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00:42<Ikaros>Hm. Anyone know why GLish only seems to display the virtual BIOS screen and nothing else? Can't even get a console prompt to appear there, I have to use traditional Lish for the ttyS0 prompt.
00:44<Ikaros>Hm. Nevermind. Had to send the CTRL+ALT+(num) sequence to get the stinking thing to update
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00:51<hien>hi support team, I have few questions about your plans of cloud. Can I ask you here ?
00:52<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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01:17<dcraig>the plans of cloud!
01:17<millisa>of clan mccloud
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01:49<Cromulent>welp enabled HSTS on all of my domains - not sure if it was worthwhile but hey - it can't hurt
01:50<Cromulent>heh yeah
01:50<Cromulent>thankfully I don't really do anything important with my domains
01:51<Cromulent>I'm staying far away from HPKP though
01:52<@jhaas>yeah i like what it wants to do but also not touching that
01:55<FluffyFoxeh>as long as you keep your certs up to date :p
01:56<Cromulent>pretty easy - I use Let's Encrypt so just set a reminder in my calendar 7 days before they expire to renew them - I've heard you can automatically renew them as well using cron but haven't set that up yet
01:57*jhaas did that a few months ago
01:57<@jhaas>took a few tries
01:57<FluffyFoxeh>you say it's easy, but I've seen countless sites fail to do so :p
01:57<Celti>HPKP plus Let's Encrypt is simple enough
01:58<Celti>just... tell it not to automatically regenerate keys
01:58<Ikaros>But where's the fun in that? :D
02:01<nate>HPKP was fantastic, but nobody wanted to implement it to spec so it's already been deprecated
02:01<Celti>Wait, it has?
02:02<Celti>I need to get better about keeping up with news again...
02:02<nate>Chrome's supposed to stop supporting it sometime this year I believe
02:02<nate>They technically do the same with HSTS though too but that one has a bit more of a critical function so it'll stay around
02:02<grawity>[citation needed] on the HSTS claim
02:03<nate>(Both HPKP and HSTS by spec design are not supposed to be bypassable, but everyone ignores that tidbit which largely makes HPKP at least pointless)
02:03<FluffyFoxeh>Mozilla doesn't ignore it
02:03<grawity>that's HPKP, not HSTS
02:03<Celti>Yeah, I just noticed that
02:03<FluffyFoxeh>Which is why I installed chrome. I needed it when a site I was visiting used HSTS and neglected to update their cert
02:04<nate>grawity: I meant they ignore spec of HSTS as well
02:04<FluffyFoxeh>Chromium* I didn't install chrome
02:04<nate>not that they meant to deprecate
02:04<grawity>nate: which part of it? "can't bypass"?
02:05<nate>grawity: Yeah, you can otherwise bypass/ignore the warning
02:05<grawity>I don't think I've ever seen it offer a bypass button if the site had HSTS
02:05<nate>I think firefox was the only one to actually enforce it on HSTS
02:05<nate>they still do last time I used, because I literally always used chrome to get around HSTS errors when testing lol
02:06<FluffyFoxeh>which is really a pain in the ass and should have an about:config option
02:07<Celti>Technically, you can bypass HSTS in Firefox by manually adding a certificate exception and removing the site from Firefox's HSTS cache
02:07<Celti>Though I don't think that works if it's preloaded
02:07<FluffyFoxeh>I don't want to be unable to access things because the site owner wanted to boost their SSLLabs rating but doesn't keep certs updated
02:08<grawity>nate: is that different for non-preloaded sites?
02:08<grawity>I don't know any offhand to test with
02:08<nate>grawity: Hm good question, that might be the case
02:09<nate>Celti: That's assuming the certificate is something self-signed that could be installed, a bit harder to do with expired/etc certs signed by an already-accepted CA
02:09<grawity>(well, I'm *guessing* that is preloaded, and *may* therefore have stricter protection applied)
02:10<Celti>nate: Eh? Not at all.
02:10<grawity>nate: Firefox's trust exceptions aren't just about CA signatures
02:10<grawity>they are not the same thing as just "installing the cert"
02:10<nate>Well I've never gotten any form of certificate-exception option w/ firefox when HSTS exists
02:10<Celti>nate: chrome://pippki/content/exceptionDialog.xul
02:10<Celti>I did say *manually*
02:11<nate>Celti: So basically I would have to fetch it via an alternative method that lets me ignore the HSTS issue, copy it over, install it, then remove it from HSTS and hope an HSTS header doesn't re-apply?
02:12<nate>(At least I'm not sure how I could get it from firefox as it doesn't give me any certificate details on an HSTS error that I recall)
02:12<Celti>Once the certificate is in Firefox's exceptions list, it will ignore the HSTS header.
02:12<Celti>You go to that chrome:// URI above, enter the URL of the website, Firefox will fetch the certificate and add an exception.
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02:12<Ikaros>Heh. SSL Labs' test no longer seems to factor HPKP as an "exceptional setup" (it's not highlighted in green anymore).
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02:13<Celti>Once you've then removed the stored HSTS, Firefox shouldn't re-add it
02:13<Celti>The issue being that you can't remove preloaded ones
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02:19<Cromulent>that is the major problem I see with HSTS - if you enable it on your domain and add your domain to the browser HSTS preload list and then let the domain expire and someone else buys the domain it kinda screws things up for them
02:21<Ikaros>Though that problem really only occurs for sure in one browser.
02:24<Ikaros>The other major browsers source Chrome's HSTS listing, and I know at the very least that Mozilla has automated scripts in place that, when it goes to update their own internal list in their internal builds (which is sourced from Chrome's), it'll remove faulty HSTS domains (misconfigured, missing header, no connection, etc).
02:25<grawity>nate: so I don't quite get your problem now
02:25<grawity>nate: first you were complaining that Chrome allows bypassing HSTS although it's meant to be non-bypassable
02:25<grawity>nate: then you were complaining that Firefox makes it *too hard* to bypass HSTS
02:26<nate>grawity: Well the last thing was not a complaint, just a response to doing so on firefox, I stated clearly firefox following spec which they should but chrome not :P
02:27<nate>Chrome may have changed something at some point (and maybe mine inhereted an old setting) but I've always been able to bypass HSTS on chrome as far as I recall, I just won't be able to test the whole preload thing until later
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02:52<skrram>is anyone else having problem with API? All of a sudden im getting "Invalid authorization token"
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02:53<millisa>there was a breaking change about 20 hours ago
02:53<millisa>it uses 'Bearer' now
02:53<millisa>bookmark this -
02:56<skrram>just realized that in the docs, thanks!
02:56<skrram>just fixed it
03:02*dcraig bears millisa
03:02<millisa>Ring Bears
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04:08<Cromulent>hmm with the Linode DNS CAA records if you want to disallow wildcard certs do you just leave the issuewild field blank or do you add a semi colon? The CAA record generator I used said to put a semi colon in the issuewild field to disallow wildcard certs
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04:10<Peng>What do you mean by blank? Having no issuewild at all, or having 'issuewild ""'?
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04:10<Peng>I think 'issuewild ""' is also syntactically correct, but everyone uses 'issuewild ";"'.
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04:11<Cromulent>this is what the CAA record generator says I should use: 0 issuewild ";"
04:11<Cromulent>ah OK thanks
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04:13<Peng>Who knows, the CAA RFC sucks anyway. :P
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04:14<Peng>It gives the (often wrong) ABNF as 'value = *VCHAR' but gives the (also often wrong) zone file example as ' CAA 0 issue ";"'
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04:16<Peng>Actually I quoted the wrong ABNF, but the right ABNF still suggests the ; is optional.
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04:20<grawity>I'm wondering whether DNS itself allows a zero-length string there
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04:23<hawk>grawity: It does, it's just a <character-string>
04:23<hawk>(Ie, same data type as used in eg TXT (which has an array of those))
04:26<hawk>I agree with Peng, it's not exactly the best written spec. Anyway, the text says that if there is no domain name it means no one should issue, but then they specifically use ";" as their example for that use case (with no explanation).
04:30<hawk>My take on it is that "" and ";" should mean the same thing. But they kind of muddied the water by not using the most obvious example of not having a domain name in the value, so I guess ";" may be safer in that they may have confused someone else.
04:36<Cromulent>cool thanks guys - CAA records seem to be working fine now according to SSL Labs
04:36*Ikaros snorts
04:36<Ikaros>I've ALWAYS had them working >.>
04:36<Cromulent>heh I only just heard about them
04:37<Cromulent>I don't keep up to date with these things as much as I should
04:37<Ikaros>Just as I've always had an A+ from SSL Labs.
04:38<Cromulent>well I had an A+ before I added CAA records about 20 mins ago but adding them doesn't hurt
04:38<Ikaros>Though, I'm considering swapping out OpenSSL for GnuTLS in my webserver. Just easier to maintain and probably performs a lot better.
04:39<Ikaros>(and not nearly as deeply embedded in dependency hell as OpenSSL is)
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04:47<Celti>GnuTLS is actually abysmally slow compared to OpenSSL, last I checked
04:48<Celti>but "abysmal" ten years ago might be "acceptable" now
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04:52<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Bring up a PCB that uses an STM32F407 and LAN8720A Ethernet PHY <>
04:53<Peng>I'm pretty sure the only TLS implementation faster than BoringSSL or OpenSSL is "the next version of BoringSSL or OpenSSL". :P
04:54<Celti>Maybe LibreSSL?
04:55<Peng>How much does LibreSSL pull in upstream optimizations?
04:55<Peng>Or create their own?
04:58<Celti>The changelog is unhelpful on that front; I'm not sure.
04:59<Celti>I know they *do* merge changes from OpenSSL where they don't consider them counter to their goal of "modernising and securing"
05:01<Celti>Also, IIRC Google is contributing BoringSSL improvements to LibreSSL as well as OpenSSL and has stated that BoringSSL "should not be used publicly" as they guarantee zero API stability
05:05<Peng>That doesn't stop people from using it when they think they can handle it :P
05:05<Ikaros>Then again...
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05:08<Ikaros>I've seen the 1.1 series of OpenSSL picking up more support in distros. The ABI and other big changes meant that programs that made use of it had to rewrite portions of their code to use the new ABI/layout, so it took a while for it to actually appear within Linux distros as an installable package.
05:08<webmaster>Getting this 404 not found errors on linode IPs while doing sudo apt-get update
05:08<webmaster>whats wrong?
05:09<Ikaros> <- Look in there, do you see "zesty"? >.>
05:09<webmaster>I don't
05:09<Peng>One of those 404s is from
05:09<webmaster>but i don't recall changin my sources file
05:10<Peng>Zesty went EOL 2 weeks ago.
05:10<Ikaros>Zesty is no longer supported.
05:10<webmaster>what should i replace it with?
05:10<Ikaros>You don't. You need to upgrade Ubuntu completely.
05:10<ponas>artful, 17.10
05:11<webmaster>woah, like an whole system update? >.>
05:11<Ikaros>Well as I said, Zesty is EOL.
05:11<Ikaros>Nobody supports it anymore officially.
05:11<Peng>In your sources.list, you can change and to so things work while you upgrade to a supported release.
05:11<Ikaros>^ do that.
05:12<Ikaros>As the first step in any upgrade is to make sure your CURRENT version's packages are up-to-date.
05:12<Celti>Artful is the next release up, but goes EOL in July.
05:12<webmaster>What release would you gues recommend?
05:12<Ikaros>But yes you will need to upgrade to Artful, being mindful of its EOL date.
05:12<Peng>Bionic is the next LTS release.
05:13<Peng>It might be best to upgrade to Artful and then Bionic.
05:13<Celti>If you're not one for *regular* version jumps, stick with LTS releases, the latest of which is 18.04 Bionic, yes
05:13<Peng>To clarify, Bionic isn't out yet. I mean upgrade to Bionic in July.
05:13<Peng>or sooner, if you like
05:13<Ikaros>I'm currently running Artful on my Linode in Dallas, and it'll be pushed to Bionic in July.
05:14<Ikaros>I try to stay just ahead of the EOLs
05:14<Celti>In general, non-LTS Ubuntu releases are only supported for 9 months.
05:15<Ikaros>The nice thing about Bionic is, it is going to be an LTS release, so it's gonna be supported for 5 years upon release. Until it comes out though...follow Peng's instructions to use the old-releases mirror instead for Zesty, get your packages updated, then strongly consider doing an upgrade to Artful.
05:17<webmaster>I understand
05:17<webmaster>Thanks for the support :)
05:17<Ikaros>And naturally, don't rush into an upgrade either, distro upgrades should be carefully thought out beforehand, assessing what may and may not break after an upgrade, any changes you might need to make to whatever you're running, things like that. Always important to read the release notes for the next release up before actually upgrading to it so you get a good idea of what you might be heading
05:17<webmaster>For now, i succesfully shifted to old-releases
05:17<webmaster>and updated my system
05:17<Ikaros>Indeed. Run with that for now.
05:18<Ikaros>You have time to plan ahead for an upgrade to Artful so use Ubuntu's resources to plan for it.
05:18<Ikaros>Release notes, etc
05:20<Ikaros>As for's time for me to head to work. Gah these ridiculously early shifts are killing me, my body's like "nuh uh, no way" no matter how much rest I try to get.
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06:07<amber22>hello are the confirmation emails for new accounts delayed?
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09:51<diveyez>another user who got the email in the 3 minutes and left, ooo, amber22 =P
09:53<linbot>New news from forum: Sales Questions and Answers • Is it typical for Linode to issue IPs to new clients where the IP is blacklisted? <>
09:54<diveyez>^^ BUMP
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10:53<linbot>New news from forum: Sales Questions and Answers • Is it typical for Linode to issue IPs to new clients where the IP is blacklisted? <>
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11:27<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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11:43<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • (+27)838808170)Need Band 7, 8, 8.5 or 9 in Ielts, Or over 60 at the toefl EXAMS <>
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12:13<@gjjansen>!point Eugene
12:13<linbot>gjjansen: Point given to eugene. (46)
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13:46<diveyez>I apoligize to anyone on my net at jersey linode, just doing some php infinite loops, didnt realize it would kill everything
13:47<diveyez>Were gonna need a quantumcore
13:47-!-mode/#linode [+l 348] by ChanServ
13:47<diveyez>php is very easily exploited apparently
13:49<armiller>diveyez: Surely you jest. In all my years of computing I've never seen PHP exploited even once
13:49<diveyez>surely its counterparts try to stop the madness, but there is a ghost runing around in jersey I swear, it wasnt me
13:50<diveyez>php is too much fun
13:50<armiller>Yeah sure, go ahead and blame the jersey devil why don't ya
13:50*diveyez XD
13:50<diveyez>5 minutes later, still waiting on the resources to free up
13:51<diveyez>That php code we just wrote is neat
13:51<diveyez>Chrome Firefox Safari, all crashed, even on the iphone, then, the vps went "IM NOW A DEADI"
13:52<diveyez>5 gigs in logs in about 90 seconds, ill be damned
13:52<diveyez>It cant be externally exploit but when you are on the inside, shes a whole another woman
13:56-!-anomie [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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14:09<diveyez>Dont mind the hickup, everything is back to normal now
14:10<diveyez>It wasnt a bandwith usage episode, it was purley cpu
14:10*diveyez turns the fans in the sky above jersey on hi
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14:21<Eugene>Not the one I wanted, but whatever.
14:23-!-marshmn [~matt@] has joined #linode
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14:26<Celti>Eugene: the one you want?
14:26<Eugene>"PHP is a hell of a drug."
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16:26<sp1ke77>hello all,
16:27-!-GeekWanderer [] has joined #linode
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16:27<sp1ke77>does anyone know if LINODE is doing anything towards GDPR compliance?
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16:27<armiller>That seems like a question for Linode
16:27<armiller>This is a community channel and we aren't employess, just big fans
16:28<sp1ke77>my bad
16:28<armiller>The answer though is probably yes
16:28<sp1ke77>sorry then
16:28<sp1ke77>thanks, and have a nice weekend :)
16:28<armiller>If you have an account with them you can open a ticket or you can just email and they'll get back to you
16:28-!-sp1ke77 [] has left #linode []
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17:36<GeorgeJetson>Hello, I messed up a table in MySQL by running an UPDATE without a WHERE clause. I restored todays backup. Should I now boot into that backup and run a mysqldump command and then export that file off my Linode. Then boot back into the original disk profile and import that exported mysqldump?
17:37<millisa>maybe? Don't think we could guess what your dataloss situation might be
17:37<GeorgeJetson>Come to think of it, I just need to run mysqldump for that one table in that one database, save that dump offsite. Then boot back to my original disk profile and import, overwriting that one table.
17:38<millisa>you might be able to fix it based on that one table. restore it into another db or under another name temporarily and then script out something that goes through each row and fixes it
17:39<millisa>you should dump your broken db before you do any of that though.
17:39<millisa>er, dump it somewhere to keep, just in case.
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17:40*GeorgeJetson nods
17:42<millisa>(the last bullet point of this is relevant too: you want to be doing a mysqldump outside of the linode backups)
17:54<Eugene>GeorgeJetson - its generally recommended to Restore to a /new/ Linode, so that you don't need to shutdown/reboot your existing one at all.
17:55<Eugene>But yeah, you're lerning the hard way about doing a regular mysqldump. Cron job ftw.
17:59-!-anomie [] has joined #linode
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19:08<amber22>hello I have tried multiple times to create an account, but I never get the confirmation email. I checked spam. It never arrives. Is the signup system under maintenance?
19:09-!-mode/#linode [+l 347] by ChanServ
19:10<millisa>haven't seen it mentioned being under maintenance. how long ago did you try?
19:10<amber22>I tried 12 hours ago and again just now
19:10<millisa>and you aren't getting an error during the signup and not seeing any mails at all?
19:11-!-anomie [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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19:13<amber22>no error, it says to check mail for link to proceed
19:14<amber22>could it be because it's a gmail address?
19:14<millisa>Shouldn't be.
19:15<millisa>There's usually a couple mails when you sign up. One is the payment receipt, the other is either a request for more info to verify you or a welcome to linode mail to confirm the email address
19:15-!-ntox is now known as ntox__away
19:15<millisa>if you aren't getting any of them and you are sure the email address is right, you could try giving them a call or writing to their support email.
19:15-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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19:16<amber22>ok thank you, I will try
19:16-!-amber22 [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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22:20<Eugene>Dont forget to be a towel
22:47-!-user2468_ [] has joined #linode
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22:47<rsdehart>I've forgotten already
22:49<@bhanks>hi Eugene
22:50<Eugene>how are you
22:50-!-ntox is now known as ntox__away
22:51<@bhanks>just hanging out. Linodin'. the usual.
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22:59<JamesTK>I'm in the postion where I'm going to spin up a $5 linode just to get extra transfer
22:59<JamesTK>transfer was global, right?
22:59-!-anomie [] has joined #linode
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23:00<JamesTK>*he says as he realised his digitalocean droplet tipped 30TB in the last month*
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23:15<Ikaros>Jeez. 4th night in a row I've heard a police cruiser tap its siren at someone. What is it with people, seriously. I found people in the freaking pool on the complex, which said pool by the way IS closed, so it's trespassing...and a passing cop thought so too so he runs off 5 half-naked/mostly-naked people. Now that siren going off again.
23:17<diveyez>I really really need the computational linode rental
23:17-!-GeekWanderer [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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23:18<diveyez>Playing with hashgraph as a replacement for current distributed cipher ideas for next gen anonymity/ipsec theories, a regular linode just cant do it
23:18<diveyez>Not enough cpu power, I only need 10 gigs of hd space, 1 gig of ram and perhaps an octo core resource
23:18<diveyez>My laptop does it fine, but rented linodes wont
23:21<diveyez>maybe hadoop will work, but that destroys have a single endpoint as the security state
23:21<trippeh>JamesTK: yes
23:21<diveyez>Cloud is a flawed idea, not safe at all, all the new sec features eventually get exploited
23:25-!-GeekWanderer [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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