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01:42<Eugene>When is the Linode parody porno coming out
01:42<Eugene>And will it feature hot BSD action
01:44<Woet>it will feature linode employees wearing just hair towels
01:46<diveyez>Someone tell jhaas to check PM's for intel drop ;)
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04:09<Exothermal>hello a little help: i deleted a linode and create new one but my domain is still using the ip of the old linode.. i have set the dns to the new ip but no effect. any ideas how ican go about this?
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04:17<Guest3318> hello a little help: i deleted a linode and create new one but my domain is still using the ip of the old linode.. i have set the dns to the new ip but no effect. any ideas how ican go about this?
04:18<Woet>how long did you wait? DNS is cached.
04:32<rsdehart> is what I usually use to check dns propagation
04:32<Guest3318>ok woet. so what do ido abt the cached dns
04:32<Woet>you wait.
04:32<rsdehart>I also use it to see what Woet is up to
04:32<rsdehart>obviously that's an undocumented feature
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04:33*Woet documents rsdehart's existence
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04:33<rsdehart>I'm finally in print
04:33<rsdehart>happy day
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04:37<Guest3318>ok i geuss i'' have to wait then. thnks @woet
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05:16<tuyrbo>which free panel is provided in linode vps hosting
05:16<rsdehart>did someone say a panel was provided for free?
05:16<rsdehart>if you want cpanel, you're responsible for installing it yourself
05:16<rsdehart>if you want it provided, you can get a managed plan for an additional $100/month on top of the regular price of the plan you choose
05:17<rsdehart>tuyrbo: Linode gives you a VPS with root access. The rest is up to you
05:17<tuyrbo>no but other hosting services are providing free control panel like vestacp directadmin etc
05:18<rsdehart>they're not a webhost. They're a vps provider. You get a blank slate and you can install whatever you like that doesn't break the law
05:19<tuyrbo>is this server requirments are there in linode
05:19<tuyrbo>PHP >= 5.6.4 OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP Extension
05:19<rsdehart>if you install those, they're there
05:20<rsdehart>you get root access and can install whatever versions of things you need
05:20<tuyrbo>ok thnks can i run adult websites using linode services
05:21<rsdehart>generally, yes
05:21<rsdehart>It'd probably be helpful to read through that
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05:22<rsdehart>well alrighty then
05:22<rsdehart>!alias next
05:22<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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07:49<taylorbyte>anyone using salt cloud ? was wondering if its possible to run a salt cloud master from a NATed machine / not need to specify a master ip in the minion/s, or maybe i could just use salt-ssh?
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08:02<Zimsky>water in clouds isn't salty
08:03<Zimsky>Woet: this is unacceptable
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08:10<Yegon>Hello Anyone
08:10<Zimsky>Anyone is in the loo at the moment
08:10<Zimsky>well, she's on the loo, not in it
08:11<Yegon>Come on...
08:11<Zimsky>what's up
08:12<Yegon>I am fine me. I am new about hosting and staff...I have never hosted any website before
08:14<Yegon>So just wondering... with Linode, I just buy their package and go to bed, or I will have a lot of work to to?
08:14<Zimsky>you will have a lot of work to do
08:14<Zimsky>it's a linux server, nothing more
08:15<Zimsky>you pay for the infrastructure, basically
08:15<Zimsky>if you want a web server, you have to configure a web server
08:15<Zimsky>or at least hire someone to do it for you
08:17<Yegon>So how does on configure a web server?
08:18<Zimsky>have a geez at that linky winky
08:18<Yegon>ya... the link is kool
08:18<Zimsky>links are very cool.
08:19<Zimsky>anyway, you basically have two options
08:19<Zimsky>learn all the necessary stuff for hosting your site yourself
08:20<Zimsky>which will involve reading lots of stuff about things like linux, nginx, DNS, TLS, etc (if you want to do it right)
08:20<Zimsky>or you can hire someone to do it properly for you
08:21<Yegon>ya... becouse Linux....confusing. I am using windows 7
08:21<Zimsky>there's lots of guides and reading for basically anything linux-related
08:21<Zimsky>the server runs linux
08:21<Zimsky>you don't have to run linux
08:22<Yegon>Linux will be on their sever on the other side...I mean Linode
08:22<Zimsky>well yeah
08:22<Zimsky>the linode server is distinct/separate from your personal computer
08:23<Zimsky>ooooo indeed
08:23<Zimsky>wow Woet would love this
08:23<Yegon>Thank you for your kindness
08:24<Yegon>So but...Linode Hosting is legit and kool?
08:24<Zimsky>I don't think there's anything illegitimate about it, so sure
08:24<Zimsky>it's certainly kool with a k
08:24<Zimsky>cooler than some cool beans
08:25<Zimsky>linode is a better server host than most providers imo
08:26<Yegon>Okay...I am planning to build a website a students website
08:26<Zimsky>go for it lad
08:26<Zimsky>get all up in it
08:27<Zimsky>it's a good idea to just try and read as much as you can about the software you're using too
08:28<Yegon>on avarage 200,000 Members/ Students a month and growing, .....each student like will/may save up to 4 pictures on the website
08:29<Yegon>....ya its true.'s a good idea to just try and read as much as you can about the software you're using too
08:30<Yegon>I am just wondering which p[rice is better for a start
08:30<Zimsky>you can upgrade and downgrade the plans whenever you please so
08:31<Zimsky>start at the bottom and if the resources aren't sufficient, upgrade the plan
08:31<taylorbyte>how do you downgrade ?
08:31<Zimsky>probably by clicking a thing
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08:34<Yegon>But...the lowest pricing can handle 10,000members per month as I do the marketing? just in case...
08:34<Zimsky>depends entirely on the traffic flow of your site
08:35<Yegon>what if the trafic is 10,000 a month?
08:35<Zimsky>that's a vague metric
08:36<Yegon>like they visiote the website and sign up as members?
08:36<Zimsky>because 10 000 concurrent connections for a month streaming 4K video is a lot of traffic
08:36<Zimsky>if it's 10 000 page requests spread evenly over a month, that's not a lot of traffic
08:36<Yegon> videos
08:37<Zimsky>right, but what I'm saying is that "n users / month" is not a useful metric for how much traffic a website receives
08:38<Zimsky>it depends what kind of content you're serving, how long those users spend on the site (which correlates with a particular number of requests within a particular time period), peak traffic times, as well as background processing if applicable
08:39<Zimsky>depending on what you're trying to do, if this is intended to be a large site for a commercial purpose, you should consider hiring someone to work this out for you
08:39<Zimsky>because then it can be done correctly and probably save time and money in the long run
08:40<Yegon> know students,...they log in, Chart spend some time on the web
08:40<Yegon>and other new members sign in
08:41<Yegon>like a month minimum 10,000 members
08:41<Zimsky>again, that's spurious information that doesn't really hint at the technical requirements
08:42<Yegon>Then...I will start with
08:43<Yegon>$10/mo ($.015/hr) 2 GB RAM 1 CPU Core 30 GB SSD Storage 2 TB Transfer 40 Gbps Network In 1000 Mbps Network Out
08:43<Yegon>if it were would you have started?
08:45<Zimsky>I'd start out with the smallest plan and scale up as I see fit
08:46<Zimsky>but once again, there's other factors
08:46<Zimsky>is the site going to slowly have more and more people joining it? is it going to have 10 000 people immediately start using it as soon as you launch it?
08:47<Yegon>Yes will Sorry for these too much question. Its a new world to me.
08:47<Zimsky>if it's a commercial site (or similar), as I said before, you should hire someone
08:48<Yegon>Ok. I take your words
08:48<Yegon>But there is a way to know that a website need server up grade before its too late?
08:49<Zimsky>that is why you would monitor performance of the server
08:49<Zimsky>there's software like munin to help you do this
08:52<Yegon>Digital Ocean have you had of it?
08:52<Zimsky>I personally don't like them
08:54<Yegon>Its slow?
08:55<Zimsky>various reasons
08:55<Zimsky>too tired to go into them
08:55<Zimsky>mainly that they're not as proactive as linode with maintaining their infrastructure and security
08:56<Yegon>Ok, I understand
08:56<Yegon>I will not use the as well.
08:57<Zimsky>I mean, it's your choice
09:00<Yegon>With linode...If at fist I paid for 1 year...and before one year is done, I want to up gared. Will I top up with less cash or they will one me to pay the money in full?
09:00<Zimsky>I don't really understand
09:00<Zimsky>sounds like something you should email them about
09:01<Yegon>Ya...I will ask them
09:01<Yegon>Thank you so much Zimsky
09:02<Yegon>I really appreciate
09:05<Yegon>You are running your own website yourself?
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09:15<Zimsky>uh, I operate various things from time to time
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09:18<lanky>Hello i will like to know how many emails i can send per minute and hour with your vps plan ?
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09:18<lanky>just 350 ?
09:19<Zimsky>as many as the network interface and your software can handle
09:19<lanky>i will like to know if i can send more than 10k a day or so
09:19<Zimsky>the successful delivery of email mostly depends on the recipient's mail server
09:19<Zimsky>"as many as the network interface and your software can handle"
09:20<Zimsky>that might be 10 000/day, might be more, might be less
09:20<lanky>linode network interface can send howmany ?
09:21<Zimsky>as many as your software can handle
09:21<lanky>it can handle 900k per day
09:21<lanky>can your network interface handle that ?
09:21<Zimsky>it isn't my network interface
09:22<Zimsky>dunno though
09:22<Zimsky>see how it goes?
09:22<lanky>i really need to give the report back o my company manager today
09:23<Zimsky>perhaps you should run some benchmarking tests then
09:23<Zimsky>if you're sending large amounts of email, maybe an actual email service would be better suited for you
09:25<Zimsky>by "large", I mean exorbitantly large
09:25<lanky>i need just to be able to send to 5k a day
09:25<lanky>thats all
09:26<Zimsky>your problem isn't going to be whether the infrastructure can handle sending it, but rather whether your recipients' servers accept it
09:26<Zimsky>especially if it's marketing emails which it sounds like it is
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10:14<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • Why so much RAM used on website? <>
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13:06<Cromulent>hmm if you are a sole trader how come you can get an EV SSL cert? I thought they needed to find your business in a government database or some other official database?
13:09<Cromulent>hm I guess a letter from HMRC saying you are self employed is acceptable
13:09<Peng>In some places it's really easy to register a company?
13:10<Peng>EV is silly though. :P
13:14<Cromulent>Peng: in the uk it takes about 10 minutes to register a limited liability company - it only costs £12
13:14<Cromulent>you can pay by PayPal as well :P
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13:42<staticsafe>I registered my sole proprietorship for use with ARIN, online and paid like $60 to the province
13:44<staticsafe>which I guess means I can get a EV cert for my blog lol
13:47<Peng>Is your sole proprietorship called Stripe, Inc?
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13:57<staticsafe>I remember reading about that
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14:40<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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15:32<@bhanks>thanks for the update Eugene
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16:24<Eugene>Any day
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17:37<Guest3348>I didn't change nick
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17:38<Russell_R>Hi I have an issue with logging into my server using terminal This is what I use ssh -p 30861 russell@ but in the window that opens it says russell@drusoundlinode
17:39<Russell_R>I also see some of my folders say owner 1000
17:39<Russell_R>any ideas whats going on I have also emailed support
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17:41<Russell_R>is this a good place to ask questions to lined employees?
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19:34<tharkun>Aloha, I have a linode running the patched kernel but I get this message at the website that I should upgrade the kernel and runned the patched one. Will it silently go away or do I have to do some aditional process?
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19:50<DD>Is this help chat?
19:50<@mcintosh>tharkun: what message are you referring to?
19:50<@mcintosh>DD: this is community chat - but feel free to ask your question
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20:34<rsdehart>guess DD didn't have a question
20:34<@mcintosh>in fairness, "Is this help chat?" may have been his sole inquiry
20:35<rsdehart>I usually lump that in with the metaquestion category, but you have a point
20:39<Ikaros>Heh, gg, compiling a Realtek USB wifi dongle driver on my Linode (which is running a retpoline-enabled kernel), after having to manually edit the source files to fix some stupid, idiotic mistakes Realtek made in the source. I start to understand why a lot of manufacturers don't want to write new drivers for Linux. Because shit changes too damn much (read: function calls and symbol definitions)
20:39<Ikaros>in the kernel for them to keep up. lol.
20:39<Ikaros>Said driver's going to my laptop btw
20:40-!-crackhead [~underesti@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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20:44<Peng>That's why drivers should go upstream, so the kernel maintainers can make them buggy and insecure in an API compatible way.
20:48<Ikaros>And my changes worked. I resolved all the problems.
20:48<Ikaros>Laptop's happy with the driver, saw the device, init'd it correctly, and it connected happily to my wifi
20:49<Ikaros>The device interface names really piss me off though...
21:02<Zimsky>is this the help chat?
21:02<Zimsky>pls reply
21:02<Zimsky>this is unacceptable
21:02<Zimsky>i need the chainsaw
21:02<@bhanks>hmmm how do i ban someone
21:03<Zimsky>lunod b hands i ned the refud
21:03<Zimsky>pls reply
21:03<Peng>/mode +b *!*@2001:db8::1
21:03<Peng>/mode +b *!* /mode +b linbot!*@* /msg chanserv akick #linode add linbot
21:04<Peng>that kind of thing
21:04*bhanks tries to ban self
21:04<Zimsky>... lol peng
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22:22<Woet>Zimsky pls
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