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01:16<sono>unable to login
01:16<sono>new to linode
01:16<sono>any suggestions thnx
01:20<Zimsky>unable to log in to what
01:25<sono>this page
01:25<Zimsky>and what happens if you try to reset your password
01:25<sono>donot recieve mail
01:26<sono>— Instructions for completing the password reset may have been emailed to you. —
01:26<sono>spam and trash can checked also, no mail recieved
01:27<Zimsky>maybe you should send linode an email, or call them
01:27<sono>ok thanx alot i will try then
01:28<sono>many tanks
01:28<linbot>It vends! a pack of twinkies
01:28<Eugene>Ooooh, snacks.
01:29<Zimsky>(° ͜ʖ°)
01:30<Zimsky>twinkies are a meal, not a snack
01:31<Eugene>This is why you're fat and zifnab is a bean pole
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01:34<zifnab>I'm unsure if this is the reason
01:34<Zimsky>I told you to stop getting our names the wrong way around, Eugene
01:34<Zimsky>no, zifnab
01:34<Zimsky>it's not
01:34<zifnab>I am not fat.
01:35<Zimsky>can you prove it?
01:36<zifnab>I'm not wearing pants. No photos.
01:37<Woet>I've seen Eugene in only a towel
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01:41<Eugene>Every night I'm a towel.
01:42<Eugene>Woet: Lightweight. -Spouse
01:44<Zimsky>Woet: every set is both an improper superset and improper subset of itself
01:44<Woet>Zimsky: you're improper
01:44<Zimsky>only when I'm a subset or superset of myself
01:45<Zimsky>so Eugene (a towel) being in only a towel is equivalent to Eugene
01:45<Zimsky>assuming towels are sets
01:45<Eugene>zifnab - help they're using formal logic. I didn't graduate high school :-(
01:46<zifnab>Eugene: if you're a towel zimsky has put your face near his butt...
01:46<zifnab>I think is what I read.
01:46<Zimsky>this is racist, like Ikaros
01:49<Zimsky>what do you call a pope that you can bounce light off of and is of medium strength?
01:50<Zimsky>a reflecting cardinal :D
01:50<Zimsky>there's maybe about 10 people here who will get that joke straight away
02:01<Woet>are you calling 336 people stupid, Zimsky?
02:01<Zimsky>sure, why not
02:02<Zimsky>Woet: a good question is whether you are a member of that subset
02:02<Woet>you're calling at least 7 ops stupid
02:02<Woet>if all those 10 are ops
02:02<Woet>+b incoming
02:03<linbot>crush all humans
02:04<Zimsky>how did you come to make that assertion?
02:05<Zimsky>Woet: that set of 336 members does not necessarily include any specific individuals
02:05<Zimsky>it was never stated it was a subset of the individuals in this channel
02:06<Zimsky>nor any other channel
02:06<Zimsky>it was only suggested that there was probability of 0.5 that you were a member of the set
02:07<Zimsky>know it, woet.
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03:32<maryom>I followed this tutorial:
03:33<maryom>Does anyone know why I got: ls: `output': No such file or directory
03:33<maryom>Here are my logs: hadoop@node-master:~$ yarn jar ~/hadoop/share/hadoop/mapreduce/hadoop-mapreduce-examples-2.8.1.jar wordcount "books/*" output 18/01/06 11:24:23 INFO client.RMProxy: Connecting to ResourceManager at node-master/ 18/01/06 11:24:26 INFO input.FileInputFormat: Total input files to process : 3 18/01/06 11:24:27 WARN hdfs.DataStreamer: Caught exception java.lang.InterruptedException at java.lang.Object.wait(Native Method)
03:38<Woet>maryom: use a pastebin
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03:46<maryom>what is pastebin ?
03:47<maryom>hadoop@node-master:~$ yarn jar ~/hadoop/share/hadoop/mapreduce/hadoop-mapreduce-examples-2.8.1.jar wordcount "books/*" output 18/01/06 11:24:23 INFO client.RMProxy: Connecting to ResourceManager at node-master/ 18/01/06 11:24:26 INFO input.FileInputFormat: Total input files to process : 3 18/01/06 11:24:27 WARN hdfs.DataStreamer: Caught exception java.lang.InterruptedException at java.lang.Object.wait(Native Method) at java.lang.Threa
03:48<maryom>hadoop@node-master:~$ yarn jar ~/hadoop/share/hadoop/mapreduce/hadoop-mapreduce-examples-2.8.1.jar wordcount "books/*" output 18/01/06 11:24:23 INFO client.RMProxy: Connecting to ResourceManager at node-master/ 18/01/06 11:24:26 INFO input.FileInputFormat: Total input files to process : 3 18/01/06 11:24:27 WARN hdfs.DataStreamer: Caught exception java.lang.InterruptedException at java.lang.Object.wait(Native Method) at java.lang.Threa
03:49<maryom>How can I solve this problem ?
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05:50<John_>Hi, does Linode have Debian 8?
05:51<Woet>what did you google for so far?
05:52<Zimsky>"woet's usefulness"
05:52<Zimsky>0 results
05:52<John_>I mean, Debian 8, I have nothing for Linode
05:52<Zimsky>inb4 'wow'
05:53<Woet>John_: i recommend something like "linode distros"
05:53<Woet>Zimsky: weow
05:54<John_>Thanks :)
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05:54<Zimsky>there goes johnny
05:54<Woet>now he will google before asking
05:54<Woet>saving everyone time
05:54<Woet>you're welcome
05:54<Zimsky>I'm always welcome
05:54<Woet>to jail maybe
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05:55<Zimsky>only to visit you
05:55<Zimsky>so I can sneeze
05:56<Zimsky>Woet == variola major
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07:40<vinaykhosla>I have a technical question. Can someone answer over there?
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08:35<Woet>that wasnt very technical
09:05<Zimsky>he was probably directing it at you
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10:59*Zimsky falls off chair
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11:19<Red>Anybody here?
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16:24<stachik>Hello! I just created an account on Linode
16:24<stachik>I would like to know what is my instance limit?
16:24<dwfreed>there isn't one
16:24<stachik>meaning , amount of instances I can run at once
16:24<dwfreed>there isn't one
16:25<dwfreed>the only limit is your wallet
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16:25<stachik>ohh I seee, thats very convenient, thank you!
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16:26<stachik>so basically, I can run as many servers as I want, unless I run out of money
16:26<stachik>amazing !
16:26<stachik>thank you and bye bye
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22:50<linodenewb>Hi, I'm trying to use ssh to access my new machine for the first time but all the IP's provided have a LAN address; thus I'm not able to get access to it.
22:50<millisa>i'm not sure that statement makes sense
22:50<retro|blah>What do you mean by "all the IP's provided have a LAN address"?
22:51<retro|blah>What addresses were you provided with?
22:54<nate>linodenewb: Even if some odd way you got the wrong addresses when setting up, you can still see the actual system assigned address(es) under the linode manager
22:54<linodenewb>All the addresses I see to access it start with 172 which is not publically accessable.
22:55<retro|blah>linodenewb: Not all 172.x.x.x IP addresses are RFC1918 addresses.
22:55<nate>linodenewb: A pretty small portion of 172.* is actually private
22:55<linodenewb>When I try to ping the 172 address, it get "Request timeout for icmp_seq 5"
22:55<nate>no idea where you got the entirety of it is
22:55<millisa>what's the IP?
22:56<retro|blah>linodenewb: Did you deploy a distro and boot your Linode?
22:56<linodenewb>Is it possible to have someone look at my account if I provide the link?
22:56<nate>I think a better question is, did they -actually- try to SSH in, or are they just going by ping's and their inaccurate knowledge of the 172.* scope
22:57<linodenewb>Yes I tried to SSH
22:57<nate>and what did it say?
22:57<retro|blah>linodenewb: Linking us to your account would not help us, because we would not be able to view it.
22:57<nate>Timed out? Refused? Bad login? etc?
22:58<millisa>The first image here shows how to tell if your linode is powered on or not:
22:59-!-j_lov [] has joined #linode
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22:59*linodenewb blushes
22:59<linodenewb>It says "Powered Off" heh
22:59<millisa>I have a suggestion...
23:00<linodenewb>I just clicked "Boot" :D
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23:00<j_lov>Hello! I'm running a LAMP stack on my linode right now. I have an Let's Encrypt SSL one on of my sites, and I just added another one that pulls it to there
23:01<millisa>j_lov: sounds good to me
23:04<j_lov>so if I go to I get the https of that site. If I go to; still good
23:04<j_lov>Now when we go to we go to
23:05<j_lov>I believe I hvae on IP and one SSL; so it the gets redirected to due to the SSL
23:05<j_lov>maybe I configured the secondwebsite incorrectly
23:06<millisa>maybe. probably be easier if you used the real sitenames and showed the config in a pastebin
23:07<j_lov>very true
23:07<j_lov>Sorry I can't provide replication steps millisa. I do understand how much that helps
23:07<j_lov>welll; more the actually website and such
23:08<j_lov>I like privacy what can I say
23:09<j_lov>also very embarrased for my website XD
23:09<j_lov>they suck
23:09<Peng_>I know that feel :D
23:10<j_lov>imma just try to disable server the other sites and see if that helps
23:11<j_lov>yeah that works
23:11<linodenewb>millisa: that what is, I didn't have it booted so at least I get a prompt when I ssh. do you and/or anyone know why I might not be able to ssh via root into the Centos Container OS? it asks for a password but when I enter it, it says auth failed. I tried via ssh, the console and even the via the browser-gui.
23:12<millisa>linodenewb: you can login as a regular user and su though?
23:12<linodenewb>I am not sure what the regular username is other than my linode username. I tried the linode username in all those situations as well with no luck.
23:13<millisa>linodenewb: you can reset root with
23:13<linodenewb>I also even wiped the node clean, started a new one because of perhaps a fat fingered initial password and the second time, still no luck. Hmm let me see
23:18<linodenewb>Went through the rescue process, booted it back up and still no joy. Tried both via console and ssh as my linode username and as root.
23:18<millisa>your linode manager account won't be related to the accounts on the linode itself.
23:19<linodenewb>That's fair, although I'm not sure how I can login if root is locked from ssh access.
23:20<millisa>if you are doing the reset root process, and unable to get in with the lish console using root and that password - it's a good chance it's pebkac
23:20<linodenewb>As in the password is pabkac?
23:20<linodenewb>Or u mean public key access
23:20<millisa>(problem exists between keyboard and chair . .heh)
23:20<linodenewb>heeey :P
23:20-!-Demon|Laptop[1] [~demonicpa@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:21<millisa>try a different password - maybe there's something odd about one of the characters you're using? don't think I've run into one that won't work in the lish console
23:21-!-mode/#linode [+l 347] by ChanServ
23:21<linodenewb>Yea I tried a diff passwd too
23:21<linodenewb>No special chars...etc
23:28<linodenewb>hmm still no luck
23:29<millisa>can't guess what you are doing. are you following: ?
23:29<linodenewb>Yea, think what I'll try next is a different OS.
23:29<millisa>centos definitely works (for the most part, that's all I use here even)
23:30<millisa>I have a few minutes; which datacenter are you using? I'll spin up a fresh new linode there just to make sure
23:30<linodenewb>Ever work with coreos container linux?
23:31<linodenewb>Hmm not sure how I can find the data center; let me see
23:31<millisa> it says it under the 'location' heading on the linodes tab.
23:32<retro|blah>"The default user is the core user, so you must log in as core rather than root."
23:32*linodenewb tries
23:32<millisa>you said centos earlier...
23:32-!-f4r_ [] has joined #linode
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23:32<Zimsky>!wx UEEE
23:32<linbot>Zimsky: [metar] OBS at UEEE: -34.6F/-37C, visibility 3200 miles, wind 2.24 mph, chill N/A (altimeter: 29.854812813) [UEEE 070400Z 17001MPS 3200 BR NSC M37/M41 Q1011 R23L/490150 NOSIG RMK QFE750]
23:33-!-mode/#linode [+l 348] by ChanServ
23:33<Zimsky>!wx YSRI
23:33<linbot>Zimsky: [metar] OBS at YSRI: 109.4F/43C, visibility 9999 miles, wind 8.06 mph, chill 119.12F (altimeter: ) [YSRI 070400Z AUTO 22007KT 9999 // NCD 43/05 Q1008]
23:33<Zimsky>no chill
23:34<linodenewb>millisa: I really appreciate your help. To be fair I did say the OS earlier --> [20:11] <linodenewb> millisa: that what is, I didn't have it booted so at least I get a prompt when I ssh. do you and/or anyone know why I might not be able to ssh via root into the Centos Container OS
23:34<retro|blah>linodenewb: That was millisa's point. You said Centos instead of coreos.
23:35<dwfreed>Zimsky: "chill" is also heat index
23:35<millisa>i think you may be linoding with a severe chocolate shake deficiency. quickly, before it is too late:
23:35<linodenewb>I did?
23:35<linodenewb>oh wait
23:35<linodenewb>Or Eggnog deficiency, I miss it so much
23:36<dwfreed>presumably Yaakov didn't feel like making the text conditional on the temperature
23:36<linodenewb>It's not helping my OS dyslexia
23:36<millisa>they'll mix coreos into the shakes if you ask
23:37<linodenewb>I'm in!
23:37*linodenewb twirls
23:38<linodenewb>thanks millisa and friends
23:38<dwfreed>!point millisa
23:38<linbot>dwfreed: Point given to millisa. (39)
23:39<linodenewb>and retro|blah too
23:39<linodenewb>!point retro|blah
23:39<linbot>linodenewb: Point given to retro|blah. (5)
23:39-!-f4r [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:39<Zimsky>dwfreed: idiomatically "no chill", i.e. the temperature at YSRI is crazy
23:39<dwfreed>!wx kamn
23:39<linbot>dwfreed: [metar] OBS at KAMN: 1.4F/-17C, visibility 10 miles, wind 4.60 mph, chill -8.27F (altimeter: 30.46) [KAMN 070438Z AUTO 17004KT 10SM CLR M17/M21 A3046 RMK AO2 T11681214]
23:40-!-mode/#linode [+l 347] by ChanServ
23:40<Zimsky>oddly enough I do know what a wind chill / heat index is
23:41<Zimsky>!wx YCSK
23:41<linbot>Zimsky: [metar] YCSK: not data available, valid code?
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23:43<Zimsky>I suppose it's not so much an airport as a bit of ice marked "the planes go there"
23:44<j_lov>what's the most secure way to get files off a server?
23:44<Zimsky>thumb drive with an armed escort
23:45<Peng_>rsync is also good
23:45<dwfreed>as long as you do it over ssh, and not rsyncd
23:45<Peng_>I think SSH is the defualt now?
23:45<Zimsky>this all assumes you want to get the files off the server and onto another computer
23:45<Zimsky>j_lov didn't actually say they should be going somewhere else
23:45-!-compuguy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:46<j_lov>just from my linode to my local computer for a back up
23:46-!-linodenewb [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
23:46<dwfreed>host:path is always ssh, host::path is always rsyncd
23:46<j_lov>i guess SFTP works
23:46<Zimsky>in which case, nuclear fusion
23:46<j_lov>but could I use ssh to get files off?
23:46<Zimsky>Peng_: why are you linking me a vanity fair article
23:46<Peng_>dwfreed: Good thing it's totally impossible to typo that!
23:46-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
23:46<Zimsky>it's one of the last sites I'd ever go to on the internet
23:46<dwfreed>j_lov: sftp is done over ssh
23:47<Zimsky>Peng_: also, is that how they share their SheeranAlbumParty?
23:48<j_lov>so how is SFPT done? I also have my linode harden
23:48<Peng_>What do you mean? It's just a thing that uses SSH. It works by default.
23:48<Peng_>Unless you turned it off.
23:48<dwfreed>Peng_: at least rsyncd requires explicit configuration on the server side, and the sysadmin has to start it
23:48<Peng_>Or explicit configuration by a network MITM. :D
23:49<Peng_>You're right though
23:49<dwfreed>there's not really any auth to rsyncd
23:49<j_lov>I haven't used rsync befor
23:50<j_lov>so dwfreed I can just connect with ftp and then voila?
23:50<Peng_>You need an SFTP client. Many "FTP clients" also support SFTP now.
23:50<j_lov>hostname: user: ??? port: 22 password: ???
23:50<Zimsky>ftp is not the same as ftp
23:50<Peng_>Your SSH username and password
23:50<millisa>Filezilla is one that has a doc:
23:50<j_lov>oh gotcha
23:50<Zimsky>sftp is not the same as ftp
23:50<j_lov>I use filezilla
23:51<Peng_>Or your SSH username and use key auth
23:51<Zimsky>they're two totally different protocols
23:51<j_lov>I understand that Zimsky
23:51<Zimsky>goody gumdrops
23:52<j_lov>ftp + ssh = sftp (a bit reductionist)
23:52<Zimsky>not to be confused with ftps
23:52<Peng_>It's not literally true, though.
23:52<Peng_>It's not "FTP running over SSH". It's "a different protocol with similar function to FTP that runs over SSH"
23:54<j_lov>the more you know
23:55<j_lov>oh lovely
23:55<j_lov>I love how their main website has it right fucking there
23:55<j_lov>now could I use scp to get my files off?
23:55<millisa>if you want
23:57<dwfreed>scp and sftp take slightly different approaches; they both use ssh, though
23:58<dwfreed>yay standards
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