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00:00<millisa>This doc goes over some of the bits not covered in the lemp guide you followed :
00:01<millisa>(you may want to read over the listening ports section above the virtual host section where it talks about the default_server on the listen line)
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00:02<bilal>hey there?
00:03<millisa>hey hey hey
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00:03<bilal>i want to chat with support. can you help me?
00:04<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
00:04<@bhanks>hey bilal what can we help you with?
00:04<millisa>If you've got a general question, just ask; someone may know
00:04<bilal>my website is sl slow . just a hour ago
00:04<Ikaros>(I could swear that bhanks has some sort of trigger when someone says !ops)
00:05<@bhanks>I just live at Linode. I dont leave or sleep.
00:05<@bhanks>bilal what troubleshooting have you done thus far?
00:05<bilal>even a single request is not load properly
00:06<bilal>can you tell me is there is any issue with the server or my website?
00:06<@bhanks>we can check that for you, but you'll need to open a support ticket via the Linode Manager so we can authenticate you. you should describe the problem in as much detail as possible.
00:06<@bhanks>including what troubleshooting you've already done
00:07<bilal>ok thanks.
00:07<@bhanks>but keep in mind- we're an unmanaged infra provider so we do not log into your server for you and we cant make any changes for you. we can check things on our side and point you in the right direction for other stuff :)
00:09<bilal>ok .. but it will really helpful if you can check this site for me now..
00:10<bonk>Ok I added that but it still redirects me here:
00:13<bonk> here is the file.
00:13<millisa>bonk: did you check you nginx config (nginx -t) then reload nginx after making your change?
00:14<bonk>I will do that now.
00:15<millisa>(you may want to fiddle with your port 80 section, too)
00:16<bonk>ok so the test failed.
00:18<millisa>it often tells you why
00:24<bonk>ok when I run sudo nginx -t it passes
00:25<millisa>go for the reload then
00:25<millisa>or nginx restart, whichever makes you happiest
00:26<bonk>still redirects me to this
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00:30<millisa>that path looks cpanelish...
00:30<millisa>are you sure you are hitting your linode?
00:31<millisa>(I don't see port 443 open on it)
00:32<Peng>They left. :X
00:33<millisa>bilal did
00:34<bonk>well I am sure that is
00:34<bonk>how can I be sure the other is?
00:36<millisa>if I run nmap on the IP I get for or (it's the same IP), I only see port 22 and 80 open.
00:37<millisa>remember when you did the 'ufw allow 80' to allow http traffic? You need to similarly allow 443 for https traffic.
00:38<millisa>but I'm wagering you have some locally cached dns or something since it's unlikely you'd be getting something pointing at the /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi path (try pinging both names from a command prompt, you probably aren't seeing your linode ip)
00:40<bonk>yes I just opened up to https thanks. I had forgotten to do that in this install.
00:40<millisa>look at that, 443 is open
00:41<bonk>ping does hit the right ip for both.
00:41<millisa> - gives me a hello world. appear to redir me to
00:41<bonk>but it looks like the port was the problem. It woks now.
00:42<millisa> 404's (fix the second server{} block's server name)
00:47<bonk>that does not seem to help. I put server_name *; for both server blocks.
00:49<Peng>Oh, oops, I confused the two "b" nicks. :X
00:53<millisa>bonk: (you might want '' and not '*')
00:53<bonk>i just changed it back to and it did not make any difference.
00:58<bonk>I also tried the and nothing changes
00:58<millisa>what do you mean nothing changes?
00:58<bonk>I mean when loading in browser no change.
00:58<millisa>Your config has a 'if ($host = somename)' section.
00:59<millisa>if you want that to apply to other names, you'd need to modify it appropriately
01:01<Peng>Or, better, not use if ($host at all
01:01<millisa>(personally not a fan of if, see 'ifisevil' in the nginx docs)
01:01<millisa>this is my own ignorance - that bit about 'managed by Certbot' did certbot throw that if in there?
01:02<bonk>yes that was put there by certbot.
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01:04<millisa>yuck. someone else called them on it for one of the other bits last year:
01:12<Peng>Yeah. I don't blame Certbot for doing it. It's hard to reliably edit config files.
01:13<millisa>i haven't done enough with the auto config stuff to know what it throws into files. does it expand that if automatically if you throw more domains at it?
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01:14<Peng>Probably? It works correctly, AFAIK, but I'm not sure what it does.
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01:19<bonk>yeah I am not sure. I guess I could rerun it and see what it does.
01:20<millisa>rerun it with more names. -d -d
01:28<bonk>yeah that did it. it added a second if statement
01:29<bonk>thanks again millisa you are the best.
01:29<millisa>!point bonk
01:29<linbot>millisa: Point given to bonk. (1)
01:29<bonk>tell me what the point thing is. I saw someone do that the other day?
01:30<@scrane>It's sort of like Whose Line Is It Anyway
01:30<@bhanks>Except Linode is not made up
01:30<millisa>a kudo.
01:30<@scrane>they can be a way of giving 'props' or thanks to someone but they have no real impact.
01:31<@bhanks>and only Woet's points dont matter
01:31<@scrane>!unpoint jhaas
01:31<linbot>scrane: Point taken from jhaas! (-11)
01:31<Woet>bhanks: rude
01:31<@bhanks>missed u
01:31<@bhanks>!point Woet
01:31<linbot>bhanks: Point given to woet. (9)
01:31<@bhanks>9? dismal.
01:31<millisa>I'm saving all my points up for the decoder ring.
01:31<Woet>!lick bhanks
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01:34<FluffyFoxeh>hello my friends
01:34<@scrane>!towel bhanks
01:34<linbot>scrane: Point taken from bhanks! (6)
01:35<@bhanks>my fondest wish is for mcintosh to take pity on me and kick me from the channel soon
01:35<FluffyFoxeh>but bhanks
01:35<FluffyFoxeh>you're my special friend
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01:36<@bhanks>siiiiiiigh. <3
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01:37<Ikaros>If I might say so you guys are some of the most unorthodox support crew I've gotten to know, lol. And I mean that in a good way - not everyone in the business is this social with their customers. Not by a long shot.
01:38<Woet>i mean that in a bad way
01:38*Ikaros kicks Woet out a window
01:38<@scrane>Awww why thank you Ikaros!
01:38<@scrane>!point Ikaros
01:38<linbot>scrane: Point given to ikaros. (3)
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01:41<Ikaros>Trying to find positivity. Even though I'm sitting in an 86-degree (F) apartment right now, having to report for work in < 4 hours and unable to sleep, and looking at a USB 802.11ac wifi dongle I bought no more than 2 weeks ago that apparently now has a crack in the circutry somewhere. At least that's what I'd assume it flapping and appearing/disappearing from Windows with the "device malfunctioned"
01:41<Ikaros>messages popping up like crazy means.
01:43<Woet>cant be positive when you use stupid units like fahrenheit
01:46<Peng>do you not respect Freedomheit
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02:09<Zimsky>why don't you just go and use old, outdated units like inches, yards, ounc- oh wait
02:10<Zimsky>Ikaros: lol 30C
02:11<FluffyFoxeh>that's a gross temperature
02:11<Zimsky>!wx YOOD
02:11<linbot>Zimsky: [metar] YOOD: not data available, valid code?
02:11<Zimsky>"not data available"
02:12<Zimsky>!wx UEEE
02:12<linbot>Zimsky: [metar] OBS at UEEE: -11.2F/-24C, visibility 9999 miles, wind 4.47 mph, chill -22.74F (altimeter: 30.031992711) [UEEE 160700Z 16002MPS CAVOK M24/M26 Q1017 R23L/490150 NOSIG RMK QFE754]
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02:16<Gopal>can any one from linode react?
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02:17<millisa>As in react to outside stimulus?
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02:26<FluffyFoxeh>I think they can
02:27<FluffyFoxeh>they even wrote a new open source manager using react
02:37<Zimsky>doubt it
02:42<nate>As someone who hasn't really pissed with old myisam in a long time, so long as a table is actually -not- corrupted/damaged, you can generally terminate a repair without it damaging things right?
02:44<Zimsky>sounds unhygienic
02:44<Zimsky>idk if i would piss with old myisam
02:45<Zimsky>see if the process is doing any writes
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03:34<@bmartin>Good day IRC
03:49<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Ubuntu 16.04 Adding new Partitions <>
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04:45<Baris>Hi, in all Linode Servers, in any location in the World, the first connection is too slow
04:45<Baris>Since this morning
04:46<Baris>I'm receiving complaints from everywhere.
04:46<Baris>What's going on?
04:46<Baris>ping times are ok.
04:47<@bmartin>Hey Baris do you have a support ticket so we can take a look at this situation
04:49<Baris>I opened a ticket but we need an immediate intervention.
04:49<@bmartin>Can you provide that ticket number so we can begin looking further at the situation?
04:50<Baris>Just type in your browser
04:50<@bmartin>we will have someone take a look
04:50<@bmartin>loading that site now
04:51<Baris>Both are deadly slow.
04:51<@bmartin>Thank you. Can you also provide any log notes or things you may be seeing on your end
04:51<@bmartin>Please keep in mind that as an infrastructure provider, the configuration of your services on our platform is ultimately your responsibility, though we're happy to provide guidance whenever we can.
04:51<Baris>There is no change in configurations since months
04:52<Baris>And there is absolutely no common change in our independent servers.
04:52<@bmartin>someone is looking now
04:52<Baris>Concerning logs, I can provide apache logs but they will be just normal
04:53<@bmartin>we have marked it urgent and have someone looking into it now
04:59<Zimsky>Baris: you know that both of those sites are behind cloudflare, right?
05:01<Zimsky>have you considered that cloudflare is your issue?
05:01<Baris>yes but others are not
05:01<Baris>An example:
05:03<Zimsky>not sure what you're getting at here
05:04<Baris>These ip's should reach our different servers, where the slowness is always there.
05:04<Baris>Could you read the conversation above?
05:04<Zimsky>this is a public IRC channel, so yes
05:04<Baris>[10:45] <Baris> Hi, in all Linode Servers, in any location in the World, the first connection is too slow [10:45] <Baris> Since this morning [10:46] <Baris> I'm receiving complaints from everywhere.
05:05<Zimsky>that's an extremely ambiguous statement
05:05<Zimsky>perhaps check some of your configurations and do some troubleshooting to work out where the bottleneck is
05:06<Baris>Ok Zimsky, thank you for your non help.
05:06<Baris>Easy to say "check your config".
05:06<Zimsky>it's very easy to say that
05:06<Zimsky>because that's what should be done
05:06<Baris>So we have changed suddently all config of all our independent servers.
05:07<Baris>The only common point of these servers is they are under Linode.
05:07<Zimsky>the other common point is that they're all configured by you or your organisation
05:07<Baris>Zimsky, I have no time to argue with you, but just 100+ parrallel and 10.000+ daily users to take care.
05:07<Zimsky>and I have a cat to feed
05:08<Baris>So go feed it
05:09<Zimsky>anyway, you should understand that you need to do at least a modicum of troubleshooting to work out where and what the actual problem is before chalking it up to being the infrastructure provider's fault
05:10<Zimsky>or at least ask whoever configured your setup
05:10<Baris>Zimsky, it's done by 5 different engineers here, so I'm contacting Linode.
05:11<Zimsky>what's linode going to do but say "we're an infra provider"?
05:11<Zimsky>the onus is on you
05:11<Baris>YEs we suspect that there is a problem with the infrastructure.
05:12<Zimsky>so your lack of troubleshooting has led you to this conclusion
05:12<Baris>Because, nobody can / has rights to change all server configs without my approval.
05:12<Zimsky>that doesn't mean something else has gone wrong
05:12<Baris>I'm the lead dev of (but that's not the only one touched).
05:12<Baris>Ok Zimsky really don't have time. Please go learn life to someone else.
05:13<Zimsky>that's rude
05:13<@bmartin>Someone is currently working on your ticket Baris. I am seeing that the site is no longer loading slowly
05:14<Baris>bmartin: Yes this is the problem. First connection is EXTRA slow, then it accelerates for the given connection.
05:14<@scrane>Baris: I apologize, after doing a little investigating using the data you have provided, I am not certain this is an infrastructure problem. It appears connections are made to the Linode in appropriate time, however after the connection is made there is a delay with the webserver service returning the correct information. I would highly recommend taking a look at either your Apache logs or MySQL logs to see if that might provide more information.
05:14<Baris>We have verified this in several countries.
05:15<@scrane>I determined this by running the command curl -vIl
05:15<@gjjansen>Baris: Update is out your way with a bit of information.
05:17<Zimsky>extra slow with extra tomatoes
05:18<Zimsky>and a side of ad hominem
05:18<Zimsky>( ゚◡゚)
05:19<@bmartin>( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
05:19<rsdehart>(\/) (°,,°) (\/)
05:19<Zimsky>(° ͜ʖ°)
05:19<Baris>Everbody, we have 6 different servers under Linode. They are independent with different configuration, located in different places. Some of them are under cloudflare, some of them not. Nobody changed in config files of the servers running on these VPS. We have checked the logs to see if there is an attack of something, nothing. We have started to receive compaints of after other. The problem is once the user connected (in between 10
05:19<Baris>given users, everything goes normal.
05:20<Baris>We have verified the ping times, server (mysql, apache) cpu, memory, consumptions, nothing different.
05:20<Baris>We have suspected cloudflare, but nothing.
05:20<@scrane>Has there been an increase in traffic at all? It may also be worthwhile to check the disk space and inodes on the Linode to make sure that hasn't been something that has slowly been rising and is causing problems.
05:20<Baris>So we said "hey perhaps there is an update in the infrastructure".
05:20<Baris>Nothing is
05:21<Baris>So I have contacted this IRC.
05:21<@bmartin>Did you receive the ticket update Baris?
05:21<@bmartin>Just to be clear people with @ are Linode employees
05:21<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
05:31<Zimsky>@ means they're snails
05:31<@bhanks>!point Zimsky
05:31<linbot>bhanks: Point given to zimsky. (8)
05:31<Zimsky>that's why it's slow
05:31<@bhanks>!unpoint Zimsky
05:31<linbot>bhanks: Point taken from zimsky! (7)
05:32<@scrane>Yeah, but like... at least we pair well with garlic and oil.
05:33<@bmartin>I'm a Slug
05:33<@bmartin>I'm like pizza rat but after he gets hit by a car
05:33<Zimsky>why is that capitalised?
05:33<Zimsky>typical american capitalism
05:33<@gjjansen>Branding, baby!
05:33<@bhanks>im a raccoon
05:33<@bhanks>i like to dig through stuff
05:34<@gjjansen>bmartin pairs well with Morton™'s Salt!
05:34<@bmartin>I'm plenty salty already
05:35<@bhanks>that comes from interacting with me bmartin
05:35<@bhanks>so sorry
05:36<@bmartin>My blood is day old room temperature black coffee and salt
05:37<Zimsky>I'm not sure that's an efficient oxygen carrier
05:37<Zimsky>nor nutrient carrier
05:37<@scrane>But it carries the most important nutrient.
05:37<rsdehart>it's special hemoglobin-infused coffee
05:37<@scrane>the building block of life, if you will
05:37<@bmartin>I'm barely a human living creature
05:38<Zimsky>not if it's room temperature
05:38<Peng_>Zimsky: I'm not sure someone room temperature has quite the typical chemical composition
05:38<@bmartin>I'm a trenchcoat full of slugs that have formed together into a sentient being
05:38<Zimsky>yes Peng_
05:38<rsdehart>bmartin is actually a coffee golem
05:38<@bhanks>can confirm
05:39<Zimsky>sounds like quorum sensing
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05:40<@bmartin>d[ ๏ _ ◉ ]b
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05:41<Zimsky>huh, baris was connecting from france
05:41<Zimsky>it all makes sense now
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06:32<plencovich>Hello, I still have problems accessing, I have not yet had an answer from
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06:33<plencovich>I have sent mail from another alternative account and nothing.
06:35<@jackley>plencovich: do you have a ticket number?
06:40<linbot>New news from forum: Performance and Tuning • Hugepages - why is it missing? <>
06:43<plencovich>@jackley no, because I can not access my account, dashboard.
06:44<@jackley>plencovich: could you give us a call? we can try and locate your account over the phone
06:44<plencovich>mmm I am from Argentina, it complicates me
06:45<@jackley>plencovich: what email address are you using?
06:45<@jackley>plencovich: to email us?
06:46<@jackley>plencovich: I believe we just responded to your email
06:46<plencovich>yes, I just received an email
06:47<Zimsky>does argentina not have phones or something
06:48<plencovich>Zimsky Hahaha call to USA is very expensive. Email is the best.
06:48<Zimsky>las malvinas son argentinas
06:48<nate>linode doesn't have a toll-free 800?
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06:50<plencovich>Zimsky, mmm they are not at all, they lost them in 82
06:50<Zimsky>not with that attitude
06:52<plencovich>It is not a matter of attitude, it is a matter of reality and legality.
06:53<plencovich>@jackley I answered the email from my alternative account.
07:01<@jmetz>thanks plenovich, you should have a reply on its way
07:03<plencovich>thanks @jmetz
07:05<plencovich>I do not understand why I do not receive mail from @linode in my account @ is hosted in gapps
07:19<plencovich>thanks for all!
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08:05<Woet>good morning bmartin, bhanks and scrane
08:05<Woet>my favorite Linode trifecta
08:05<@bmartin>Good day Woet
08:06<Woet>you guys gotta stop waking up so early
08:06<Woet>it isn't healthy
08:06<@bmartin>tell that to my work schedule
08:06<Woet>i already talked to HR about your behavior, I'll bring up the schedule next time
08:06<@bmartin>Shhhh I'm on thin ice as it is
08:07<@bhanks>OH HI WOET
08:07<Woet>not my fault you did those things to bhanks
08:07<@bhanks>excuse me
08:07<Woet>its okay bhanks i got your back
08:07<@bhanks>tread carefully
08:07<Woet>he should never have slashed your tires
08:07<@bmartin>Scrane does all the car based mischief
08:07<Woet>he's just your fall guy
08:09<@gjjansen>Wow. I'm upset, Woet.
08:09<Woet>i'm sorry but you refused to marry me
08:09<Zimsky>I didn't realise it was legal for horses to marry
08:09<@bmartin>(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ THIS IS RIDICULOUS
08:10<Woet>only one part of me is similar to a horse ;)
08:10<@gjjansen>I'm guessing NL is a lot more forgiving about that.
08:10<Woet>( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
08:10<Zimsky>yeah, the nostrils
08:10<Woet>gjjansen: dont bring up my unwanted citizenship
08:11<Zimsky>you don't want your danish citizenship?
08:12<@gjjansen>And NL is nice.
08:12<Woet>its not
08:13<Zimsky>of course a jansen would say that
08:13<Woet>when are you inviting me to the Linode slack gjjansen
08:13<@bmartin>Linode slack is....interesting
08:13<@bmartin>I have made everyone regret using it :(
08:14<Woet>no surprise there
08:14<Zimsky>"did you see what woet and zimsky said on irc today?"
08:14<Woet>you probably added 50 different bots
08:14<Peng_>There's a Slack!?
08:14<Zimsky>NO PENG
08:14<@gjjansen>I'm not an admin so I cannot.
08:14<@bhanks>we aren't allowed to mention Woet
08:14<@bmartin>I'm that guy at Linode that everyone sorta hopes they see an email about
08:14<@bmartin>wishing them luck in their future endeavours
08:15<Zimsky>bhanks: so you're allowed to mention zimsky?
08:15<@bhanks>its all up in the air right now
08:16<Woet>so i left my suitcase with a hotel I'm staying at in a few days
08:16<Woet>and now they cancelled my reservation and removed my member number from it so its gone from my account'
08:16<Woet>(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ THIS IS RIDICULOUS
08:16-!-biesbjerg [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
08:17<Zimsky>are you looking for sympathy?
08:17<@gjjansen>You need to make sure that you flip a table at the hotel.
08:17<Woet>ill do my best
08:18<@bmartin>Or you could flip the hotel
08:18-!-mode/#linode [+l 346] by ChanServ
08:20<Zimsky>don't do that to italian hotels
08:22<@gjjansen>Woet's allowed outside of the country?
08:22<@bmartin>Woet is in international person of mystery
08:22<Woet>i haven't been in NL since November
08:23<@bmartin>if I leave the US, I am afraid I won't be allowed back
08:25<Woet>ill be back in may
08:26<Woet>because family event
08:29<dzho>I guess someone's got to carry the one-time pads
08:30<@bmartin>you do a bit of traveling there Woet
08:30<@gjjansen>Wow. That's a heck of a lot of travelling.
08:30<Woet>im hiding
08:30<@gjjansen>From authorities.
08:31<Woet>Zimsky mainly
08:31<Zimsky>dzho: I can give you a one time pad ;)
08:31<dzho>I must have misheard the name of the children's property
08:31<dzho>"Where's Wouter"
08:31*Zimsky gives bhanks a one time pad
08:32<Zimsky>it's what friends are for.
08:32<Woet>Zimsky: at least give him a new one
08:33<Woet>bmartin: are you allowed to have a passport
08:33<@bmartin>I do have one
08:34-!-kezimo [] has joined #linode
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08:59-!-junico [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
08:59-!-junico is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
08:59<junico>hi linode
08:59<@bmartin>Hi junico
08:59<junico>what are the ways of payment in Linode?
08:59-!-anomie [] has joined #linode
08:59-!-anomie is "Anomie" on #linode
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09:00<@bmartin>We require all accounts have a valid credit or debit card on them and we also accept PayPal payments
09:00<junico>can i pay by paypal without credit card?
09:00<junico>i dont have a credit card
09:01<@bmartin>There will need to be a valid card on the account.
09:01-!-eyepulp [~eyepulp@] has joined #linode
09:01-!-eyepulp is "eyepulp" on #linode
09:01<junico>ok i see
09:01<@bmartin>Credit or Debit card
09:01-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
09:02<dwfreed>junico: you can use a prepaid card
09:03<dwfreed>creating an account requires the initial deposit to come from the card; after that, you can add credit with paypal
09:03<junico>ok thanks guys!
09:17-!-junico [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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09:20-!-eggstyrone [] has joined #linode
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09:36<Woet>bmartin: what kind of shifts do you have?
09:36<Woet>early morning?
09:37<@bhanks>bmartin is everywhere at everytime
09:37<@bhanks>or is that me? hm
09:37<@bmartin>Earliest of mornings
09:37<@bmartin>but I exist outside of space and time
09:37<Woet>bhanks: why do you have so many trust and safety experts
09:37<Woet>does bmartin have trust issues?
09:38<@bhanks>we dont have too many. i can assure you that.
09:38<Woet>the about page says 5
09:38<Woet>that sounds like 4 too many
09:38<@bhanks>who would you choose to keep?
09:38<Woet>gjjansen of course
09:38<@bhanks>me too
09:39<Woet>to be honest I don't have a clue what you actually do
09:39<Woet>i'm guessing it's not opsec
09:39<@bhanks>we hold the secrets
09:39<Woet>you're not being very forthcoming
09:40<@bhanks>we do like abuse related stuff. fraud related stuff. and some other stuff.
09:40<@bhanks>>you're not being very forthcoming
09:40<@bhanks>quite a compliment for a T&S Expert! thanks Woet
09:40<@bmartin>Trust and Safety is basically internet SVU
09:41<Woet>i wish i had a job where i can abuse bmartin and get paid for it
09:42<@bhanks>Im Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds and basically we just take a lot of videos of me doing pseudo-computer science stuff
09:42<@bmartin>I hit keyboards with a hammer
09:42<@bmartin>and tell people to reboot
09:44-!-MrControll [] has joined #linode
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09:50<Woet>bhanks: i emailed abuse in April 2016 and Roland MacDavid didn't handle my complaint very well
09:50<Woet>I see you fired him
09:51<@bhanks>oh i love Roland.
09:52<Woet>i actually emailed abuse in January 2011 too
09:52<Woet>and Peter Sandin was very good
09:52<Woet>but I see you fired him too
09:52-!-aspis_ [~aspis@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:52<smallclone>you know some people do leave Linode without being fired
09:53-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
09:54<Woet>(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ THIS IS RIDICULOUS
09:56<Woet>ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
09:57<Woet>bhanks: did you know I wrote a fully automated abuse platform?
09:57<Woet>you should hire me
09:57<Peng_>like, to create abuse?
09:57<Woet>I can automate your entire job
09:57<Woet>Peng_: optional addon
09:57<@bmartin>That may violate my parole
09:58<Woet>worth it
09:58<smallclone>just look at how much they abuse this channel!
09:59<Woet>just me
10:01<eatonphil[m]>is jhaas around?
10:02<Woet>he's more arectangle
10:02<ponas>jump host as a service?
10:02*eatonphil[m] le sigh
10:04-!-zivester [] has joined #linode
10:04-!-zivester is "zivester" on #linode #osm #osm-nominatim
10:04<eatonphil[m]>if someone sees jhaas (or jfred) can you ask him (them) to matrix me?
10:04<@gjjansen>eatonphil[m]: You got it.
10:04<Woet>do I need to physically see them
10:04<Woet>that'll be difficult
10:05-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
10:05<jfred[m]>eatonphil: o/
10:05<@jhaas>eatonphil[m] Hi :D
10:06<Woet>they never show up when i ask for them
10:06<@bhanks>i wonder why
10:07<@gjjansen>Gotta be nice to make friends.
10:07<Woet>how am I not nice
10:07<@bhanks>you're just Woet
10:07-!-neo^ [] has left #linode []
10:08<Woet>that's not very nice
10:08<@bhanks>im very nice
10:08<smallclone>yeah i wouldn't appreciate being called Woet
10:08-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
10:08<Woet>( ´_ゝ`)
10:10<@bhanks>alright alright play nice kids, we all have a special place in our hearts for Woet
10:11<Woet>( ^_^)o自自o(^_^ ) CHEERS!
10:12<@bhanks>i mean- anytime someone comes in here needing help with some non-infra issue, woet is always so happy to let them know where to look for help!
10:12<eatonphil[m]>hey jhaas! I discovered matrix
10:12<Woet>bhanks: why are you being sarcastic
10:12<@bhanks>im not
10:12<Woet>d[ ๏ _ ◉ ]b
10:13*jhaas is currently boycotting matrix in most instances because jfred is dumb
10:13*Woet likes watching the matrix
10:13<jfred[m]><3 matrix
10:13*gjjansen loves the scene where they pan around the kick
10:13<@jhaas><3 matrix
10:14<@jhaas>ಠ_ಠ jfred
10:14*Woet loves the scene where they do the sexy stuff
10:14<Woet>"Video games, not guns, to blame for school shooting, says Kentucky gov"
10:15*Woet checks the NRA donation list
10:18-!-saki [~Thunderbi@] has joined #linode
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11:25<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
11:26<Zimsky>!towel Eugene
11:26<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from eugene! (48)
11:27-!-biesbjerg [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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11:30<Zimsky>bmartin: if you exist outside of minkowski space, you can't interact with minkowski space
11:30<Zimsky>Peng_: snarky comments like that won't make you any friends here
11:30<Zimsky>please take your harassments elsewhere
11:38-!-anomie [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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11:54<bonk>ok so i have the $5 linode thinking I could run a website with it but after installing eveything I have no room for a website. Is there a page to help me optimize this thing to make more room?
11:54<bonk>I have the LEMP stack installed
11:56<retro|blah>What does "df -h" say?
11:56-!-eggstyrone [] has joined #linode
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12:00<bonk>oh wow. never mind.
12:03<bonk>ok so maybe this is not the issue I thought then. But I cannot make a disk image in the manager because it says: "Unable to create image. Size of disk (2186MB) is larger than the per-image limit of 2048MB."
12:03-!-pablix10 [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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12:04<bonk>I saw that and thought that I had somehow gone over the allotted amount of disk space and did not bother to check...duuh
12:04<bonk>but how do I correct that issue. I would really like to save an image so that I do not have to go all the way back to square one if I mess something up.
12:05<pablix10>hi i have purshase from linode i have recieve the reciept but nothing else
12:05-!-mode/#linode [+l 352] by ChanServ
12:05<smallclone>bonk: when you deploy a distro on your Linode it uses all the storage space (minus your swap disk) by default
12:05<smallclone>reduce the size of your ubuntu / centos / whatever disk, and then you can create another one
12:06<gparent>There's a difference between linode images and disks themselves, bonk.
12:06<smallclone>oh wait i ignored that error message
12:06<gparent>the images are limited to 2048MB, but the disks are limited by whatever space your plan allots
12:06<smallclone>bonk: what you're talking about is a good use case for the backup service though
12:07<bonk>yes I am sure.
12:07<bonk>I may do that later I am just trying to figure things out right now.
12:08<pablix10>can any one here help me
12:08<bonk>so because I rebuilt from an image it made the disk size larger than what was there previously and now I have to resize that disk to get it to clone again. am I understanding this?
12:08<pablix10>i have purshase i have recive a receipt with payement.
12:08<pablix10>and nothing after
12:08<smallclone>pablix10: what else would you have? i mean you need to narrow down your question a bit.
12:08<pablix10>when o reset user or passowrd
12:08<smallclone>ok so you don't have access to your account
12:09-!-biesbjerg [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
12:09<pablix10>nothiings arrive to me mail
12:09<smallclone>pablix10: maybe there's another email on file for the account? if it's using your payment information, you can email and include the last six digits of the card on file
12:09<pablix10>yes i can't access to my account
12:10-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
12:10<smallclone>assuming you already tried
12:10<pablix10>— Instructions for completing the password reset may have been emailed to you. —
12:10<pablix10>ibut nothing come to my mail
12:11<bonk>I cloned the disk earlier and then messed everything up so I rebuilt from the clone. For some reason the new disk is larger than can be cloned again. I am not sure I understand why that would be.
12:11<pablix10>this is my email
12:11<bonk>check your spam box?
12:11<smallclone>pablix10: you shouldn't post your personal info here
12:11<smallclone>this is a community channel
12:11<bonk>is that supossed to be admin@....?
12:12<smallclone>^ a good question though
12:12<pablix10>just admi@
12:12<smallclone>ok well i would suggest emailing support with the info i mentioned before
12:12<Zimsky>Woet: no
12:12<Zimsky>I'm not
12:12<bonk>make sure it is not going to a spam folder.
12:12<smallclone>if you are paying for the account you can get access to it even if your email isn't the one they have on file
12:12<pablix10>i have check spam and inbox
12:13<Zimsky>it's a bit of a picnic here
12:15-!-kezimo [] has joined #linode
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12:16<pablix10>how i can talk to support
12:16-!-mode/#linode [+l 352] by ChanServ
12:17<pablix10>can any one tell me how i can talk to support
12:17-!-chiyosaki [~Thunderbi@] has joined #linode
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12:19<Zimsky>call them
12:19-!-biesbjerg [] has joined #linode
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12:20-!-chiyosaki is now known as saki
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12:30<bonk>Ok I am not understanding the image thing. I am getting an error when trying to create an image that is saying my disk is too big. but I have resized it and it still gives me that error. I have one image saved and the docs say I can have up to three? What am I missing?
12:31-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
12:32<smallclone>is your disk less than 2048MB?
12:33<bonk>In the dahsboard it tells me I have 100% allocated towards images
12:34<smallclone>don't go by that. that just means that all of your Linode's storage space is being used by disks
12:35<bonk>yes it is . I resized to 16,000MB just to be sure there was enough room. But I do not think that is how images work.
12:36<smallclone>use df -h to determine how much free space you actually have
12:36<bonk>I did my first image with no problem with the total space used.
12:36<smallclone>then if you can, resize the disk to under 2048MB before trying to capture an image
12:39<bonk>oh wait. I see now. I am using more than 2 Gig on the disk so it won't image anymore.
12:39<smallclone>you should really just use the backup service and save yourself the headache
12:39<bonk>I was getting stuck on disk size not utilization.
12:40<smallclone>it's only $2 for a 1GB Linode
12:40<bonk>yeah I know. I just was hoping to save a few bucks. lol
12:40-!-bonk [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:41-!-jcanto [] has quit [Quit: Going offline, see ya! (]
12:41-!-jcanto [] has joined #linode
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12:44<jcanto>I need help
12:44<jcanto>look at these logs
12:44<jcanto>Feb 16 06:21:27 mars sendmail[18110]: w1GBLQDP018110:, (0/0), delay=00:00:01, xdelay=00:00:01, mailer=relay, pri=30820, relay=[] [], dsn=2.0.0, stat=Sent (Ok: queued as F0E6BC805A406)
12:44<jcanto>Feb 16 06:21:28 mars postfix/smtp[12925]: F0E6BC805A406: to=<>,[XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX]:25, delay=1.6, delays=0.08/0/0.51/1, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 Queued (0.256 seconds))
12:44<grawity>okay but what do you need help with?
12:45<jcanto>I am trying to send the email to but postfix send it to
12:45<jcanto>yes, and sahre the same MX
12:46<gparent>It's probably Line X in xxxx.conf
12:46<jcanto>I know postfix is able to rewrite recipient but I have never configured something like that
12:47<jcanto>but accounts exist but they belong to different users
12:47<grawity>you sure you didn't configure sendmail like that, then?
12:48<jcanto>yes, sure
12:48<grawity>though I don't entirely understand why you have sendmail *and* postfix on the same system
12:49<jcanto>it is a script on crontab which sends the emails
12:49<jcanto>the script uses the sendmail command
12:49<grawity>yeah but you don't need the sendmail suite to have the sendmail command
12:49<grawity>postfix, and all other MTAs, provide their own sendmail command
12:50<jcanto>could be, I didn't write the script, but, it happens only for this domain
12:53-!-biesbjerg [] has joined #linode
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13:21<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • tarot hada del dia <>
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13:32<sir_buttsington>Man, the docs Linode is churning out these days suck
13:32<DrJ>Thanks for your opinion
13:32<sir_buttsington>You're quite welcome :-)
13:33-!-bonk [] has joined #linode
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13:34-!-biesbjerg [] has joined #linode
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13:34<bonk>ok, so I am wanting to set up a very light weight email server for a couple of personal email addresses. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I should look?
13:34<sir_buttsington>My first suggestion would be don't do that. It's a big pain.
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13:35<tafa2>it's not that much of a pain if you know what you're doing
13:35<bonk>yeah I have been reading that but I am glutton for punishment.
13:35<sir_buttsington>Most things aren't painful when you know how to do them. It's getting to that level of knowing that hurts
13:35<tafa2>check the IP of your VPS isn't blacklisted, setup DKIM, SPF and DMARC - you should be fine tbh
13:36-!-biesbjerg [] has quit []
13:36<tafa2>mail in a box and mailcow are great
13:36<bonk>I have the 1gb linode and am wondering if I can pull it off?
13:36-!-mode/#linode [+l 352] by ChanServ
13:39<bonk>woet if I wanted to pay for it I would not have a linode. ;)
13:39<Woet>cheaper than your linode
13:39<grawity>do you pay for your linode
13:39<sir_buttsington>You are still paying for your Linode, unless you know something we don't know ;)
13:39<sir_buttsington>Share that sweet sweet nectar
13:39<grawity>if you're going to do ipv6, ask linode for a separate /64 instead of using the default address
13:40<tafa2>grawity that's a good idea
13:40<tafa2>never thought about that...
13:40<tafa2>I just disable IPv6 usually
13:40<bonk>lol well yes but I mean pay for both.
13:41<bonk>I have a gmail account already. I just want something for my kids to use that I have control over.
13:42<tafa2>if its for the kids.. couldn't be simpler
13:42<bonk>and I will *maybe* learn something along the way.
13:42<tafa2>or just get them gmail addresses? And don't give them the passwords? :P
13:42<bonk>yeah I may end up doing that if I lose too much hair trying to install this.
13:44<tafa2>otherwise bonk mxroute is good
13:44<tafa2> - $30/year
13:49<Woet>cpanel, no ipv6, no redundancy
13:49<Woet>cant be good
13:50<tafa2>they've got a great reputation on LET
13:50<tafa2>(last time I checked)
13:51<sir_buttsington>What is LET
13:51<tafa2>low end talk
13:51<sir_buttsington>I'm not hip with the kid's acronyms these days
13:51<Woet>its where poor people go to buy shitty vpses
13:51<Woet>like lbft
13:52<sir_buttsington>Yeah, low end talks approval has never impressed me
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14:04<Demo>Has anyone setup pihole through vpn?
14:11<Woet>Demo: are you doing a survey?
14:12<Demo>of course not
14:13<Demo>router doesn't play nice with openvpn
14:15<Woet>i mean, the answer to your question is "yes" and "no"
14:15<Woet>not sure how this helps your issue
14:15<Woet>i'd recommend asking an actual question
14:18<Demo>fair enough, pihole uses dnsmasq to route traffic, however this creates a open dns resolver therefore maybe resulting in amplification attacks. how would i prevent this?
14:20<Woet>make it listen to localhost only?
14:25<Demo>Woet: yeah, that's exactly what I need, thanks! Would you recommend any alternatives to openvpn?
14:35<DrJ>Demo: may I take a wild guess at your router?
14:35-!-alexE [] has joined #linode
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14:35<DrJ>is it a mikrotik?
14:36-!-mode/#linode [+l 353] by ChanServ
14:37<alexE>potential new customer for Linnode--- quick question: on the VM's, do you get two interfaces for the network? example: NIC1 for public and NIC2 for private?
14:38<smallclone>nope it's all one interface
14:38<smallclone>you use aliases like eth0:01
14:38<alexE>so if you built a load balancer... public out to RFC1918 in... not possible?
14:39<Demo>DrJ: netgear
14:39<alexE>using linnode VM's
14:39<smallclone>i'm not going to read that whole rfc, but what is the explicit requirement?
14:40<DrJ>ah, I have mikrotik's and they are awesome but also have terrible openvpn support
14:40<alexE>on the linode VM: one NIC for public IPv4 and another NIC for 10.x addresses
14:40<smallclone>they are not 10.x addresses
14:40<smallclone>they're typically 192.168.whatever
14:40<alexE>ok so lnode only supports public ipv4?
14:40<alexE>ok, 192.168 is fine
14:41<smallclone>no they support private (within the same DC) ipv4
14:41<alexE>ok gotcha
14:41<DrJ>there is a private backend to communicate with other VMs you run in the same datacenter
14:41<alexE>ok that answers the question DrJ, thank you
14:41<DrJ>if you need communication beyond the same DC then you'll need a VPN
14:41<alexE>ok, same DC, thank you
14:41<grawity>it's not really a "private backend", is it?
14:42<DrJ>I don't know how private it really is
14:42<smallclone>it's not just your Linodes
14:42<alexE>well, meaning non routable publicaly
14:42<DrJ>I know I'd probably trust setting up a VPN more
14:42<smallclone>it is all Linodes within the DC
14:42<grawity>it's still the same datacenter LAN, though, with both public and private ranges on the same port
14:42<smallclone>that means you should still secure the private IP
14:42<gparent>DrJ: does mikrotik have udp for openvpn now?
14:42<gparent>that used to be missing for the longest time
14:42<grawity>and IIRC literally the only purpose of private addresses within Linode was to make internal accounting easier
14:42<DrJ>they say it is coming in v7
14:43<DrJ>but v7 has been in the works for 5+ years it seems
14:43<gparent>I don't understand how hard it can be
14:43<grawity>gparent: they have IPsec with IKEv2, what else do you want
14:43<gparent>i want them to add the three bytes it requires to flip from one to the other
14:44<grawity>tbh they probably wrote their own openvpn client code
14:44-!-alexE [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
14:44<gparent>yeah im actually thinking of 100 ways why it could be more difficult than I image but it's just annoying.
14:45-!-mode/#linode [+l 352] by ChanServ
14:45<gparent>I just have my linux router do vpn whether it's ipsec or openvpn
14:45<DrJ>they do offer those grawity, but you have people like me using a paid VPN service for anonymitity which only supports things like openvpn and ... welll pptp if that is not an option
14:45<grawity>DrJ: eh?
14:45<grawity>ah, I see
14:45<DrJ>I have pia for example and I want/need it set up on my router
14:46<DrJ>sadly, I have to use pptp
14:46<gparent>ive never tried just running debian on one, I think you can do that
14:47<DrJ>probably, I know you can run things like ddwrt in a metarouter
14:48<grawity>if PPTP was configured for EAP-PEAP (rather than MSCHAPv2), providing strong key exchange
14:48<Demo>DrJ: would I be able to bypass VPN and use dnsmasq on a certain port, the only issue would be a non static IP from my ISP, unless I could get these to communicate somehow?
14:48<grawity>would its RC4-based encryption still be weak?
14:48<Demo>yay for screen when my internet just dropped
14:49<DrJ>grawity: not sure... not an expert in there... I just know enough that I really shouldn't be using pptp
14:49<DrJ>but then again, I'm not really concerned too much about my traffic from my point to the VPN... mostly just making sure like freenode and website don't know who I am
15:02<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Ubuntu 16.04 Adding new Partitions <>
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16:33<Demo>any ideas of why firewall would be blocking vpn routes; pings / traceroute work fine however webpages will not load
16:37-!-Demo [carl@] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
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17:22<kronos003>If I create a linode and subsequently want to turn it over to a customer on their own account, is that possible?
17:23-!-mode/#linode [+l 346] by ChanServ
17:23<kronos003>( like if I create a webserver for a customr and they decide later that they want someone else to manage it for whatever reason)
17:24<relidy>Yep. You just have to open tickets on both accounts.
17:24-!-arielp [] has joined #linode
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18:20<kronos003>cool - I might start offering services to my customer based on linodes, and keep everything compartmentalized to a single linode for each customer. this way if they ever want to use someone else, they arent locked into my service
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18:32<Demo>kronos003: that's a pretty neat idea
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19:15<kezimo>will someone please link me to a standalone full installer for either firefox or chrome?
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19:24<nate>Both mozilla and chrome's sites should have them, can you not access them?
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22:20<Eugene>Every night I'm a towel
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22:22<@bhanks>yes, yes you are Eugene
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22:34<Woet>bhanks: are you doing a 24 hour shift
22:34<@bhanks>it does seem like I'm always here doesn't it?
22:34<Woet>it does
22:34<@bhanks>I work nights right now. but I tend to linger.
22:35<Woet>at least you're getting paid for it
22:39-!-biesbjerg [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
22:39<@bhanks>oh yeah. but getting to chat with you guys is payment enough!
22:39-!-mode/#linode [+l 347] by ChanServ
22:42<gparent>24 hour shifts, loves to waste time and chat, you got a great twitch streamer career ahead of you
22:43<gparent>linode counts as art, right?
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22:55<@bhanks>can I live stream myself playing Sims 4: Pets ?
22:55<@bhanks>is there a market for that?
22:56<gparent>im sure there is
22:56<gparent>oh wow
22:56<gparent>852 sims 4 viewers, dozens of streamers
22:58-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
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23:15<Wenz>i have question
23:15<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
23:16<Wenz>i have a virtual machine (ubuntu) run in Virtualbox on my private lan.
23:16<Wenz>how can i migrate it to linode?
23:17<Wenz>i have this plan of making it on public
23:21<Wenz>so you mean i need to reinstall everything to your host site?
23:22<@scrane>No, you shouldn't. Sorry, what you should be able to do is save that image as a .img file, upload it to a Linode, and boot fro mthat.
23:22<smallclone>no, you need to convert your vdi or whatever to an iso or img
23:22<Wenz>how about .ova file?
23:23<Wenz>using virtualbox i can export the server into .ova file
23:23<@scrane>To my knowledge, a .ova file will not work with our system.
23:24-!-Iguil [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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23:25<Wenz>.ova i think is the fastest way to deploy the system
23:25<smallclone>that's a vmware thing
23:26<Wenz>i am using virtualbox
23:26<Wenz>not vmware
23:27<smallclone>right but iirc .ova is a vmware file type
23:27<smallclone>you should be able to use vboxmanage to convert a vdi to .iso
23:28<smallclone>or to an .img maybe, tbh i haven't really played around with it
23:28<Wenz>after i converted it to .iso or .img
23:28<Wenz>after i converted it to .iso or .img?
23:29<smallclone>after that you can follow the guide scrane provided
23:29<Wenz>provided on the link?
23:31<smallclone>that guide isn't perfectly suited to what you're doing..but basically you just need to dd to a raw disk in rescue mode, then use direct disk boot
23:33<Wenz>need to read the process
23:35<Wenz>BTW, can you guys can do it for me after i converted my sever to ISO?
23:35<smallclone>nah Linode is DIY
23:36<Wenz>ah ok.
23:37<smallclone>you can ask questions though
23:39<smallclone>i mean if you really want to skip the work, vultr does offer boot from .iso as an option, it's just that vultr sucks in basically every other way
23:39<Wenz>i am still searching the way how to convert vmdk to iso
23:40<smallclone>that will probably be the most annoying part
23:42-!-MrControll [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:42<smallclone>you could try this, it's from the old custom distro guide for xen when the process was even worse
23:42<smallclone>keep in mind kvm linodes would use /dev/sda as opposed to /dev/xvda
23:43-!-mode/#linode [+l 343] by ChanServ
23:43<smallclone>there's some stuff in that guide (other than that) that is definitely going to be relevant to you, like updating /etc/fstab
23:47<Wenz>need to create an account so i could do this "Copying the Disk from VirtualBox to your Linode"
23:47<smallclone>well yeah you need to have an account and a Linode
23:47<Wenz>do you have a free subscription?
23:48<smallclone>there's a promotional code for a $10 credit, LINODE10
23:48<smallclone>but you will still need to add payment info
23:48<Wenz>so its free trial?
23:48<smallclone>if you don't like it in the first week you can request a refund
23:49<smallclone>but you won't use up the $10 trial in a week on the smaller plans
23:50<Wenz>how can i get that promotional code?
23:50<smallclone>pretty sure you can just enter it during signup
23:51<Wenz>ok i will try to sigh up first
23:56-!-devilspgd_ [] has joined #linode
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