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00:48<MJCS>For the past few days I have been getting higher than usual ping to my teamspeak server as well as some fun bit of packet loss. I am not sure if it on Linodes end or on my stupid ISPs. Can someone take a look at this paste and let me know?
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00:50<Woet>MJCS: did you try a different IP in a similar location not hosted by Linode?
00:51<MJCS>Do you have any up in Northern California that I can ping
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00:52<Woet>i'm sure AWS and DO do
00:52<Woet>see what i did there?
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00:53<MJCS>problem is all of the AWS ips I can find dont have the ping port open
00:55<Woet>if only they had a massive list of test IPs that comes up when you google "aws test ips"
00:59<MJCS>No packet loss to in NoCal
00:59<Woet>run a long MTR to both at the same time
00:59<Woet>also, theres no packet loss on your paste either
01:00<MJCS>There is from home to linode at
01:00<Woet> is not your linode.
01:00<MJCS>I know
01:00<MJCS>its just before it
01:00<Woet> is your linode
01:00<Woet>theres no packet loss.
01:00<Woet>you should not attempt to read MTR reports if you're not sure what they mean
01:00<Woet>there will always be packet loss to the hops in between
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01:00<Woet>they are routers
01:01<Woet>they have more important things to do than reply to ICMP
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01:01<Woet>it's only relevant when there's packet loss at the destination
01:01<MJCS>TeamSpeak is reporting 37ms ping with 13.17 packet loss. Normally I have 20-23ms ping and 0 packet loss
01:01<Woet>okay, so you'll have to run the MTR for a long time
01:01<MJCS>Sound is garbled
01:01<Woet>so it actually picks up on that packet loss
01:01<Woet>because your MTR doesn't show any
01:02<murty>Heyo! Curious about how to get some account support :) Apologies if this is the wrong place!
01:02<MJCS>OK now the MTR shows 18% packet loss at my linode.
01:02<Woet>MJCS: show the output of both MTRs
01:02<Woet>murty: this is a community channel
01:02<@sjacobs>murty: if it is specific to your account, it would be best to open a support ticket.
01:02<Woet>murty: official support includes tickets / email / phone
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01:10<Woet>"long running" is not 43 seconds
01:10<Woet>and wheres the AWS one?
01:11<Woet>it also shows sudden loss to "atlantis.mjcs.local" in comparison to the first one
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01:24<MJCS>Woet: I enabled ping response from my router so here is a long running paste:
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01:24<Woet>[14:10:35] <Woet> and wheres the AWS one?
01:24<MJCS>working on it
01:24<Woet>you need to have them running side by side
01:25<Woet>running them after each other is pointless
01:26<MJCS>running them
01:29<MJCS> side by side
01:30<Woet>now you can open a ticket with that and they can investigate
01:30<Woet>seems like you have a bad neighbor or something
01:30<Woet>i recommend keeping both MTRs running for a while (like 1+ hour)
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01:51<Castro>i changed my linode plan from 20GB to 96GB
01:52<Castro>but still its shwoing 20GB disk space in my SSH
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01:52<millisa>Were you following this guide: ?
01:53<millisa>(step 7 is the bit you are probably skipping)
01:53<Castro>ok then if i follow the guide, everything will work fine right?
01:54<Castro>and it won't affect my existing running system right?
01:54<millisa>Other than shutting it down to resize the disk?
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01:56<millisa>(All the steps for a disk resize are in more detail here: )
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02:08<Zimsky>the worst neighbour would be woet
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02:14*dcraig tickles millisa around a bit with a large spiny eel
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02:14<hms>i am looking to setup a server
02:14<millisa>Sounds good to me
02:14<hms>have bought ypur basic configuration
02:15<Woet>Sounds good to me
02:15<hms>how tought is it to install wamp and cpanel
02:15<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
02:15<Woet>its very tough to install wamp
02:15<Woet>seeing as it runs on Windows
02:16<dcraig>you can totally run windows on linode
02:16<dcraig>don't let woet trick you
02:16<Woet>i think thats a bannable offense
02:17<hms>do i need to purchase whm
02:17<millisa>If you want to do a LAMP setup without cpanel, there are lots of guides here: . There's also some LEMP guides
02:17<hms>i am new to this
02:17<Woet>hms: you don't need to, no
02:17<Woet>hms: wouldn't it have been a good idea to look into this before buying?
02:18<dcraig>linodes are such a great value
02:18<dcraig>get it now and then explore
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02:19<hms>my current hosting provides me a "file lock " feature which changes the file permission to 0000
02:19<hms>so no one can access the files
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02:19<hms>have you heard if a thing like this
02:19<millisa>sounds like an odd way to go about it
02:20<dcraig>you can change file permissions on linodes :D
02:20<hms>it only gives a read only permission execpt to the cache dir
02:20<hms>any ways let me try to install it my self and see
02:21<hms>will keep troubling you :-)
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02:32<mmcer>does linode support BBR?
02:33<millisa>broken beyond repair?
02:33<@sjacobs>as long as your kernel supports it. it isn't enabled on the Linode kernel, but it is easy to switch to your distro's kernel and enable it.
02:34<mmcer>i use linux 4.9.56-x86_64-linode87
02:35<@sjacobs>once you switch, you should be able to use any guide you find for your distribution to enable it.
02:35<mmcer>yes, i know we can choose GRUB2
02:36<mmcer>but does this feature can build-in like linux 4.9.56-x86_64-linode87
02:36<mmcer>the string text "linux 4.9.56-x86_64-linode87" looks like more official
02:37<@sjacobs>it's possible, but the distro kernel is going to be easier.
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02:38<@sjacobs>i'm sure your distribution's kernel is quite official.
02:38<mmcer>i know linode maintain its own kernel
02:39<mmcer>that is the reason why i want to ask linode add this good feature into kernel.
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02:39<mmcer>because i don't know the difference between linux 4.9.56-x86_64-linode87 and GRUB
02:40<mmcer>if i choose GRUB 2, i will lost somefetures?
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02:43<@sjacobs>what features do you need? you can always see what the linode kernel was build with using `zcat /proc/config.gz`
02:44<@sjacobs>fwiw, i boot all my linodes grub2 with their distro kernel. as new releases for distributions come out, it is going to be the default.
02:44<Woet>sjacobs: can you get me some mates rates?
02:44<Woet>i wont tell anyone
02:45<mmcer>can someone tell me the difference about GRUB2 and linux 4.9xxxxxx
02:45<Woet>thats why i prefer the ops starting with J
02:45<Woet>they're much nicer
02:45<@sjacobs>that's why we hire more of them.
02:45<Woet>you're a second tier J
02:45<Woet>mmcer: this is a community channel
02:46<Woet>mmcer: we're not here just to answer your questions
02:46<@sjacobs>mmcer: that would depend what distribution you are running. (you should upgrade 4.9 anyway)
02:46<@sjacobs>^ you should reboot into latest if you are using the linode kernel.
02:47<mmcer>sorry, i mis-understanding this is linode official feedback channel.
02:47<Woet>its not
02:47<Woet>its just a chat channel
02:47<Woet>that happens to be mostly about linode
02:49<mmcer>thanks a lot, i already upgrade my node to the latest version.
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02:53<@sjacobs>i'm very much looking forward to distro kernels by default.
02:54<millisa>i'm looking forward to not having the chili's baby back ribs song stuck in my head because I had to look up 'bbr'
02:54<FluffyFoxeh>sjacobs: is that a thing that's going to be happening?
02:55<@sjacobs>FluffyFoxeh: it's already the case for ubuntu 17.10 and fedora 27.
02:56<FluffyFoxeh>I see
02:56<@sjacobs>it's being changed per distro when an image for a new major version is released.
03:03<FluffyFoxeh>So is Linode eventually going to stop providing kernels then?
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03:05<@sjacobs>i don't know the long term goals. a huge majority of linodes are on the linode kernel, though, so that doesn't seem likely. at least not anytime soon.
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03:12<Zimsky>is it?
03:12<Zimsky>is it, FluffyFoxeh?
03:27<hawk>sjacobs: Isn't the more urgent thing to fix the hosts?
03:28<@sjacobs>hawk: the blog post has the details regarding what is being done on that front.
03:30<Zimsky>!wx UEEE
03:30<linbot>Zimsky: [metar] OBS at UEEE: -38.2F/-39C, visibility 9999 miles, wind 4.47 mph, chill -54.19F (altimeter: 30.297762558) [UEEE 090800Z 29002MPS CAVOK M39/M43 Q1026 R23L/490150 NOSIG RMK QFE761]
03:30<Zimsky>!wx YSSY
03:30<linbot>Zimsky: [metar] OBS at YSSY: 73.4F/23C, visibility 7000 miles, wind 37.98 mph, chill 73.54F (altimeter: 29.884342796) [YSSY 090816Z 18033G49KT 7000 2500S TSRA FEW010 BKN035 SCT050CB 23/22 Q1012]
03:38<hawk>sjacobs: The microcode itself is available directly from Intel? But I guess that approach is not desirable for whatever reason?
03:40*grawity greps `lscpu` for PCID
03:40<grawity>good, at least that's present
03:40<Ikaros>Speaking of, not sure how I'd do microcode on my personal PC tbh. OEM does not look to offer it nor will they it seems.
03:41<hawk>Ikaros: is there, if you want it.
03:44<Ikaros>Ok cool I can place that on my home server at least.
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03:46<@sjacobs>hawk: i don't have enough details to give a good answer on their plans regarding any microcode updates.
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03:47<@sjacobs>looks like i'll be using that download link to patch my home computer tomorrow, though.
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03:47<hawk>sjacobs: I just noted that as the article says the status is that you are waiting on microcode updates.
03:48<hawk>I don't know if that means someone just doesn't know or if there is an actual reason to wait.
03:49<@sjacobs>like i said, i'm not sure about the details. i'm not involved in any of the planning/patching.
03:51<Ikaros>hawk, I'm assumimg that microcode download is the one with the microcode fixes for the exploits? The date kinda caught me off guard a bit.
03:51<hawk>I believe that is the right one, at least. It fits the timeline, I think?
03:52<Ikaros>Unfortunately, my personal PC runs Windows. So I'm probably SOL
03:53<Ikaros>Of course it does. >.>
03:53<grawity>Ikaros: afaik, at least Meltdown can't be fixed via microcode anyway
03:56<Ikaros>grawity yeah I know. I have Microsoft's software patch for that installed already and their PowerShell script shows I'm protected. Unfortunately, that same script shows the Spectre protections, while installed, are disabled due to lack of hardware support.
03:57<Ikaros>Spectre though I believe was reported to be the more difficult to exploit than Meltdown, if I remember right
03:57<hawk>Ikaros: Apparently there is an additional update. Not sure of the direct intel link, but includes it
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05:10<Kashif>I have develop a project in wordpress
05:10<Kashif>but permalinks are not working
05:10<Kashif>is there any solutions for it?
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06:51<neo^>Did Ubuntu patch meltdown/spectre?
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06:52<dwfreed>no, they're leaving critical vulnerabilities unpatched
06:53<dwfreed>but unless you're using the distro kernel, it doesn't matter whether they've fixed it or not
06:54<neo^>Ok, but all other Ubuntu systems out there must be vulnerable. What is taking so long?
06:55<dwfreed>i was being sarcastic
06:55<@sjacobs>there's a note.
06:56<dwfreed>I would have thought the "critical" bit would have given that away
06:57<Eliz>dwfreed: lol
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06:58<neo^>Ok, updated 4.4 kernel is on the way.
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07:00<@sjacobs>4.4 isn't getting patched.
07:00<@sjacobs>i was wrong.
07:00<Woet>as usual
07:00<@sjacobs>it is. my eyes jumped over it with all the 4's.
07:00<Woet>thats why I only trust the J folk
07:01<neo^>Debian developers were quick in patching their kernel.
07:04<Peng>> We also identified a regression for ancient userspaces using the vsyscall interface, for example chroot and containers using (e)glibc 2.13 and older, including those based on Debian 7 or RHEL/CentOS 6. This regression will be fixed in a later update.
07:05<neo^>"The Rolling HWE kernel for Ubuntu 16.04 will go to 4.13 early, instead of also fixing 4.10 HWE kernel. "
07:05<Peng>Not 4.14?
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07:06<@sjacobs>that seems odd.
07:07<Peng>Maybe they were already working on 4.13 and it's faster to backport the patches than do 4.14
07:07<Peng>Or they were informed weeks/months ago
07:08<neo^>Peng: After 4.10, it's 4.13 in 16.04's HWE stack:
07:10<Peng>Makes sense
07:11<neo^>To be on safer side, users can keep their vulnerable Ubuntu systems shut down until fix is released, or consider migrating to Debian.
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08:05<Kurt_>Hello, Is it possible to get a VPS in Japan Datacenter ? Is that something you can set when your register a VPS ?
08:07<troy>Kurt_: yes you can select the Tokyo DC when you deploy a new linode
08:07<@bmartin>Absolutely. will allow you to test speeds. When you create your Linode you will choose which DC you would like to use.
08:07<Kurt_>Perfect !
08:09<Kurt_>The received IP address is dedicated to that VPS ? or is it shared ?
08:09<troy>Kurt_: it is dedicated
08:09<troy>you recieve both a ipv4 and ipv6 address
08:10<Kurt_>The thing is to use the VPS with an API, if the API detects multiple access from a IP address it gets banned, so I need to be sure to have a dedicated IP address and not a NAT address
08:11<troy>it is a routable public IP address not a NAT address
08:14<Kurt_>thank you for your prompt answer ( Ubuntu is available )
08:15<troy>no problem, yes ubuntu images are avalible
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08:20<nate>I don't even know if I've ever even seen a VPS provider that does NAT, that seems like that would be tremendously goofy
08:23<nate>All AWS services? I thought at the very least EC2 were dedicated addresses
08:25<troy>you get a dedicated public ip with ec2 but the instances themselves are allocated a private address space from your vpc, its like a 1:1 nat relationship
08:27<Peng>with IPv4 :P
08:28<Peng>IPv6 is public IPs all the way~
08:33<hays>this cpu cache bug is nasty.
08:34<hays>i suppse the linodes were vulnerable--is there a 10-30% hit on performance with the patch?
08:35<praetorian>Peng: oh? ping me at fe80::1ff:fe23:4567:890a
08:40<hays>what is the updated guide to this one
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08:51<Woet>hays: what makes you think it needs updating?
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11:02<johnz>hi, is there any news regarding the block storage beta? especially regarding other datacenters
11:04<dwfreed>the meltdown stuff has probably taken priority; no news yet
11:06<johnz>uhh right. counting on it
11:10-!-LouWestin [] has joined #linode
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11:10<emerson>hm, I don't see the 4.14 kernel in the kernel dropdown
11:10<emerson>anyone else see it?
11:10<dwfreed>fwiw, this is exactly why linode has historically not given timelines
11:10<dwfreed>emerson: is it not latest?
11:10-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
11:11<LouWestin>All I see on the kernel website is 4.14.12
11:11<emerson>oh, lol
11:11<emerson>i should stop using
11:11<emerson>because it's not great
11:11<armiller>emerson: You can also set the kernel to Latest, which should mean you just have to reboot it
11:11<LouWestin>I RSS'd the page so I could keep up with the updates
11:11<ponas>emerson: but they worked so hard on it :(
11:11<emerson>it's there on
11:11<armiller>emerson: oof. what don't you like about it (other than this bit)
11:12<DrJ>I wont say the new cloud panel is bad, but I much much much much .....
11:12<LouWestin> has the list of kernels
11:12<DrJ>much much much much much.....
11:12<DrJ>much prefer the old one
11:13<LouWestin>I haven't logged into the new cloud panel yet... Mmm... I'm worried now. lol
11:13<johnz>i like the new panel's interface, but it's so slow
11:13<armiller>Single page apps for the win!
11:13<emerson>armiller: off the top of my head, there's no way to tell which linode a /64 of IPv6 is being routed to
11:13<emerson>they show up on all the linodes
11:13<emerson>s/linodes/linodes network tab
11:14<johnz>also it should really implement loading animations or something because most of the time when i click something there's a 1 second lag before showing another screen
11:14<johnz>and then for a moment i'm not sure i clicked or that it's working at all
11:14<johnz>(1 second is actually generous though)
11:14-!-LouWestin [] has left #linode [Leaving]
11:15<armiller>emerson: I'm pretty sure thats because you could route a IPv6 /64 to any Linode in the same DC
11:15<AlexMax>Got a question
11:15<armiller>So if I recall correctly it doesn't really "belong" to any one Linode as much as it belongs to your account
11:15<AlexMax>Let's say that I am using a 1024 Linode
11:15<AlexMax>and I'm running something that's CPU intensive
11:15<AlexMax>like, 50% or so
11:15-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
11:16<AlexMax>What would happen if I got a 2048
11:16<AlexMax>do I get more CPU power?
11:16<dwfreed>that depends on how loaded the host is you end up on
11:16<johnz>no, it's still 1 cpu
11:16<grawity>I think you just get more cores of the same type
11:16<grawity>but both 1G and 2G only provide 1 core
11:16<Peng>You have one core either way. If there's high contention, the 2048 has a larger "fair share" of minimum CPU, though.
11:16<armiller>But thats because of the pricing tiers of the 1024 and 2048
11:17<Peng>If steal is negligible, it doesn't matter.
11:17<armiller>^ And hopefully steal is negligible
11:17<grawity>what does that number actually show
11:17<AlexMax>steal is about 1.0-3.0
11:18<johnz>also, even with 2 cores your software must be written to take advantage of them
11:18<AlexMax>Here's a sample
11:18<AlexMax>04:18:12 PM CPU %user %nice %system %iowait %steal %idle
11:18<AlexMax>04:18:13 PM all 6.25 0.00 29.17 0.00 1.04 63.54
11:18<Peng>johnz: Application eats one core and kernel eats other core. :D
11:19<armiller>Nom nom nom
11:19*Peng switches contexts
11:19<dwfreed>fwiw, the first output of iostat is not useful
11:20<dwfreed>because that one is average since boot
11:21<emerson>armiller: doesn't seem like it, although the new docs don't say either way
11:21<Peng>You can get a /64 routed to an IP in a /116 though :D
11:22<dwfreed>armiller: re routing, yes, you can, but you still need to know what address it's routed to
11:22<emerson>but i guess they fixed the other annoyance, which was creating a new DNS record would always have a TTL of 3600 regardless of what you specified
11:23<hawk>Indeed, the /64 (all of it) is routed to one address of your choosing. It would be a good idea to pick an address in the /116 pool if you want to be able to move it easily.
11:24-!-stephenplatz [~steve@2601:602:8501:28ec:1172:4be:4961:3f6c] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:24-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
11:25<armiller>Yeah my IPv6 knowledge isn't very great. I have mostly been stumbling through it and somehow making it out alive
11:26<armiller>Regarding, if you have gripes you should probably open them as issues on github or in support tickets
11:27<armiller>They are looking for feedback and IRC doesn't exactly have great visibility
11:27<emerson>yea, probably should
11:27<@bmartin>Please do emerson
11:27<@bmartin>We truly do listen to this feedback and enjoy hearing it.
11:27<emerson>is there a github repo for it?
11:33<emerson>opened one
11:34<armiller>!point emerson
11:34<linbot>armiller: Point given to emerson. (1)
11:35-!-baimafeima [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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11:37<jspinosi>@armiller <3
11:55-!-johnz [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
11:55-!-mode/#linode [+l 347] by ChanServ
11:58<Cromulent>this might be a really stupid question but is there a reason Linodes DNS servers still only update every 15 minutes? I mean do you really get so many changes that your DNS servers can't handle instant updates?
11:58-!-sandeep [] has quit [Quit: sandeep]
11:59<Cromulent>that is the only thing I would change about Linode if I could
11:59-!-mode/#linode [+l 346] by ChanServ
11:59<Zimsky>should change this non-J discrimination
12:02<Peng>It was originally related to the serial number format, right?
12:02<Zimsky>yes, definitely
12:07-!-waltman_ [] has joined #linode
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13:05<dwfreed>Cromulent: nobody ever put in the work to rearchitect it; many of the features I'd use in BIND didn't exist when it was created
13:05<Cromulent>ah OK - fair enough
13:07-!-IanBattaglia [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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13:10<IanBattaglia>Hey there, I'm following the guide to install a lamp stack on Ubuntu 16.04, and I want to configure this server to run to a subdomain, but I had a question for configuring Virtual Hosts. Anyone have a minute to answer?
13:10<grawity>depends; how long will it take for you to ask the question?
13:10-!-ArchNoob [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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13:11<IanBattaglia>Ha, fair enough. Not long.
13:11<@scrane> What's the question?
13:12<IanBattaglia>How should the "/var/www/html/" structure be modified for a subdomain? Should I configure everything as spec and then jsut adjust the DNS settings, or what?
13:13<grawity>the exact paths aren't important, but if you're going by that structure, just use "/var/www/html/"
13:13<grawity>as long as your web server's DocumentRoot matches the filesystem, it'll work
13:14<IanBattaglia>That's what I thought, thanks. I'll just replace the domain with the full subdomain path, and follow the guide accordingly.
13:18-!-branko_ [] has joined #linode
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13:44<IanBattaglia>Hm, I'm trying to test to see if I did it all correctly, and when I try and access ""/phptest.php, the site doesn't load. I tried restarting Apache, it's running fine. Any ideas?
13:45<@scrane>Is the subdomain configured in the zone file?
13:46<@scrane>So we can get a better idea, can you let us know what the subdomain and domain is? That'll help us poke at it and see if we can point you in the right direction
13:46<millisa>the output of 'apachectl -S' might be useful
13:46<IanBattaglia>I'm not sure, I didn't do anything to the zone file honestly. Sorry for the noob questions.
13:47<IanBattaglia>The domain is, and the subdomain is "console".
13:48<@scrane>Haha it's all good. We all have to learn somehow. So pretty much... I'm looking at your DNS information. For I am getting... 4 different IP addresses for
13:48-!-jcanto [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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13:49<@scrane>that being said, I can curl
13:49<linbot>dwfreed: The DNS query name does not exist:
13:49<@scrane>Ahah. Yeah, it could be an IPv6 thing
13:49<millisa> is a cname pointing directly at an IP?
13:50<dwfreed>!dns6 cname
13:50<IanBattaglia>No, I haven't configured any dns settings.
13:50<millisa>the phptest.php file is 500'ing though
13:50<dwfreed>i'm... surprised that works at all
13:51<IanBattaglia>Right now it's a domain pointing to a squarespace site, and I'm trying to set up the console subdomain as a site I wrote, without disturbing the original domain.
13:51<relidy>(I can resolve the domain by hitting directly, but it doesn't seem to come up via recursion)
13:51<Peng>!dns6 ns
13:51<IanBattaglia>Yeah, it's not professional at all. I'm far from a web dev or admin.
13:51<relidy>Strike that, I'm seeing the CNAME thing as well.
13:52<Peng>Also I saw a bunch of queries for Route 53 nameservers, so I think the delegation might be there
13:52<IanBattaglia>Sorry, I'm going to be afk for 20 mins-ish.
13:52<Peng>Never mind.
13:52<Peng> uses Route 53.
13:52<Peng>It's hard to believe is real. :P
13:56<@scrane>Haha I think is the nameservers for namecheap
13:56<@scrane>Or I could be wrong
13:56<@scrane>No, I am wrong
14:05-!-newton [] has joined #linode
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14:10-!-abc [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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14:10<abc>can anyone help me with setting up a business model similar to mailchimp
14:10-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
14:11<abc>can anyone help me with setting up a business model similar to mailchimp
14:13-!-beuker [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 1.8-dev]
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14:14<dwfreed>abc: our role is not to do your work for you; you don't pay us enough for that (see also the /topic)
14:17<IanBattaglia>Alright, I'm back. Let me load up my registrar and take a look at the IPs.
14:18<Peng>IPs need to be in A records, not CNAME records.
14:20-!-abc [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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14:21-!-LouWestin [] has joined #linode
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14:21<IanBattaglia>Copy that, Peng.
14:22<Peng>IPv4 IPs*
14:22-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
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14:25<IanBattaglia>Okay, so squarespace asks for 4 A records directed to their servers. I just added another A record pointing to my linode server.
14:25-!-mode/#linode [+l 348] by ChanServ
14:26<IanBattaglia>^ the a record is named console, my subdomain.
14:26<Peng>And you removed the "console" CNAME?
14:27-!-acald3ron [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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14:31<IanBattaglia>Is there anything else I need to change in my registrar or on my server? Does the hosts or hostnames file need to be changed?
14:31<IanBattaglia>Or do I just need to wait for changed to take effect?
14:32-!-mode/#linode [+l 348] by ChanServ
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14:33<Peng>Shouldn't need to change anything else.
14:33-!-VladGh [] has joined #linode
14:33-!-VladGh is "Vlad" on #linode
14:34<IanBattaglia>Thanks. I'll give it a few hours then, see if it resolves, and then add my files. Thanks so much.
14:34<millisa>your ttl was only an hour. shouldn't take that long
14:34<Peng>It looks alright on the authoritative DNS server now.
14:34<IanBattaglia>Even better!
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15:18<IanBattaglia>Oh, one more question. The "hosting a Website" guide says that I should link 5 NS Records to linode. I've got an ns1 and ns2 record linked to squarespace. Should I add 5 more to linode, at
15:18<nate>IanBattaglia: you should set your NS records to wherever you're managing the DNS from
15:18<IanBattaglia>And do I need to set anything on Linode's DNS Manager page?
15:18-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
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15:18<nate>If you're managing them from squarespace, leave them as squarespace. If you wish to use linode's DNS manager you'll need to set all 5 nameservers to linodes
15:19-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
15:19<nate>The only option where you would use both is if squarespace was a master and linode were set as slaves, but that's probably not something you can do from squarespace (so much as you would your own personal master NS)
15:19<IanBattaglia>Oh, I see. So that won't affect routing to my subdomain at all?
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15:23<IanBattaglia>Thanks Nate. Currently, trying to load for me loads a blank page. But navigating to the ip address of the linode server shows phptest in the home directory.
15:23<millisa>it is 500 erroring.
15:23<millisa>what is in your phptest.php file?
15:26<IanBattaglia>It's the code from this guide:, with my MySQL user/pass swapped in.
15:26<millisa>try a info.php with just <?PHP echo phpinfo();?> in it to see if php works at all.
15:27-!-Nightmeare__ [] has joined #linode
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15:27<IanBattaglia>Will do, thanks. One moment.
15:29-!-VladGh [] has joined #linode
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15:32<IanBattaglia>@millisa, that resolves!
15:32<millisa>so it looks like php works. that means you probably have a typo or something in that test file.
15:32<millisa>one of your logs probably gives a hint
15:33-!-Nightmeare___ [] has joined #linode
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15:33<IanBattaglia>Thanks, I'll take a look at the log and the phptest file.
15:34-!-Nightmeare__ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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16:01<james>is linode an unmanage private server?
16:01-!-james is now known as Guest1545
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16:03<IanBattaglia>I think it's my MySQL data that's wrong.
16:03<Peng>Guest1545: Yes, by and large.
16:04<Guest1545>does linode have a singapore server?
16:04<IanBattaglia> When I enter the code [CREATE DATABASE webdata; GRANT ALL ON webdata.* TO 'webuser' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';], it gives me an error 1064 (42000) for my password.
16:05<IanBattaglia>Is there another way to create a user / pass for MySql and grant permissions? I'm logging into the mysql console as root right now.
16:05<armiller>Guest1545: Linode has a data center in Singapore yes.
16:05-!-waltman [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:05<Guest1545>oh thank goodness
16:05-!-waltman [] has joined #linode
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16:06<Guest1545>here is the instruction for resetting root password for mysql
16:06-!-eggstyrone [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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16:07<IanBattaglia>I know my root password, but I was trying to create a new user and password for the database I made, as indicated in the Ubuntu LAMP guide.
16:08<Cromulent>IanBattaglia: when you ran mysql_secure_install did you tell it to reject weak passwords?
16:09<IanBattaglia>I can't remember, honestly. The password I'm trying to set is a random 20 character string, though.
16:09<millisa>what is the mysql error you are getting?
16:09<Cromulent>ah OK - that won't be the problem then
16:10<IanBattaglia>ERROR 1064 (42000)
16:10<dzho>are you entering the square brackets?
16:11<millisa>there's not an actual message to go with that error number?
16:11<dzho>also, if you've already created the database once, you don't create it again, do you?
16:11<IanBattaglia>No, sorry, I wasn't sure how to deliniate code here.
16:11<dzho>ok, just pays to check when things are unsettled
16:12<IanBattaglia>You're right. I've got a database, but I'm not sure if I set a user / pass correctly.
16:12<IanBattaglia>aside from root.
16:12<dzho>the intarwebs tell me those codes go with a syntax error
16:12-!-Oby [] has joined #linode
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16:12<dzho>trying to use a reserved word as a name
16:13-!-davideagosti [] has quit []
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16:14<millisa>there usually is something more after the 'error 1064 (42000): '
16:17<IanBattaglia>You're right, it logs the password I was trying to set.
16:17<IanBattaglia>What should I be swapping in on this line of code from the doc? GRANT ALL ON webdata.* TO 'webuser' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
16:17<IanBattaglia>I thought it was asking me to set a user and password there.
16:17<dzho>which you may be wise to redact, but if you're dedicated to the help getting, you'll try to reproduce with a bogus pw and paste the whole thing
16:18<dzho>do you actually have a database called webdata, a user called webuser?
16:18<IanBattaglia>It's just a random string, I'm happy to post it, it if helps.
16:18<IanBattaglia>I do have a database called webdata, but no user that name. Instead I put ian_battaglia.
16:19<millisa>i usually prefer giving a location in the grant. grant all on dbname.* to 'dbuser'@'somelocation/ip/%' identified by 'someawesomepassword';
16:19<IanBattaglia>Do I have to declare a username and password otherwise?
16:19<IanBattaglia>mysql> GRANT ALL ON webdata.* TO ‘ianbattaglia’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘6?}9yx/2$sXyWQU3z7ZW’; ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '‘6?}9yx/2$sXyWQU3z7ZW’' at line 1 mysql>
16:19-!-ArchNoob [] has joined #linode
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16:20<millisa>those quotes...
16:20<Peng>You're going to use a new password next time right
16:20<millisa>‘’ should be ''
16:20<IanBattaglia>Yes haha.
16:20-!-mode/#linode [+l 354] by ChanServ
16:21<IanBattaglia>I'll swap the quotes and passwords.
16:21<dzho>good plan
16:23-!-Guest1545 [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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16:32<IanBattaglia>I updated the info successfully, and then swapped that in on my phptest.php file.
16:32-!-mode/#linode [+l 353] by ChanServ
16:33<millisa>one of your web or php logs should say something about why it is 500 erroring
16:34<IanBattaglia>Yay! All good!
16:35<IanBattaglia>Thank you so much everyone. Really appreciate your time and patience.
16:36-!-ArchNoob [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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16:54<@scrane>He left a nice tweet for all of you as well! The #linode community rocks!
16:54-!-eyepulp [~eyepulp@] has joined #linode
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16:55<millisa>oh, he said it was just to the lovely folks. that's just peng, right?
16:55-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
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17:29<md_5>my linode just got rebooted for "emergency security maintenance" with a support ticket opened 12 minutes ago and no email
17:30<nate>well the support ticket should have probably resulted in an email
17:30<md_5>its a weird support ticket
17:30<nate>sure your mail host didn't block it?
17:30<md_5>there is no message attached to it at all
17:31<md_5>normally the automated reboots have a message explaining the reboot
17:31<md_5>given only 12 minutes warning this better be something worse than meltdown/spectre
17:32<Peng>That's difficult to imagine.
17:32<Peng>Quick, reboot, a team of secret agents have a blow torch and are approaching the cage.
17:33<md_5>replied to the ticket, I shall grab the popcorn
17:34<Peng>I'm sorry, the popcorn machine was taken down for maintenance 12 minutes ago.
17:34<Peng>Would you like this stale package of airplane peanuts we found underneath it.
17:35<md_5>and yeah my email is definitely working, just got the echo email of my own reply
17:35<Peng>Ah, i didn't mean to just be snarky. I'm sorry about the surprise reboot. :(
17:35<md_5>no problem, I imagine its a bug in the email system due to the fact the ticket had 0 content
17:36<md_5> thats the entire ticket
17:37<waltman>Is there a delay in receiving emails from linode? It took about 24 hours to get an email after I rebooted my linode a few days ago, and I saw someone else mention a delay as well.
17:38<Peng>I've never noticed a delay.
17:38<Peng>I imagine there might be a delay in the mass announcement emails that go through a separate provider.
17:38<Peng>But ordinary emails? No.
17:38<@mcintosh>waltman: event notifications were backed up for a bit the other day
17:38<@mcintosh>just those though
17:38<Peng>Are you saying it was an eventful day
17:39<md_5>it was a spectre/meltdown reboot
17:39<md_5>with 12 minutes warning
17:39<Peng>md_5: They confirmed it?
17:39<md_5>how is this acceptable
17:40<waltman>I rebooted Sunday at 13:55, got the email notification Monday at 10:56.
17:40<waltman>mcintosh: Ah, OK.
17:40<md_5>waltman the linode event notifications are batched, although mine are more like 30 minute batchewd
17:40<md_5>there might be a user preference to change it I think
17:40<waltman>I'm not complaining, just pointing it out as another point of info.
17:41<Peng>Yeah, I don't mean to say that they're instant, but they're always fast enough that they've arrived by teh next time I check my email. :P
17:41<waltman>21 hours seems on the long side
17:41<md_5>hmm nah dont see a setting, just on/off
17:41<waltman>Ordinarily they've arrived in a few minutes.
17:44<millisa>(I actually saw a 24+ hour delay on a few of my reboots since Friday)
17:45<millisa>(er just a delay on the notifications of 'recent activity')
17:45-!-toastedpenguin [] has joined #linode
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17:47-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
17:49<Cromulent>hmm anyone else noticed that Linode alert emails are arriving about 6 hours late?
17:49<md_5> poor support guy, but terrible decision by linode
17:50<tanja84dk>Cromulent, last it wered almost a day late for me ( a few days ago )
17:51<Peng>md_5: I agree with your comment, more or less, but IMO 24-36 hours reboot notice would have been excessive. I figure, send an email last week that reboots are coming soon, and then email people the precise schedule with 12-24 hours notice.
17:51<Peng>Bikeshedding engaged!
17:52<md_5>well 12 hours is still 60x more notice than they gave
17:53<Cromulent>guess my linodes are going to be rebooted soon then
17:53<kashike>now just to wait until tokyo 2 gets its turn
17:53<tanja84dk>md_5, guess you are one of the "lucky" there is being patched already now
17:53<Peng>For comparison, Amazon emailed people about December 15 that reboots were coming, um, January 5. Then when it hit the news, they emailed on January 3(?) that they were being moved up to January 4(?) with like 6-12 hours notice.
17:54<millisa>md_5: I was stuck on the phone and may have missed it - did you say which DC your linode was in?
17:54<Peng>I mgiht be a bit off on that, but not the important part.
17:54<md_5>tanja84dk one linode down, > half a dozen to go
17:54<md_5>this was singapore
17:55<tanja84dk>md_5, I'm in london ( I think on three difference hosts ) and there hav been no reboot there of what I know and no tickets of it
17:55<Peng>tanja84dk: Maybe you're next. :P
17:56<tanja84dk>Peng, actually I would hope it were soon in a way, because I know not everything is booting up automaticly. So I have to be online when it is
17:57<md_5>lol good luck with that
17:58<Cromulent>tanja84dk: I'm in London as well
18:00<md_5> Lassie initiated boot: My Debian 7 Profile
18:00<md_5>Entered: 16 minutes 25 seconds ago - Took: 13 seconds Linode failed to boot for unknown reason.
18:00<md_5>>An issue affecting the physical host this Linode resides on has been detected.
18:00<Peng>That's not abnormal.
18:01<Peng>When the host reboots, you get *two* boot jobs. One of them fails because the other one already succeeded.
18:01<md_5>yeah but server is still down
18:01-!-MeGa [~meg@2a00:d880:6:5f2::2601:141] has joined #linode
18:01-!-MeGa is "Ainishosting network" on #linode
18:01<grawity>why two
18:01<md_5>and the button to start it is removed
18:01<Peng>The host tries to boot you to the last known condition, *and* Lassie sees that it's down and tries to reboot you.
18:01<Peng>tries to boot you*
18:01<dwfreed>md_5: because the host is still busted, probably
18:02<Peng>The physical host alert, again, isn't abnormal. It's a generic message that doesn't know there's scheduled maintenance.
18:02<md_5>going on 40 minutes for the meltdown/spectre patch
18:02<md_5>this is getting better and better
18:02<Peng>It might be expected that booting takes a while.
18:02-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
18:02<Peng>It sounds like in your case there might be a real problem, but it's hard to say.
18:03<tanja84dk>btw does anyone know if the embargo has been lifted for the researchers about spectre and meltdown ( about the in deph details of how it works etc )?
18:03<md_5>the papers were released like a week ago
18:04<dwfreed>md_5: having looked at your images, the first "response" was actually a ticket list update
18:05<dwfreed>the ticket has to be created before the first update goes into it, and you happened to see the ticket before the update
18:06<md_5>the first update came 20 minutes after the ticket was created and 8 minutes after my server had already been shutdown
18:06<md_5>very useful
18:07-!-eggstyrone [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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18:08<md_5>server just came back up, 39 minutes downtime according to pingdom
18:08<md_5>seems a tad excessive to just reboot into a new kernel?
18:09<dwfreed>host stack updates are more complicated than that
18:09-!-Tyler8490823904 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:09-!-mode/#linode [+l 348] by ChanServ
18:10<dwfreed>wblew: !point dwfreed
18:10<md_5>roughly double what the "Critical Xen maintenance" used to take
18:11<dwfreed>wblew: i mean do that :P
18:11<Peng>I think this is Linode's first Critical KVM Maintenance, as it were.
18:11<Peng>And probably the first Critical Microcode Maintenane.
18:11<Peng>Maybe there are rough edges, or some parts of the process are necessarily slower?
18:11<wblew>!point dwfreed
18:11<linbot>wblew: Point given to dwfreed. (37) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 6)
18:11<Peng>Also, it depends on luck. You can be the first person on the host booted, or the last.
18:12<dwfreed>there are a lot of things that go into host updates; some of those things are manual, to allow for human validation
18:12<Peng>And if rumor is true (it's not) it takes 5-30% longer to reboot than it did before. :D
18:12<dwfreed>and Peng is right about boot order
18:12<Peng>dwfreed: I'm sorry for the people doign that. :X
18:13<md_5>manual updating of thousands of hypervisors
18:13<md_5>I'm sure AWS is doing that
18:13<Peng>I'm sure they could.
18:13<dwfreed>Linode actually cares that things are done right?
18:13<Peng>They only had to update a small % of hypervisors, and they probably have a zillion sysadmins.
18:13<dwfreed>AWS is cattle
18:20-!-stephenplatz [~steve@2601:602:8501:28ec:b936:b672:8a79:b692] has joined #linode
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18:24<md_5>> I certainly can't disagree with you here. We would have liked to have more time to communicate the upcoming maintenance but due to various factors that was not possible for this round of upgrades. We sincerely apologize for the lack of notice and we hope that you accept that our biggest consideration in starting this maintenance on such short notice is the security of our customers servers.
18:26<dwfreed>honestly? perfectly acceptable response
18:27<md_5>what about my other 6 servers, and the tens of thousands awaiting reboots from other customers?
18:27<md_5>Why can they not send an email out right now, even saying as little as "your server will be rebooted unexpectedly in the coming days"
18:28<Peng>Or one 2 days ago saying it would probably be rebooted
18:29<Peng>Could be things were really uncertain until the last minute
18:29<dwfreed>there's stuff on the blog
18:30<dwfreed>i'm not sure they knew when the microcode would arrive
18:30<md_5>so, its arrived now
18:30<md_5>where are the announcements?
18:30<Peng>Maybe they're working on it
18:31<dwfreed>The people who could write those announcements are probably in the middle of rebooting hosts
18:31<md_5>what is public relations
18:32<Peng>what is DEFCON 2 security culnerability
18:32<dwfreed>People who may not be able to accurately convey the technical nature of these updates to Linode's technical community
18:32<Peng>Maybe it would be worse public relations to sit on it until tomorrow :P
18:34<dwfreed>For all we know, the guy could be stuck on the freeway in a traffic jam on his way home
18:34<dwfreed>after all, it is 6:30 PM (read: rush hour) in Linodia
18:35-!-bfoote_ is now known as bfoote
18:40<millisa>super patch tuesday!
18:40<dwfreed>Microsoft bricking AMD boxen...
18:41<Peng>Caconical was bricking laptops last month :P
18:41<millisa>"and nothing of value was lost"?
18:42<Peng>O wouldn't wanna be the first person installing Ubuntu's Meltdowwn/Spectre kernels on a laptop, i tells ya
18:42<millisa>bricking is such a harsh term when it comes to windows boxes. I prefer 'liberating'
18:43-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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18:44<Bdragon>I'm in no way surprised that bricks happened
18:44-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
18:45<Peng>You're not shitting bricks, eh
18:49<md_5>> We'll be doing this for the wider set of reboots that are coming up – the reboots that are happening tonight are only for a select few hosts. Our hands were tied here, unfortunately. We needed to perform this update on a subset of hosts, and it had to happen tonight. I'm truly sorry that we couldn't provide more notice here, but we'll take this feedback into consideration for the future.
18:49<md_5>better reponse
18:49*md_5 wonders why his host was so important though
18:49<Bdragon>BTW at my work, one of my coworkers ran into an issue where centos 6 vms would not come back up on a xen host (not a linode, some random dedicated box owned by a client)
18:49-!-sandeep [] has joined #linode
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18:49<dwfreed>Bdragon: RH broke Xen PV booting
18:50<Bdragon>did they accidentally remove vsyscall emulation on a platform that runs glibc 2.13? I never heard what the final cause of that was
18:50<dwfreed>no idea
18:50-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
18:50<Bdragon>(as far as I can tell, 2.13 can't use vdso, at least for static linkage)
18:51<Bdragon>static program calls gettimeofday(), hilarity ensues.
18:52<dwfreed>somebody has that url in their quit message; just figured i'd share
18:52<Bdragon>haven't looked into it or heard a final resolution but that's what my bet is
18:59*Bdragon shrugs
19:00<millisa>looks like they updated the blog a few moments ago.
19:00<linbot>millisa: CPU Vulnerabilities: Meltdown & Spectre <> || Fall 2017 Events <> || 2017 Summer Events <> || Linode Network Backbone <> || Linode turns 14! (2 more messages)
19:01<Peng>I have/had an upcoming migration. I wonder if i'll be able to skip one reboot. :D
19:02<Peng>(I doubt it.)
19:04<Bdragon>thanks for specifically pointing out that the initial reboots were meltdown mitigation only. It's been kinda pissing me off how most providers have been implying that their own reboots have been solving all problems and making breath fresher to boot.
19:07-!-Tat_ [] has joined #linode
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20:37<Eugene>Oh nice, I got top comment on a blog post.
20:37<Eugene>Go me
20:37<@rsyracuse>!point Eugene
20:37<linbot>rsyracuse: Point given to eugene. (41) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 12)
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20:37<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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22:01<hays>Woet: it says its deprecated
22:02<hays>so i am worried it won't work on say.. debian 9
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22:03<Zimsky>oh hey it's md_5
22:03<Zimsky>sup md_5
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22:08<Woet>hays: i'm 99% sure it'll work
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22:17<hays>Woet: cool. also i found this which is close
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