Linode manager server
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05:05<elavarsi>Outstanding balance means pending payment or
05:06<elavarsi>I want to know it is auto renewal option is there
05:07<elavarsi>I enable that or option or not how I know?
05:07<Peng_>It will automatically bill you if possible
05:07<Peng_>You should file a support ticket
05:08<elavarsi>actually now I saw outstanding balance
05:08<elavarsi>outstanding balance means what?
05:08<elavarsi>for extra useage
05:08<Peng_>Do you mean "Account Balance"?
05:09<Peng_>Do you mean "Uninvoiced Balance"?
05:10<elavarsi>Uninvoiced Balance $14.58 and counting
05:10<Peng_>That's what your next bill (probably on January 1) will be.
05:10<Peng_>If you have active services, it's increasing, of course.
05:10<elavarsi>1 month ago November 01, 2017 Invoice #9556962 $14.94 20 days ago December 01, 2017 Invoice #9857258 $20.00
05:10<elavarsi>it seems like that
05:10<elavarsi>now currently how much i have to pay
05:11<Peng_>It sounds like probably $20.
05:12<elavarsi>Now I have to pay 20 +14 right?
05:12<Peng_>I don't know.
05:12<Peng_>It sounds like, unless you change your services, your bill on January 1 will be $20.00.
05:12<elavarsi>ok where i get those information
05:12<Peng_>To be clear, I don't work for Linode. I'm only guessing based on the information provided.
05:13<Peng_>And you shouldn't post too much personal information in a public chat room.
05:13<elavarsi>ok ok
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06:02<Klaus>I was interested to know which kind of cpanel is included in plan Linode 2GB
06:03<@jhaas>We don't offer cpanel (we're unmanaged) but you can buy it from someone else and install it if you want
06:03<nate>None, they're VPS's that you manage yourself. You only get cPanel with a managed or professional support plan I believe, otherwise you gotta license it yourself
06:03<nate>(which is like $20-ish I think for a VPS License?)
06:04<Klaus>I just wanted to know that, because I am not a sysadmin
06:04<Klaus>On another hosting company they were offering at least webmin for free
06:04<Klaus>Thank you for the reply
06:04<nate>Well, that's probably because webmin is free
06:04<nate>you can install it yourself as well if you want :P
06:05<nate>Webmin and Virtualmin are opensource alternatives to cPanel/WHM. A little more technical-oriented, but free for the most part
06:05<Klaus>I am scared about this, because I haven't configured a server from the beginning
06:06<Klaus>I will check this link
06:06<Klaus>thank you & have a nice day
06:06<@sjacobs>if you want to give it a go, be sure to work through the two guides in the "Before You Begin" section.
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10:52<AlexMax>Got a question
10:52<AlexMax>Is there any way that I can uniquely identify a particular VPS?
10:52<linbot>we might have an answer
10:52<dwfreed>MAC address is globally unique
10:52<dwfreed>and thus its main IPv6 address
10:52<AlexMax>dwfreed: What if I create an image
10:52<AlexMax>and then deploy the image multiple times
10:52<dwfreed>MAC address is a property of the Linode, not the image
10:53<AlexMax>dwfreed: Okay. What happens if the server is a part of a free upgrade or a KVM/Xen migration you guys sometimes do?
10:53<dwfreed>it is derived from the Linode ID (in a reversible way, if you know the secret sauce)
10:53<AlexMax>will that ever change the MAC address?
10:53<dwfreed>only creating a new Linode will get you a new MAC address
11:00<Woet>dwfreed: mac addresses are not globally unique
11:00<Woet>but for the purposes of his usage, yea, probably.
11:01<AlexMax>dwfreed: I presume I should be looking at /sys/class/net/eth0/address
11:04<AlexMax>there's a /sys/class/net/dummy0/address
11:04<AlexMax>with a different mac address
11:04<grawity>dummy interfaces are completely virtual; they get a random MAC whenever they're created
11:05<AlexMax>i figured they're virtual, i just didn't know that second bit
11:05<grawity>(dummy0 gets precreated for legacy reasons)
11:06<grawity>renaming dummy0 to eth0 and changing its MAC address is a popular way to deal with MATLAB's license checks :3
11:07<dwfreed>Woet: globally within Linode
11:08<Woet>dwfreed: thats not how you can use the world globally
11:08<dwfreed>Linode is a global company, yes I can
11:08<dwfreed>the uniqueness is not confined to one datacenter
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11:27<AlexMax>dwfreed: Are you aware of the secret sauce?
11:27<AlexMax>It'd be nice to be able to divine the MAC address from a linode id for my purposes
11:27<dwfreed>I am, but it's secret sauce, so I don't think I can share it
11:31<AlexMax>are there any plans to expose the mac address from the API
11:32<armiller>APIv4 is being used to implement the new manager
11:32<armiller>So I'd assume there would have to be some function that can get you the MAC address
11:34<armiller>Well, that is if you can see MAC address in the manager. I'm not actually sure if you can do that tho
11:37<armiller>(I checked, you can't)
11:38<Zimsky>Woet: you couldn't rule a straight line on a piece of paper
11:38<Woet>Zimsky: thats because I'm very artistic
11:44<Woet>thats overly complicated
11:44<Woet>and rude
11:44<Woet>i need an op
11:46<Zimsky>if it wasn't overly complicated, it wouldn't be funny
11:47<Woet>either way it wasn't funny, just offensive and unacceptable according to the Linode Code of Conduct
11:52<dwfreed>AlexMax: grab the IPv6 address, eat the datacenter network off the front, undo the EUI-64 conversion
11:53<dwfreed>eg, 2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:fedf:906b becomes f2:3c:91:df:90:6b
11:53<relidy>!point dwfreed
11:53<linbot>relidy: Point given to dwfreed. (35)
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11:54<AlexMax>10:52 < dwfreed> and thus its main IPv6 address
11:54<AlexMax>should've realized that
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12:00<FluffyFoxeh>I'm over 90% of my transfer quota, and I'm getting an alert email about it every 6 hours. Can I make it stop doing that?
12:01<armiller>Yeah, there should be a setting on your Linode for the notification threshold
12:01<armiller>(under settings tab in the manager)
12:01<FluffyFoxeh>It's my account quota that I'm close to exceeding, not any one linode
12:02<armiller>Oh I'm pretty sure you can't turn that one off
12:03<FluffyFoxeh>hm. I had a feeling that was the case. Oh well, I'll just endure it then :p
12:06<dwfreed>I'm not aware that there is one that is account-wide
12:06<dwfreed>unless they changed that
12:07<FluffyFoxeh>"Your account, with the username [username], has exceeded the transfer quota threshold for notification."
12:07<dwfreed>huh, yeah, that's new (compared to me)
12:07<dwfreed>at least it's every 6 hours instead of every 2 like the per Linode ones
12:10<dwfreed>you could pay money to turn it off (buy some Linodes to give yourself more quota)
12:10<relidy>Anyone have words of wisdom on increasing the inode limit on a Linode (CentOS 7; ext4). Everything I'm reading indicates that it's fixed after creation. Am I just going to have to create a separate partition/filesystem to manage this?
12:11<dwfreed>do you have space to grow the filesystem? otherwise, yes, it's pretty fixed, unless you can recreate it
12:11<dzho>relidy: more or less, you would have to change your underlying filesystem
12:12<grawity>for ext#, it's indeed fixed -- afaik even if the filesystem is resized
12:12<dwfreed>(by temporarily putting the data somewhere else)
12:12<dzho>you might go about this from a different angle, though: what is it that is taking up all the inodes? CAn any of that be trimmed or offloaded?
12:13<relidy>It's backup data that's currently occupying the inode/space. Lots and lots of small files (hardlinks, mostly).
12:13<dwfreed>hardlinks don't use inodes
12:14<relidy>Yeah, understand that. Still plenty of other small files apparently.
12:14<relidy>I might just have to size up this machine since the current space is fully allocated and use the new disk space to create a new filesystem or something.
12:15<relidy>The folders that contain the hardlinks are probably a contributing factor here. I'm using rsync to make snapshots.
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12:16<dwfreed>depends on the folder count
12:16<relidy>Now I'm going to have to go count them, just to see ...
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12:18<dwfreed>find -type d | wc -l
12:18<relidy>Yep! Already running
12:19<relidy>Looks like ~32k per snapshot
12:19*relidy grumbles about Magento
12:21<dwfreed>find -links 1 | wc -l
12:21<dwfreed>for the number of files that aren't hardlinks to something
12:21<relidy>Ah, handy (and a whopping value of 39).
12:22<relidy>At least on the "current" snapshot. That's undoubtedly variable.
12:23<grawity>is that rsnapshot?
12:23<relidy>No, just a homespun script using rsync directly. It's not fancy.
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12:24<grawity>I'd consider borg or restic
12:25<dwfreed>one thing to keep in mind with hardlinks is that there are things that modify files without breaking the hardlink
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12:28<relidy>We are going through a separate process to ship backups offsite using duplicity, so I'm not *too* concerned about these local hardlink collections. They're mainly here to provide some convenience (although we're not currently meeting that goal on this server).
12:30<relidy>The goal was to have "live" mounted snapshots that a ... less experienced team member could access to retrieve files in an emergency without going through a full restore process.
12:34<relidy>dwfreed: You asked earlier if I had room to grow the filesystem. Does that indicate that it's possible to tinker with the inode limit while growing the filesystem?
12:34<dwfreed>I thought that growing the filesystem would give you more inodes
12:34<dwfreed>but grawity suggests my thought is wrong
12:35<relidy>Gotcha. Well, thanks to everyone for the discussion. I need to wander off and do some digging apparently.
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12:50<webplus>Hi there, how long account is being reviewed after successful payment has been made please ?
12:53<@bmartin>You will typically here back within the next 10 minutes or so whether we need more information
12:54<webplus>@bmartin k, thanks, i'll { idle } then
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13:28<AlexMax>the linode v3 api apparently does not show me ipv6 ips
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13:29<AlexMax>grumble grumble
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13:45<AlexMax>just use XFS
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17:01<Nef>Hi , I am new to webhosting and planning to buy a Linode server. Will that be a shared server?
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17:03<millisa>wasn't even done typing a response...
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17:04<dzho>the ways people find to misperceive ever so slightly and yet quite thoroughly the nature of these products is sometimes quite fascinating.
17:08<Zimsky>you think people seek out these ways?
17:09<Zimsky>maybe they're new to it
17:09<Zimsky>dzho: you can't blame someone for not knowing what they don't know
17:10<Zimsky>okay, it's party time
17:10<dzho>a) I'm not blaming anyone and b) I'm not sure what I said to indicate I think this is somehow deliberate.
17:10<dzho>I said it is fascinating.
17:10-!-eggstyrone [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
17:11*dzho isn't sure why saying "people don't know $THING" is always taken as such an attack or insult. Sometimes they just don't, and it should be ok to observe that.
17:11<dzho>fsvo of "always" being, at least, really quite often.
17:11-!-mode/#linode [+l 342] by ChanServ
17:12<dzho>Zimsky: ^^^ if you care to read that follow-up, I guess
17:17<Zimsky>not really
17:17<Zimsky>I'll get round to it at some point
17:17<Zimsky>I'm currently partying.
17:27<nate>"Thursday 21 December 2017 11:00 PM UTC (11:00 PM GMT)", you know there is a far simpler way to format that time thing in your tickets, just say UTC/GTM
17:30<relidy>I believe, if you've set a timezone in your profile, that they translate UTC into your selected timezone. That part's handy. Listing UTC and GMT is kinda pointless though.
17:31<Zimsky>GMT is deprecated or otherwise scientifically 'undefined'
17:33<nate>Tell that to everyone who still goes by GMT-* timezones :P
17:33<nate>relidy: Weird, definitely should be set to EST/EDT for me, I'll double check
17:33<Zimsky>nate: I will, and have
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17:38<dwfreed>Zimsky: the drop-down just enumerates all defined timezones in the linux tzdata package, which includes both GMT and UTC
17:39<Zimsky>what drop-down?
17:39<dwfreed>the one you use to select your timezone for your user
17:39<dwfreed>it's in the my profile section
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18:53<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • DNS with Google domain <>
18:55<Zimsky>wet water from the ocean!
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19:55<diveyez>Linode Staff: Found something hitting the wordpress websites today. 404 request spam. I let the spam continue so I can log it for a while.
19:55<diveyez>See the ticket from my account which I am submitting. Same name.
19:56<Zimsky>404 request spam?
19:58<@rsyracuse>Our abuse team is generally better equipped to handle issues like this, and they're usually able to respond within a few minutes
19:59<diveyez>Its a childish abuse of web services. They tried SQL injections and the firewall nailed them.
19:59-!-eyepulp [~eyepulp@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:59<diveyez>SNORT your poprocks skiddie.
19:59<Zimsky>how is that childish?
19:59<diveyez>Its just spamming 404 requests lol
19:59<diveyez>I find it amusing.
19:59<Zimsky>so you're saying the clients are requesting 404s?
20:00-!-mode/#linode [+l 342] by ChanServ
20:01<Ikaros>Not surprising, they might be probing you for a weakness to exploit. Considered that maybe?
20:01<Ikaros>Speaking of, I just got the game "Hacknet" and plan to go play it now lulz
20:01<Zimsky>in my case, a good aged cheddar.
20:03<diveyez>Yes and I am logging it. All those ip's going into a blacklist...
20:03<Zimsky>welcome to the internet
20:03<diveyez>At least its not ddos...
20:03<diveyez>Fun Times this one. Ddos would aggitate me. I was woken from sleep by a partner when someone asked him about the website.
20:04<diveyez>That same someone did so at the exact moment their wfvulnscan 404spam hit
20:04<diveyez>stupid people...
20:05<Zimsky>why not just iptables it out and continue unabashed
20:07<Zimsky>then you can party all day 🎈
20:09<diveyez>Why not locate the botnet and get it yanked?
20:09<diveyez>I found some freenode proxy check code in that, freenode is aware of it. Friends at FortMeade said "LOL, Don't worry about those kids. They know 5$ of what you know"
20:10<Zimsky>sure yes ok
20:11<@scrane>diveyez Have you noticed the source of the requests is from any particular LInode server, or is it that your LInode Server is being probed by this?
20:12<diveyez>Check the ticket...
20:12<diveyez>'diveyez' as in divine eyes, time to eat some monatomic gold and crack open a vitamin coctail ;)
20:13*diveyez blasts the drum and bass and continue watching for fail2ban logged denies
20:13<diveyez>Nothing so far. ... .
20:13<@scrane>I will definitely take a look at the ticket and see what we can do about this.
20:15<diveyez>Can I post the skiddies bot ips in here? Lol
20:15<diveyez>I wouldnt call 8 machines a botnet lol
20:15<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
20:16<Zimsky>you're frantic over 8 addresses from some automated script?
20:16<diveyez>Not frantic, Im laughing over here.
20:17<Zimsky>I'm sure you're reeling
20:17<diveyez>Linode Support knows when diveyez and nem are reeling lol
20:18<Zimsky>I'm not sure if I'm awake right now
20:18<@scrane>This is a dream. It's time to wake up, Zimsky. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP
20:18<Zimsky>oh good
20:18<Zimsky>my alarm goes boop boop boop though
20:19<@scrane>That explains why you haven't woken up yet.
20:19<Zimsky>so I'm either in the wrong house, my alarm has been replaced, or I'm still dreaming
20:19<Zimsky>though tbh any house I'm in is the right house
20:22*diveyez jails Zimsky at the Jersey DC
20:23<Zimsky>I've always wanted to go to Jersey
20:23<Zimsky>lovely little place
20:23<diveyez>West Central has the best grocers. Organic everywhere.
20:23<Zimsky>I think you mean the royal court though
20:23<Zimsky>west central?
20:23<diveyez>I was there for 2 years.
20:23<diveyez>Ringoes NJ
20:23<Zimsky>I was talking about the channel island
20:23<diveyez>Now I am in west baltimore. A nightmare.
20:24<Zimsky>not a place in america
20:24<Zimsky>the Bailiwick of Jersey
20:24*diveyez stick an rj45 in Zimsky's eth0
20:24<Zimsky>scrane: help
20:24<Zimsky>I'm being assaulted
20:25<diveyez>This is why I stick by linode 100%
20:25<@rsyracuse>!point Zimsky
20:25<diveyez>A sense of humor at the best of times
20:25<linbot>rsyracuse: Point given to zimsky. (9)
20:26<diveyez>there, ufw is doing its job
20:26<diveyez>while read line; do sudo ufw insert 1 deny from $line to any; done < ~/fw.blocked
20:27<Zimsky>just disable ipv4
20:27<diveyez>and its counter part appends in real time
20:29<Zimsky>sending ip packets is illegal
20:30<Zimsky>knew this one cob, 'Bernie' we called him. got done for grand theft autonegotiation
20:32<diveyez>If you know of any more lists of hostile enemies, let me know...
20:33<Zimsky>know your enema
20:33<diveyez>The kid who started this came from a gamedev channel when discussing unity vs unrealengine
20:33<Zimsky>why are they a kid?
20:34<diveyez>I love enema's really helps get things clean.
20:34<diveyez>OF course a kid.
20:34<diveyez>Mature Adults White Hat
20:34<diveyez>That list grabber look good?
20:35<diveyez>im going to make a shell script that does it all at once eventually
20:35<diveyez>I used to do and a blocked.list with iptables,... but things get slow when iptables now...
20:35<Zimsky>if people want to connect to one of my servers, they have to write to me and request permission
20:35<diveyez>No idea why still. If I find out why I will go back to old habits.
20:36*diveyez asks Zimsky can I has cookies?
20:37<diveyez>Hold pls, I has ticket response.
20:38<diveyez>scrane: wth
20:38<diveyez>You were here for the whole convo. Ticket for laughs?
20:38<diveyez>No points?
20:39<@scrane>!point diveyez
20:39<linbot>scrane: Point given to diveyez. (1)
20:39<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin;
20:39*diveyez glows
20:39<diveyez>Eugne almost gave me a heart attack with that one
20:39<diveyez>!point Eugene
20:39<linbot>diveyez: Point given to eugene. (40) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 12)
20:40<Zimsky>diveyez: please send your request addressed to Ms Zimsky @ 20-44B Luen Cheong St, Fanling, HK
20:41<Zimsky>t. hanks
20:41<Zimsky>like b. hanks
20:41<diveyez>My Dear Mr. Zimsky, Surrender the cookies or else.
20:41<diveyez>!point Zimsky
20:41<linbot>diveyez: Point given to zimsky. (10)
20:42<diveyez>The spamattack stopped.
20:42<diveyez>He gave up.
20:42<Zimsky>yes, I did
20:43<diveyez>I surely hope no tech's nulled it out.
20:43<diveyez>I was having fun with that...
20:44-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
20:44-!-Cromulent is "Cromulent" on #linode
20:44<Zimsky>okay I'm not dreaming. Cromulent is here
20:44<diveyez>I hope we can keep this momentum going in this channel though
20:44<Zimsky>I would never dream about Cromulent
20:45<diveyez>how do we take a point away from Zimsky?
20:45-!-mode/#linode [+l 343] by ChanServ
20:45<Zimsky>you just use the same command you did before
20:45<Zimsky>points are booleans
20:45<Zimsky>so the !point command acts as a toggle
20:47<linbot>diveyez: (point <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "web title$nick/$1/".
20:47<diveyez>!point Zimsky -1
20:47<linbot>diveyez: HTTP Error 400: Bad Request
20:47<diveyez>Now lets make it do a 404 and everything will be right.
20:51<Eugene>!towel Zimsky
20:51<linbot>Eugene: Point taken from zimsky! (9)
20:51<Eugene>Like that
20:52<diveyez>I was going with the 404 theme of tonight though..
20:52<Zimsky>Eugene: just because I'm 1/16th pakistani
20:52<Zimsky>that is racist
20:52*diveyez tells Zimsky "IM OUTSIDE YOUR WINDOW"
20:52<diveyez>If you look out the window you lose another point
20:52<Zimsky>you think I live in a house with windows?
20:52<Eugene>You're a towel
20:52*diveyez issues BunkBuster strike command
20:53<Zimsky>Eugene: you're Eugene
20:53<Zimsky>`git rekt`
20:53*diveyez is dead (LMFAO)
20:53<Zimsky>`git gud`
20:53<Zimsky>`git r dun`
20:54<diveyez>Another sysadmin confirmed a 404 spam on their services
20:54<diveyez>Joomla Drupal and WP
20:54*Zimsky napalms
20:55*diveyez burns
20:55<diveyez>You BASTURD
20:55<diveyez>I asked for an ice age and I get napalm?
20:56<Zimsky>pretty much
20:57<Zimsky>Eugene: do you operate that api
20:59<Eugene>Wizard powers
20:59<diveyez>No more napalm please.
21:00<diveyez>Zombie Scan? Really OFTC?
21:00<diveyez>Zimsky: Im a zombie, what was in that napalm?
21:01<diveyez>My medical sciences studies revealed the zombie virus is likely a mutated airbone form of rabies
21:02<Zimsky>don't do that
21:07<diveyez>That paste was bad... you are right.
21:15<diveyez>2,772 blocked malicious login attempts for wordpress sites ;)
21:15<diveyez>0 performed malicious logins
21:16<diveyez>10 404's in 1 minute = blocked
21:16<diveyez>Too harsh?
21:16<diveyez>Zimsky: Don't leave me, please
21:19<diveyez>wordfence is taking care of that scan/spam 404 issue ;)
21:19<diveyez>I wonder if the boys at Fort Meade want to have a look as well.
21:19<diveyez>Anyway, its time to go shopping and get some game time in.
21:20*diveyez loves you all, feel free to highlight me for some more fun
21:23<nate>Simpler solution to all issues is just don't use wordpress >.>
21:25<diveyez>Industry standard for what we do where I am.
21:25<diveyez>My team cant code...
21:25<diveyez>One tried to use htaccess with nginx today... lmfao
21:26<diveyez>time for that shopping spree, bbiab
21:26-!-Thanatorn [] has joined #linode
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21:47<Zimsky>"wordpress is a remote, unauthenticated shell that, as a side feature, also contains a blog"
21:47<Zimsky> - someone some time back
22:02<AlexMax>I replaced the one wordpress site I had with a static site generator
22:03<AlexMax>Can't inject SQL if there's no database
22:11<zifnab>i'm a fan of jekyll
22:11<zifnab>"who needs anything more than a static site generator"
22:11<Zimsky>*lists alexa top 500*
22:12<zifnab>erm, wrong channel, wow
22:12<Zimsky>it's never the wrong channel when fruit is involved
22:12<Zimsky>except if juice is around
22:12<Zimsky>there will be tears
22:13<Zimsky>delicious, drinkable, mango-flavoured tears
22:13<juice>Drink me.
22:14*diveyez drinks Naked Organic juice
22:14<diveyez>That script I wrote jailed my iPhone when I was shopping lmfao
22:14<diveyez>Starbucks wifi top keks
22:15<Zimsky>your phone is a skid
22:16<diveyez>It thinks so, looks like a mac addy ban too, nice
22:16<AlexMax>Zimsky: I use hugo because i like the fact there's no external dependency on anything
22:16<AlexMax>Golang ftw
22:16<Zimsky>is hugo being sufficiently compensated?
22:17<Zimsky>diveyez: you know that banning mac addresses isn't a thing, right?
22:17<Zimsky>because mac addresses don't work how you might think they do
22:18<AlexMax>mack addresses, on the other hand
22:18<Zimsky>can't ban them either
22:21<diveyez>Yeah im going to disable that cause its banning everything, by the ip is comes from
22:21<diveyez>Stupid mistakes...
22:21<diveyez>Good thing I got nutrition to help me fix it
22:22<diveyez>Spicy Chicken Sandwich
22:22<diveyez>My laotop has a randomly generated mac, so that truly is a really bad idea.
22:25<Zimsky>all the server will see is the mac address of the router or switch it's connected to in the datacenter
22:42<diveyez>After all of that, and the fix, my iPhone still cannot vpn or ssh
22:43<diveyez>Zimsky: learnd that the hardway
22:46*diveyez wants his Debian7 back...
22:48<diveyez>Fixed, im an idiot.....
22:48<diveyez>Forgot to add my rules to the script again after rewriting...
22:49<diveyez>Im turning this into a three line beauty, forget these brainfarts
22:52<diveyez>Much better
22:52<diveyez>Im excited now
22:53<diveyez>Zimsky: pinch me, I am dreaming
23:08*Woet pinches diveyez around a bit with a large north american freshwater catfish
23:08<Woet>dcraig: you'll get it back soon
23:11<diveyez>!towel Woet
23:11<linbot>diveyez: Point taken from woet! (2)
23:11<diveyez>I do not eat seafood.
23:12<diveyez>Zimsky: Yes.
23:12<Zimsky>!unpoint diveyez
23:12<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from diveyez! (0)
23:14-!-MaZ` [~maz@] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 1.4]
23:15-!-mode/#linode [+l 342] by ChanServ
23:15<diveyez>Now I have no points.
23:16<diveyez>Zimsky: ufw script is elite now.
23:16<diveyez>No errors.
23:16<diveyez>python3 is also using multiple threads to process the lists now. =)
23:17<Zimsky>that could also mean the script isn't even invoking ufw
23:17<diveyez>Rule inserted
23:17<diveyez>Rule inserted
23:17<Peng_>Threaded Python?
23:17<diveyez>I do miss the instant iptables drop though..
23:18<Zimsky>diveyez: sit back and relax; peng's going to tell us a christmas story
23:18<diveyez>Peng_ I just told it to process each line in a separate thread/process
23:18<Zimsky>oh god what
23:18<diveyez>Opposed to 1,1,1,1,1
23:19<diveyez>1,2,3,4 : 5,6,7,8 : 9,10,11,12
23:19<diveyez>etc.. Neat right?
23:19<diveyez>When its finished and I confirm 0 error, I will share.
23:20<diveyez>I do wish I knew how to make a status ticker,.. 37% complete...
23:21<diveyez>Zimsky: you are going to need to git clone =)
23:22<diveyez>Peng_: Three french hens, two turtle doves, and a?
23:22<Zimsky>enumerate your list of items, then i/len(list) * 100 is your percentage
23:22<Zimsky>processing each line concurrently sounds wasteful and nasty
23:23<diveyez>Its a work in progress, I just switched to ufw two nights ago..
23:23<diveyez>I dont like it to be honest
23:23<diveyez>drop dash dash my dash dash microphone REJECT
23:24*dcraig tickles woet around a bit with a large white shark
23:24<diveyez>Zimsky: I have nothing better to do. I got placed on disability due to pseudotumors, seizures, and a bone shard in my spinal cord below my skull.
23:25*diveyez is fine. diveyez don't take drugs. diveyez uses yoga and meditation instead.
23:25<Zimsky>did someone execute you with -vvv?
23:25*diveyez shoots self with -vvv
23:26<diveyez>It has been more than a year since I used irc this much.
23:27<diveyez>Next course load starts Jan 2nd. So... Its party time right now. On the 26th I start reading everything before first course starts. Medical Arts.
23:28<Zimsky>don't forget to memorise your brodmann areas
23:29<diveyez><< EOF
23:29<diveyez>There is no end to this frequency. It is eternal.
23:29<diveyez>Only epileptics understand this information.
23:30<diveyez>Mine was caused by spine trauma. ATV rolled and I broke 11 bones. I walked away.
23:47<diveyez>Im off to code some audio plugin stuff. Ttyl
23:51-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
23:51<zifnab>is block storage available in fremont yet?
23:51-!-mode/#linode [+l 341] by ChanServ
23:54<zifnab>i guess compact doesn't need space, nevermind :P
23:55-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
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