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00:05<Woet>my second post Zimsky
00:06<Woet>my second post Zimsky
00:07<Zimsky>Woet: those 4 words in the prescribed order have an infinite number of potential meanings with relevance to any object or created concept in this and other universes
00:08<Zimsky>the specific meaning and relevance of them is what is unclear
00:08<FluffyFoxeh>my third post Zimsky
00:09<Woet>[13:05:29] <linbot> New news from forum: General Discussion • Decentralized Video Broadcasting <>
00:09<Woet>[13:05:45] <Woet> my second post Zimsky
00:10<Zimsky>I never give those any thought or attention
00:12<Peng_>", using Ethereum Blockchain" :\
00:15<Woet>Peng_: anything with Blockchain in it is worth 1000% more
00:16<Zimsky>it's another fucking buzzword for normies
00:16<Woet>Zimsky: no need to rename yourself to Zimsky_Blockchain
00:16<Woet>Zimsky: 1000% more than 0 is still 0
00:16<Zimsky>I'm not sure I get the joke
00:16<Zimsky>it's too forced
00:17<Zimsky>since I haven't actually renamed myself that
00:17<Woet>hence "no need to"
00:17<Woet>saving you the trouble
00:17<Woet>appreciate it
00:17<Zimsky>right, but it's too steep a climb
00:17<Woet>maybe if you'd lose some weight it wouldn't be
00:17<Zimsky>the joke has to flow on from something I do
00:17<Zimsky>like that
00:17<Zimsky>there you go
00:17<Woet>i'll work on it
00:18<Zimsky>anyway get back in character, we're ruining it for the peasants
00:18<Zimsky>woet you're a twat
00:22<zifnab>it's all stored in the butt.
00:26<Woet>much like US politics
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00:56<Eugene>Every year I'm Linodin'
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04:17<kiwifru>I have some problem here. My server whose ip is fail to ping for serval days.
04:17<kiwifru>Someone can help me?
04:19<grawity>seems fine here; post the problematic traceroute/mtr
04:19<grawity>can you access the server via Lish?
04:21<nate>kiwifru: Have you tried anything other than a literal ping...? ping's can be pretty easily blocked
04:26<kiwifru> My traceroute [vUNKNOWN] tomboy ( 2018-01-02T17:26:45+0800 Keys: Help Display mode Restart statistics Order of fields quit Packets Pings Host Loss% Snt Last Avg Best Wrst StDev 1. 0.0% 3 0.4 0.4 0.3 0.4 0.0 2. 0.0%
04:27<kiwifru>Mtr_Version,Start_Time,Status,Host,Hop,Ip,Loss%,Snt, ,Last,Avg,Best,Wrst,StDev, MTR.UNKNOWN,1514885208,OK,,1,,0.00,10,0,0.43,0.37,0.31,0.43,0.04 MTR.UNKNOWN,1514885208,OK,,2,,0.00,10,0,0.38,0.35,0.29,0.41,0.04 MTR.UNKNOWN,1514885208,OK,,3,,0.00,10,0,4.97,6.87,2.46,15.05,3.96 MTR.UNKNOWN,1514885208,OK,,4,,60.00,10,6,2.58,2.64,2.47,2.88,0.17 MTR.UNKNOWN,
04:29<kiwifru>MTR.UNKNOWN,1514885208,OK,,10,,0.00,10,0,67.33,63.53,62.93,67.33,1.34 MTR.UNKNOWN,1514885208,OK,,11,,0.00,10,0,70.88,67.81,63.81,74.87,4.07 MTR.UNKNOWN,1514885208,OK,,12,,0.00,10,0,64.61,64.69,64.08,66.39,0.69 MTR.UNKNOWN,1514885208,OK,,13,???,100.00,10,10,0.00,0.00,0.00,0.00,0.00
04:29<Cromulent>kiwifru: use a pastebin
04:29<kiwifru>this is last mtr's output
04:29<kiwifru>can not open the site
04:30<grawity>can you access your server via Lish?
04:30<kiwifru>what is lish?
04:31<grawity>the web console which you can find in Linode Manager
04:31<kiwifru>wait a moment
04:31<grawity>open the "Remote Access" tab, then scroll down
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04:34<kiwifru>sorry, Lish via Browser Launch Lish Console
04:35<kiwifru>can not open
04:35<dfdf>I think business cooperation is very large. Do you have a special business manager?
04:35<Peng_>Can you use lish via ssh
04:36<Peng_>Is your Linode running
04:36<Peng_>Hey, I can ping your Linode over IPv4. Though not IPv6.
04:36<dfdf>I think business cooperation is very large. Do you have a special business manager?
04:37<dfdf>I think business cooperation is very large. Do you have a special business manager?
04:37<dfdf>I think business cooperation is very large. Do you have a special business manager?
04:37<dfdf>I think business cooperation is very large. Do you have a special business manager?
04:37<dfdf>I think business cooperation is very large. Do you have a special business manager?
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04:39<kiwifru>i am going home
04:40<kiwifru>tomorow or ...
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04:50<nate>lol, spamming an IRC channel, yeah that's a fantastic way to present yourself as someone worth working with
05:04<Zimsky>glad you finally see the light
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07:10<rich_>Hi, is there a way to add extra block storage to a linode? e.g. add a 200GB disk?
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07:10<rich_>(can't see it listed on pricing page?)
07:10<@bmartin>Hey rich_ we are currently testing block storage in Newark and Fremont at no cost
07:11<@bmartin>One second while I find the link for you
07:11<rich_>i need uk
07:11<grawity>the "no cost" part was supposed to end yesterday
07:11<@bmartin>We currently do not have it in our UK datacenter rich_
07:11<grawity> – not in UK yet
07:12<@jackley>it didn't end yesterday – a holiday and all
07:13<@jackley>forum post should be updated, I'll ask about that
07:13<Zimsky>and britons needs you!
07:14<rich_>ok, thanks, I'll have to look elsewhere for now.
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07:17<Ikaros>Ok so, somewhere along the line, my IPv4 changed. That means, of course, changing the endpoint for my TunnelBroker tunnel. Except...updating it didn't get it routing again. I spend all this time trying to run down my setup scripts, make sure I was running the right commands w/the right addresses, making sure firewall wasn't messing with protocol 41...and then the tunnel server status page shows
07:17<Ikaros>a little exclamation point. Apparently, HE's Dallas tunnel server isn't processing tunnel updates.
07:17<Ikaros>And now I feel stupid for spending all night debugging my setup
07:18<Zimsky>why do you feel stupid?
07:18<Ikaros>That the first thing I could have checked to begin with was their status page
07:20<Ikaros>I suppose maybe for now I could look into setting up a tunnel through my Linode. But *tired*.
07:20<grawity>it's pretty much identical to setting up the client-side tunnel
07:20<Ikaros>Better yet, get my god damn ISP off their lazy butts and deploy native IPv6 already, instead of making excuses.
07:22<Ikaros>grawity yeah I know. I'd prefer not to mess with it unless I know my existing TunnelBroker tunnel's going to be utterly useless for a long time.
07:28<Ikaros>I suppose the bright side is, I know the problem isn't on my end at least. Downside to actually setting up my own though is probably gonna have to set aside a different prefix for it, exactly like how I use the /48 I get from HE to distribute to connecting clients and my own systems.
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08:18<Cromulent>does anyone have any ideas how many slots I could run on a $5 linode roughly?
08:20<Cromulent>number of clients connected at a time
08:20<Zimsky>depends on your application
08:20<Cromulent>oh lol sorry I forgot to write mumble - duh
08:21<Zimsky>maybe just suck it and see
08:21<Cromulent>yeah I guess I will
08:23<@jhaas>seems reasonable
08:23<@jhaas>from the FAQ: "The server is mostly bandwidth bound, so as long as your network hardware is sufficient it should run on pretty much anything."
08:25<Cromulent>ah that sounds good - thanks for the link
08:30<DrJ>gmail through the linode invoice into spam this month
08:30<DrJ>bad gmail
08:30<@jhaas>DrJ: did it give you a reason?
08:30<DrJ>actually I see it through a "linode alerts" email in there as well
08:30<cheapie>Now I kind of want to try running one of those servers on a 486 or something... :P
08:31<@jhaas>usually has like a yellow banner listing the reason it didn't like the e-mail
08:31<DrJ>Why is this message in Spam? It's similar to messages that were detected by our spam filters
08:31<DrJ>that's all it really says
08:31<@jhaas>well at least we're not on a blacklist or something
08:34<cheapie>jhaas: FWIW, my invoice came through normally, but the receipt was detected as spam.
08:34<cheapie>(also Gmail)
08:34<DrJ>yea, my receipt was marked spam as well
08:34<@jhaas>google y u do dis
08:35<cheapie>I do have a filter set up to essentially kill off the spam filter and just dump everything in the inbox, though, so I did see it come in.
08:35<@jhaas>Not sure how much we can do on this front, but I'll pass the info on to relevant parties
08:35<cheapie>But it does have the "This message was not sent to Spam because of a filter you created." header.
08:36<Peng_>Mine wasn't in spam
08:36<Cromulent>neither was mine
08:36<grawity>hmm I did find mine in Gmail's spam as well
08:36<grawity>didn't think to look at the yellow header first :|
08:36<grawity>but let's see if it at least has anything in headers
08:36<Cromulent>both the invoice and payment recipt went to my inbox
08:38<grawity>hmm, whoever got it in spam or not, was it delivered via ipv4 or ipv6?
08:38<grawity>just a wild guess
08:38<cheapie>IPv6 here.
08:38<cheapie>"Received: from ( [2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:fedf:57ab])"
08:38<DrJ>I'd guess all emails from linode to gmail come ipv6
08:38<Peng_>Not spam. IPv4.
08:39*DrJ checks
08:39<Cromulent>not spam IPv4
08:39<cheapie>grawity: How about yours?
08:39<grawity>and spam box
08:39<Peng_> here too. Even tohugh it was IPv4.
08:39<@jhaas>bluh! that definitely sounds like something we can act on though
08:40<Cromulent>yeah as well
08:40<Cromulent>this why I don't run email servers
08:40<grawity>asking because I remember my earlier fight about my own server's mail being rejected via IPv6
08:41<DrJ>headers from one that went to spam
08:41<Peng_>Also, text or HTML? :D
08:41<grawity>HTML, I'm not in 1980's
08:41<cheapie>text here.
08:41<cheapie>HTML mail sucks.
08:42*Peng_ sidles out as fight ensues
08:42<@jhaas>ty for debuging guys
08:43*nate has html emails otherwise disabled in thunderbird
08:43<nate>html emails are so fugly
08:47<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Decentralized Video Broadcasting <>
08:47<grawity>I imagine it's basically unavoidable that Gmail would see the "shared" /64 as very suspicious
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10:01<praetorian>so, time to invest in arm.
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10:59<FormerlyAFornuto>Linodians, the South Jersey Linux User Group is meeting in Gallway tonight: - please share however you folks communicate internally these days.
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11:00<zifnab>New Jersey is large enough to have a south?
11:01<dzho>social geography has fractal dimensions
11:04<dzho>to this born midwesterner the concept that "upstate" or "long island" is considered so far away and distinct from Manhattan as it is remains somewhat mind boggling, but its easy also to appreciate how someone has that view who lives in Manhattan and can walk or at most take a short subway ride to almost anything that civilization has to offer
11:14<armiller>Sounds neat. I'd go but that's too far away for me to make it
11:26<FormerlyAFornuto>Jersey does indeed have a north and a south. South Jersey is Best Jersey. North Jersey is NY's Landfill
11:27<dzho>and not in any way Philadelphia's landfill
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14:33<FluffyFoxeh>I see the Newark block storage is still at capacity
14:33<FluffyFoxeh>I would shrink my volume but every time I've touched it, it has caused my Linode to reboot
14:34<FluffyFoxeh>and I don't want my Linode to reboot right now so I'll leave it alone unless someone can tell me that they've fixed that :p
14:43<@jackley>FluffyFoxeh: when did you last try? I think that was an issue a while ago, but shouldn't be anymore. Right now, volumes can only be resized in one direction: up, so you *should* get an error when you attempt to resize down. I just did.
14:43<dwfreed>that's... annoying
14:43<FluffyFoxeh>I last tried 2 months and 25 days ago
14:44<dwfreed>but understandable if you consider them all raw
14:44<FluffyFoxeh>(judging by the "Attach volume" and then "Lassie initiated boot" in my job queue)
14:45<FluffyFoxeh>speaking of which, the job queue is missing from the new manager and I hope it returns
14:45<dwfreed>I think it's not implemented yet?
14:45<dwfreed>I haven't looked at APIv4 in a while
14:46<FluffyFoxeh>jackley: Yeah, I think I never tried to shrink volumes. But I did try to grow them and it broke things
14:47<FluffyFoxeh>I think this may have also happened if I detached it before resizing it
14:48-!-cps [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:48<FluffyFoxeh>can't recall if it ever crashed just from detaching/attaching without even resizing
14:49<FluffyFoxeh>it might have. I should have documented it better :p
14:50-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
14:50<armiller>I know they have "events" in APIv4 which are global
14:50<armiller>I do miss the per Linode job queues though, I can imagine a global queue becoming a shitshow real fast
14:51<@jackley>FluffyFoxeh: I've seen that happen before – the detatch/attach bug. that should be fixed. if a volume is currently mounted, and you attempt to detatch, that can cause your Linode to reboot.
14:51<FluffyFoxeh>I liked seeing the progress of backup restores and migrations
14:51<@jackley>we warn you about that
14:51<FluffyFoxeh>yeah, I'm sure it was never mounted when I tried this
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15:18<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • pv-grub for CentOS <>
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16:30<dwfreed>ugh, y u make me do work?
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17:23<relidy>Once upon a time, I thought I was told that setting up a slave zone on Linode's DNS servers bypassed the standard ~15 minute delay (when notifies from the non-Linode master were issued). Is that no longer the case with the Linode nameservers hiding behind Cloudflare? I've set up such a scenario and I'm seeing "standard" delays in availability on
17:31-!-Testbench [68f9e52f@] has joined #linode
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17:32<nate>The delay is that I think linode's DNS only reload configs every 15~ minutes. Your master might push the information to them but it may not 'go live' until the next reload/cycle
17:34<Peng_>The delay is only for master zones, though. (And things like adding or removing zones.)
17:34<Peng_>Slave zones were instant. Still are, AFAIK.
17:35<Peng_>Though Cloudflare is probably configured with some sort of caching.
17:35<relidy>I suppose it's possible I'm screwing something up as well. Still tinkering, so I'll withhold judgment, but either way I'll survive.
17:39<Peng_>I just changed a zone, went through immediately.
17:39<relidy>Well, that helps. Thanks Peng_.
17:40<Peng_>I've been meaning to ask Linode what the Cloudflare caching configuration is.
17:40<relidy>I do have a firewall in the way. I opened up port 53 tcp/udp to my master from the IPs listed in the docs.
17:42<Peng_>Also my first notify to Dallas timed out... :O
17:43<relidy>I think I'm probably sending notifies to the wrong place(s).
17:46<relidy>Yep. *sigh* Thanks for the feedback folks. Once again, jumping to conclusions a little too quickly.
17:49<dwfreed>notify explicit; also-notify { <linode ips> };
17:49<dwfreed>relidy: ^ how to do it in bind
17:50<relidy>Yep, that's what I ended up with after bothering to re-read things.
17:50<relidy>!point Peng_
17:50<linbot>relidy: Point given to peng_. (2)
17:50<relidy>!point dwfreed
17:50<linbot>relidy: Point given to dwfreed. (35)
17:50<dwfreed>!point Peng
17:50<linbot>dwfreed: Point given to peng. (20)
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18:22<ldiamond>is there any performance limits/sla for block storage?
18:23<ldiamond>are they ssds?
18:26<Peng_>The Newark beta is SSDs and the Fremont beta is spinning HDDs.
18:29<Peng_>or, "NVMe/HDD"?
18:32-!-eggstyrone [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
18:33<dwfreed>Peng_: fremont is a tiered setup, i believe
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18:55<Bdragon>re: spam mails, fwiw there was an issue where an rbl provider decided to be a smart aleck and blacklist the entire internet in a misguided attempt to get mx admins to update their dnsbl settings. (full story on nanog list) So there was a lot of fallout from that.
19:04<Zimsky>that's hilarious
19:04<millisa>it's happened more than once...
19:06<Zimsky>always look on the briiiiiight side of life
19:12<Bdragon>yeah, someone forgot to read RFC 6471
19:20<synfinatic>"that's just your opinion man"
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19:59<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • Linode's Cloudflare DNS Firewall settings <>
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20:31<BadMan>OK cool that is the broadcast message. Just checking this out.
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21:43<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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23:18<nick>i need to know how much time will it take for plan updation from current plan.can u ppl pl tell me
23:20<@jhaas>Depends on the size of the disks (a resize effectively performs a migration.)
23:20<@sjacobs>nick: it involves a migration. the conservative estimate is about 3-5 minutes per GB of disk space.
23:20<@sjacobs>that is backwareds. 1 minute per 3-5 GB.
23:21<nick>whether site gets completly down during this migration process?
23:22<@sjacobs>yes. the Linode will be powered off while it resizes.
23:23<nick>i should not lose my site users also by the time of migration , so whether there will be any solution for this..
23:24<@sjacobs>what type of solution are you looking for? i'm not sure i understand.
23:24<@jhaas>Resizing requires downtime unless you already have redundancy in place.
23:27<Woet>buy a new linode, transfer your files, change dns, shut down old one
23:27<Woet>is a way to do it without downtime
23:28<nick>fine.Thanks for your information.Will inform my team to that.
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