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00:14<Musfuut>With hourly billing does the time being billed only count the running time of the instance? e.g. the instance can be turned off when not required to not be billed? Also I assume it retains the same IP address between such shutdowns?
00:14<millisa>if a linode is provisioned, it's billed, regardless of power state
00:15<Musfuut>Ah ok, thank you millisa.
00:16<millisa>(relevant link:
00:16<dwfreed>oh hey, it's Musfuut
00:16<dwfreed>long time no see
00:16<Musfuut>Indeed, how are you? o/
00:16<dwfreed>i'm alright
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00:32<Musfuut>Well alright is alright I guess xD
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02:13<@scrane>Alright alright alright
02:15<Zimsky>enough alright
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02:28<dcraig>ok fine
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03:10<zifnab>is there a magical command to force a slaac reconfigure
03:10<zifnab>minus just a reboot
03:11<grawity>rdisc6 eth0
03:11<grawity>bringing the network down & up via LISH console is also a good method
03:12<dwfreed>disable and re-enable ipv6 on the interface
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03:12<zifnab>weird, yeah, "just linux, not a linode"
03:12<zifnab>some jackass (<--) decided he wanted ipv6 at home finally
03:13<zifnab>everything *but* phenom gets a slaac address
03:13<grawity>fine, "via physical console"
03:13<zifnab>somehow it gets an fe80 address, i may just go to sleep instead of fucking with this
03:13<grawity>it's going to have a fe80 address no matter what
03:14<grawity>in fact, if you have ipv6 enabled and it *doesn't* get a fe80 address, something is really fucked up
03:14<zifnab>does show me the prefix
03:14<zifnab>oh well, kernel update time
03:14<zifnab>should figure out where ipmi lives tehse days
03:14<grawity>usually I have rdisc6 installed, both for triggering SLAAC and just looking at RAs
03:14<dwfreed>zifnab: as in?
03:15<dwfreed>like what its IP is?
03:15<zifnab>fucking supermicro boards, how do they even work
03:15<dwfreed>zifnab: 'ipmitool lan print'
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03:18<zifnab>at some point in time i will remember these things
03:18<zifnab>today is not that point
03:21<zifnab>yeah, weird, rdisc6 sees the prefix but doesn't actually get a lease
03:21<zifnab>for some reason i blame docker
03:22<dwfreed>you have v6 routing enabled
03:22<dwfreed>so if you want SLAAC, you have to set accept_ra to 2
03:23<dwfreed>you should have said docker earlier :P
03:24<zifnab>i should have
03:24<zifnab>oh well, new kernel, needed a restart anyways :P
03:27<zifnab>unrelated, I just sent my apartment building *another* email over missing packages.
03:27<zifnab>this makes 4 this year.
03:29<dwfreed>get a PO box or a UPS mailbox or something
03:29<dwfreed>or if your apartment building has a leasing office, have them sent there as punishment :D
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03:30<zifnab>it has a leasing office, they dump them in the (locked) mail room
03:30<zifnab>they just added a new door, it's beefy as fuck
03:30<zifnab>but shit's still going missing
03:31<zifnab>last time it happened they gave me a $300 rent deduction for $20 worth of packages
03:31<zifnab>fwiw, we've also had tents set up in the lobby and in the garage now
03:32<zifnab>quite fun to call 911 on that one - "wait they did what? we'll send someone out if we have time, but this sounds like a civil issue, your landlord may have to file an eviction"
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04:45<diveyez>Any Dallas Datacenter techs available?
04:47<@scrane>diveyez What's up?
04:47<diveyez>Got a linode stuck on system shutdown
04:48<diveyez>Been quite some time
04:48<diveyez>Hmm, magic?
04:48<@scrane>Haha did it just fix itself?
04:48<diveyez>scrane my base belong to you? As soon as you responded it booted
04:48<diveyez>I waited 25 minuters
04:49<diveyez>Doing custom Distro is tuff, that guide needs to be updated btw
04:50<diveyez>Grub didnt see the encrypted KVM after following that
04:50<diveyez>scrance want to see something amazing?
04:51<@scrane>Haha sure
04:51<diveyez>Trolling a friend who works for microsoft with a xfce4 DE running on WSL over win10 with kali-linux-all
04:52<@scrane>Hahaha beautiful.
04:52<diveyez>I got debian doing that too
04:52<diveyez>Its AMAZING
04:52<diveyez>I am about to get a mac, and accomplish something similar
04:53<diveyez>I remember the days of octo core linodes
04:53<diveyez>Maybe that was virtualized but still, awesome, RIP klono
04:53<diveyez>He died Jan6th
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04:55<diveyez>I love how I can do a custom distro on a nanode, just because of that, I decided to resize to a larger plan and do it all over again for keeps
04:56<diveyez>These science experiments of mine cost a lot of money in '18
04:57<diveyez>Have a staffer update this with the builds for linode kernels, ie: deb9
04:57<diveyez>Images ^^ ... >.>
04:58<diveyez>Access violation
04:58<diveyez>I'm sorry, but you've triggered our Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) prevention measure.
04:58*diveyez sighs
04:59<diveyez>That was on a disk resize attempt
04:59<diveyez>Instead of the message that we cant resize raw, I got a CSRF
05:00<diveyez>Wait that actually worked? Wow
05:00<@scrane>Did you accidentally doubleclick the button?
05:00<ponas>did you accidentally try to hack the linode manager? :O
05:00*diveyez takes guilty plea and asks for a discount
05:00<diveyez>Dont worry, its just debian
05:01<diveyez>klono actually died pentesting an ovh dedi with kali, and he found some serious sh**
05:01<diveyez>Seizure while eating yogurt
05:01<diveyez>What a way...
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05:05<diveyez>Quickly, someone tell me what the flaws of full virt are?
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05:09<diveyez>With that guide, I cant get grub to work after last ext4 setup step on an encrypted LVM Fs
05:10<@scrane>Is it full encryption?
05:10<@scrane>This guide's a bit old, but this might help.
05:19<diveyez>I want to know, can I run qubes on a linode?
05:20<diveyez>I might have to try that
05:21<diveyez>Nvm, it used its own hybervisor
05:21<diveyez>If it is possible, let me know
05:22<@scrane>Sadly, I'm not terribly familiar with Qubes so I wouldn't be able to say for certain
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05:22<diveyez>I wish my alienware could do it, but it cant
05:23<diveyez>I tried, then had to rebuild everything
05:23<diveyez>But installing a hpv inside another hpv not a good idea
05:23<diveyez>Take a serious performance hit probably
05:23<@scrane>Most likely. I know our hypervisor tends to not like that sort of thing.
05:23<diveyez>I think the same
05:24<diveyez>I just have a client who needs extra security for medical practice law stuff
05:24<diveyez>I think I can do him promox on a vdn with proxmox vm setups
05:24<diveyez>Its just for isolated mailservers web servers etc
05:24<diveyez>Big money coming =)
05:25<diveyez>suprisingly he is the first to not have me do an NDA first
05:25<diveyez>Debian is sitting on top of windows waiting to fast deploy scripts on my new dallas linode heheh
05:25<@scrane>Hmm. Have you considered selinux?
05:25<diveyez>I tried gnome, and lxde with that WSL setup, but it didnt work
05:26<diveyez>I can and do use the extra permissions
05:26<diveyez>Its a built in feature for most distros just needs to be enabled
05:26<diveyez>I take medical information serious, I am a patient of his
05:27<@scrane>Hahaha that's fair. Hmmm, you could try doing full disk encryption with LUKS:
05:27<diveyez>Just being able to recite the books he had trouble with in college, only as an IT student who is dropping out, made him select me to replace an entire department
05:27<diveyez>I did a LVM Full Encryption on raw disk with debian
05:28<diveyez>Now that I see how safe it is, I am considering migrating my own linodes to that setup
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05:28<diveyez>That inside the debian LVM LXC Encryption will be enough to allow employees to see a GUI and setup things.
05:28<diveyez>I am gonna make 12 of these.
05:29<diveyez>So ill be busy for 3 weeks.
05:29<diveyez>That Franfurk VPN is lagging
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05:44<diveyez>ssh with custom cypher = never breached
05:44<diveyez>I need to avoid publishng that to github heh
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05:46<Zimsky>you just published it on irc
05:46<diveyez>Not the cipher and implementation, good luck figuring that out
05:46<diveyez>You always have been a smart ass though, I dont blame you
05:47<Zimsky>at least I'm smart :D
05:49<diveyez>6am, almost prayer time
05:49<diveyez>Joe Ford - Where Is The Sun
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06:41<cps>resizing a linode keeps the ip address the same, correct?
06:45<@bmartin>That is correct
06:45<@bmartin>which data center is this Linode in?
06:45<@bmartin>Perfect. Yeah there would be no change in your IP
06:45<cps>excellent, thanks
06:46<diveyez>0% [Connecting to (2600:3404:200:237::2)]
06:46<diveyez>That mirror needs to be yanked lol
06:47<diveyez>cps I am from maryland
06:47<diveyez>Catonsville, hi there. GOOD MORNING
06:48<cps>good morning. i am just south of the PA line in carroll county.
06:48<diveyez>Lucky you
06:48<diveyez>Where is the sun?
06:48<diveyez>Its 6:48 am an still very dark lol
06:48<cps>well below the horizon
06:49<cps>was 25F here a few minutes ago
06:49<cps>our climate is very different from the metro balt area
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06:53<cps>the linode now is a 2G, considering going to either a 4G or 8G (my other linode is a 4G)
06:54<diveyez>8G is best for long term usage and consistent activity
06:54<diveyez>The disk space 96GB just about fits any needs
06:54<diveyez>Newark drives are elite as well
07:00<diveyez>wow, debian deprecated most of net-tools
07:01<diveyez>Im sad, I may have to switch distros
07:07<Zimsky>why would you switch distros just because a package is no longer included/maintained
07:07<Zimsky>that seems ridiculous and silly
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07:09<@sjacobs>and you will have less and less options in the coming years. net-tools is being phased out in a lot of distros.
07:13<@sjacobs> < i use this a lot. linked from that lwn article.
07:14<cps>seems like a nice quiet time to do a resize/migration
07:21<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • CentOS v7, not booting from latest updated kernel. <>
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08:04<Bart_Klaver>Hi Linode,
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08:37<omzm>hey everyone, I have a question regarding VPS on Linode- do you guys support docker officialy? I want to run several containers on my VPS.
08:37<@scrane>We don't officially support Docker in the sense that we don't provide direct support for it. That being said, you are absolutely free to run Docker on your Linodes.
08:39<omzm>cool, thanks. To refine my question, will docker run with no issues (missing kernel modules for example) on your nodes?
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08:39<grawity>the Linode kernels usually have everything necessary
08:39<grawity>but you're not required to use Linode kernels
08:40<@sjacobs>i run it on a few. it works with the Linode provided kernel, but i personally use the kernel provided by the distribution.
08:40<@scrane>If memory serves, it's recommended you run a Distribution Supplied Kernel for Docker because there is one option missing from our current kernels that helps keep Docker running smoothly.
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08:41<@scrane>You can read how to do this here:
08:41<@sjacobs>scrane: that shouldn't be the case anymore. they should have what they need now. i still prefer to use the distro kernel, though.
08:41<@sjacobs>it's as easy as flipping the kernel setting to grub 2 in the configuration profile.
08:42<omzm>I'm asking because our current VPS provider just told me they don't support docker, meaning that docker will run but will not be able to be exposed to outbound traffic
08:42<@sjacobs>newer images, like ubuntu 17.10 and recent fedora images already use their distro kernel by default.
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08:42<@jackley>omzm: that shouldn't be the case with a Linode.
08:42<@sjacobs>omzm: that isn't the case here. nothing is blocked be default. you are in control of your firewall.
08:43<@jackley>omzm: here's our guide for getting docker setup on an Ubuntu 16.04 Linode ->
08:43<omzm>thankg guys!
08:43<omzm>one more q if i may ;)
08:43<@jackley>you may
08:44<omzm>what support do you offer for the different plans?
08:44<@jackley>hm i'm not sure I follow –- "different plans"?
08:44<@jackley>as in our different plans? we have lots --
08:45<omzm>yeah, sorry for the confusion
08:45<@jackley>oof "–-" hate when I do that
08:45<@sjacobs>support is the same for all of them. phone, email, tickets.
08:47<omzm>will your technical reps/engineers assist with installing/configuring software on my node?
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08:49<@jackley>omzm: generally, no, that's beyond the scope of what we can support. we're happy to provide guidance, but we have limits :)
08:50<omzm>got it
08:50<omzm>thanks for the info guys, have a nice day!
08:50<@jackley>omzm: you as well!
08:50<omzm>cheers ;)
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10:08<diveyez>Any dallas Tech's around?
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11:22<cn_>is this a place for asking about linode vps?
11:22<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
11:23<@bmartin>How can we help you cn_
11:23<cn_>!ask is linode vps support softether vpn server?
11:23<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
11:25<@bmartin>You can set up your Linode as a VPN via SoftEther is fthat is what you're asking
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11:28<cn_>if linode can set up as softether vpn server, than can i have access to forward port of softether vpn server?
11:29<@bmartin>Essentially you can do whatever you please with your Linode that is legal. We provide the box you install whatever distribution and software you'd like. You also configure the internals however you see fit.
11:31<cn_>ok, tq for ur information bmartin... i will order from website... c u
11:31<@bmartin>No problem!
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12:05<rubel>Hi~ do you provide ddos protection for customer servers?
12:05<@mcintosh>we do not
12:06-!-anna1 [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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12:07<anna1>Hello! I cannot seem to locate any information on Linode's GDPR compliancy - anyone able to help with this?
12:07<rubel>mcintosh[m]: SO what kind of helpline available there for your servers?
12:08<@mcintosh>anna1: your best bet would be to open a ticket
12:08<@mcintosh>rubel: i'm not sure what you mean by helpline, but we offer 24/7 support via phone and ticket
12:09<rubel>rubel: mcintosh and you provide support to what extent?
12:09-!-rubel is now known as adiba
12:09<anna1>@mcintosh - thanks, I'm doing that now
12:10*nate wonders if linode has any necessity to being GDPR compliant considering their location and nature
12:10-!-el [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:11<nate>Not to say they aren't protecting info though, but I would imagine it's more of a PCI-DSS and US-regulation mixture
12:11-!-el is "elky" on #oftc
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12:11<@mcintosh>adiba: we provide support for our platform and physical infrastructure - linux administration issues are up to you to take care of
12:11<nate>mcintosh: I imagine they were talking -your- actual infrastructure
12:11<nate>at least that's the only thing I'd think when it comes to GDPR
12:12<@mcintosh>you are mixing the two conversations, I believe
12:12<nate>Oh missed that one yeah
12:12<nate>blah I'm going back to bed lol
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12:14<anna1>Our servers are uk based, but I can't find any documentation that Linode UK adheres to the UK data protection act or will be GDPR compliant
12:18-!-joon [~joon@] has joined #linode
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12:25<hawk>anna1: I don't know if it actually matters which datacenter your purchases relate to (UK, DE, specifically or elsewhere)? But I would think the GDPR does apply to them, so I would assume that they plan to be compliant. The compliance probably relates more to their own business data (customer data, purchase information, etc, etc). But ianal, I could be way wrong.
12:36<nate>anna1: Are you talking about how linode stores customer information or are you talking about the information that would be stored on your linode?
12:44<hawk>(I would think that Linode needs to comply wrt the former and that customers need to comply wrt the latter.)
12:48<nate>hawk: That'
12:48<nate>*That's why I was asking
12:48<nate>THough I don't know if linode would -need- to, I thought GDPR was only for explictly EU located companies
12:48<nate>Even at that linode follows PCI-DSS on their side which is basically a big part of GDPR so
12:51<hawk>nate: From what I've read, my impression is that having an EU customer base is the deciding factor rather than if you are an EU company
12:55<nate>hawk: As far as the EU is concerned they tried the same thing with VAT, problem is the world views the EU differently than the EU views it's legal-reach
13:00<hawk>Sure. I think the EU view is that anyone selling goods in the EU is within their reach. I'm sure some will dispute that.
13:00-!-ntox [~textual@] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
13:01<hawk>It's a really boring topic and I kind of regret getting myself involved in this discussion, though.
13:01<nate>Seeing as most US companies (linode included) still don't charge VAT simply for having EU reach, probably implies more than just -some- dispute it :P
13:08-!-wesley [~oftc-webi@2607:fea8:3da0:b9:d5a:a7:4995:709] has joined #linode
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13:12<@mcintosh>Linode intends to charge VAT as appropriate, in the future
13:12<@mcintosh>for what that is worth
13:15<dzho>I, for one, welcome the additional bureaucratically-mandated pop up notifications this will undoubtedly spawn.
13:15<nate>mcintosh: For EU customers, to what I recall though EU was trying to institute a law where you had to charge -everyone- VAT if you so much as had any sort of EU presense, that's the one everyone kinda went "lol wut" at
13:17*dzho does appreciate some privacy look outs but is prepared to see this end up being California lead-and-carcinogen warnings meet cookie click throughs, with a healthy dose of you-must-allow-access-to-HIPAA-protected-data-to-see-a-doctor
13:17<@mcintosh>can't say I'm familiar with that proposal but it sounds pretty crazy
13:19<nate>I think it was back in like 2014 or so they were talking about it, it was a good while back
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13:45<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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17:57<copart>question, most likely linux and not linode specific, on one of my nodes I have a lot of virtual adapters listed in 'ip addr'
17:57<copart>want to remove them... they all seem down
17:57<copart>they also survive reboot
17:58<grawity>all tunnel modules (ipip, gre, etc.) automatically create a "default" tunnel device and use it for internal purposes
17:59<grawity>the only way to get rid of it would be to unload the whole module
17:59<grawity>if the feature were modular, which it's not – on Linode kernels everything is compiled statically
18:00<smallclone> could always switch to the grub2 + distro kernel if it's important enough to you
18:00<copart>oh, that may explain why why other node does not have those
18:00<copart>for example, one of them is named 'erspan0@NONE:'
18:02<smallclone>yeah that's a tunnel
18:03<grawity>erspan is a recently added kind of gre tunnel
18:03<copart>smallclone: thank you... I was worried it was possible exploit/hack evidence
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18:05<copart>glad I asked here :)
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19:28<dwfreed>grawity: I don't think it really makes sense for that to be enabled on Linode kernels, though, does it?
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19:43<@mcintosh>new linodes have, largely, been booting into distro kernels by default for some time now
19:43<@mcintosh>for whatever that is worth
19:44<@mcintosh>or rather, have the ability to
19:44<@mcintosh>(if you want to unload a particular module that is present)
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19:56<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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20:04<waltman>I've been keeping the disto kernels because I can install and then look at the change logs before installing them on my non-linode boxes.
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21:05<arooni>why in the world would accessing my site via curl produce a different site (my default site on nginx) than accessing it via chrome
21:08<relidy>arooni: Curl probably isn't sending the Host header (or you're accessing it via IP)
21:08<arooni>looks like it serves a different page if you try to access versus
21:10<arooni>fixed that with a redirect
21:12<arooni>so for a text record can i have ... maijet._0e38838339839 ;; with a text value ? it assign?
21:12<arooni>that it assigns? i set TTL as 5 minutes and mailjet still cant verify (linode DNS)
21:13-!-Hotpot33 [~Hot_Pot@] has joined #linode
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21:19<arooni>so i have TTL set to 5 minbutes but i dont see any update when i do dig -t txt
21:21<Peng_>What's your domain
21:23<arooni> ; am i allowed only a limited number of txt records? or perhaps dig -x doesnt list all txt records? i see some older ones on the dns interface i havent changed in forever that don't appear on dig -x
21:23<Peng_>"dig -x" is for reverse DNS stuff
21:23<Peng_>dig liss all the records
21:24<Peng_>Linode doesn't limit how many TXT records you can have, or at least not unreasonably
21:24<Peng_>What records did you make, when did you make them
21:25<arooni>well when i was trying out transactional email providers i made a few montths ago including the one i just created to verify domain ownerhip with amiljet
21:25<arooni>i twas a text record
21:26<Peng_>Can you post a screenshot of the Linode DNS manager?
21:27<arooni>yeah one moment
21:29<arooni>just pm'd it you
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22:41<zifnab>Peng_: challenge accepted.
22:44<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • Hours Delay "Linode Events Notification" <>
22:50<Woet>arooni: DNS is not private, you don't have to PM it in the future.
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23:12<MrPPS>well, it might be if arooni doesn't want that domain associated with them on the public internet
23:16<Woet>they already mentioned the domain,
23:16<Woet>and if you don't want it associated with you, hire someone instead. don't pm someone without asking.
23:22<MrPPS>ah, didn't see scrollback; my idea is irrelevant then
23:22<MrPPS>and yes, always ask permission before PM, of course
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23:59<zifnab>Peng_: sorry, I meant, in relationship to "Linode doesn't limit how many TXT records you can have", "Challenge Accepted"
23:59<zifnab>i'm curious what the limit is, as such, I must find it.
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