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02:33<bhuipt>my account can not login today, anyone could help me ?
02:34<Zimsky>you'd need to be more specific
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02:34<Zimsky>what message do you get
02:36<bhuipt>for the holiday, i do not found the message
02:36<@scrane>bhuipt, are you able to issue a password reset for the account?
02:37<bhuipt>i remember the password on my browser
02:37<bhuipt>i try to found which email i regester
02:38<@scrane>In that case, I would recommend sending an email to letting us know you are having troubles. To make things easy, include the last 6 digits of the credit card you have on file for the account in the email and we will be able to investigate and help you out.
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03:19<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • Can't Access my Site through Browser <>
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07:25<Cromulent>I've never really run an SMTP server before so I'm a bit confused - all I want to is take email sent to one address and then forward it on to another providers SMTP server for delivery - no need for anything else (although filtering of spam might be something I am interested in later) - I've heard sendmail is a pain to configure so was looking at postfix instead
07:25<Cromulent>so take email to and forward it to
07:26<Cromulent>that's an OpenBSD thing isn't it?
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07:26<Cromulent>ah cool - I'll look into it - thanks
07:27<Zimsky>it doesn't have a ridiculously overcomplicated configuration format
07:27<Zimsky>postfix and exim are moronic
07:27<Cromulent>sounds like what I am after
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07:27<Cromulent>if I remember correctly OpenBSD projects have really good man pages as well
07:27<Zimsky>there's a linux port of it
07:28<Zimsky>most bsd things are usually quite well documented
07:28<Zimsky>sometimes better than linux, yes
07:28<Cromulent>it has been years since I used a BSD based UNIX
07:29<Zimsky>why'd you stop using it?
07:29<Cromulent>mainly because I found it hard at the time to find VPS providers that supported it and that I trusted
07:33<Zimsky>I don't know any really good providers that support it, even now
07:34<Cromulent>it is a shame
07:38<Cromulent>yeah I saw that yesterday
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08:40<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • Can't Access my Site through Browser <>
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08:57<Sam_>Hi! Does anyone know what cpu's are used in the standard plans?
09:00<@scrane>It will generally depend on the host you land on. A test Linode I have currently displays the following: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v3 @ 2.50GHz
09:00<@scrane>All CPUs will be equivalent accross hosts.
09:01<Sam_>Ah thanks.
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11:21<FluffyFoxeh>oh so google images isn't useful anymore
11:21<FluffyFoxeh>that's nice
11:22<FluffyFoxeh>Google's Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, announced the change on Twitter yesterday, saying it would "help connect users and useful websites."
11:22<FluffyFoxeh>why do they ALWAYS LIE
11:22<FluffyFoxeh>holy shit
11:22<dwfreed>right click the image, click 'show image' or 'open image in new tab'
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12:32*Zimsky spins FluffyFoxeh
12:32<Zimsky>it's standard marketing peddling
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13:19<Demo>FluffyFoxeh: DuckDuckGo+1
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13:59<Liutauras>after linode rebuild my linode manager says that its full disk, even tho i have checked in lish that there are loads of free space
13:59<Liutauras>could anyone help me with that?
13:59<Liutauras>I wanna run backup on it but i can't because it shows no space
14:01<Liutauras>I don't want to create new linode because im scared that i will need to pay for backup again
14:01<Liutauras>unless it costs per hour
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14:18<Liutauras>Hello, I have a question
14:19<Liutauras>When I rebuild my linode it shows no free space no matter that there is space, and i can't use a backup on it
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14:24<retro|blah>Liutauras: The disk space measured in Lish (df -h?) measures space utilization on disks in use. The available disk space in Linode manager measures space available to create new disks. If you want to restore from a backup, I suspect you'll need to shrink your existing disk(s) in Linode Manager first.
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14:25<retro|blah>This is explained at
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14:28<Liutauras>i see
14:29<Liutauras>do i need to resize it again after restore
14:29<Liutauras>or it does it itself?
14:29<Liutauras>to use all the disk space available
14:34<retro|blah>Judging from the example shown in "Boot from a Backup", you would need to resize the restored disks up afterwards.
14:37<Liutauras>okay thank you
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14:50<hensler>does linode also offer a server in European Union or where are the servers location?
14:51<millisa>I forget who is in the EU
14:52<Demo>all in favour of brexit, rise.
14:53<hensler>frankfurt is closer to our location but true also brexit is a theme and dont forget the new data privacy rules that start in mai
14:55<Demo>yeah exactly, GDPR will affect hosting providers which have information / servers located within the EU
14:55<hensler>we have to come back from USA to EU with some servers because of theese regulatons. EU first - would trump say ;)
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14:56<Demo>wait let me grab my covfefe
14:56<hensler>so we can choose frankfurt after the registration.
14:56<millisa>you can pick the datacenter for every linode you spin up
14:56<hensler>:) @covfefe
14:56<millisa>there's a drop down at the bottom of the page when you are picking which linode size
14:57<millisa>(there's a pic in the getting started guide )
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14:57<hensler>ok thanks, how is the support and serveruptimes compared to the guys from digital ocean?
14:59<DrJ>hensler: do is second best... end of story
14:59<DrJ>uptimes are mostly user determined
14:59<millisa>i dont have but a few system at DO, but they've had about the same uptimes as my linodes (where I have lots). support at linode is pretty good. and they bum around in here.
15:00<hensler>ok sounds good.
15:00<DrJ>of course you have things like spectre which affect all and affect uptimes
15:00<Demo>hensler: support is top notch, expect 15-30 minutes, uptime i've had no problems in London for 2 years
15:00<hensler>where are they based, New york?
15:00<Peng_>Where's who based?
15:00<hensler>linode headquater
15:01<Peng_>New Jersey
15:01<hensler>or grounded :)
15:01<Demo>hensler: excluding minor reboots, 1/2 minutes, although you should really have a backup cluster in place if detrimental
15:02<hensler>new jersey, sounds like a nice little town. never been there.
15:03<hensler>but ya know we from europe do not know much citys from usa - eastcoast westcoast eminem & dr. Dree... thats it!
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15:04<gparent>They can't even spell Dre :(
15:04<gparent>poor europe
15:05<gparent>I didnt really know Dre as an artist before so when the beats came out (eww), I assume Dr. Dre was just a fake doctor like in shady pill ads.
15:05<hensler>no hip hop culture and gang shootings here...
15:05-!-mode/#linode [+l 347] by ChanServ
15:05<hensler>not eaven guns we have
15:06<hensler>(but dont miss it admit)
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15:07<hensler>but we watch great movies and episodes from the eastcoast..
15:08<Demo>i love the American culture
15:08<hensler>therse a place called hollywood, brings up the best movies on earth
15:09<hensler>i loved new york and the friendly people...
15:09<millisa>those are two things that aren't usually put together.
15:09<gparent>yeah I thought the best part of NY was homeless people being roughed up by city police on your way to the HOPE conference
15:09<hensler>everyone says hi how re you doing? you think you have a new friend and in the next moment - they are gone - anyway very friendly!
15:09<gparent>at least that was my personalized experience (TM)
15:11<hensler>its a shame that so many people are homeless. everyone should have a minimum wage to life from and a home.
15:13<hensler>here in europe everyone gets help from the state if you have problems with your job or house. no so much people have to life on the street.
15:14<Demo>mm, I have a interview on Tuesday and the company has dead links in the information email
15:14<hensler>but still its always a fight between capitalists and socialists but its more balanced.
15:14-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
15:14<nate>A weird problem in the US is there are a lot of homeless people that choose to be, or abuse the help they are given
15:15<hensler>@demo sounds like they need you!
15:15<gparent>are you applying for the hyperlink fixer position?
15:15-!-mode/#linode [+l 346] by ChanServ
15:16<hensler>you can fix this!
15:17<Demo>train driver actually, trainee.
15:17<Demo>gparent: i should put that on the cv
15:17<hensler>@nate maybe its a mix of culture, maybe its a society where they feel guilty when they recieve help from the state
15:19<hensler>they should not have, because also lot of major tech companys and internet technologie is foundet by the state. the internet itself was invented by the goverment and military - before google or amazon could use it.
15:20<hensler>forget Universitys.
15:22<gparent>for what it's worth, I don't think this is the best channel for blogging about how great europe is
15:22<hensler>sorry, this was not my intention.
15:23<millisa>clearly you are low on linodes. go spin up a dozen.
15:25<Demo>stackscripts have increased my irc time by 75%
15:25<hensler>and you are right - its not the forum. anyway was nice to talk a bit offtopic-tech and hope you guys rock america great again with financial & social power (needs to be both)! we beliefe in you big bros there. good night.
15:25<gparent>i still love you (and europe)
15:25-!-hensler [~oftc-webi@2a02-8388-8703-7a00-7160-4f08-b43a-b657.cable.dynamic.v6.surfer] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
15:25<gparent>almost missed my inconditional love
15:27<millisa>Make Linode Exceptional Monday. mlem mlem mlem.
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15:37<chetan>What are hosting plans?
15:37<chetan>everything unlimited
15:37<millisa>The resource limits are on the pricing page.
15:38<Zimsky>hensler seemed cool
15:38<Zimsky>gparent: europe is great.
15:38<Zimsky>build a bridge
15:40<Demo>build a wall
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15:43<chetan>What is hensler?
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15:44<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
15:48<kezimo>anyone here interested in psychology?
15:51<Zimsky>I'm certainly interested in your psychology
15:52<Zimsky>DSM-V is based on woet's life
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16:26<gparent>Zimsky: it's awesome
16:26<gparent>thanks for those usb chargers we owe you one
16:32<Zimsky>pls take home your icky nukes
16:33<Zimsky>should do what they did in that film and just launch all the ICBMs into space
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16:43<Demo>How long does it take for Linode to pick up a new domain? Added A record from registrar pointing to IP 1 hr ago
16:43<millisa>doesn't sound like it has much to do with linode. that sounds dependent on your registrars name servers/ttl
16:44<Demo>thats a fair comment :)
16:44<Demo>DNS is varied across the world, kinda amazing how it works
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17:23<Zimsky>s/works/has a tendency to cause migraines/
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17:32<linbot>Peng_: 2001:db8:2018:2:18:22:32:21,
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19:18<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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20:08<syntaxman>Are there any unique reqs for running docker on a linode? Google seems to say no, but the wiki article was somewhat dated.
20:10<@sjacobs>it should just work. i typicall still recommend using the distribution kernel.
20:10<syntaxman>sjacobs: what do you mean by distribution kernel
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20:12<syntaxman>I'm just running the beginner's tutorial. I'm not very far along. docker fails to start the container.
20:13<syntaxman>So I'm hunting for causes... it doesn't even give me output on stderr.
20:14<eatonphil[m]>syntaxman: what distro are you running?
20:17<syntaxman>eatonphil[m]: debian stretch
20:18<eatonphil[m]>and what guide are you following?
20:18<syntaxman>I was going through the tutorial on the docker website.
20:19<eatonphil[m]>what docker command did you run that fails to start the container?
20:20<syntaxman>eatonphil[m]: docker run -p 4000:80 friendlyhello
20:20<eatonphil[m]>and there's no output as a result of running that?
20:22<syntaxman>None.. I ran docker event in a different term and it looked good until I got "container die" with exit code = 0
20:22<syntaxman>not so helpful
20:23<eatonphil[m]>anything related to docker if you run dmesg?
20:24<eatonphil[m]>and is the docker service running? `service docker status`
20:26<syntaxman>eatonphil[m]: In dmesg I'm seeing a lot of messages along the line of:
20:26<syntaxman>docker0: port 1(veth0b506b5) entered blocking state
20:26<syntaxman>sometimes its a running state or a disabled state
20:27<eatonphil[m]>doesn't sound like the real issue
20:28<syntaxman>eatonphil[m]: service says it's enabled and running
20:29<eatonphil[m]>is friendlyhello a docker image you created?
20:30<syntaxman>eatonphil[m]: Yes. It's a really simple image that you build step by step with the tutorial.
20:30<eatonphil[m]>you followed this tutorial?
20:31<syntaxman>eatonphil[m]: it has a single python script, and requires Flask and Redis
20:31<eatonphil[m]>were you able to run any other images? Is it just this one that's not working?
20:31<syntaxman>eatonphil[m]: I started just with the tutorial. I had already used apt-get to install docker.
20:32<syntaxman>It ran the default "hello world" image, but I haven't tried any others.
20:32<eatonphil[m]>oh nice
20:33<@sjacobs>`docker run -i -t -p 4000:80 friendlyhello` should run it in the foreground.
20:33<@sjacobs>might be able to spot an issue, there.
20:33<eatonphil[m]>what is the output of `docker ls`?
20:33<eatonphil[m]>err `docker ps`
20:34<syntaxman>sjacobs: still no output
20:34<syntaxman>eatonphil[m]: no containers listed
20:35<syntaxman>sjacobs: is it likely that the distribution kernel would make the difference in this case?
20:35<eatonphil[m]>have you checked there are no typos in your dockerfile or python script?
20:36<@sjacobs>doesn't sound like we have enough info yet to say.
20:36<@sjacobs>it's odd there is no output from any of those `docker run`s
20:36<syntaxman>eatonphil[m]: I have... but I'm inclined to check it again.
20:36<@sjacobs>if it's a kernel issue, it will complain about trying to load modules.
20:37<eatonphil[m]>did you run that docker command as root?
20:37<eatonphil[m]>oh nevermind I got the port order wrong
20:38<eatonphil[m]>Hmm an alternative may be to create a new image without the CMD specified
20:38<eatonphil[m]>Then you can run `docker run -it friendlyhello /bin/sh` and within there try running the `python` manually
20:38<eatonphil[m]>there may be errors you see within the container that way
20:39<eatonphil[m]>so just comment out the CMD line in the dockerfile and build the image again
20:42<syntaxman>I may have found something.. (I dislike systemd) There is a command that gives me log output
20:42<syntaxman>journalctl -u docker.service
20:43<eatonphil[m]>(the .service part is optional)
20:53<syntaxman>There are some lines that indicate problems with cgroups and other kernel stuff.
20:54<eatonphil[m]>what is your docker version?
20:55<syntaxman>One such line: Your kernel does not support cgroup rt runtime
20:55<syntaxman>Version: 17.12.0-ce
20:56<eatonphil[m]>I'd follow this
20:56<eatonphil[m]>you may have installed too new a docker version
20:57<eatonphil[m]>that seems to be a common issue because that guide starts with first uninstalling all docker components
20:57<eatonphil[m]>and it mentions docker 17.11 is for debian 10, youre' on docker 17.12 and debian 9
20:58<eatonphil[m]>but again, if you don't want to go through that right away, I'd first try building the image without the CMD section and try running the command manually within the container
20:59<eatonphil[m]>even if the docker logs are complaining about missing all these kernel features, it still worked decently so far with the other images you tried
21:00<syntaxman>Hmm... it is annoying that the debian repos would have a docker version they don't support.
21:00<syntaxman>Not really like them.
21:00<syntaxman>I am goign to poke around some more and see if i can figure this out.
21:00<syntaxman>Thank you for your help!
21:02<eatonphil[m]>as projects get big enough they mostly prefer to manage packaing themselves
21:02<syntaxman>Since I'm new to docker i should ask.. I think your suggestion just means commenting out the CMD= line in the dockerfile, then re-building, right?
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21:03<syntaxman>Then add /bin/bash to the command line
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21:11<eatonphil[m]>/bin/bash to the command line? not sure about that
21:13<eatonphil[m]>The friendly hello docker image is based on python:2.7-slim which is based on debian so I guess you might have /bin/bash instead of /bin/sh. Either way you'd run `docker run -it friendlyhello /bin/<whatever>` once you've rebuilt the image with CMD line commented out and that will connect you inside the container where you can then run `python`
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