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01:20<@sjacobs>merry christmas #linode.
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01:51<FluffyFoxeh>Merry Christmas sjacobs!
01:52<FluffyFoxeh>and everyone else here
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07:46<Ivan_>Will I have free CPanel on Linode 1GB?
07:46<@bmartin>If you sign up with our Linode Managed service
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07:47<Ivan_>bmartin: is it free?
07:47<@bmartin>Linode managed is not free. CPanel comes with it. It is $100 per month per Linode
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07:52<Zimsky>i'm free
07:52<Zimsky>sjacobs: was a festivus pole erected?
07:52<Zimsky>did you have the airing of grievances and the feats of strength?
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10:44<jimcooncat>Fresh Debian 9, did apt-install python3-pip, but still don't have a pip command. Advice?
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10:48<jimcooncat>nevermind, I found a pip3 command. Sorry. Grr.
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10:59<@mcintosh>merry christmas, friends!
11:01<@bmartin>Merry Christmas mcintosh
11:01<@mcintosh>!point bmartin
11:01<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to bmartin. (6)
11:01<@bmartin><# !point mcintosh
11:01<@bmartin>!point mcintosh
11:01<linbot>bmartin: Point given to mcintosh. (19)
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11:34<amit>does linode provide private cloud ?
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13:14<William>Hi. I just noticed that Ubuntu 17.10 was pulled from download a few days ago due to a BIOS issue. This doesn't affect Linode and it should be safe to continue using it, correct?
13:15<dubidub>I'm trying to restore one file file from backup. I have spun up a temp linode and restored the backup to that. I've conected to it with lish. scp seems to finish normally, but the file does not appear on the old server. I've used the ip adddress of the old server and not the hostname. What am I missinng?
13:22<dwfreed>William: yes
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13:22<abc>hi all
13:22<dwfreed>dubidub: are you looking for it in the right directory? it's probably in the home folder of whatever user you were logging into on the old server for the scp
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13:24<abc>hello evry body ,can any body tell me about the billing cycle of linoe?
13:24<abc>is it monthly?
13:24<dwfreed>generally monthly, yes
13:24<abc>ok thankyou
13:25<abc>one more question can we pay through paypal?
13:25<abc>crdit card is cumpalsory?
13:25<dwfreed>you can add credit to your account via paypal, but in order to sign up, you need to provide a credit card
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13:26<dwfreed>this is for anti-fraud purposes; you can get a prepaid card with $5 on it to use for this purpose
13:26<abc>i dont have credit card so can i use visa debit card instead of credit card?
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13:27<dwfreed>debit cards can be used as credit cards, generally speaking
13:27<dwfreed>(as long as they have a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover logo on them)
13:27<abc>ok thank you
13:28<abc>we can load our linux version and isntall our own server right ?
13:28<abc>any objections from linode?
13:28<dwfreed>the only limits from Linode are that you comply with US law; beyond that, you can do pretty much whatever you want
13:29<dwfreed>^ that has the full legalese, but it mostly amounts to what I just said
13:29<abc>ok thank you
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13:30<William>+dwfreed so hate sites are welcome?
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13:37<dubidub>dwfreed:i copied the path from the old server to be sure it was right. I also searched for the filname on the old server.
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13:39<dwfreed>William: sites that attract too much unwanted attention can and do get asked to locate hosting elsewhere
13:41<William>That's good, those sites need to end their terrorist activities anyway.
13:41<dwfreed>dubidub: did you try 'find / -xdev -name "whatever"' ?
13:41<William>I never did get an answer regarding the Ubuntu 17.10 bug; it shouldn't affect Linode because it doesn't virtualize the affected hardware, correct?
13:42<dwfreed>William: I did answer yes to your question earlier
13:42<William>Never mind, found the answer above.
13:42<dwfreed>it only affects certain specific hardware
13:42<William>And virtual machines cannot get damaged by the bug as a result?
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13:43<dubidub>Linode has datacentres in other countries. Doesn't Linode care about the law in those countries?
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13:44<dubidub>Will you still have to comly with U.S. law when the Linode is located in, say, London?
13:45<dubidub>dwfreed 'find / -xdev -name "myfile" found nothing.
13:47<dwfreed>dubidub: Linode is a US company, and subject to US law regardless of where it operates
13:48<dwfreed>generally speaking, US law mirrors or is more strict than other countries' laws when it comes to the kinds of things one might host
13:48<dubidub>OK, but suerly also subject to English law.
13:48<dwfreed>the usual exception to this is privacy laws
13:49<dubidub>Old server is New server is
13:58<dubidub>traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
13:58<dubidub> 1 ( 0.062 ms 0.011 ms 0.007 ms
13:58<dubidub>and that's all
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14:44<jimcooncat>I keep trying to like debian but I always end up with ubuntu.
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16:12<CellStitch>Hi.. can I use lindo server to mine minero crypto
16:13<dwfreed>mining cryptocurrencies is one of the few things that qualifies as excessive use as resources in the terms of service
16:13<CellStitch>is that a hash issue or restriction by linode
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16:14<CellStitch>but if you are still under the limit of usage , will that be considered an excess usage
16:14<dwfreed>yes, because the whole purpose is to use as much CPU as possible
16:14<Peng_>How would you be under the limit?
16:16<CellStitch>reducing the cores access
16:17<CellStitch>thanks guys.. i was just curious.. btw, i am trying to login using Glish and getting this error
16:18<CellStitch>Invalid session, please try again from remote access tab
16:18<CellStitch>even though i am clicking on link given at remote access tab
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16:22<dwfreed>make sure you're coming from the same IP for both the Linode Manager and Glish
16:22<CellStitch>yea it is.. Lish is working fine and i am able to connect..
16:23<nate>also keep in mind they're like temporary sessions
16:23<dwfreed>do you have IPv6? try disabling that
16:23<nate>ie; you can't bookmark the link and re-use it later
16:23<dwfreed>who do I have to throw things at at Linode to remove AAAA records for things that depend on matching session?
16:24<nate>CellStitch: Glish is the web-interface oriented one I believe, Lish is the one you can use an SSH client with
16:24<dwfreed>the manager does not have AAAA records, therefore the Glish servers cannot have AAAA records
16:27<grawity>huh, does the session depend on IP address?
16:27<dwfreed>grawity: yes
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