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00:18<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • VPS Comparison: Linode Versus DigitalOcean <>
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00:23<Ikaros>Is that even a serious comparison? lol
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00:29<millisa>Both companies have changed pricing since then... DO had a big price change a few weeks ago
00:39<nate>millisa: Looks largely the same to me?
00:39<nate>only noticable difference I see is DO offers slightly larger space allocations
00:39<millisa>The ram is different
00:40<millisa>Linode used to have double the ram at the same price point; that's no longer the case.
00:40<nate>shows the same to me. $5 gets you 1G, $10 gets you 2G, $20 gets you 4G, etc
00:40<grawity>not mentioned in that thread: Linode are actually competent at IPv6
00:40<nate>ah looks like they offer somewhat increasingly larger transfer allotments as well
00:40<millisa>nate i can pm you a blog entry from them if you like?
00:40<nate>still though in my experience DO has poo support people and linode has nicer hardware so :P
00:41<millisa>no arguments here
00:42<millisa>(or just search for their blog; it was the jan 16 update that they changed a bunch)
00:42<nate>Most recent thing I can find from DO is "new droplet plans" which makes it look like they basically changed everything to match linode's current stuff with exception of storage space and transfer
00:42<millisa>that's the one
00:42<nate>linode's current prices have been around a while now though haven't they?
00:42<nate>since they introduce'd the $5?
00:43<nate>speaking of I think I still got like two linodes that are way overdue upgrades
00:43<millisa>that forum article was using pricing for 9/2016
00:44<millisa>(the linode new pricing and $5 was valentines day 2017)
00:48<@bhanks>i am also partial to Linode's Support people
00:49<millisa>Even though they have an unusually high concentration of Richards
00:50<@bhanks>yes there's a couple of richards
00:51<@bhanks>many more J's
00:51<@bhanks>i'm quite partial to the J's
00:51<@bhanks>@jhaas <3
00:51<@jhaas>bhanks: <3
00:52<@jmetz>so many j's
00:52<@bhanks>ah another favorite J
00:52<Zimsky>so as I understand, digitalocean has proctologists on retainer?
00:53<Zimsky><nate> still though in my experience DO has poo support people
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00:53<@bhanks>Zimsky: can not confirm but doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility
00:54<millisa>DO has a swag shop though . . .I'm a little jealous.
00:54<@bhanks>we give ours out for free
00:54<@bhanks>seems p lame to make your custies pay for swag
00:54<@bhanks>millisa you want swag? let us know bby
00:55<millisa>I'd feel like a mooch.
00:55<Zimsky>bhanks: does linode send to asia?
00:55<Zimsky>they're probably made in asia
00:55<Zimsky>I'll just go to shenzhen
00:55<@bhanks>i hand make all swag
00:55<@bhanks>ok that's not true.
00:55<rsdehart>Zimsky: maybe DO just has plumbers on call
00:56<Zimsky>I mean, not necessarily a proctologist; maybe a gastroenterologist
00:56<rsdehart>maybe it's the Poopsmith from Homestar Runner
01:01<Zimsky>did you know that high doses of L-ascorbic acid can cause nausea and diarrhoea?
01:04<@bhanks>no I did not. but thanks for that info
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01:06<Raj_>Linode 4GB include whm or not
01:06<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
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01:11<Zimsky>what providers are setting this expectation?
01:19<@bhanks>who could say.
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01:48<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Get dissertation writing help from best homework helpers <>
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02:56<demodedan>Hi, is anyone on support?
03:07<rsdehart>demodedan: people are on support 24/7. How long ago did you submit your ticket?
03:07<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
03:14<demodedan>About 45 minutes ago, but it's urgent since a network restriction has been placed on the Linode due to a phishing complaint which has been resolved now.
03:15<rsdehart>I don't know. You could call them up
03:15<@jhaas>demodedan: pm me a ticket number?
03:15<rsdehart>or that
03:15<rsdehart>morning jhaas
03:16<rsdehart>demodedan: jhaas is the greatest
03:19*jhaas is the greatest
03:19<rsdehart>glad we're on the same page
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03:31<poky>Hi guys!
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03:33<poky>I am running PHP 7.0.22 on my nginx. One website doesnt work on this PHP but works fine on PHP 5.6. Is there a way I can let this one website to not run on PHP 7.0?
03:35<Zimsky>install php 5.6?
03:35<Zimsky>or fix your website
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03:42<poky>I cant install replace PHP 7 to older. There are other websites that run on newer php
03:44<poky>Is there a way I run a different PHP on my same linode by any way?
03:44<poky>Like a partition? I dont want to setup a new linode just for this stupid website
03:44<poky>I cant fix the website.
03:45<rsdehart>poky: some people seem to think it's possible
03:45<rsdehart>sorry that took so long
03:52<poky>Thanks. I will look into this
03:53<mattmcc>poky: You can also stick one of the versions in Docker and reverse proxy.
03:54<poky>Doesnt look my cup of tea
04:00<Zimsky>then fix the site?
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05:29<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • The ECDSA host key has changed <>
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07:52<Gogi_>I am newbee here, I need help on how to access phpmyadmin. I have tried many things but stuck on
07:52<Gogi_>can anyone help me please..
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07:54<Gogi_>Unable to access phpmyadmin
07:54<Gogi_> getting this issue
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07:55<Gogi_>any help will be highly appreciated..
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07:55<grawity>have you tried entering your MySQL username/password there
07:56<Gogi_>i did, but still there is no way to get in there
07:56<Gogi_>it lands to same page after reloading..
07:58<Gogi_>kindly help...
07:59<Zimsky>sounds like you have a bee in your bonnet
07:59<Gogi_>yes, i am newbee here
07:59<Zimsky>especially if you're the new bee
07:59<Gogi_>I am sorry, i am very new to linode and ubuntu..
08:00<Zimsky>hire a lackey
08:00<Zimsky>make them do it for you
08:01<Gogi_>That's a good idea indeed but i will need to do it everytime so i am willing to learn this
08:02<Gogi_>so if you can help me with some of the clue then i may dig this over night
08:02<Zimsky>well, the first step would be to probably try and use a console instead of phpmyadmin
08:03<Gogi_>i am good with cpanels and other stuffs with GUI, but command line is something new.. so is there any way via which i can get the access of some of the console?
08:03<@jhaas>it's possible the password the webserver is asking for isn't the mysql password
08:03<@jhaas>could have been set in .htaccess or the quivalent for nginx
08:04<@jhaas>are you following a specific guide?
08:04<Gogi_>i installed the lamp and created the htaccess for it too
08:04<Zimsky>by 'console', I mean you connect with ssh
08:04<Zimsky>and do shell stuff
08:04<Gogi_>i already connected with it..
08:05<Gogi_>getting this after installation..
08:07<@jhaas>apache appears to be complaining about your config file
08:07<Gogi_>i see.. Thanks jhass
08:07<Gogi_>let me dig into it..
08:07<Gogi_>thanks for your kind help...
08:08<@jhaas>i'd also still recommend double checking your .htaccess and trying that password
08:09<Gogi_>sure, will try that
08:09<Gogi_>thanks alot once again...
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08:12<Zimsky>he's gonna use his gogi apparatus
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08:27<siscontrole>Dear, I did the registration and as a lifeguard, how do I do it?
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08:29<ponas>Can you rephrase that?
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08:29<siscontrole>already registered in linode, and wants to hire the service
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08:30<siscontrole>I want to pay the service through paypal
08:30<siscontrole>here I have not seen, this option, can you help me?
08:31<ponas>You need to add a credit card the first time you sign up. After that, you can transfer funds using PayPal
08:31<@bmartin>You can pay through paypal but the account needs to be created and activated witha. credit card
08:31<@bmartin>ponas beat me to it
08:31<siscontrole>I understand, my credit card is rechargeable and has balance, do you accept?
08:32<siscontrole>is mastercard
08:32<@bmartin>We do accept it
08:32<Woet>linodes are priceless
08:32<@bmartin>if you have completed signup you can open a support ticket and give us the number and we can take a look
08:32<Woet>for the rest theres mastercard
08:37<siscontrole>Okay, I'll try here, any doubt, contact again, grateful.
08:37<ponas>the future takes.. bitcoin?
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08:37<@bmartin>the future will be ruled by smoked meat based currency
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08:39<ponas>that'll collapse when smoked meat is more expensive than one smoked meat based currency
08:40<@bmartin>worst case the currency crashes and you eat it
08:43<Woet>!lick bmartin
08:43<linbot>Woet: Point given to bmartin. (10)
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10:09<poky>What does php7.0-fpm.sock do?
10:10<poky>Have this under location block ---------- fastcgi_pass unix:/run/php/php7.0-fpm.sock; ........ Why .sock instead of
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10:14<ponas>poky: it's a unix pipe, it can be used instead of TCP for local connections
10:15<ponas>named pipe I mean
10:16<poky>so replacing it with is fine? After enabling the ports from php config file?
10:17<ponas>it's all about performance:
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10:22<poky>Thanks ponas
10:22<Megaf>ATTENTION STAFF. I am a contributor for a FOSS game called Minetest Recently we are receiving a number of attacks. One of the attackers IP is a Linode IP.
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10:23<tafa2>Megaf open a ticket or send an abuse email....?
10:23<Woet>ATTENTION MEGAF. You report abuse through email abuse contacts, not IRC.
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10:23<Woet>ATTENTION MEGAF. You can find these emails in the RIRs when you whois an IP, in this case it's
10:23<Megaf>This is an official channel, with official staff. Also, more people will be aware of it
10:23<Megaf>I will be sending email as well
10:24<schwa>"more people will be aware of it" ?
10:24<tafa2>"more people will be aware" - tbh I don't think we really care
10:24<Woet>ATTENTION MEGAF. This is a community channel, people don't need to be aware of it, especially without any evidence or even knowing your definition of "attack".
10:24<poky>How it worked for me was, opened a ticket and asked staff to look into it from IRC
10:25<Woet>poky: or just email the abuse contact in the RIR as has been the standard practice for many, many years.
10:25<poky>ponas: May I have your attention please?
10:25<poky>Woet: sure thing!
10:25<ponas>poky: sure
10:25<poky>ponas: Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
10:25<ponas>poky: no
10:26<poky>ponas: Oh no wait. Sorry. That was not what I meant.
10:26<poky>ponas: So. I am trying to install older PHP. Running multiple PHP versions on my Ubuntu. Currently/default installed is PHP7.0
10:27<poky>Want to run PHP5.6 for just one website.
10:27<ponas>You should probably try to fix the website instead
10:28<poky>Ah! I can't do that. It is some wordpress theme that never got updated.
10:28<ponas>running multiple PHP versions isn't wort the effort
10:28<ponas>then you should fix the theme :-\
10:29<poky>I dont have those skills to fix the theme
10:29<ponas>if you really want to have multiple versions, take a look at
10:29<tafa2>Install that ppa - ondrej maintains multiple versions of php - they all work very well together
10:29<Woet>then you can hire someone to do it for you
10:29<tafa2>(I'm assuming you're on linux?)
10:29<Woet>cant be that much work
10:29<tafa2>*Ubuntu, not linux
10:30-!-AvatarA is "x" on #debian #debian-next
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10:30<poky>Yes, linux
10:30<poky>running NGINX
10:31<poky>OK. Who can fix the theme here?
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10:32<poky>Reading PHPbrew. ponas is this something easy to do?
10:32<ponas>poky: try tafa2s suggestion first
10:32<poky>tafa2: Ubunty 16.04+NGINX
10:32<ponas>if the packages work together, that's easier to maintain than phpbrew
10:33<tafa2>nginx? No apache?
10:33<poky>No apache
10:33<sandeep>can vouch for the ppa. works fine with nginx
10:33<tafa2>then just change your NGINX config to point to the correct PHP pfm
10:33<poky>I did not get tafa2 's link. I mean i did not understand.
10:33<tafa2>kk - 1 question first
10:34<poky>I have multiple websites on this and only one needs older PHP (5.6).
10:34<tafa2>have you tried serverpilot? runcloud?
10:34<ponas>poky: as for finding someone to fix the theme, try upwork or a similar service. should be pretty cheap
10:34<poky>Ubuntu + NGINX 1.10.3 + PHP7.0+MySQL
10:34<poky>tafa2: No. I am n00b
10:35<tafa2>Ok, check out runcloud or serverpilot, they are both websites that allow you to very simply create seperate websites
10:35<poky>ponas: ok..................................... I will keep that as option Z
10:35<tafa2>and they have multiple PHP versions
10:35<tafa2>its like a control panel for your own VPS
10:36<poky>Sounds interesting. but what would you suggest. Which effort is worth for 1 stupid website?
10:36<tafa2>I mean... If it's 1 website and you need PHP 5.6 - might as well get a hosting package haha (shameless plug)
10:36<poky>sandeep: PPA?
10:37<tafa2>Otherwise, if you don't know how to configure NGINX, convert your servers to runcloud or serverpilot
10:37<tafa2>or watch a video on how to add the PPA + change php versions
10:37<poky>What is PPA
10:38<Woet>poky: so you dont know Linux and you dont know PHP?
10:38<tafa2>So in Ubuntu, you use APT to install packages right? A bit like the appstore?
10:38<sandeep>might be safer to just go with a different theme
10:38<tafa2>Think of the PPA like an additional location to get different pacakges
10:38<poky>Woet: Not much.
10:38<tafa2>That PPA gives you access to multiple PHP versions
10:38<Woet>poky: so is there a reason why you are in charge of hosting and managing these websites?
10:38<tafa2>lol Woet
10:39<poky>Whatever I have with Linode today, I have learnt from this chat or online forums. 2 linodes. NGINX configured. blah blah
10:39<tafa2>honestly, convert to serverpilot or runcloud man
10:39<tafa2>make your life easy
10:39*tafa2 goes back to work
10:39<poky>lol Woet
10:40<poky>Maybe I did good at selling my n00b brain
10:40<poky>tafa2: Thanks
10:40<poky>OK. I will be doing the NGINX way first. If I break something then serverpilot or runcloud
10:41<poky>I like doing things on Linux and learn. I have failed less. I am confident.
10:44-!-mikey [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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10:48<mikey>hello guys, can someone help please. how do you login into phpmy admin after installing the lamp stack
10:48<mikey>where do you find links to view a new lampp installtion after installing?
10:48<Zimsky>with a username and password
10:48<Woet>did you install phpmyadmin?
10:49<Zimsky>if you want to use phpma, you need to install phpma
10:49<mikey> deployed the Lampp stackscript image
10:50<mikey>this should have apache,mysql and phpmyadmin right?
10:50<Woet>why should it have phpmyadmin?
10:50<Woet>does it say it has phpmyadmin?
10:51<Zimsky>Woet it says it has a web server so everything should work fine
10:51<Woet>Zimsky: but which country are you actually in
10:51<Woet>reply pls
10:51<Zimsky>reply pls
10:51<Zimsky>Woet: its ISO3166-1 alpha2 code begins with R and ends in U
10:52<Zimsky>but it more often begins with H and ends in K
10:52<Woet>you can't be russian
10:52<Zimsky>never said I was
10:52<Woet>hong kong is cool
10:52<Zimsky>you asked what country I was in
10:52<Zimsky>not nationality
10:52<Woet>when are you back in HK
10:52<Zimsky>not telling
10:53<Woet>ill be there end of march
10:53<Woet>and middle of may
10:53<Zimsky>am I supposed to care?
10:53<mikey>i used aws in the past and LAMPP PACKAGE USUALLY COMES with apache,phpmyadmin and mysql but i am new to linode and i cant seem to get my head arround it
10:53<ponas>Zimsky: since you're in RU, please tell Putin to stop invading stuff and jamming GPS near the borders kthx
10:53<Woet>yes, you're supposed to get excited and share a ngong ping 360 crystal cabin with me
10:53<Zimsky>ponas: invading stuff is fun tho
10:53<Woet>mikey: AWS and Linode both sell unmanaged Linux VPSes, your head should go around both equally well
10:54<Woet>Zimsky: do you know what Linode sells?
10:54<Woet>bhanks: help Zimsky is being anti social again
10:54<Zimsky>ponas: use beidou, glonass, or galileo
10:55<Zimsky>bhanks: help, woet is being social
10:55<Zimsky>I don't like that
10:55<Zimsky>Woet: I know what linode sells
10:56<Zimsky>and weapons
10:56<@bmartin>134 notifications from IRC? It's all gone wrong
10:56<ponas>mikey: PP in "LAMPP" stands for PHP and phpmyadmin, the linode stackscript is called "LAMP"
10:56<ponas>so 'sudo apt install phpmyadmin' should do the trick
10:57<Zimsky>bmartin: yer ma's a lunode
10:57<mikey>first time trying linde. the documentation is incoherent and makes it difficult to follow through.
10:57<Zimsky>the documentation is incoherent?
10:57<tafa2>mikey... I mean... Documentation is pretty good... Have you ever setup a server before though?
10:57<Zimsky>you're kidding, right?
10:58<Zimsky>Woet: more like LEWDNODE AMIRITE
10:58<tafa2>Uh oh... see what you've done now mikey
10:58<Zimsky>SO LEWD
10:59<mikey>thanks ponas. will try that.
11:00<mikey>after installing lampp. what do you do next to open the phpmyadmin in the browser
11:00<ponas>sudo systemctl restart apache2
11:00<ponas>navigate to http://yourdomain/phpmyadmin
11:02<mikey>so you have to set up dns before you can view this or is can i use linodeip/phpmyadmin?
11:03<ponas>the IP should work
11:04<mikey>@ponas. let's say you set up lampp. what is a valid url to access phpmyadmin.
11:06<Zimsky>mikey mikey mikey
11:06<ponas>mikey: http://theipaddress/phpmyadmin
11:06<mikey>zimsky i dont like u very much
11:06<Zimsky>is your name woet?
11:07<mikey>i am finance guy trying to set up a finance websites uknw DIY
11:07<Woet>mikey: we generally don't like people that put near-zero effort into answering their questions
11:07<mikey>thanks ponas
11:07<Zimsky>it's okay, I don't myself very much either
11:07<Zimsky>I don't like dzho either
11:08<dzho>I like myself enough for both of us!
11:08*dzho flashes a self-care double thumbs up
11:08<ponas>mikey: unmanaged root access Linux boxes probably isn't a perfect fit for you, but I guess one can learn by doing
11:08<Zimsky>mikey: if you're a finance guy, then you might realise time=money, and maybe work out that you should hire someone who knows what they're doing so they can do this properly
11:08<Zimsky>especially given that it's something to do with finance
11:08<dzho>I like *that* suggestion
11:09<Zimsky>hot same
11:10<mikey>great advice guys. i need a lot of programming knowledge for a new role in finance. hope this is clearer to every one(-: thanks
11:10-!-poky [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:10-!-pavlushka [] has joined #linode
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11:10<Zimsky>lettuce pray.
11:15-!-kenvandine [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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11:29<poky>Hi. tafa2
11:30<tafa2>sup poky
11:30<poky>tafa2: I just installed runcloud
11:30-!-mode/#linode [+l 352] by ChanServ
11:31<poky>Now all sites are broken. dead. Do I have a lot of work to do now to work with runcloud?
11:31-!-mikey [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:31-!-Marty [] has joined #linode
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11:35<poky>tafa2: :)
11:35<poky>tafa2: :0
11:39-!-eggstyrone [~textual@2600:1700:7721:4a70:240b:9cb1:95c4:e2b8] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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11:43<tafa2>dont tell me u installed it on ur current server!
11:48-!-eggstyrone [~textual@2600:1700:7721:4a70:4d84:fe0d:bb:c452] has joined #linode
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11:48<poky>Im going to hang myself now.
11:49<poky>tafa2: Writing a note onto you
11:50-!-renatocbj [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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11:51<renatocbj>ola fala portugues?
11:51<poky>tafa2: YES!
11:52<HoopyCat>poky: uh, joking about that is not cool
11:52<poky>OK OK.
11:52<poky>tafa2: help me please
11:52<poky>HoopyCat: Sorry
11:53<poky>Is there a way to uninstall/revert the installation of that RunCloud
11:53<FluffyFoxeh>fo rizzle
11:54-!-renatocbj [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:54-!-mrkendy [~oftc-webi@2001:ee0:4511:bad0:9491:73f5:a843:18cd] has joined #linode
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11:55<HoopyCat>poky: thank you... lost a friend a few hours ago, so it's a little raw still
11:57<HoopyCat>and alas, i know nothing about RunCloud :<
11:58<mrkendy>i want active my account
11:58<mrkendy>can you help me
11:59<poky>HoopyCat: Extremely sorry about yours loss
12:00<@bmartin>sorry for your loss HoopyCat :(
12:01<@bmartin>mrkendy your best bet is via a ticket or by emails with the last 6 digits of the card on file
12:01<@bmartin>we don't get into account details here in the public IRC channel
12:01-!-jay_ [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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12:02<mrkendy>oh thankyou
12:02-!-mrkendy [~oftc-webi@2001:ee0:4511:bad0:9491:73f5:a843:18cd] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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12:13<HoopyCat>thx poky and bmartin <3
12:19<tafa2>you cant install it on a server that already has things on it
12:19<tafa2>it needs to be fresh
12:19<tafa2>runcloud have multiple warnings about that
12:19<tafa2>revert to a backup
12:19<poky>I got no warnings.
12:19<tafa2>(pls tell me you're using linode's backups
12:19<poky>Well. I see it has purged nginx
12:19<poky>Cant I just install nginx, mysql and php back how it was?
12:20<tafa2>Installation note
12:20<tafa2>Make sure you are using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64bit (Fresh Server)
12:20<tafa2>Its literally right there
12:20<poky>I see my data is still there but dont know about my custom configs
12:20<tafa2>revert to a backup
12:20<tafa2>get another linide
12:20<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Unusual: no response from support for over 24 hours <>
12:21<poky>I dont think so I have backup
12:21<poky>Yes, I dont
12:25-!-stephenplatz [~steve@2601:602:8501:28ec:346a:d3c0:c2ce:557a] has joined #linode
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12:26<HoopyCat>poky: installing the nginx, mysql, and php packages may get things goin' again... if you're lucky, the configs are still there untouched. i would back up your data before touching anything else tho
12:26-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
12:27<poky>I know right?
12:27<poky>Thanks. I will do that
12:27-!-jcanto [] has quit [Quit: Going offline, see ya! (]
12:28-!-jcanto [] has joined #linode
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12:34<poky>tafa2: Have time for me?
12:34<tafa2>i do
12:34<tafa2>open a pm
12:35<tafa2>or might be better in here where the others can see I suppsoe
12:36<tafa2>So quick recap, runcloud and serverpilot only work on fresh servers, so if you've installed it ontop of a running server, it's borked your apache/nginx
12:36<tafa2>I mean, I wish I told you, but I assumed you'd read the docs, before making such a big change
12:36<poky>Check PM tafa2
12:41<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
12:41-!-Boost [~ScarlettM@] has joined #linode
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13:35<poky>Guys! tafa2 is great!
13:35-!-poky [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
13:35<tafa2>lol good kid
13:35<buzzly>Eugene: ^5
13:36<tafa2>fixed his linode
13:36-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
13:37<tafa2>I remember ~7 years ago I totally ruined my server because I was a huge noob and someone on IRC logged in, fixed it and save my ass
13:37<tafa2>finally got to pay it forward :D
13:37<buzzly>tafa2 levels up from karmaXP
13:37<@bmartin>!point tafa2
13:37<linbot>bmartin: Point given to tafa2. (2)
13:37<buzzly>!point tafa2
13:37<linbot>buzzly: Point given to tafa2. (3)
13:37<tafa2>haha thanks guys
13:38<buzzly>I have that in my past as well.
13:39-!-marshmn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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13:51<DrJ>Happy billing eve everyone
13:52-!-Exothermal [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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13:52<Exothermal>hello huys need a little help
13:52<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
13:53-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
13:54<Exothermal>bought a domain on namecheap its asking for NameServers. i have set up a linode and deployed an image. but i dont know what exactly the NameSrver shd be how to connect the domain to linode
13:56<HoopyCat>Exothermal: if you set up the domain in the DNS Manager tab of the linode manager, use ns1/ns2/ns3/ns4/
13:57-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
13:57-!-Cromulent is "Cromulent" on #linode
13:57<grawity>"connect the domain to linode" has very little to do with the nameservers parameter
13:58<@scrane>Exothermal So the question is where you want to host your domain zone. Do you want to use Linode's DNS manager, or do you want to use the registrar's DNS management system?
13:58-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
13:59<@scrane>There is no wrong answer, either. It's just personal preference but that will determine what you need to do
13:59<Exothermal>thanks kenyon. exactly what i needed. new to this so ya'll should understand. reading link sent by kenyon. i'll be back if anything comes up. thank you all
14:03-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
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14:41<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Unusual: no response from support for over 24 hours <>
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14:50-!-Ch4mp [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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14:50<Ch4mp>hi, is it possible to downgrade from linode 2g to 1g?
14:51<@scrane>Absolutely! You would just first need to resize the Linode's disks to fit the 1GB plan.
14:51<@scrane>These two guides should help: and
14:51-!-mode/#linode [+l 348] by ChanServ
14:52<Ch4mp>but i wont lose any data?
14:52<@scrane>Nope! Not at all
14:52<armiller>Assuming all your data can fit into the smaller disk size
14:52-!-Ch4mp [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
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14:54-!-felpita1 [] has joined #linode
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14:54<felpita1>i need help!
14:54<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
14:55-!-mode/#linode [+l 348] by ChanServ
14:55<felpita1>I Need Active my account
14:55<armiller>Did you get an email?
14:56-!-Ch4mp [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
14:56-!-Ch4mp is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
14:56<Ch4mp>ok theres a problem: • Linode has allocated more disk than new plan allows. Delete or resize disks smaller.
14:56<armiller>Ch4mp: Yeah, that's the problem I was talking about
14:56<Ch4mp>from Linode 2048 (current plan to 1g
14:56<felpita1>email is:
14:56<@bmartin>felpita1 the best bet would be to open a ticket with support or email with the last 6 digits of the credit card on file
14:56<armiller>That means you have more data than fits into the 1GB linode. The 1GB plan should have 24GB of storage.
14:56-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
14:56<@bmartin>this is a public channel so we are unable to get into account specifics
14:57<@scrane>Ch4mp, you first need to resize the disk on the Linode so your total allocation is 20GB or smaller
14:57<Ch4mp>so i have to just delete something
14:57<armiller>Ch4mp: If you run `df -h` in your Linode how much space does it say you are using?
14:58<smallclone>you'll fit on a 1GB plan then, you just need to resize your disk first.
14:59<@scrane>I would recommend resizing the main OS disk on the Linode to 20000 MB
15:00<@scrane>or 20480 minus the size of your swap disk
15:01<Ch4mp>256M i have swap
15:01<felpita1>Send Email support
15:04<Ch4mp>fs_resize: resize failed resize2fs 1.42.12 (29-Aug-2014) /sbin/resize2fs: New size smaller than minimum (5273691)
15:04<Ch4mp>so i cant resize
15:05<smallclone>what did you try to resize itto
15:05<smallclone>*it to
15:05<smallclone>in MB
15:05<Ch4mp>i put 19800 first
15:05<Ch4mp>256M is swap there
15:05<Ch4mp>main disk
15:06-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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15:07-!-Carebear [~oftc-webi@2a02:c7d:94e9:d000:c9f8:96e5:7527:e9be] has joined #linode
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15:07<Ch4mp>i think problem is that my current plan
15:07-!-pavlushka [] has quit [Quit: See you on the other side]
15:07<Ch4mp>doesnt allow such small disk size
15:07-!-Carebear [~oftc-webi@2a02:c7d:94e9:d000:c9f8:96e5:7527:e9be] has quit []
15:08<kenyon>Ch4mp: what was the exact command
15:08<kenyon>Ch4mp: the command needs units, otherwise assumes number of blocks
15:08-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
15:09<armiller>kenyon: They didn't issue the command, that's the error the Linode interface gave them
15:09<kenyon>oh heh
15:09<Ch4mp>it doesnt work
15:09<armiller>Hold on one sec
15:10<smallclone>i mean you could go bigger
15:10<@sjacobs>(5273691 * 4KB blocks) / 1024 KB = ~20601 MB ... that should be correct.
15:10<smallclone>oh i guess not
15:10<smallclone>for some reason i thought the 1GB plan was 25gb
15:11<armiller>sjacobs: The size they specified was 19800
15:11<@sjacobs>which would be too small, correct?
15:11<@sjacobs>(i'm coming in halfway)
15:11<armiller>Yeah, so they need to embiggen it
15:11<kenyon>embiggify it
15:11<@sjacobs>embiggen it. yes. embiggen it.
15:11<armiller>Set the size for the disk to be 21000 or 22000
15:12<Ch4mp>does it count together with swap?
15:12<@sjacobs>for the plan size, yes.
15:12<armiller>Don't worry about swap rn, just set it to those numbers
15:12<@sjacobs>if you still have swap on your linode, it'll show you the max size you can resize to when you "Edit
15:12<Ch4mp>ok so what number i put for that disk
15:12<@sjacobs> ... "Edit" the disk.
15:12<Ch4mp>swap i have 256M
15:15<@sjacobs>you're going to need to remove data before resizing the disk, if you want to fit into a $10 plan.
15:15<Ch4mp>it should be
15:15<@sjacobs>$5.00 plan* (sorry to confuse)
15:15<Ch4mp>wait somedoby said i can change plan without losing data
15:16<Peng>Ch4mp: Yes, downgrading to a smaller plan won't delete your data.
15:16<@sjacobs>the max disk size (while keeping a 256 swap) for a $5.00 Linode is 20224 MB.
15:16<Peng>Ch4mp: But if you're using more disk space than possible on the new plan , you won't be able to downgrade.
15:16<Peng>You can't use more disk space than your plan supports.
15:16<@sjacobs>the smallest size you can resize to currently, without removing data is around 21000, which is bigger.
15:17<armiller>Ch4mp: Real talk, you are going to need to delete some data first either way
15:17<Peng>And that would be with almost no free disk space...
15:17<@sjacobs>yup. i bet a reboot will clear out /tmp and you'll scrape by.
15:17<armiller>Even if your disk manages to just barely squeeze into the $5.00 plan size, you will very quickly run out of disk space
15:17<Peng>Block Storage might be good here. :P
15:18<Ch4mp>i will delete logs etc..
15:18<Ch4mp>again it doesnt work :D
15:18<Ch4mp>i put 20224
15:19<@sjacobs>it was mentioned earlier that the absolute minimum will be 20601, but you're going to need to add some buffer.
15:20<kenyon>what are you doing with all that storage
15:21<Ch4mp>i dont even know honestly
15:21<kenyon>yeah, suspected that. probably should figure that out
15:21<Ch4mp>im on it
15:22<kenyon>get your du on
15:23<Ch4mp> /dev/root 24G 5.3G 18G 23% /
15:25<Ch4mp>ok it works now
15:29-!-eggstyrone [~textual@2600:1700:7721:4a70:751e:a0e2:d225:81d2] has joined #linode
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15:29<Ch4mp>worker_processes for nginx for this plan?
15:29<Ch4mp>what would you suggest?
15:30-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
15:33<Ch4mp>ok so il keep 1
15:35<Ch4mp>now i dont know if 1 or auto
15:36<Ch4mp>ok thanks guys for this support
15:38-!-Ch4mp [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
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16:37<FreakingOut1987>hi, i'm having trouble smtping out of my Linode
16:37<FreakingOut1987>Does Linode block outgoing port 25?
16:38-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
16:38<jalter>Not normally. What kind of problems are you seeing?
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16:50<FreakingOut1987>jalter, well I can receive e-mail but I can't seem to send them out. Internally sent mail works because there is no routing going on
16:51<FreakingOut1987>but when I send it to an external mail server I get connection timed out on port 25
16:51<FreakingOut1987>I'm using postfix
17:01-!-Nightmeare [] has joined #linode
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17:11<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Unusual: no response from support for over 24 hours <>
17:23<millisa>FreakingOut1987: did you try telnetting to port 25 by hand from the linode to see if you can get it to say ehlo?
17:23<FreakingOut1987>it's actually not a Linode issue
17:23<FreakingOut1987>I forgot this set of servers was on a different provider
17:23<FreakingOut1987>they're probably blocking 25 outgoing
17:23<millisa>those jerks!
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21:06<Eugene>Is Linode's SMTP server RFC8314 compliant?
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23:48<encode>ooh exciting re: block storage
23:59<Woet>ooh exciting re: Zimsky's upcoming ban
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