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00:37<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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00:45<mahbub>willing to go for live streaming. do you provide that service?
00:46<millisa>you can do pretty much anything you can do on a linux system with a linode; assuming it is legal and you know how.
00:48<mahbub>for beginers what are the proces? Do I have any option to for trial version.
00:49<millisa>The getting started guide at is a good place to start. Linode does a trial period where you can ask for a refund in the first 7 days - it's mentioned at the bottom of the pricing page.
00:52<mahbub>there are so many pricing. I do not understand which one is fit for me.
00:53<millisa>It's unlikely anyone here would know which one is right for you. Fortunately, they are easy to resize:
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02:18<Meagus>Hey. Anyone else seeing a broken SSL cert for
02:18<Woet>yes, it expired yesterday
02:19<Woet>where is that domain even used?
02:19<Meagus>Top result when you search Linode from most search engines.
02:19<Woet>not here
02:20<Meagus>It's in the premium ad space for Google and Bing searches here.
02:21<Woet>ah, the premium ones
02:21<Woet>someone should probably look into that
02:21<Meagus>So not in the actual search results, but certainly in a spot where people would likely click it.
02:21<Woet>bhanks bmartin sjacobs jhaas whoever else might care
02:21<Woet> SSL expired yesterday
02:21<Woet>and it's used in adsense and the like
02:21<Woet>adwords *
02:22<@bhanks>ah. cool. lemme take a peek. thank you!
02:22<Woet>all the credit goes to me
02:22<dwfreed>it's also used for certain other promotions
02:23<Meagus>Probably not the best thing to leave expired.
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02:23<Woet>yea, $20 off for frontend focus readers apparently
02:26<Woet>time to find the biggest coupon
02:26<Woet>all just $20
02:30<dwfreed> lol, dreamhost makes the list
02:30<Woet>spammers dream
02:30<Woet>i bet they host phishing pages too
02:30<Woet>zline *!*@* pls
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02:31<dwfreed>there are only 6 people connected from IPs with dreamhost rDNS
02:31<Woet>thats 6 potential phishers
02:32<Woet>dont put me at risk like this
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02:35<@bhanks>alright, we're on it. thanks again kids. xoxo
02:36<Woet>bhanks: looking forward to some free credit in my account
02:36<@bhanks>yeah let me get right on that Woet
02:36<Woet>i saved you significant amount of wasted marketing money
02:37<@bhanks>!point Woet
02:37<linbot>bhanks: Point given to woet. (12) (Biggest fan: zimsky, total: 16)
02:38<Woet>where can I redeem my points
02:38<@bhanks>you can trade linbot points in for JalterBucks
02:38<@bhanks>conversion rate is tricky though
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03:08<Cromulent>*sigh* looks like I can't put off learning about docker any longer
03:08<Woet>sure you can
03:09<Woet>i've been avoiding all these new flukes for years
03:09<Cromulent>nah I need to use the CI/CD tools from Gitlab on my project and Docker seems like the best way to do it
03:09<Woet>you see, you're already gone too far
03:10<Woet>why are you using gitlb
03:10<Woet>why do you need CI/CD
03:10<Cromulent>seems better than github
03:10<Cromulent>unlimited private repos for free for one
03:11<Woet>so it seems cheaper
03:11<Woet>not better
03:12<Cromulent>either way I'll stick to Gitlab for the moment
03:12<Woet>also, it isn't free
03:12<Woet>you need to have a server to run it on
03:12<Woet>you need to dedicate time to installing it
03:12<Woet>and maintaining it
03:12<Cromulent>no they have shared runners
03:12<Cromulent>so no need for external servers
03:13<Cromulent>you only need your own servers if you are using the enterprise version
03:13<Woet>so who hosts the actual repos
03:14<Cromulent>it is basically exactly the same as github but with more features
03:14<Woet>oh they offer a hosted solution now
03:14<Woet>not bad
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04:03<Zimsky>>biggest fan: zimsky
04:03<Zimsky>wow that's enough
04:05<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • echar cartas tarot gratis <>
04:05<Zimsky>I think I once had that for dinner
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05:20<Nick>what cpu my server be on if i get the $40 plan?
05:21<dennis_>can i ask. if i get Linode 4GB
05:21<dennis_>if 2 weeks later, i found the resourse is not enough, want the upgrade to 8GB
05:22<@bmartin>The pricing and details of our plans are available here
05:22<dennis_>how does the payment words
05:22<@bmartin>dennis_ you will be billed at the hourly rates for how long you used each plan
05:22<Woet>Nick: depends, theres several models.
05:23<Woet>Nick: launch one and check, performance will be very similar anyways
05:23<Nick>i'm asking about the cpu model
05:23<Woet>i'm aware
05:23<Woet>i just answered.
05:24<Nick>on signup i get that my email is invalit
05:24<Nick>it's a email
05:24<@bmartin>We wouldn't be able to get into account / signup specifics but you can email or call for assistance with that
05:25<Woet>if I worked for Linode I'd ban all Yahoo users too
05:26<Woet>that said, i dont know who wrote the email validator
05:26<Woet>but it's terrible
05:26<Woet>probably bhanks
05:26<Cromulent>heh I use my Yahoo email account to as my mailing list account for open source projects
05:27<Woet>i use google apps like a responsible person
05:27<@bmartin>You would need to use a different email as we do not currently accept ymail signups
05:28<Nick>Woet: wtf why? bmartin: why? it's the email i use for years
05:28<Zimsky>dennis_ the menace_
05:28<Nick>bmartin: i don't have another one
05:28<Woet>Nick: because it's 2018
05:28<Woet>not 1996
05:28<Woet>Yahoo is no longer hip
05:29<Zimsky>yahoo was never hip
05:29<@bmartin>I'm sorry Nick but I do not have further information. There are a variety of free mail options you can use in regards to the signup.
05:29<Zimsky>stop lying to yourself
05:29<mattmcc>I'm guessing it's data breach related..
05:29<grawity>is this #digitalocean
05:29<Zimsky>grawity: yes
05:29<Zimsky>grawity: this is definitely #digitalocean
05:29<Nick>Woet: how old are you? 16? there's no reason not to use yahoo, it's a perfectly working service
05:30<@bmartin>This isn't where I parked my car
05:30<Nick>Woet: what "hip" means in mail services?
05:30<Woet>Nick: their mail servers don't even run IPv6.
05:30<Zimsky>there's a lot of reasons to not use hosted email services
05:30<@bmartin>Let's not break down into squabbling. We are unable to accept signups from ymail. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
05:30<Nick>Woet: who cares about IPv6 with emails? absolutely no need. i never had a problem with this
05:31<Woet>Nick: they don't even enable decent 2FA.
05:31<Nick>Zimsky: that's another matter
05:31<Zimsky>grawity: why do you say that though
05:31<Zimsky>is #digitalocean not a good channel?
05:31<Woet>Nick: who cares? I do. my backup servers only have IPv6 and I'd like to receive my email notifications.
05:31<Nick>Woet: 2FA is decent enough
05:31<Woet>Nick: it doesn't use TOTP, it's not decent enough.
05:31<Nick>Woet: seems you're on the 0.0001%
05:32<grawity>Zimsky: because since when was #linode about being hip
05:32<Woet>Nick: the 0.0001% who cares about account security and the future of the internet? I'd sure hope so
05:32<Zimsky>grawity: since never?
05:33<grawity>exactly my point
05:33<@bmartin>At the end of the day there was enough abuse and fraud coming from ymail signups to excommunicate the domain. Again I apologize for the inconvenience but it is not something I can overturn.
05:33<Woet>bmartin: just admit it's because Yahoo is for old people
05:33<Woet>we all know it
05:34<Woet>thats why you banned AOL too
05:34<Zimsky>I thought excommunication was really only a term used in relation to the catholic church
05:34<@bmartin>Linode does not age discriminate in anyway. We love all people both young and old
05:35<Woet>you're just saying that because you're approaching 40 yourself
05:35<@bmartin>You are right Zimsky. Caffeine not been consumed enough just yet
05:35<Zimsky>Woet: you're one of 7600 people apparently
05:35<Nick>Woet: you're over reacting lol
05:35<@bmartin>I'm closer to 30 thank you very much!
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05:35<Woet>Nick: no, I'm not. It's 2018. IPv6 and 2FA are very much expected.
05:35<Zimsky>34.99 is still old
05:36<Zimsky>depends how you round
05:36<Nick>whatever anyways :D
05:36<@bmartin>and a third!
05:36<dwfreed> was banned due to heavy signup abuse almost 5 years ago
05:36<Woet>because these abusers won't know how to change email address
05:36<Zimsky>so someone decided enough was enough?
05:36<mattmcc>5 years ago correlates with the 2013 data breech in the article I linked..
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05:37<Woet>bmartin: ceil(33/10)*10 is still 40
05:37<dwfreed>mattmcc: I said almost 5 years ago, the bitcoin issue was more than 5 years ago
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05:37<dwfreed>mattmcc: and is completely unrelated
05:37<Woet>did Linode pay the guy back his bitcoin yet
05:37<Woet>would have been a lot cheaper to have done that back then
05:37<dwfreed>oh, sorry, wrong association
05:38<dwfreed>just saw your link
05:38<Woet>tfw someone mentions "breach" and you're not sure which Linode breach they're referring to
05:39<Woet>don't use coldfusion kids
05:39<dwfreed>mattmcc: was banned April 2013, the Yahoo breach was August 2013
05:39<mattmcc>Ah, nevermind then.
05:40<@bmartin>Well good morning everyone.
05:40<mattmcc>Although it's certainly a pattern of issues that doesn't cast Yahoo in the best light.
05:40<Woet>The date & time is currently: Wednesday, 21 March 2018 at 17:40:57
05:41<Woet>bmartin: bit late
05:41<@bmartin>I work in LST
05:41<dwfreed>(Linode Standard Time)
05:41<Woet>not Local Sidereal Time ?
05:41<@bmartin>nailed it
05:41<@bmartin>Woet...who hurt you?
05:41<dwfreed>the term predates me
05:41<Woet>bmartin: most of you
05:41<@bmartin>it certainly predates me then
05:42<Zimsky>Woet: IST
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05:42<dwfreed>2018-03-21 09:42:45
05:43<dwfreed>(that's from my IRC client, though, which is set to UTC time; local time is -4 hours)
05:43<Zimsky>wait what do the numbers at the end mean?
05:45<dwfreed>YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS, the only real time format
05:45<Zimsky>oh cool, seconds
05:45<Zimsky>that's a neat concept
05:45<dwfreed>YYYY-MM-DD"T"HH:MM:SS"Z" is also acceptable
05:46<dwfreed>(also known as ISO 8601)
05:46<Zimsky>so that specifies that the time is Zimsky time?
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06:55<tafa2>sup gents
06:56<tafa2>which Linode location would have better connectivity to India?m London or Frankfurt?
06:57<rsdehart>tafa2: if you're in India, this should tell you
06:57<tafa2>na I'm in London man
06:57<tafa2>new project is going to need a mid-point for both locations
06:59<Woet>tafa2: "India" is rather broad
06:59<tafa2>lol Woet fair enough
06:59<Woet>so is "Jaipur", "London" and "Frankfurt"
06:59<Woet>it entirely depends on the ISPs and their peering agreements
07:00<tafa2>yeah, I thought as much...
07:00<Woet>physical location is not very relevant when you're talking < 1000 miles
07:00<rsdehart>you could spin up a server in each location and test
07:00<tafa2>I'm not very well versed when it comes to peering and connectiviry
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07:01<rsdehart>kill off the one that performs worse
07:01<rsdehart>I don't really know much about anything
07:01<rsdehart>I'm just here to be eye candy
07:01<tafa2>is there a site that shows routes and peering arrangements by any chance?
07:02<Woet>theres the HE looking glass
07:02<Woet>but honestly, just pick a location and run with it
07:02<Zimsky>also take use of ISP looking glasses
07:02<Woet>FRA-LHR is like 400 miles
07:02<Woet>at worst you're looking at like a 10-15 ms difference
07:03<tafa2>yeah no doubt
07:03<tafa2>I'm just thinking physically - one would assume the cables from india would hit germany before they hit the UK
07:03<tafa2>or is that basically not how it works? lol
07:03<Woet>and if that amount matters to you then it's not a simple matter of picking the right location
07:03<Woet>thats not how it works
07:04<Woet>most of it goes via the oceans, its much easier to lay cables ther
07:04<tafa2>that's an f'ing cool site
07:04<Zimsky>at the speed of light, the time isn't particularly relevant
07:04<Woet>rather than, you know, going through turkey, iran, afghanistan and pakistan
07:04<Woet>also much harder for them to get damaged (intentionally or not)
07:04<Zimsky>turkey just cuts the cables tho
07:04<Woet>at least they don't cut dead bodies
07:05<Zimsky>they do that too though
07:05<Woet>unless you talk shit about erdogan
07:06<tafa2>from the map
07:06<tafa2>it looks like London is faster :P
07:06<Zimsky>which map
07:07<tafa2>but obviously thats not how that works haha
07:07<tafa2>the one Woet shared
07:07<Woet>sharing is caring
07:07<Zimsky>evidently someone is new to graph theory
07:07<Woet>i only care about bmartin though
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07:33<@bhanks>oh. wow. thanks Woet
07:34<Woet>sorry, tab completion let me down
07:34<Woet>i meant bhanks
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08:06<suman>hello there
08:07<suman>i am taking backup from wp admin using some plugin .
08:07<suman>but it fail due to enable zip and ziparchives services on server
08:08<suman>can you help me out
08:08<suman>display this error "Error: (125) Unable to compress your backup because there is no zip utility available. Please contact support"
08:17<@bmartin>Hey Suman That isn't something I'm super familiar with. Does the plugin itself have a support team perchance?
08:19<suman>i want to know that if i enable server backup service then can get database and files backup?
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08:23<suman>when i take backup via command line then i am also unable to take database backup
08:23<suman>mysqldump righttraining > righttraining-21-march.sql
08:23<suman>i run this sommand
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08:26<@sjacobs> < something like that should resolve your "no zip utility available" error.
08:26<@sjacobs>we don't have enough details to help with your mysqldump issue.
08:27<suman>make me clear about "i want to know that if i enable server backup service then can get database and files backup?"
08:27<suman>on linode server
08:28<@sjacobs>we'll back up every file on the server. for best results with databases, it's best to automate (cron, timer, etc) a mysqldump or equivalent to a location on the Linode, so there is a plain text file backup.
08:28<Woet>suman: when talking about critical things like backups, perhaps it's best to talk to someone with sysadmin experience?
08:29<@sjacobs>^ that, too. if you choose to use Linode backups, they should only be one part of a bigger backup/recovery plan.
08:30<Woet>backups hosted on the same provider are not real backups
08:30<suman>then how can i take backup of database from server?
08:31<Woet>suman: you've been given various options already
08:31<Woet>suman: fix the error you mentioned by following sjacobs's link, use linode backups, use mysqldump
08:31<@sjacobs>mysqldump is good. but that dump file should be stored in multiple locations. on the server, a linode backup, offsite. you would have to evaluate what is best for you.
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08:31<Woet>suman: or, as I recommended, talk to someone who knows what they're doing.
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08:32<suman>mysqldump not working that's why i am asking to you.
08:32<Woet>suman: "not working" is not useful information.
08:33<suman>i have run this command "mysqldump righttraining > righttraining-21-march.sql"
08:34<suman>after login into mysql with this command "mysql -u root -p"
08:34<Woet>thats not how it works.
08:34<suman>there is no result showing
08:34<Woet>suman: mysqldump is the CLI tool itself, you don't login with mysql first.
08:34<Woet>suman: you pass the username and password parameters to mysqldump instead
08:35<suman>yes i have done this also
08:36<Woet>good, glad you got it working.
08:36<suman>where ?
08:36<suman>i am not seeing any result
08:36<suman>after run this command
08:36<Woet>suman: do you know what the command does?
08:36<suman>yes, very well
08:37<@sjacobs>well, then what is in righttraining-21-march.sql?
08:37<@sjacobs>... after you run that command.
08:37<Woet>suman: I don't agree with "very well" when you're trying to run it in the MySQL CLI
08:37<suman>this is my backup file which i want create
08:37<@sjacobs> just leaving this here.
08:37<@sjacobs>we know. but what is in that file after you ran the command?
08:37<Woet>suman: does the file exist? what does it contain?
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08:42<suman>in this files all database code will be .
08:43*Woet stares
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08:51<tafa2>so... back to my India thing
08:51<tafa2>turns out London seems to be the fastest to Jaipur
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09:42<Zimsky>by what difference?
09:42<Zimsky>if it's small enough, that might not always be the case
09:43<Zimsky>routing is a vexing bitch
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11:11<tafa2>Zimsky no more than 10ms
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12:00<AlexMax>my dns zone is taking a long time to update
12:01<relidy>~15 minutes is to be expected.
12:02<AlexMax>okay, my zone file is populated, but asking linode's nameservers it still doesn't know about the domain
12:03<relidy>Yeah, that's the roughly 15 minute delay. They only sync zones about 4 times an hour.
12:18<Cromulent>I have to say CSS Flexbox and Grid system make laying out a page in HTML so much easier than it used to be
12:19*tafa2 hates CSS
12:19<tafa2>I appreciate it
12:19<tafa2>but I leave it to someone else
12:20<Cromulent>normally the same here but I need a basic layout done so I can work on the backend
12:20<Cromulent>I'm hoping to release the backend code as open source and then get someone else to help with the front end design
12:21<tafa2>what you making?
12:22<Cromulent>nothing major - just a blog which has some more of the features that I want that I can use to transition all my Wordpress sites over to something written in Python
12:22<Cromulent>just need to write a simple script to import a Wordpress export now
12:27<Cromulent>I've always wanted to do something open source - so even if no one uses it it'll still be fun
12:45-!-joon [~joon@] has joined #linode
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12:51<synfinatic>write something for yourself and post it on github. mission accomplished :)
12:59-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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13:04<Cromulent>that is pretty much what I am doing - writing something for myself but I think others might be interested in it as well
13:04<Cromulent>plus it is a good refresher course in Django
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13:44<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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13:46<hellooo>are you going to post news about backbone?
13:46<millisa>They usually are good about putting status info at
13:46<hellooo>no blog post?
13:47<millisa>what do you mean 'about backbone'?
13:54-!-arturito [] has joined #linode
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13:54<arturito>Hi there
13:55<arturito>Can someone tell me how much bandwidth each machine has available to it?
13:56<Peng_>What do you mean?
13:56<arturito>In Pricing it says 400gbps in an 1gbps out, but is this shared with other "neighbors"?
13:58-!-CodeMouse92__ [] has joined #linode
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14:00<hellooo>disregard incoming bandwidth. servers do not use it
14:00<hellooo>marketing thing.
14:00-!-hellooo [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
14:01<millisa>those are throughput caps
14:01<Peng_>arturito: Yes, it's shared. It's unlikely you'll get quite 40 Gbps in, due to other users. It's likely you'll get 1 Gbps out, since the other users have 39 Gbps or so to work with, and it shouldn't be overloaded.
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14:02<HoopyCat>also the limiting factor on inbound is *usually* the other side
14:03<Peng_>If you have 40 Gbps of inbound traffic, it's probably a DDoS attack. :P
14:04<Peng_>How much CPU does it take to eat 40 Gbps?
14:05<HoopyCat>the dockerization i'm working on right now pulls in a ~9 GB file from akamai at just about 1000 Mb/s, once they get hot
14:07<Peng_>I shudder at the Akamai invoice
14:08<HoopyCat>well, it's intel
14:09<Peng_>Their fab cap ex people probably use Akamai invoices as coasters :P
14:11<HoopyCat> ... it makes me feel a little dirty
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15:00<trippeh>dealing with 40G inbound is easy - on bare metal. on virt it is a PITA
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15:14<VaseOG>So im looking for someone to make me a discord bot with all custom stuff etc on it my last guy was rude so i diddnt pay him i diddnt even have him start on the custom stuff
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17:45<arooni>so i'm running out of storage space and pretty sure its a big log file; best way to find it is sudo ncdu / ? or some other magical method
17:45<millisa>ncdu is my favorite when you don't know where the space is
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17:50<arooni>and is sudo apt-get autoremove a safe command to run?
17:50<arooni>apparently i have 8.4G in linux headers
17:51<millisa>(backups are your friend)
17:52<arooni>glad i pay for linodes backup service; gonna run a snapshot now
17:52<arooni>thanks team
17:58<arooni>how long do snapshots usually take? 30gb of storage
17:59<relidy>A few minutes.
17:59<arooni>Entered: 7 minutes 9 seconds ago - Took: 7 minutes, 2 seconds ;; still showing 0% progress
18:00<millisa>A 12gb node that has 160gb used took a little over 7 mins during last night's run.
18:01<relidy>I can't type
18:01<relidy>But those units are a little odd ...
18:01<relidy>Then again, I should think first >.<
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18:06<arooni>its done now; thats all that matters :P
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19:16<dwfreed>backup service runtime is more dependent on number of files than the size of them
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19:17<millisa>probably should have included that count earlier.
19:18<dwfreed>if you have 1 million 4 KB files, your backup will take much longer than 1 4 GB file
19:20<millisa>580GB made up of 6.1M files takes about an hour (and if it fails, the response to the ticket will be 'that is a lot of files')
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19:23<dwfreed>millisa: yep
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22:08<niulibook>hello, anyone here?
22:18<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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