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00:00<Zimsky>millisa: you can host a website.
00:01<millisa>I think so. You plug the web saver into the dirtybase and it just works.
00:02<Zimsky>the weblington jervascamp needs to load
00:02<Zimsky>maybe it was the jooblascrimp
00:02<millisa>Unless you are using the peach pee
00:04<Zimsky>or the roomba on whales
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01:53<Ravi>Hi . I want to shift to linode but have concern with regards to security on Linode servers
01:54<Ravi>I have heard that there were recent DDOS attacks on linode Databases and from the perspective of security it is not safe.. Are they right?
01:55<Ravi>Hi . I want to shift to linode but have concern with regards to security on Linode servers #linode
01:56<Ikaros>First of all, don't repeat your question. We all saw it.
01:57<Ikaros>Second of all, lessons were learned and security was definitely hardened. I still trust them enough.
02:00<Ravi>I apologise for repetion If that caused you any harm.. but what do you exactly mean by ( security hardened)? how can this be quantified ? How safe is linode to host website with financial details databases #linode
02:01<Ikaros>My attention is literally elsewhere right now. Look at the company's blog, they've outlined things there. You might have to dig a bit to find the posts as this was way back.
02:02<Ikaros>I've no time to find it for you. Also to note I'm just part of this community and I don't work for them, I'm only speaking from personal experience as a customer.
02:03<Ravi>Ok your time and response appreciated!!! So if you have to choose right now , would you go for linode with a portal which hosts security financial details?
02:03<Zimsky>"ddos attacks on linode databases"
02:04<Zimsky>in the direct sense, that wouldn't really affect security
02:04<Zimsky>it'd just impede availability
02:05<Ravi>So you mean no threat of database hacking?
02:06<Zimsky>there is no such thing as "no threat"
02:06<Zimsky>what you said just doesn't really make sense
02:06<Zimsky>specifically the second part on PCI DSS
02:07<Zimsky>the security of whatever data you're storing is your responsibility though
02:08<Zimsky>if your web application is poorly written and someone exploits it and can access that data, that's on you
02:08<Ravi>No I understand your logic which is really good, but i guess some onus lies on server too...
02:09<Ravi>I received one comment from past user of linode server ( Those who are concerned about safety may want to consider other options. Linode has had some problems with hackers in the past. In 2012, eight Linode accounts had about 40,000 bitcoins stolen. Since this incident, Linode instituted a two-step verification process for all Linode users. Additionally, in 2013, Linode’s secure database was hacked, exposing customer billing information an
02:09<Zimsky>linode employees probably aren't going to rifle through your data
02:10<Zimsky>it's really up to you whether you trust linode in the long term
02:10<Zimsky>no provider is completely secure
02:12<ericoc>I’d worry way less about the provider and more about xss, silly exploits in your apps, bad frontend code, and things like that
02:12<Ravi>I understand that nothing in this world is secure, but i have heard a lot many good things about linode and people trusting linode over other servers, but all i am concerned about is
02:12<Ravi>basic security
02:13<Zimsky>linode probably has better security policies and configurations than most other vps providers
02:13<Zimsky>but, like i said, it's up to you
02:14<Ravi>I am looking for cloud
02:14<Zimsky>you can't really quantify security
02:14<Ravi>i am looking to opt for linode cloud
02:14<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • 3 Email List Building Strategies for Your Online Home Business <>
02:14<Zimsky>vps, cloud, same thing
02:16<Zimsky>at least in the contexts that marketing peons use those terms, they're more or less synonymous
02:17<Ravi>so you suggest i should try out linode?
02:29<Ravi>ok thanks
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03:23<FluffyFoxeh>we're digging up that bitcoin thing again huh
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05:47<JamesTK>Lol coin
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05:56<introom>does linode support nested virtualization?
05:56<introom>i wanna run kvm/qemu vms on a linode.
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06:05<Zimsky>is that a 'no' to the support for nested virt? or just nested full virt in general?
06:10<Peng>I have a headache
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06:12<Zimsky>well no shit. you're conversing with Zimsky
06:12<Zimsky>gives me a headache just talking to myself
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06:21<JamesTK>Zimsky: you're Peng's headache
06:21<JamesTK>Probably :P
06:22<Zimsky>that's exactly what I said
06:22<Zimsky>albeit with different words
06:22<Zimsky>JamesTK: I sent you 3571 notifications 2 days ago
06:22<Zimsky>did you not get them
06:23<Zimsky>Zimsky magic
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07:38<sam_>trying to connect via putty for the first time but it times out. Anyone any suggestions ? Where do I find the correct port to use ?
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10:51<j_lov>hello! I still have some issues with getting 2 sites working on https on my linode... could anyone help me out?
10:53<vinod>Hi, I have one question. I took 2 GB RAM Ubuntu 16 server. If I get more no of request from User, that time what will happen? Is it automatically increase RAM size or will give late responce?
10:55<armiller>vinod: RAM probably doesn't have much to do with late responses
10:55<dubidub>I have noticed pne of my linodes is using soem bandwidth i can't explain, about half a gig the last six hours, and before that abut 2,5 GB this year. Im only using it for testing. No one else is supposed to access it.
10:56<armiller>But your system won't automatically increase in size. It will likely fail or slow down in some way, after which you can resize it manually
10:56<armiller>dubidub: Sounds like someone else is accessing it
10:56<dubidub>I have a firewall up:
10:56<dubidub>And fail2ban on ssh.
10:56<dubidub>The website is password protected.
10:57<dubidub>armiller: my thought exactly
10:57<dubidub>What to do?
10:57<armiller>Looking at the usage is it all outbound or is there corresponding inbound traffic?
10:57<dubidub>Disablet root login and passwords on ssh.
10:57<ponas>try 'netstat'
10:57<ponas>to see what connections are open
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11:00<vinod>Thanks for that. How may requests It will supports for 2GB RAM system? I am using node JS server .
11:01<dubidub>Longview shows a steady 120 kb/s last 12 hrs.
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11:01<synfinatic>vinod nobody can answer that question accurately
11:01<synfinatic>you're basically asking "how many times will i need to fill up my car this month?"
11:02<synfinatic>i can say though that for +90% people who ask that question, 2GB is enough
11:04<dubidub>Netstat doesn't tell me much:
11:04<vinod>"How may requests It will supports for 2GB RAM system" per second ?. We are already using Linode for development. Now we are planing to launch my site.
11:05<synfinatic>have you done a load test?
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11:05<synfinatic>that's generally how people figure that out
11:05<vinod>Not yet
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11:06<vinod>We are planing to adding ngnix for load balancer
11:07<synfinatic>that's nice, but doesn't help me answer your questino
11:07<synfinatic>honestly, you'll have to test
11:07<vinod>ok thanks
11:07<synfinatic>because you could have something misconfigured
11:07<synfinatic>or your code might be really inefficient
11:08<vinod>One more question. " How do we calculate the total number of active user supported with current linode config? What happens if we exceed that number? Will it automatically move to higher cersion like AWS?"
11:08<synfinatic>Linode doesn't limit your active users
11:09<synfinatic>AWS has the ability to autoscale (but you have to configure it). Linode doesn't have that out of the box (but it has an API so you could do it yourself)
11:10<synfinatic>i've seen 2GB webservers which maxed out at 10 concurrent connections because someone missconfigured their webserver
11:10<synfinatic>i've seen 2GB webservers handle a TON of traffic too
11:11<vinod>Fine. I will check using load test.
11:12<vinod>"What are the impacts if number of users increase besides linode capacity? What else do I need to take care of?"
11:22<j_lov>I get this error with my SSL : "Unable to communicate securely with peer: requested domain name does not match the server’s certificate. HTTP Strict Transport Security: false HTTP Public Key Pinning: false "
11:22<j_lov>I think it grabs the public key for my other website on the same linode for some reason..
11:23<Peng>j_lov: It could be an obsolete client that doesn't support SNI.
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11:23<j_lov>what do you mean?
11:23<j_lov>I think I jsut have the config messed up
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11:26<Peng>Well, maybe
11:26<Peng>What's the site?
11:26<Peng>What's teh web server? Wjat's teh client?
11:26<Peng>What's my spelling?
11:27<Zimsky>what's the point of anything
11:27<j_lov>It's an Apache and
11:27<j_lov>(should probably start change it cause I do that more often)
11:27<relidy>j_lov: It's using the incorrect certificate for sure:
11:28<j_lov>so how do I use the right one?
11:28<j_lov>and I use firefox
11:28<j_lov>if that's what you mean by clietn Peng
11:29<Peng>It's using the wrong cert even with modern clients.
11:29<Peng>So, you're right, it's probably a server misconfiguration.
11:29<relidy>I'm sure if you can paste your Apache config somewhere, someone can probably help you debug it.
11:29*relidy steps out for a meeting.
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11:32<Peng>I'm not much of an Apache config person. :-/
11:32<Peng>Is that really the correct certificate?
11:32<j_lov>I even redid it
11:32<Peng>Are there other virtual hosts with different VirtualHost settings? (Like a specific IP:443.)
11:32<Peng>Is that virtual host actually enabled?
11:33<armiller>Is that certificate for this domain?
11:33<Zimsky>eugh, nginx is just so much easier
11:33<j_lov>shhh Zimsky I know
11:33<j_lov>gotta start somewhere :P
11:34<j_lov>stuck with Apache until I get a wave of inspiration
11:34<j_lov>armiller: I re did it so I think so; but perhaps I installed it wrong using Let's Encrypt
11:35<j_lov>Here's all the enabled sites
11:35<armiller>I'm not great with SSL (so take this with salt) but I'm seeing it report that the SSL certificate is valid for a set of domains that don't include this domain
11:35<j_lov>I see that oo
11:36<j_lov>How do you think I can inclue this?
11:36-!-jcanto [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:36-!-jcanto_ is now known as jcanto
11:36<j_lov>I've tried to disable the * stuff but that for some reason just gets the linked to just the IP; which makes me think the DNS might be effed up
11:36<j_lov>perhaps I should just switch to LEMP stack :p
11:37-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
11:38<linbot>Peng: 2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fee5:5dac,
11:38<linbot>Peng: 2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fee5:5dac,
11:42<j_lov>oh how cool
11:42<j_lov>okay so that works
11:42<j_lov>any other ideas/
11:43<j_lov>any other ideas?*
11:46<synfinatic>vinod mostly it is webserver config, the kind of application and your code. I could do a simple web app which is capable of millions hits/day on a 2GB server. A more complex app might be limited to a small fraction of that
11:46-!-eggstyrone [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
11:47<synfinatic>for example a video streaming site is going to require a lot more horsepower then a blog
11:47-!-acald3ron [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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11:47<linbot>j_lov: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
11:47-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
11:47<linbot>j_lov: (dns <host|ip>) -- Returns the ip of <host> or the reverse DNS hostname of <ip>.
11:49<j_lov>so apparently it is the same key
11:49<j_lov>why is let's encrypt using the same key?
11:49<j_lov>lol get this; I almost just showed yall my private key
11:50<j_lov>"see look! they are the same!
11:50<j_lov>"see look! they are the same!"*
11:50-!-acald3ron [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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11:51<armiller>pls don't lol
11:52<j_lov>well, does anyone know why this happeN?
11:52<j_lov>how can i make a unique SSL for studentsofanarcy?
11:53<armiller>Like I said earlier I don't know much about SSL, but at this point it seems like a letsencrypt problem
11:53<armiller>If the problem is specific to letsencrypt you may have better luck in their channel
11:55<Peng>j_lov: You're using Certbot?
11:55<j_lov>I think you're right with that
11:55<j_lov>yes Peng
11:55<Peng>j_lov: Erm. What does "certbot certificates" show?
11:55<Peng>There are two certificates:
11:55<Peng>Three, actually, but one's older.
11:56<j_lov>well, I just made a third XD
11:57<j_lov>"Attempting to parse the version 0.20.0 renewal configuration file found at /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/ with version 0.19.0 of Certbot. This might not work. "
12:00<Peng>It might not work, but it probably will.
12:01<Peng>Don't think there were any backwards incompatible config changes in 0.20.0.
12:01<Peng>Though the Apache plugin got smarter.
12:03<Peng>Are you sure that virtual host is actually enabled
12:04<j_lov>root@jasonribble:/etc/apache2/sites-enabled# ls
12:05<j_lov>maybe if I remove those other certs...
12:05<j_lov>where are those?
12:05<Peng>Remove what?
12:05<Peng>Removing things probably won't help.
12:05<Peng>Could all that <IfModule> stuff be a problem?
12:06<Peng>Does Apache say that the configuration is valid and works? No errors in the log?
12:07<Peng>I'm pretty sure there's no way thsoe virtual hosts are enabled.
12:07<Peng>If you connect to HTTP it does a redirect to
12:07<j_lov>root@jasonribble:/etc/apache2/sites-enabled# cat | nc 9999 root@jasonribble:/etc/apache2/sites-enabled# service apache2 restart
12:08<Peng>Does "service apache2 restart" run configtest or whatever?
12:08<Peng>Is there anything in error.log?
12:10<j_lov>and no configtets from what I know; just restarts apache
12:10-!-jcanto [~Jorge@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:10<j_lov>checking error.log....
12:10-!-jcanto [] has joined #linode
12:10-!-jcanto is "Jorge" on #linode
12:10<j_lov>that may help:
12:11<Peng>Nothing in the log since December 7?
12:11<Peng>If you run the config test thing, what does it say?
12:11<j_lov>I thought that was jan 7th
12:12<j_lov>config test thing?
12:12<Peng>The command, whatever it is.
12:12<j_lov>service apache2 restart I assume
12:13<Peng>I don't know
12:13<Peng>You just said it didn't.
12:13<j_lov>yeah i doesn't
12:14<j_lov>lol well I see you in the access log; windows 10 eh
12:14<j_lov>I really appreciate your help btw :)
12:15<j_lov>imma disable the other sites really quickly and see what i get
12:16<j_lov>nah that just breaks more things
12:22<j_lov>yeah I may give this one up
12:22<j_lov>I'll just move it to another service or something
12:22<j_lov>get started with nginx; where all the cool kids are at
12:25<j_lov> Thank you for all the input friends! I'll probably come back one day :P
12:33-!-j_lov [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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12:42<vinod>thanks for help
12:52-!-bfoote [] has joined #linode
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14:15<kashike>are there planned restarts going on? I can't find anything on about planned maintenance, but someone I know said their linode hosts were restarted
14:15<millisa>nothing mentioned on the blog yet
14:16<linbot>millisa: CPU Vulnerabilities: Meltdown & Spectre <> || Fall 2017 Events <> || 2017 Summer Events <> || Linode Network Backbone <> || Linode turns 14! (2 more messages)
14:16<armiller>kashike: It's possible that their host was restarted for other reasons (such as unplanned maintenance)
14:18<kashike>hm. would be multiple hosts - NJ and TX - in that case
14:19<millisa>have some of one, lots of the other - none of mine have unexpectedly restarted yet. they usually tell you in a ticket why they are restarting
14:19<@scrane>At the moment, we haven't forced any restarts for the CPU vulnerabilities based on my understanding. It is possible the hosts had experienced problems independent of Spectre or Meltdown, however.
14:20<kashike>hm, okay. thanks :)
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14:58<Peng>Since the original embargo date was tomorrow, I'm guessing the reboot nightmare will start tomorrow or Wednesday at most places.
14:59<Peng>I hope.
14:59-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
15:06<armiller>R I P
15:24<Zimsky>what a nightmare
15:28<armiller>Good thing I'm planning on setting up new services tonight lmao
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20:34<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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20:48<Ray>I've setup a cache server on the same data center with app server and I want to access it via its Private Ips. How can I do that?
20:49-!-mode/#linode [+l 344] by ChanServ
20:49<@scrane>Do both Linodes in the datacenter have the private IP configured?
20:50<@mtjones>Ray: The first step is to add a private IP address to both Linodes. You can add them from the Remote Access tab of each Linode.
20:50<armiller>Race condition
20:53<Ray>I've already have a private ip
20:53-!-anomie [] has joined #linode
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20:53<@sjacobs>Ray: then you should only need to address the cache server using it's private ip address.
20:54-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
20:55<Ray>I've tried but it doesn't work. I already allow app server ip in the cache server. When i used the public ip i am able to connect.
20:55<@sjacobs>can you ping it?
20:57<@sjacobs>and it is confirmed that there is a private ip address on both linodes? `ip a show dev eth0`
21:00<Ray>I couldn't ping it.
21:02<@sjacobs>does `ip a show dev eth0` list a 192.168 address?
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21:03<Ray>it only show public ip.but when i check it in the web ui it has a private ip
21:03<@sjacobs>if you have network helper enabled, it should just take a reboot to configure it.
21:04<@sjacobs>or, you can configure it yourself.
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21:04<@sjacobs>if your
21:04<@sjacobs>... not doing anything special, i'd recommend enabling network helper and rebooting.
21:05<dwfreed>the linode manager only shows what is assigned; you're responsible for doing the configuration, either using network helper or by hand
21:05<Daryan>i would like to ask if this company's VPS is ddos protected
21:05<@sjacobs>Daryan: no.
21:05<dwfreed>Daryan: not really, no; you're welcome to obtain 3rd party mitigation services, like cloudflare
21:06-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
21:06<Daryan>how is that possible to use cloudflare with gaming server?...
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21:08<@scrane>Sadly, I do not believe it is.
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21:16<@sjacobs>i know they are gone, but fwiw it looks like incapsula can handle game server traffic.
21:16*sjacobs shrugs
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