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00:01<NoviarRS>ohh didt support VBV (3D secure cards)... RIP ME... thanks jhaas :)
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00:01<@jhaas>ah, srry bout that, but glad we got to the bottom :)
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00:51<grawity>sigh, what's the point of even announcing "Maintenance schedule will be shown on the dashboard" if it gets rebooted within just a few hours of being scheduled
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00:55<Peng>You were supposed to get like 24-36 hours warning
00:55<Peng>In an email
00:59<grawity>oh, apparently I did receive a ticket mail?
00:59<cosdaddy>Oour website is unavilable now
00:59<cosdaddy>I am so anxious
01:00<Peng>I think one of my nodes got faster after maintenance. :|
01:00<cosdaddy>Our technician updated your kernel as instructed and restarted the server, but our site can not be accessed. We can not find the reason.
01:01<millisa>what do your logs say?
01:02<cosdaddy>isIs the our node (linode3104704) still in maintenance?
01:02<Peng>Log in to the Linode manager and check.
01:03<Peng>You would have to contact Linode support for a definitive answer.
01:03<Peng>What is the site. What is the error message.
01:03<cosdaddy>status is "phrase 1 complete"
01:04<Peng>So it's done
01:04<Peng>Is it running
01:05<cosdaddy>I know the node is running,but we updated kernels as instructed,our website can not be accessed
01:06<cosdaddy>kernel is lasted 64 bit(4.14.12-x86_64-linode92)
01:06<nick>Host h1230-cjj1 has been "in progress" for more than an hour now... others rebooted a lot quicker than this.
01:08<cosdaddy>"Meltdown In progress Patching in progress." means our node is unavailable?
01:08<Woet>cosdaddy: does the server ping? what does LISH show?
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01:11<@jhaas>nick: we're looking into that one
01:12<cosdaddy>I @<woet> bytes= 31 time= 197ms ttl= 51 timeout
01:13<Woet>cosdaddy: pings here.
01:13<Woet>7 packets transmitted, 7 packets received, 0.0% packet loss
01:13<cosdaddy>it is always timeout and 50% package lost
01:13<nick>thanks. can't go to sleep until it's back up :)
01:13<Woet>sounds like an issue on your side
01:13<Woet>and "always timeout" and "50% packet loss" are impossible
01:13<Woet>its one or the other
01:14<cosdaddy>I can not send you picture
01:14<Woet>you don't have to, I know it's impossible.
01:14<cosdaddy>but it is true ,65% packets lost
01:14<Woet>okay, so not "always timeout"
01:15<cosdaddy>you can ping our ip
01:15<Woet>i did
01:15<Woet>[14:13:17] <Woet> 7 packets transmitted, 7 packets received, 0.0% packet loss
01:17<cosdaddy>what is your ip?I will ping your ip now to get the result
01:17<Woet>thats irrelevant.
01:17<Woet> agrees by the way
01:17<millisa>looks good to me too: 82 packets transmitted, 82 received, 0% packet loss
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01:18<Woet>also, its either up or down during this maintenance
01:18<Woet>not packet loss
01:18<cosdaddy>Connection to failed (Socket Error # 10061
01:19<millisa>doesnt look like port 80 is open
01:19<millisa>ftp and something on 9999 is though
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01:19<cosdaddy>our website is ,Can you find the error ?
01:19<Woet>cosdaddy: why don't you use SSH or LISH to find the error?
01:19<cosdaddy>what should I do
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01:19<Woet>use SSH or LISH.
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01:20<Woet>SSH works so that'd be easiest
01:20<millisa>check your web server is running, check that your firewall is allowing the port
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01:23<Woet>btw: 446 packets transmitted, 446 packets received, 0.0% packet loss
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02:32<Zimsky>hw r u
02:33<turbo>hlo how can we register domain in linode
02:33<millisa>linode isn't a registrar
02:33<Zimsky>idkmn idnt thnk y cn
02:33<Zimsky>я резни
02:34<millisa>but if you mean how do you setup dns services for an already registered domain at linode, this doc would be a good start:
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02:46<vectortrex>Is there a way to view my host's load? I'm getting really poor perf on this job all the sudden and I'm trying to figure out what's changed
02:47<millisa>top shows steal
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02:49<vectortrex>shows 0.0
02:50<vectortrex>But load is only 0.20
02:50<millisa>what's the job do?
02:51<vectortrex>It's a series of things. Started with an avconv process on a 17m video. Normally this takes <10 seconds but now it took over 5m
02:51<vectortrex>And now it's piping it to discord, but it's utterly failing to keep the buffer full so it's skipping pretty badly
02:52<vectortrex>I'm willing to blame discord for that since I don't have control over that end
02:52<vectortrex>But the avconv time was out of line, so I'm just trying to grab any low hanging fruit
02:52<vectortrex>Host looks bored though, so I don't know.
02:53<Zimsky>you should blame discord for everything
02:53<Zimsky>discord is probably the source of literally every problem
02:53<Zimsky>including trump
02:59<vectortrex>avconv back to normal-ish speeds. Gonna blame discord for the remaining issues
02:59<millisa>probably rubbed some bacon on it.
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03:10<mak>Hi Guys
03:10<mak>Actually my Website is hosted on linod server
03:10<mak>which is dedicated serer
03:10<mak>and i got few messages from your side
03:11<mak>so could you please let us know what exactly do i need to perform in server side
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03:11<mak>* linode2046683 - (71551365) Lassie initiated boot: CDSmart - Failed Wed, 17 Jan 2018 04:12:08 GMT * linode2046683 - (71548192) Host initiated restart - Completed Wed, 17 Jan 2018 04:12:02 GMT
03:12<mak>What ?
03:12<mak>what ?
03:12<Woet>mak: does SSH work?
03:12<millisa>That looks like a linode that did its reboot for the maintenance
03:12<mak>Yes actually what i need to perform and why this messages i getting from your side ?
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03:13<Woet>mak: I don't understand your question
03:13<mak>Is there any thing to do from my side or this is just Information message ?
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03:13<Woet>mak: are you having any issues?
03:14<Zimsky>Woet: do you know what mak buys?
03:14<Woet>Zimsky: an unmanaged Linux VPS
03:14<Zimsky>big winner
03:14<mak>and last thing i got it is below
03:14<Woet>no need for the fat shaming
03:14<mak>Please check too
03:14<mak>Hello, A number of serious security vulnerabilities affecting multiple CPU architectures were recently disclosed by Google's Project Zero team as outlined in our blog post[1]. In order to address the disclosed vulnerabilities, the physical hardware on which your Linode resides will need to undergo maintenance. This is the first of several separate maintenances that will be necessary to fully mitigate these vulnerabilities. This maintenance specifically pat
03:14<Woet>mak: can you please start asking questions?
03:14<mak>Yes sure
03:14<Woet>mak: the message you pasted is quite clear, so not sure what the question is
03:15<mak>Actually before 2 day back i got messages from server side Which are below
03:15<mak>* linode2046683 - (71551365) Lassie initiated boot: CDSmart - Failed Wed, 17 Jan 2018 04:12:08 GMT * linode2046683 - (71548192) Host initiated restart - Completed Wed, 17 Jan 2018 04:12:02 GMT
03:15<mak>what was these ?
03:15<ikhoai>Hi, I purchase lindoe service yesterday using developertea promocode but it doesn't work, my credit card still charge?
03:15<@jhaas>mak: You can ignore "Lassie initiated boot: CDSmart - Failed" when we do maintenance
03:15<Woet>ikhoai: define "it doesn't work"
03:15<grawity>ikhoai: please clarify what doesn't work
03:16<Zimsky>Woet: I believe the right word here is "cacophony"
03:16<mak>are you guys sure ?
03:16<Zimsky>not as sure as the girls
03:16<Woet>mak: he works for Linode, he'd know
03:16<Zimsky>they're really sure
03:16<@jhaas>mak: yes
03:16<ikhoai>As fas as I undertand, I will have 20$ before Linode charge me, but I was charge right after enter my credit card number, am I correct?
03:16<mak>So my server is safe right ?
03:17<Woet>mak: you should know that
03:17<Woet>mak: you're the sysadmin
03:17<millisa>ikhoai: if you goto your account tab, it should show the account balance. if you put in a promo code, it'll probably show there.
03:17<millisa>ikhoai: should be whatever you preloaded off the card + the promo
03:17<mak>and may i know when you will taking care Maintanance of website ?
03:18<mak>We cannot afford to have website down between 7AM to 9PM GMT
03:18<millisa>mak: it shows it on the manager. login to the manager and look.
03:18<Zimsky>wasn't jesus in the manager?
03:18<mak>So i can select from my admin panel and select time as well
03:19<mak>right ?
03:19<Woet>mak: no
03:19<Woet>mak: why dont you just check?
03:19<Woet>mak: instead of asking us.
03:19<millisa>the ticket you copied and pasted the beginning of even answers that very question.
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03:21<ikhoai>I have just checked, my account balance only have $20 from my credit card, if the promocode work it would be 40, right?
03:22<millisa>maybe I'm wrong. i could swear it showed there on the last one I signed up
03:23<mak>I am already login into the manager
03:24<mak>but could you please assist us where i can see ?
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03:29<ikhoai>@jhaas: thanks
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03:37<vectortrex>Probably didn't help that I was using a linode kernel from the dark ages
03:38<vectortrex>fixed that. Rebooted. Seems to have mostly cleared up either by that, all the updates I did, or time magic
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04:15<dcraig>I feel like my fremont linode has limited connectivity
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05:26<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Privilege to choose maintenance window for critical patches <>
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05:52<darwin>I'm wondering if the new changes/upgrades/fixes may have led to any IPv6 issues, such as I seem to have, or it's more likely just stuff like udev was causing that recently for me (after asking, I was instructed by Linode to delete a file udev autogenerated wrong)
05:53-!-vectortrex [~vectortre@2601:600:8880:6b00:7ca2:93d:e4d7:883b] has joined #linode
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05:54<grawity>um, what problems
05:56-!-Musfuut [~musfuut@2600:3c00::19:cace] has joined #linode
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06:26<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Cant ssh to my node after Meltdown & Spectre maintainence <> || Feature Request/Bug Report • cloud init support <>
06:30<darwin>it was that suddenly, my IPv6 (sub)domains no longer work. I found out when I and a few friends were disconnected from our IPv6 IRC bouncer, but the IPv6 is also used for websites. So, when I do traceroute6 to some their domain names, it only gets to Linode, then nowhere
06:36-!-Fernando [~oftc-webi@2804:14d:bad7:80de:1169:c09b:1421:cd3f] has joined #linode
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06:37<hawk>darwin: Is the relevant IP still set up on the machine? If using SLAAC, have you by any chance borked up SLAAC by blocking ICMP or something like that?
06:40<darwin>'relevant IP?'
06:41<darwin>all the IPv6 addresses are showing in IPv6. I hadn't done anything, not even login (for days)
06:41<darwin>just the IPv6 suddenly disconnected. It wasn't from a reboot either (hadn't rebooted since three days ago, when I logged in)
06:41<darwin>'all the IPv6 addresses are showing in "ifconfig"'
06:44<hawk>Ok. I was just checking. And the default route is in place as well?
06:49<darwin>I'm not sure how to check that, but I haven't done anything with it
06:50<darwin>so since I had no reason to use/change it, it's default unless there's something that changed it
06:53-!-sandeep [] has joined #linode
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06:53<hawk>darwin: "ip -6 r" ?
06:53<darwin>it said four lines of stuff
06:53<hawk>was there a default route?
06:54<darwin>one is: default via fe80::1 dev eth0 proto ra metric 1024 expires 298sec hoplimit 64 pref medium
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06:59<ac>do linode hv windows?
06:59<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
06:59<Woet>that factoid is missing "but why?:"
07:00<@bmartin>We don't actively support windows but some users have done that
07:00<Woet>ac: but why?
07:00-!-ac [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
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07:01<Woet>too embarrassed I suppose
07:10<darwin>hawk, any ideas/suggestions what to do next then?
07:14<hawk>darwin: Not anything specific. Check connectivity from both ends. If everything really looks to be set up correctly but doesn't work, maybe ask Linode?
07:16<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Email Access <>
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07:33<flugsio>is there some problem login in to right now?
07:33<flugsio>getting "Something went wrong :("
07:34-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
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07:38<linodeuser1>hello. what's the status with the login to linode manager?
07:39<@bmartin>linodeuser1 we are looking at this right now
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07:46<andrea_frittoli>hello - I'm trying to Import a DNS Zone from to linode, but I get the error that the nameserver '' is not authoritative for my domain - which is surprising
07:47<andrea_frittoli>does anyone here had similar issues?
07:47-!-frail_ [frail_@2600:3c01:e001:3930::3] has joined #linode
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07:49<Chester07>Hey uh, is anyone else having trouble logging into linode manager?
07:49<@bmartin>Chester07 we are working ont his now
07:49<@jhaas>^ :(
07:50<Chester07>Ah I see, thank you for the quick response!
07:50<@bmartin>Chester07 thank you for being super cool
07:51-!-darwin [] has quit [Quit: ZNC 1.6.5 -]
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07:54<linbot>New news from status: Linode Manager and API Connectivity Issue <>
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07:58<Cristian>Someone has been problems with log in
07:58<@bmartin>We are currently working on this Cristian
07:58<Cristian>Oh, thank you!
07:59-!-mode/#linode [+l 325] by ChanServ
08:01<@jhaas>think we fixed the Manager... if not bug us!
08:02<Chester07>Seems fine so far, thanks!
08:03<flugsio>works, thanks!
08:05-!-baimafeima [~baimafeim@] has joined #linode
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08:51<souhwhatnow>so yeah
08:51<souhwhatnow>whats pgp's default keyserver
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08:54<@jhaas>think it depends on your distro
08:54<souhwhatnow>commercial pgp not gpg
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09:26<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • Postfix does not start correctly on linode reboot, not always. <>
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09:37<enigma>hi there... have a query on Linode account. SOmeone here to help?
09:38-!-iSRAELi [iSRAELi@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:38<armiller_but_not>This is a community channel, so you probably won't get an answer from Linode staff
09:39<armiller_but_not>We might be able to help with some stuff though so go ahead and ask
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11:01<souhwhatnow>someone tampered with my computer while I wasn't home
11:06<branko>souhwhatnow: Was it a cat?
11:07<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Maintenance scheduled for Meltdown security vulnerability <>
11:07<souhwhatnow>branko: whats a "resume"
11:10<flugsio>i have a really slow linode, feels like it gets like 1% cpu, if someone wants to find my ticket through all the spam 9844183
11:13-!-stephenplatz [~steve@2601:602:8501:28ec:c8b7:5fea:3c54:d029] has joined #linode
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11:13<flugsio>i have 50% cpu stealing currently
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11:15<@nmelehan>Hi flugsio, sorry about those troubles. We'll take a look at the ticket
11:17<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Cannot reach server? <>
11:24<flugsio>thanks, got fast response on the ticket, and it looks much better already
11:27<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Linode DNS <>
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11:47<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • Do I need to change the IP on a restored backup? <>
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11:57<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Pay Pal Card <>
12:00<Zimsky>woet is my pay pal
12:07<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • how to apply my godaddy wildcard ssl certificate on my linode hosted website subdomains ? <>
12:08-!-krasny [] has joined #linode
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12:08<krasny>Is linode gdpr compliant?
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12:17<treblecharger>dzho: good to see you man!
12:17<Zimsky>TIL it's a good thing to see dzho
12:17<treblecharger>dzho: I am going to install a second Linode using your guide!
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12:17<treblecharger>dzho: about to go eat some Pho =)
12:17<dzho>ho, you go!
12:18<dzho>treblecharger: I idle, so it's unusual for my account not to show up as present
12:19-!-ericnoan [] has joined #linode
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13:17<mondoweb>I have a problem with my account. I can not log in because I forgot my Authy password.
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13:18<armiller_but_not>They will ask you for a picture of your photo ID and a picture of the card on the account showing the last six digits
13:19<armiller_but_not>If you give them that they can turn off two factor for you, which should let you login
13:23<mondoweb>ok thanks :)
13:24-!-mondoweb [~oftc-webi@2001:b07:6454:ec3:79d9:3f6e:5fe4:b2bf] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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13:27<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • Postfix does not start correctly on linode reboot, not always. <>
13:37<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Linode DNS <> || General Discussion • Linode will no longer boot <>
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13:51<souhwhatnow>Holy shit man
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14:08<herukrayz>any support linode?
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14:10<armiller_but_not>herukrayz: This is a channel for the Linode community not Linode support
14:10<armiller_but_not>If you have a question go ahead and ask. We may be able to help, but since we aren't affiliated with Linode there's a lot we can't do
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15:18<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Maintenance scheduled for Meltdown security vulnerability <>
15:23<FluffyFoxeh>armiller_but_not: where's the real armiller
15:23<FluffyFoxeh>what did you do with him
15:24<@nmelehan>this is arthur
15:25<armiller_but_not>He is in a safe place ;)
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15:31<@bhanks>hello @armiller_but_not
15:48<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • Do I need to change the IP on a restored backup? <>
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15:59<jafa>hi guys, ipv6 routing is still not working after the "phase 1 maintenance" of several of our linode
16:00<jafa>we see the same problem any time we create a new Linode - can't ping the VM via ipv6 and the VM can't ping out. If I run a mtr test in both directions the routing usually sorts itself out and ipv6 starts working
16:01<jafa>the "phase 1 maintenance" resulted in us losing ipv6 routing on 17 Linodes
16:01-!-Shentino [] has joined #linode
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16:01<jafa>one started working after mtr in both directions, suggesting it might be that same problem
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16:03<jafa>major outage, not reported on
16:06-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
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16:06<armiller_but_not>Have you opened a ticket?
16:06<armiller_but_not>This is a community channel so if your looking for a response from Linode proper this isn't the best way to reach them
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16:59<jafa>ticket has been open for 10 hours with no response
16:59-!-emerson [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 2.0.1]
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17:01<armiller_but_not>They have a lot on their plate with meltdown/spectre maintenance and the uproar about that
17:02<armiller_but_not>Put the ticket number here and one of the ops (who are Linode employees) mightbe able to mark it as urgent
17:03<armiller_but_not>I mean, if this is really urgent you can call them on the phone too
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17:21<jafa>just got off the phone, they are investigating
17:22<jafa>last 2 vms now have ipv6 back
17:22<jafa>but the problem isn't quite understood yet by the sounds of things
17:55<relidy>Weird, I think I might be seeing something similar. New VM in Frankfurt with no outbound IPv6 (http and ping6), but once I ran mtr -6, it started working.
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18:43<sam_>region a-northeast-1b what is ???
18:44-!-ipv6newto [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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18:47<sam_>hello ?
18:48<sam_>hello lisa ^^
18:49<sam_>a-northeast-1b is in the japan area? Or is it the area of singapro
18:49<sam_>a-northeast-1b is in the japan area?
18:49<sam_>Or is it the area of singapro?
18:51<millisa>if it's the info from the api, that'd be japan. (you can see the country in the same output:
18:51<millisa>ap-south-1a is singapore
18:51<sam_>thank you millisa ^^
18:51<sam_>i love you ^^
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20:09<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • Postfix does not start correctly on linode reboot, not always. <>
20:19<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • Postfix does not start correctly on linode reboot, not always. <>
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20:46<su>You are a real person?
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20:47<su>Hello, I'd like to run on your server adult resource APP, is in you is this legal compliance?
20:47<millisa>Peng is 34% animatronic. The other 66% is ipv6.
20:47-!-mode/#linode [+l 329] by ChanServ
20:47<Peng_>su: Is it legal in the United States and the country where your Linode is?
20:48<millisa>the tos is here:
20:48<Peng_>millisa: I misread "APP" as "ARP" and almost stopped reading. IPv4 protocols, no thanks.
20:49<su>Can you tell me if there is a node in Tokyo, if this is legal?
20:49<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • Postfix does not start correctly on linode reboot, not always. <>
20:49<Peng_>su: Yes, there is a location in Tokyo.
20:49-!-Yaazkal [~Yaazkal@] has joined #linode
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20:49<Peng_>su: You should consult American and Japanese lawyers.
20:50<su>If my data center in Tokyo, is this legal?Do you accept our adult resource placement?
20:50-!-mode/#linode [+l 330] by ChanServ
20:51<Peng_>su: Ask your lawyers.
20:51<su>I am no lawyers
20:52<su>Your company accept our normal adult content?
20:53<Peng_>Linode accepts legal adult content.
20:53<Peng_>I don't work for Linode.
20:53<Peng_>There is a link to the terms of service and acceptable use policy above.
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21:00<su>Must I register with the enterprise email?Why don't I use personal email has been registered successfully, excuse me the personal E-mail can register
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21:09<linbot>New news from forum: Performance and Tuning • Hugepages - why is it missing? <>
21:14<Karrde>any rumors of a security group / cloud firewall offering from Linode?
21:19<linbot>New news from forum: Performance and Tuning • Hugepages - why is it missing? <>
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21:31<react>Karrde: even if they were, they wouldn't say it publicly
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23:12<Peng_>Breaking news from January 14?
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