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02:48<san>team i have an urgent update needed for one my already submitted ticket
02:49<millisa>if it's urgent, give them a call
02:49<san>server is blocking some external ip's crawling data from our website
02:50<grawity>that sounds like a matter of regular sysadminning, not something Linode usually does for you?
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03:10<nate>san: Unless you have managed or professional that's not really in the scope of linode staff, like grawity said that would fall under your control or whoever you have as your sysadmin. Did you check the local firewall rules to see if it's listed there, and if so figure out how it got added to begin with?
03:13<san>ok sure let me check local firewall rule first
03:13<san>thanks for your support
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03:36<Zimsky>grawity: nonsense, they need to ensure the right scripts are +x
03:36<Zimsky>linode /must/ actively monitor this.
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03:53<FluffyFoxeh>hEY zIMSKY
03:53<san>hi team
03:53<FluffyFoxeh>yO SAN
03:54<san>can anyone give an urgent priority for one of my support ticket
03:54<san>can i share the ticket number here?
03:54<@bmartin>Yes what is the ticket number
03:55<Zimsky>I thought all tickets were the same priority
03:55<Zimsky>what is this unjust favouritism
03:56<FluffyFoxeh>If you get lucky and catch a staffer here you can get it looked at faster :p
03:56<FluffyFoxeh>seems reasonable to me
03:56<san>10122684 - ticket number
03:57<Zimsky>whenever someone says "team" I think of
03:57<@bmartin>san we will take a look and see what we can do
03:57<@bmartin>that's what I was hoping that link would
03:57<@bmartin>if you can't work as a team you're all fired
03:58<FluffyFoxeh>There is no "I" in Linode
03:58<Zimsky>there is "i" though
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04:39<leonnn>any staff here?
04:40<leonnn>how good is cpu of linode?
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04:40<Ash_>Hi - have a quick question about DNS Manager in Linode
04:40<Ash_>I can't find any costing information for it
04:41<Ash_>on the website
04:41<@bmartin>The DNS manager itself doesn't have a cost Ash_
04:41<@bmartin>leonn I'm not certain what you're asking
04:41<@bmartin>leonnn ^
04:41<Ash_>Right - so can I host any number of domains that we have purchased elsewhere?
04:42<@bmartin>that is correct
04:42<Ash_>Right - brilliant thanks. I wasn't sure about that you see and we actually pay our current hosting provider for both email and domain hosting
04:42<@bmartin>No problem
04:43<leonnn>I mean what's the frequency of the CPU core for a Linode 1GB plan?
04:45<@bmartin>Our fleet currently runs Intel Xeon Processors
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04:47<@bmartin>you can run cat /proc/cpuinfo from your Linode as well
04:47<@bmartin>anything beyond that is not information we would disclose.
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05:47<JamesTK>bmartin: even if you did, there's no point.
05:47*JamesTK hates it when people ask questions like tha
05:59<Zimsky>but JamesTK if the proc is 3.10GHz and not 3.12GHz that will SEVERELY AFFECT PERFORMANCE
06:02<Zimsky>the only useful thing from cpuinfo is probably flags
06:03<Zimsky>unless you're doing weird low level stuff
06:03<Peng_>And bugs~
06:03<Zimsky>you're a bug
06:03<Peng_>And bogomips
06:04<Zimsky>idk it really depends what you're doing
06:04<Zimsky>bogomips is useless imo
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11:18<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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11:34<@mcintosh>!point Eugene
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14:40<tafa2>any cPanel adminstrators lurking?
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14:40<tafa2>would appreciate feedback/advice on the following:
14:41<tafa2>I really thought I would have cracked cPanel in 1 weekend - bloody takes ages per major component (mail, web, SQL, etc...) at the moment
14:42<tafa2>got half a mind to write my own panel in bash
14:44<@mcintosh>you may want to consider asking on the new community site, as well:
14:46<tafa2>haven't seen that
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14:52<tafa2>@mcintosh done
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15:30<nate>tafa2: If I could avoid dealing with cPanel I would, unfortunately we need it at work and it's usually a frequent bane of our workshifts
15:35<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • Can't get reverse DNS to match on deploying a second website. <>
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16:21<tafa2>nate I've avoided for as long as I could
16:21<tafa2>but I've pretty much tried everything else
16:21<tafa2>customers know it and want to use it
16:21<tafa2>and now I gotta use it
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18:56<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials • [TOP TIP] Useful cron jobs <>
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20:37<zllovesuki>hi everyone....
20:37<zllovesuki>I'm pretty sure that I'm a total n00b but I can't seem to get the native ipv6 working
20:41<Peng_>It should work by default :(
20:41<Peng_>What's happening?
20:51<waltman>Even I was able to get it working, and I know nothing about ipv6!
20:51<waltman>define "not working"
20:52<dzho>aka "what sort of 'not working' is it doing?"
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20:55<zllovesuki>for starters:
20:55<zllovesuki>it does have an ip assigned via SLACC
20:56<zllovesuki>however, ping6 [insert anything ipv6] doesn't have anything
20:56<zllovesuki>iptables are all default allow
20:56<zllovesuki>accept_ra is 2 and privacy extension is disabled
20:57<zllovesuki>and ftw, SLAAC
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22:13<rsdehart>zllovesuki: SLAAC always makes me think of Sarlacc
22:13<rsdehart>and gives me anxiety about being digested for a thousand years
22:13<Peng_>I'm told that's basically what reading the IPv6 RFCs is like, yes
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23:04<Merri>AnyOne here?
23:04<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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23:06<MrPPS>in other words, yes
23:06<zifnab>i swear the new letsencrypt package contains a bitcoin miner
23:07<zifnab>"why do you stay at 100% CPU for half an hour"
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23:08<zllovesuki>weirdly though all other nodes' IPv6 work out of the box
23:08<zllovesuki>just not the one on the jp-2
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23:17<Merri>i'm need help
23:18<Peng_>zifnab: The EFF isn't *that* desperate
23:18<Merri>hi peng
23:18<Merri>how are u?
23:19<Peng_>As bad as usual. :D
23:21<nate>to be fair he did say "package"
23:21<nate>doesn't mean the package manager isn't
23:22<Merri>i'm have one ask
23:22<nate>Ask away
23:22<nate>If we can answer we shall
23:22<Merri>i'm buy centos server
23:22<Merri>and have installed cpanel
23:22<Merri>and want more 2 ip adresses
23:22<Merri>for my vps
23:23<MrPPS>you can have multiple ipv6, but not multiple ipv4
23:23<MrPPS>without a good technical justification (and that's pretty rare)
23:23<MrPPS>Merri: ^
23:24<Merri>i'm have a good technical justification
23:24<Merri>do you have facebook?
23:24<nate>Not sure where I can possibly think facebook factors into good justification lol
23:25<nate>Might want to provide more context
23:25<Merri>We can talk in facebook?
23:26<Woet>i prefer tinder
23:26<Woet>for my sysadmin support needs
23:26<nate>Exactly what I'm thinking as I can't see why talking on facebook should be necessary lol
23:27<retro|blah>This line of inquiry is strange.
23:27<nate>Ultimately it's linode staff you need to talk to, via ticket, pretty sure they're not gonna talk on facebook though
23:28<Merri>i see
23:29<MrPPS>can't remember the flag
23:29<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
23:29<MrPPS>thanks Peng_
23:29<Merri>but they say we can't add more ipv4's
23:29<MrPPS>!point Peng_
23:29<linbot>MrPPS: Point given to peng_. (6)
23:29<Peng_>Merri: I'm curious, why do you need more IPs?
23:30<Merri>to offer dedicated ip with business plan
23:30<Merri>for my clients
23:31<Peng_>Why do your clients need more IPs?
23:31<MrPPS>SNI basically negates the need for dedicated IP's
23:31<MrPPS>when it comes to web hosting
23:32<MrPPS>(assuming that's what you're doing, because cpanel)
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23:34<Woet>Merri: "to offer it" is not good technical justification
23:34<Merri>okay what i'm can do?
23:34<Woet>Merri: host it on the same IP like a sane person?
23:35<nate>Merri: The same thing just about all websites have been doing for probably close to a decade now, use SNI
23:35<Woet>i doubt it's even for SSL
23:36<Merri>What is SNI?
23:36<Woet>Merri: sounds like a great thing to put into Google™
23:37<Woet>Merri: as Peng_ already asked, why do your clients need a dedicated IP?
23:37<MrPPS>Merri: long story short, you used to need dedicated IP to have a valid cert. SNI allows for the proper cert to be negotiated based on hostname
23:37<Merri>for example
23:37<MrPPS>so dedicated IP is not required for proper SSL anymore
23:37<Merri>i'm offer shared plan
23:37-!-acald3ron [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:37<Merri>with shared ip address
23:38<Merri>u understand me?
23:38<MrPPS>But why would a client *want* a dedicated IP address? What benefit does it provide them? Why is this a *feature* you are offering, if it doesn't provide anything useful?
23:38<Woet>yes, what is your answer?
23:38<retro|blah>u: No such nick/channel
23:38<Woet>you offer shared plans with shared IP addresses, which works perfectly fine.
23:38<Woet>so whats the issue?
23:39<MrPPS>Merri: Think of it this way - if I'm a client of yours, why would I buy a dedicated IP plan from you?
23:39<Merri>business plan
23:39<Merri>with dedicated server
23:39<Woet>so whats the issue?
23:39<Merri>i was offer that
23:39<MrPPS>If you're offering them a dedicated server, that's easy!
23:39<MrPPS>Create another Linode
23:39<Merri>using vultr
23:40<MrPPS>There you have your dedicated server + dedicated IP
23:40<MrPPS>easy done
23:40<Merri>but they have block smtp access
23:40<MrPPS>You don't need to request any extra IP's for an existing Linode
23:40<MrPPS>If you're offering a dedicated server, you just create a new linode for them :) problem solved!
23:41*Woet blinks
23:41<Merri>i'm will pay for cPanel key
23:41<MrPPS>That's not the problem at all
23:41<Merri>and cpanel plugins
23:41<Woet>Merri: if you sell a dedicated server, maybe you should actually give them a dedicated server?
23:42<Merri>not dedicated server just ip
23:42<MrPPS>Merri: are you saying you're just wanting a dedicated IP so you can make it *seem* like they're getting a dedicated server, when they're actually not?
23:42<Woet>Merri: WHY?
23:42<MrPPS>That makes it sound like you're simply trying to deceive your clients for the sake of extra money
23:42<MrPPS>That seems like a poor justification for extra IP addresses
23:43<Merri>oh man
23:43<HoopyCat>also it's gonna be a pain in the butt to load-balance all those IPs across your web servers
23:43<Woet>HoopyCat: what makes you think they have such a thing as load balancing?
23:43<Woet>i doubt they even have backups
23:43<Merri>i'm think i need go back with vultr
23:43<MrPPS>Merri: Long story short, if your primary reason for an IPv4 is deceiving your clients, you won't get the extra ipv4 with linode
23:43<MrPPS>so either go elsewhere, or, offer actual dedicated servers
23:44<Woet>Merri: we've asked many times now, and you never answered. What is the TECHNICAL reason you NEED more than one IPv4 address?
23:44<HoopyCat>well, probably won't get one from linode
23:44<HoopyCat>but you could ask them
23:44<MrPPS>I guess it does depend on if the deception extends to linode support or not ;)
23:45<Merri>woet: i'm answered
23:45<Woet>Merri: no, you didn't. I said TECHNICAL reason
23:45-!-_pa [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
23:45<MrPPS>Merri: I.e. "what can't you do right now that you absolutely need an extra ipv4 to do"
23:46<MrPPS>but related to technology, rather than business practices
23:46<Merri>is Good
23:46<MrPPS>"good" is not a technical reason
23:46<Merri>and name servers
23:47<MrPPS>You can still host name servers on the same IP addresses
23:47<retro|blah>Even worse.
23:47<Merri>now i'm need to setup new name servers with same ip?
23:47<MrPPS>If you're hosting the nameservers on the same server, then yes, same IP
23:47<Woet>Merri: yes.
23:47<MrPPS>if your nameservers are on a different linode, then no - they get their own IP
23:47<MrPPS>but there's no reason you couldn't set up your nameservers on the same IP address
23:48<Woet>Merri: you know the reason nameservers need multiple IPs is to enforce redundancy right?
23:48<Woet>Merri: not to waste IPs by having two different IPs on the same server.
23:48<Merri>Thanks for all
23:48<Woet>Merri: so why is "name servers" a technical reason? they should be on different servers.
23:48<Merri>i'm will do that with same ip
23:48<Woet>Merri: and every linode comes with it's own IPv4 address
23:49<Merri>Thank you.
23:49<Woet>you're welcome, good luck finding another way to scam people by wasting resources
23:51<Merri>i'm not scammer
23:51<MrPPS>You admitted to it above?
23:51<zifnab>Peng_: yeah, weird, new version took ~30min to get through the 'email/terms/share email' shit
23:51<MrPPS>You said you're offering them a dedicated server plan, but only giving them a dedicated IP address so it "seems" like they have a dedicated server?
23:52<Merri>you are crazy
23:52<MrPPS>Crazy to think that's scamming?
23:52<Merri>i'm not do this
23:52<Merri>i'm add offer in my website
23:52<MrPPS>Or 14:12 <MrPPS> That makes it sound like you're simply trying to deceive your clients for the sake of extra money
23:52<MrPPS>14:12 <Merri> exactly
23:53<Merri>everyone have buy
23:53<MrPPS>^ precisely you admitting that's what you're doing?
23:53<Merri>business plan
23:53<Merri>get a dedicated ip
23:53<Merri>not dedicated server
23:53<Woet>okay, why?
23:53<Merri>like hostgator
23:53<MrPPS>Okay, you said dedicated server earlier
23:54<Merri>they do this
23:54<MrPPS>But *why* do they do this?
23:54<Merri>you're lazy
23:54<Woet>yea, and I'm sure a bunch of other godawful overselling shitty webhosts offer it
23:54<MrPPS>How does any of this make us lazy?
23:54<Woet>that doesn't make it a good thing.
23:54<Merri>see that
23:55<MrPPS>We're aware that people offer that
23:55<MrPPS>Do you see any technical reason why they offer that?
23:55-!-zllovesuki [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:55<Merri>Hostgator also offer Dedicated ip with business plan
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23:56<Woet>We're aware that people offer that
23:56<Woet>Do you see any technical reason why they offer that?
23:56<MrPPS>Then why would you want to offer that?
23:57<Peng_>zifnab: Was it certbot-auto? Compiling dependencies? On a toaster?
23:57<zifnab>no idea
23:57<zifnab>8 cores, E3-1245s
23:57<MrPPS>Merri: Trying to appear like all the other crappy hosts that exist, just for the sake of it, is neither a good idea, nor a technical justification
23:58<Peng_>zifnab: Heh
23:58<MrPPS>Instead, find a way to stand out from the crowd; offer a good product, for example
23:58<Peng_>zifnab: It might not be multithreaded :D
23:58<zifnab>Peng_: may just be a weird latency thing, box is in germany
23:58<Peng_>zifnab: Do you have a billion certificates? Broken IPv6?
23:58<zifnab>nope, nope
23:58<zifnab>first cert on a clean hetzner box
23:59<Merri>MrPPs: Please i'm can get your facebook? for chat
23:59<Peng_>zifnab: PyPI uses a CDN
23:59<MrPPS>I'm not in the habit of giving out any personal contact information over IRC, regardless of whether or not I have facebook
23:59<MrPPS>But you're welcome to PM me on IRC
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