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00:43<krane>hello guys
00:43<krane>A user of the server is using his server in malicious ways
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00:48<FluffyFoxeh>!abuse Eugene
00:48<FluffyFoxeh>!lick Eugene
00:48<linbot>FluffyFoxeh: Point given to eugene. (50) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 17)
01:09<Woet>Eugene: abusing every day?
01:33<Zimsky>Woet: no
01:34<Zimsky>!towel FluffyFoxeh
01:34<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from fluffyfoxeh! (2)
01:34<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • RunCloud API is now available <>
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02:43<newbie>hello community, may I know if Linode offers regularly (say, once every year) promotions for EXISTING customers?
02:43<dwfreed>no, but they do pretty regular free upgrades
02:44<newbie>thanks dwfreed, upgrades like upgrading you to a higher CPU/RAM/etc for the same price?
02:45<newbie>thanks man, much appreciated your response
02:45<dwfreed>when I started working for them, a Linode 512 was $19.95/mo; the equivalent cost today gets you 8x as much RAM, and more than twice as much disk
02:45<newbie>ah ok, yeah they are lowering prices due to competition i think
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02:48<Peng_>There is no competition for Linode ;D
02:48<newbie>haha, this seems to be a place for Linode fans!
02:49<newbie>Peng are you located in China?
02:49<Woet>Peng_ is in the cloud
02:50<Zimsky>Woet is a blockchain
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03:20<musfiqur>hello guys
03:20<musfiqur>I have a problem regarding ssh connect.
03:21<musfiqur>I enabled firewall but forget to allow ssh. Now I cannot connect to ssh.
03:21<musfiqur>How can I connect thorugh LISH (linode shell Manager)
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03:22<@bmartin>Are you able to Login to the Linode manager?
03:22<musfiqur>no .
03:23<@bmartin>you are unable to access your account at
03:23<musfiqur>Is there any way I can access using Server IP & root username and password.
03:24<musfiqur>Do I need to login to my linode account to access LISH shell ?
03:24<@bmartin>you can use that via the Lish console but you'd need access to your Linode account
03:24<@bmartin>Did you check out the guide I sent you?
03:24<musfiqur>But is there any way to access LISH shell using server ip ?
03:24<@bmartin>that will walk you through the process
03:25<@bmartin>You will be able to access the LISH console from the remote access tab
03:25<Woet>hi bmartin
03:25<@bmartin>Heyyy Woet
03:25<Woet>whats the happs
03:25<musfiqur>I can only access LISH console from the LINODE account manager.
03:25<@bmartin>that is correct
03:26<@bmartin>the LISH console is through the manager, once you've set up the Linode correctly to function over SSH you can use the terminal application of your choosingf
03:28<@bmartin>it's early. My typing is struggling
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03:33<musfiqur>@bmartin > Let me check martin.
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04:05<Souvik>I am not able to login in my account though I have forgot the email ID by which I created credentials
04:06<Zimsky>you should send linode an email, or call them
04:07<Woet>i still dont know how people manage to forget their email
04:07<Zimsky>clearly you've never had 58 email addresses
04:07<Woet>i have many more actually
04:07<Woet>catch all
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04:07<Woet>but i have a password manager that records them for me
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04:08<Souvik>basically I created the account long time ago after that I did not need to check all the things... Suddenly I saw some problems in my code or better I need some enhancements in my code
04:09<Zimsky>I see
04:09<Souvik>but at this time I can not recall the email ID which is mentioned
04:09<Woet>check your password manager
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04:09<Woet>search for linode in your email accounts
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04:10<Woet>alternatively email all the digits + expiry + name + cvc + address to and ill try to help too
04:10<Souvik>I know the username
04:10<Woet>ill definitely help myself out
04:11<Souvik>ok thanks
04:11<dwfreed>Woet: will you stop doing that
04:11<Woet>dwfreed: what specifically
04:12<dwfreed>Woet: basically phishing people
04:12<Woet>dwfreed: is it really phishing if the email is "notlinode"
04:12<dwfreed>linbot: to Woet rm
04:12<Peng_>Woet: Have you seen most phishing email addresses.
04:13<Woet>dwfreed: so did you zline caker
04:13<Woet>is that why he left
04:13<dwfreed>zline? that's not a thing
04:13<Woet>only on decent ircds
04:13<Zimsky>it is on unrealircd
04:13<Woet>dwfreed: you're right, my message was irresponsible
04:13<Zimsky>but Woet's incorrect, as unrealircd is not a decent ircd
04:14<Woet>alternatively email all the digits + expiry + name + cvc + address to using my PGP key available at and ill try to help too
04:14<Woet>thanks for setting me straight
04:14<Zimsky>want some nachos?
04:14<Woet>Zimsky: unreal is the most famous and therefore the best
04:14<dwfreed>Woet: enough
04:15<Woet>dwfreed: is one idiot back in 2008 really a reason not to do it
04:15<Peng_>!dns6 dnskey
04:15<linbot>Peng_: The DNS response does not contain an answer to the question: IN DNSKEY
04:15<Woet>Peng_: aint got time for that
04:15<dwfreed>Woet: I'm telling you not to should be reason enough not to do it
04:15<Woet>dwfreed: only in dictatorships
04:16<dwfreed>Woet: but I'll add this: do it again, and you'll get "zlined"
04:16<Peng_>Woet: Enabling DNSSEC on Cloudflare is faster than cyber crime
04:16<dwfreed>(I looked it up, it's the same thing as a D-Line, which we do have)
04:16<Zimsky>it's twattish sure, but it's not phishing
04:17<Zimsky>Woet would need to make attempts to disguise himself as the company
04:17<Zimsky>which he isn't
04:17<Woet>Zimsky: what gave it away? the "notlinode"?
04:17<dwfreed>he doesn't have to; most people that come in here think we're all from Linode anyway
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04:18<Zimsky>hence why I said "it's twattish sure"
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04:18<Woet>dwfreed: we'll never get rid of stupidity if you protect them
04:18<Woet>stop fighting darwin
04:18<dwfreed>Woet: stop being an asshat
04:18<Woet>dwfreed: that's literally my title and sole purpose
04:18<dwfreed>well, don't say I didn't warn you
04:19<Woet>dwfreed: isn't it up to Linode staff what kind of behavior is acceptable here?
04:19<Woet>(as made evident by the Linode CEO making a similar joke by suggesting alt F4)
04:19<dwfreed>Woet: it's up to OFTC staff what behavior is acceptable on this network
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04:20<Woet>guess thats why people prefer freenode
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04:21<dwfreed>That same line applies on freenode
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04:22<Woet>i've never seen an irc op get involved on freenode
04:22<dwfreed>I've seen plenty
04:22<Woet>maybe i'm not in the right channels
04:22<Zimsky>freenode seems worse
04:23<Woet>you're not there now so it's quite nice
04:23<Zimsky>but a few decent channels are there
04:24<Zimsky>ikr, my presence is trying at best
04:24<@bmartin>I should join more channels
04:24<Zimsky>bmartin: would you consider the above action to be phishing under US law?
04:25<Woet>bmartin: can you tell dwfreed i have implicit permission from linode staff to phish their clients
04:25<@bmartin>You guys are really starting my day off in a rough way
04:25<@bmartin>it's too early for this
04:25<Woet>The date & time is currently: Monday, 5 March 2018 at 17:25:41
04:25<@bmartin>Woet please don't ask for credit card numbers.
04:25<Woet>ok dad
04:25<@bmartin>but it's not phishing
04:25<@bmartin>just not the best
04:26*Woet gets back to coding
04:26<dwfreed>technically correct: "the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers."
04:26<dwfreed>he's not sending emails, so technically not phishing
04:26<Woet>also not purporting to be from a reputable company
04:26<Woet>or a company at all
04:27<rsdehart>not even purporting to be reputable
04:27<Woet>i'm definitely not reputable
04:27<rsdehart>I don't think anyone would make that mistake
04:27<Woet>you never know
04:27<rsdehart>terrifying, to be sure
04:28<dwfreed>rsdehart: have you not seen the !rm factoid?
04:28<Zimsky>you don't have to send emails to phish
04:28<rsdehart>yeah I have
04:28<Woet>and thats how "green" became less stupid
04:28<Woet>i'm sure he's high up in sysadmin netsec opsec US military as we speak
04:28<Woet>because #linode taught him
04:28<dwfreed>and using somebody else's credit card information is fraud
04:29<Woet>what about just receiving it, making fun of them and then deleting it
04:29<Zimsky>he never claimed to want to use it, or intend to use it
04:29<Woet>like i do with most of my emails actually
04:29<Zimsky>at a stretch, it's barely misleading
04:29<rsdehart>Woet: are you Strong Bad?
04:30<Woet>i stopped watching cartoons when i turned 13
04:30<Woet>so not sure
04:30<@bmartin><# Strongbad
04:30<rsdehart>your loss
04:30<Woet>i never lose
04:30<Zimsky>Woet: according to OFTC's network policy, IRC is neither a right nor a democracy
04:30<Zimsky>so we all lose anyway
04:31<Woet>should i piss off 1432 people
04:31<Woet>its only a click away
04:31<Zimsky>you already piss off 1432 people
04:31<Woet>yea i mean additional
04:32<Zimsky>are those all the people you're going to phish?
04:33<Woet>its been a rough 6 months
04:33<Woet>the tiny uptick in October is my interest
04:34<Zimsky>there's someone interested in you?
04:40<@bmartin>I look up from this room for like 2 minutes to knock out some work and I feel like I miss so much
04:41<Woet>i miss you too
04:41<Zimsky>I miss Bavarian pretzels
04:41<@bmartin>I enjoy pretzels
04:42<Woet>but have you tried balut
04:42<@bmartin>i have not
04:42<Woet>its developed bird embryo
04:43<Woet>pretty much eggs that have been incubated for 2-3 weeks and will hatch soon
04:43<Woet>but you eat it before it hatches
04:45<Zimsky>oh that stuff
04:46<Zimsky>I've seen that in shanghai
04:47<@bmartin>not for me
04:47<Woet>i left the room when my gf and my friend ate it
04:47<@bmartin>yeah couldn't do that
04:47<Woet>but its a fun thing to freak people out with
04:49<Peng_>bmartin: IRC is a full-time job
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04:49<Woet>bmartin: you're fired
04:49<Zimsky>and some should cut back to part time
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04:50<@bmartin>it was bound to happen
04:50<Woet>bmartin: help theres 179 restaurants that deliver to my place
04:50<Woet>how can i ever pick
04:51<@bmartin>Build a wheel
04:51<@bmartin>with 179 sections
04:51<Woet>a wheel with 179 options?
04:51<@bmartin>spin it
04:51<Woet>there must be something more efficient
04:51<Woet>theres a restaurant called lazy bastard
04:51<Woet>this appeals to me
04:51<Zimsky>there's an english pub called "the cat and the custard pot"
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04:51<@bmartin>that aligns with my interests and worldview
04:52<Woet>they have "totchos"
04:52<Woet>tater tots with nachos
04:52<Zimsky>is this because I mentioned nachos earlier?
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04:53<Woet>you think they added it to their menu within 39 minutes because you mentioned it in #linode?
04:53<Zimsky>this is the basis of most culinary options throughout the world
04:53<Zimsky>entire cultures have been built upon it
04:54<Zimsky>spoons named for it
04:54<Woet>there's a "Chili's Party to Go"
04:54<Woet>all the meals are for 8 people minimum
04:54<Zimsky>I educated mcintosh's private chef
04:55<Woet>oh god adding 299 people on linkedin was a bad idea
04:55<Woet>abort abort
04:55<Zimsky>s/^.+on //
04:59<@bmartin>it's all gone wrong
05:00<Woet>bmartin: when are you visiting me
05:00<rsdehart>bmartin: visit him on linkedin. Everybody else is
05:00<Woet>no in real life of course
05:00<rsdehart>hell, I am, and I'm lucky enough to not even be in his contacts
05:00<Woet>bmartin: who is Casey Smith? he looks fake
05:00*rsdehart shows up unannounced at Woet's linkedin
05:02<Zimsky>Woet: when are you coming to papua new guinea?
05:02<Woet>Zimsky: whenever you're there i will
05:03<Woet>i think having an super serious business suite linkedin photo is a linode hiring requirement
05:03<Woet>which is like the opposite of their about page
05:04<Woet>oh god now theres messages asking who on earth i am
05:04<Woet>time to prepare a template "sorry wrong button"
05:05<Woet>oh god it added people who appealed bans for my server in 2009
05:08<Zimsky>Woet: why did you do it?
05:08<Zimsky>in what universe did you think it was a good idea?
05:10<Woet>not the same one I'm in right now apparently
05:10<Woet>wheres walternate
05:12<Woet>apparently "haha wilmer" is a suggested response to "who are you"
05:12<Woet>alrighty then
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05:16<Zimsky>haha woet
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05:17<Zimsky>Woet: enough
05:18<Woet>Zimsky: you scared me cause you and dwfreed have similar nick colors
05:18<Woet>i need to reset my RNG
05:19<Zimsky>The Fellowship of the RNG
05:28<Woet>musfiqur: are you performing CPR
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05:30<Zimsky>Woet: something tells me defibrillation and CPR are two distinct things
05:30<Zimsky>idk dude
05:30<Woet>Zimsky: stop showing off your medical skill, you only deal with dead bodies
05:30<Woet>Zimsky: clearly you're not helping them
05:31<Zimsky>I don't always deal with dead bodies
05:31<Zimsky>they never honour their side of the deal anyway
05:31*rsdehart alters the deal
05:32<musfiqur>Sorry Woet. I just typed the terminal and mistakenly it submitted in here . :(
05:32<Zimsky>Woet: do you know why they say 'clear'?
05:32<Woet>musfiqur: i used the defibrillator on Zimsky just in case
05:32<Woet>Zimsky: so their terminal isnt full of stuff while they're trying to save a life
05:33<Zimsky>^L is for twonks
05:34<musfiqur>Please @Woet , go on. I am looking forward to you.
05:34<Woet>i wasn't prepared for this
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07:50<Cromulent>does anyone know of a really good windows 10 SSH client at all? PuTTY works well but it is really hard to copy text in it so you can paste it into other documents etc
07:51<Cromulent>I've been using Windows Subsystem for Linux in the Powershell terminal up until now and that has the same problem with copying text
08:04<@sjacobs>i have no clue if this works well, but i saw it in my feed a while ago.
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08:46<endurant>hello Linode world
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08:52<Cromulent>Woet: helpful :)
08:53<Woet>Cromulent: it is, just stick to Windows for gaming and nothing else
08:53<nate>Cromulent: What's hard about copying text in putty...?
08:53<cbirk>Woet: 404
08:53<nate>Literally just click drag and it auto-copies even o.O
08:53<Woet>cbirk: your loss
08:54<Cromulent>nate: oh I must be mis-remembering
08:54<cbirk>Cromulent: why not run the linux subsystem in win10?
08:54<Cromulent>I said I did about 5 minutes ago
08:54<cbirk>so why do you want putty
08:54<Cromulent>I don't
08:54<nate>Cromulent: Yeah it's pretty straight forward :P
08:54<cbirk>you know how to copy/paste ?
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08:54<cbirk>you literally highlight text and right click
08:54<cbirk>copies it to buffer
08:54<cbirk>ye dig
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08:55<cbirk>Woet: y u version me?
08:55<cbirk>Woet: i'm running gentoo
08:55<Woet>cbirk: ew
08:55<cbirk>ew 2 u
08:55<rsdehart>BeOS or go home
08:55<Woet>System Information: Model: MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016) • CPU: Intel Core i7-6820HQ (8 Threads, 4 Cores) @ 2.70 GHz • Memory: 16.00 GB • Uptime: 1 day • Disk Space: 499.31 GB • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 530, AMD Radeon Pro 455 • Display Resolution: 3360 x 2100 • OS: macOS High Sierra (Version 10.13.3, Build 17D102)
08:55<cbirk>yeah i've got a 2016 macbook as well with touchbra
08:55<cbirk>its terrible
08:56<nate>It's a macbook, of course it is
08:56<cbirk>sometimes i plug it into my thunderbolt display and the screen goes yellow and red
08:56<cbirk>and it randomly locks up
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09:01<Woet>user error
09:01<cbirk>using an apple certified adapter
09:01<cbirk>with apple certified cable
09:01<cbirk>into an apple certified monitor?
09:01<cbirk>u cray
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09:33<Woet>cbirk: user error
09:34-!-eggstyrone [] has joined #linode
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09:34<@bmartin>pebcak perhaps
09:34*bmartin is kidding
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09:47<Woet>bmartin: i prefer kebab
09:49<@bmartin>mmm kebab
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10:12<alan__>Are there any linode support guys in here? We accidentally let a spam ticket go past 24 hours over the weekend and thus our outgoing mail is blocked. We've replied a few hours ago to the ticket but need to get mail flowing ASAP.
10:13-!-mode/#linode [+l 342] by ChanServ
10:13<@bmartin>hey alan_ what is that ticket number
10:14<@bmartin>someone will be back with you shortly
10:17<alan__>Thanks @bmartin!!!
10:17<@bmartin>no problem
10:17-!-alan__ [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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10:40<@mcintosh>!point Zimsky
10:40<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to zimsky. (11)
10:49<@bmartin>!point mcintosh
10:49<linbot>bmartin: Point given to mcintosh. (25)
10:57<tafa2>!point linbot
10:57<linbot>tafa2: Point given to linbot. (1337)
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11:01<tafa2>hi omar
11:01<omar>this is linode
11:01-!-mode/#linode [+l 340] by ChanServ
11:01<omar>i want to ask about plans in your website
11:01<omar>is it vps cloud?
11:02<tafa2>Linode sells VPS's in the "cloud" i suppose - yes
11:03<omar>so all plans are vps only there is no share cloud ?
11:03<tafa2>Linode only sells VPS and related services I believe
11:03<tafa2>Are you looking for shared hosting?
11:04<omar>just asking because there is no details in pricing page at the website
11:04-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
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11:05<tafa2>So Linode mainly sell VPS's and on the pricing page you can see what resources each VPS will have
11:05<tafa2>but you need to manually install the software you want on each server
11:05<tafa2>there isn't a web hosting control panel
11:05<tafa2>unless you go managed
11:05<omar>no whm you mean?
11:05<tafa2>no whm or cPanel
11:06<tafa2>unless you get the managed service
11:06<omar>os is it linux?
11:07<omar>if i choose Linode 2GB then can upgrade it to Linode 4GB for example?
11:08<omar>from my account?
11:08<omar>ok thanks
11:08<omar>is this the officail live chat ?
11:08<tafa2>I am NOT a linode employee.
11:09<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
11:09-!-krishna [~oftc-webi@2405:204:1308:4089:fc63:7b57:7cf2:4226] has joined #linode
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11:09<omar>ok thanks
11:09-!-omar [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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11:10<tafa2>if only linode had a page with links that could have answered all of his questions....
11:10<ericoc>if only google existed
11:10<tafa2>what is google?
11:10<ericoc>if only people could use their brains
11:10<ericoc>if only
11:15-!-Krishna [~oftc-webi@2405:204:1308:4089:fc63:7b57:7cf2:4226] has joined #linode
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11:16<Krishna>how to download backup of my site?
11:16-!-mode/#linode [+l 341] by ChanServ
11:16<smallclone>rsync, scp, sftp, whatever you want really
11:16-!-Distantorigin_ [] has quit []
11:17<Krishna>I have saved everything like login details in my desktop and it crashed. I lost everything
11:18<smallclone>ok well, if you have access to the email for your linode account, reset your password for the linode manager, then use Lish to access to your linode
11:18-!-mode/#linode [+l 340] by ChanServ
11:18<Krishna>I said I have lost access to everything. My email addresses as well.
11:19<smallclone>it sounds like you have bigger problems
11:19<smallclone>but anyway
11:19<tafa2>smallclone - he did say _everything_
11:19<tafa2>why weren't you paying attention?
11:21<smallclone>if you have MFA enabled you will likely need to send them some additional info, but they'll figure that out with you
11:21-!-Krishna [~oftc-webi@2405:204:1308:4089:fc63:7b57:7cf2:4226] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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11:29<HoopyCat>hot take: kids should learn basic triaging skills in school... like, if everything goes to shit, how to prioritize fixing things
11:30<HoopyCat>cuz getting e-mail going again is a prerequisite for fixing everything else tbh
11:32-!-NomadJim_ [~Jim@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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13:16<ADA>Can I buy for an ipv6 network?
13:17<synfinatic>ipv6 comes free with every linode
13:17-!-abram [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
13:17-!-abram is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
13:18<abram>Can NodeBalancers balance traffic across datacenters based on incoming request origin?
13:18-!-mode/#linode [+l 344] by ChanServ
13:18<ADA> 1 address give or directly a subnet / 64?
13:19<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
13:22-!-ADA [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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13:32<smallclone>abram: nodebalancers only work within the same dc
13:39-!-biesbjerg [] has joined #linode
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14:02<smallclone>emms: hi, feel free to ask your question
14:04-!-biesbjerg [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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14:06<abram>smallclone - thanks. Any recommendations on how to accomplish this?
14:09-!-Hydroxide [] has joined #linode
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14:09<smallclone>you could roll your own haproxy or rely on dns or some combination of those things
14:10<Hydroxide>Hi Linode! My Linode's IPv6 address is showing up in Spamhaus's SBL; as far as I know my configuration and security upate practices are secure enough that I doubt I'm the source of the spam
14:10<abram>ok, we use haproxy on other setups, but was thinking there may be a another approach more suited for linode. Thanks.
14:11<Hydroxide>how should I proceed to figure out if there was/is a nearby neighbor on the network who might be the reason for this, get that resolved, and request an SBL removal?
14:12<synfinatic>Hydroxide you might look at
14:12<@mcintosh>Hydroxide: usually for a block that's a larger range block the listing will note that
14:12<@mcintosh>(but maybe not...)
14:12<synfinatic>also, doesn't the SBL provide a generic reason? often they provide some indication about why
14:14<Hydroxide>the SBL lookup tool on spamahaus's website doesn't actually link to the individual SBL record, it just links to a generic web page.
14:14<Hydroxide>SBLCSS, specifically
14:15<@sjacobs>Hydroxide: you can open a support ticket and request your own /64 to use. won't have to worry about neighbors, then.
14:15<Hydroxide>mcintosh: they say they list /64 addresses for IPv6. that's also the netmask my Linode has configured for it, but I don't know what else is there.
14:15<Hydroxide>sjacobs: ah great, I'll do that, thanks!
14:21<Hydroxide>filed (ticket #10076243). I appreciate the suggestion.
14:28-!-WSimple [~oftc-webi@2001:44c8:4243:5423:bd8e:15bc:a503:cfcd] has joined #linode
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14:29<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
14:29<WSimple>I want to add an addition ip to my server I already open a ticket but no answer yet
14:29-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
14:29<WSimple>can you activate it for me now
14:30<smallclone>WSimple: no, this is a community channel
14:30<smallclone>they'll answer your ticket as soon as they can
14:30<WSimple>this is not a livechat with linode support ?
14:30<WSimple>ahh ok
14:30<smallclone>and, assuming you have valid justification, you'll get an ip
14:31<WSimple>I told them that I need another ip address to create a ns2 dns for my name server is that enough
14:31<smallclone>you should not host multiple name servers on a single linode
14:32<smallclone>that's probably not going to fly for justification, but hey it's not my call
14:33<WSimple>just to create a ns1 and ns2 for my fresh installed directadmin panel
14:33<WSimple>ns1 is the default ip and the ns2 is the addition ip
14:33<WSimple>is that the right way to setup a nameserver
14:34<smallclone>the reason for thst requirement is to ensure some manner of redundancy
14:34<smallclone>if both IPs are on the same machine then if that machine goes down, so does your DNS
14:34<WSimple>Ahh so what is the right way than
14:35-!-pavlushka [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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14:37<WSimple>I need to have 2vps to create a nameserver ?
14:37-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
14:37-!-Cromulent is "Cromulent" on #linode
14:37<smallclone>WSimple: tbh some of the specifics are going to be directadmin-specific, and i've never used it
14:39<WSimple>what do normally people do to their server ? 1ip from server to create ns1 and what about ns2 how do they set this up ?
14:39<WSimple>I am so newbie
14:39<WSimple>please advice me
14:39<WSimple>senpai !!
14:39<smallclone>but i suppose you *could* host ns1 and ns2 on the directadmin machine and then use Linode's DNS as a slave
14:39<smallclone>i'm pretty sure tons of people are doing that with cpanel atm
14:40-!-pavlushka [] has joined #linode
14:40-!-pavlushka is "pavlushka" on #linode #debian #oftc
14:41<HoopyCat>WSimple: personally, i use linode's DNS manager, although whether directadmin supports the necessary API calls to make that work smoothly is anyone's guess
14:41<HoopyCat>(well okay, directadmin's docs and/or devs probably know for sure)
14:41-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
14:41<smallclone>yeah, how badly do you really need to use directadmin to manage your dns, is the other thing
14:41<WSimple>so I don't need to have a second ip address for ns2 right ?
14:45<HoopyCat>WSimple: registrars require you to have two or more authorative DNS servers for a domain, and they should be as separate as possible so that at least one is reachable at all times. a second IPv4 address on the same DNS server would meet the requirement, but god help you if someone tries to send an e-mail to a customer's domain while you're rebooting or something
14:46<HoopyCat>DNS hosting, like e-mail, is a disproportionate pain in the butt and generally not worth implementing if you don't absolutely have to
14:47<HoopyCat>but yeah, a second VPS (preferably in another datacenter) would do the trick usually
14:48<WSimple>how about I just use both ns1 and ns2 on the same ip
14:48<WSimple>I that ok ?
14:48<HoopyCat>WSimple: idk, i've seen it work
14:48<HoopyCat>i've also seen it rejected by registrars ^^
14:49<WSimple>So what is the best for me to create a ns2 private name server to use now
14:49<WSimple>best way*
14:50<HoopyCat>WSimple: i don't know what'll work best with directadmin... it's the complicating factor
14:51<HoopyCat>WSimple: if it's able to use linode's DNS manager via API, that would be awesome
14:55<HoopyCat>or if directadmin has, like, a really lightweight installation for secondary DNS servers, throwing that on a $5/mo instance would do the needful
14:58-!-abram [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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15:14-!-jimmyj [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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15:14<jimmyj>hi thre
15:14-!-arielp [] has joined #linode
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15:14<jimmyj>just creted my account and I'm not getting the confirmation email
15:14-!-arielp [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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15:15<jimmyj>anyone in here?
15:16<Demo>hey jimmyj
15:17-!-arielp [] has joined #linode
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15:18<Demo>jimmyj: have you double checked all your email folders, including spam? Also, double check you have used the correct email address.
15:18-!-arielp [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:19-!-mode/#linode [+l 342] by ChanServ
15:20<jimmyj>yes .. I did checked
15:20-!-kezimo|alt [] has joined #linode
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15:20<jimmyj>but I firstly registered with a different email address (I didn't confirmed the email) and then decided that I don;t want to use that email and registered one more time with the correct email
15:21<jimmyj>I guess this might have triggered something and I'm not getting the confirmation for the 2nd registration
15:21<jimmyj>used same ip, browser, session ..
15:21-!-mode/#linode [+l 343] by ChanServ
15:22-!-arielp [] has joined #linode
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15:23<Demo>jimmyj: you could call Linode, or shoot 'em a mail,
15:23-!-mode/#linode [+l 344] by ChanServ
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15:28<jimmyj>already did that but hoping that I will get a faster response here :)
15:29<dwfreed>fastest response is by phone call
15:29-!-arielp [] has joined #linode
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15:29<dwfreed>during US Eastern business hours, it's practically impossible for support to look at IRC, there's just too many tickets
15:29<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • simulation pret pour rachat soulte <>
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15:30<dwfreed>millisa: hah
15:31-!-tanja84dk [] has joined #linode
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15:33<Demo>dwfreed: do you work for Linode? Saw your forum post from a couple days ago
15:33<dwfreed>used to
15:34<dwfreed>March 2012 - November 2013
15:34-!-arielp [] has joined #linode
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15:34<Demo>Stressful job I assume :)
15:34-!-mode/#linode [+l 343] by ChanServ
15:35<dwfreed>support can be... frustrating... sometimes
15:35-!-arielp [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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15:43<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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15:45<Demo>!point Eugene
15:45<linbot>Demo: Point given to eugene. (51) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 17)
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18:33<ughugh>Is dallas down>
18:33<relidy>Certainly not all of it.
18:34<relidy>I'm not seeing any issues on my machines there.
18:34<dwfreed>ughugh: ^
18:34<ughugh>Hmmm,, both machines not responding
18:36<MrPPS>ughugh: what about through lish?
18:36<MrPPS>maybe it's your route to dallas? can you reach the dallas speedtest address
18:37<ughugh>I can lish in
18:37<ughugh>no activity
18:37<ughugh>on the machine
18:37<ughugh>so people aren't getting in from anywhere
18:37<smallclone>that's not going to be of use really
18:38<dwfreed>so check mtr, check firewall, check your network config, check your app is running...
18:39-!-jcanto [~Jorge@] has quit [Quit: Going offline, see ya! (]
18:39<MrPPS>can definitely mtr to dallas
18:39-!-mode/#linode [+l 339] by ChanServ
18:42<ughugh>hmmm can't start's just sitting there. no error or anything. just says "Starin nginx: "
18:43<MrPPS>ughugh: recent upgrade? config change?
18:43<MrPPS>silly question, but, rebooted the box?
18:43<ughugh>not in ages
18:43<ughugh>and both machines died at same time...different apps
18:43<ughugh>compltely unrelated apps
18:44<MrPPS>rebooted box? NIC's still attached to the machines?
18:44<ughugh>rebooting now
18:44<ughugh>I don't know how to check NICs
18:44<MrPPS>ifconfig / ip addr
18:47<ughugh>And now iboth machines are back up
18:47<ughugh>I did nothing to one of them
18:47<ughugh>I rebooted the other
18:48<ughugh>So, based on me doing nothing with one machine, looks like something was happening at linode
18:49<ughugh>perhaps on just a limited number of servers
18:49<MrPPS>was the other machine also failing to start the service?
18:49<smallclone>ughugh: not really a safe thing to assume
18:53<ughugh>MrPPS: I don't know. I didn't log in to it.
18:53<MrPPS>well, then it's probably not safe to assume the issue was external :P
18:53<ughugh>but both servers came back up at the same time
18:53<MrPPS>given the first box was a local issue, and nobody else had issues getting to dallas
18:54<MrPPS>well, you rebooted the first box right?
18:54<MrPPS>so that came back up when you rebooted
18:54<ughugh>but first box has nothing to do with second box
18:54<ughugh>they aren't related
18:54<MrPPS>second box could have coincidentally come back at the same time
18:54<MrPPS>or, you may have had local route issues too
18:54<MrPPS>did you ever do that mtr?
18:54<ughugh>nope, didn't get that started :(
18:55<MrPPS>then yeah, definitely hard to pinpoint the issue
18:55<ughugh>oh well, they are back up now
18:55<MrPPS>either way, glad it works now
18:55<ughugh>but hoping someone isn't ddosing
18:55<ughugh>although I don't know how they'd hit both sites
18:55<MrPPS>check your resource usage if you suspect that
18:55<MrPPS>on the linode dash
18:56<MrPPS>can see your historical data graphs :)
18:56<ughugh>yeah, that looks ok
18:56<ughugh>I was trying to take a nap and boss called me that site was down and I was sad
18:57<MrPPS>now you can sleep <3
18:57<MrPPS>and also maybe look into getting auto notifications set up so that your boss doesn't have to call you
18:57<ughugh>I got the auto notification a minute later
18:57<MrPPS>ah cool cool
18:57<MrPPS>boss is just too quick
18:57<MrPPS>employ your boss to be your auto notification
18:58<MrPPS>and your notifications to be your boss
18:58<ughugh>no kidding
18:58<ughugh>he's on all the damn time
18:58<ughugh>4 am, on, 2 am on, midnight, on 3 pm on
18:58<ughugh>I swear he doesn't sleep
18:58<ughugh>just uses the website
18:58<MrPPS>wow haha
19:10<ughugh>And of course now everyone wants me to draft up a post-mortem and is asking a ton of questions about our emergency procedure document
19:10*ughugh sighs
19:10<ughugh>And, oh yeah, I'm on vacation
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21:25<mo77ainc>i have 1 problinme in web site
21:26<MrPPS>do tell?
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22:24<Peng_>Only 1?
22:24<Woet>99 problems but my web site aint one
22:25<MrPPS>99 problinme
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22:46<Joe>Is there a customer service staff here?
22:46-!-mode/#linode [+l 336] by ChanServ
22:46<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
22:46<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
22:46<Peng_>Joe: Often
22:48<Joe>I have creating a new service ticket, but no customer service replied to me
22:50<millisa>Yes? Are you asking a question?
22:51<Joe>yeah I have a question
22:51<Joe>are you customer service staff?
22:51<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
22:52<Joe>can you see my ticket?
22:53<MrPPS>Read the message above :)
22:53<MrPPS>millisa is not an op
22:53<MrPPS>Therefore not staff :)
22:56<Joe>anyone know how to restore a backup to another DC's linode?
22:57<millisa>you could restore to a local linode, then clone that to the other dc
22:59<Joe>but my backup in Tokyo 1, the Tokyo 1 can not create a new linode anymore, I need to restore the backup, I dont know how to do it.
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23:00<nmelehan>Hi Joe: if you let me know your ticket number, I'll try to get someone to respond to you soon
23:01<Joe>hi numelehan, my ticket number is 10078236, thank you for your help.
23:01<millisa>Despite his missing hat, that'd be an official person
23:01<nmelehan>thank you, I'll ask my colleagues to take a look at it
23:03<Joe>I'm really very urgent to restore my backup, thank you for your help,
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