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00:00<millisa>someone thought that eventually the birds would find somewhere else . . .
00:00<Ikaros>Almost makes me wish those <bleeping> birds would fly into a damn transformer and kill themselves like the nuisances they are.
00:02<millisa>these things:
00:02<millisa>(you'll be surprised to learn this didnt work)
00:03<Ikaros>brb need to find something
00:04<Ikaros>Here it is
00:04<Eugene>What if we electrified the power lines so they would just fall down
00:04<Eugene>You need to spin the electrons
00:04<millisa>you can't legally kill them here. they are protected under one of the migratory bird laws
00:04<Ikaros> <- This is EXACTLY what I'm seeing. Except so far they haven't actually electrocuted themselves yet (miraculously)
00:06<Ikaros>Come to think of it, that could have caused my outage earlier couldn't it? Being far enough upstream I wouldn't hear it but just long enough to only cause a temporary disruption.
00:07<Zimsky>these are fun
00:09<millisa>definitely could be. (victoria was having multiple power outages due to it)
00:10<HoopyCat>Eugene: what the world needs are giant screens, displaying the image of your face as you describe (in full TED mode) your plan to electrify the power lines to repel birds
00:11<Eugene>HoopyCat -
00:11<Eugene>Unfortunately, it would cause QoS issues with my RFC2544 implementation
00:12<HoopyCat>Eugene: you've, uh, got a live cam there. might wanna be aware of this, if you've not noticed your lack of shirt
00:12<Eugene>ThatsThePoint.jpg and we're both wearing shirts AND we're not in view of any of them right now
00:12<Eugene>Unless you mean my dad
00:13<HoopyCat>might be your dad, idk
00:13<Eugene>See, there's my wife's shirt
00:15<Zimsky>the date is wrong
00:15<Zimsky>it says the second of september, 2018
00:16<Zimsky>and the timezone is ambiguous
00:16<Eugene>Shit, you're right. I need the other RFC
00:17<Zimsky>really though, the american mm/dd/yyyy format is just illogical
00:20<Zimsky>Eugene: "Keeping up with the Kashpureffs"
00:21<Eugene>I decided to leave the time zone ambiguous, much like IRC always has morning/afternoon/evening
00:21<Zimsky>there's no such thing as time on IRC
00:22<Zimsky>it's just an infinite span of warbling
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02:28<basim>my server was down i don't have any idea what happened..
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03:19<digijiyo>I am having difficulty in installing linode server
03:19<digijiyo>I am unable to connect to putty
03:19<digijiyo>can you please help me?
03:19<millisa>Is the server running? (Did you click the power on button)
03:20<millisa>can you connect via lish?
03:20<digijiyo>After entering the IP address and port, it is showing network error: connection refused
03:21<digijiyo>What can i do now?
03:21<millisa>Try connecting via lish and see what it shows on the console
03:21<digijiyo>what is lish?
03:21<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
03:22<millisa>(what's the IP?)
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05:32<Rasanjana>Do you have singapore servers?
05:33<Rasanjana>Do you have any coupon or offer?
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05:44<demo>Wait did Linode remove the spectre / meltdown notice on the manager?
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05:45<branko>You know what would be funny? Exploting Spectre/Meltdown to remove notice on the manager :)
05:46<demo>That was speedy
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05:56<Zimsky>!halfpoint branko
05:57<branko>What? Just half? :/
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06:24<microvb>Do you know off-hand what I need to change in CentOS (current) to disable screen logging of firewall block messages ?
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09:33<schwa1>microvb: typically that's in your iptables; if you use the default suggested in the linode docs i has you do that
09:33<schwa1>ah what happened to my nick
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09:41<schwa>also this
09:42<grawity>don't use -j LOG; use -j NFLOG which sends the messages to ulogd2
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11:05<tafa2>cPanel - MySQL or Maria? millisa which are you running?\
11:25<nate>tafa2: A lot of distros default to maria these days for what it's worth
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12:12<Demo>time to configure nextcloud, need to get organised for once
12:13<tafa2>Don't suppose anyone has a cPanel/WHM checklist/recommended config they'd like to share?
12:15<Demo>tafa2: used to over see a managed webhost company - I'd spin up a user account through whm as a reseller and test everything, emails, permissions, databases, support, quota restrictions, irc allowance, etc
12:15<tafa2>I'm actually setting up new cPanel servers
12:16<tafa2>and there are sooo many options, PHP handlres, EasyApache4, exim configs, FTP configs, ciphers, updates, packages,
12:16<tafa2>It's a lot...
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12:16<tafa2>there doesn't seem to be one comprehensive checklist
12:17<tafa2>and im going insane
12:17<tafa2>very very steep learning curve
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12:17<Demo>tafa2: I find it's best to write a list as you're configuring a service / software as your own guide
12:17<tafa2>I'm doing that now
12:18<tafa2>I plan to put it on Github
12:18<Demo>cPanel / WHM is a hefty piece of software
12:18<tafa2>its f'ing massive
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12:19<dzho>apparently a term of art for that sort of documentation is "a run book"
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12:20*tafa2 googles cPanel run book
12:20<Demo>it's often a case of seeing how it works in production too, requirements change
12:21<tafa2>Demo for sure
12:21<dzho> <-- it's a very "enterprise" take on this
12:21<tafa2>but like there are obvious settings and configurations
12:21<tafa2>for example, removing outdated ciphers
12:21<tafa2>hardening sysctl, disabling certain PHP functions, disabling compiler access
12:22<tafa2>I mean, I don't know why half this shit isn't done by default
12:22<tafa2>But then you have PHP handlers - that's the one confusing me the most at the moment
12:22<Demo>yeah exactly, a fresh cPanel installation is paradise for the kiddies
12:23<tafa2>I want to put it in production - but at this rate its going to take a month of readin, testing and asking a lot of questions on cPanel forums
12:23<tafa2>I naively thought - "run the script, click click, edit config, 2 days done"
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12:25<dzho>it's not done by default because it's a moving target.
12:25<dzho>it's highly context dependent
12:25<dzho>so, you need someone who understands the context and can look at the details as they exist in a given situation and try to apply them all.
12:25<dzho>and expert time is expensive.
12:27<dzho>even something that seems obvious as removing outdated ciphers has to be considered in a context.
12:27<tafa2>All very true
12:28<dzho>maybe one is running a legacy application or client stack for whatever legacy reasons. Removing ciphers it needs might seem an obvious step, but then again there are other mitigations that might not break things so badly that are acceptable (eg, wrapping it all in some sort of restricted network context
12:31<dzho>at which point you might argue, well, why use encryption at that level at all? Well, you might be stuck complying with *yesterdays* hard-coded notions of what contemporary security once required and can't turn off the now much less useful encryption without risking other regressions
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13:26<Demo>snap vs native? thinking it'd be easier by installing native for configuration
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14:19<Demo>tafa2: hows it going?
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14:39<tafa2>Not bad, im taking notes, finally understood the differences between the different apache handlers and workers
14:39<tafa2>slowly but surely
14:40<tafa2>There's a lot hidden way in the forums - made a github repo to document my steps. Hopefully other cPanel n00bs will be able to use and maybe even cPanel veterans will contribute
14:42<Demo>Sounds a plan, if you'd like me to take a peek at your php info as a second pair of eyes welcome to message me
14:42<tafa2>That'd be cool - thank you! I'll let you know when I get to that point
14:43<tafa2>DNS clusters, MySQL, CSF, CPHulk, I've got those down for now
14:45<Demo>Thats good progress
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15:07<BeBoo>Setting up an apache/svn server. I have no problems committing/checking out from the repo until I start using authorization. When I use authorization, the apache process spikes to 99.9% utilization and transfer speeds are around 11k/s and stall quite often. Any idea why auth would cause such a high utilization?
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15:16<Demo>BeBoo: using ldap?
15:16<BeBoo>Demo, nope, httpd/authz
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15:57<Confused_Geoff>I am trying to create an additional subdirectory under /var/www/html but permission denied. I am the only user in my account. I must have done this before, because there's already another subdirectory.
16:01<copart>Confused_Geoff: what does ls -dl /var/www/html
16:02<Confused_Geoff>it's owned by root
16:02<Confused_Geoff>755 permission
16:02<copart>are you root?
16:02<Confused_Geoff>I should be, but I guess I'm not
16:03<copart>type "whoami"
16:03<Confused_Geoff>I am the only user
16:03<Confused_Geoff>I am logged in as 'geoff'
16:03<Confused_Geoff>BTW -- thank you for coming to my assistance
16:03<copart>type "sudo su" and type in your password
16:04<Peng>Or use "sudo mkdir whatever"
16:04<copart>OR even safer "sudo mkdir /var/www/html/"
16:04<copart>Peng: was just about to say that
16:05<Confused_Geoff>geoff is not in the sudoers files
16:05<Confused_Geoff>I guess I need to be elevated to root
16:06<copart>thats what sudo does
16:06<copart>try "su"
16:06<copart>and see if you know the root password
16:07<Confused_Geoff>In as root -- I'm dangerous now
16:07<copart>you should give yourself sudo
16:07<copart>what distro you using?
16:08<copart>usermod -aG wheel geoff
16:09<Confused_Geoff>and I exited out of root
16:09<copart>by default on centos you should now have sudo
16:09<copart>try "sudo su"
16:10<copart>as geoff
16:10<Confused_Geoff>Thank you for your help. I always like telling folks, my last computer class was as a senior in high school -- 1967-68 semester.
16:10<copart>No problem!
16:11<copart>be carefull as root... recommend you do "
16:11<copart>"sudo commands" instead of
16:11<copart>sudo su
16:11<Confused_Geoff>Yes -- I am semi-sophisticated.
16:11<Confused_Geoff>Already exited root
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17:21<Cromulent>hi whitechristianamerican
17:21-!-whitechristianamerican is now known as eatingcake
17:21<eatingcake>isnt a cromulent a type of cookie?
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17:23<dwfreed>cromulent is also an adjective
17:23<eatingcake>what does it convey with it's meaning?
17:24<eatingcake>what does it mean
17:24<dwfreed>"Appearing legitimate but actually being spurious"
17:24*eatingcake bans cromulent
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17:58<Zimsky>test failed
18:02<Zimsky>test failed
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22:47<jmindito>does Linode have Managed VPS?
22:48<Woet>that seems like a great thing to google!
22:49<@bhanks>hi jmindito the answer is mostly "no". We do offer a "Managed Service" but that is an incident response/monitoring service. We also offer our own in house contractors, our Professional Services Team who can be contracted to take on projects for you.
22:49<@bhanks>in short- you'll want to make sure you have your own Admin on hand to make any internal configuration changes or maintenance
22:50<jmindito>Thanks bhanks.
22:51<Woet>people always forget to thank me
22:51<@bhanks>yes. poor forgotten Woet
22:51<jmindito>bhanks: Saw this link and thats why I asked:
22:52<@bhanks>yup! jmindito that's our monitoring service :)
22:53<jmindito>Ok, and where can I see pricing for that?
22:54<Woet>at the bottom
22:54<Woet>or search the page for $ or "pricing"
22:55<Peng>Woet: ##otherchannel still hasn't updated my ticket :(
22:56<Woet>sucks to be you
22:56<Peng>It does
22:57<jmindito>Thanks Woet :-) Only see the "Plans and Pricing" pages but no mention of Managed?
22:57<Zimsky>Peng failed
22:58<jmindito>Do the Linode plans include a Cpanel?
22:58<@bhanks>Linode is unmanaged so nothing comes with the server when you get it. blank linux box.
22:58<Peng>Zimsky: At many things.
22:58<Woet>jmindito: you already linked the page.
22:58<Woet>[22:51:40] <jmindito> bhanks: Saw this link and thats why I asked:
22:58<@bhanks>you can put whatever you want on it. well... whatever legal things you want on it
22:58<Woet>like pictures of bhanks
22:59<Woet>only the legal ones
22:59<@bhanks>you absolutely do not have permission to use my employee photo Woet
22:59<Zimsky>Woet fails
22:59<Woet>what if I edit it
22:59<jmindito>What is a good open source CPanel alternative?
22:59<Woet>there isn't one
23:01<Zimsky>bhanks: is it becoming clearer why I've dedicated so much time to berating Woet?
23:02<Woet>😤 I'm sad 😭 that I had 😬☝️ to update 🤢 to Windows 10 😵 because I liked 😏👉 Windows 7 😍 better 🤗 and holy shit 💩 it's been awful😬, but I can't use my 🤑$80🤑 controller without it 😥 I also did it 😏💦 because Rift wasn't working 😐😰 on my current Windows 7 update😠😠 Sad thing is 😟 that the UI isn't TOO awful 😳, but none of my drivers 😒😒🖕 for my motherboard are made for 10
23:02<Woet>😡 so I just have to rely 😭 on them hopefully 😨😟 working 😶 despite them being for Windows 7😱. Zoop 👉😎👉
23:02<Peng>My IRC client doesn't have all of those characters.
23:02<Woet>you're missing out
23:02<@bhanks>oh you crazy kids!
23:03<Woet>💯True💯 UNIX🔐 systems🗄 are 💎irreplaceable💠. 💖I could never ␡delete you, BSD!😈💖
23:03<Woet>Send this to 🔟 other 👪📞AT&T 🔔Bell🔔 ⚗Labs🔬 research 👨🏻👨🏼associates👪 who give you a pure 💻UNIX🖥 experience😮, or never🚫 get called a 🤓sysadimin🤓 again❌❌😬😬❌❌
23:03<@bhanks>mcintosh when can I kick Woet out
23:04<@bhanks>one day a new Linodian is going to be in IRC and be like "oh man this spammer is going crazy!" and i wont be around to say 'oh no thats just Woet'
23:06-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
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23:06<Zimsky>bhanks: I'm not sure it makes a difference though
23:06<@bhanks>who could say
23:06-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
23:07<Peng>Woet: Your only hope is to and *be* the new op.
23:07<Zimsky>next he'll be exec -o'ing /dev/urandom
23:07<HoopyCat>Zimsky: by definition, it'll eventually produce something coherent and useful
23:08<@bhanks>Woet's smiling face on the About Us page... oh jeeze.
23:09<Zimsky>HoopyCat: assuming time is infinite
23:10<Zimsky>ignoring concepts drawn from information theory, the projected heat death of the universe within a finite amount of time significantly lowers the chances of that occurring
23:10<Zimsky>in other words, Woet probably won't produce anything coherent and useful
23:10<Zimsky>ヽ( 。ヮ゚)ノ
23:13-!-ntox [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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23:38<Ikaros>I revisit my ignore list in my client for once in a blue moon and realize just how outdated some of these entries are. Heh. My Linux servers clean themselves more regularly than I do anything on my PC. Sad.
23:41<Zimsky>total disaster.
23:47<Ikaros>Still...the drives on my PC could use a good, thorough scrubbing and defragment.
23:47<Ikaros>I don't think I've done that for at least 7 months now
23:50<Peng>like with Windex?
23:51<Ikaros>Heh. Nice.
23:51<Ikaros>I see what you did there
23:52<Ikaros>Well done
23:54-!-jmindito [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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23:56<trippeh>defrag? what is this, the 90's or BTRFS?
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