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00:01<Ikaros>trippeh: Heh. NTFS is NTFS, after all. A cleaner drive tends to run a bit better, at least.
00:01<Ikaros>This is the only Windows-based system in my entire place. Everything else, even my personal laptop, runs some form of Linux.
00:12<Cromulent>I'm surprised you are still running mechanical drives in this day and age
00:13<Zimsky>wow Cromulent, not everyone has hundreds of thousands of pounds like you
00:13<Cromulent>errr SSDs are pretty cheap these days
00:13<Zimsky>and HDDs are cheaper
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00:15<nate>Ikaros: I imagine trippeh was talking more along the lines of windows auto-defragging since Vista
00:17<trippeh>that and filesystems have been pretty good at not fragmenting themselfes to death for like 20 years. except for btrfs.
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01:01<Ikaros>Cromulent: Let's just say I still have...uncertainties...regarding quality of SSDs. I tend to have heavy usage requirements on drives, lots of I/O (usually involving torrents), and that bothers me. These drives I have now, I've had for a while, and they're still running strong. At least with these I know how much punishment they can take.
01:01<Cromulent>fair play
01:02<nate>So get an HDD for those things, and SSD for other things
01:02<Cromulent>I have to admit I'm somewhat disappointed with my NVMe drive - I think next time I buy a computer I'll just go back to a SATA SSD
01:02<nate>I roll my OS on an SSD, most other things (like games) on HDD's with exception of online-oriented games (I have a separate SSD for those)
01:03<Ikaros>I get it, trust me, SSDs are hella quicker, don't have parts to break, but the tradeoff is they do only have a finite number of write cycles. I'd rather not have my OS complaining at me one day.
01:03<Ikaros>...not that it doesn't already about other things... >.>
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01:05<nate>Yeah but you can buy more 'industrial' ish SSD's designed for that (basically the kinda stuff I imagine linode would be rolling)
01:06<nate>Just check out the specs on some and try to calculate what you do yearly, they usually post their 'expected' lifetime read/write limits
01:07<Peng>Sure if you're rich af
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01:08<Ikaros>Yeah, unfortunately, I'm not among those.
01:09<Ikaros>Not even remotely close.
01:09<Peng>Even consumer SSDs should last forever with a moderate amount of writing, I think?
01:09<Ikaros>Well the tech has certainly improved since its inception.
01:10<Ikaros>I'm just more concerned about brand.
01:10<Ikaros>A manufacturer could tell me one thing and the next thing I know I'm ending up with one that didn't even last HALF as long as claimed.
01:11<Peng>Honest Brian's Used Cars And Memory?
01:11<Ikaros>If I were to pick from a manufacturer for an SSD, who would you say I should try first, as a first-timer to SSDs?
01:12<Zimsky>Shenzhen Electric Co
01:12<Ikaros>I mean the big thing I look for with any piece of hardware is its reliability, obviously. So I tend to stray from manfacturers that I've not had an overall good experience with.
01:12<Zimsky>first ask yourself, do you really need SSDs?
01:12<Zimsky>you can get pretty good speed with mechanical drives
01:12<Peng>Everyone needs SSDs
01:13<Zimsky>I look forward to you financing our storage needs
01:14<dcraig>SS Deeez Nutz!!
01:14<dcraig>I've never had an SSD go bad...
01:15<dcraig>samsung seems popular
01:15<Zimsky>you have to plug them in first
01:15<Peng>Intel is best, right? And most expensive?
01:15<Zimsky>you can't hang them from weather balloons and expect them to work as your cloud storage
01:17<Ikaros>Hm. Yeah, I was thinking that a bit, friend of mine has a Samsung-made SSD that he was showing off to me early last year, he seems to be happy with its performance and endurance.
01:17<dcraig>my work laptop, personal laptop, and personal desktop all came with samsung
01:17<dcraig>and all 3 of these computers turn on
01:18<Ikaros>Though it's only the write cycles that are finite...if I understand the tech correctly? I apologize, SSDs aren't something I'm 100% familiar with, I just know they have finite write cycles (usually a shitload)
01:18<Ikaros>That's about it
01:18<dcraig>where are all these SSDs that are dying from too many writes?
01:19<dcraig>this seems like something people worried about 10 years ago?
01:19<Peng>I gave it a good try, but my Linode host survived, and I don't do much disk I/O anymore.
01:22<trippeh> I've killed a few 840 EVOs
01:22<trippeh>those were pretty bad.
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01:26<trippeh>they ran a local ubuntu package mirror, so would have a bit of writes on every archive sync, but nothing massive.
01:26<dcraig>Ikaros, maybe get two SSDs, so you have a backup
01:27<millisa>samsung 850's should be dropping in price (the 860's started showing up for consumers a few weeks ago)
01:27<Ikaros>That was my thought. My concern though is would I still be able to actually read from the thing once it stopped writing. Like I said I don't fully understand this yet, I came up around mechanical drives.
01:27<trippeh>varies from vendor and type of failure
01:29<Ikaros>So starting out, should I go with a Samsung one, or would you recommend something else to start with?
01:29<millisa>(the new 860's are supposed to be about double the endurance, too)
01:29<Zimsky>I feel that provides some good explanations
01:30<Zimsky>obviously there's other factors that can affect mechanicals
01:33<millisa>Ikaros: I've had an intel 330 fail (not readable), and one sandisk fail (electrical short to chassis, lots of smoke and melting, data fully recovered with some soldering). zero samsungs failed (maybe 20 bought for self or friends)
01:33<millisa>if the anedotal stuff does it for you
01:33<millisa>er, anecdotal
01:34<Ikaros>I'm looking to build a new system soon-ish so I might actually explore this route this time around.
01:34<millisa>samsung pro/evo difference is largely endurance and warranty
01:35<millisa>most of the newer ssd's are throwing 5 year warranties on which probably says something for their confidence
01:36<Ikaros>Well I would hope so. The tech's certainly greatly improved since SSDs first became a thing, yes?
01:36<trippeh>recent intel consumer ssds will just stop writing when reaching the write spec, even if your writes were very flash friendly and the chips in reality has lots of cycles left.
01:36<millisa>definitely has. and if you are doing a new build, the new m2 nvme drives are ridiculously fast
01:36<Ikaros>trippeh something like a protection circuit built-in to ensure you can still pull data from it for a new drive, something like that?
01:37<trippeh>it does make the failure mode more predictable, yes
01:37<trippeh>or should.
01:38<Ikaros>Yeah this is the part I'm not looking forward to, lol. Any new build I'm gonna have to place on credit. That's gonna saddle me with debt for some time to come. :x
01:39<millisa>i'm just hoping that the crypto slid keeps going enough that video cards get affordable again.
01:40<trippeh>my old 2009 Intel X25-M's are still going strong with like 4% of cycles spent :p
01:41<trippeh>pretty good for 9 years.
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01:41<trippeh>those things may truck on forever and ever
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01:43<trippeh>until solder whiskers take them out I guess :p
01:44<trippeh>Ikaros: flash endurance has actually gotten much worse over the years. however the ssd controllers have been quite good at mitigating it.
01:45<trippeh>so for the vast amount of workloads it is a non-issue
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01:54<Ikaros><millisa> i'm just hoping that the crypto slid keeps going enough that video cards get affordable again. <- Aww did the bubble burst already? lulz
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01:55<millisa>not enough to bring the 1060+ nvidia cards down...
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01:59<trippeh>MSRPs are rising now too. but that is due to memory pricing.
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02:27<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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08:51<Demo>man I need a change from a manual labour job, my knees have had at I'm only 23
08:51<Demo>have had it even..
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11:02<Demo>yay for using my Linode to block ads when surfing internet
11:15<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • lesbians porn <>
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11:51<HoopyCat>this news is best news
11:55<Demo>yay for spam
12:00<BeBoo>Anything going on in Fremont?
12:01<BeBoo>or more specifically host fremont764
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12:16<Demo>BeBoo: file a support ticket? What are you experiencing?
12:16<BeBoo>Packet loss
12:17<BeBoo>Yes, I just did that actually.
12:30<dwfreed>mtr would be helpful
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12:31<Harry>I need to increase the storage on my linode plan
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12:32<kezimo>anyone mess with TPM?
12:33<kezimo>or know anything about it?
12:33<kezimo>Why should I use a TPM based encryption solution over something like veracrypt
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12:34<Harry>Any help here ?
12:35<@mcintosh>Harry: you'll need to upgrade your linode to a larger plan to get more storage - if your Linode is in Fremont it can also utilize Block Storage
12:36<tafa2>kezimo I'm making an educated guess here
12:36<tafa2>but I think TPM is hardware based
12:36<kezimo>yes, it is
12:36<tafa2>thats why
12:36<kezimo>but each TPM chip has a unique RSA key
12:36<kezimo>meaning that there is some centra database that can be used to decrypt the drive
12:36<kezimo>veracrypt is FOSS software
12:37<tafa2>I believe that hardware based solutions are better protected than software
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12:41<kezimo>AES is also open source
12:41<kezimo>but its creation was sponsered by the NSA
12:41<kezimo>RSA is commercial
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12:44<HoopyCat>algorithms themselves aren't "open source" or "commercial"... you're thinking of whether or not they're patented or otherwise require licensing to use
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13:03<skypt>hi, anybody home ?
13:03<Demo>hello skypt
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13:04<skypt>question : can i "try" your VPS for a moth or so "for free" and if i like we continue to be haapy ?
13:05<Demo>skypt: take a look on here
13:06<Demo>skypt: you may see a promo code, and helpful guides
13:06<skypt>ok, .. reading :-)
13:07<skypt>ok, get it, tanks , see you later :-)
13:08<Demo>skypt: welcome, see you soon
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14:12<Guest3933>Hi, can I get an official response on this? I would like to know if Linode would ever under any circumstances consider it acceptable to plan disruptive maintenance such as a hypervisor reboot during business hours?
14:14<emerson>keep in mind that all hours are business hours for some part of the world
14:14<Guest3933>Okay that's a dumb response, I hope that isnt the official response
14:15<Guest3933>Let's assume a server in is EST then business hours are in EST
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14:16<Guest3933>you know what I'll just call in or e-mail.. I need a professional response and not noise from the peanut gallery Take it easy :)
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14:17<millisa>!towel Guest3933
14:17<linbot>millisa: Point taken from guest3933! (-1)
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16:12<jax_>I have a couple of pre-sales questions for linode staff
16:13-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
16:13<jax_>n e 1 there?
16:14<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
16:14<hawk>jax_: Someone may or may not be here, but see the above page if you want to be sure to get in touch with staff
16:14<jax_>ok, thx
16:15<jax_>I need a hosting company that will let me have a normal PHP account (php7 or php5.6(?) ), but will allow me to send ajax request to a local python app, let the py app do its stuff and send a response back.
16:16-!-ntox__away [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
16:16<hawk>jax_: You can do pretty much anything. But you're setting all that stuff up yourself.
16:16<jax_>I currently have such an account with a different hosting company, but their cust support is not there. I ask questions, and they may or may not be available to answer - sometimes no response for days.
16:16<jax_>I am a PHP guy and need some extra assistance getting this setup/configured. Is Linode a good choice?
16:16-!-mode/#linode [+l 344] by ChanServ
16:17<millisa>These are unmanaged vps's. Linode gives you the resources for you to spinup your own linux that you configure/manage.
16:17-!-biesbjerg [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
16:17<jax_>Okay, so no shared/managed configs. Alright, thanks for the help.
16:18-!-Discovery [~Discovery@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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16:18<millisa>They do have a professional services thing that they can quote out for
16:18<jax_>How do I get in touch with their pro svcs dept ?
16:19<jax_>you read my mind - thx
16:19<millisa>They've also go a nice collection of how-to type docs:
16:19<millisa>er, got
16:25<kezimo>so if i wanted to get hired on at linode
16:25<kezimo>is there a technical contact for hiring?
16:25<kezimo> <---
16:26<kezimo>"build a better cloud"
16:26*kezimo puts a pot of water on the stove
16:27*kezimo wonders off to go look for an employer who's hiring page isn't full of buzzwords
16:32-!-kezimo [] has left #linode []
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16:36<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • Proposal to Add DKIM to Linode Events Notification <>
16:45<dubidub>How do you restart sshd on Raspbian stretch?
16:45<Peng>What? Why?
16:46<dubidub>Made some config changes.
16:46<Peng>Try "sudo service ssh reload"
16:46<dubidub>The ones Linode advices you to do:
16:47<dubidub>not sshd?
16:47<Peng>No, they call the service ssh
16:48<Peng>I don't know. It's pretty typical, though.
16:48<dubidub>My debian calls it sshd.
16:49<dubidub> ps axu |grep sshd shows six lines
16:49<dubidub>on my pi
16:49<Peng>The executable is called sshd. The service is called ssh.
16:51-!-mes [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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18:14<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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18:27<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • free life report astrology <>
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19:58<Zimsky>Eugene: no
21:42<Woet>Zimsky: do you want a astrology report
21:42<@bhanks>oh dear
21:43<Woet>bhanks: wasn't talking to you
21:43<Woet>Zimsky: no longer talking to you
21:43<@bhanks>hi Zimsky
21:43<@bhanks>how are you today
21:44<Zimsky>then I win?
21:44<Woet>bmartin: hey baby
21:44<Woet>( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
21:44<Zimsky>bhanks: hi
21:44<Zimsky>I am fine today
21:44<Zimsky>how are you today
21:44-!-kezimo [] has joined #linode
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21:48<kezimo>thats a head waving
21:49<@bhanks>oh im just great Zimsky. you're a dear for asking.
21:49<kezimo>i cant tell if you're a bot or not
21:50<@bhanks>i wish
21:50<Zimsky>bhanks is a bot
21:50<@bhanks>no im a humannnnnn
21:50<Zimsky>bots tend to say that
21:50<kezimo>its true
21:50<Zimsky>kezimo: you are a bot too
21:50<kezimo>beep beep boop
21:50<@bhanks>im on the About Us page omg
21:50<@bhanks>but i guess that could be anyone
21:50<@bhanks>just like an alter ego
21:50<Zimsky>are you
21:50<kezimo>if you had an "about" page what would it say Zimsky?
21:51<Zimsky>I don't need an "about" page
21:51<Zimsky>it is expected that people know who I am
21:51<@bhanks>they do
21:51<kezimo>are you THE zimsky
21:53<kezimo>the well known programmer
21:53<Zimsky>please go now
21:53<kezimo>go where
22:00-!-ntox is now known as ntox__away
22:05<Zimsky>ntox is the last of a dying breed
22:06-!-ntox__away [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
22:06<Woet>that was useful
22:06<Zimsky>yeah you better quit
22:06<Zimsky>away nicks are stupid
22:06<Zimsky>no one cares that you're away
22:06-!-mode/#linode [+l 343] by ChanServ
22:07<Woet>i wish you are
22:11<FluffyFoxeh>Google thinks I'm a bot because I type weird queries with many variations and go past the first page
22:11<kezimo>does anyone here own any bitcoin?
22:12<Peng_>That happened to me once. I was doing a bunch of site: searches or seomthing.
22:12<FluffyFoxeh>There are quite a few people in this channel, so probably
22:13<kezimo>would anyone be willing to send 0.00000001 bitcoin (1 satoshi) to me?
22:13<FluffyFoxeh>I think transaction fees would make that not worthwhile
22:13<FluffyFoxeh>I would but I deleted my bitcoin
22:14-!-ntox is "Anthony" on #ovirt #debian
22:14-!-ntox [] has joined #linode
22:15<FluffyFoxeh>it was cursed
22:15-!-mode/#linode [+l 344] by ChanServ
22:18<zifnab>quick "I can see the future"
22:18<zifnab>digitalocean just doubled their offerings, finally caught up with linode again
22:18<zifnab>...meaning i assume we're getting larger linodes for cheaper shortly
22:18<kezimo>digital ocean is bleh
22:18<millisa>1 year - 3 days ago the $5 instances showed up because Linode loved us.
22:18<kezimo>they have proven themselves to be untrustworthy
22:18<zifnab>kezimo: fun story, i actually have a wallet with that many bitcoins in it
22:18<kezimo>_do not trust digital ocean_
22:19<zifnab> /shrug
22:19<zifnab>"They gave an open source project I work on some $$$"
22:19<zifnab>not like the data matters that's there anyways
22:19<kezimo>whatever you gotta tell yourself zifnab
22:19<zifnab>hey, free shit.
22:23-!-ntox is now known as ntox__away
22:25-!-ntox__away is now known as ntox
22:25<Peng_>Oh hey they responded to my ticket. ...Not usefully though.
22:28<Zimsky>ntox: you're a terrible person
22:28<Woet>no one is laughing
22:28<Peng_>!unpoint Zimsky
22:28<linbot>Peng_: Point taken from zimsky! (5)
22:28<kezimo>you know i can hear you all even when i am in a different channel
22:28<Zimsky>!towel peng
22:28<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from peng! (19)
22:29<Zimsky>kezimo: that's fantastic.
22:29<ntox>All fun a gamessss lol
22:29<Zimsky>no fun, no games
22:30<Zimsky>awaynicks are very serious crimes
22:31<Woet>yea use an amsg instead
22:31<ntox>news to me
22:31<ntox>sorry it bothers you
22:31<Peng_>Woet: :|
22:32<Zimsky>why make a fake apology?
22:32<Woet>ntox: who on this network cares about whether you're here or not?
22:32<ntox>I'm in other channels
22:32<ntox>just salty. pfftt
22:32<ntox>not here for internet flame.
22:32<Zimsky>hey Woet, just letting you know I'll be away for 10 seconds
22:33<Zimsky>cc peng_
22:33<Zimsky>cc ntox
22:33<Woet>ntox: I'm aware, you're in #ovirt and #debian
22:33<Woet>ntox: who there cares about whether you're here or not?
22:33<ntox>Does it matter? Seriously. keep being a douche
22:33<Zimsky>it matters
22:33<@mcintosh>it doesn't
22:34<ntox>have issues Zimsky. Get a life.. seriously man.
22:34<@mcintosh>!point ntox
22:34<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to ntox. (1)
22:34<Woet>ntox: feel free to answer "no one, i'll turn it off"
22:34-!-Woet was kicked from #linode by mcintosh [Woet]
22:34-!-Woet [] has joined #linode
22:34-!-Woet is "Wouter van Eekelen" on #linode #powerdns
22:34<Woet>mcintosh: no need to be angry
22:35<ntox>bunch of trolls
22:35<Woet>ntox: no one is trolling here, away nicks are the worst
22:35<ntox>again, im in other channels. Shouldnt have to cater towards your needs
22:36<Woet>ntox: I'm aware, you're in #ovirt and #debian
22:36<Woet>wait this feels familiar
22:37<ntox>whoop. did a query
22:37<Woet>ntox: you still haven't said who cares
22:37<ntox>!slap Woet
22:37<@mcintosh>this hardly seems relevant to Linode
22:37<Woet>mcintosh: is this your first day?
22:38-!-mode/#linode [+b *!*] by mcintosh
22:38-!-Woet was kicked from #linode by mcintosh [Woet]
22:38<ntox>Thank you
22:38-!-mode/#linode [+l 343] by ChanServ
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22:56<zifnab>Peng_: i'm curious about this unuseful ticket. i had one recently-ish
23:16<Eugene>kezimo - what are your feelings on pants and the address
23:18<kezimo>i wear pants
23:18<kezimo>and i have an address
23:18<Eugene>for the bitcoin
23:18<kezimo>i not sure what the question you're asking is
23:19<Eugene>You were asking for a satoshi
23:19<Zimsky>your reception of bitcoin is dependent on Eugene's judgement of your opinion of pants
23:19<Eugene>This is how IRC works
23:21<kezimo>yeah if you want to send me a satoshi 1NirH6b4n6N3AgqpW261SNmJhMBuJxgGYh
23:22<Zimsky>send me 1btc first so I know the address is really yours
23:22<kezimo>this will be the first bitcoin in existance
23:22<kezimo>for me
23:22<kezimo>i dont have any to send you
23:23<Zimsky>deal's off then
23:23<Zimsky>have a nice morning
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