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00:09<@bhanks>awh happy new years to all my fave kiddies out there
00:09<@bhanks>dwfreed im looking at you
00:12<Woet>bhanks: i approve of your IRC client
00:12<Woet>happy new years to everyone except Zimsky
00:13<@bhanks>oh Woet I could never forget you
00:13<@bhanks>i mean i did but
00:13<@bhanks>happy new years
00:17<Woet>you're a bit late though
00:17<Woet>The date & time is currently: Monday, 1 January 2018 at 13:17:39
00:18<@bhanks>oh darn
00:22<Zimsky>Mon 1 Jan 2018 18:21:50 NZDT
00:22<Zimsky>you're all late
00:22<Woet>not sure if you're actually in NZ or just changed your timezone for this joke
00:22<Zimsky>you'll never be sure
00:23<Zimsky>auckland is lovely this time of year
00:23<Woet>i was there a few months ago
00:23<Zimsky>you should see the fireworks from the tower
00:24<Zimsky>amazing stuff really
00:24<Woet>i was just there to take the longest flight in the world
00:24<Zimsky>should have*
00:24<Woet>i went to those stinky lakes though while i was there
00:25<Woet>reminded me of you
00:25<Zimsky>longest flight in the world is any flight with nate
00:25<Woet>nah this one was 18h 20m
00:25<Zimsky>I know, but it feels like 3 years in a siberian prison
00:26<Zimsky>looks like rotorua
00:27<Woet>of course
00:28<Zimsky>did you visit Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateahaumaitawhitiurehaeaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu?
00:33<Woet>nah but i did go to Taupo
00:46<nate>interesting bit of information seeing as I don't even fly lol
00:52<Woet>typical Zimsky lies again
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01:10<zifnab>this is a good guess
01:10<zifnab>i'm h ours late
01:10<zifnab>as per normal
01:11*zifnab goes back to 2017
01:11<zifnab>2 hours!
01:11<zifnab>...i might go to sleep
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02:20<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Why Do People Want to Play NBA Live Mobile on their phones <>
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03:53<zifnab>happy new year from seattle
03:56<dwfreed>you're a bit late
03:56<zifnab>dwfreed: do you know anythign about golang
03:56<zifnab>i'm having a hell of a time debugging this
03:57<zifnab>i have two goroutines that are never actually started
03:57<dwfreed>not really, no
03:59<zifnab>i hate non deterministic bugs
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04:08<zifnab>think i got it
04:08<zifnab>for{} makes the gc die
04:08<zifnab>select{} doesn't
04:10<zifnab>i hope linode monitors number of reboots somewhere
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06:29<Celti>I upgraded to PHP 7.2 and now one specific page on my dokuwiki times out when I try and save a change to it
06:35<nate>check your error logs, they generally log the specific line the timeout occured on
06:41<Celti>You'd think so, but instead all I get is "The timeout specified has expired" from fcgi
06:43<Celti>I'm mostly just grumbling about the fact that every PHP "upgrade" results in about three days of trying to figure out what obscure crap broke *this* time
06:43<Celti>Which I should be channelling into something productive like writing an actual usable wiki engine in something that's not PHP
07:01<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Is there a way to move Linode Backups between datacenters <>
07:09<nate>Celti: That sounds more like an httpd error log, your PHP should be logging errors as well in a separate file usually
07:09<nate>check for the error_log directive of your relative php.ini
07:11<nate>That said, just what version of PHP did you upgrade -from-? Most minor version upgrades are pretty non-eventful as far as impacting stuff goes, but even when they are impacting they're usually some sort of deprecated/removed/etc command
07:11<nate>A timeout could still be the same thing, but maybe with a poor section of code not handling such an error properly
07:11<nate>Meanwhile wikipedia still does pretty damn well for a wiki engine in PHP, so pretty sure PHP isn't the issue here :P
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08:03<tayeb>hi i want to make server commands. but I want to know how many additional ip addresses you can add for each server thank you
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08:11<nate>Such inpatience
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09:47<tanja84dk>I have a question because I have a idea that something is wrong in the tutorial for openvpn ( I'm trying again with it ) shall I also set the uid and gid for the keys files to the openvpn user or to root
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09:52<tanja84dk>and the thing I found there were wrong that were where it says "sudo systemctl enable openvpn.* && sudo systemctl start openvpn.*" there I found out it actually were "sudo systemctl enable openvpn@servername.service && sudo systemctl start openvpn@servername.service" where servername is the name of the config
10:03<tanja84dk>ohh maybee its a difference between debian and ubuntu because just noticed the server is ubuntu by a mistake
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10:29<grawity>the systemd native services are openvpn@<name> in 2.3 (provided by distro), openvpn-server@<name> in 2.4 (provided by openvpn themselves)
10:30<grawity>and plain old openvpn.service likely just runs the old "all in one" init.d script
10:51<tanja84dk>but grawity do you know who there shall own the files
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10:53<grawity>root, of course
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11:00<tanja84dk>grawity, well then there is a issue because I'm getting TLS error
11:00<tanja84dk>and the tutorial said I should set the openvpn server as ovpn
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11:02<tanja84dk>because I'm getting a "TLS Error: tls-crypt unwrapping failed" when the client tries to connect
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13:59<technoid_>How do I set the reverse dns for IPv6?
14:00<technoid_>nevermind, I think I found it
14:24<@scrane>Hey there! Jsut to make sure you did, you will need to make sure there is a forward A record pointing to the IPv6 address. From there you click "Remote Access" in your Linode's dashboard, then click the "Reverse DNS" link. That will lead you through the prompt to set the RDNS
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14:37<staticsafe>AAAA record*
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14:43<technoid_>I got it done, thanks
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15:08<tin_>linode have cloud?
15:08<nate>I feel like if you have to ask that question then you don't really understand what 'cloud' is :P
15:09<nate>linode is a VPS provider
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15:09<nate>everything they have is listed on the site
15:10<tin_>pf vps xD
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15:10<grawity>kids these days
15:10<nate>I wish I could see the look on their face when they realize all other "
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15:10<nate>*"Cloud services" they've used are literally just VPS's too
15:29<FluffyFoxeh>[15:08:54] <nate> I feel like if you have to ask that question then you don't really understand what 'cloud' is :P
15:29<FluffyFoxeh>tbh I don't understand what it is, everyone seems to have different ideas
15:29<FluffyFoxeh>I think it's just a bad word to use in general if you want to be remotely specific
15:30<FluffyFoxeh>some providers have a section for "VPS", but then they have another one for "cloud", and they're actually different in some way
15:30<FluffyFoxeh>and others just use the terms interchangeably
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16:33<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • How to get Spark running Standalone? <>
16:41<chesty>the term cloud originated from network diagrams, if were drawing how something connected to the internet, the shape of the internet was usually a cloud. what it means now? i don't know.
16:53<linbot>New news from forum: Current Betas • Linode Block Storage (Fremont beta) <>
17:03<linbot>New news from forum: Current Betas • Linode Block Storage (Fremont beta) <>
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17:09<GTAXL>CenturyLink loves net neutrality I see, throttling me to below dialup speeds to my Linode, yet YouTube, Netflix, etc. all load at 1080p 60fps :|
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17:12<dwfreed>GTAXL: net neutrality rules are still in force, but good luck getting the FCC to actually enforce them
17:12<GTAXL>That's funny, cuz ever since the FCC vote, my speeds have tanked to everything but the BIG sites
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17:14<dwfreed>GTAXL: right, because the FCC isn't going to enforce rules that still apply but have been voted out
17:15<GTAXL>I HATE it >:(
17:15<armiller>Wow Linodin' in the new year
17:15<armiller>What a day
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17:21<dwfreed>GTAXL: what's the route from you to your Linode? Linode may be able to adjust that
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17:23<GTAXL>Zayo from Linode to me, GTT from me to Linode
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17:24<GTAXL>currently at 45 B/s I assume that means Bytes
17:25<GTAXL>it's funny cuz it's not just to my Linode, it's to all my other servers too. Yet I can pull my full link 10Mbps from Google/Youtube etc.
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17:27<GTAXL>I've done all my checks to ensure it's not my equipment or anyone on my network, they're throttling me
17:27<GTAXL>usually tanks the most at night, but lately it's been in the morning too
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17:27<softinio>so I am using wagtail for an app which is django based cms .... it has its own admin .... if I add a package that normally would work django admin how would I add it to the wagtail admin .... anyone with experience of wagtail .... i came across this: but its not clear to me what to do .... any tips really appreciated
17:27<dwfreed>GTAXL: and this is SSH? perhaps try moving to a different port?
17:28<GTAXL>I use a random port for SSH
17:28<GTAXL>I could try pulling it from the httpd
17:28<softinio>ugh sorry wrong channel ignore my earlier question
17:28<dwfreed>GTAXL: use sslh and run both https and ssh on 443
17:29<dzho>the wrong channel, and yet in some ways ... not so wrong
17:29<GTAXL>downloading from https
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17:30<GTAXL>same thing
17:30<GTAXL>they aren't throttling via port
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17:30<dwfreed>tell them they can go screw themselves and switch?
17:31<GTAXL>I can't, I live in the country, hence DSL
17:31<GTAXL>I just went to Google Drive, downloaded a big file, getting ~1.2MB/s
17:31<dwfreed>I have fixed wireless
17:32<GTAXL>OBVIOUS throttling
17:32<dwfreed>use rclone to push stuff into google drive, download it from there :D
17:32<GTAXL>yeah there's a couple around here, but they're shit, they offer 5Mbps max
17:32<dwfreed>I get 10 Mbps symmetric
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17:34<GTAXL>I wonder how they're prioritizing traffic, by ASN or IP block?
17:34<GTAXL>They love Google, I know that much
17:34<dwfreed>probably just by shitty peering
17:35<GTAXL>well honestly before the FCC thing, I was getting full speed from my Linode and mostly everything else
17:35<GTAXL>it's never been like this
17:35<dwfreed>they probably changed their peering
17:35<GTAXL>Yeah, they own Level 3 now
17:35<GTAXL>aka the internet
17:35<GTAXL>you'd think it'd be superior now
17:36<GTAXL>exact oposite
17:36<dwfreed>Anyway, Linode can probably adjust their routing to use different providers to see if that helps
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17:36<GTAXL>well I'm on ASN209
17:37<GTAXL>don't know if any network engineers are watching
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17:37<dwfreed>probably still recovering from their hangovers
17:37<dwfreed>best route would be a ticket, anyway
17:38<GTAXL>if the site loads
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17:54<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • (Solved) How to log site traffic to access.log (Apache)? <>
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18:20<ray_>Does Linode provides storage space like Digital ocean does?
18:20<dwfreed>it is currently in beta; see the topic
18:20<dwfreed>it's supposed to go live this month, but it's not known when exactly
18:21<ray_>Got it.
18:22<ray_>Thanks for the information. :)
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18:58<acald3ron>artidoro, hola
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19:10<trippeh>Celti: also:
19:12<trippeh>I'm testing PTI now, the performance hit is real.
19:12<Celti>I can imagine.
19:13<Peng_>Lol. AMD finally shows up to interrupt everyone's work with a two-line patch that says "haha we're not vulnerable"
19:14<trippeh>if intel suddenly has to take a 5-30% performance hit, and amd just "ha ha!", that would indeed be funny :p
19:14<linbot>New news from forum: Current Betas • Linode Block Storage (Fremont beta) <>
19:16<trippeh>PTI is probably *useful* on AMD too though. but the cost can be pretty high, and there seems to be a specific intel speculative execution? bug driving this work
19:19<trippeh> hehe
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20:42<Zimsky>nate: the joke is that being in a relatively small metal container with you for an extended period of time would be a horrible experience
21:03<Celti>I think I'd prefer to to being trapped in a container with Zimsky, though.
21:04<Zimsky>you wish you could be trapped in a container with me
21:05<Celti>Crap, typoed
21:05<Celti>s/to to/that to/
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21:51<FluffyFoxeh>I have too many Linodes.
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22:09<nate>Zimsky: Well considering how frequently you try to get my attention clearly you must find my presence wonderful, as nobody else on any network highlights me nearly as much as you :P
22:09<Peng_>Not even spam bots
22:11<Zimsky>nate: I thought we covered this
22:12<Zimsky>just follow peng's lead
22:13<nate>Don't make me linecount my logs :P
22:14<Zimsky>go for it
22:14<Zimsky>that would just make it ironic though
22:15<nate>Well by your claim I must be missing a HELL of a lot of random highlights by peng, which if that's the case, sorry I ignore you peng :P
22:15<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • DNS with Google domain <>
22:16<Zimsky>I've claimed nothing. It's not my fault you hate peng
22:20<Peng_>I love you all
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22:40<Woet>please don't
22:41<Zimsky>Woet: is it wouter as in router or wouter as in router?
22:41<Woet>its Zimsky as in go away
22:43<Woet>don't apostrophe me
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