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00:10<FluffyFoxeh>!wx cyow
00:10<linbot>FluffyFoxeh: [metar] OBS at CYOW: -13.0F/-25C, visibility 15 miles, wind 10.36 mph, chill -32.38F (altimeter: 30.53) [CYOW 280500Z 28009KT 15SM SKC M25/M30 A3053 RMK SLP354]
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00:14*sjacobs shivers
00:27<Zimsky>!wx UEEE
00:27<linbot>Zimsky: [metar] OBS at UEEE: -43.6F/-42C, visibility 5000 miles, wind 2.24 mph, chill N/A (altimeter: 30.593062388) [UEEE 280500Z 03001MPS 5000 BR NSC M42/M46 Q1036 R23L/490150 NOSIG RMK QFE768]
00:28<Zimsky>sjacobs: it's not that cold
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00:31<@sjacobs>alright. i'll take your word for it.
00:31<@sjacobs>!wx KPHL
00:31<linbot>sjacobs: [metar] OBS at KPHL: 19.4F/-07C, visibility 10 miles, wind 9.21 mph, chill 8.63F (altimeter: 30.56) [KPHL 280454Z 31008KT 10SM SCT250 BKN300 M07/M18 A3056 RMK AO2 SLP348 T10721178]
00:32<Zimsky>!wx YLRD
00:32<linbot>Zimsky: [metar] YLRD: not data available, valid code?
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00:32<Zimsky>!wx YOOD
00:32<linbot>Zimsky: [metar] YOOD: not data available, valid code?
00:32<@sjacobs>> Yakutsk has another, smaller airport at Magan. Given the city's cold climate, the airport is used by Boeing to test cold weather starting of its aircraft.
00:32<Zimsky>these are valid codes, wtf
00:33<Zimsky>!wx YBCS
00:33<linbot>Zimsky: [metar] OBS at YBCS: 91.4F/33C, visibility 9999 miles, wind 18.41 mph, chill 97.84F (altimeter: 29.795752847) [YBCS 280500Z 08016KT 9999 FEW025 33/20 Q1009 NOSIG]
00:33<Zimsky>sjacobs: yes it's somewhat nippy
00:34<Zimsky>if you don't have a place to stay there, you pretty much just die
00:38<FluffyFoxeh>It's only 12:30am. Way too early to sleep but I'm too tired to do anything else
00:39<Zimsky>start a civil war?
00:39<FluffyFoxeh>at midnight? I think not
00:39<FluffyFoxeh>besides it's too cold to have a war
00:40<FluffyFoxeh>maybe next week
00:40<Zimsky>um, there was a cold war
00:40<Zimsky>pretty sure you can have a war in the cold
00:41<mattmcc>You can, but it may not go well. Just ask Napolean.
00:41<FluffyFoxeh>is he on IRC?
00:42<Zimsky>napolean was actually greek
00:43<Zimsky>that's why the ottomans never liked him
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01:58<Zimsky>I was bored so I plotted every occurrence of Eugene saying "Every night I'm a towel" as time against the cumulative count and variation in the time of day at which Eugene says it
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02:48<Eugene>What about Linodin' ?
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07:28<diveyez>Nice Hidden Java =(
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07:36<dubidub>I just received an email alert for an event that occured more than two hours ago. Is such a delay normal behaviour?
07:36<Zimsky>what was the alert for?
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07:39<dubidub>System Boot - My Debian 9 Profile - Completed Thu, 28 Dec 2017 10:20:17 GMT
07:39<bubu>Am a Linode User . Almost a year with Linode and loving their service
07:39<bubu>But I need some help
07:40<bubu>Am trying to setup email server on my Control Panel for multiple users. My Control Panel is ISPConfig 3
07:40<bubu>Any help
07:46<dubidub>bubu: you should ask a question
07:49<bubu>I already asked
07:50<bubu>Am having issues configuring emails for a ISPConfig shared hosting server on centos 7 using NGINX web server
07:50<bubu>MTA is Postfix with Dovecot
07:52<bubu>I can send email from postfix using the linux addresses such as but I want the emails to be
07:53<bubu>I have created an email using ISPConfig but can't send or receive emails using the created email address
07:54<bubu>Also, am suspecting one of the problem might be due to the fact I don't have any webmail installed at the moment but atleast I should be able to receive emails or send
07:55<diveyez>instlal php-fpm for nginx
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07:56<bubu>@ diveyez , I already installed php-fpm for nginx and
07:56<bubu>everything except email server is working
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07:57<diveyez>knock the port for the email server
07:57<bubu>All my websites and that of my friends are all working
07:57<diveyez>nc 25
07:57<diveyez>If its even on 25, might not be. I am sure php.ini and php7.0-fpm .ini have it set to 25
07:57<bubu>I just want my users to log-in to ISPConfig CPanel and setup their emails and be able to send and receive emails with it
07:58<diveyez>postfix and sendmail havent worked for me in more than a year.
07:58<bubu>hmmm but seems ISPConfig uses only Postfix
07:59<bubu>I can send and receive emails using it in this format BUT I want it in this format
08:00<diveyez>That sounds like a config file propblem for sure
08:04<bubu>Any help
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08:04<Zimsky>configure a mail server for your domain
08:05<bubu>Seems I need to find a way to map the emails created by ISPConfig 3 with the right details e.g automatically map to
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08:05<bubu>@Zimsky , I believe it's what am trying to achieve
08:06<bubu>Do I need to install roundCube webmail or is that optional
08:07<Zimsky>depends how you want your mail server set up
08:11<bubu>Any advice
08:12<bubu>I can create emails in ISPConfig 3 and can find them in /var/vmail but I can't use them
08:12<Zimsky>remember to align your DNS and set spf records?
08:16<bubu>You know this is a multi-user server meaning a single server housing multiple users and Domains, how do I set DNS and SPF records for the different domains
08:17<bubu>If it's just a single domain, I can do it but this is for multiple domains and multiple users who are supposed to set-up emails themselves without having admin access
08:17<bubu>Just like in CPanel, any user can setup their own email without touching unnecessary informations
08:18<bubu>for the records, I use LInode's DNS
08:18<bubu>and the different domains are setup up th use the email server
08:19<bubu>here is the mail server of one of the domains hosted on my server 10 Default
08:19<bubu>Testing it, it keeps saying unable to conect
08:19<bubu>and I know ISPConfig 3 is supposed to take care of somethings
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09:03<blis>please someone help. I need someone to address my support ticket asap! It has been 6 hours since a scheduled upgrade happened to my server. ALL MY DATA is gone
09:03<@jackley>blis: sure. ticket number?
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09:04<@jackley>blis: thanks, got it. someone will start working on this in a few minutes.
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09:05<blis>thank you. it is very important to me that this data is recovered. It was indicated that the migration would not affect my data and I do not have a recent backup of my sites running on that server
09:06<blis>This may also be a mounting issue as I have a separate partition for my web directory
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09:08<@jackley>blis: that sounds reasonable. from the perspective of your Linode, a migration is simply a reboot. we just copy your disks from one host to another. I'm not sure how it would have caused a specific directory to disappear, but the mounting thing you just mentioned seems reasonable.
09:09<blis>yes when I look in my linode I have 3 disks, one for swap one for system and one separate partition that was mounted to /var/www/ or /var/www/html
09:09<blis>i do not remember and my server admin is not online to confirm
09:12<@jackley>blis: OK. I just updated your ticket
09:12<blis>Thank you, I have also confirmed the drive is not mounted with "df -aTh"
09:13<blis>how can I confirm if my VPS is reading the volume?
09:13<armiller>You can use `lsblk` and it will list how many block devices you have available
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09:14<armiller>You should have three according to your setup, so there should be sda, sdb, and sdc
09:14<@jackley>blis: you mentioned your third disk was mounted at '/var/www/' or '/var/www/html' – do you remember which?
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09:16<blis>can you remind me where i might see sda sdb and sdc?
09:17<blis>which directory
09:17<@jackley>blis: on your Linode? they're located under '/dev/', but I'm not sure that'll help
09:18<@jackley>blis: you can also see this info under your configuration profile
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09:18<blis>oh I see
09:19<@jackley>blis: it looks like you have your 'web' disk set to /dev/sdb in your config profile
09:19<blis>I have all three and my config profile has confirmed /dev/sdb
09:19<@jackley>blis: this would explain why your Linode to activate your swap disk on the last boot
09:19<blis>yes correct, that is the one
09:19<@jackley>blis: can you give me the contents of /etc/fstab? I'd like to see if your disks are listed there correctly. use pastebin
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09:20<@jackley>cat /etc/fstab should do it
09:22<blis>If i am reading this correctly it looks like swap got assigned to sdb instead of sdc
09:23<@jackley>yes. that's the default. your 'web' disk is also missing, which is why it didn't mount on boot.
09:24<blis>okay, so how should I fix this, should I update my config setting to change swap to sdb and web to sdc, reboot and then remount?
09:24<@jackley>blis: do you remember where 'web' was mounted? '/var/www/' or '/var/www/html/'
09:24<@jackley>blis: I think so, yes. we just need to update your configuration profile, no need to change your swap assignment in fstab
09:25<blis>I am pretty sure it is /var/www/html
09:25<blis>this folder and some other folders in /var/www still exist and those folders have content still
09:25<blis>so i am almost certain web was mounted to /var/www/html
09:25<@jackley>OK. Let's fix your config profile, then reboot, and we can attempt to mount that disk
09:25<@jackley>OK cool.
09:26<blis>sounds good, one moment
09:26<@jackley>blis: I'm watching the reboot
09:27<@jackley>ok, it's back. want to try mounting /dev/sdc at /var/www/html?
09:27<@jackley>ok, it's back. want to try mounting /dev/sdc at /var/www/html/?
09:28<@jackley>Apache failed to start, but that's probably because it can't find /var/www/html/
09:30<blis>data has been restored and I just restarted apache service and it did not fail. Confirmed websites are back online
09:30<blis>thank you for helping me on chat, needed to get this back up asap
09:30<@jackley>I think if you add this line to your fstab, it'll mount automatically on boot
09:30<@jackley>/dev/sdc /var/www/html/ext4 errors=remount-ro 0 1
09:30<@jackley>/dev/sdc /var/www/html/ ext4 errors=remount-ro 0 1
09:31<@jackley>sorry, first one had a typo -- you need a space before 'ext4'
09:31<blis>thank you, I will do that
09:32<@jackley>blis: glad I could help. it'd be worth picking a backups service, if this data is important to you. ours will take automatic backups every day for ya
09:33<blis>Just to confirm:
09:34<@jackley>yup that looks good to me. you'll need to reboot it to test.
09:34<@jackley>but you can do that at any time
09:35<blis>sounds good, yeah might pick up the backup service
09:35<blis>thank you for your help
09:35<@jackley>blis: my pleasure!
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10:40<AgilityJeff>Am I in the right place for a pre-sales inquiriy?
10:41<armiller>This is a community channel, but we can answer most sales questions
10:42<AgilityJeff>I was looking at your cloud hosting plans and saw what I needed (8 GB Plan) for $40 / month. Does that include 'managed' and cPanel / WHM?
10:43<armiller>Nope. The managed service is a separate service that costs $100 a month for each Linode you have
10:44<AgilityJeff>cPanel and WHM included in the $40 / month?
10:44<AgilityJeff>Or is that only with the managed plan?
10:44<armiller>cPanel only comes with the Managed plan
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10:44<AgilityJeff>OK - that's what I needed to know.
10:45<armiller>If you just want cPanel, it's probably cheaper to buy your own license
10:45<AgilityJeff>One more question. Where's the data center? (Or do we get to choose?)
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10:45<@jackley>AgilityJeff: you get to choose
10:46<@jackley>AgilityJeff: those are our available DCs
10:46<AgilityJeff>Perfect - thank you!
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11:04<buu>Please how do I rename my Server from
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11:06<buu>when I do a reverse DNS search for my IP address , it returns
11:09<buu>Thanks @ armiller . Just found it while looking around my settings page
11:09<buu>You were quit fast anyways
11:09<buu>Already changed it. Was sure it was somewhere as i have changed it before
11:09<buu>Thanks a lot
11:10<armiller>No problem
11:10<buu>Am currently setting up my email server and I want to know if it's possible to use a custom text as smtpd_banner on postfix
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11:12<armiller>Seems like it should be possible, but I wouldn't know how to do that
11:12<armiller>Probably editing a postfix config
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11:24<u0_a399>eh hello
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13:26<dubidub>How do I download my Linode so I can remove it and later recreate it?
13:27<armiller>If you have a local unix machine you can download the disk using `ssh` and `dd`
13:28<armiller>It does take a while to download/upload and you would have to store the disk locally tho
13:32<dubidub>ssh root@ "dd if=/dev/sda " | dd of=/home/archive/linode.img
13:32<dubidub>Does that copy blocks? All or just those in use?
13:32<Peng_>All of them
13:32<armiller>That is a block level copy, so it would take everything
13:32<dwfreed>it copies all blocks
13:33<dubidub>What if there is a lot of unused space?
13:33<dwfreed>then you'll send a lot of zeros
13:34<dubidub>Any way to make the image as small as possible? Compression, etc?
13:34<dwfreed>some things to do in preparation: run 'zerofree /dev/sda' from rescue mode; put a compressor in the pipe, like xz, like this: ssh root@yourLinodeIP "dd if=/dev/sda | xz" | dd of=wherever
13:35<Peng_>You could also *not* do a block level copy. For example by usign rsync. (Though getting the rsync optinos right is tricky.)
13:36<dwfreed>another thing you could do is shrink the disk image as small as possible
13:37<dubidub>why xz? ("a general-purpose data compression tool")
13:37<Peng_>Why not?
13:37<Peng_>It's common, slow, and has a good compression ratio.
13:38<dubidub>It's new to me.
13:38<dwfreed>^ xz has one of the best compression ratios of the tools you'd usually find on a linux system
13:38<armiller>You put things in and they come out smaller. What more could you want?
13:40<Peng_>The same but faster! :D
13:40<dubidub>Ice cream!
13:40<Peng_>(Just kidding, my Internet connection sucks.)
13:45<trippeh>[SUM] 7.0- 8.0 sec 9.22 GBytes 79.2 Gbits/sec
13:45<trippeh>upgrading my home network with ebay-crap.
13:50<dubidub>Does a linode in rescue mode have a private ip?
13:50<Peng_>Rescue mode doesn't change what IPs are assigned to the node.
13:51<Peng_>You probably have to use "ip addr" or whatever to bring up secondary IPs, though.
13:58<dubidub>ip addr
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14:12<Eugene>dubidub - yes; you can bring up the public IP in Rescue Mode. It will not be provided automagically by DHCP
14:12<dubidub>Eugene: I want the private IP
14:13<Peng_>dubidub - yes; you can bring up the private IP in Rescue Mode. It will not be provided automagically by DHCP
14:13<Eugene>I said public. I meant private. I'm not awake yet
14:14<Eugene>DHCP provides public; you can add the private one
14:15<Eugene>`ip addr add` is a good place to start
14:15<schwa>curious what you need the private one for in rescue mode?
14:16<dubidub>To not use bandwidth quota
14:16<armiller>Are you copying a disk from one Linode to another?
14:16<dubidub>Hence my need for compression.
14:17<Eugene>THe size of your disk image in comparison to the amount of transfer provided with a LInode should not be an issue for moving disk images
14:17<Eugene>Really. Just use the public IP, it'll save you headache.
14:17<schwa>(you can also clone disks via the manager without rescue mode, albeit rescue mode should also work fine)
14:18<armiller>Cloning via the manager would be easiest, but then they wouldn't be able to compress the disk
14:19<dwfreed>and they'd need available storage allocation to do that
14:19<dwfreed>since most people make their disk images as large as possible, that'd require resizing them, and thus downtime
14:19<schwa>lol and rescue mode doesn't require downtime?
14:19<dubidub>I have provisoned all my disk space on the taget linode.
14:20<schwa>dubidub: then feel free to ignore me :)
14:20<dwfreed>schwa: rescue mode doesn't require downtime on the target linode
14:20<dwfreed>schwa: because rescue mode is done on the source linode
14:20<schwa>not a distinction I had considered, ty
14:21<dubidub>no progress indicator :(
14:23<dubidub>This is exciting.
14:23-!-acald3ron [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:24<armiller>Yeah `dd` will do ya like that
14:25-!-mode/#linode [+l 343] by ChanServ
14:25<dwfreed>do 'while true; do killall -USR1 dd; sleep 1; done' in another ssh connection to the source linode
14:25<dwfreed>then look at the dd connection; it'll start printing progress
14:26-!-pavlushka [] has quit [Quit: See you on the other side]
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14:27<dubidub>How do I put the image back? :)
14:28<dubidub>restore it
14:28<dwfreed>do the reverse
14:28<dwfreed>dd if=image | ssh root@yourLinodeIP "dd of=/dev/sda"
14:30<dubidub>dd if=linode4.img | ssh root@ "unxz | dd of=/dev/sda" ?
14:34<dubidub>thanks :)
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16:00<raju>i need web hosting
16:04<rsdehart>do you have a question?
16:05<rsdehart>raju: something you'd like to know before you sign up on the website?
16:06<raju>i need vps hosting for my client
16:06<rsdehart>Yes. I'll ask again: Do you have a question?
16:06<raju>i am from bangladesh which dc best for me
16:06<armiller>Probably Singapore
16:07<rsdehart>cheers armiller
16:07<rsdehart>I hate when I'm the only one paying attention and have insufficient info >.>
16:07<raju>this price always same or when renew its defferents
16:07<rsdehart>the price shown for a plan is consistent
16:08<rsdehart>no surprises
16:09<raju>for 1 million monthly visitor website which plan minium need
16:10<Peng_>It depends. You can start with the $5 plan and upgrading later if necessary.
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16:31<dubidub>When restoring an image to a fresh Linode, will I first have to create a disk in the manager?
16:31<armiller>Well is this the image you took with `ssh` and `dd`?
16:32<armiller>Then yes you would need to create a disk and boot into rescue mode with it mounted
16:32<armiller>If you do that you can enable SSH and be on the receiving end of the `dd`
16:33<dubidub>Will the disk have to be the exact same size as the original?
16:33<Peng_>The same size or larger.
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17:01<dwfreed>deathspawn: akill removed
17:09<dubidub>Maybe I could have used pv for progress indication.
17:10<Peng_>Yeah :X
17:11<Peng_>I think you can send some sort of signal to dd to make it print status information. SIGUSR1 maybe?
17:11<Peng_>^ Don't do anything without reading the docs.
17:11<armiller>That was mentioned earlier
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17:20<dubidub>It worked! I can log in to the restored image.
17:21<dubidub>Thanks, folsk.
17:21<dubidub>Thanks, folks.
17:22<Peng_>armiller: Oh :D
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18:06<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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18:25<scrane>Hey there!
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18:47<Val_>hi, do you help with transfer from cpanel vps?
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19:09<William>Hey, I'm sharing a datacenter with a "charity" that promotes drug abuse. Are you guys certain this won't risk compromising my server's security?
19:10-!-mode/#linode [+l 343] by ChanServ
19:10<William>Also, how come DomainTools states my IP location (and the offender's) to be Pomona instead of Newark?
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19:15<Peng_>Why would it compromise your security?
19:15<Peng_>Geo IP databases are often wrong.
19:15<Peng_>At least the country is right?
19:17<William>What is Linode's law enforcement policy? Would they facilitate the investigation of an illegal user while ensuring the contents of non-subject VMs remain untouched?
19:20<Peng_>I don't know, probably? It's more convenient for the cops and for Linode to get a copy of a disk image than to go seizing drives.
19:25<dwfreed>Linode complies with all legal subpoenas and warrants
19:28<William>Is 45.33.x.x pretty well isolated from 45.79.x.x physically?
19:28<Peng_>Either yes or not at all
19:28<Peng_>IPs aren't much related to physical isolation.
19:29<dwfreed>All Linodes in a datacenter are in the same layer 2 LAN
19:29<dwfreed>there are rules on the hosts to prevent people from seeing traffic not meant for them
19:30<dwfreed>also you cannot forge traffic
19:34<William>Bye now. I might file an abuse report but I have no faith due to politics they would act.
19:35-!-atula [~neobreed@] has joined #linode
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19:52<Zimsky>that's some next level curry sauce
19:53<Peng_>I'm pretty sure my curry sauce is next level but, like, a level down
19:53<Peng_>-2 or so
19:54<Zimsky>I was quite sure curry sauce levels were unsigned
20:06<retro|blah>So like 253?
20:31<retro|blah>Oh wait, I should have said 254
20:31<ericoc> <~ curry stats
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21:22<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • about send postfix ,why can only send 100? <>
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22:32<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • DNS with Google domain <>
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22:42<Woet>what is it with people and hiding their domain name
22:43<Woet>especially when posting about a DNS issue
22:43-!-mode/#linode [+l 341] by ChanServ
22:44<Peng_>I'm always embarrassed to post details about my issues
22:46<Woet>then dont post in the first place
22:47<Woet>instead of wasting peoples time
22:48<retro|blah>"Yes, I see the that the example domain you made up doesn't exist when I whois it."
22:52<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • DNS with Google domain <>
22:53<Peng_>" has valid DNSSEC for me"
22:57<Zimsky>Woet: did you join the forum specifically so you could say that
22:57<Woet>yes i did
22:58<Woet>because none of you did
23:00<Peng_>> www | 2600:3c02::xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:Xxxx | Default
23:00<Peng_>Poor person uses Atlanta :(
23:01<Zimsky>ew, poor people
23:01<Zimsky>not in my good christian suburbs
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23:53<zifnab>we need a "best of #linode" thing somewhere
23:54<zifnab>"user thinks their server may get seized because a charity runs a thing related to drugs in the same datacenter"
23:56<retro|blah>Are we talking marijuana charities and shit?
23:56<zifnab>i have no idea, some deranged person earlier
23:56<zifnab>i assume there has to be at least one 501c3 dealing with drug legalization in the US
23:56<retro|blah>He did mention politics, and I figure marijuana is becoming legalized in a bunch of places
23:56<zifnab>well, and decriminalization some places
23:57<zifnab>seattle cops have strict orders they are not to arrest people for minor drug offenses
23:57<zifnab>ie, "I'm doing heroin on the street" is fine, "I'm selling heroin on the street" is not.
23:58<retro|blah>First hit on Google for "marijuana charity"
23:59<Eugene>You're a towel
23:59<Peng_>Could be a bunch of dorks doing something really illegal and calling it a charity
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