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14:34<@mcintosh>Demo: it's fixed :)
14:34<@mcintosh>!point mikegrb
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14:35<MJCS>Well that was fun
14:35<Demo>!point mcintosh
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15:15<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
15:16<Netslovers>Thanks, please are load balancing feature required do install a file clustering, on each backend node.
15:16<Netslovers>I mean do I need to replicate files on each node, using gluster for example
15:19<Netslovers>but is that OK with tmp files and cookies, I plan to use nginx as webserver - for 2 backend nodes, and 1 common database node
15:20<Netslovers>Sorry service called nodebalancers
15:20<Netslovers>in my dashboard
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15:40<seamus>Hi - total newbie here with a few questions.
15:40<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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15:43<seamus>I am considering setting up a Tezos baking node which uses proof-of-stake, not proof of work (so not going to be a CPU hog). is this permitted on Linode? and if so, are there plans available with unlimited monthly transfers?
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15:44<millisa>generally anything that's legal is allowed, but section 3 of the tos ( might apply
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15:45<millisa>as for the transfers - you can go over; you just pay an overage. though it's usually cheaper to just get a bigger or more nodes if you know you are going to use the transit
15:46<millisa>(transfer is pooled amongst the nodes, prorated across the month)
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15:46<seamus>thx millisa; can you point me to where I can find info on overage charges? I don't see that on pricing info for plans
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15:48<relidy>!point millisa
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16:21<it>can anyone speak to the PCI compliance of Linode servers??
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16:21<millisa>you can be pci compliant with a setup at linode, but it's mostly on you. doesn't have much to do with linode.
16:22<it>we are working with a credit processing company who is requesting details on PCI compliance because our website is hosted on a linode server
16:25<it>what steps or documentation should we provide them?? We are receiving compiance certifiaction independently but need some details for Linode's PCI compliance
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16:32<smallclone>it: you should probably open a ticket for that, but the short of it is that you can be completely PCI compliant on Linode, it's just up to you to do so.
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16:40<it>thanks all
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16:58<Nick>Hey! Have a question about joining Linode, but feel a little overwhelmed reading the tutorials!
16:58<smallclone>Nick: sure go ahead and ask
17:00<Nick>I currently have a wordpress hosting package with bluehost, but my site has well and truel outgrown it. Looking to switch to Linode but as I'm not really a developer worried I'm not going to install it correctly. Are there any managed plans that can create my Linode and migrate my site and email?
17:01<smallclone>Nick: their managed thing doesn't really do..much of anything for you. but that is something their pro services team would do for a fee
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17:04<Nick>Ok thanks! It's only one site, is the price going to be stupidly high or is it worth trying to learn this stuff! (Technical term - "stuff")!
17:05<smallclone>that really depends on your existing comfort level, a single wordpress site doesn't seem like a big project, but it's safe to assume you'll spend a couple hundred dollars at least..
17:05<cbirk>Nick: do pro services
17:05<@jhaas>(getting a quote is free though :) )
17:05<Nick>Thanks for your help smallclone! Think I will get a quote!
17:05<smallclone>no problem
17:05<Nick>:) jhass!
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17:11<Nick>!point smallclone
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17:12<cbirk>!point nick
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17:12<@jhaas>!unpoint jhaas
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17:12*jhaas is playing golf
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17:21<cbirk>the quantum just got 20 qubits higher ok?
17:23<@bhanks>nice work team
17:24<millisa>Of some unrelated interest:
17:25<millisa>(Quick summary: LE had hoped to have initial wildcard rollout done on 2/27. it's delayed)
17:27<cbirk>ah bummer
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19:46<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • gan assurance vie adresse <>
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20:32<Eisbaer>i have a quick question
20:32<Eisbaer>wget dd if=mini.iso of=/dev/sda
20:32<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
20:32<Eisbaer>there should be a ; in there somewhere
20:32<Eisbaer>where should i put the semicolon
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20:33<Eisbaer>wget ; dd if=mini.iso of=/dev/sda ??
20:33<Eisbaer>do I put the semicolon there?
20:34<smallclone>no those are two different commands
20:34<millisa>do you have to run it all on one line?
20:34<smallclone>you could pipe them
20:35<smallclone>presumably you're getting this from the custom distro guide
20:35<smallclone>the curl command in that note is probably preferable
20:35<smallclone>although it's not in a code block so you could hardly be blamed for not noticing it
20:36<smallclone>curl | dd of=/dev/sda
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21:09<@bhanks>hey kids.
21:10*millisa waves
21:10<@bhanks>Philly is about to get slammed with snow. how's the weather where you're at ?
21:11<millisa>I have my windows open, there's a slight breeze with a hint of lilac...
21:11<@bhanks>well dang that sounds nice
21:12<millisa>enjoying it before the sxsw mob shows up
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21:23<GG>How to report abuse?
21:23<linbot>Linode's abuse contact is , as shown in the abuse contact info for the IP address in question. shows how to look this up yourself.
21:23<millisa>Include any relevant logs/headers/etc
21:24<GG>Thank you!
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21:40<NameInvalid>Hi, all
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21:48<NameInvalid>Is there any official support in this channel?
21:48<millisa>It's a community chat.
21:49<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
21:49<NameInvalid>Thank you millisa.
21:49<NameInvalid>And I think I still can ask some questions about .
21:49<millisa>Ask away!
21:50<NameInvalid>I created an account, and completed the steps an hour ago. After logged out, I couldn't log in again.
21:51<millisa>There's usually some email involved with signing up where you validate your address and possibly some of your payment info
21:51<NameInvalid>It said invalid username or password, but I am completely sure the password matching my username.
21:52<NameInvalid>Checked my mailbox for times, no message comes in.
21:52<millisa>If you aren't finding mails from linode in your inbox/spam folders, you'd probably need to contact them
21:52<NameInvalid>I don't know if it's related that the word "invalid" is in my username.
21:53<millisa>It's unlikely that matters.
21:53<NameInvalid>I already replied '', with they can receive my message.
21:53<NameInvalid>Thank you, kind-hearted millisa. :)
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22:07<@bhanks>Woet <3
22:07<Woet>bhanks: you're <3ing the weather right? not me?
22:07<Woet>im not ready for this
22:08<@bhanks>well dang. i was just being friendly
22:08<@bhanks>this is what i get!
22:08<Woet>i'm just afraid of commitment
22:10<Woet>thats why i'm afraid of VCS
22:11<@bhanks>well lucky for you im in new jersey
22:11<@bhanks>and you dont even know what i look like
22:11<@bhanks>so certainly dont make any commitments yet
22:11<Woet>yea the linode about page is really hard to find
22:12<Ikaros>Got you there
22:12<millisa>you are very black and white and flash into color near rodents.
22:12<@bhanks>i should've used someone else's name in IRC. would've been a good move.
22:12<millisa>well, on mouseover
22:13<Woet>bhanks: just use sknahb
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22:14<@bhanks>hm trying to decide which employee i'd want to switch to be
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22:14<Woet>that depends on your goals
22:15<@bhanks>well obviously i want to be beautiful. so perhaps ill be gjjansen
22:15<Woet>did you see his linkedin pic
22:15<@bhanks>of course of course.
22:16<Woet>i think he wants to join the secret service
22:16<Woet>why didnt bmartin smile on his linode pic
22:16<@bhanks>doesn't all of Trust & Safety want to ?
22:16<Woet>did you bully him that morning
22:17<@bhanks>who me? im an angel!
22:17<millisa>I hear 'rmcintosh' isn't being used right now
22:18<@bhanks>oh lord. are you trying to get me in trouble millisa ???
22:20<Woet>jalter: can I get a reference for bhanks please
22:20<@bhanks>excuse. a reference for WHAT exactly
22:21<Woet>you being an angel
22:21<@bhanks>oh. hm. can i call any other life lines??
22:21<@bhanks>smallclone and armiller perhaps?
22:21<Woet>i would ask caker but dwfreed dlined him after telling someone to alt F4
22:23<NameInvalid>I confirmed that my account was lost, because I create a new account with same email address, same username and same password.
22:25<@bhanks>hey NameInvalid i think im looking at your message now. check back for a response in a few :)
22:26-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
22:27<Woet>you can trust bhanks to look after the safety of your account
22:27*bhanks blushes
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22:30<NameInvalid>@@bhanks Thank you, it's not very urgent. :)
22:31-!-MrControll [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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22:39<FluffyFoxeh>you are dreaming
22:41<Woet>@@@@@@FluffyFoxeh about what?
22:41<FluffyFoxeh>about Z1msky
22:44-!-monokrome [~monokrome@] has quit [Quit: Meow]
22:45<Woet>i definitely never dream of her
22:45<Woet>maybe nightmares
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22:52<@bhanks>NameInvalid alrighty I just followed up with more information!
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22:53<@mcintosh>Dreams & Nightmares, you say?
22:54<@bhanks>ask and we shall receive
22:55<linbot>e-a-g-l-e-s EAGLES
22:57<Zimsky>you need a license
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22:58<Woet>FluffyFoxeh: abort abort the nick alert went through somehow
23:00<Zimsky>Woet, I am bleeding
23:00<Woet>bhanks: Zimsky is discussing her PMS again
23:00<Zimsky>accidentally stabbed myself with a pin
23:00<Zimsky>I'm not sure you know what PMS is
23:00<Woet>i try to avoid it
23:00<@bhanks>uhm. i'll have to recuse myself from this
23:01<FluffyFoxeh>!dict recuse
23:01<Zimsky>!dict retarded
23:01<Woet>FluffyFoxeh: its like fancy word for "running away"
23:01<Zimsky>"retarded: see: `Woet`"
23:01<Woet>bhanks likes show off her vocabulary
23:01<Woet>she has the best words
23:01<Woet>likes to *
23:02<@bhanks>yes they do call me the People's Princess
23:02<@bhanks>here to bestow the best words on the people
23:02<FluffyFoxeh>that's a nice nickname
23:02<Zimsky>bhanks: don't tell me it doesn't bother you that Woet thinks PMS is when one bleeds
23:02<@bhanks>I asked them if I could be called that instead of Trust and Safety Expert but no one got back to me
23:02<@bhanks>Zimsky i dont even know where to begin
23:03<Zimsky>begin with banning woet maybe?
23:03<@bhanks>i wish they didnt even know i was a girl but it is too late for that
23:03<Woet>bhanks: you can always change your gender
23:03<FluffyFoxeh>I didn't know
23:03<@bhanks>eh but it would take forever to update the About Us page
23:03<@bhanks>oh darn
23:03<Zimsky>good job
23:04<Zimsky>today marks the beginning of a long and drawn-out process of FluffyFoxeh trying to woo you
23:04<Woet>FluffyFoxeh: only a few of us are creepy enough to actually look up the people we talk to
23:04<@bhanks>yeah i knew Woet would know right away
23:04<@bhanks>oh well that came out wrong
23:05<Woet>Zimsky / bhanks: I looked up PMS and you're right
23:05<Zimsky>"you're right"
23:05<Woet>i guess the "post" should have given it away
23:05<Woet>so whats the politically correct word or abbreviation I should be using instead
23:05<Woet>for future bleeding related chat
23:06<Woet>same thing
23:06<FluffyFoxeh>lol I thought it was post too
23:06<millisa>Linode Professional Management Services. Linode PMS, right?
23:06<@bhanks>yes exactly
23:06<Woet>you cant expect us to know everything about your girl related problems
23:06<Zimsky>check your PMs
23:06<Woet>we have enough problems to worry about ourselves
23:06<Woet>like how to catcall most efficiently
23:06<@bhanks>let the record show im working and have nothing to do with this convo
23:06<FluffyFoxeh>I got one from linbot saying that dict isn't a command
23:06<Woet>or to widen the wage gap
23:07<Zimsky>there is no wage gap
23:08<@bhanks>the only time catcalling is annoying is when im with guys who get upset by it
23:08<@bhanks>like i dont even pay attention to it anymore
23:08<Woet>wow look at bhanks showing off she gets catcalled
23:09<Woet>we cant all be models
23:09<@bhanks>i mean. philly is philly.
23:09<Zimsky>Woet: if you dress better, maybe you'll get catcalled too
23:09<@bhanks>lol yes my linode glamour pic is so modely. thanks!
23:09<Woet>Zimsky: wtf is wrong with the way i dress
23:09<Zimsky>wtf isn't wrong
23:09<FluffyFoxeh>nobody catcalls me :(
23:09<Zimsky>as nobody should
23:10<Woet>bhanks: do you want my model pic
23:10<Zimsky>Woet: enough
23:10<Woet>Zimsky: stop scaring me
23:10<FluffyFoxeh>yeah I guess they should foxcall me instead
23:10<@bhanks>pls do not send me photos Woet
23:10<Woet>whats wrong with my white shirt
23:10<Zimsky>git tae fuck
23:11<FluffyFoxeh>git: 'tae' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.
23:11<@bhanks>cant decide if that's really Woet or not
23:11<Zimsky>bhanks: I never clicked it
23:11<Zimsky>you should know better
23:11<@bhanks>i click everything. T&S shrug.
23:13-!-monokrome [] has joined #linode
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23:14<Zimsky>sounds shoggly
23:14<Zimsky>perhaps even shonky
23:14<FluffyFoxeh>are we still speaking English
23:14-!-mode/#linode [+l 310] by ChanServ
23:20<Zimsky>metanin yana
23:21-!-monokrome [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 2.1-dev]
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23:30<NameInvalid>How long does it take to review a new registration?
23:31<Woet>24 hours
23:31<cbirk>to go
23:32<cbirk>I wanna be sedated
23:32<Woet>slightly longer if we distract bhanks all day
23:32<@bhanks>well I am the only one who works at Linode
23:33<NameInvalid>We just wanna let bhanks relax. @@
23:34<Zimsky>cbirk: I can arrange that
23:34<NameInvalid>Hi bhanks, you have many trouble-maker, so you are not alone in Linode.
23:34-!-JadeFox [~MilaJack@] has joined #linode
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23:34<Zimsky>>lel, TIL you're a 13 year old channer
23:35<@bhanks>yeah i certainly do have a trouble maker or two
23:35<Zimsky>chin dynasty
23:35<Zimsky>bhanks: sounds like you need an enforcer
23:35<cbirk>thats what jalter is for
23:36<@bhanks>I am the night time enforcer
23:36<@bhanks>jalter is day time
23:36<Zimsky>I've never seen jalter speak
23:36<@bhanks>well. he's in charge of me. so i enforce through him.
23:36-!-mode/#linode [+l 311] by ChanServ
23:36<Woet>i wish someone was in charge of me
23:37<Zimsky>there's websites for that
23:42<cbirk>wheres this snow
23:42<cbirk>i woke up specifically for the snow
23:43-!-kezimo [] has joined #linode
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23:46<@bhanks>yeah if my day tomorrow is already messed up i want a bunch of snow
23:53<Woet>dont be so pessimistic bhanks
23:54<@bhanks>i meant my drive to work is messed up not my entire day. dont worry Woet im just as delightful as ever.
23:55-!-tory [] has joined #linode
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23:57<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • pret immobilier + rachat credit consommation <>
23:57<cbirk>french spammers
23:58<@bhanks>i read that as "pet immobilizer" for some reason.
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