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00:00*Woet sets mode: +b *!*@*.ru
00:01<Zimsky>that won't work
00:01<Zimsky>I like how I don't even have to say anything
00:02<Zimsky>Woet just gets annoyed
00:06<HoopyCat>we're getting the banned back together \o/
00:07<Zimsky>ban HoopyCat imo
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00:31<Archon810>Good evening, gents
00:31<Archon810>Is there anyone here in charge of volumes?
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00:31<Archon810>I just found a pretty critical bug with volume handling and filed a ticket (9907668). I don't know if Linode wants to proceed with the launch tomorrow before it's fixed, it's quite serious.
00:32<Archon810>the gist is it resulted in a kernel panic upon a reboot because of a jumbled up configuration profile
00:32<Archon810>Linode decided to swap out the boot disk with one of the volumes
00:32<millisa>that sounds odd.
00:33<linbot>New news from forum: Current Betas • Linode Block Storage (Fremont beta) <>
00:33<@jhaas>Archon810: thanks, I've flagged that urgent and we'll be reviewing it shortly
00:34<Archon810>Thanks @jhaas
00:42*Woet flags jhaas as urgent
00:54<@bhanks>Woet are you behaving?
00:54<Woet>that depends on your definition of behaving
00:54<Woet>i can be a naughty boy ;) ;)
00:54<Woet>( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
00:55<@bhanks>@jhaas escalate Woet to T&S for further review of his behavior
00:56*Woet escalates bhanks demotion
00:57<@bhanks>because that was less than gr8
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02:06<junhua>i had stoped my service and removed my linode. why do you still take money from my credit card?
02:08<grawity>don't the monthly invoice emails show exactly why
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02:10<junhua>could i get back my money?
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02:11<grawity>for that, try contacting Linode support by phone/email/ticket
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02:11<junhua>i had opened a ticket.
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02:12<junhua>i had stoped my service and removed my linode. they shouldn't take money from me anymore
02:13<@jhaas>junhua: please keep in mind our services are billed after usage
02:13<@jhaas>if you received a bill today it was for service in Janurary
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02:14<junhua>it's Janurary‘s bill?
02:15<junhua>ok, then you will not take money next month, if i don't use it
02:15<@jhaas>Correct. If you've removed all services, this will be your last bill.
02:16<junhua>ok.i know. Thank you!
02:17<Woet>why didn't you just look at the invoice?
02:20<rsdehart>Woet: all it had was a bunch of words and numbers.
02:20<Woet>i hate those
02:24<junhua>sorry about that.i had figure out my problems
02:30<Zimsky>it's okay
02:30<Zimsky>Woet can solve all your problems
02:30<Woet>for payment
02:31<Woet>i accept HKD
02:32<Woet>the bills are nice
02:36<Zimsky>Woet: maybe consider getting a job
02:37<Woet>Zimsky: i prefer full-time traveling
02:37<Zimsky>same irl
02:37<Woet>Zimsky: i just got access to the cathay first class lounges
02:37<Woet>even when i fly economy
02:37<Woet>time to plan another trip to HK
02:37<Woet>"Dear Mr. Van Eekelen,
02:37<Woet>Greetings from Privilege club team.
02:37<Woet>With reference to our previous communication, we are glad to inform you that your membership tier has been upgrade to Platinum membership tier."
02:37<Woet>that whitespace was not supposed to be there
02:42<rsdehart>Woet leads a charmed life
02:42<rsdehart>They won't even let me into the airport
02:43<rsdehart>not since that last time
02:43<Woet>what happened
02:43<Zimsky>oh, when you tried to blow up the plane?
02:43<Zimsky>don't do that
02:43<rsdehart>I've been advised by my attorney not to discuss the details of the matter
02:43<Woet>Zimsky: you might be connected via SSL but not everyone is
02:43<Woet>you're on a few more watchlists now
02:44<Zimsky>Woet: please don't dictate the nature of irc to me
02:44<Zimsky>don't do that
02:44*Woet blows Zimsky
02:44<Woet>.. up
02:44<Zimsky>I'm not sure that would anatomically work
02:44<Zimsky>either way, please don't
02:44<Woet>i blow into my gfs ear sometimes
02:45<Woet>don't do that
02:46<Woet>Zimsky: jealous of my midnight snack?
02:46<Zimsky>like I said, I'm not clicking
02:46<Woet>it's safe for work
02:46<Zimsky>not the issue
02:46<Woet>what is the issue?
02:48<Zimsky>jhaas: I recommend the eradication of both rsdehart and Woet for terrorism and hate crime offences
02:49<Zimsky>I will deliver a full report on Monday
02:49<@jhaas>hmm... would you rather have woes or Woet?
02:49<@jhaas>just one jump in the alphabet
02:49<Zimsky>whichever causes less anal leakage.
02:49<Woet>making fun of my crohns disease is against the law in most countries
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02:50<Zimsky>that's not a related symptom
02:50<Zimsky>iSRAELi: palestine forever
02:51<Woet>Zimsky: what about this?
02:51<Woet>it's me trying to a catch a train in Manila
02:51<Zimsky>you couldn't catch a rock
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02:57<Zimsky>Woet: which of these do you feel best describes yourself?
02:58<Woet>like I said, I'm not clicking
02:58*Ikaros pops popcorn
02:59*Zimsky shanks Ikaros
03:03<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • The ECDSA host key has changed <>
03:04<Ikaros>There, that problem's solved. Moving on
03:05<Woet>we cant move on
03:05<Woet>never forget
03:07<Zimsky>there were two blood moons last night
03:07<Woet>i had the best view
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04:52<gladio> Invoice #10204177
04:53<gladio>we need to cancel the payment
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04:54<Zimsky>you should probably send linode a support ticket
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05:04<rsdehart>Zimsky: what do you mean this irc channel isn't official support?
05:04<Zimsky>no, it is
05:04<Zimsky>please provide your credit card details
05:04<Zimsky>and linode account info
05:05<rsdehart>yeah I was about to not do that for a sec
05:05<rsdehart>thanks for reassuring me that I should
05:05<@jhaas>zimsky: 5
05:05<@jhaas>plz refud
05:05<Zimsky>jhaas: reply pls
05:05<Zimsky>pls replu
05:05<rsdehart>imagine having a conversation with that person irl
05:05<rsdehart>you know they're the same offline
05:06<Zimsky>probably like conversing with anyone
05:06<Zimsky>jhaas: what's the most ridiculous ticket you've seen
05:06<@jhaas>oh that's easy
05:06<@jhaas>"I wasnt to return this chainsaw."
05:06<@jmetz>ha that one was so good
05:06<Zimsky>I don't get it
05:06<Zimsky>that was an actual ticket?
05:08<@jhaas>Apr-2017 - "Refund on our payment order number <redacted> for a chainsaw."
05:08<@jhaas>(the first one was not an actual quote, that one is)
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05:09<@jhaas>"We DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH LINODE, ordered this transaction through Amazon! This is not very satisfactory at all."
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05:09<@jhaas>that last communication we had with this person was the receipt of a message containing only a thumbsdown emoji
05:09<Zimsky>has linode considered selling chainsaws?
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05:10<Zimsky>the boring company is selling flamethrowers
05:10<Zimsky>it's not particularly ludicrous
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05:12<Zimsky>"Two New Zealand women face claim for ‘emotional injury’ over singer’s scrapped Tel Aviv show"
05:12<Zimsky>on the topic of ridiculousness
05:13<@jhaas>"a controversial law passed in 2011 that allows civil suits to be opened against those calling for a boycott against Israel"
05:13<@jhaas>... -.-
05:16<Zimsky>unless you're in israel or are going to israel, it can be ignored
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05:19<Zimsky>mes merising
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05:22<grawity>was that ticket submitted on the 1st
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05:22<Zimsky>were you submitted on the first?
05:23<@jhaas>it was not regrettably
05:24<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Mixed mode errors after moving website to https / ssl <>
05:24<csnxs>I'd love a linode chainsaw
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05:25<Zimsky>when's linode going to sell socks?
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05:25*jhaas might have linode socks
05:25<rsdehart>I want some or I'll sue for emotional injury
05:26<rsdehart>since doing that over dumb shit is apparently a thing now
05:27*rsdehart faxes his lawyer
05:27<Zimsky>ikr, just ask Woet
05:34<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Mixed mode errors after moving website to https / ssl <>
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07:08<tafa2>anyone good with password hashes?
07:10<tafa2>I've telneted into an old
07:10<tafa2>router for which we need to recover the password
07:10<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
07:10<tafa2>its in the main xml file and presented as such $1$TW$3q69ksdrX7zaaLg54vFxN0
07:10<tafa2>but I cant figure out what hash / encryption has been used
07:10<tafa2>was hoping it would be base 64
07:10<ponas>tafa2: 'user'
07:11<Woet>bcrypt md5.
07:11<tafa2>lol how?
07:11<@jhaas>yeah p sure $1$ is md5
07:11<ponas>i googled it
07:11<hawk>tafa2: Probably produced by crypt(3)
07:11<tafa2>i googled it too!
07:11<Woet>tafa2: its hashed, not encrypted, so you can't reverse it.
07:11<hawk>Well, you can brute-force it
07:12<Woet>at least the salt is static "TW"
07:12<tafa2>so it's MD5? Can't be reversed?
07:12<Woet>[20:11:28] <Woet> tafa2: its hashed, not encrypted, so you can't reverse it.
07:13<Woet>[20:11:01] <Woet> bcrypt md5.
07:13<Woet>or "md5crypt" i think its called
07:13<Woet>just save the config, factory reset, restore config?
07:13<@jhaas>in theory you can brute force it, md5 ain't secure
07:14<@jhaas>ah hawk already mentioned
07:14<Woet>depends how strong it is
07:15<hawk>Either just factory reset the thing and be done with it, or fire up hashcat or whatever and give it ago.
07:15*tafa2 googles
07:16<Woet>it shouldnt take too long
07:16<Woet>if you use a GPU
07:17<Woet>depending on the strength
07:18<hawk>that link seems kind of not really working?
07:19<hawk>Hashcat does gpgpu, though. If that was just some alternative tool
07:19<Woet>oh, i didnt check the link, heh
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10:07<starry_eyes>Hi, I set up a centos 6.9 instance in the newark data center. After building a LEMP stack everything has been running smoothly. I added my user to the wheel group and allowed my user sshd on day one. Also, blocked root login. Today, I tried sudo and it was rejected "not in the sudoers group" Was my system hacked? Can I recover?
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10:18<jmcclure>Hi all. Is there a page with information about linode managed plan pricing? Our group currently have a linode VPS that I maintain, but I'll be leaving soon and I'm not sure anyone else in our group is comfortable maintaining it. I'm going to encourage them to switch to a managed account, so I'd like to gather some info.
10:23<jmcclure>Ah, thanks. I missed the price in there as the page focuses on features.
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10:25<linbot>New news from forum: Current Betas • Linode Block Storage (Fremont beta) <>
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11:18<dzho>heh. I suspect burying the price is deliberate, since that's such a FAQ
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12:05<linbot>New news from forum: Current Betas • Linode Block Storage (Fremont beta) <>
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12:45<linbot>New news from blog: Announcing Linode Block Storage Volumes <>
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12:56*relidy isn't a fan of the new DC naming scheme.
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13:18<AlexMax>it'd be nice if we could back them up with the same system
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13:58<millisa>backblaze drive stats for 2017 are up:
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15:21<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
15:23-!-SimonHampel [~SimonHamp@2001:44b8:313f:400:697a:803d:20c1:7d42] has joined #linode
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15:28<buzzly>I have that in my past as well.
15:28<@bhanks>hi Eugene
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15:33<Carlos_>Should I use owncloud to iCloud?
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15:46<linbot>New news from forum: Current Betas • Linode Block Storage (Fremont beta) <>
15:48<SimonHampel>how is performance with the new block storage in production? I know there were some concerns early on in the beta based on testing one user did
15:48<@mcintosh>not sure what user you're referring to but,
15:49-!-pavlushka [] has quit [Quit: See you on the other side]
15:49<acald3ron>play and win bitcoins:
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15:54<millisa>a few quick tests - 135MB/s wgetting the fremont speedtest file to a block store in fremont. created a 1gb file out of 10 of them and copied it from the blockstore and to the blockstore and it took 23.378s
15:55<SimonHampel>mcintosh- this was the original post I was referring to with the tests (from July 2017):
15:56<millisa>copying the 1gb file from blockstore to linode's root volume 8.548s. copying linode root volume to block store, 11.427s
15:57<SimonHampel>thanks millisa ... that should be plenty fast enough to serve media from - I have a rather and rapidly growing large photo gallery on one of my sites that I've been waiting to move to block storage
15:58<SimonHampel>oops ... "rather large and rapidly growing"
15:58<millisa>i've been using a 400/600gb block store since early beta as an offsite rsync copy of a media dir. it seems plenty fast (it's probably not changing more than 20-25gb a night though)
15:59<millisa>i did an rsync of a 400gb block store in neward to a 600gb blockstore in fremont about a week ago. the linode's outbound throttle was the bottleneck
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16:01<Carlos_>millisa :was you hitting 125 megabyte per sec?
16:01-!-eggstyrone [~textual@2600:1700:7721:4a70:b5bf:2d51:1f51:ad22] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:01<millisa>close to it.
16:01-!-mode/#linode [+l 357] by ChanServ
16:05<millisa>wish they didnt put the 10gb minimum size. i liked having small volumes to boot from
16:09<@mcintosh>millisa: not necessarily set in stone... feedback welcome
16:10<millisa>I'll make some noise after the first bills in 28 days.
16:10<millisa>(cloning is broken for those small volumes I already have since they are smaller than the minimum)
16:11-!-marshmn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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16:14<@mcintosh>ah that's annoying
16:14<@mcintosh>millisa: mind if I PM?
16:14<millisa>sure, go ahead.
16:16<linbot>New news from forum: Current Betas • Linode Block Storage (Fremont beta) <>
16:20<FluffyFoxeh>I got my invoice last night and realized my credit card was expired. I just updated it in the manager. Do I have to manually make a payment or will it automatically charge me now that it's updated?
16:21<millisa> blue box says you have to do it manual
16:21<FluffyFoxeh>oh, thanks
16:24<FluffyFoxeh>huh, just noticed that Linode doesn't use the CVV code. I thought that was necessary
16:25-!-brandon [~oftc-webi@2600:1700:2450:d30:e503:e028:f4f6:29cd] has joined #linode
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16:51<millisa>not needed right now, just asking to store away - can an unattached block store be transferred to another account similar to a linode (ticket from both accounts requesting it?)
16:55<Eugene>I sure hope so, because it would be silly to not be able to move them when you move a Linode
16:55<millisa>it could feasibly remove the need to move a linode - build the 'gold master' system in a block store, then when someone wants one, just clone it and transfer it over to them. they can spin it up on whatever size linode they want
16:56<Eugene>An actual AMI ecosystem would be cool, but that's a pipe dream, along with ISO upload / DVD support
16:57<millisa>i just like the idea of doing away with local linode storage. assuming the block store is always fast enough; it makes resizing a single node only take seconds.
16:58<Peng>and it makes network outages take
16:59<millisa>" . . . help, I have 8 10tb blockstores attached to my linode configured in raid0 and . . ."
17:00<Peng>"and I use them all for swap"
17:00-!-anomie [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:00<@mcintosh>it is possible to move a detached volume between accounts, yes
17:01<@mcintosh>(same process you described)
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17:06<@mcintosh>np :)
17:06<@mcintosh>!point mcintosh[m]
17:06<@mcintosh>!point mcintosh
17:06<linbot>mcintosh: 1,000,000 points for mcintosh!!!
17:06<@mcintosh>MUCH BETTER
17:10-!-remax [] has joined #linode
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17:11<iSRAELi>are you here to sell us houses?
17:11<remax>admine pleas write me
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17:12<remax>admin here ?
17:12<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
17:12<relidy>Just keep in mind it's a public channel.
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17:16<remax>help me
17:17<gparent>you need to ask a question
17:17<gparent>like "How many master bedrooms do you need?"
17:17<gparent>and two.
17:17<remax>can I pay bitcoin for services?
17:18<remax>only CC]
17:18<remax>fus i have only btc
17:21<remax>does anyone have any free server for testing?
17:21<millisa>If you want to test download speeds,
17:26<remax>I want to check the server from the inside needs access to the server
17:29-!-remax [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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17:42<AlexMax>haven't a whole bunch of bitcoin payment processors stopped working because of transaction times?
17:54-!-nessenj_ [~nessenj@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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18:44<Kinai>Hi Everyone
18:44<Kinai>wanna ask about payment method, linode support Virtual Card Number by MasterCard?
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18:56<Kinai>and then, linode just support credit card?
18:57<millisa>you could write their support address and ask them to be sure, but i doubt they care if it's virtual or not if it acts like a regular card
19:01-!-aziz [] has joined #linode
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19:02<@rsyracuse>Kinai: As long as it's a valid virtual card with a major credit card company we should be able to accept it
19:02<aziz>i heard the internet is not good from linode singapore to australia ?
19:03<millisa>aziz: you can try it yourself
19:03<aziz>aha thank you
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19:05<Kinai>eh, linode support debit and credit card??
19:08<@rsyracuse>Kinai: yes, that's correct
19:14<Kinai>okay.... maybe I can use VCN, because there is mastercard logo... i was use 3D secure get access denied haha
19:16-!-AvatarA [] has joined #linode
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22:10<Kinai>I need help~, i was register linode, but status pending activation, then few minutes later, i cannot login, this is say " invalid username and password "
22:11-!-azwieg103 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:11<armiller>Your gonna need to email for that.
22:11<armiller>Gets me every tim
22:11<Zimsky>and I'm sure every tim is pleased
22:11<rsdehart>I get different words confused too
22:11<Kinai>okay thanks
22:11-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
22:11<rsdehart>I mean like all the avcado
22:12<rsdehart>damn it
22:12<Zimsky>pennywise will be most pleased
22:12-!-azwieg103 [] has joined #linode
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22:13<rsdehart>Zimsky: stop making hasenpfeffer of armiller
22:13-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
22:13<rsdehart>it's completely delightful
22:13<Zimsky>du hast einen Vogel
22:20<@bhanks>Zimsky you should know better than to speak to my darling armiller like so!
22:21<Zimsky>I wasn't speaking to armiller
22:21<Zimsky>I've never spoken to armiller
22:21<Zimsky>I would never speak to armiller
22:21<Zimsky>I am not speaking to armiller
22:21<@bhanks>alright alright
22:22<Zimsky>more like altright altright amirite?
22:22<@jhaas>Zimsky: got a new contender for your question from yesterday
22:22<@jhaas>Ticket from a dude complaining about data loss in his db
22:23<@jhaas>Turns out, he's running "mongod" from Lish and leaving it there for days.
22:23<Zimsky>from lish.
22:23<@jhaas>ya know. i always run my db in the foreground of my remote serial console
22:24<Zimsky>would make it better if he started demanding financial compensation for lack of instructions
22:25<Zimsky>there was a case with someone that kept holding down the power button to shut off their laptop, and occasionally they'd lose data. They used that one laptop (without backups) for all of their small business stuff, and demanded the vendor financially compensate them in the order of tens of thousands of pounds for the data loss
22:27<Zimsky>because "the vendor is supposed to supply instructions"
22:27*rsdehart blinks profusely in confusion
22:28<Zimsky>classic midlands people
22:32<Kinai>i thougt my account get deleted from linode :3
22:32<Zimsky>only if you don't wash behind your ears and don't eat your greens
22:35<HoopyCat>jhaas: it's always a dude, too ^^
22:36*jhaas does not use dude exclusively to refer to males
22:36<rsdehart>someone's always going to assume you do, though
22:36<Zimsky>aren't all men inferior to women?
22:37<@jhaas>HoopyCat: did you just assume my gender assuming?
22:37<Zimsky>rsdehart: idk I'm pretty sure I'm superior
22:37-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:37<rsdehart>Zimsky: all that proves is that all men are inferior to woman
22:38<rsdehart>you need to be more Pacific
22:38<Zimsky>all women are inferior to women
22:38<rsdehart>segmentation fault
22:38-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
22:39<Zimsky>HoopyCat is a strong, independent white man who don't need no woman
22:39<millisa>there's a new polynesian place that opened up a month or so ago called 'Be More Pacific'. i want to go since there are so few of them around here . .but the name.
22:39<rsdehart>I'd go there
22:39<Zimsky>don't go there
22:39<rsdehart>it's a pun, not a mistake. IF they were legit reaching for "specific" I'd tell everyone not to go there
22:40<rsdehart>except Zimsky
22:40<rsdehart>whom I'd encourage to
22:40<millisa>used to be a food truck (didn't try it then either). Going to get to try it this month
22:43<millisa>this week was apparently their first kamayan thing (where they throw the rice and lots of stuff in the middle of the table and everyone just eats with their hands)
22:44-!-S_Boaden [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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22:46<S_Boaden>my name
22:46<Zimsky>I make that sound frequently too. It stops when you turn 43
22:52<S_Boaden>Your account is currently being reviewed.
22:52<Zimsky>I think it means your account is currently being reviewed
22:52<Zimsky>just a guess though
22:53<Zimsky>I could be wrong
22:54<Zimsky>I'd ask Woet to weigh in here, but my scales only go up to 15 stone
22:54<S_Boaden>its big
22:54<Zimsky>it's really big
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23:20<Eugene>Every night I'm a towel
23:21<HoopyCat>jhaas: my pronouns are right-column D tone / misshapen duck call
23:21*jhaas thinks he might be in over his head
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23:23*bhanks knows that if jhaas is in over his head that she's most definitely in over her head
23:26<HoopyCat>Zimsky: i'm more of a strong, independent purple catgirl who don't need no dog
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23:28<dzho>wait, what
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23:28<dzho>HoopyCat is in #linode
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23:33<HoopyCat>dzho: it was either L'appel du vide or not removing it from my autojoins
23:35<dzho>when you gaze into IRC, IRC gazes back
23:35<@jhaas>strong, independent purple catgirl ++
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23:49<Zimsky>HoopyCat: you're purple?
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23:49<Zimsky>medically, that's not a good sign
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23:52<Zimsky>green catgirls are stronger
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23:55<HoopyCat>ionizing purple radiation
23:56<Zimsky>yer ma's ionising
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