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00:00<Peng_>If you're going to crash the nameservers, please wait until the day shift. :P
00:00<zifnab>i miss `dig IN ANY`
00:01<tmberg>zifnab: :D
00:29<@bhanks>!poing Peng_
00:29<@bhanks>!point Peng_
00:29<linbot>bhanks: Point given to peng_. (5)
00:29<@scrane>Agreed. Please don't break things until the day shift.
00:35<Woet>!poing bhanks
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02:04<zifnab>it'd require me moving a domain
02:04<zifnab>that's too much effort
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02:05<zifnab>tonight's experiment: cat bath. cat does not like baths. cat does not like flea/tick shampoo. cat does not want bath, or shampoo, and would rather remain itchy.
02:05<zifnab>cat now smells wonderful but is hiding in a corner fixing the disaster that was the cat shampoo bath.
02:18<Zimsky>Woet: why not PM someone without asking? do you ask if you can email someone?
02:19<Zimsky>it's IRC, not a formal banquet
02:20<Zimsky>if you don't care to talk to that other user, you can just ignore the query and optionally tell them to sod off
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02:23<@scrane>Hey there!
02:23<rizwan>I have an issue here
02:24<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
02:25<Zimsky>hello scrane
02:25<@scrane>Hey Zimsky
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02:26<Zimsky>zifnab: I recall you having experimented with cats and water in the past
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02:27<Zimsky>and already coming to the conclusion that their forced combination yields unsightly results
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02:31<zifnab>Zimsky: it's about a yearly occurance
02:42*dcraig tickles zifnab around a bit with a large silver driftfish
02:43*zifnab pokes dcraig with a wet puking cat
02:43<zifnab>unsure what i expected
02:43<zifnab>"why is she puking" you ask? shampoo.
02:43<zifnab>dcraig: are you still in portlandia?
02:43<zifnab>how are software jobs down there
02:43<zifnab>is it all still hardware companies?
02:43<dcraig>no idea
02:44<dcraig>I work at a hardware company
02:44<zifnab>this summer, if i make it down there for a weekend, i will acquire alcohol for you at a bar somewhere
02:44<zifnab>if you're not opposed to random internet stranger meetups
02:45<zifnab>i didn't have nearly enough time to explore last summer
02:45<zifnab>downtown seemed nice
02:45<dcraig>I'm so tired of the rain though
02:46<zifnab>tell me about it
02:46<zifnab>seattle, land of the fucking rain
02:46<zifnab>if it's not sunny it's raining
02:46<zifnab>if it is sunny, it's still somehow raining
02:49<dcraig>I wish there would just be a big thunderstorm
02:49<dcraig>it's always drizzle
02:51<Zimsky>Uganda has a lot of thunderstorms
02:51<dcraig>maybe I should move
02:51<Zimsky>Kampala is awesome
02:52<Zimsky>dcraig: there's no winter though
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07:04<Woet>Zimsky: sod off
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08:53<VanderGalvao>I wonder what the capacity of 1 vcpu ... is equivalent to an XEON processor for how much?
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12:24<london_vduk>any issues in london with connectivity showing up? i seem to be unable to contact one of my servers directly or via lish
12:25<relidy>My Linode there seems to be just fine.
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12:26<Gaby_Karam>Hello guys
12:27<Gaby_Karam>I am having some question for vps hosting could you guys help
12:27<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
12:28<london_vduk>thanks relidy
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12:34<Gaby_Karam>My question is as following in my company we want to get a server/s to host all the client websites and we want that each client have his separate environment and for sure we want it to be secure. who will maintain the server are developers but we also want to have support when we break thing. is it hard to make the server secure
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12:34<smallclone>Gaby_Karam: linode does not offer that
12:35<smallclone>ie. "support for when you break things" and they don't handle security, etc for you. Linodes are up to you to configure.
12:36<Gaby_Karam>what about the managed server
12:36<smallclone>they don't set anything up for you or really do anything meaningful to fix something if it breaks
12:36<smallclone>the most they'll do is like, tail logs and send them to you, or restart services. they won't touch the configuration of your stuff
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12:38<Gaby_Karam>do the linode server protect from DDOS
12:39<smallclone>you would want to use cloudflare or something like that for ddos mitigation, it's not something vps providers typically offer
12:41<Gaby_Karam>Ah Okay, so mainly I will go to managed vps as that sometimes bugs can happen and the clients are clients
12:42<smallclone>not really sure what you mean
12:43<smallclone>but yeah, if you're looking for a fully managed offering you're better served going somewhere else
12:44<Gaby_Karam>I mean if an error happen on the server and the clients start emailing me about the bad service I can directly contact support and they will fix it
12:44<smallclone>no, at Linode it would be your responsibility to fix it
12:44<smallclone>if you're asking a question i mean
12:45<Gaby_Karam>even with the managed service that I can pay for it 100$plus per month
12:46<smallclone>the managed services at linode are poorly named and do not involve actually managing things for you
12:46<smallclone>i can understand why this is confusing
12:47<Gaby_Karam>Ah ok thanks for the clarification
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12:50<smallclone>^ maybe we should make a community question out of that :)
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13:11<Zimsky>Woet: is it okay if i ping you
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13:25<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
13:32<@jalter>!point Eugene
13:32<linbot>jalter: Point given to eugene. (53) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 18)
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13:39<Zimsky>jalter: but it's a blatant lie
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13:39<Zimsky>such behaviour is undeserving of points
13:41<@jalter>You make a strong argument
13:41<@jalter>!point Zimsky
13:41<linbot>jalter: Point given to zimsky. (12)
13:41<smallclone>i will give a point to the next person who lies
13:41<@jalter>no you won't
13:41<@jalter>!point smallclone
13:41<linbot>jalter: Point given to smallclone. (18)
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13:41<Zimsky>those 18 times are the only times smallclone has ever made a point
13:41<smallclone>!point jalter
13:41<linbot>smallclone: Point given to jalter. (7)
13:41<smallclone>fair enough
13:42<@jalter>mmmm tasty paradox
13:42<smallclone>we're making a mockery of this otherwise meaningless point system
13:43<Zimsky>I agree
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13:43<Zimsky>!unpoint smallclone
13:43<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from smallclone! (17)
13:43<Zimsky>!unpoint jalter
13:43<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from jalter! (6)
13:43<Zimsky>do not mock the points
13:43<@jalter>wow i had no idea my numbers were that weak
13:44<smallclone>start helping people
13:44<smallclone>or just Linodin' more
13:44<smallclone>i bet you're barely even Linodin' on a weekly basis
13:44<@jalter>Every weekday I'm Linodin'
13:44<Zimsky>more lies
13:44<Zimsky>jalter: have you considered running for congress?
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13:45<smallclone>i've been writing in jalter for all manner of local office since i met him
13:45<@jalter>got a slogan and everything
13:45<@jalter>"Alter Means Change"
13:45<smallclone>"Don't lower your expectations, just Alter them!"
13:46<HoopyCat>i'm a little outside the center of the overton window, but sadly there is an opening for congressional rep from my district
13:46<Zimsky>run for office
13:46<HoopyCat>i should probably start with city council or something tho
13:46<Zimsky>or make office run for you
13:46<Zimsky>I wouldn't vote for you though
13:47<HoopyCat>Zimsky: neither would most of the people here i'm sure
13:47<Zimsky>mostly because I am not american
13:47<@jalter>well, nobody's perfect
13:47<Zimsky>america is a great example of that
13:48<Zimsky>thanks for pointing that out
13:48<@jalter>you're welcome. i'm happy to help.
13:48<Zimsky>I always vote for Xi Jinping
13:48<Zimsky>he is the best.
13:49<smallclone>makes sense. shouldn't bet unless you know you're going to win.
13:49<Zimsky>do you win?
13:50<smallclone>sadly no, xi jinping did not win the US presidential election, much to my chagrin
13:51<Zimsky>why is it sad?
13:51<HoopyCat>like do we even have any openly-(queer, transgender, non-binary, polyamorous, furry) folks in congress?
13:52<smallclone>but not many
13:52<Zimsky>HoopyCat: do you need any?
13:53<HoopyCat>Zimsky: idk i'd like to feel represented :p
13:53<Zimsky>are you all of the above
13:53<HoopyCat>Zimsky: all that and more!
13:54<Zimsky>I'd like to see more representation of annoying nerds
13:55<Zimsky>the kind of people who would debate the finite technicalities of a point ad nauseum
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14:34<tafa2>chef, puppet, ansible or salt?
14:37<smallclone>i feel like it depends a bit on your needs
14:37<smallclone>but i'll say chef because i'm biased
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15:32<col>anyway I cna get a linode back that was decomissioned last week. In paeticular I am looking to get the old ipaddress that was on it
15:34<Eugene>I like Salt because its Python
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15:37<col_>if I boot up another linode can I request the old ip of it is still available
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15:55<col_>anyone know ht eanswer to this, can I request an ipadress I had 3 days ago n a now inactive lindoe
15:56<dwfreed>why do you need it?
15:59<col_>becasue I haev a dns entry pointing at it and am havung diffuclity changung the DNS quikc enough
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17:10<@mcintosh>col: if you open a ticket, we may be able to help out
17:11<@mcintosh>but, if the IP address has been reassigned to another Linode, you'll be out of luck
17:11<@mcintosh>the linode may still be retrievable even if the IP address has been reassigned - support will be able to take a closer look for you
17:13<Peng_>col: But changing your DNS is probably faster than debating it with support...
17:15<@mcintosh>true, but if e.g. he's running an NTP server, he may rather not lose the IP if possible
17:15<@mcintosh>plus, if it's available, support likely won't have any reason to debate
17:16<Peng_>As someone who went back and forth with support over an NTP server IP address, I couldn't agree with you more. :P
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23:29<Zimsky>what else
23:31<millisa>chef? ansible?
23:32<Zimsky>it was rhetorical
23:33<millisa>HoopyCat: Tammy Baldwin is still in the senate. (though I suspect that question earlier was rhetorical too)
23:35<millisa>When she left the house of representatives, Pocan took her seat - he's open, too
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