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00:54<kezimo>is anyone awake
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02:26<FluffyFoxeh>I'm awake
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02:51<Ikaros>I'm not. My head just hit my desk.
02:51<Ikaros>Think that's a sign - get my arse to bed
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02:51<dmathews>i am not able to login in my account
02:52<dmathews>my id registered is
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02:54<@nmelehan>I was just typing something for him -_-
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03:23<Zimsky>...dave matthews?
03:26<@bmartin>I wonder if his Linode crashed....into me
03:28<Zimsky>I wonder if NSAIDs are National Socialist AutoImmune Diseases
03:28<Zimsky>that would be quite a twist
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03:48<FluffyFoxeh>Zimsky can you send me 1 bitcoin
03:48<FluffyFoxeh>I'll give it back it's just a test
03:49<FluffyFoxeh>!point Zimsky
03:49<linbot>FluffyFoxeh: Point given to zimsky. (6)
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03:57<linode1152735>i have remove one account
03:58<linode1152735>but you charge me this month
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03:58<linode1152735>how can i do soon
03:58<linode1152735>I only need one account
03:59<@bmartin>Hello there
03:59<linode1152735>I remove a one account
03:59<@bmartin>Are you able to open a support ticket or email including the last 6 digits of your credit card so we can find the account? We are unable to get into account specifics in our public IRC channel
03:59<linode1152735>but you charge me this month
04:00<@bmartin>If you removed an account you were likely billed for the services used. Billing occurred on February 1st for anything used in January.
04:00<linode1152735>the bill on February 1st for anything used in January.
04:01<linode1152735> I have remove lase month , so you will not charge me next month
04:01<linode1152735>this ok ?
04:01<@bmartin>if there is nothing on your account and at no point in February you had active services you will not be billed in March
04:02<linode1152735>we have two account, but i have use one now , the other i have remove
04:02<@bmartin>I understand
04:03<linode1152735>so you will charge me one account 20$
04:03<linode1152735>yes ?
04:04<@bmartin>Without looking at your account I cannot determine that info. explains our pricing
04:04<@bmartin>You will be billed for active services at the amount you purchased when you signed up
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04:07<digijiyo>Can you please help me to create cpanel and phpmyadmin
04:07<Zimsky>they've already been created
04:07<digijiyo>please help me to login
04:07<digijiyo>How can i login to cpanel
04:07<linode1152735>what is ok mean my dear
04:08<linode1152735> i can not understanding
04:08<Zimsky>you would need to install them first
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04:08<linode1152735>why ?
04:08<Zimsky>and for cpanel, you'd probably need to buy a license
04:08<digijiyo>please tell me the steps to install them
04:08<Zimsky>do some googling
04:08<linode1152735>I DON'T KNOW
04:09<digijiyo>how can i open my phpmyadmin
04:09<@bmartin>linode1152735 If you have removed your account and were billed for services you will not be billed again on that account
04:09<digijiyo>to uload the datavase
04:09<Zimsky>is this an abbott and costello routine?
04:09<@bmartin>Any further information you would need to open a support ticket or email so we can further access your account details. As this is a public IRC channel we are unable to discuss details of your account. linode1152735
04:10<linode1152735>The one is ok
04:10<@bmartin>If you have one account. yes that is ok
04:10<@bmartin>digijiyo this may help you
04:10<linode1152735>we have one now ,but charge 2
04:11<@bmartin>Please keep in mind that as an infrastructure provider, the configuration of your services on our platform is ultimately your responsibility, though we're happy to provide guidance whenever we can.
04:11<linode1152735>9967202 we open ticks
04:11<@bmartin>linode1152735 someone will be with you in that ticket shortly
04:12<@bmartin>As I have mentioned linode1152735 when you closed your previous account you would have been billed for any services that were active and not yet billed. Just to be clear
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05:12<Wenz>I am newbie linode
05:14<Wenz>Anybody home?
05:14<@bmartin>Hello Wenz how can we help you
05:14<Wenz>Just lije to ask some questions
05:14<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
05:15<Wenz>Hello bma, ok got it
05:16<Wenz>I have plan to deploy daloradius ova in the cloud
05:17<Wenz>Can you host the daloradius vm?
05:17<@bmartin>We provide you with a Linux box, you determine what you do with it
05:17<@bmartin>Yes you can do that on Linode
05:18<@bmartin>Please keep in mind that as an infrastructure provider, the configuration of your services on our platform is ultimately your responsibility, though we're happy to provide guidance whenever we can.
05:23<Zimsky>bmartin: do you have a text file of responses
05:23<@bmartin>Absolutely not. Fresh and New every single time
05:24<Zimsky>el primo
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05:40<Wenz>I am newbie to linode
05:40<Wenz>My question is
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05:44<rsdehart>augh they got 'em
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05:45<Wenz>How am i going to export the daloradius ova vm file to your hosting site
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05:45<Zimsky>what even is that
05:45<Wenz>Still der?
05:46<@bmartin>We are still here but that request is a bit out of our scope of support. Was the guide I provided earlier helpful?
05:47<Wenz>I think guide that that you provide is a redundancy
05:48<Zimsky>Wenz: it's up to you
05:48<@bmartin>Well I apologize that the guide was not helpful but as I am not personally familiar with daloradius I'm not sure how much help I can be aside from searching it on the internet.
05:49<@bmartin>If you still need help, you can reach out to our Professional Services team for more assistance, and you can get in touch with them using the following form:
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05:49<Wenz>I am running daloradius on may private lan using centos 7 as d host daloradius as guest os
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06:40<poky>Hi. I was trying to install phpmyadmin... I got errors -
06:40<poky>What is this?
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06:41<Woet>maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?
06:41<Zimsky>maybe you should try with --purge
06:42<poky>Shall I run apt-get --purge?
06:42<Woet>poky: no, ignore Zimsky
06:42<Zimsky>I was talking to woet
06:42<Woet>poky: did you try reading the error message?
06:42<poky>update gave some errors like no longer have a relase file. disabled by default
06:43<Woet>can you share that output please
06:43<Woet>oh wait, what
06:43<Woet>thats been EOL for like a month
06:43<Woet>why would you even go for a non-LTS release
06:44<Woet>you need to upgrade to 17,.10
06:44<poky>Link to guide please.
06:45<Woet>if you have a very empty or easy to copy setup, reinstalling would be easier
06:46<Woet>and in that case i'd recommend 16.04 over 17.10
06:46<Woet>which will actually be supported until 2021
06:46<poky>16.04 - 2021?
06:46<poky>or 17
06:47<Woet>12.04, 14.04, 16.04 and 18.04 (not yet released that last one) are LTS releases
06:47<Woet>aka long term support
06:47<Woet>which means you dont have to upgrade it every 9 months or so
06:47<hawk>Otoh, if you have a short-term support release you get better at upgrading
06:48<poky>If i have to go to 16.04 from 17.04, get a new linode or downgrade will help? Keep my settings intact
06:48<Woet>new linode
06:48<poky>My config is not very complicated.
06:48<Woet>its up to you whats easier
06:48<Woet>upgrading twice (to 17.10 and then to 18.04 in a few months)
06:49<Woet>or reinstalling now to 16.04
06:49<Woet>i'd recommend making a snapshot before upgrading
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07:16<dwfreed>emag: RIP CowBot
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08:28<kezimo> figure this out and there is a small change ill give you bitcoin
08:29<nate>A whole BTC? Sure
08:29<grawity>but also a big chance you won't
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08:39<Cromulent>kezimo: just use the SMTP wordpress plugin
08:42<Cromulent>oh didn't read the bit where you had locked yourself out
08:42<Cromulent>there is a website that generates a wordpress pre-hashed password for you that you can just manually insert into the Wordpress database
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08:43<ponas>or use wp-cli
08:43<Cromulent>or that :)
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08:45<kezimo>there is other php software tha to use that needs mail() plus in general its just a good thing to have working for a functional webserver.
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09:05<dubidub>How powerful is a Linode 1024 CPU-wise compared to a Raspberry PI (fastest model)?
09:09<@sjacobs>dubidub: not sure. some have benchmarked the 1024. could run the same sysbench command on a raspberry pi and compare.
09:12<@sjacobs>compared to the numbers provided by raspberry pi, it is faster by quite a large margin.
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09:18<@sjacobs>s/it/the linode/
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09:21<dubidub>sjacobs: thanks
09:23<dubidub>sysbench --test=cpu run: Linode 13.3934s; RPI 139.2993s
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09:24<@sjacobs>nice! about what i'd expect.
09:26<dubidub>The Pi is running a GUI, but I'm not using it, connected through SSH. So that should not affect the result much.
09:27<dubidub>I'm going to use the Pi as a backup destination. Is Borg Backup nice?
09:28<@sjacobs>i've heard good things. i plan on setting it up soon, but haven't done it yet.
09:40<tafa2>sjacobs that's a great link
09:40<tafa2>dubidub Borg is great - using it in production at the moment
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10:38<Megaf>Hows debian testing going? Already stable for porduction or should wait a bit more?
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10:44<v0lksman>any suggestions for server monitoring?
10:45<v0lksman>Ideally some simple metrics and log monitoring would be great
10:45<v0lksman>I'd have to setup my own server to host that right?
10:45<kezimo>or big brother
10:46<Zimsky>generally you need to first have a server if you're going to monitor it
10:48<Zimsky>munin has their IRC channel on OFTC, while cacti has theirs in the nasty place
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10:49<Zimsky>and munin doesn't have a weird name like 'big brother'
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10:50<Zimsky>also big brother hasn't had active development for like, 4 years
10:51<Zimsky>also look at nagios
10:52<emerson>or icinga2, which is i think the more active fork of nagios, but still uses a lot of the same plugins and stuff
10:52<kezimo>nagios is good
10:52<staticsafe>I use icinga2 for my monitoring and I like it quite a lot
10:53<kezimo>let me rephrase. ive *heard* of nagios
10:53<staticsafe>$WORK still uses Nagios + NRPE but for newer deploymentes I would say use Icinga 2
10:53<kezimo>i havent used it in production
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11:00<tafa2>I don't understand why all these monitoring solutions can't be easier...
11:00<tafa2>They are so f'ing bloated
11:00<tafa2>all you need at the end of the day is to know what is up and what isn't
11:00<tafa2>Nagios and Icinga are too..... big and complicated
11:01<emerson>hm, i've not found icinga to be super bloated
11:02<tafa2>I'll rephrase
11:02<emerson>i mean, all i use it for is HTTP load times and ping checks
11:03<tafa2>last time I tried zabbix, nagios, zennos, icinga, opmanager, op5, openms, librenms
11:03<v0lksman>sry...had to take a call...was hoping for a solution I don't need to setup a server and monitor that too
11:03<tafa2>it took me 20mins to figure out how to monitor one server
11:03<tafa2>v0lksman check out nixstats
11:03<v0lksman>I've been down that road before and would agree with tafa2, not great for a small busines...when I worked for ISPs Nagios was the shit
11:04<tafa2>nixstats is free for one server
11:04<v0lksman>I just want an email when CPU spikes or drive space is critical
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11:04<v0lksman>I had tried NewRelic Infrastructure but it's too immature and expensive
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11:05<tafa2>v0lksman I use nixstats for precisely that kind of monitoring
11:05<v0lksman>hrm...nixstats looks about right
11:05<v0lksman>pricing looks decent too
11:05<tafa2>there's also
11:05<tafa2>I haven't checked it out yet though
11:06<@sjacobs> ? haven't used it, but i know it'll send you emails.
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11:08<ponas>I'm pretty happy with observium/librenms, no need to edit config files to set up new alerts
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11:10<tafa2>how big is the node you're running it on though?
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11:10<tafa2>I tried observium ages ago
11:10<tafa2>needed loads of ram
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11:11<tafa2>also isnt it more network monitoring than server monitoring?
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11:12<ponas>it's on a box with 6 GB RAM, "1842 MB used"
11:12<ponas>monitoring 52 devices, mostly servers
11:12<v0lksman>yeah again I'd rather have a hosted solution rather than building one myself. I don't mind paying but paying $300 a month to tell me a drive is full or CPU is in use is rediculous
11:12<ponas>it picks up on whatever SNMP returns, so temperature/cpu/ram/disk usage is autodetected
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11:13<ponas>even alerts me when the network printer is low on toner :p
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11:15<ponas>I also ran it on an old desktop with a celeron processor + 1 GB RAM with no performance issues at all
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11:27<v0lksman>thanks tafa2
11:27<tafa2>no worries
11:27<tafa2>lemme know what you end up using
11:27<tafa2>i been thinking of switching for a while
11:28-!-Guest3990 [~Bac0n@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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11:29<v0lksman>tempted to setup a node with netdata running
11:30-!-Arturo_ [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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11:30<v0lksman>I have about 10 nodes that NEED to be monitored and about 10 that SHOULD be...the only one that is reasonable is nixstats but thinking maybe I should just host this so I have unlimited monitoring
11:31-!-mode/#linode [+l 354] by ChanServ
11:31<v0lksman>couple that with some real time log monitoring and I'm probably ok
11:32<tafa2>yeah I've got about 20 as well
11:36<tafa2>v0lksman netdata looks beautiful
11:36<tafa2>but from the demo for example, I cannot see which process is using the most amount of ram
11:38-!-Arturo_ [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:38<tafa2>without having to analyse a chart
11:39-!-mode/#linode [+l 353] by ChanServ
11:42<v0lksman>yeah I'm not sold on it yet...looks great though
11:42<tafa2>it's beautiful
11:43<v0lksman>if I'm going to build one I would want it to put groupings of nodes together so I could look at an app cluster in one shot and get an overview
11:43<tafa2>my favourite used to be nodequery
11:43<tafa2>want to know which process caused a RAM and CPU spike
11:43<tafa2>2 seconds
11:43<tafa2>none of this chart nonsense that devops teams seem to love
11:44<v0lksman>woah...they are free
11:44<tafa2>but last update was 2015
11:44<tafa2>so I wouldn't go with them if I were you
11:46<tafa2>I'm telling you this is currently my largest annoyance
11:46<tafa2>non bloated easy monitoring
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12:31<kezimo>HAI GUIZ
12:31<kezimo>WATS UHP
12:39-!-gparent [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
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13:51<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • Dovecot can't find RSA certificate <>
13:54<kezimo>tha fuq^
13:54-!-Demo_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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14:11<linbot>New news from forum: Customer Testimonials • Price and Performance...can't beat it. <>
14:22<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
14:26<Woet>that looks like a very legit testimonial
14:36-!-xxh9 [] has joined #linode
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16:41<ben_>i need a vps
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16:41<millisa>Have you considered a linode?
16:51-!-ben_ [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
16:51<HoopyCat>!lick millisa
16:51<linbot>HoopyCat: Point given to millisa. (42) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 9)
16:52<dzho>way to close the sale
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17:14<tafa2>v0lksman - did you decide on a particular solution?
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17:54*csnxs sneezes
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18:29<tafa2>csnxs bless you
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18:36<millisa>pleasing and nightmarefuel all at the same time -
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19:14<kezimo>debug info for an error im getting trying to watch youtube videos
19:14<kezimo>vevo also wost load, and i get sound but no video when i try to steam it in VLC
19:15<kezimo>it started after installing drivers for the video card in this laptop im thinking codecs but im not sure how to even begin troubleshooting it. suggestions?
19:34-!-biesbjerg [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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19:36<tafa2>kezimo what OS?
19:36<tafa2>What browser?
19:37<tafa2>No clue bud
19:37<tafa2>uninstall your drivers and use windows default?
19:37<tafa2>Then see if windows upgrade/update has an update for them
19:37-!-eggstyrone [~textual@2600:1700:7721:4a70:40d2:c7be:3e6f:21b0] has joined #linode
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19:52<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • شركة رش حشرات بالرياض I am the new one <>
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20:22<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • Unable to connect ftp <>
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22:31*Zimsky shits her bed
22:33-!-kezimo [] has joined #linode
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22:34<Woet>Eugene: towel needed stat
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22:42<Eugene>I Am Not A Doctor
22:46-!-baimafeima [~baimafeim@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:47<Zimsky>ntox: I got a life like you said to
22:47<Zimsky>it's really boring tho
22:47-!-ntox [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
22:47<Zimsky>so I'm gonna give it back
22:48-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
22:48<Zimsky>that's a shame
22:50<Zimsky>Eugene: anyone can give medical advice, even without saying "i am not a doctor"
22:50<Eugene>Nor a UNIX filesystem
22:50<Zimsky>you only get in trouble if you say "I am a doctor"
22:50<Eugene>Therefore, I do not `stat`
22:51<Zimsky>Woet: you're aware that people don't really say stat?
22:51-!-cbustamantem [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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22:51<Zimsky>it's a tv thing
22:51<Zimsky>I'd c bust a man tem
22:52<cbustamantem>quick question, linode host, are limited (sending emails by host/ip by day?)
22:52-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
22:52<cbustamantem>i have a VPS in another host
22:53<Zimsky>the only limit is your imagination (and the network interface)
22:53<cbustamantem>i wanna try linode
22:53<cbustamantem>like a VPS with Cpanel
22:53<cbustamantem>can i do that?
22:54<cbustamantem>with a node of 5$ can i start?
22:54<Zimsky>it's a linux server, you can do anything a linux server can do
22:54<Zimsky>you can start anything
22:55-!-ntox [] has joined #linode
22:55-!-ntox is "Anthony" on #linode #debian
22:55<cbustamantem>i read in other comments, linode has a cpanel image?
22:55<ntox>Zimsky so sorry about your boring life. However, still rather far from linode topic.
22:55<cbustamantem>to start quickly without pain
22:55<ntox>cpanel or direct admin isnt difficult
22:56-!-mode/#linode [+l 352] by ChanServ
22:56<cbustamantem>to avoid manually configure a ispconfig or something, you mean?
22:58-!-cbustamantem [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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23:01<Monty>i just need to know what this is
23:02<Monty>does anyone know what this is
23:02<Monty>where am i?
23:02-!-Monty [] has quit []
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23:06<Zimsky>ntox: thanks, it's appreciated. I refer you to my pachyderm
23:07<kezimo>Zimsky: what did you have for dinner
23:07<Zimsky>the eyes of children
23:07<kezimo>with a side if kiante?
23:09-!-wheatie [] has joined #linode
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