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00:16<rsdehart>Zimsky: he's certainly the only one without a long beard, but from time to time he has sported a goatee
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01:40<Nazar>I wanna purchase your server but i need some information
01:40<Nazar>could you please???
01:41<grawity>are you going to ask questions
01:41<grawity>will you be asking them anytime soon
01:41<Nazar>should i send mail?
01:42<grawity>really, please just get to the point
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01:42<grawity>(also if you want official answers by staff, be prepared to wait a bit)
01:46<FluffyFoxeh><Ikaros> Heh, I maxed out the CPU last night compiling GCC 7.3 on my Dallas Linode. Got an alert saying I averaged a solid 100.0% CPU over 2 hours.
01:46<FluffyFoxeh>I had to turn that alert off, otherwise it would trigger every night due to sa-learn
01:48<Nazar>Am going to purchase the server.May be i will increase my configuration.It is possible without spoil my data?
01:48<FluffyFoxeh>You can resize a Linode at any time without data loss
01:49<FluffyFoxeh>It will briefly shut down though
01:52<Nazar>Thanks there is any promo code for new customer
01:54<FluffyFoxeh>Try DOCS10
01:55<FluffyFoxeh>and my referral code d7c416ac5933cb3e956a3c78306b6c5eb49bbac7 ;)
01:55<@bhanks>smh lol
01:57<FluffyFoxeh>!lick bhanks
01:57<linbot>FluffyFoxeh: Point given to bhanks. (3)
01:59<FluffyFoxeh>blame whomever made that alias
01:59<@bhanks>I suspect mcintosh
02:00<FluffyFoxeh>!lick mcintosh
02:00<linbot>FluffyFoxeh: Point given to mcintosh. (24)
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02:11<Ikaros>Ok, neat, now let's see how new GCC does compiling new Linux kernel.
02:11<Ikaros>Sucks I couldn't try this right after GCC finished compiling.
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02:26<Ikaros>And there's the effect I was looking for, pulling it from ps: "-mindirect-branch=thunk-extern -mindirect-branch-register -DRETPOLINE"
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02:45<Zimsky>I thought dretpoline was a type of drug
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03:37<Ikaros>And there's the result I want. Tool reports fully mitigated on all 3 variants.
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04:18<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • prix pour carreler salle de bain <>
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04:23<saqlain>any one there
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05:01<Woet>Zimsky: discover your roots
05:01<Zimsky>they're keratinised
05:01<Woet>stop using fancy words
05:04<hawk>Zimsky: UML hype
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06:17<trippeh>ooh free disk space
06:17<trippeh>where do I sign up
06:19<trippeh>"Every machine on our internal network has a switched 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet connection to our Cisco switching equipment." Holy Moly!
06:21*trippeh brings up another 40G optic in the home notwork
06:23<Zimsky>hawk: what is
06:24<Zimsky>Woet: I have no roots because I'm not a fucking tree
06:25<hawk>Zimsky: Uh?
06:25<Zimsky><hawk> Zimsky: UML hype
06:26<hawk>Zimsky: Linode was based on User-mode Linux at that time. There was even this "powered by" thing on the page you linked.
06:28<@gjjansen>!point Zimsky
06:28<linbot>gjjansen: Point given to zimsky. (5)
06:28<@bmartin>!point zimsky
06:28<linbot>bmartin: Point given to zimsky. (6)
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06:36<Zimsky>I have no idea why I'm getting points, but thanks
06:37<Zimsky>hawk: i see
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06:39<Zimsky>!point Woet
06:39<linbot>Zimsky: Point given to woet. (4) (Biggest fan: zimsky, total: 10)
06:40<ponas>I offer to give a point to anyone giving me a point
06:41<Zimsky>what if someone were to take a point?
06:41<Zimsky>would you reciprocate that?
06:41<Zimsky>the absolute madman
06:42<ponas>not sure if I have any points, how do I check
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06:45<Zimsky>!wx UEEE
06:45<linbot>Zimsky: [metar] OBS at UEEE: -43.6F/-42C, visibility 0250 miles, wind 2.24 mph, chill N/A (altimeter: 30.061522694) [UEEE 291130Z 36001MPS 0250 0200SW R23L/0800N FG NSC M42/M46 Q1018 R23L/490150]
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06:49<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Perform reboot automatically when Linode kernel update is available <>
06:50<hawk>Zimsky: Just slightly off from where C and F intersect.
06:50<grawity>!wx IEEE
06:50<Zimsky>I love me some intersection
06:50<linbot>grawity: [metar] IEEE: not data available, valid code?
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09:29<Chuana0d>refund please
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09:31<Chuana0d> refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please
09:31<Chuana0d> refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please refund please
09:31<Chuana0d> refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n
09:31<Chuana0d> refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n
09:31<Chuana0d> refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n
09:31<Chuana0d> refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n
09:31<Chuana0d> refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n
09:31<Chuana0d> refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n
09:31<@bmartin>Hey there. As this is a public channel we are unable to assist witht hat here.
09:31<Chuana0d> refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n
09:31<Chuana0d> refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n refund please!\n
09:31<Peng>Chuana0d: What the hell!
09:32<@bmartin>Can you please email with the last 6 of the credit card on file for your account so we may further address this situation.
09:32<@bmartin>Spamming the IRC forum is not an effective way to receive assistance with this matter. Please do not continue to do that.
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09:33<Chuana0d>what a fuck vps
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09:34<@bmartin>Chuana0d let's consider this a warning. Our public support channel is not able to help with specific account matters in regards to your credit card. If you email the with the last 6 of the card on file we can sort this out for you. If this is because we requested further identity verification then a refund was already issued and will arrive in your account in 3-5 business days.
09:36<Chuana0d>Ok ,Thank you
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10:01<gparent>I thought yelling refund please in #linode was standard policy, I guess I was mistaken!
10:01<ponas>fix computer problem please
10:01<ponas>it says error
10:01<gparent>thats how I open support tickets
10:01<gparent>fix meltdown
10:01<gparent>thx u
10:02<ponas>improve performance thanks
10:02<gparent>pls assign /56 whenever rdy
10:02<Peng>Do they do it faster when you repeat yourself 50 times
10:02<gparent>it seems like 9 is the sweet spot
10:02<gparent>you can use a timing attack to figure it out
10:02<Peng>9 times per second, or total?
10:02<gparent>use the response time of the ticket to find out sensitive information like how long tickets take to get answered
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10:11<Woet>bmartin: refund please \r\n
10:15<FluffyFoxeh>king me
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10:21<armiller>Needfuls pls \n
10:23<@bmartin>woet I'm sorry I was getting coffee
10:23<@bmartin>you've been refunded
10:23<Woet>thank you
10:23<@gjjansen>armiller: Hello, friend.
10:23<armiller>o/ It's really me this time too
10:23<@gjjansen>:) I can't believe it.
10:28<linbot>There is a 7 day money back guarantee period, giving you plenty of time to realize that Linode is awesome with your own eyes. Try it, you'll never look back. {TOS S. 4, and faq.cfm#how-do-i-close-my-account}
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10:44<Woet>can i have a refund on Zimsky's conception
10:45<dzho>Woet: why would you have paid for such a thing in the first place?
11:02<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
11:02<@bmartin>there he is
11:03<@gjjansen>You can set your watch by it. I love it.
11:05<Woet>only if you want your watch to be wrong by ~ 8 hours
11:05<Woet>2018-01-29.txt:[2018-01-29T08:29:16+0800] <Eugene> Every day I'm Linodin'
11:05<Woet>2018-01-30.txt:[2018-01-30T00:02:44+0800] <Eugene> Every day I'm Linodin'
11:07<@gjjansen>Wow. I'm hurt.
11:09<smallclone>you can set your...calendar by it
11:10<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • cout salle de bain neuve <>
11:10<Woet>2017-11-13.txt:[2017-11-13T16:29:25-0300] <Eugene> Every day I'm Linodin'
11:10<Woet>2017-11-15.txt:[2017-11-15T18:43:14+0100] <Eugene> Every day I'm Linodin'
11:10<Woet>2017-11-18.txt:[2017-11-18T19:46:09+0100] <Eugene> Every day I'm Linodin'
11:10<Woet>only if you want your calendar to randomly miss days throughout the week
11:10<Woet>Eugene is just unreliable and a fraudster
11:12<smallclone>well at least this proves that he isn't cheating and cron-ing it or something, which i'm sure most of us would've done a while ago
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11:30<hawk>Woet: Tbf, he could be Linoding without announcing it the other days
11:31<dzho>that's not good enough for Woet
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11:44<zifnab>To be fair, that was also last year
11:44<zifnab>He may be linoding more often now
11:44<@gjjansen>Eugene is authentic
11:44<@gjjansen>!point Eugene
11:44<linbot>gjjansen: Point given to eugene. (47) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 16)
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11:55<Eugene>Linode Time Protocol: every day, you must Linode.
11:55<Eugene>Technically network based
11:57<AlexMax>This is weird
11:57<AlexMax>It appears that the local network of Linode is much slower than Rackspace
11:57<smallclone>by local network do you mean the "private" network between Linodes in the same dc?
11:57<AlexMax>I took a set of SQL queries and had a script execute each one
11:58<smallclone>what kind of speeds are you seeing?
11:58<AlexMax>Done on rackspace, the file (just doing the queries, no looking at the results), takes around 1.2 seconds to run to completion
11:59<AlexMax>Done on Linode, the process takes 5.5 seconds
11:59<AlexMax>Done locally on the linode database server itself, it takes around 0.35 seconds
11:59<AlexMax>So the slowdown definitely appears to be the link between the two servers
12:00<@bmartin>hey AlexMax are you able to open a ticket so we can take a look at that?>
12:00<AlexMax>Sure, I'll open a ticket after I get some lunch
12:00<AlexMax>However, is there anything more....scientific I can do?
12:00<@bmartin>send that ticket over in here if you can too so I can bump it up the old ladder
12:01<smallclone>i mean, not definitively..are there any differences between the two machines? have you used something like iperf or even just mtr to measure network speed itself, instead of just the speed of a sql query?
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12:02<AlexMax>Well, I think that if the queries themselves take 0.35s, simply over localhost, I can pretty much point to the link itself as the culprit
12:02<AlexMax>I can't say if it's latency or bandwidth that's the problem though
12:03<AlexMax>the sql query test file I'm running is huge
12:03<AlexMax>2.1 megabytes of queries
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12:40<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • sveriges bästa dejtingsidor <>
12:50<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • dejtingsidor omdömen <>
12:53<branko>That looks like spam :)
12:53<@bmartin>already gone
12:55<CornishPasty>Why isn’t there a requirement on the forums that to post you must be a paying customer of Pizza Hut?
12:55<@bmartin>Gotta keep the Noid off the boards
12:55<CornishPasty>And a requirement to show a receipt from the last 12 days
12:55<@bmartin>that was pizza hut right?
12:56<CornishPasty>Machine learning powered cheese
12:56<ponas>but there is no pizza hut in insert-my-country-here
12:56<CornishPasty>There’s Pizza Hut everywhere!
12:56<CornishPasty>Except in Nebraska
12:58<CornishPasty>Noid was dominos bmartin
12:58<@bmartin>ahhh my pizza villains were mixed up
12:59<ponas>Dominos recently expanded to my country by buying one of the biggest existing pizza chains
12:59<CornishPasty>ponas: sorry to hear that
12:59<ponas>their dough is horrible
12:59<ponas>I think they swapped flour and sugar
13:00<CornishPasty>I think you’re right
13:01<@afalcone>this is #pizzahut right?
13:01<@afalcone>how about that stuffed crust though?
13:01<CornishPasty>I wish there was a decent pizza place near me that delivered
13:02<CornishPasty>afalcone: got dog stuffed crust?
13:02<@bmartin>I have an amazing pizza place near me that doesn't deliver
13:02<@bmartin>but you know it's good if people are willing to actually go there
13:02<@afalcone>CornishPasty: is that a thing?
13:02<@bmartin>I assume you mean Hot Dog...not...Dog
13:03<ponas>don't you have food delivery as a service? foodora is pretty big in europe
13:03<@bmartin>I live in a little nowhere town
13:03<@bmartin>we have no good food delivery services in my town
13:03<@afalcone>I just opened a restauraunt near you bmartin
13:04<CornishPasty>Actually I think that was dominos that did hot dog stuffed crust
13:04<CornishPasty>Pizza Hut did cheeseburger stuffed crust
13:04<@afalcone>both sound horrifying
13:04<CornishPasty>ponas: we’ve got Deliveroo and Uber eats
13:04<@afalcone>but I would still try this
13:04<@afalcone>plz tell me thats austrailia
13:04<@bmartin>Deliveroo? delivery via kangaroo?
13:04<@bmartin>10/10 would order
13:05<CornishPasty>Sadly not Australia, U.K.
13:05<@bmartin>so Kangaroos are not involved in any way?
13:06<@bmartin>Their marketing team needs to step it up
13:06<CornishPasty>And their logo looks like a rabbit imo
13:06<@bmartin>lots of missed opportunities
13:06<CornishPasty>I assume their logo is a kangaroo
13:08<AlexMax>hrm, taking a second look at my test script, it might not have worked exactly as I imagined it would
13:19<AlexMax>Wow, this is even worse
13:20<AlexMax>if I actually fetch results from the query, my linode box takes 11 seconds (!) to run all the queries
13:21<smallclone>you should really just run some basic network tests
13:21<AlexMax>I just got back, heh
13:21<AlexMax>so I've only had time to modify my php test script
13:23<@scrane>Hmmm so scrolling up, the queries take 0.35 seconds give or take over localhost, but when querying the link in a different location, they're taking 11s?
13:23<AlexMax>In a different server over the private network
13:24<AlexMax>If I run the exact same setup with our existing rackspace setup, it takes ~1.2 seconds usually
13:25<AlexMax>(between two rackspace servers)
13:27<@scrane>Hmm. Are you able to run an iperf test between the two Linodes to make sure it isn't bandwidth issues?
13:28<@scrane>I'm assuming latency via ping is at acceptable levels over the private network?
13:30-!-Daedolon [] has joined #linode
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13:30-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
13:33<AlexMax>scrane: one second, I'm measuring the mean/median query/result time of the SQL
13:34<AlexMax>also, for clarification, I'm comparing linode to a dedicated server setup, so the subtext of my findings isn't "hey, move to rackspace"
13:34<AlexMax>because the rackspace setup I imagine is incredibly expensive
13:34<AlexMax>still, if you prefer, I can refer to it as "Brand X"
13:35<AlexMax>also, we've used rackspace's cloud offerings before, frankly, they left a lot to be desired and were expensive for what you got
13:37<@scrane>What we're calling things isn't my primary concern. I just want to make sure what you have is as good as possible and I want to help narrow down where the additional time is coming from with the queries.
13:37<smallclone>i mean, this is all the more reason to run some network's possible the difference you're seeing is due to the hardware being used, not network speed
13:37<smallclone>i mean given the difference i feel like that's unlikely
13:37<Peng>Blame Meltdown! :P
13:37<AlexMax>scrane: I appreciate it
13:38<AlexMax>smallclone: I'm getting there
13:49<AlexMax>64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=0.116 ms
13:49<AlexMax>this is what a ping over Brand X network is giving us
13:49<AlexMax>64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=64 time=2.10 ms
13:49<AlexMax>and this is a ping over the private network
13:50<AlexMax>the difference order of magnitude O_o
13:51<@scrane>Hmm. What datacenter are you in?
13:53<AlexMax>now, I don't know how our old gear is laid out, but I have a suspicion that it might all be in one cabinet - so if that's the case, it might not be possible to deliver sub-ms latency
14:00<smallclone>AlexMax: yeah that time is definitely ungood
14:00<smallclone>you opened a ticket right? they should look at the host you're pinging
14:00<smallclone>my guess is someone is clobbering it with traffic or something
14:02<AlexMax>Oh, is it now...
14:02-!-DrJ- [~Bac0n@] has joined #linode
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14:02-!-DrJ is now known as Guest2992
14:02-!-DrJ- is now known as DrJ
14:03<smallclone>yeah, pings on the private network shouldn't break a ms normally
14:04-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
14:07-!-Guest2992 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:07-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
14:07-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
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14:09-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
14:12<Peng>For me, latency in Atlanta verages about 0.4 ms.
14:12<Peng>A bit longer when NDP is necessary.
14:14<relidy>My average in Atlanta is a bit higher (0.6ms on average), but still well below 1ms.
14:14<Peng>I have a small sample size. :D
14:25<AlexMax>scrane: I opened a ticket
14:25<AlexMax>thanks smallclone Peng for your guidence and insight
14:25<@scrane>Awesome, thanks! Can you PM me the ticket number?
14:25<AlexMax>!point smallclone
14:25<linbot>AlexMax: Point given to smallclone. (8)
14:26<smallclone>no problem :)
14:27<AlexMax>!point Peng
14:27<linbot>AlexMax: Point given to peng. (20)
14:30-!-CodeMouse92__ [] has joined #linode
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14:44-!-balan1800 [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
14:44-!-balan1800 is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
14:44<balan1800>Hello everybody!
14:45<balan1800>Should not be there 1 TB of transfer available for each month per Linode ?
14:45<smallclone>it is prorated based on when you created the linode
14:45-!-mode/#linode [+l 352] by ChanServ
14:45<smallclone>since january is almost over you do not get 1TB to use in approximately 2 days
14:46<smallclone>however if you keep the Linode on the first of the month you'll have 1TB
14:46<balan1800>I have the basic one Linode 1024
14:46<balan1800>I see. I have 80 GB for the moment
14:47<balan1800>While I should have 1 TB because it does not mention anywhere of the 1st or 2nd month
14:47<smallclone>no you have what you should have
14:47<balan1800>Honestly, the market offers unmetered ones.
14:47<smallclone>then buy one
14:48<balan1800>Look here.
14:48<balan1800>How much the transfer per month ?
14:49<relidy>balan1800: Did you follow the "Learn More" link?
14:50<smallclone>not sure what's the sense in arguing about it. if you want to blow through 1TB in the next 2 days, just cancel your Linode. if you just made your account in the last week you can even ask for a refund.
14:51<balan1800>I have already used 2 GB in 5 minutes
14:51<balan1800>I migrating another server of 10 GB
14:52<balan1800>from another server
14:53<armiller>Well as long as you don't plan to keep migrating the same server over you'll probably be fine
14:53<balan1800>sorry, I am in the middle of a migration to linode :-(
14:54<balan1800>How can I verify that /media/sda/dev is complete of the device node entries ?
14:54<balan1800>What is the command ?
14:54<smallclone>not sure i understand the question
14:55<smallclone>ok so you're in rescue mode
14:55<HoopyCat>balan1800: note that inbound (internet->linode) is not metered, so inbound data transfers won't count against that
14:56<smallclone>also ugh that guide needs to die or at least change
14:56<smallclone>well it looks like it was deprecated and i probably added that note at the top
14:57<smallclone>it kinda says it all
14:57<balan1800>Yes. I read it on top.
14:57<balan1800>But I think it works much better than other guides outside of Linode.
14:58-!-ayyl [~oftc-webi@2a01:e35:8b11:fa90:1e6f:65ff:fe3e:10a9] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:58<balan1800>Rescue mode is saving my life
14:58<smallclone>the custom distro guide would almost undoubtedly serve you better, though i regret not making it more about custom iso files as opposed to installers
14:58<smallclone>all the commands you need are there, i think
14:58<smallclone>in that section
14:59-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
14:59<balan1800>It mentions "Verify that /media/sda/dev is complete by making sure that all of the device node entries listed below are present. If they aren’t, you’ll need to chroot".
15:00-!-marshmn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:00<smallclone>ah i gotcha
15:01<smallclone>ls -lah /media/sda/dev
15:02-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
15:10<balan1800>Thanks smallclone
15:10<balan1800>I do not see any sda, sdb with that commands
15:22-!-eggstyrone [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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15:29-!-eggstyrone [] has joined #linode
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15:30<balan1800>:-( the migration failed. I can not even ping to the Linode.
15:30-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
15:30<millisa>is it powered on?
15:31<smallclone>balan1800: i mean, following that guide is a bit treacherous to begin with
15:31<smallclone>what exactly are you moving to linode?
15:31<balan1800>I did a complete rsync of all system to Linode
15:32<smallclone>right but what did you have on the machine in the first place
15:32<balan1800>rsync --exclude="/sys/*" --exclude="/proc/*" -aHSKDvz -e ssh / root@Linode_IP:/media/sda/
15:32<smallclone>what was running on the server
15:33<balan1800>nothing as a 'server'.. no apache, etc. Just some configurations and applications (vncserver) as I did not want to again do all the configs
15:33<balan1800>on the new system
15:33<balan1800>exact same kernel...
15:34<smallclone>ehh honestly that guide is a mine field of possible problems
15:42<balan1800>I give up migrating.
15:47-!-balan1800 [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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16:23-!-Michael__ [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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16:23<Michael__>where can I find a copy of our contract/agreement with Linode?
16:24<Peng>Do you mean the terms of service?
16:25<Michael__>that's a good start! What about the agreement that results in billed amounts?
16:25<smallclone>you mean like, invoices?
16:26<smallclone>you can access them in the Linode manager
16:27<Michael__>thank you!
16:27-!-Michael__ [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
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17:09<millisa>PSA: Cleanup your unwanted block storage volumes. They start billing in a few days.
17:10<AlexMax>you mean volumes or images?
17:10<millisa>block storage volumes.
17:10<smallclone>it's a beta product that iirc is only in fremont right now
17:10<millisa>the ones you can see in the manager if you click the Linodes tab and goto 'Manage Volumes'
17:11<millisa>Well, you could have some in Newark if you got in early.
17:12<smallclone>millisa: did you get a ticket about it? are they bringing it out of beta / deploying it everywhere or just...charging for it now?
17:12<millisa>Yeah, they sent a ticket about 10 days ago and the reminder a couple days ago. The reminder came from a Linodian that I hadn't seen before. 'britchey'. I wish they were in here. I like saying their name.
17:14-!-Yaazkal [~Yaazkal@] has joined #linode
17:14-!-Yaazkal is "..." on #linode
17:14<millisa>There's not anything account specific in it; here's a screenshot:
17:15<@bhanks>yes britchey is wonderful.
17:15-!-mode/#linode [+l 348] by ChanServ
17:15<millisa>Even on his britchey days.
17:16<@scrane>britchey is the salt of the earth.
17:16<smallclone>heh, look at that, rmyers still doing tickets
17:17<smallclone>well, lists anyway.
17:17<@scrane>rmyers is the pepper of the earth.
17:17<@bhanks>rmyers is omnipotent
17:18<smallclone>omnipotent like a fox
17:18<Peng>Did rmyers and britchey draw the short straw? Who wants to write a ticket reminding people they have to pay more? :P
17:18<Zimsky>rmyers rmyers where are the wires?
17:19<Zimsky>rmyers rmyers why did you hide the wires?
17:19<smallclone>speaking from experience, ticket lists are generally good for your overall hively scores
17:19<smallclone>even when delivering kinda bad news
17:20<Zimsky>smallclone: are foxes inherently omnipotent?
17:20<@scrane>Have you ever met a fox who wasn't omnipotent?
17:20<Zimsky>I've also met a kangaroo that was not a complete arsehole
17:20<Zimsky>and a ferret that doesn't bite
17:20<millisa>It would appear we go to very different conventions.
17:21<Zimsky>I don't go to conventions
17:21<Zimsky>hey Woet, I have the flu
17:21<Zimsky>thanks for that
17:22-!-acald3ron [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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17:24<smallclone>i feel like if they're going to switch on billing in 2 days they must know what block storage costs
17:26<millisa>the invoices have been showing volumes and hours, but they don't show the unit price is all.
17:26<smallclone>oh wait it's in the screenshot
17:26<millisa>the invoice reads a bit weird if you just sub in the $0.10 since it's not the unit x quantity since they are showing hours instead of the size.
17:27<millisa>I'm assuming they'll show the unit price as GBx$0.10/720
17:28-!-GeekWanderer [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
17:28<Zimsky>that's a horrid-looking equation
17:28<millisa>perl says it's fine. best string it's ever eaten.
17:28<Peng>Just say it costs 10 clouds.
17:28<dzho>oh no did they hire away the Verizon billing people
17:29-!-mode/#linode [+l 346] by ChanServ
17:29<Zimsky>dzho sounds like the type of person who would work for a telecom company
17:30<dzho>oh maybe this was before all y'alls time
17:30<millisa>I don't know if I've seen if they intend to prorate the block storage or not
17:31<smallclone>i would think they would so monthly costs could be consistent
17:33<smallclone>it'll probably follow all the same conventions of the existing billing system
17:34<smallclone>if so they should definitely make a cool sliding hourly price calculator thing like DO has:
17:35<millisa>one of my dec 1 invoices with some volumes:
17:37<millisa>guess I haven't noticed that the 'quantity' column is blank for linodes that are on the whole month
17:37<millisa>that seems wrong.
17:39<smallclone>yeah once you hit the 28 day mark it just considers it the monthly cost and no longer goes by the quantity field
17:39<millisa>makes the invoice itself look odd though since it doesnt change the unit price
17:40-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
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17:40<smallclone>the unit price and the quantity only really come into play if you keep it less than the 28 days, though
17:41-!-Cajs|BNC [] has joined #linode
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17:42-!-mode/#linode [+l 348] by ChanServ
17:43<millisa>looking back through the last several invoices, the blockstores do show every single hour (so it mostly shows 720/744; and showed 721 for the daylight savings month)
17:46-!-Cajs [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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18:31<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • svensk kristen dating <>
18:35<linbot>I do not like green eggs and spam.
18:36<Zimsky>spam is delicious
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22:00-!-abc [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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22:00<abc>hello, why i buy Toyko Server ,IP is US?
22:02<relidy>GeoIP databases are hardly accurate.
22:02-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
22:02-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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22:03<@scrane>I have found this one to be fairly accurate:
22:03-!-mode/#linode [+l 346] by ChanServ
22:04<nate>scrane: There's few really accurate for online services
22:04<@scrane>This is true. I'm just speaking in general terms, and when I've compared most Linode IP addresses to their datacenters it seems to accurately reflect the information.
22:04<nate>abc: You're not getting the IP of a residential/home IP that's had tons of analytics/telemetry/etc applied against it to guestimate a location, you're getting the IP of a server/VPS/etc online, in which case they generally default to the general ownership details of the IP range
22:05<nate>in this case, Linode is located in the US, so it'll show the US :P
22:05-!-acald3ron [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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22:06<@scrane>nate: Not always. Depends on the service. Otherwise, geolocation would show all Linode IP addresses as being located in New Jersey which isn't really the case.
22:08<nate>scrane: I've never really seen one that didn't outside of the old old addresses that I think were leased from someone else or something (which didn't they just finally get rid of all those?)
22:08<@scrane>For testing purposes, I have just created a new Linode in Tokyo 2. Its IP address is and according to the geolocation service I linked above, the IP address is located in Shinagawa, Ehime, Japan, Asia.
22:10-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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22:11<nate>I feel like that's a recent change, my copy, albeit an old-ish one still shows as the generic net owner info in NJ
22:12-!-mode/#linode [+l 343] by ChanServ
22:15-!-abc [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
22:16<@scrane>Possibly. As I said, it depends on the service as well as how long the data has been cached for.
22:17-!-mode/#linode [+l 342] by ChanServ
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23:52<hurll>hi mate
23:54<hurll> How can i access root files
23:54<hurll>user id - hurllnuway
23:55-!-tinjothomasc [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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23:56<tinjothomasc>is there any limit of how many domain I can host on Linode ?
23:57<@jhaas>hurll: this is the community chat, if you need account help you should open a ticket or e-mail; what's you're exact questions?
23:57-!-mode/#linode [+l 346] by ChanServ
23:57<@jhaas>tinjothomasc: There is no limit to the number of domains you can serve with our DNS. If you're asking about actually hosting websites, we provide unmanaged linux servers with root access.
23:58<tinjothomasc>Ok thank you @jhaas
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