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01:31<Zimsky>why does the cpanel factoid only give a link to a centos article
01:32<Woet>because mcintosh is biased towards centos
01:32<Zimsky>the type of people who want to use cpanel doesn't really overlap with the type of people who want to use centos
01:33<Woet>i dont like the type of people who want to use centos
01:33<Woet>debian (based) for life
01:33<millisa_>(because cpanel wants centos and recently amazon linux?)
01:33<Woet>oh righ
01:33<Woet>shitty panel requires shitty distro
01:33<Woet>should have known
01:34<millisa_>or cloud linux. which is just exciting. it has clouds.
01:34<Woet>do people actually prefer cloudy over sunny?
01:34<Woet>i bet bhanks does. freak.
01:34<@bhanks>do you see how pale I am??
01:34<Woet>i did
01:34<Woet>thats part of my reasoning
01:34<Woet>the other is your bloodlust and hate of onions
01:34<@bhanks>light skin and light hair and blue eyes. i was not meant for the sun.
01:35<@bhanks>wow who is PMing you about me Woet ?
01:35<Woet>i have two of those three characteristics
01:35<Woet>bhanks: i swore to keep their identity secret
01:36<Woet>but their name rhymes with kindergarten
01:36<@bhanks>typical x2
01:48<Woet>bhanks: its long past your bedtime
01:49<@bhanks>Woet i thought you knew i was night shift?
01:49<Woet>bhanks: forever?
01:49<Woet>i thought it was temporarily
01:49<Woet>temporary *
01:49<@bhanks>it is. I just started it a few weeks ago.
01:49<@bhanks>but I realllllly like it.
01:49<Woet>no more sunshine
01:49<Woet>and no social contact
01:49<Woet>my dream
01:49<@bhanks>its so ideal
01:50<@bhanks>im a night shift witch now
01:50<@bhanks>love it
01:50<Woet>you decided to switch to a night shift that perfectly covers my timezone just after we started talking
01:54<Zimsky>"night shift witch"
01:54<Zimsky>millisa_: amazon and their fucking "linux 2"
01:55<@bhanks>Woet dont get any ideas
01:55<Woet>Zimsky: kindly do not use that word again in here
01:55<@bhanks>Zimsky did you like that?
01:55<Zimsky>because it wasn't already slightly confusing for people who don't understand what a kernel is
01:55<Woet>i love corn
01:55<Zimsky>bhanks: like what?
01:55<@bhanks>"night shift witch"
01:55<Zimsky>bhanks: enough
01:56<Zimsky>: O
01:56<Woet>(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
01:56<Zimsky>that's enough Woet
01:56<Woet>(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ THIS IS RIDICULOUS
01:56<Zimsky>please don't use those code points again
01:57<Zimsky>bhanks: yes it is a good descriptor
01:57<Zimsky>woet's also doing the thing again
01:58<Zimsky>Woet: had enough?
01:58<Woet>Zimsky: If🤔🙄 my👈 girl💁‍♀️💕 and➡️ Fortnite👌🎮 both⬅️➡️ drowning💦💦🌊 and➡️ I👈 could🤨🤔 only😬🤚 save🏥🆘 one😫☝️ catch😳😮 me👈 with😎➡️ a😯 legendary💎💎 Scar🔫 at😴 my👈 girl’s🙎‍♀️💀 funeral⚰️⛪️ because🧐😏 I’m👉 getting👏 a😝victory🥇🏆 royale👑👌👌 😂😂😂😂😂
01:59<Zimsky>cool beans man
01:59<@bhanks>well dang
01:59<Woet>to be fair people who drown are like really bad at life
01:59<Woet>i won't get in the way of godwin
02:01<Zimsky>yes, it was darwin who suggested the relationship between time and P(nazism)
02:01<Zimsky>ヽ( 。ヮ゚)ノ
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02:01<Ikaros>bhanks: I feel sorry for you, you have to deal with the oddballs. I used to work tech support, graveyard. Always had the crazies come out then. lol
02:01<Zimsky>Ikaros: can you for once not be cringey
02:02<Woet>Ikaros: wtf?
02:02<Zimsky>it's like every time I read something you say, it's got three layers of cringe
02:02<Woet>i prefer three layers of cheese
02:02<Woet>like my dinner last night
02:03<Zimsky>try casu marzu
02:03<Ikaros>You could come say that to me over -> there and we'll see where it goes from there.
02:03<Zimsky>Ikaros: (speaking over there) it's like every time I read something you say, it's got three layers of cringe
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02:04*Ikaros facepalms and walks off
02:04<Zimsky>your IRC network needs you
02:04<Ikaros>You two weird me out
02:05<Woet>same same
02:05<Zimsky>that's a good thing though
02:05<Ikaros>And yes it does, I can be doing very productive things right now.
02:05<Woet>apparently being up at 15:05 and eating pizza makes me weird
02:05<Woet>my bad I suppose
02:05<Ikaros>After all both the Linodes I have are attached to said network sooo...
02:05<Zimsky>Ikaros: suggests what kind of person you are; to be conversing with us despite knowing how we are
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02:06<Ikaros>I suppose, maybe, it's a form of stress relief for me in a weird sort of way
02:07<Zimsky>I agree with chewbacca
02:11<Ikaros>A Star Wars clip is not gonna explain it
02:12<Zimsky>thought you had more important things to do
02:12<Zimsky>or is talking to me that important thing?
02:13<Ikaros>Nothing more than the usual round of package updates.
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02:13<Zimsky>I see
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02:14<Ikaros>On 11 servers all attached to said network.
02:15<Zimsky>why do you have 11 servers?
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02:17<Ikaros>They're not all mine, silly.
02:18<Ikaros>3 of them are. The rest I'm just responsible for.
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02:18<Zimsky>rephrase - why does your network have 11 servers?
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02:22<Ikaros>Because, geography?
02:22<Woet>Ikaros: do you have more servers than users?
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02:23<Ikaros>And stop calling it mine. It's not mine. I'm only staff (albeit high level, otherwise I'd not have the ability to update stuff on all of them).
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02:23<Ikaros>Woet like, 250-ish or so. Small-size by comparison.
02:23<Zimsky>you always say "my IRC network" though, so it's a fair to assume you owned it
02:23<Woet>1 server for every 22 users
02:24<Ikaros>Fair enough. Sorry.
02:24<Zimsky>seems a bit pointless/expensive to have that many servers just for the purpose of reducing latency
02:24<Woet>IRC latency is a big deal bro
02:24<Zimsky>do users explicitly connect to their nearest server?
02:25<Ikaros>They have the ability to, yes.
02:25<Woet>I'm sure their DNS uses anycast, Ikaros doesn't settle for less.
02:25<Zimsky>so in other words, they generally don't
02:25<Ikaros>Generally, no, lol.
02:25<Zimsky>it just seems excessive
02:25<Ikaros>Woet: Sad to say...I wish we had something like that. Would make things a lot easier.
02:26<Zimsky>Ikaros: what's the network address
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02:28<Ikaros>Just to mention...of those 11 - one is the services server. So technically 10. And of those 10, only 7 of those are user-accessible. The remaining 3 serve as hubs.
02:29<Zimsky>you're the first person I've ever encountered who includes their services as a server
02:32<Ikaros>Fine, pseudoserver
02:32<Zimsky>lots of love to you too, dear
02:32<Ikaros>Can you blame me for reading /lusers lol
02:33<Zimsky>as a a high level staff member of an IRC network that isn't necessarily yours, you should know how to properly account for your infrastructure
02:35<Ikaros>I should probably get some sleep before I say anything further. I've been up now for...let's see...
02:35<Ikaros>28 hours now
02:37<Zimsky>you should try for 270 hours and break the record
02:37<Zimsky>apparently the delirium can be quite amusing to an observer
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02:44<Zimsky>gluten tag
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03:24<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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03:36<@bhanks>that's an absolute lie Eugene
03:38*Zimsky slams down the newspaper on the table
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03:56<Woet>> newspapers in 2018
04:04<Zimsky>>still thinking it's 2018
04:04<Woet>Ikaros: help Zimsky is being an oddball again
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05:01<nate>srsly, last three linodes now now I've set up new have dropped roughly a day after
05:01<nate>am I missing a jinx here
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05:06<nate>Anyone else noticing newark oddities? Looks like all traffic into my newark linode is dying off right at the linode network line in
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05:09<cheapie>nate: No, but mine is in Newark and it's working fine.
05:09<cheapie>nate: if you want to see if you can reach it.
05:12<nate>Yeah yours is fine
05:13<nate>I doubt my linode IP got blocked, that would be weird, literally a brand new linode and I imagine I would have gotten a ticket
05:14<cheapie>My particular one is on newark796.
05:14<nate>my graphs appear to still be tracking so doesn't look like it's an actual hardware issue
05:14<cheapie>Can you get to it from lish?
05:14<nate>good question, lemme check
05:16<nate>looks like a no, it hung for a moment then just empty-responsed me o.O
05:16<nate>how strange
05:16<nate>I'll give it a few and then put in a ticket, just in case it's something weird
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05:52<nate>Looks like it fixed itself
05:52<nate>I'd to know what happened to block though lol
05:53<nate>Oh, maybe it was a host issue
05:53<nate>dashboard now shows a gap in the past 10~ minutes and a restart as of a few seconds ago
05:54<nate>Ah I spot me a ticket; "The cabinet housing the host has lost power", well that 'splains it :P
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08:24<luckky>i have 30 wordpress websites can i migrate to Linode
08:24<Zimsky>no reason why that would not be possible
08:26<luckky>so how linode works i m new to this linode system
08:27<Zimsky>you put a linux on it and work the linux
08:27<luckky>or which plan is suitable for me
08:27<Zimsky>that's up to you
08:27<Zimsky>you need to establish your sites' requirements
08:28<luckky>i have 25-30 wordpress website
08:28<Zimsky>yes, you mentioned that
08:29<luckky>ok so guide me how to start from scratch i have running websites
08:29<Zimsky>i'm not going to do that
08:29<Zimsky>but you can find some guides on doing that
08:30<luckky>ok thanks
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08:32<nate>luckky: Linode's at the base level are VPS's, eg; root virtual servers. You're expected to have some level of system administration knowledge to run and maintain one. Alternatively you can pay extra for linode's managed or professional services;
08:32<nate>Otherwise the docs do indeed have a lot of material that can help you sorta get there yourself
08:32<Zimsky>that's literally what I just said nate
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09:02<newbie_>Hi. DO the servers have protection for DOS attacks?
09:15<@scrane>newbie_ Hey there! Our services do not include DoS mitigation or protection. That being said, you can use third party services like CloudFlare or Sucuri to assist you.
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09:18<nate>newbie_: Worth noting it's pretty rare to find a VPS provider with 'true' (D)DoS protection of any sort, it's not really a cost efficient thing usually for $5-10/m platforms :P
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09:50<Woet>nate: OVH does it pretty decently
09:53<Peng_>does anyone else?
09:55<nate>Woet: I thought someone was in here not too long ago complaining that OVH was just nullrouting their stuff and they didn't like it?
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09:57<Woet>Peng_: not for that price
09:57<Woet>nate: they've been pretty good for me
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11:46<smallclone>you can go ahead and ask your question, if you have one
11:46<Mark__>9 days ago I was billed my regular $10 from my account balance, but then on that same day I was charged $8.06 on my credit card
11:47<Mark__>And now it says I have an "Uninvoiced Balance $3.42 and counting"
11:47<Mark__>I get that I need to add more money to my account, but I don't understand why it looks like I got charged $10 + $8.06
11:48<smallclone>you should take a look there to see why
11:48<smallclone>or open a ticket and ask, this is a community channel and we don't know your account details
11:49<Mark__>2018-03-01 Payment - Thank you ($8.06)
11:49<Mark__>I didn't allow Linode to take money off my credit card automatically, I'm not sure what this $8.06 is
11:49<smallclone>yes you did
11:49<smallclone>it's part of their ToS
11:50<Mark__>Why would it take $8.06 rather than $10?
11:50<smallclone>if you look at the invoices listed on that page, they will outline what specific services you were charged for
11:50<smallclone>i can't possibly tell you
11:50<nate>Mark__: Partial?
11:51<nate>Mark__: Linodes are hourly, so my guess would be you got a $10 linode somewhere close to the 2nd week of the month maybe and were prorated for that
11:53<Mark__>It was charged on the first day of the month
11:53<Peng_>Last month
11:54<nate>Mark__: Which is whe neveryone is charged. So if you started that linode say February 6th or something, you would be prorated from Feb 6th to the end of the month
11:54<nate>not the entire month
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11:54<Afaq>Anyone from linode support team here?
11:54<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
11:54<Peng_>Afaq: Hello. Why do you ask?
11:54<smallclone>Afaq: this is a community channel, but we can answer most questions that aren't account-specific
11:54<nate>Afaq: Everyone with +o (@) op status, but they usually prefer tickets for most account stuff :P
11:55<gparent>support should be dealt with via support channels
11:55<Peng_>support... channels?
11:55<smallclone>i don't really blame anyone for coming in here and thinking it's support related
11:55<smallclone>the contact page is really misleading
11:55<Mark__>So, I don't actually even have to add credits to my account to pay?
11:55<nate>smallclone: Well the topic should technically clarify things
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11:55<gparent>I think we're responsible for our own mistakes.
11:56<Peng_>Mark__: Your credit card will be charged when necessary
11:56<smallclone>Mark__: no, it will charge your card as needed
11:56<Mark__>I have multiple accounts with you guys and was always under the impression that I had to worry about filling up the account with credit
11:56<nate>Mark__: If you have a debit/credit card on record it'll get auto-charged at the start of every month, unless you 'pay-ahead and put credit on your account
11:56<smallclone>i don't really know where you would've gotten that impression
11:56<Peng_>But if you pay ahead, and run out, it will still get charged.
11:57<Peng_>If you have $5 of credit and your invoice is $10, it will take the $5 of credit and charge $5.
11:57<Mark__>What happens if a credit card is close to expiry?
11:57<Mark__>Do you send a notice?
11:58<gparent>It would probably fail and you'd get an email
11:58<Mark__>So you don't give a heads up?
11:58<gparent>I don't know, it's not me sending them.
11:58<Mark__>Do you work for Linode?
11:59<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
11:59<gparent>To clarify once more
11:59<gparent>but ive been here long enough to have my card expire and I dont recall it being an interesting experience, so either they send a warning or they just dont charge you
12:00<Mark__>How long of a buffer does a client have to add a new card?
12:00<Mark__>Before Linode shuts down their server
12:00<Peng_>10, uh, days.
12:00<gparent>Are you planning to not be able to pay?
12:00<gparent>It's easy to add a card.
12:01<Mark__>No, but I have multiple clients who I juggle and I started setting them all up with Linode
12:01<gparent>ah, I see
12:03<Mark__>Okay so I don't have to worry about adding credits anymore, for myself anyway, great
12:03<Mark__>Later gaters
12:03<Mark__>Have a nice weekend
12:03-!-Joel [] has joined #linode
12:03-!-Joel is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
12:04<Joel>How long should it take to get another IP or two added to my Linode?
12:04-!-Liutauras [] has joined #linode
12:04-!-Liutauras is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
12:04<smallclone>Joel: there is not a set time
12:04<smallclone>also you need to have valid justification
12:05-!-Mark__ [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
12:05<Joel>No one has responded to my service ticket submitted yesterday--so driving a bit blind.
12:06<smallclone>they respond to tickets in the order they're received - if things are a bit backed up it can take a while
12:06<Liutauras>Hello, I get errors from 10 locations out of 24. My website is not available for most of my users... Anyone can suggest me what should I do?
12:06<Joel>I submitted the justification with the service ticket--secondary DNS IP and a third for security setup on one of my accounts.
12:06<smallclone>both really bad reasons
12:06<gparent>I hope they decline that
12:07<smallclone>Liutauras: how are you determining that?
12:08-!-Joel [] has quit []
12:10<Liutauras>some of my users told me they can't connect, they get this error on their browsers: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN I run a test on and I tried changing DNS Provider, but nothing worked :(
12:10<Peng_>What's the address?
12:10<Peng_>Hey secondary DNS is a great reason to have an extra IP
12:11<Peng_>!dns6 ns
12:11<Peng_>!dns6 ns
12:11<linbot>Peng_: The DNS response does not contain an answer to the question: IN NS
12:11<gparent>if you don't have a second DNS server, you shouldn't fake it.
12:12<Peng_>When did you last change the nameservers
12:12<Peng_>gparent: No no, I just want to run multiple implementations :D
12:12<gparent>you could use ports
12:12<Peng_>Liutauras: When did you add the "www" DNS records at Route 53?
12:13<Peng_>Liutauras: What was the DNS provider before?
12:13<Liutauras>A hour ago, but I was having a problem with this for 3days now, and I have tried changing 3 times, and waited for more than 24hrs
12:13<Peng_>Have you waited for 49 hours?
12:14<Peng_>It's difficult to investigate what's wrong without more information.
12:15<Liutauras>added www an hour ago. When the problem started, I were hosting dns on AWS, it was working fine for about a month when I first started using it. After the problem started happening I tried Google Cloud DNS, same problem, and I came back to AWS
12:15<Peng_>Nothing appears to be wrong right now.
12:15<Liutauras>Yes, I think I have when the first time it happened.
12:16<Liutauras>My users can connect with the different IP from different location
12:16<Peng_>It's impossible to guess what might have been wrong before without any information.
12:17<Liutauras>I can provide you all the information
12:17<Peng_>A dig demonstrating the issue with hostnames and IP addresses of everything involved?
12:17<Peng_>Since the nameservers were changed to Route 53 about 1 hour ago, some clients may keep querying the old nameservers for up to 47 hours or so.
12:18<Peng_>If the old nameservers are serving NXDOMAINs, well.
12:19<Liutauras>Sorry did not understood this message: A dig demonstrating the issue with hostnames and IP addresses of everything involved?
12:21<Liutauras>How can they stop querying the old name server?
12:22<Liutauras>To test if it's problem here
12:23-!-NiTeMaRe [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:26<Peng_>Liutauras: They should stop in less than 47 hours.
12:27<Liutauras>By users I mean people who are working on my site is also having trouble connecting, It's costing alot for me, maybe deleting cookies or something will solve this?
12:28<Peng_>Clearing cookies won't help.
12:28<Peng_>Clearing relevant DNS caches, which partly outside of most people's control, may help.
12:29<Liutauras>Also when the problem first started to happen, they were able to connect to the site, but they keep getting errors every 5min, after a couple min they can connect again but after 5min, error again...
12:30<Liutauras>I'm I able to do this for them?
12:31<Liutauras>If it won't fix after 48hrs?
12:31<Peng_>Investigate what's wrong
12:32<Liutauras>Are from linode staff?
12:32<Peng_>In the short term, it will help to ensure that all nameservers used in the last 48 hours are serving the same data.
12:32<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
12:33<Liutauras>Are linode staff going to help me if it won't fix after 48hrs?
12:34-!-newbie_ [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
12:34-!-newbie_ is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
12:34<smallclone>this doesn't appear to have anything to do with linode
12:35<Liutauras>I have tried different DNS providers
12:36-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
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12:36-!-Liutauras [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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12:39<newbie_>hi is it possible to install apache with open sll and in a few days later change to a paid sll?
12:41<Peng_>Do you mean use a free SSL certificae and then get a paid SSL certificate? That's certainly possible.
12:41<Peng_>Why not use free certificates forever?
12:46<Peng_>Liutauras :<
12:49<newbie_>Hi Peng yes you are first until i setup server and then i don't know why i should pay, i am yet thinking about it?
12:53<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • High CPU usage for my Linode 8192 <>
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13:08-!-kenyon [] has quit [Quit: rebooting]
13:08-!-biesbjerg [] has joined #linode
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13:09<newbie_>I was reading about Open SSL, As far as i understand they are looking for the people who helped contribute...
13:10<Peng_>OpenSSL is a software library
13:11<Peng_>Why do you ask?
13:11<Peng_>There's no reason not to use OpenSSL.
13:12-!-kenyon [] has joined #linode
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13:13<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • CPU jumping to 100% from PHP <>
13:22<newbie_>I looked into open ssl since my apache installation tutorial mentiioned it... also I was thinking about purchasing since I was windering may be there is some special benefit by paying.?
13:23-!-V-Pariah [~viciouspa@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:27<ericoc>you aren't required to have an ssl certificate just because a guide said so... you can host a website with or without an ssl certificate
13:28<smallclone>i should have one though
13:29<ericoc>let's encrypt allows you to get a free ssl certificate, but you have to renew the certificate relatively often compared to a paid one that's usually good for a minimum of a year
13:29<ericoc>if they're just running a website that says "hello world", a cert is probably more trouble than it's worth
13:30-!-newbie_ [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:31<Peng_>I think newbie_ wanted to buy an OpenSSL license
13:31<smallclone>i don't think they knew enough to know what they wanted
13:32<Peng_>For the low low price of $10,000...
13:33<ericoc>dat premium $50k/yr
13:33<smallclone>really have to shell out to make more than 4 unique requests per month
13:34-!-Discovery [~Discovery@] has joined #linode
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14:30<kezimo>i need a good hdd encryption solution for windows
14:30<kezimo>i know on linux its LUKS
14:31<kezimo>bitlocker there is essentially a central database of the RSA keys on the chips
14:31<kezimo>yeah might as well use bitlocker
14:31<kezimo>veracrypt seems to have been compromised in some way
14:31<kezimo>diskcrypter is old
14:33-!-Liutauras [] has joined #linode
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14:34<Liutauras>Hello, Could you help me? Where do I add that first code in the link? I wanna change my default video player of rtmedia plugin Here is the link:
14:37-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:41<Iguil>hmm, skeptical about Bitlocker. Would rather trust publicly auditable projects like Veracrypt
14:42-!-biesbjerg [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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14:58<Iguil>If someone knows, they will surely answer, so be patient. I don't know, sorry. It does mention "theme javascript file" though.
15:05<Demo>Liutauras: you've installed the plugin?
15:13<Liutauras>Yes, I want this plugin to use different video player which comes with Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator
15:23<Demo>Liutauras: try saving the first code snippet in/as /js/jwplayer.js
15:24<Demo>Liutauras: see where your theme pulls in the JS, and tweak to suit.
15:25-!-biesbjerg [] has joined #linode
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15:31<Liutauras>Cannot find where theme pulls js
15:32<Demo>Woah, bad neighbours I guess -
15:32<Demo>ST 18-30%
15:32<Demo>Liutauras: I'll have a look one sec
15:32<Liutauras>what i'm trying to do is to use this video.js from Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator plugin: to make rtmedia and Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator work together
15:35<Demo>Liutauras: to generate something like this?
15:36<Demo>%Cpu(s): 0.0 us, 17.6 sy, 0.0 ni, 58.8 id, 0.0 wa, 0.0 hi, 0.0 si, 23.5 st
15:36<Demo>^ What would cause high ST other than bad neighbours?
15:36-!-newbie_ [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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15:37<Peng_>You being the bad neighbor. :P
15:37<Peng_>It's probably bad neighbors
15:38-!-amandalee [~amandalee@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:38<Demo>Peng_: That's a fair answer. Not to worry, not really affecting performance, just shooting loads high :)
15:42<Liutauras>I want to make them work together, because the Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator has a feature where it transcodes (converts) videos to mp4 if my website user wants to post a lets say mov video
15:42<Liutauras>Can you help me with that?
15:47<Demo>I'm not sure they're able to, it may be better to source an alternative? Although I'm not a WP expert.
15:50-!-biesbjerg [] has quit [Quit: Textual IRC Client:]
15:52<newbie_>What kind of cyber threats or abuse could happen if I dont have special protection on Centos Lamp seting?
15:52<newbie_>*centos 7
15:53<Demo>newbie_: what couldn't happen if you don't lock your system down? There's simply too many. :)
15:55<newbie_>How is the security level on this tutorial
15:57<Demo>Pretty OK as a start guide yeah.
15:58<newbie_>I previously had a reseller account in a popular hosting company and managed clients with WHM and Cpanel, but due to a bad customer service experience and my webapp having long downtime, i gave up usual hosting and decided to explore linode.... I do have very basic knowledge on Linux/Cenos.
15:59<Demo>Make sure you lock down SSH, and you could even apply keys to Lish. SQL should be on localhost.
15:59<Demo>You'll do well here newbie_ - welcome to Linode :)
15:59<newbie_>Is it safe for a novice like me to bring in my 10 client basic websites and 2 active webapps to my self manage linode server?
16:02<Demo>newbie_: yeah, as a safety point of view / clients requirements I'd advise looking into PHP hardening, something like:
16:02<Iguil>Well, if you want to learn server management, there will always have to be a first time :)
16:03<Demo>newbie_: don't panic, we are all learning :)
16:06-!-ircuser [6bd72920@] has joined #linode
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16:07<newbie_>Thank you @demo
16:07<Peng_>Hi, ircuser
16:08<ircuser>Is this the best way to report abuse or should I use the abuse email I've just found
16:08<Peng_>You should use the abuse email.
16:09<ircuser>Thank you
16:09<Demo>newbie_: you're welcome!
16:13-!-ircuser [6bd72920@] has quit [Quit: ircuser]
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17:13<Demo>Working on a Saturday!
17:14-!-rjx7 is now known as jbejf1001
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17:30<Anon-Ymous>Hello nice and friendly
17:31<Demo>Hey Anon-Ymous.
17:31<Anon-Ymous>Is there a way to use coupon to an alreaded signed-in account?
17:31<Demo>Anon-Ymous: You could create a ticket and see if the support are feeling kind :)
17:32<Anon-Ymous>Oh, very nice! Thanks
17:33<Demo>You're welcome, welcome to Linode.
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17:44<Anon-Ymous>See you
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20:12<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
20:13*Woet slams down the newspaper on the table
20:13<@bhanks>wow would you look at that
20:14<Zimsky>woet about it?
20:14<Woet>bhanks: bad news, tonights night is 3 minutes 27 seconds longer than last night
20:17<@bhanks>well. im not working tonight. so that is fine!
20:18<Woet>bhanks: so why are you here with us freaks?
20:18<@bhanks>i dont have answers
20:20<Zimsky>Woet: how did you calculate that?
20:25<nmelehan>hi bhanks
20:26<@bhanks>hey boo 😍
20:26<nmelehan>i think i need to identify nmelehan
20:28<@bhanks>i got you
20:32<Woet>nmelehan: we were discussing your mustache earlier
20:32<Woet>we were all in agreement it was most excellent
20:32<Woet>keep it up
20:32<Woet>Zimsky: RNG.
20:46<nmelehan>oh dear
20:46<Zimsky>I was not part of that conversation
20:47<Zimsky>Woet: why not properly calculate it with the sunrise equation
20:47<Woet>Zimsky: no one except you cares
20:47<Woet>Zimsky: and no one cares about you
20:47<Zimsky>and that's all that should matter
20:47<Woet>Zimsky: hence not necessary
20:48<Zimsky>idk you've pinged me three times in the last 30 seconds
20:48<Zimsky>I feel pretty cared-for
20:48<Woet>i do that for everyone
20:48<Zimsky>it's a dutch translator
20:52-!-DennyFuchs[m] [~fuchsmatr@2001:470:1af1:101::c2f] has quit [Server closed connection]
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21:06-!-Pop [] has joined #linode
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21:06<Pop>paypal in use
21:08<Pop>ok no paypal not for me bb!
21:08-!-Pop [] has quit []
21:10<Peng_>"no paypal"
21:19<Ikaros>That was...weird.
21:26-!-V-Pariah [~viciouspa@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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21:48-!-helpme [~oftc-webi@2600:8800:6a09:3300:b1c7:8ecb:e6b4:6c05] has joined #linode
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21:48<helpme>Anybody there?
21:49<millisa>just me and a couple hundred of my closest friends
21:50<helpme>I am in desperate need of help. I'm a front end guy just out of college feeling very overwhelmed by server tech.
21:50<helpme>If anyone wants to help guide me I would be very thankful.
21:51<millisa>Your best bet is to ask specific questions.
21:52<millisa>(and there's a good chance you'll at least get pointed towards the right documentation)
21:53-!-saphirblanc [] has quit [Server closed connection]
21:53-!-saphirblanc [] has joined #linode
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21:56<helpme>Lol, ok here is my situation: I just cancelled my shared hosting plan with GoDaddy because I heard I needed a VPS or dedicated server to SSH tunnel, use NodeJS, HeidiSQL, etc. I researched VPS's and came upon Linode. I have no experience with Linux and servers in general, and just want to get my site up and running. So my question is, what is the easiest possible way to do that without requiring heavy knowledge of Linux?
21:56<millisa>step1: get knowledge of linux
21:56<millisa>And start with a getting started guide -
21:57<helpme>Lol, so about how long of a learning curve until I can get a barebones server running and SFTP my files into it?
21:58<millisa>That guide takes you to that point...
21:58<millisa>There's a lot of docs at . . some even cover things like nodejs, web servers and the like
22:00-!-Damian [] has quit [Server closed connection]
22:00-!-Damian [] has joined #linode
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22:01<millisa>if you are deadset against learning linux things; there's always 'paying someone else to do it' -
22:02<helpme>I will definitely go through that guide because I know how useful Linux is, but I'm curious as to how hefty is this task for a complete Linux noob since I want to know how to allocate my time.
22:02<millisa>as substantial as any other fulltime job.
22:03<millisa>You could make it through the getting started guide in an hour or less. Whether you'd understand the steps you did and why *shrug*
22:05<helpme>:( so do most people (front end web devs) just go the pay route? I'm just trying to understand how web devs usually go about doing this. I need a sandbox to practice all these languages and shared servers are so limited.
22:05<helpme>By the way, thanks for the info I really do appreciate it.
22:08<millisa>most the web devs I know pay for someone else to do their production system ops, but there are definitely plenty that do it themselves (and linode lends itself well to doing it yourself)
22:09<millisa>it's not uncommon for them to have their own local dev instances, too. Some of the folks I work with use vagrant instances in development
22:16<nate>In my experience, most freelance web devs are likely to have some sysop experience/knowledge and run their own stuff
22:16<nate>but mostly because we end up with contracts that system administration is a secondary want/requirement of
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22:20<helpme>Since you are very knowledgeable in this subject, what would you personally do in my position knowing I already have a full-time job as a front-ender and no knowledge of Linux? Since you said it is basically a full-time job and I already have one, would you still allocate a large amount of time to learning Linux and doing it yourself or would that be not nearly as effective or secure as paying someone?
22:20<helpme>Nate's statement has me thinking it would be worth the time investment, but I'm not sure since you said it is an entire profession in itself.
22:20<millisa>In your shoes, I'd probably play with local virtual instances before spending money
22:21<millisa>virtualbox can run on most platforms, the price is right, and you can try out doing some of the same setup you would do at a vps provider.
22:22<millisa>Even if you don't end up doing your production sysadmin stuff, knowing how its done and how it works will benefit you.
22:29<Woet>too many messages
22:30<millisa>But few messages from chanserv letting us know the user counts.
22:31-!-acald3ron [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:35<nate>helpme: If you're a webdev yourself and would like to follow that as some sort of career, learning sysop abilities is really only a plus, at minimum it gives you an extra skillset, at best it opens you up for potentially better paying gigs as well as makes you more valuable in general
22:36<millisa>and really, how often is having extra knowledge about something not a plus
22:36<smallclone>particularly something like linux which is used practically everywhere
22:38-!-joon [~joon@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:39<helpme>I agree it is always better to learn more, but with limited time to learn Linux (due to learning 5 different languages and multiple frameworks on top of that) I am wondering how much time I need to allocate to it. I just feel kind of lost in all of this.
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22:59<nate>focus on languages first, frameworks later, also maybe don't try taking on so many different programming/scripting languages at once
22:59<nate>you're probably gonna overwhelm yourself and start confusing features/functions/etc between
23:00<nate>learn a language -well- one at a time, a generic shortcut is learn any C-like language and other C-like languages can be pretty easy to learn after, on top of that once you know a language well normally figuring out things written in them come a lot easier to
23:01<schwa>my TL;DR would be, if you're not going to use shared hosting, you *definitely* should learn some linux
23:01<schwa>I wouldn't even view it as optional personally
23:02-!-kezimo [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.9.3 Aria]
23:02<schwa>(also keeping in mind just about everyone in this chat room is going to be inherently biased in that direction)
23:03<helpme>Yes, but what does everyone in this chatroom do for a living? Just out of curiosity.
23:04<millisa><--system admin stuff. not a dev.
23:05-!-MrControll [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:08<helpme>@Nate: I've made it my priority to learn the languages first. What I meant was that you can never learn enough JS (for example), though I've reached the point where I can comfortably learn frameworks.
23:09<helpme>@schwa, nate: What do you guys do for a living?
23:18-!-NiTeMaRe [] has joined #linode
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23:21<schwa>full disclosure, I work at Linode (this is the account I had before starting there, hence no op) previously customer support, now general dev (mostly backend, a little frontend)
23:21<nate>helpme: By that logic you can never learn enough anything, languages adapt and improve and change, you'll always be learning new stuff
23:21<nate>I'm basically a freelance jack-of-all-trades IT guy, I do a bunch of stuff
23:21<helpme>You really can't learn enough. My professors stressed that.
23:22<@bhanks>schwa <3
23:22<helpme>Besides learning and using your knowledge is really fun.
23:23<nate>schwa: You're not allowed to use your main support nick when off-site? o.O
23:23<nate>helpme: It is, you just don't want to overdo it, that's how you grind yourself out before even getting started
23:23<nate>and trying to learn 5 languages at once is probably gonna do that :P
23:23<Guest27>totes can, I just personally like to keep it tied to my work laptop which I'm not always using ;)
23:23<helpme>At once is an overstatement lol. I am familiar with most of them, I just believe you can never learn enough of each.
23:23-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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23:24<@bhanks>nate nah i'm always on this nick. doesn't mean im always at work. :)
23:24*Guest27 identify
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23:24*Guest27 is failing ignore me
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23:24<nate>bhanks: Ah, I wasn't sure cause of the way he said about working at linode but being on a non-op account :P
23:25<nate>jhaas: At least you didn't share a password?
23:25-!-jhaas is now known as Guest331
23:25<nate>apparently didn't share it with nickserv either lol
23:27*Guest331 grumbles at irc
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23:35<helpme>Nate: Since I just want a basic site up asap I guess my plan now is to setup my server, connect my domain to the server, and SFTP my files in. I'll start taking baby steps into learning Linux after the site is up. Does this sound like a good plan lol?
23:35<nate>helpme: Indeed, a cheap linode can easily be a nice environment to teach yourself stuff in :P
23:41-!-Guest331 is now known as jhaas
23:42-!-mode/#linode [+o jhaas] by ChanServ
23:42<@jhaas>bleh that took a while. gonna have too debug my cert auth later
23:43<@jhaas>helpme: sounds good. you can get pretty far with filezilla and guides directing you what to put in SSH/putty
23:44<@jhaas>but this is a pretty good resource as well -
23:51<helpme>Thanks jhaas. Btw would you recommend cPanel or is that just an easy way out?
23:52<@jhaas>I don't have much experience with it. I would never personally use it, but I know many people like it.
23:52<helpme>Why wouldn't you use it personally?
23:53<@jhaas>It takes control of everything, making working on the command line or low-level debugging difficult or impossible
23:53<@jhaas>the installation process takes almost an hour which is unheard of with other linux software
23:53<nate>helpme: webmin might be a bit more sane, it's vastly less intrusive but still gives you an interface you can 'manage' from
23:53<Woet>none of the panels are sane
23:54<Woet>just spend a few extra minutes learning SSH
23:54<nate>I haven't had many issues with webmin, I mean you still should learn the fundamental stuff from shell sure, I was just talking something for quicker management of things :P
23:55-!-Fay_Coyote [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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23:55<nate>(though I suppose I should note I've largly used webmin for pretty minimal management and DNS so no idea how crazy it's plugins get)
23:55<@jhaas>helpme: one other thing to consider, this channel and Linode support are unlikely to be able/willing to help with cpanel
23:55<@jhaas>and I've heard cpanel support is less than stellar
23:56<@jhaas>but honestly if you're any form of programmer or developer, getting comfortable with linux shouoldn't be that bad
23:56<Fay_Coyote>Hi All, i'm a newbie here at linode
23:56<millisa> Greetings
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