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02:08<Davidius>Greetings Linode Peeps
02:09<Davidius>I am going to put on my tinfoil hat and ask a silly but serious question.
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02:09<Davidius>Can a web host steal traffic from its customers behind their backs?
02:10<Davidius>theoretically I would assume this is possible right?
02:10<JamesTK>Not if everything is encrypted
02:10<Woet>Davidius: that depends on your definitions of "web host" and "traffic"
02:10<dwfreed>uh, what?
02:10*JamesTK puts dwfreed's tin foil hat on
02:10<Woet>Davidius: a shared webhosting provider can very easily do whatever they want to your website
02:10<Davidius>*removes tinfoil hat and puts on a santa poof hat*
02:11<Davidius>Woet that's what I thought!!!!
02:11<Woet>Davidius: and seeing as they hold your SSL private keys, encryption is irrelevant
02:11<Davidius>We can trust linode right? :O
02:12<Woet>Davidius: not with your bitcoin wallets, that's for sure
02:12<Davidius>I don't meddle with crypto currency.
02:12<dwfreed>linode isn't a shared webhosting provider
02:12<Davidius>I see.
02:13<Woet>any VPS provider, including Linode, could theoretically reset your root password and do whatever they want
02:13<Woet>but it's harder than shared webhosting
02:14<Davidius>I am currently with another web hosting company. And I've noticed several things that just dont make sense. Makes me believe something fishy is happening behind the scenes
02:14<Davidius>So I am coming back to linode.
02:14<Woet>maybe you should figure out those things first
02:15<Davidius>I did remember reading an article about that one hostgator employee that hacked the servers by placing a backdoor... hmm
02:15<Davidius>Woet maybe you're part of the conspiracy... *dun dun dun*
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02:32<Cromulent>Is there any easy way to move DNS from Linode to Route 53 without manually copying all the records?
02:34<Cromulent>ah sweet sounds easy
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04:56<atul>i amnot able to update and upgrade my linode
04:57<Woet>thanks for sharing
04:57<atul>Critical Maintenance for CPU Vulnerabilities: Meltdown & Spectre Maintenance is required for one or more of your Linodes. Your maintenance times will be listed under the "Maintenance Status" column. Timezone: Asia/Calcutta (My Profile).
04:58<atul>also getting this msg
04:58<Woet>thanks for sharing that too
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06:51<Zimsky>JamesTK wears a tinfoil suit
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07:07<Woet>Eugene wears a towel
07:07<Zimsky>Eugene wears himself?
07:08<Zimsky>Eugene is all towels
07:08<Zimsky>not just a particular towel
07:08<Zimsky>which brings up the question;
07:08<Zimsky>what are you, Woet?
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07:15<Zimsky>classified as a moron, sure
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07:55<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
07:56<linbot>1) Area Man Constantly Mentioning He Doesn't Use Apache <,429/>, 2)
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08:20<Zimsky>must suck if el idles in any spanish channels
08:23<Zimsky>!wx BIKF
08:23<linbot>Zimsky: [metar] OBS at BIKF: 32.0F/00C, visibility 0900 miles, wind 25.32 mph, chill 18.62F (altimeter: 29.146093221) [BIKF 131300Z 21022KT 0900 R19/P1500D -RASN SCT006 BKN016 OVC075 00/00 Q0987]
08:28<Zimsky>smallclone, Bdragon, also useful,
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08:33<rohit>hello there new to linode
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08:36<Zimsky>classic rohit
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08:49<huzzah>hello can i a request a windows install on the $10/mo vps?
08:50<grawity>no, Linode does not officially provide Windows
08:51<huzzah>if i wanted to have windows on a linode vps how could i make that happen, or are there any other vps companies of a similar quality that offer windows options?
08:51<grawity>you can manually install it (bring your own license though)
08:51<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
08:51<grawity>there definitely are other VPS companies which provide Windows
08:51<grawity>I don't remember offhand which ones
08:53<huzzah>im hoping to find a 2gb ram windows vps with a reliable hosting provider for less than $13/mo if anything comes to mind
08:54<Zimsky>why do you even want to run a windongs server
08:54<huzzah>i dont want to have this conversation again :P
08:54<huzzah>professional pressure to stick to microsoft products
08:55<Zimsky>so quit
08:55<Zimsky>work for a company that doesn't suck :D
08:55<huzzah>want to hire me?
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08:55<huzzah>find me a job and then sure
08:55<grawity>well, Vultr provides Win2012/2016, for one
08:56<Zimsky>can you relocate to Hong Kong?
08:56<huzzah>'fraid not
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08:58<huzzah>vultr has a 16$ monthly license fee
08:58<Zimsky>that's mental
08:58<huzzah>i take it i wont find a reliable windows vps with 2gb a ram for 13$?
08:59<Zimsky>doubt it
08:59<Zimsky>can you pay for the license?
08:59<huzzah>id rather not
09:00<Zimsky>yeah, you're SOL then
09:00<grawity>your company wants Windows but is too cheap to pay for it? :|
09:01<Zimsky><Zimsky> work for a company that doesn't suck :D
09:01<grawity>well, there's
09:01<huzzah>its personal usage
09:02<huzzah>i would pay more for a well known name linode rackspace azure 1&1 namecheap etc
09:03<grawity>lol namecheap
09:03<grawity>anyway, get your own license and install Windows to a linode if you want
09:03<grawity>how much does Azure cost, anyway
09:03<huzzah>i had $200 in free credit and they closed my account without explanation
09:03<grawity>I guess they'd be the first place to look
09:03<Zimsky>huzzah: what application(s) are you trying to run
09:04<huzzah>iis, mysql, mssql, php, smtp
09:04<Zimsky>apart from "professional pressure", is there any reason you can't do that on a unix machine?
09:05<huzzah>i dont want to use l(u)nix
09:05<huzzah>i can
09:05<huzzah>cpanel and apt are cpanel and apt
09:05<grawity>lol cpanel
09:05<Zimsky>nice tautology
09:05<huzzah>its probably easier to do it on a debian based system, but i like my windows :P
09:06<Zimsky>"I have it set up how i like it mmkay??"
09:06<Zimsky>can't help you
09:06<Zimsky>do what grawity said, buy a license, run a winode
09:16<huzzah> maybe
09:25<huzzah>usa plz
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09:53<Zimsky>my dad always quits :(
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10:45<dzho>oh good the "i dont want to use l(u)nix" person is gone
10:58<schwa>it's personal but he's under professional pressure? .-.
10:58<Zimsky>dzho: you should see what people say when you quit irc too
10:59*schwa would've said that if they were still here
11:00<Zimsky>what if they weren't?
11:08<dzho>this is why I try never to leave
11:10<linbot>New news from forum: Performance and Tuning • Hugepages - why is it missing? <>
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13:02<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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13:45<GeorgeJetson>Hello, I created the domain over 30 minutes ago and DNS is updated every 15 minutes. So I do not understand why the whois sites are not returning an IP for that domain.
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13:47<GeorgeJetson>Oh, it seems to be serving now.
14:06<nate>worth keeping in mind your side or your chosen resolvers may have been caching the no-record entry as well
14:06<Toba>yeah, nxdomain response caching is a thing
14:07<Peng>Negative TTL of... 10800? Or higher if my resolver is trimming it
14:07<Toba>" As with caching positive responses it is sensible for a resolver to
14:07<Toba> limit for how long it will cache a negative response as the protocol
14:07<Toba> supports caching for up to 68 years."
14:08<Peng>Yeah, my resolver limits higher negative TTLs
14:08<Peng>Most resolvers are gonna limit negative caching to a couple hours
14:08<Toba>yeah, because 68 years is too long probably.
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14:16<Zimsky>I never cache negatively
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14:21<ericoc>only positively? or neutrally?
14:21<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Linode can not be ssh <>
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15:04<DrJ>really wish linode would get rid of the 15-30 minute DNS update delay... just saying ;)
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15:11<dexterfoo>why does 'apt update' get stuck sometimes in the middle for several minutes? i'm using default
15:13<Eugene>"I want instant propagation" "I dont want to run my own infrastructure"
15:13<Eugene>Pick one
15:14<Peng>Or use Cloudflare?
15:14<Peng>Which is instant except when it's broken and not instant
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15:18<millisa>a needle, pulling thread.
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15:18<fezzix>name some mainstream reliable namebreand vps hosting providers that arent fly-by-night BS
15:18<jennyslate>hi all
15:18<fezzix>azure aws linode softlayer/ibm godaddy
15:18<fezzix>who else
15:18<fezzix>who has the cheapest windows 2016 vps with 2gb of ram
15:18<jennyslate>does anyone know if linode manage hosting includes keeping your instance up to date?
15:19<millisa>fezzix: do. rackspace. profitbricks.
15:19<@mcintosh>jennyslate: it does not
15:19<fezzix>do? profitbricks?
15:19<fezzix>i know rackspace
15:19<fezzix>what's do
15:19<@mcintosh>it is primarily an incident response service, i.e. if your service goes down, linode managed technicians will attempt to revive it on a best effort basis
15:19<millisa>might be linode's closest direct competitor?
15:19<fezzix>whats it stand for
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15:20<@scrane>DO is Digital Ocrean.
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15:20<jennyslate>mcintosh: that makes sense. do they offer that service as something else?
15:21<millisa>there's also the aws lightsail stuff - dont remember if they do windows instances
15:21<fezzix>profitbricks looks promising
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15:21<@scrane>jennyslate: If you reach out to Professional Services, they might be able to provide a quote for that.
15:22<jennyslate>scrane: thx! i'll do that
15:22<@mcintosh>!point scrane
15:22<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to scrane. (5)
15:27<fezzix>tell me about the point system
15:27<@scrane>You can give points to people. Or take them away. that's... as far as I've gotten with this.
15:27<@scrane>!unpoint jhaas
15:28<linbot>scrane: Point taken from jhaas! (-9)
15:29<linbot>dwfreed: 1. eugene (41) 2. millisa (39) 3. dwfreed (37) 4. mcintosh (19) 5. peng (18)
15:32<Zimsky>!unpoint Eugene
15:32<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from eugene! (40)
15:33<Zimsky>weird thing I discovered today
15:33<Zimsky>did you know murder is illegal?
15:35<Peng>Not if you work for the government
15:35<@scrane>!point millisa
15:35<linbot>scrane: Point given to millisa. (40) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 9)
15:36<millisa>almost got enough for the decoder ring!
15:36<Peng>millisa: Apparently Lightsail does do Windows. Expensive, of course.
15:37<millisa>in time and money!
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16:38<Eugene>!towel Zimsky
16:38<linbot>Eugene: Point taken from zimsky! (6)
16:40<Zimsky>!unpoint Zimsky
16:40<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from zimsky! (5)
16:40<Zimsky>I'm not in it to win it
16:45<el>Zimsky: i don't sit in explicitly spanish channels but i sit in channels that sometimes speak spanish. it doesn't bother me. i did leave the emacs channel though but i wasn't in there beause of emacs anyway.
16:45<Zimsky>el taco
16:45<Zimsky>l el
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16:49<Zimsky>that's unhealthy
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17:43<anthony>how much is the "managed" add-on for a $10 2GB RAM tier server?
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17:44<Zimsky>should say so on the linode website
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17:46<Guest1797>Looks like $100/mo for "incidence response team" or maybe that's for the whole managed add-on
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17:50<staticsafe>oh neat a Maintenance Status column
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18:22<Ikaros>Heh you just noticed? :p
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18:22<Ikaros>On that note, kinda hate having to twiddle my thumbs trying to guess when my turn is coming.
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19:08<rohit>I am having trouble with apache guacamole and was wondering whether someone could help
19:09<rohit>i followed all the instruction but then when i go to http://myserver:8080/guacamole
19:09<rohit>it says that server cant be reacherd
19:09<rohit>i allready checked firewal
19:09<Zimsky>maybe need someone with longer arms
19:09<rohit>Could someone help me resolve this issue
19:10<rohit>?? what?
19:12<fezzix>so correct me if im wrong
19:12<fezzix>but mx records have a host and a priority, right?
19:12<fezzix>not a host, a "points to" and a priority
19:13<schwa>rohit: are you sure it's running and listening? "sudo netstat -plntu | grep 8080"
19:14<fezzix>what do you want from me
19:14<Zimsky>your liver
19:15<rohit>schwa: It is listening
19:15<fezzix>no seriously
19:15<fezzix>its this plausably deniable bullshit everywhere
19:15<fezzix>If you try godaddy's website malfunctions
19:15<fezzix>their techsupport disappears
19:15<fezzix>no its not your computer
19:15<fezzix>no it doesnt matter how long you try and work around the problem you will never be able to fix it
19:15<rohit>Do I have to link docker and the port 8080 or something?
19:16<fezzix>zimsky: illegal extrajudicial control over my actions
19:16<fezzix>know anything about DNS?
19:16<Zimsky>I know everything about DNS
19:16<fezzix>mx recoreds
19:16<fezzix>they have a host and a priority right?
19:17<Zimsky>it would appear so
19:17<fezzix>so if godaddy says i have to have a host, a "points to" and a priority
19:17<fezzix>and then the MX record doesnt work if I fill in the points to
19:18<Zimsky>maybe you should ask godaddy
19:18<Zimsky>or not use godaddy
19:18<schwa>rohit: it looks like the docker run command from the linode guide has that already (albeit I'm not super familiar with docker) "docker run ... -p guacamole/guacamole"
19:19<schwa>are all three containers running as mentioned in the guide? "docker ps -a"
19:19<fezzix>query the records for
19:19<fezzix>tell me what it reports in your location please
19:20<schwa>fezzix: I see no MX records and for the A
19:22<rohit>schwa: all 3 containers are running
19:22<schwa>not sure what to say then, as I've not followed this guide myself
19:22<fezzix>mx (Priority: 10) 1 Hour
19:22<fezzix>mx (Priority: 0) 1 Hour
19:22<rohit>I had used another method for guacamole and I had got it working
19:22<rohit>however, under settings there was no connections tab
19:22<rohit>or the usual tabs under guacamole
19:23<rohit>would u possibly know how to fix that, so I could revert to that method
19:23<rohit>I used this link:
19:23*schwa hasn't used guac personally and was just going through generic troubleshooting steps
19:24<dwfreed>linbot: dns6 mx
19:24<linbot>dwfreed: The DNS response does not contain an answer to the question: IN MX
19:24<dwfreed>linbot: dns6 mx
19:24<linbot>dwfreed: 10
19:24<fezzix>so the mx record is there?
19:25<dwfreed>you have it wrong
19:25<dwfreed>you need to leave the name field blank
19:25<fezzix>godaddy requires a field entry
19:25<dwfreed>then use @
19:25<dwfreed>linbot: dns6 ns
19:27<fezzix>i know dns hasnt changed since ive configured a domain and ive configured thousands
19:27<fezzix>isp call center
19:27<dwfreed>use @ for the host field
19:27<dwfreed>linbot: dns6 mx
19:27<linbot>dwfreed: The DNS response does not contain an answer to the question: IN MX
19:27<millisa>hey look, mx's
19:27<dwfreed>(probably cached response)
19:27<fezzix>give it 60 mintes
19:27<millisa>i see them
19:27<rohit>ok thx
19:28<rohit>ill find a fix myself
19:28<Peng>~361 more seconds
19:28<fezzix>someone send a test email from somewhere outside of here to *
19:28<dwfreed>your negative caching TTL is 600, or 10 minutes
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19:51<fezzix>what do you want from me
19:52<Peng>linbot: dns6 mx
19:52<linbot>Peng: 0, 10
19:53<fezzix>send a test email
19:58-!-fezzix [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
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21:54<millisa>Was looking to see if the maintenance status/time is expose in the v4 api. - that appears to show the important ticket open and it shows several of the linodes that have a 'scheduled migration'. but it's missing some.
21:55<millisa>and one of them that has a scheduled time doesn't have the 'when' populated in the api. Is the data exposed somewhere else in the api that I'm not looking at?
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22:08<zifnab>Eugene: you're a towel
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22:32<ask>Does Lincode support Windows system?
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22:33<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
22:33<Woet>but why would you want to?
22:33<@scrane>We don't officially support it, however some people do run Windows on our platform
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23:00<Eugene>zifnab - you're a _______
23:02<Woet>Eugene: rude
23:08<Eugene>!lick Woet
23:08<linbot>Eugene: Point given to woet. (4)
23:08<Woet>thanks Eugene
23:11<Zimsky>!towel Woet
23:11<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from woet! (3)
23:11<Woet>fuck you Zimsky
23:11<Zimsky>┐( ಠ‿ ಠ;)┌
23:14<Zimsky>scrane: I like to imagine "some people" in that sentence is said with a particular inflection
23:14<Zimsky>that of derision
23:15<Zimsky>the only things Woet and I agree on; windows servers are terrible, and peng is satan
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