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01:33<Zimsky>Woet: `no`
01:36<FluffyFoxeh>no: command not found
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01:59<FluffyFoxeh>uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)
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02:08<Zimsky>`ls -lahS`
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02:20<wmucheru>Can one pay linode hosting for the whole year? Instead of monthly?
02:22<Peng_>Sort of... You can always pay Linode money, which will be kept as credit on your account, and future invoices will deduct from it.
02:23<mattmcc>There's no discount, though.
02:24<wmucheru>That;s alright, how do you prepay for the whole year?
02:26<Peng_>Calculate how much you'll probably spend, then pay that much
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03:37<adiba>where to buy domain with IP
03:37<Peng_>What do you mean?
03:38<adiba>I want to buy domain name and use linode server
03:39<dwfreed>Linode doesn't sell domains, so you'd have to find a registrar
03:39<dwfreed>Much of the choice of a registrar is personal preference; I like Gandi
03:39<dwfreed>Namecheap is popular
03:39<adiba>registrar sell domain with IP
03:39<dwfreed>registrars sell domains
03:40<dwfreed>Linode sells Linodes, which come with an IP address
03:40<adiba>I need domain with IP
03:40<dwfreed>they are very separate things
03:41<adiba>I have Linode server which 1 IP now i setup domain with Another IP
03:41<adiba>Each domain shows Same IP
03:41<Peng_>That's fine
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03:43<FluffyFoxeh><adiba> registrar sell domain with IP
03:43<FluffyFoxeh><dwfreed> registrars sell domains
03:43<FluffyFoxeh><adiba> I need domain with IP
03:43<FluffyFoxeh>that was great
03:44<Peng_>They didn't totally misunderstand. They just wanted extra IPs for "SEO" or "SSL" or something. :<
03:44<dwfreed>Don't forget to !point your comedians
03:45<Peng_>!point your comedians
03:45<FluffyFoxeh>where did this idea come from that you need more IPs for SEO?
03:45<linbot>Peng_: HTTP Error 400: Bad Request
03:45<dwfreed>Peng_: get out
03:45<Peng_>FluffyFoxeh: criminals?
03:45<FluffyFoxeh>!point dwfreed
03:45<linbot>FluffyFoxeh: Point given to dwfreed. (40) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 6)
03:45<FluffyFoxeh>Peng_: if SEO snake oil salesmen are criminals
03:46<FluffyFoxeh>but I thought it might be at least very loosely based in reality, or an outdated version thereof
03:47<dwfreed>that's certainly possible
04:00<nate>FluffyFoxeh: Came from pre-SNI days where indexing was a bit more shitty usually and people indeed now just largely use it as a sales pitch
04:48<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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04:56<Andy>I havesome questions to ask
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04:56<Peng_>Ask away
04:57<Andy>i want to deploy cloud computer,but can i use linode to get a virtual computer
04:57<Andy>i want use some bots in the servers
04:58<Peng_>What's the difference between cloud and virtual?
04:58<Andy>and i can control the computer through remote control
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05:23<Zimsky>i want to use a virtual cloud bot remote emmmmmm
05:24<Zimsky>specifically a virtual dedicated remote cloud server computer
05:24<Zimsky>but with blockchain and machine learning
05:24<Zimsky>and dpanel
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06:00<ac>Hi, just logged into my ubuntu linode for the first time in ages. Tried to run `apt-get update` and got some 404 errors. Anything to worry about, anything i should do?
06:03<Zimsky>what is one of the urls in particular?
06:03<Zimsky>could be that you have an old mirror configured
06:05<ac>here's the last one... Failed to fetch
06:05<Hotpot33>uhm 'blockchain' and 'machine-learning'
06:05<Hotpot33>'virtual dedicated'
06:05<Peng_>ac: Yes, lucid has been unsupported for 3 years.
06:05<Peng_>ac: Swap for and then set it on fire
06:06<Zimsky>Hotpot33: yes, it has to be virtual dedicated.
06:06<Hotpot33>'remote cloud server servers'
06:06<Zimsky>I know what I said
06:06<Hotpot33>Virtual and dedicated? Do you know the real terminology ?
06:06<Zimsky>yes, all three.
06:06<Hotpot33>It seems to me you are trying to smash as many trending words you can find into a sentence
06:06<Zimsky>a winrar is you.
06:07<Hotpot33>Well, you can either get a virtual server or a dedicated server
06:07<Zimsky>Hotpot33: how does one spell 'sarcasm'?
06:07<Zimsky>you can't seriously think someone would legitimately ask all those things
06:07<Hotpot33>This isn't the place where you'd apply "'sarcasm'"
06:08<Zimsky>sure it is
06:08<Hotpot33>How the hell can you have a virtual server and an dedicated server at once?
06:08<Hotpot33>(on a single instance)
06:08<Zimsky>with the right attitude.
06:08<Hotpot33>Virtual servers are based off dedicated servers and you want a virtual dedicated server.
06:08<Hotpot33>kek bb
06:09<Zimsky>go and kek somewhere else
06:09<Zimsky>shiggly looble twatternickle
06:10<Zimsky>Hotpot33: it has to be dedicated, virtual, and cloud
06:10<Zimsky>end of story
06:11<Hotpot33>Eh, it seems you don't really know the meaning of a virtual server, a dedicated server and "cloud"
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06:11<Zimsky>I've never actually used a computer in my life.
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06:13<Guest354>where are the data centers located as due to licensing agreemets with our customer we are only limited to certain locations .. where can I find these details
06:13<Guest354>anyone to help?
06:13<Zimsky>I googled "linode locations", and found straight away
06:14<Guest354>should that be a binding information?.. as it only show the speed test from a location!
06:15<Zimsky>why would it not be "binding"?
06:15<Zimsky>if you provision a server in a specific location, it's going to be in that location
06:16<Zimsky>linode isn't going to try and sneak you a fremont server when you wanted dallas
06:17<Guest354>US-Central is a big place! and we (our company) are required to be more specific on the details
06:18<Zimsky>if you look more specifically at that list, you'll notice the hostname is '', which would go to suggest that it's in dallas
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06:19<Peng_>it's probably in Richardson though
06:19<Zimsky>does richard know?
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06:20<Guest354>it does suggest that .. but unfortunately that is not anywhere even legal enough to us to proceed with any contract as that is merely a DNS name which does not enforce the service operation
06:21<Zimsky>I don't think you're going to find a legally binding document stating the exact location of the datacenters
06:21<Zimsky>when you add a server, you get a list of the locations though, and your account dashboard will show you the location
06:21<Zimsky>if that's "legal enough"
06:21<Peng_>Guest354: Dallas has been in the Dallas metropolitan area for 15 years. They're not going to up and move it to North Dakota.
06:22<Zimsky>Peng_: tbh we can't be sure of that though
06:22<Guest354>what is required a clear indication where the server is specifically located (at a city level) and it is missing in the website (or I could not find it)
06:22<Zimsky>might even go to Oregon
06:22<Hotpot33>Guest354: Contact Linode, email them, they will have the specifics
06:22<Peng_>Guest354: It's probably in Richardson
06:22<Zimsky>if you email them, they'll just tell you the same info
06:23<Guest354>thanks for the help
06:24<ac>hmmm, would upgrading from ubuntu lucid to latest be recommended?
06:24<Peng_>ac: That's an understatement
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06:25<Zimsky>if it were me, I'd probably dump it in the forest
06:25<Zimsky>and start over
06:26<Zimsky>there's a chance it might reanimate and murder a village if you leave it in the forest though
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06:26<Zimsky>so probably like Peng_ suggested, use fire
06:29<ac>haha ok...
06:30<Peng_>!point Hotpot33
06:30<linbot>Peng_: Point given to hotpot33. (1)
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06:33<Zimsky>!point Hotpot33
06:33<linbot>Zimsky: Point given to hotpot33. (2)
06:33<Zimsky>!point Woet
06:33<linbot>Zimsky: Point given to woet. (11) (Biggest fan: zimsky, total: 16)
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08:10<forsale>Hi all!
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08:12<forsale>Can I ask a question?
08:12<forsale>May I?
08:12<forsale>Can you help me?
08:12<forsale>Can anyone help me please?
08:13<Demo>hey forsale.
08:13<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
08:15<forsale>Is it enough if I just copy all the files of recently installed Apache2 for backup? Can I restore the last state from copy just copying files back to Linode?
08:16<grawity>sure, what else is there?
08:16<grawity>though don't forget to copy your database files as well (/var/lib/mysql?)
08:21<forsale>I am trying to install mod_wsgi on apache. everytime I fail, I delete disks remove the image and start from scratch. but I want start from the installation of mod_wsgi.
08:23<forsale>sorry not only apache. I want to backup all files including Ubuntu.
08:23<Demo>forsale: See here,
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08:24<Demo>forsale: This should explain everything you need to know -
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08:34<forsale>sorry it is too hard fo rme/
08:36<Demo>forsale: you should consider using Linode Managed :)
08:36<troy>forsale: or you could use the linode backup solution
08:37<forsale>I need like that: Deploy an image -> restore apache2 from backup and go on...
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08:39<forsale>or like this: Deploy an image -> replace all Ubuntu files by copy and try installin mod_wsgi
08:39<forsale>not just Ubuntu all files from root directory
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08:42<forsale>is there similar to link but for Ubuntu 16.04?
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08:46<Demo>forsale: should be fine using that guide, although it says Ubuntu 14.04 the dependencies will be up to date.
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08:53<forsale>Demo thank you
08:53<Demo>you're welcome!
08:54<Demo>as regards to backup, you could create your own disk image to revert back to, to save time redeploying.
08:57<Demo>forsale: for example, if you install your software, apache2, sql you could use this as a base, to save time redeploying. You would need to take backups, however Linode provides a good addon for this
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09:03<forsale>make a cope of the disk just using Linode?
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09:05<Demo>forsale: yes,
09:05<Demo>ignore that link, see here
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09:09<Demo>forsale: as an example see here - it's OK as a temporary measure, as the disk wouldn't be updated, however it would save you redeploying :)
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09:11<forsale>nice :)
09:11<forsale>will try
09:11<Demo>sure thing, if you get stuck, pop back. I'm happy to help you.
09:11<forsale>but I can't see the copy button ^_^
09:12<Demo>you'd need to mount the new disk, and copy it across, however if it's less than 2GB, you could press 'create image' when selecting the disk.
09:13<forsale>I think I have just found it.
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09:15<Demo>forsale: see here for more information on how Linode Images work -
09:15<Demo>You'll learn so much using Linode, it's wonderful.
09:16<forsale>Yes it is.
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10:20<Woet>hi Zimsky
10:20<Woet>hi bmartin
10:20<Woet>hi bhanks
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10:26*Demo waves
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10:42<haohuan>ip is limited, the request for the available ip
10:42<Woet>can you try to be comprehensible
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10:44<Peng_>!unpoint Woet
10:44<linbot>Peng_: Point taken from woet! (10)
10:44<Woet>you answer him then
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10:47<Woet>thought so Peng_
10:47<Woet>!unpoint Peng
10:47<linbot>Woet: Point taken from peng! (19)
10:47<Woet>!unpoint Peng_
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10:48<Woet>!unpoint Peng__
10:48<linbot>Woet: Point taken from peng__! (-1)
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10:48<Woet>just in case
11:10<@bhanks>oh hi Woet
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14:00<Peng_>Glad I could help.
14:00<Peng_>!point Peng_
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15:49<Eugene>!lick Peng
15:49<linbot>Eugene: Point given to peng. (20)
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17:57<Stefan_>Hi Linode team
17:59<Stefan_>does Linode offers BYOIP ?
18:00<Stefan_>are there any plans to support this feature ?
18:01<dwfreed>I'm not a Linode employee, but I highly doubt it
18:01<Stefan_>ok, thx
18:02<dwfreed>I used to work for them, so I'm familiar with internal details about how IP allocation and such works, and BYOIP would complicate that immensely
18:04<Stefan_>i do not understand what is complicated with BYOIP :)
18:09<Stefan_>i am using such as setup with other providers for several years without any issue in many locations around the world (standard approach)
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21:23<Vivek>is cpanel free with linode
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