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00:01<MrPPS>well that was strange
00:01<retro|blah>Vaya con Facebook!
00:06<Peng_>MrPPS would you like to connect with me on LinkedIn
00:07<rsdehart>someone add me on Ello
00:10<MrPPS>Peng_: now that, that I can understand
00:10<MrPPS>let's endorse one another for internet conversations
00:11<MrPPS>and progress in our respective corporate hierarchies
00:12*Peng_ salutes painting of Reid Hoffman
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00:25<Rudy>I'm getting about 10-15 delivery failures in my spam. I followed the guide at . So any idea how to stop them and get my mailserver back? /
00:26<Rudy>oops, forgot to mention this was about postfix on my server
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00:36<MrPPS>Rudy: Has this recently started?
00:36<Rudy>yeah, a week or so ago
00:37<MrPPS>Rudy: what sort of delivery failures are they?
00:37<Rudy>They appear to be backscatter spam
00:38<MrPPS>Based on logs, are these emails actually being sent from your machine, or are they just being "faked" as coming from your server, and you're getting the resultant bouncebacks?
00:39<Rudy>I think they're being faked, can't tlel
00:39<Rudy>*can't tell
00:39<Rudy>if I post the source of one would that help?
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00:40<MrPPS>More likely you'd have to compare the original email time (as in, when it looks like it was sent) to your outgoing mail logs
00:40<MrPPS>Rudy: other than that, you set up SPF + DKIM yet?
00:40<Rudy>One of the domains has it already
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00:41<Rudy>The other doesn't seem to update (DNS from the server pointed to Linode slave zones)
00:42<MrPPS>I'd be starting with ensuring all domains have both DKIM + SPF; but aside from that, there *may* not be a lot you can do. Not a mail server admin though, so someone else may have more ideas than I
00:42<Rudy>I can't find the time in the journal as to when it was received
00:42<MrPPS>what about message tracking ID, or even just subject perhaps?
00:43<Rudy>wait, these are old
00:43<Rudy>I think they just need to filter through and hopefully this should stop soon
00:47<Rudy>they are from 3/14
00:51<MrPPS>Ah, that is a bit back
00:51<MrPPS>should be alright :)
00:52<Rudy>okay but I hope my linode's port 25 doesn't get blocked off again :(
00:59<MrPPS>If you weren't sending it, then you shouldn't be getting port 25 blocked off :/ if it was originating from your server, then the question would have to be "why" - and you should chase that up
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01:11<@nmelehan>we would only block 25 if we receive spam reports for a Linode, and we would let you know via ticket if this were to happen
01:12<@nmelehan>if this is mail you're trying to send, having rDNS set is important too (though you might have already covered that)
01:13<@nmelehan>checking if you've ended up on a blacklist is useful too:
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02:48<Roedy>Anyone here that can tell me what gallery this is?
02:53*dcraig tickles mrpps around a bit with a large flathead
02:53*dcraig tickles rudy around a bit with a large grunt
02:54*dcraig tickles roedy around a bit with a large antenna codlet
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03:50*rsdehart calls for sanctions to be imposed upon dcraig
03:52<Zimsky>yes hello I need a /22
03:52<Zimsky>because I want to deceive my clients
04:24<hawk>Sounds reasonable
04:26<Peng_>I need a /22 so I can run every version of BIND 9 simultaneously.
04:28<Zimsky>a /12 it is
04:29<Zimsky>that is, an ipv6 /12
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04:34<suman>hello ,
04:34<suman>i am facing many issues on linode server
04:36<suman>i have setup all required configration on server and host my site successfully
04:36<suman>but suddenly my site got break and lost content.
04:36<suman>and ftp login and ssh login also stoped working
04:37<suman>can you assist me ?
04:43<hawk>suman: might be useful for figuring out what is up
04:49<suman>i want to know there are whats security for site?
04:49<suman>if i face this issue again?
04:50<suman>i don't want loose my site data.
04:53<Zimsky>then you should probably back it up
04:55<suman>i told you these all thing happen with me suddenly.
04:55<Zimsky>if you didn't have backups, that's on you
04:56<suman>before it i have setup all configurations and host my site successfully.
04:56<Zimsky>linode has a backup service, but that only works if it's enabled before you have problems
04:57<suman>if i am facing server issuses then it will be my problem?
04:57<Zimsky>pretty much
04:58<suman>i think if i gain setup and in future i loose my data that like yet.
04:58<suman>then who will be responsible.
04:58<suman>well i want rebuild Ubuntu 16 on linode .
04:59<Zimsky>go for it
05:00<suman>i have rebuild it but when i check on ftp and command prompt there are no www/html directories.
05:00<suman>when i run cd /var/www/html/ command
05:01<suman>i have also redeploy image and disk
05:02<suman>i want to know ftp also stopped working and commands prompt also stoped login using putty
05:03<Zimsky>if you've rebuilt it, which I assume means you have re-installed the OS from a linode image, then naturally it makes sense there won't be any web directories
05:04<Zimsky>if you didn't do anything, then it might be a network problem, but if you're rebooting the linode (in the process of reinstalling the OS), then they're going to stop working
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05:10<suman>one thing more
05:10<suman>linode shell lish authentication is required or not.
05:13<Zimsky>well yes
05:13<Zimsky>authentication is always required for it
05:14<Zimsky>the guide should explain the process of using lish
05:15<suman>if i not use lish authentication what is happen.
05:15<suman>because in start when i setup my site on linode server i was not use this .
05:16<suman>and ftp and ssh access stop working .
05:17<hawk>Lish is not needed to for normal use. I suggested it as a way of finding out what was wrong
05:17<Zimsky>if you don't use it, nothing happens
05:18<Zimsky>also for what it's worth, ftp isn't secure
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05:19<suman>then how can i access files code without ftp.
05:20<suman>because if i create code for site and i need to many time open files .
05:21<suman>ssh connection do it but many time this is not possible via ssh
05:22<nate>suman: It should be pretty common to do it via SSH, specifically via the SFTP subsystem which has been a default feature of most distros for ages now
05:24<suman>i am try to do rebuild and setup all code .
05:24<suman>i hope in furture i will not facing that like issue.
05:27<hawk>If you haven't figured out what the actual issue is, I would recommend you make a serious attempt of doing that before you start over (before you wipe what you had). If you don't know what went wrong, how will you learn from it to avoid the same thing happening again?
05:32<suman>right but i really not found actual issue which happen.
05:32<Zimsky>or hire someone who knows what they're doing to do it for you
05:33<suman>i am working on website last 3-4 months and move it live on linode.
05:33<suman>suddenly i lost my all data
05:34<Zimsky>like I said, you should have had a backup
05:34<Zimsky>now you'll know to back it up!
05:35<Zimsky>oh hey it's world backup day in ~11 days
05:35<Zimsky>I once knew someone who lost 4TB of customer data on world backup day
05:36<@gjjansen>Zimsky: oof
05:36<@gjjansen>That hurts.
05:37<Zimsky>the announcement was made on april 1, so people thought he was joking about the loss
05:37<Zimsky>in my view, it was quite amusing
05:37<@gjjansen>Wow. Talk about salting the wound.
05:39<Zimsky>the lye in the wound was when the datacenter sent him the bill for hardware repair work they did for him at his request
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06:05<tafa2>Demo the cPanel journey continues - I was wondering what Apache MPM and PHP handler you're using?
06:05<Zimsky>that sounds horrible
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06:10<tafa2>Zimsky it is... I've been managing servers for ~10 years - learning cPanel is whole different world
06:11<tafa2>it's making me miss nginx and I've got half a mind to write my own panel in bash at this point
06:11<Zimsky>why would you willingly use cpanel if you already know how to do stuff properly
06:11<Zimsky>and bash is the worst choice
06:11<tafa2>cos clients want cpanel man
06:12<tafa2>the market wants it
06:12<tafa2>I was being a bit sarcastic about the bash bit :)
06:12<davis>i am davis
06:12<davis>i forgot my root username
06:13<tafa2>root is always root :)
06:13<davis>i mean
06:13<Zimsky>sometimes it can be root
06:13<Zimsky>or root
06:13<Zimsky>not root though
06:13<tafa2>Zimsky that's true - I hadn't considered that
06:13<tafa2>good shout
06:14<Zimsky>the more you know
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06:14<davis>i've reset root password, but i cannot login with the new password and root
06:15<Zimsky>how are you trying to log in
06:15<davis>i am using lish
06:15<davis>how do i know username login?
06:16<Zimsky>I don't know, how do you know it?
06:17<Zimsky>davis: I googled for you;
06:18<davis>thank you zimsky, but i just did it, i input root for username and i input new password also, but its still incorrect
06:19<Zimsky>evidently something else is going on
06:19<Zimsky>or you're not entering it correctly
06:20<davis>hmmm, indeed, i will try again, thank you again zimsky
06:20<Zimsky>!point Zimsky
06:21<suman>hello there , i want to know one thing more
06:22<suman>if i upgrade server plan in future then i have to new configuration on site
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06:25<eb>hello guys, i have a question for you if you could answer ?
06:26<Zimsky>you have used up your one question
06:26<Zimsky>no more questions for 1000 years
06:26<eb>i have a linode and i want to run a cpu intensive task for a long time but it gets killed even if i limit cpu usage to 5%
06:26<Peng_>eb: Linode doesn't kill things
06:26<eb>is this normal for all procedures
06:27<Zimsky>linode killed my father
06:27<eb>Peng_: what can be the reason, can you help me guess?
06:27<Zimsky>explain that, peng
06:27<Peng_>eb: Maybe it's using too much RAM. Check the logs,.
06:27<Zimsky>why does your nick have a tail
06:27<Zimsky>what happened to 'Peng'?
06:28<Peng_>eb: If you use a truly excessive amount of CPU, Linode will be unhappy with you, but they can't and won't kill individual processes.
06:28<Zimsky>maybe you're actually an imposter
06:28<eb>Peng_: i limited cpu in order not to make linode unhappy but now i am unhappy :)
06:41<suman>if i upgrade server plan in future then i have to new configuration on site?
06:41<Peng_>suman: No
06:42<suman>hey i have new setup on server and move all code and database
06:42<suman>but my site not working
06:42<suman>Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator at webmaster@localhost to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80
06:44<Zimsky>that says nothing
06:46<Zimsky>you should look at your actual server logs
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08:21<Pears>Good morning
08:22<Pears>What programming language should I learn to rewire my brain and manifest events and circumstances in my reality? Is that C++ ?
08:25<Pears>Woah. Okay. That's gnarly.
08:26<Pears>I have no idea what I just read.
08:30<MrControll>I know that feeling...
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09:05<eb>Peng_: thank you, it appears that the issue was due to using too much memory
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10:47<smallclone>powershell is awful
10:47<smallclone>every second that i have to use this feels twice as long as the previous second
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11:36<dzho>smallclone: but ... but ... it's *open* *source*
11:38<tafa2>I opened powershell once...
11:38<tafa2>it was blue I think...
11:38<tafa2>closed it 20seconds later
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11:49<diveyez>can linode make a backup of my raw drives using manager or does it need to be manual?
11:49<gparent>do you mean Linode Backups?
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12:03<diveyez>yeah, if I am using custom images on raw drives
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12:21<horrace>anyone here
12:21<horrace>im a network admin in a firm
12:21<gparent>there are 332 people/bots in here.
12:21<dzho>!to horrace ask
12:21<linbot>horrace: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
12:22<horrace>and i want to know if Linode can work in place of Azure
12:22<horrace>can i install samba in ubuntu or a network file system protocol there and share files
12:22<dzho>horrace: you get a linux virtual machine. What you do with it is almost entirely up to you.
12:23<tafa2>but like I feel like there are better things for this...
12:23<tafa2>if it's just file sharing
12:23<horrace>okay thanks
12:23<tafa2>Samba is a nightmare
12:23<gparent>you're a nightmare
12:23<horrace>okay what do u recommend for file sharing
12:23<horrace>im open to new ideas
12:23<dzho>people seem to like owncloud and nextcloud but ymmv.
12:23<tafa2>how many users do you have?
12:24<tafa2>gparent: you're a nightmare <--- totally
12:24<smallclone>diveyez: to answer your question from earlier re: raw drives and backups, the answer is no
12:24<horrace>i have over 62 users in my firm
12:24<gparent>ive had nothing but average-tending-towards-okay times with owncloud
12:24<gparent>I would recommend it
12:24<dzho>the thing about samba is that it's going to interoperate in a different way with Microsoft systems.
12:24<tafa2>62? They all local or remote?
12:24<gparent>it's completely different though
12:24<dzho>though to use linode for that would require using a vpn
12:25<dzho>at the very least, to do it even minimally safely
12:25<dzho>gparent: it *is* different, but if they're already doing that then the switch to *cloud might be a bigger lift than they're up for.
12:26<horrace>thanks a lot
12:26<gparent>yeah I guess when I wrote I recommend it I meant more as a product than as a samba replacement
12:26<gparent>they obviously handle different needs
12:26<dzho>"just find/put it on the Z: drive" turns into a whole deployment and retraining situation.
12:26<dzho>horrace: no problem, good luck
12:27<horrace>so since im not a developer what use will Linode be to me as a sys admin
12:27<dzho>horrace: sorry, when did we start talking about development?
12:27<gparent>id find linode more useful to a sysadmin than to a developer, but hey.
12:28<horrace>okay. gparent can u tell me how
12:28<horrace>give me a hint so i can know what to do
12:28<dzho>I thought you said you were a sysadmin?
12:28<gparent>i mean what you should do is purchase hundreds of linodes so caker has more revenue
12:29<dzho>!to horrace ops
12:29<linbot>horrace: Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
12:29<smallclone>linodes, *not* nanodes
12:29<tafa2>you should prob look at AWS workspaces, DropBox, G Drive, NextCloud
12:29<gparent>^ we're just suggesting things here, without knowing more about your particular problem you should do whatever you see is the best solution for your firm
12:29<dzho>oh, net admin. maybe not the same thing.
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13:18<smallclone>vikas: hi, feel free to ask your question
13:19<vikas>anyone here to provide me with the details on features of the VPS
13:19<vikas>ok @smallclone
13:19<smallclone>thw website pretty much has the details
13:19<smallclone>but yeah, go ahead and ask
13:19-!-ntox [~textual@] has joined #linode
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13:19<vikas>I was looking at the VPS featurs. I'd like to know if cpanel are provided with the package or not?
13:20<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
13:20<vikas>I'm not a techie so don't know the command line actions :(
13:21<vikas>404 :->
13:21<@sjacobs>vikas: you may struggle with Linode, then, unless you are willing to learn.
13:21<@sjacobs>oop. i'll get that 404 reported.
13:23<vikas>all the things mentioned in the doc link are command line based, it'll be little hard for me to understand as I've never done command lines before :(
13:25-!-vikas [~oftc-webi@2402:8100:207b:3e27:70e2:f21c:5158:47a5] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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14:49-!-zllovesuki [] has joined #linode
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14:49<zllovesuki>hi all... the ipv6 address will not work in JP 2 (works in all other regions)....
14:50<zllovesuki>should I submit a ticket instead?
14:50<smallclone>so you're saying IPv6 works for other Linodes you have, but not your Tokyo one?
14:51<smallclone>also is this the statically assigned /128 address or did you get them to add a /64?
14:55<zllovesuki>it's the one assigned via SLAAC
14:55<zllovesuki>I haven't gotten to the /64 yet
14:56<zllovesuki>more context: all linodes were created with the same exact config
14:56<zllovesuki>deploy with "Debian 9" and same packages, and software
14:56-!-Damian_ [] has joined #linode
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14:57<smallclone>well assuming that you've haven't firewalled off icmpv6..
14:57<zllovesuki>iptables has nothing (all default ALLOW)
14:57<zllovesuki>privacy extension is disabled and router advertisement is enabled
14:58<zllovesuki>basically, everything IPv6 works out of the box on other Linodes (Atlanta, London, Singapore) but just not this one (Japan)
14:58-!-Damian [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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15:01<smallclone>zllovesuki: just tested with a fresh debian 9 image in tokyo 2 (almost made a 2048 by accident, again)
15:02<smallclone>what's the output of 'ip -6 a' and 'cat /etc/network/interfaces' look like?
15:02<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
15:03<zllovesuki>fml too used to Slack
15:03<tafa2>stupid slack
15:04<smallclone>zllovesuki: i can ping that ipv6 address
15:04<smallclone>from my linode in newark
15:05<zllovesuki>I swear it didn't work yesterday
15:05<smallclone>i have seen the slack-assigned IPv6 be a little slower to come up when a Linode is created, on occasion
15:06<smallclone>err *SLAAC
15:06<zllovesuki>DAMN IT SLACK
15:08<smallclone>for future reference, 'mtr -6' is your friend in those cases..could have been some kind of issue on the route
15:09<zllovesuki>got it
15:12<zllovesuki>thank you for the halp
15:13<millisa>!point smallclone
15:13<linbot>millisa: Point given to smallclone. (18)
15:15<smallclone>rolling in it
15:16<smallclone>i'm assuming when i get 20 points i can cash it in for a pez dispenser with mcintosh's head
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16:34<acald3ron>Does linode have a bitcoin node ?
16:36-!-diveyez [~t0ri0n@2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fefb:a6d3] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:36<dwfreed>acald3ron: no
16:36<dwfreed>Linode does not accept payment in Bitcoin
16:42-!-diveyez [~t0ri0n@2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fefb:a6d3] has joined #linode
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16:54<diveyez>Im having issues with the dns for linode
16:55<dwfreed>what kind of issues?
16:57-!-diveyez [~t0ri0n@2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fefb:a6d3] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:57<dwfreed>or quit, that works too
16:57-!-diveyez [] has joined #linode
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16:59-!-ntox [~textual@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:07-!-anomie [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:09<diveyez>The dns was not resolving
17:09<diveyez>Might be fixed?
17:09<dwfreed>for what domain?
17:09<diveyez>Im calling the feds
17:10<diveyez>It looked like, for about ten minutes, someone was trying to hijack dns
17:10<diveyez>I added google dns to the resolv.conf and the probelm is gone now
17:11<dwfreed>you're still giving nothing to go on
17:14<diveyez> worked, did, facebook didnt
17:14<diveyez>Was weird. Its gone, but I have to say, it was one of the following dns servers
17:15<BDIkaros>Did you just post all that in the channel
17:15<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
17:15<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
17:15<diveyez>It wanst 50 lines
17:16<BDIkaros>At least.
17:16<dwfreed>5 lines is too much
17:16<diveyez>5 lines is too much for a linux nerd to read on irc
17:16<diveyez>Since when?
17:16<rsdehart>since always
17:16<dwfreed>5 lines is too much to paste in a channel
17:16<dwfreed>this is why pastebin services were created
17:16<rsdehart>who said anything about not wanting to read text?
17:17<BDIkaros>Yeah it's mainly a courtesy thing, (a) it's easier on us to read if it's pasted someplace else and thus not mixed into the conversation in an IRC channel where it could easily get shoved up in scrollback, and (b) you don't annoy other users of the channel at the same time
17:17<diveyez>Its easier for me not to open a browser when only using cli
17:17<rsdehart>and it doesn't take half an hour to get your entire screen of pasted crap out
17:17<linbot><command> | curl -F 'sprunge=<-'
17:17<diveyez>Well if linode dns servers are crap, then what do?
17:18<ericoc>diveyez: it just makes you look like a jerk and people will be less likely to want to help you tbh
17:18*diveyez stabs haters
17:18<rsdehart>ok, I think we're done here
17:18<diveyez>wutang clan aint......
17:18<diveyez>I get it,
17:18<ericoc>yeah, not helping yourself
17:18<diveyez>Two of those 50 dns, are in my blacklist btw
17:19<BDIkaros>They're "crap"? Heh. I didn't think they were all that bad, but if you're having issues with the Linode resolvers try using others like OpenDNS, OpenNIC, Google...each of these has publically accessible resolvers.
17:19<diveyez>53.5 and 58.5
17:19<diveyez>They are in a fail2ban blacklist I use
17:19<BDIkaros>Why would they be in that blacklist, exactly?
17:19<diveyez>fail2ban list from failed login attempts
17:20<dwfreed>I highly doubt that
17:20<diveyez>Someone doing something funny, its automatically implemented by a crontab of this firewalling script
17:20*BDIkaros sighs
17:20<BDIkaros>This is why, if I were to implement a solution I'd do one in-house and not use a 3rd-party script.
17:21<BDIkaros>At least then I KNOW what my script's doing because I WROTE it.
17:21<BDIkaros>Sounds to me like if it's being blacklisted by your fail2ban setup then it's probably got the specific subnet it belongs to blacklisted.
17:22<BDIkaros>Which imo is too broad.
17:22<diveyez>They purged it, must have been a mistake imo
17:22<diveyez>Thats my script
17:22<BDIkaros>Yeah the resolvers themselves should be whitelisted. They're fine. But remember there's always alternative resolvers out there you can use.
17:24<BDIkaros>Personally I use OpenNIC, myself. Don't even use my ISP's anycasting ones.
17:24-!-acald3ron [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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17:25<diveyez>My router at home is a raspberry pi with a 20db antenna on an alfa
17:27-!-darwin [] has quit [Quit: Hail to the forest glade! Hail Sherwood!]
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21:14<megha>Does linode provide Let's Encrypt support?
21:16<@rsyracuse>!point mattmcc
21:16<linbot>rsyracuse: Point given to mattmcc. (1)
21:32<Peng_>megha: You can do most anything on a VPS, including using Let's Encrypt.
21:35-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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21:48<megha>Can you install lets encrypt on my linode server
21:48-!-Damian_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:53<rsdehart>megha: "you" in the general sense (i.e. you, personally, in this case) can
21:55<megha>actually my network person is not available right now and I need to urgently install lets encrypt on my linode server
21:58-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
21:59<AlexMax>I'm almost afraid to boot a new server in Newark
21:59<AlexMax>My current server has worked so well that I'm afraid that any new one would be a downgrade
21:59<AlexMax>(not like RIGHT now, but soon)
22:00<AlexMax>how can you get better than "damn near perfect"
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23:05<mahbub>hi there
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