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02:52<u0_a110_>hello anyone online
02:52<u0_a110_>hey peng
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02:56<u0_a110>community is silent
02:56<dcraig>the community is not silent!
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02:56<dcraig>and chanserv is setting modes!
02:57*FluffyFoxeh makes noise
02:57<u0_a110>whats the discussion new user
02:57<dcraig>fluffy foxen are making noises
02:58<dcraig>we're mostly planning the linode christmas party
02:58<u0_a110>wheres everybody at
02:59<FluffyFoxeh>that doesn't sound like a fun place
02:59<u0_a110>guess am first afri on irssi
02:59<u0_a110>afri is no place
03:00<u0_a110>mean african
03:00<Peng_>FluffyFoxeh: Depends when you visit
03:00<u0_a110>anybody heard of nairobi
03:01<u0_a110>fluffyfoxeh)where is it??
03:01<u0_a110>gr8t am from Kenya
03:01<FluffyFoxeh>cool :)
03:02<u0_a110>whats asl??
03:02<Peng_>!unpoint dcraig
03:02<linbot>Peng_: Point taken from dcraig! (5)
03:03<dcraig>!point dcraig
03:04<u0_a110>kenyans are comp wizards but guess am first kenyan on irssi #linode
03:04<dcraig>we don't make everyone announce their location
03:04<dcraig>some kenyans could have snuck in
03:05<dcraig>that ain't no thing
03:05<u0_a110>its swahili man ...meaning hi
03:06<u0_a110>so who's admin ..has pretty much features like whatsapp
03:07<dcraig>what's up
03:07<u0_a110>u dont know whatsapp like viber
03:08<u0_a110>later guys got some coding to do
03:08<dcraig>aight l8r dawg
03:09<u0_a110>whats that 👆
03:09<FluffyFoxeh>going to sleep, night
03:09<FluffyFoxeh>bye u0_a110
03:09<Peng_>"l8r"? I want to put !unpoint you and put on Avril Lavigne.
03:09<dcraig>goodnight, FluffyFoxeh
03:09<u0_a110>its 11.09am here
03:09<dcraig>peng b h8n
03:09<FluffyFoxeh>Fri Dec 22 03:09:51 EST 2017
03:10<Peng_>FluffyFoxeh: Good night
03:10<u0_a110>grt out ...nice meeting ya guys)night FluffyFoxeh
03:12<u0_a110>whos on weechat
03:12<dcraig>hit me up on kik
03:12<u0_a110>kik??is that a channel
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03:15<dcraig>uh oh they're multiplying
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03:16<@jhaas>they had the same ip :o *the plot thinnens*
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03:25<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • U2F Security Key Support <>
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03:58<Mohsin>could anyone look at Ticket # 9467696 ???
03:59<Mohsin>its been hours we open that ticket with no response at all
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04:33<diveyez>Good heavens.
04:34<diveyez>8~ hours and smooth sailing. Fun times
04:35<diveyez>Who had a Wordpress eat 2 gigs and oom the Linode? Lol
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04:36<diveyez>I tell you what though Woet, baking soda mixed in water as a relief for indigestion works amazingly.
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04:37<diveyez>I have a cluster headache forming. Gonna knock out for a few hours and try to avoid it. Ttyl
04:37*diveyez gives Woet his 5$ back
04:37*Woet buys fresh fish from dcraig
04:38<diveyez>!point Woet
04:38<linbot>diveyez: Point given to woet. (3)
04:55<nate><diveyez> Who had a Wordpress eat 2 gigs and oom the Linode? Lol
04:55<nate>Someone who didn't think to make use of proper caching I bet
04:55<nate>Well, what levels of proper caching you can actually achieve with wordpress anyways
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05:09<u0_a110_>am back guys
05:09<u0_a110_>have a query anyone on??
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05:12<u0_a110_>hey guys
05:24<u0_a110>hey peng do you spend full time on irssi and weechat
05:25<u0_a110_>you dont work
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05:25<u0_a110_>or maybe school
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05:27<u0_a110_>whats chanserv??
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05:28<u0_a110_>whats chanserv??
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06:41<bluek>hey guys
06:43<bluek>any one
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06:52<bluek>hey peng_
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06:54<bluek>whats or whos ChanServ
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07:23<Francis47>Does anybody know if it is possible to restore from a daily backup, that is not the most recent one, and not from the weekly backup?
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09:28*jleal wonders how much space we had left
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09:30<armiller>Needs moar inodes
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09:39<Woet>jleal: we have 342 users and the limit is 345
09:39<Woet>we have 3 spots left
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10:13<girlbeach>Hi, ,the first girl is me
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10:21<Woet>ah, girlbeach
10:29<dzho>Woet: that reads like recognition
10:29<Woet>she rootkitted me before
10:29<dzho>my condolences
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10:40<batiment>i want to ask you about my linode account
10:41<armiller>This is a community channel, so we might not be able to help you out
10:41<armiller>But go ahead and ask
10:42<batiment>i don't know why i can't open my account
10:42<Woet>perhaps the website is showing a message telling you why
10:42<batiment>i see like my account is blocked
10:42<Woet>there you go
10:43<batiment>i don't receive any message
10:43<Woet>that seems doubtful
10:44<batiment>what can i do ??
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10:46<dzho>email linode
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10:46<Shekhor>Hello I have some questions regarding your VPS.
10:46<dzho>!to Shekhor ask
10:46<linbot>Shekhor: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
10:46<dzho>!to Shekhor ops
10:46<linbot>Shekhor: Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
10:47<Shekhor>I am using shared hosting right now. What difficulties will I face, if I change to vps?
10:47<Woet>do you know how to manage a Linux VPS?
10:48<Shekhor>I have 0 idea about any vps
10:48<Woet>then I don't recommend buying a VPS
10:48<Woet>why can't you use shared hosting?
10:49<Shekhor>Its because their server response time is pretty high.
10:49<dzho>Shekhor: I recommend you start reading the documentation at and decide for yourself how difficult you might find it.
10:49<Woet>Shekhor: then get better shared hosting
10:50<Woet>its like buying a cruise ship because your rubber boat is slow
10:50<dzho>especially if you have some time, you can try to practice many of these things on a small virtual machine running on your own laptop or desktop computer.
10:50<dzho>if it seems like something you are able and willing to learn, then you *might* be a good candidate for using a VPS provider like Linode.
10:51<dzho>otherwise, what Woet says.
10:51<Woet>i hope i get commission for this one
10:51<dzho>from the shared hosting provider?
10:53<Shekhor>How much bandwidth is preferred for a site with around 25K traffic per month?
11:03<Woet>Shekhor: so you're interested in learning how to manage a Linux VPS?
11:04<Shekhor>Yeah, kind of. But need to know these things first.
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11:11<Woet>Shekhor: what kind of things?
11:12<Shekhor>Such as how much bandwidth will be good enough for a site with 25K monthly traffic?
11:13<Shekhor>And same question applies for the transfer also.
11:19<Woet>don't you think you should figure out if you're interested in learning how to manage a Linux VPS first?
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11:57<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Installing SSL Cert on Linode server for subdomain <>
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12:24<Zimsky>Woet: learning is for wags
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12:36<Cromulent>can anyone do me a favour and see if they can ping please? Can't seem to ping it here for some reason
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12:37<staticsafe>--- ping statistics ---
12:37<staticsafe>5 packets transmitted, 5 received, 0% packet loss, time 4005ms
12:37<staticsafe>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 84.880/85.144/85.424/0.337 ms
12:37<Cromulent>cool thanks
12:37<Cromulent>I assume you are in the US?
12:37<staticsafe>no, that was from a VPS in DigitalOcean Toronto
12:37<dzho>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 71.930/71.990/72.108/0.345 ms <-- from
12:38<Cromulent>ah awesome - thank you very much both :)
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12:38<dzho>that's what free shells are for ;-)
12:38<dzho>(the good ones, at least)
12:38<Cromulent>strange that I get unknown host in Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 10
12:39<Cromulent> works fine though
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12:41<Cromulent>hmm flushing DNS cache didn't sort it
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12:43<Cromulent>I guess it must be my ISP DNS playing up
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17:49<john_>i have a question, please
17:49<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
17:49<john_>i have this website:
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17:50<john_>i pay $20 every month can you confirm what's the fee for?
17:50<Zimsky>it's probably for servers
17:51<millisa>Well, it looks like it's a linode IP; best guess would be it's for a $20/month linode
17:51<john_>you have a difference option, such as $ 5, or $10, right
17:51<john_>can i change
17:52<Zimsky>there's information on the website
17:53<john_>cn you switch to $5/month
17:54<john_>this is web is not so important for us anymore
17:57<millisa>Are you asking a question?
17:57<john_>cn you switch to $5/month
17:57<millisa>You can, there's a link showing how a few lines up
18:03<john_>what's the link
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20:49<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • DNS with Google domain <>
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21:21<rajohan>Hi! Im having some problems getting my mail server to recive mail. Its set up to send mail through a relay at The sending part i working perfectly. But if i try to send myself a mail i dont recive it. mail sent to my server is also sent through but it gets stuck there. I can see it trying to connect to deliver the mail but it get rejected for some reason. Is this something i can pay you a littel fee to fix for me when im
21:24<millisa>they have a professional services quote you can fill out at . who knows how responsive that might be on a holiday weekend.
21:25<millisa>your maillogs might give some hint if it's getting rejected there. otherwise, you'd probably need to investigate the logs at that 'dynu' place to see why it's getting stuck
21:25<Zimsky>sending mail is auskutingly different to receiving it
21:27<rajohan>Yeah. Ive looked in the logs. But everything thats in there is connected from ip address and then discconected from ipadress on the next line. Ive struggeld with this for 3 days now. Tryed get it running on another server but they had blocked ports so i switch to linode yesterday but are still struggeling
21:39<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • DNS with Google domain <>
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22:00<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
22:01<Zimsky>oh shut up
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23:17<Woet>yea Eugene
23:17<Woet>your shit is getting old
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23:57<Zimsky>like a dry urinal cake
23:58<Eugene>I'm not here to discuss sanitation
23:59<Zimsky>no, you'd never get involved with such things
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