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00:31<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Moving a website to https <>
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00:43<William>Hi. Are ROM sites (copied console games) allowed on your service?
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00:44<grawity>I'd say that falls under the ToS paragraph about "material protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret, or other intellectual property rights"
00:44<William>But you will only take it down if the owner complains?
00:44<William>So don't bother contacting abuse?
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00:46<dwfreed>technically, yes, if Linode is unaware of it, it'll live forever
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00:46<Krish>its my first time so I am not sure if this is the right forum for my ques
00:46<Krish>we are thinking of using NET Core on Linux
00:46<dwfreed>ask away; if it isn't, we'll tell you :)
00:47<Krish>Do you think I am at the right place?
00:47<dwfreed>so far, yes
00:48<Krish>I saw the pricing plans and was wondering if one can buy more space packs as well
00:48<Krish>like i need more than 40 gig
00:48<Krish>can i add on 20 gig
00:48<Krish>to my existing plan
00:48<grawity>disk space? currently that's available as a beta in some datacenters
00:48<grawity>but not yet globally
00:48<dwfreed>namely fremont and newark
00:48<dwfreed>it's slated to go live this month, but it's not yet known if it's on schedule
00:49<grawity>I wonder if it'll at least be cheaper than spinning up a 2nd linode and NFS-mounting it
00:49<dwfreed>the price quoted was 10 cents per gigabyte per month
00:49<dwfreed>so yes
00:51<William>So any timeframe on the Meltdown patches/reboots?
00:52<Woet>hopefully not
00:52<Woet>i want my 4 year uptime
00:53<dwfreed>William: not yet, see the blog
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00:56<William>Woet: Unfortunately they may have to patch the machine that runs your VPS to ensure continued isolation between VMs and the host, and between the multiple VMs.
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00:57<Woet>William: i thought the first amendment allows me to live my life on the edge and go 4 years without security updates
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00:58<William>In that case you should have bought your own hardware, and the 1st Amendment does not cover the operation of network connected equipment.
00:59<Woet>is it the fifth then? there ought to be one that covers linodes
00:59<Peng_>My uptime :'(
00:59<Peng_>My haven't-upgraded-kernel-or-glibc-or-run-a-fsck-time :'(
01:00<William>Woet: The Linode TOS guarantees only 99.9% uptime, which means your server can be out of commission for up to 43.8 minutes per month. See
01:01<William>Woet: If they kill your server for longer than this (cumulatively in a month) then they would have to compensate you.
01:01<Woet>or it means it can only be out of commission for 1.41 minute per day
01:01<Peng_>Whoohoo! 0.5 cents prorated credit!
01:04<William>The guarantee is per month - - 5. Uptime Guarantee provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee on all Linode hardware, and on network connectivity. In any given month, if your Linode is down for more than 0.1%, you may request a pro-rated credit for the down-time.
01:04<@jhaas>William: woet and peng_ know the platform; most of our regulars just tend to be trollish perhaps more often than healthy ;)
01:04<Woet>excuse me?
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01:04<Woet>i'm a very healthy troll.
01:04<@jhaas>you're excused
01:04<pharaun>get back under that bridge
01:05<Woet>mr "look at me I got hired because my name starts with a J"
01:05<pharaun>and ask more sparrow questions please :P
01:05<Peng_>#linode guarantees 0.1% prorated compliments per month
01:05<xnakxx>question on the 1gig plan with 20gb of ssd... does the os installation count against the provided storage limit?
01:05<Peng_>xnakxx: Yeah
01:05<xnakxx>thank you all
01:05<Peng_>A basic OS is, what, a gig? Give or take?
01:05<Woet>but you are free to rm -rf /usr
01:06<Woet>if you need the space
01:06<Peng_>RAM disk
01:06<dwfreed>rm -rf /*
01:06<William>This is standard for any VPS, as you are renting a virtual computer.
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01:06<pharaun>Peng_: well... isn't the minimal debian install like 300-500meg
01:06<Woet>i think you'll find we're all virtual
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01:06<Woet>you bunch of blue pills
01:06<pharaun>so its not too bad
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01:07<Peng_>pharaun: I have no idea. Maybe? I said basic, not minimal. :P Nowadays an ordinary Ubuntu install probably has a gig of useless wifi daemons and stuff.
01:07<@jhaas>"a gig of useless wifi daemons" nah 5GB cuz it's 802.11n is 5GHz
01:07<William>I know this might sound crazy, but does Linode have any plans to support UEFI boot?
01:08<Peng_>Fun fact: I have like 90% of a desktop environment installed so I can use one of Wireshark's command line tools. :(
01:09<Woet>that doesn't sound very fun
01:09<Peng_>(Linode Ubuntu images minimize useless bare metal stuff, though.)
01:09<Woet>especially paired with a :(
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01:11<@jhaas>William: off the top of my head I don't think that's planned, but you're welcome to open a ticket or e-mail for more details or as a feature request
01:12<pharaun>Peng_: :>
01:12<William>Maybe in 2020 when Intel kills off the BIOS?
01:20<dwfreed>UEFI doesn't really matter in a virtualized environment
01:21<Peng_>Ooh, most of the Wireshark dependencies are only recommended, not required. I can remove them.
01:21<dwfreed>kill them all!
01:22<dwfreed>Peng_: y u use tshark instead of tcpdump?
01:22<Peng_>Goodbye fontconfig and gstreamer! I hope you weren't important, libprotubuf-lite!
01:23<Peng_>dwfreed: I do use tcpdump. But I wanted Wireshark's mergecap to concatenate pcap files. AFAIK that's the best way to do it.
01:23<Peng_>Also capinfos can show how big pcap files are. :D
01:23<dwfreed>we covered this, it's a fixed header
01:24<dwfreed>mergecap is literally just a slightly smarter cat
01:24<Peng_>I don't want to do it with awk or something though
01:24<dwfreed>pretty sure you could do it with dd
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01:27<Peng_>"0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 88 to remove and 2 not upgraded. After this operation, 260 MB disk space will be freed."
01:27<Peng_>Auto-installing recommends is *sometimes* a good idea but
01:33<Peng_>!point dwfreed
01:33<linbot>Peng_: Point given to dwfreed. (36)
01:39<pharaun>Peng_: couldn't you fetch the pcap files locally and merge em?
01:39<pharaun>(tho i'm not familiar with your usecase)
01:40<pharaun>just that this is like a fairly common case for me (i deploy tcpdump and pipe it through ssh to a localbox) and use the wireshark gui to poke at things (mostly when i'm wondering wtf)
01:42<Peng_>I could've. I didn't want them locally, though. So it would've been download, merge, upload again. Which would be fine, but
01:50<pharaun>ahh k np :)
01:50<pharaun>different usecase then
01:51<Peng_>I deploy tcpdump and pipe it to S3. :D It's terrible.
01:58<pharaun>hahaha.... /me weeps
02:00<Zimsky>why not just use an actual ctcp action?
02:03<Peng_>But it was entertaining to set up and costs about $0.75/month.
02:04<Peng_>Uploading to S3 is fast and I don't keep it long.
02:06<Peng_>I meant to say uploading to S3 is cheap.
02:06<Peng_>It's also fairly fast though. :P
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02:11<pharaun>that it is
02:12<Peng_>Cloud Roach Motel: Uploading data is cheap, downloading or storing data is so expensive your eyes will water
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02:52<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Moving a website to https <>
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03:02<NeedHelp>Hi There, I have few IPs blocked on your end. Could someone help
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03:03<sandeep>if you need to talk to the staff, you're better off opening a ticket or emailing
03:03<NeedHelp>thank you
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03:35<Ben_>I have problem with my VPS
03:35<Ben_>anyone can help me?
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03:36<Peng_>What kind of problem
03:37<Ben_>server response is nearly 4 seconds and it is too bad.
03:38<Ben_>I have asked the support and they said the mysqld process is the culprit, since I can see lines like: > Out of memory: Kill process 7993 (mysqld) score 149 or sacrifice child
03:38<Ben_>What should I do?
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03:38<ponas>you should use tools like 'ps' or 'top' to figure out which services/processes are eating your memory
03:38<ponas>(you are running out of memory)
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03:39<ponas>if you have a small linode and somewhat demanding traffic/apps memory-wise, consider resizing to a bigger plan
03:40<Ben_>Im using magento 2 only and the traffic is very low
03:40<Ben_>my plan is 4G ram and it should be fine for my traffic
03:41<ponas>yeah that doesn't sound too bad. maybe mysql isn't tuned
03:41<Ben_>it should be my problem as I may install wrong software
03:41<ponas>take a look at
03:42<ponas>if you're running apache, that could also be the culprit.
03:42<Ben_>great! thanks!
03:42<ponas>there's no easy answer here unfortunately :)
03:42<Ben_>yes, Im using apache
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03:42<Ben_>let me try the instruction which you lsted
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03:42<Ben_>btw, is there any way to backup the server?
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03:43<Peng_>You can and should run your own backup software and back up offsite somewhere too.
03:43<f4r>ok, is there any official word from linode on when to expect reboots for KVM host patches?
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03:44<Ben_>Linode charge for backup :(
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03:44<ponas>f4r: just this:
03:44<Ben_>Any free backup software recommend? haha
03:44<f4r>ah, thanks
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03:46<f4r>ehhh, no solid dates yet but it's being worked on
03:47<f4r>80% of everything should autostart anyway, I'm just too lazy to write an init script
03:47<f4r>for the other 20%
04:00<Celti>Ben_: I really rather like bup:
04:01<Celti>It's surprisingly fast given the deduplication that it does
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04:15<zhangpfa>Is there an invoice for the service provided by the service provider?
04:15<ponas>zhangpfa: yes
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04:17<zhangpfa>Where can I view the invoice provided? Thanks.
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04:18<ponas>zhangpfa: it should be emailed to you, and can also be viewed a PDF.
04:18<zhangpfa>ok. very thanks
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04:32<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Is Linode affected by Meltdown or Spectre? <>
04:42<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • DNS with Google domain <>
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05:11<avjeet>I need some help to setup my wordpress website to linode hosting?
05:15<avjeet>which command system i need to use for wordpress installation?
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05:24<avjeet>anyone there?
05:25<@jhaas>avjeet: This is the community channel so responses can take a while sometimes.
05:25<@jhaas>I'm afraid I don't understand your question.
05:25<avjeet>which command system i need to use for wordpress installation?
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05:26<@jhaas>Yes. That's the question I don't understand.
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05:26<avjeet>e.g linux, windows, Ubuntu
05:27<@jhaas>Ubuntu would probably be easiest (also Ubuntu is a flavor of linux).
05:28<avjeet>how can we install on windows sysytem?
05:28<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
05:28<avjeet>unfortunately i dont have ubuntu
05:28<@jhaas>Wait are you trying to install wordpress on a Linode or on your local computer?
05:28<avjeet>i want it oon linode
05:29<@jhaas>Linode does not officialy support windows. You can do it if you want, but it's not very clean.
05:29<@jhaas>Ubuntu is free. You can deploy on any linode at any time right from the Manager.
05:29<avjeet>I am using window system
05:30<@jhaas>You can have Windows on your desktop and Ubuntu on a Linode.
05:30<avjeet>is this possible to setup on windows system
05:30<avjeet>yes window on desktop and Ubuntu on a Linode
05:30<@jhaas>short answer yes
05:31<@jhaas>I don't know what your technical level is, but Linode gives you a linux box with root access. That offers alot of freedom, but not alot of hand-holding.
05:31<avjeet>where i can get key for further processs
05:32<@jhaas>I don't know what that means.
05:32<@jhaas>If you have problems following our getting started guide Linode might not be the right platform for you
05:34<avjeet>how can i setup this with putty on window system
05:34<avjeet>i need any key to setup
05:35<Cromulent>avjeet: if you are running Windows 10 you don't need PuTTY you can install Linux subsystem for Windows which includes an SSH and SCP client
05:36*jhaas still hasn't brought himself to upgrade 7 > 10
05:36<avjeet>i am using window 7 on my sytem
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06:05<@jhaas>avjeet: were the guides I linked before not sufficient? and
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06:19<Surjit>Is it possible to get 100GB SSD with Linode 4GBplan ?
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06:21<Peng_>A block storage service is in beta, though.
06:21<csnxs>only in a couple of datacentres iirc
06:22<Peng_>And it might be full
06:22<@jhaas>newark: beta and almost definitely full, fremont: (hopefully) going live by the end of Jan
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06:22<csnxs>london when :(
06:23<JamesTK>RE: Spectre and Meltdown... short notice for some places is ... 6 hours :)
06:24<@jhaas>I think we're doing dallas after fremont. no real eta yet.
06:24<JamesTK>jhaas: what is this magic stuff
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06:25<@jhaas>that was @csnxs
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06:25<JamesTK>mmm, block storage
06:26<csnxs>!lick jhaas
06:26<linbot>csnxs: Point given to jhaas. (-8) (Biggest fan: bmartin, total: 7)
06:26*jhaas is playing golf
06:26<JamesTK>jhaas: more reliable than single-host i guess :P
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06:29<aman>can linode server be reliable
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06:29<csnxs>mine certainly is
06:30<aman>i am going to use there server
06:30<JamesTK>Mine is. Do make backups though
06:30<aman>But bit in confusion are they provide good support and services
06:30<Peng_>JamesTK: I'm a bit afraid to sleep. Someone is bound to do minimal-notice maintenance. Justifiably.
06:31<aman>Alright james, it looks like they service is noot good
06:31<Peng_>aman: It's great
06:31<JamesTK>aman: service is great, but hardware failures do happen
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06:31<JamesTK>aman: however, I have had a fantastic experience in the many years I've been with linode
06:32<aman>Ok james
06:32<csnxs>been with linode almost 2 years now, theyve been great
06:32<aman>Thanks everyone
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06:33<csnxs>nearly two years ago and it feels like yesterday
06:33<Peng_>For your 2nd anniversary, you get sudden microcode and kernel update reboots!!
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07:02<Peng_>!wx ksfb
07:02<linbot>Peng_: [metar] OBS at KSFB: 33.8F/01C, visibility 10 miles, wind 8.06 mph, chill 27.01F (altimeter: 30.30) [KSFB 051153Z 34007KT 10SM CLR 01/M08 A3030 RMK AO2 SLP262 T00061083 10022 20006]
07:25<Peng_>!wx kmco
07:25<linbot>Peng_: [metar] OBS at KMCO: 32.0F/00C, visibility 10 miles, wind 5.75 mph, chill 26.43F (altimeter: 30.31) [KMCO 051153Z 32005KT 10SM CLR 00/M07 A3031 RMK AO2 SLP263 T00001067 10044 21006]
07:33<csnxs>!wx egnx
07:33<linbot>csnxs: [metar] OBS at EGNX: 41.0F/05C, visibility 5000 miles, wind 8.06 mph, chill 35.78F (altimeter: ) [EGNX 051220Z 18007KT 5000 -SHRA BKN009 BKN018 05/04 Q0988]
07:33<csnxs>thats about right
07:45<Zimsky>!wx UEEE
07:45<linbot>Zimsky: [metar] OBS at UEEE: -32.8F/-36C, visibility 9999 miles, wind 4.47 mph, chill -47.90F (altimeter: 29.795752847) [UEEE 051230Z 36002MPS CAVOK M36/M40 Q1009 R23L/490150 NOSIG RMK QFE748]
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09:56<maryom>when I ran: spark-submit --deploy-mode cluster \ --class org.apache.spark.examples.SparkPi \ $SPARK_HOME/examples/jars/spark-examples_2.11-2.2.0.jar 10
09:57<maryom>I got the following: ApplicationMaster host: N/A ApplicationMaster RPC port: -1 queue: default start time: 1515164095942 final status: UNDEFINED
09:57<maryom>Does anyone know why I got these values ?
09:57<maryom>I followed this tutorial:
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10:03<nitzer>Morning all, was wondering if Linode had posted any documentation or a response pertaining to their plan for updates to mitigate Spectre and Meltdown?
10:03<nitzer>Thank you, ponas.
10:05<Zimsky>that's a first
10:06-!-maryom [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
10:06<ponas>Zimsky: actually it's a second
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11:17<armiller>A datacenter in Amsterdam would be pretty lit
11:24-!-vishal_ [~oftc-webi@2405:204:e085:210d:6c36:4f48:f1b1:cc8] has joined #linode
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11:33<Zimsky>DC in moscow would be nicer
11:33<armiller>DC in my back yard when?
11:36-!-sandeep [] has quit [Quit: sandeep]
11:36<armiller>Because I deserve it
11:36<armiller>I claim this DC in the name of Andrews everywhere
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11:53<cpk>are you billed for an linode that is offline?
11:54-!-mode/#linode [+l 354] by ChanServ
11:54<smallclone>cpk: yes
11:54<smallclone>as long as it exists, you're being billed
11:55<cpk>smallclone: regardless of status... thank you much.
12:02<linbot>New news from kernels: Latest 32 bit (4.14.12-x86-linode111) <> || Latest 64 bit (4.14.12-x86_64-linode92) <> || 4.14.12-x86-linode111 <> || 4.14.12-x86_64-linode92 <>
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12:08<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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12:10<kronos003>Is linode able to take a snapshot of my linode? I need to do some stuff that might break my installation and need a known good restore point to go back to
12:10<dwfreed>if you have the linode backup service, yes
12:11-!-mode/#linode [+l 354] by ChanServ
12:13<kronos003>i just need a one off - is the backup service the only way?
12:15<smallclone>kronos003: basically. linode images is perpetually in beta and you can only store 2GB on it
12:15-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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12:15<FluffyFoxeh>You can create an image but it's size-limited
12:15<kronos003>nice - i'm pretty sure even a compressed version of my disk is gonna be larger than 2gb
12:16-!-mode/#linode [+l 355] by ChanServ
12:16<FluffyFoxeh>is the backup service prorated?
12:16<FluffyFoxeh>shuld be cheap to just activate it for a bit while you mess with the server
12:16<smallclone>and it's very cheap, if you're just backing up, making a change, then confirming that everything is won't be spending much at all
12:17<FluffyFoxeh>You could also create another linode and clone to it, but that would certainly be more expensive than the backup feature
12:17<FluffyFoxeh>Or you could back up to your local machine
12:17<FluffyFoxeh>many options really
12:19<kronos003>hmmmm - looks like im about to be out of time for now - will have to pick this up later tonight
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12:31<jluz>▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ BREAKING NEWS CONCERNING CHRONO qeabaa: kronos003 V-Pariah milk ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
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12:33<smallclone>something happened to chrono???!!!!!!
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12:51<Marcus__>Hello I'm not understanding the pricing
12:51<millisa>What part?
12:51<Marcus__>on Home the Linode 1GB is $ 5 / mo ($ .0075 / hr),
12:51<Marcus__> but when I'm subscribing the show up Linode 1024 for $ 5 / mo ($ .0075 / hr). Why is more cheaper
12:52<millisa>Can you rephrase that? It looks the same?
12:52<Ikaros>Yeah I'm a bit confused by that myself.
12:52<relidy>1GB = 1024
12:53<dwfreed>1 GB == 1024 (MB)
12:53<Ikaros>Ohh. Heh
12:53<Ikaros>Now I get it
12:53<Ikaros>He was asking why one says 1GB and the other says 1024 and didn't think it was the same thing
12:54<Marcus__>Ok I think that I get. is about HD
12:54<smallclone>it's about memory
12:54<smallclone>that's the amount of memory you get, not ssd space.
12:54<Marcus__>OK, Thank you very much
12:55<dwfreed>1 GB of disk wouldn't be much
12:55-!-ed [~oftc-webi@2606:6000:6982:6e00:707c:be74:e6a0:2283] has joined #linode
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12:56<ed>are there discount for multiple servers?
12:56<ed>ahh. ok thanks
12:56-!-ed [~oftc-webi@2606:6000:6982:6e00:707c:be74:e6a0:2283] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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13:11<Marcus__>I just created an account. How can I control the costs like define a limit?
13:11<smallclone>Marcus_: not sure what you mean
13:12<smallclone>the monthly costs of each product are kind of built in. you can determine from that the maximum amount you're going to spend
13:12<smallclone>if you don't use the linode for the whole month then you'll just pay the hourly rate for however long it existed
13:13<Marcus__>Could I put off when I'm not using??
13:13<smallclone>you pay for it as long as it exists
13:13<smallclone>whether it is turned on or not
13:14<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Xfinity Wifi Login Password <>
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13:16<Marcus__>How can I determine the maximum amount for example, I sing up 10 /mo?
13:16<Marcus__>I don twnat to spend more than 10 dollar/mo
13:16<Marcus__> I dont twant to spend more than 10 dollar/mo
13:17<smallclone>then don't buy more than 10/mo worth of stuff
13:17<Marcus__>Is it possible to configure in Linode control panel
13:18<millisa>it does show your uninvoiced balance on the account tab if you wanted to monitor it
13:18<Marcus__>$10/mo is the maximum amount that I'll pay?
13:18<Marcus__>in my case.
13:18<smallclone>don't buy more than $10/mo worth of stuff
13:18<smallclone>they all have monthly costs. it isn't hard to figure out
13:19<Marcus__>Ok, Thanks
13:19<Marcus__>Got it
13:20-!-Marcus__ [~oftc-webi@2804:431:b735:9bb6:21a3:abd1:2eff:e224] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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14:16<SiteCrafter>Hi all -
14:18<SiteCrafter>I have a question about plans & pricing. The Linode 8 GB plan looks perfect for me, but it might be a bit short on SSD. Can that be adjusted so I get more storage with that plan, or do I just have to move up to the next plan?
14:18<SiteCrafter>(Even though it looks like processor & RAM over-kill for my needs).
14:20<relidy>You'll have to step up the plan for the moment. There is block storage in the works, but it's still beta, and only in two of the datacenters.
14:21-!-Ikaros [] has joined #linode
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14:23<mes>does linode have guidance on the latest intel bug? ie when will patched kernels be available?
14:24-!-mode/#linode [+l 354] by ChanServ
14:34<mes>relidy, thanks that's what I was looking for
14:34<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Is Linode affected by Meltdown or Spectre? <>
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14:40<@mcintosh>mes: it's not mentioned in that post (yet) but 4.14.12 is available and the default kernel for Linodes, now
14:40<millisa>out of curiousity, do you guys have metrics available (to you, I don't need to see them) that shows how many folks have booted into which kernel?
14:41<mes>4.14? no patch to the 4.9 series?
14:43<armiller>mes: Linodes pretty much always run on the latest kernel anyways. If you use a distribution kernel most should be patched by now.
14:44<mes> 4.9.68-x86_64-linode89 was two day ago reboot
14:45<armiller>4.14.11 was pushed out yesterday and .12 was today
14:45<armiller>But they are both out and set to the default now
14:45<millisa>(linode's 4.9.68 was back on 12/12)
14:45<armiller>Well, not default but "latest"
14:53<mes>so have they dropped support for the latest longterm kernel?
14:56-!-ldiamond2 [] has joined #linode
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14:57<armiller>I don't think they've ever supported or claimed to support LTS kernels
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16:24<steve_>can you run vagrant vms on top of linode?
16:25<dwfreed>best way is to have vagrant start linodes
16:25<dwfreed>pretty sure there's a provider for that
16:25-!-mode/#linode [+l 355] by ChanServ
16:28<steve_>I don't think that would do what I need
16:29<dwfreed>VirtualBox might run on KVM, but it would be slow
16:31-!-steve_ [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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19:46*millisa grins
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20:59<zifnab>!metar ksea
20:59<linbot>zifnab: [metar] OBS at KSEA: 50.0F/10C, visibility 10 miles, wind 6.90 mph, chill 47.23F (altimeter: 29.98) [KSEA 060153Z 13006KT 10SM FEW050 OVC100 10/08 A2998 RMK AO2 RAE07 SLP159 P0000]
21:00<zifnab>!help metar
21:00<linbot>zifnab: (metar <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "wx $*".
21:00<zifnab>!help wx
21:00<linbot>zifnab: (wx <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "web title$1&requester=$nick".
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21:59<Zimsky>!wx UEEE
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22:30<Zimsky>what was that whois server that gave consistently formatted replies for prefix information?
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23:11<dwfreed>Zimsky: team cymru's?
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23:19<Jaahnav>I got hosting in linode
23:20<Jaahnav>we got a mail from linode
23:20<Jaahnav>Hello, We have received a report regarding a phishing website that is hosted on your Linode. The page appears to be an attempt to solicit sensitive account information from users. We ask that you investigate this matter as soon as you are able.
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23:20<Jaahnav>that is the mail what i have got
23:21<Jaahnav>how to over come that problem
23:22<Jaahnav>please any respond
23:22<Jaahnav>any one plz respond
23:23-!-gousuto [~gousuto@2601:681:8101:2270:9cc7:5219:e0db:2fba] has joined #linode
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23:24<Peng_>Is a phishing website hosted on your Linode
23:25-!-baimafeima [~baimafeim@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:26<Peng_>Jaahnav: How do you know? Someone says one is.
23:26<Jaahnav>its our own website and its pure social networking site
23:27<Peng_>Maybe it has been compromised.
23:27<Jaahnav>can u guide me what to do
23:27<Peng_>I linked two things
23:27<Jaahnav>shall i change the server passwords
23:29<FluffyFoxeh>you should look around your server to see if there's anything unusual
23:30<Peng_>If it's been compromised, you need to do many things, including using new passwords.
23:33<MJCS>stupid ISP having packet loss
23:34<Jaahnav>we never compromised
23:34<Peng_>Um, typo.
23:35<Peng_>Jaahnav: You're certain the report is mistaken
23:35<Jaahnav>may be
23:35<dwfreed>You really should have your system adminstrator look into it
23:35<Jaahnav>i got 3rd party support
23:36<Jaahnav>sat and sunday weekoff
23:36<Jaahnav>for them
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23:49<Demon|Laptop>i don't suppose there is anyone around to reply to support ticket that opened and sent to me yesterday that I just saw regarding some malicious activity that is/was supposedly coming from my linode
23:50<Peng_>Well, support is 24/7, but ticket sare not usually immediate.
23:50<Peng_>If someone doesn't respond here shortly, you can try calling them.
23:51<Zimsky>dwfreed: wasn't cymru
23:51<Demon|Laptop>HTTP/HTTPS connections have been cut since I just saw the notification
23:51<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
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23:52<dwfreed>Zimsky: I know cymru has a lot of information available by DNS TXT records
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