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00:23<nate>So I finally see a ticket for one of the meltdown migrations. Is this something we can invoke ourselves or do we actually have to wait for the automated migration?
00:23<nate>(I haven't logged in yet to see)
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00:35<schblis>can someone help me? One of my servers ran out of disk space. I tried upgrading to a bigger linode and then expanding the hard drive but I am unable to access the server online or SSH
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00:36<millisa>is it powered on? can you connect via lish?
00:37<schblis>yes it is powered on
00:38<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
00:40<schblis>it seems I cannot, possible firewall issue?
00:41<schblis>i tried accessing lish using the web browser
00:41<millisa>did you try logging in? it shows 'mail login:'
00:42<schblis>i didn't press anything, let me try again
00:44<schblis>im not getting a login prompt
00:44<schblis>I closed it out and opened it again and it goes right into those lines about firewall tcp blocked
00:44<millisa>hit enter.
00:45<schblis>I am in
00:46<schblis>it appears my apache2 service is running
00:46<schblis>but I cannot access anything
00:47<millisa>are you able to ping your gateway?
00:48<schblis>pinging and results in a timeout
00:48<Woet>are you able to ping your gateway?
00:49<millisa>(that IP pings just fine for me)
00:50<millisa>looks like it loads roundcube in a browser.
00:51<schblis>oh, yeah thats it. I also did a test message to my mail service and it works fine too
00:51<schblis>not sure why I am unable to see it from my end
00:53<schblis>when you say ping gateway, you mean the default gateway of my router?
00:53<schblis>I was able to ping that just fine
00:53<millisa>i meant from the lish console on your linode can you ping your linode's gateway
00:54<millisa>but since it is responding to my web browser, it likely is
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00:54<schblis>yes lish console pings gateway fine
00:56<Woet>schblis: it seems like your firewall blacklisted you.
00:56<schblis>hmm. I suppose that was possible. While trying to troubleshoot the issue from SSH I tried loggin in several times and got wrong password
00:57<schblis>where could I confirm this? iptables?
00:59<millisa>looking at the output of iptables-save would probably be a good place to start
01:00<Woet>schblis: did you not set this server up? it's running CSF.
01:01<schblis>no i didn't configure it, I have a server admin who does stuff like this usually for me and he is not online
01:06<schblis>its working now
01:06<schblis>thank you for your help
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02:45<Guest1812>hello. do you have any offer that is high availability?
02:45<Woet>if you order multiple linodes in multiple locations and configure them accordingly
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03:44<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Status of Promised Upgrade to the Newark Data Center <>
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06:12<je>CPU usage is frequently over 50% and sometimes 100%. Do I need an upgrade? Does cpu usage affect site performance?
06:14<@bmartin>je Which plan are you currently using?
06:15<je>20$ plan
06:15<je>2 cpus
06:16<@bmartin>Just so you're aware your percentage is per core. For example if you maxed out your Linode it would be at 200%
06:19<je>I know that. The cpu usage I mentioned is the number that came from using the top command.
06:23<@bmartin>I apologize. It is possible you will need to upgrade.
06:23<@bmartin>CPU usage can impact site performance.
06:24<je>Thank you for answer.
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06:50<Martin>hello , is here anybody can help me ??
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06:51<Guest1825>I change my phone, and I forget to backup my account, so I don't have a authentication code, I can't login my management web.
06:52<@bmartin>They will give you some options where we can help out
06:54<Guest1825>I have wrote a email to them, but they don't reply me. = =
07:00<@bmartin>What is your email? I will get someone to take a look.
07:01<Guest1825>my email is, thank you so much~
07:06<@bmartin>No problem!
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07:29<qingmengchu>hello sir, please checck the email box. I have sent a new email, it contains the pics you asked for. thanks a lot~
07:32<@bmartin>Thank you
07:34<Woet>qingmengchu: i'm pretty sure they will get your email even without reminding them on IRC
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07:52<zikomikoo>i have a problem
07:52<zikomikoo>could any one help me please ?
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07:53<zikomikoo>hello any one there ?
07:54<@bmartin>Hello zikomikoo how can we help you
07:56<zikomikoo>i have a problem
07:57<zikomikoo>i have recieved the email that confirms my payment "billing"
07:57<zikomikoo>but now
07:57<zikomikoo>i can t connect
07:58<zikomikoo>the platfomr says that my username is incorrect
07:58<zikomikoo>i clicked on "Forgot username"
07:58<zikomikoo>but i have received nothing yet
07:59<Woet>for future reference
07:59<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
07:59<Zimsky>pls reply
08:00<Woet>apparently your email address does not exist if you don't receive anything
08:00<@bmartin>Zikomikoo do you have a ticket open currently?
08:00<zikomikoo>how shoud i do to open it
08:01<zikomikoo>this is the only way to get contact with you that i found
08:01<@bmartin>We are unable to discuss account information in our public channel so that will be the best option to determine what is the issue.
08:01<zikomikoo>i keep you inform if you allow me
08:02<zikomikoo>i understand
08:02<zikomikoo>thank you so much
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10:47<Woet>scrane: stop being overly nice
10:47<Woet>it upsets me
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10:48<@bmartin>Don't worry scrane blocks everyone's car in at the office and makes us wait for him.
10:49<@bmartin>He's keeping his meanness sharpened. woet
10:49<Woet>did you try slashing his tires
10:49<@bmartin>Then he definitely couldn't move...
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11:56<Eric>Hi, are there any linode representatives here?
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12:04<Woet>nice reading comprehension Eric
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12:10<ericoc>thanks :P
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12:20<otilija>Maintenance is required to linode, anyone already doing it?
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12:22<Peng>Some people
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13:04<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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13:13<FluffyFoxeh>Mine isn't scheduled yet
13:16<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • Apply for IELTS CELTA/DELTA, PTE, OET, TESOL, NEBOSH, ARRT, <> || General Discussion • Buy Real/Fake passports, driver's licenses, ID cards,birth certificates, <>
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15:10<Brian_>Where might I find Cybersecurity policies?
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15:12<@scrane>Brian_ This is the public facing page we have regarding security:
15:14<Brian_>Any more details? Need to confirm I will be in compliance with a client's RFP.
15:15<@scrane>We do also have this:
15:16<@scrane>That being said, what are the specific security details you are looking for?
15:22<Brian_>Items listed here:
15:22<Brian_>though I do not expect you to read them, it is State Policies in how data is handled, safeguarded, etc.
15:23<Brian_>Are you physically safeguarded. Do you have more than one physical site where data is backed up in case of a catastrophe?
15:28<@scrane>For the security policy you linked, we do have security policies, however I do not believe those are sharable with third parties. With regards to the second question, Linode's data is backed up in case of disaster, but that doesn't extend to the data on your Linode. For that, you would need a separate backup solution.
15:35<Brian_>I can understand a backup for my data but if the premises catches fire and is obliterated, is there a redundancy for keeping the system online?
15:40<@scrane>Can you clarify a little more what you mean by "the system"?
15:49<@scrane>To explain, if by "the system" you mean, yes there is redundancy for keeping that online. If by "the system" you mean your Linode, then we would not provide and redundancy and that would be something you would need to configure across different datacenters and backups.
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16:04<nate>I don't think those state policies would be mandatory for linode anyways, they have no basis in that state (neither DC location nor offices)?
16:05<nate>That said, linode isn't a datacenter Brian_
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16:06<nate>linode is a VPS provider that basically rents rackspace from datacenters for their own servers, which most likely do yes, have physical security, however it would be largely maintained by that datacenter, not linode I imagine (other than separate locks to linode's "areas")
16:06<nate>Data backups would be entirely up to you unless you get one of linode's backup coverage plans
16:07<nate>and even then -you- have to do the backups to that backup space -I believe-
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16:07<Peng>nate: Linode backups are automatic, but not off-site
16:07<nate>Ah okay. I thought they were basically just a reserved space you could initiate a clone to or something. Admittedly never used them yet myself :P
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16:16<dwfreed>there is one manual snapshot slot
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16:26<vq>Hi. I have fast question. I need to get instance. I'm in Europe. Which country should I choose? Does it metter? USA or UK or Germany ?
16:27<Peng>It's your choice
16:27<vq>I think spped and security will be the same, is not it?
16:27<dwfreed>depends on which kind of speed you care about
16:28<vq>I meann network speed. I'm going to get Linode 12288 - 6 CPU Cores 8TB XFER
16:28<@bhanks>hi vq you can do a speed test here:
16:29<dwfreed>network speed between you and your linode is almost guaranteed to be slower if you pick something in the US
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18:00<MJCS>When will we know the restart/maintenance schedule for our linode?
18:00<MJCS>for the meltdown patch
18:01<millisa>the ones i have now all appear to have gotten a 24-30 hour headsup
18:02<schwa>just got one 36 hours in advance
18:03<@bhanks>you should be getting notices at least 24 hours in advance for these Critical Maintenance reboots/migrations
18:04<schwa>appears to be being done in batches (maybe not on a master schedule or they haven't finalized one yet?) given the notice was only for a single linode
18:04<@bhanks>yes. these are going out in batches over the next week.
18:17<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • bug in message "Maintenance is not yet scheduled" <>
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18:44<snsns>is support provided by staff members here in capacity?
18:44-!-ntox is now known as ntox__away
18:44<snsns>just that chat is a better medium for my quick few questions about my linode
18:44<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
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18:44<MrPPS>snsns: sometimes, yes
18:45<MrPPS>they are here, but don't always see it
18:47<schwa>snsns: we should be able to answer most quick questions though. if you *need* to talk to staff you should open a support ticket or call
18:50-!-Mith [] has joined #linode
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18:50<snsns>basically I want the migration they're doing to be postponed
18:50<snsns>I suppose I have to open a ticket probably, thanks
18:50-!-Mith [] has quit []
18:50<schwa>yeah it would have to be a ticket
18:51<schwa>I have feeling they're not gonna postpone things for meltdown/spectre though
18:52<Peng>They might be willing to migrate you though
18:56-!-k2k29 [~quassel@2601:82:200:3630:e5c3:7694:a0d1:c2f4] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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19:01<@scrane>snsns I'm here if you have any questions.
19:02<@scrane>Because of the nature of the vulnerability, though, and how critical the mitigation is, we can't be as flexible as he would like, though. We won't be able to postpone any of the reboots or migrations.
19:09-!-ntox is "Anthony" on #ovirt #debian
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19:17<MICHES>hello L team
19:17<MICHES>just would like to know if there are annual plans ?
19:17<Peng>No. Only for some older accounts.
19:18<MICHES>i see the pricings reflect monthly rates, how does this look if we wish to prepay 1 year ?
19:18-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
19:18<Peng>The same. :P
19:18<@scrane>If you pay in advance for one year, you will just have a positive credit on the account and the monthly invoices will pull from that positive credit before withdrawing from the card on file.
19:18<MICHES>ok thank you peng, so it's just like $x * 12 months ?
19:19<MICHES>Ok thank you, thought there'd be something like discount (wishful)
19:19<Peng>Sadly, no. :(
19:19<MICHES>All good Peng.
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20:14<joe_>hi is anyone running asterisk on a linode?
20:15-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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20:21<MrPPS>not at the moment, but people have done it
20:22<joe_>thanks. i've been running it for over a year now on a couple of linodes for a couple of clients. tonight i'm getting "illegal instruction" on one of my linodes when asterisk tries to start. this linode was "migrated" today - the others (still running) were not.
20:23<joe_>waiting on support to get to me - trying to figure out if this is the migration or the meltdown stuff - or both
20:24<MrPPS>ah, sorry I can't shed any more light on it
20:25<joe_>that's okay - i've never been on the linode irc. just seeing if anybody else was having similar problems.
20:25-!-ntox__away [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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20:29<MrPPS>joe_: any option to restore a backup from before the migration to a test linode?
20:31-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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20:31<joe_>that's definately something i can try. i did go back to some older kernels but didn't help
20:31<joe_>does linode support hang out in here?
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21:10<dwfreed>joe_: did you compile asterisk yourself? If so, your CFLAGS -march is too aggressive
21:15<joe_>no this was a binary distro install
21:15-!-rschneberger [] has joined #linode
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21:16<joe_>and i'm on with support now - its definately related to new host hardware, new host software version, or the meltdown patch
21:16<joe_>unfortunately, they changed all three on me today
21:22-!-baimafeima [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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21:26<nogeek>my count cant reset pwd
21:27<nogeek>can't login
21:27<millisa>to the manager?
21:27<nogeek>can't do anything
21:27<nogeek>Company Name: nogeek Payment Number: 6856408 Payment Date: January 14, 2018 Payment Card: 8110 This is your receipt of payment against your credit card in the amount of $5.00. Thank you. Please note that charges will appear as "" on your credit card's statement. For account information and current balance, please visit the Linode Manager at If you have any questions or concerns, please open a support t
21:27<millisa>did you just sign up?
21:28<nogeek>i had billing
21:30<nogeek>Payment Number: 6856408
21:30<millisa>this is a community channel, knowing specific account details probably wouldn't help much.
21:30<millisa>did you just sign up for linode or is this an account that's been around for a while?
21:33<millisa>there's usually a second mail that's different than the billing mail. it usually either asks for more info or gives you a welcome message.
21:37-!-pavlushka [] has joined #linode
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22:06<joe_>If anyone was following my saga, when they migrated my linode they moved me to slightly different hardware. We moved it to another server with the same hardware class with the new hosting software and the Meltdown patch and all it good. Kudos to linode support!
22:08-!-pavlushka [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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22:08<@scrane>!point joe_
22:08<linbot>scrane: Point given to joe_. (1)
22:08<@scrane>Were you running Gentoo?
22:08<millisa>he was the asterisk fellah
22:09-!-pavlushka [] has joined #linode
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22:10<@scrane>Aaah, right, right. Okay
22:12<dwfreed>Asterisk still shouldn't have failed if it was from a binary distro
22:14<joe_>running centos with the linode kernel
22:16<dwfreed>would have been interesting to see what instruction it was trying to use
22:16<joe_>unfortunately, linode can't really divulge the hardware differences - but i could easily see the distro bundling several binaries with an optimal one selected based on hardware at install time
22:16<dwfreed>CPU hardware differences are easy to spot
22:17<dwfreed>because Linode doesn't hide the host CPU from the guest's /proc/cpuinfo like other providers do
22:17<joe_>i would rather rebuild my server than debug a core dump, but here it is "trap invalid opcode 4d97cf"
22:18<dwfreed>that'll be fun to find in intel's x86 manuals
22:18<joe_>not the the contents of the IP register will help
22:18<dwfreed>oh the 4d97cf was the IP reg?
22:19<joe_>yeah sorry i would have to debug i think to get the actual opcode
22:19<joe_>i have the stack pointer but not much else in the error message
22:20<joe_>i didn't even try with the core dump
22:20<joe_>apparently linode only use intel processors though
22:20<Woet>yea because they want actual good cpus
22:21<joe_>so this was an edge case i'm sure. and support got it resolved
22:22-!-pavlushka [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:22<joe_>nice meeting everyone! thanks for the responses!
22:22-!-joe_ [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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23:28<Fuzzle>I need to come up with a short clever catchy name for a tech related business with an available domain name
23:29<nate>Worst thing you can do is ask for advice on a catchy domain name publically
23:29<nate>because the moment you go "Oh that's great!" is the moment someone else immediately registers it
23:30<dwfreed>can confirm, some scumbag has done that to me before
23:31<Fuzzle>How about cleversity
23:31<millisa>pretty sure you already have that
23:32<millisa>I think it's interesting that you are on a cox connection today and it was sbc yesterday?
23:33<Fuzzle>I think it's interesting you noticed or rather care
23:33<dwfreed>good memory
23:34<Fuzzle>I think millisa has a crush
23:34<dwfreed>I had the same thought, fwiw
23:34<Fuzzle>Yall aren't used to change are you
23:36<millisa>I dunno what you are talking about. I like change. I like how it jingles. It's girlscout cookie season so I have to stop by the bank to get half dollar, dollar coins, and 2 dollar bills.
23:36<Fuzzle>Not sure how those are related
23:36<dwfreed>2 dollar bills!
23:36<Fuzzle>Scouts and odd denominations?
23:36<millisa>It's hard to get them in uncut sheets now
23:37<dwfreed>Fuzzle: different interpretation of the word "change"
23:37<Fuzzle>Server 2016 was sent by the gods
23:37*Fuzzle hides
23:38<millisa>The woz used to get them in uncut sheets, would cut them into columns, and get them perforated. He'd turn them into pads and then whenever he had a bill at a restaurant he'd take out the pad and break one off to pay with
23:38<Fuzzle>Hah clever
23:38-!-Fuzzle [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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23:47<Kenneth_>Can you please guide me on how can I upgrade my web server php version? hehehe
23:49<millisa>it would depend on which distribution you are running, what version you are on, what you want to go to
23:51<Kenneth_>Thank you for your answer millisa, I was searching but seems to can't find what I'm looking for. Can you please differentiate the php version in php.ini and phpinfo()?
23:52<Kenneth_>I already updated php version of cli but seems that the web server is the one that I need to upgrade.
23:52<millisa>have you restarted your web server since doing it?
23:54<Kenneth_>Hi, I already restarted and it solves my problem. Thank you so much millisa.
23:54<Kenneth_>So it seems that updating cli php version will corresponds to my web server.
23:55<Kenneth_>That really enlighten me.
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