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00:25<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issues - Tokyo 1 <>
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02:04<indhare>Does linode support to move a VM from one user account to another user account?
02:05<millisa>Yep. You just need to put in a ticket from both accounts for it
02:05<indhare>@millisa, thank you very much for the information :)
02:05<millisa>you are welcome.
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02:49<mattmcc>Are there any plans to include ZFS support in any of Linode's kernels?
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02:54<Peng_>Might be a good time to try a distro kernel?
02:55<Peng_>Some of the newer images even use distro kernels by default.
02:55<Peng_>Is ZFS a third-party patch?
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03:03<dwfreed>Peng_: ZFS is a third-party module; the legality of combining it with Linux is up in the air, due to the CDDL conflicting with the GPL
03:05<dwfreed>Ubuntu does it, as do others, but they could try to argue that they aren't actually combining it, just distributing the parts so you can combine it yourself at runtime
03:05<Peng_>Canonical lawyer magic hasn't been merged upstream?
03:06<dwfreed>it's not illegal to combine CDDL and GPL, it's just a conflict of the GPL to distribute the combined work
03:08<dwfreed>(which is why socat doesn't have readline support on Debian-based distros, because readline is GPL, instead of LGPL or GPL with OpenSSL exception, which conflict's with OpenSSL's license; the move to Apache 2.0 for OpenSSL will solve that)
03:08<mattmcc>Is Linode distributing it if it only deploys within their datacenters?
03:08<dwfreed>that's an *extremely* grey area
03:08<dwfreed>One which I doubt Linode wants to explore
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03:12<mattmcc>Fair enough.
03:13<mattmcc>Seems that's exactly their argument (they aren't combining it)
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03:22<Peng_>It's been 25 months!?
03:27<mattmcc>Yeah, we're using it for our PG nodes on 16.04.
03:28<Peng_>You think Oracle would have sued by now if they wanted to?
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03:49<dwfreed>Peng_: I'm not sure that it's Oracle that has the right to sue, but Linux Foundation
03:50<dwfreed>and I doubt they will, since it gets more people using Linux instead of *BSD or Oracle :)
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04:00<ragdoll>does linode support running a teredo server on a linode instance?
04:00<grawity>does a teredo server need to do anything special, network-wise?
04:01<ragdoll>it needs two consecutive IPv4 addresses
04:02<grawity>unlikely, though you can try
04:02<grawity>be sure to include that in the ticket for 2nd address request
04:03<ragdoll>what kind of IPv4 subnets are supported? i'm guessing /28 or maybe even /30
04:03<grawity>you don't get your own subnet – only single assignments
04:03<dwfreed>fwiw, you wouldn't be able to use the well-known Teredo IPv6 addresses
04:04<dwfreed>you're better off using 6in4, imo
04:04<ragdoll>ah, i see... ok, guess i'll do a trial, and request a 2nd ip
04:05<ragdoll>would like to, but i need to connect from behind a nat which doesn't fwd proto 41
04:05<grawity>yes, better run a standard VPN server and route IPv6 through that
04:05<grawity>openvpn, wireguard, ikev2, etc.
04:05<grawity>sometimes you can get away with proto41 by setting up a keepalive ping
04:05<ragdoll>ah, you mean 6to4 over openvpn or wireguard? didn't know that would work, sounds like an alternative
04:06<grawity>I mean regular ordinary ipv6 over openvpn or wireguard
04:06<grawity>(well yes, it's "ipv6 over ipv4", not the same thing as 6to4 though)
04:07<ragdoll>ok, i guess i need to do some more reading.. thanks for the suggestions
04:07<grawity>ask Linode for an IPv6 /64 or /56
04:07<grawity>configure OpenVPN to hand out addresses from that /64 to clients
04:08<grawity>configure OpenVPN to push a default ipv6 route to clients
04:08<ragdoll>will i be able to use openvpn from behind a nat?
04:08<grawity>to NATs it looks like any other outgoing UDP stream
04:09<grawity>you might need to set up keepalive ping on the client side, so that the NAT doesn't forget it during idle moments
04:09<ragdoll>ok, sounds easier than running a teredo relay & server
04:09<grawity>but besides that, it should just work
04:09<ragdoll>heard that some folk use ntp over ipv6 for keepalives
04:09<grawity>doesn't sound like a nice idea
04:10<grawity>at least has a dedicated ping responder
04:10<grawity>most NTP servers aren't that good at handling high loads
04:10<grawity>if you do queries every second, the admin will want to hit you
04:10<ragdoll>oh, so ping or ping6 for keepalives?
04:10<ragdoll>hehe, ok :)
04:11<dwfreed>pretty sure openvpn has built-in keepalive support?
04:11<grawity>well yes
04:11<grawity>in openvpn, --keepalive <interval> <timeout>
04:11<grawity>in raw 6to4, ping6 in background
04:12<ragdoll>great.. i'll read up on openvpn using an ipv6 /64
04:12<ragdoll>thanks again!
04:13<grawity>not including the authentication stuff (tls certs/keys), the IP-specific parameters would look kinda like (from one of my servers)
04:15<ragdoll>hmm, looks kinda easy.. is the /96 come out of your /64?
04:15<ragdoll>thanks for the example, looks like it's not too complicated
04:17<grawity>(the choice of /96 was arbitrary, I think OpenVPN just whines if you try to use a whole /64 for the address pool)
04:18<ragdoll>good to know
04:20<grawity>(another reason is I had been experimenting with different VPN types, so I had a /96 for OpenVPN, a /96 for ocserv, a /96 for IKEv2...)
04:21<ragdoll>hmm, ok
04:22<ragdoll>so, i guess as long as my openvpn server has native ipv6, no need for either HE tunnel or teredo; nice!
04:24<grawity>are you planning on using a router as the openvpn client, or individual computers only?
04:25<ragdoll>for now, two separate individual hosts, each behind a nat
04:25<ragdoll>eventually, hopefully isp at each site will (eventually) support native ipv6
04:30<ragdoll>btw, anything special regarding using router as openvpn client?
04:31<grawity>request a /56 from Linode, pick a /64 for your LAN and configure it on your router
04:32<grawity>then add routes on the server for that /64 (kernel route via tun0, openvpn --iroute via the router's VPN IP)
04:36<grawity>(if you're connecting two sites, each would get its own /64, and of course each is separate from the /64 or /96 or /112 used for "VPN pool")
04:36<grawity>and well
04:36<grawity>good luck with netflix.
04:36<grawity>if you use it, it's going to be a pain with any sort of ipv6 tunnel
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04:37<ragdoll>nope, no netflix, one less thing to get working :)
04:46<Peng_>I just block the main ELB /64s to watch Netflix :(
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06:19<Landman>Hi there
06:19<TJ>hello hope all is well, i have an issue in my linode can anyone help
06:19<ragdoll>what's the issue?
06:20<TJ>they put some restrictions on my linode they said malicious activity originating from your Linode. It appears that your Linode is being used to attack another server
06:21<TJ>i cant even install tcpdump or anything to check i tried netstat only i see some ips with connection established sometimes
06:22<TJ>Url: [] Remote connection [] Agent: [Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:56.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/56.0] Post data: [Array ( [dd] => echo '9ebf'.'db6c'; exit; ) ]
06:22<TJ>thats some of the logs they gave us
06:23<TJ>u can see the rest here
06:23<ragdoll>someone from linode will need to help..
06:23<TJ>its taking so much time to reply everyday they reply once
06:23<TJ>and i need it so bad
06:24<@bmartin>what is the ticket number TJ I'll make sure we get someone on it quickly
06:24<TJ>Thank you so much bmartin here is the ticket number 10119296
06:26<Landman>My domain is registered through Name Cheap. Do I only need to update the name servers on NameCheap backend for my domain to point to the Linode server or is there any other conifuration that needs to be done?
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06:32<TJ>@Landman yes unless you have aliases or mail or watever
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06:34<joshua>Can anyone help me?
06:35<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
06:35<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
06:35<Landman>@TJ, thank you! I'll see what happens after propogation.
06:35<TJ>@Landman most welcome
06:35<joshua>!ask How many instances i can create? And how do i increast it?
06:35<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
06:36<dwfreed>you can create as many Linodes as you can pay for
06:36<joshua>I have $5 on my account balance and i can only create 20 instances
06:37<dwfreed>that's to prevent fraud for new accounts
06:37<dwfreed>you can open a ticket and have that removed if needed
06:37<joshua>Oh yes i did that!
06:37<@bmartin>There is not a guarantee of approval of this
06:37<joshua>I know
06:37<@bmartin>We evaluate each account based on billing history etc
06:37<joshua>What if i add more account balance?
06:38<@bmartin>That does not directly effect your Limits
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06:38<@bmartin>You would need to ask for an increase. The more info you can provide as to why will help. Depending on billing history you may be asked to pay a deposit or we may need there to be a longer billing history
06:39<@bmartin>We won't be able to get into any specifics of your account in our public IRC room but that ticket will provide the answers you are looking for
06:39<@bmartin>Can you provide the ticket number?
06:39<joshua>Give me a second
06:40<joshua>Paying a deposit is fine
06:40<@bmartin>Like I said I don't know the specifics of your account at this time just giving you possible outcomes
06:40<@bmartin>There is a possibility that we will just need a longer billing history.
06:41<@bmartin>Did you specify in the ticket how many you were looking to create? If not I'd ask that you update the ticket with that information as well
06:41<joshua>No i didnt
06:41<joshua>Let me update that
06:41<joshua>How can i edit the ticket?
06:42<dwfreed>just go to it in the support tab and post another update
06:43<@bmartin>Someone will be back with a response shortly
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06:45<TJ>@bmartin our linode is a landing page builder and we are stoppping all our campaigns coz of it please let them deal with our case as a very urgent matter its been 3 days and they only reply with 1 reply per day and we have so many linodes and a long billing history
06:46<@bmartin>I have marked the ticket as urgent so your wait time will not be as long. We will respond as soon as possible. I do see that someone is working on it now.
06:46<TJ>thank you so much
06:47<joshua>I just added an update
06:47<joshua>Hope they reply soon
06:47<@bmartin>We will reply as soon as possible. Thank you
06:47<joshua>Thank you
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07:36<TJ>@bmartin if the linode is in rescue mode then we cant use it ? so pages depending on it will not be reachable?
07:37<Peng_>It's like booting a live CD on your computer. Your normal stuff is there, but not running.
07:37<Peng_> people still use live CDs?
07:39<TJ>hahahah no
07:46<Cromulent>sorry for an off-topic question but does anyone know of anywhere I can ask a few questions about releasing some software as open source?
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07:48<grawity>maybe law.SE to some extent, or e.g. some Debian sub-community
07:49<Cromulent>awesome thanks
07:50<grawity>and your company's lawyers, if you're releasing some ex-commercial software
07:50<Cromulent>nah just something I've been doing on my own
07:51<Cromulent>just slightly concerned the GNU Affero v3 license will put some people off
07:52<Zimsky>tbh you should AGPL everything
07:52<Zimsky>NC is a good thing
07:55<Peng_>Cromulent: Some companies will try to claim things you do on your own
07:55<Zimsky>the companies that don't (/can't legally) use it, good
07:56<Zimsky>the individuals that don't use it because of whatever reservations they may have, well, c'est la vie
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07:59<Cromulent>Peng_: I freelance so it shouldn't be an issue
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08:21<Cromulent>wow finally - the meltdown / spectre BIOS / UEFI has been released for my motherboard
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08:40<trippeh>you mean "workarounds my OS can choose to use"
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08:50<Cromulent>trippeh: I guess
08:50<Cromulent>well I've done all I can to fix the issue now at least
08:51<Cromulent>even managed to up my overclock by 100Mhz at the same time
08:51<trippeh>sensible OSes shipped those workarounds themselfes with no need for bios to do it
08:51<trippeh>but it is good they are coming out :p
08:51<Cromulent>well when I ran this it said it needed a hardware patch for full support
08:51<trippeh>I said sensible
08:51<Cromulent>now it says everything is fine
08:52<trippeh>it does look like MS is looking into pushing microcode updates themselfes now
08:52<trippeh>I think they have a opt-in patch for it
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10:27<linbot>New news from status: Edge Router Upgrade - A Side - Fremont Datacenter <>
10:37<linbot>New news from status: Edge Router Upgrade - B Side - Fremont Datacenter <>
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11:15<Woet>13:00 local time? what kind of crazy time is that for maintenance
11:15<Woet>is the night shift not qualified enough? bmartin sometimes knows what he's doing
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12:19<HoopyCat>Woet: that's probably a reason why they have two parallel networks :p
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12:41<buzz9e15>Woet: it's night 24 hours a day
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14:26<AlexMax>I got a CPU usage alrt
14:26<AlexMax>says it exceeded 90%
14:27<AlexMax>Does this mean 90% period?
14:27<AlexMax>or is this kind of like the load average and 90% means 90% of one CPU when we have four?
14:27<@sjacobs>it's 100% per core. so 200% for a 2 core linode, etc.
14:27<@sjacobs>four cpu would be out of 400%
14:27<AlexMax>90% is the default no matter how many cores
14:27<millisa>It means you hit this notification:
14:28<@sjacobs>yeah. it's easy to change, though.
14:28<Peng_>Are you using 90% on purpose?
14:29<AlexMax>no, it's what was there
14:29<AlexMax>Also, is there a way for me to get the alerts too?
14:29<AlexMax>right now only my boss gets alerts
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14:31<millisa>'When an alert threshold is reached, an email is sent to all users that have the "access" privilege to this Linode."
14:32<millisa>bango bongo
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14:32<AlexMax>i don't want to leave the congo
14:32<millisa>(try to get that outta your head for the rest of the day)
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14:57<Hycari>Hello! Does Linode allow more than one IP per instance?
14:57<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
14:57<Hycari>Excellent, cool deal. Thanks!
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15:48<farhan>Hi all! I have a question about the linode capacity.
15:48<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
15:49<farhan>What is the Linode 2048's max bandwidth?
15:49<farhan>how many Gbp/s ?
15:50<millisa>It's on the pricing page for each plan - 40Gbps In, 1000Mbps Out
15:51<farhan>thank you!
15:51<dwfreed>note that those are from the perspective of the Linode
15:51<dwfreed>so download from the Linode (like it serving pages, etc) is capped at 1 Gbps
16:02<farhan>I needed a theoretical maximum
16:02<farhan>for this silly form.
16:03<millisa>If you wanted to pay $960/month, the biggest high memory plan is 40Gbps/10Gbps
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16:36<linbot>New news from kernels: 4.15.12-x86-linode124 <> || 4.15.12-x86_64-linode105 <>
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16:51<FluffyFoxeh>!lick linbot
16:51<linbot>FluffyFoxeh: Point given to linbot. (1337)
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17:19<Peng_>Kernels :O
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20:49<arooni>how important on a 1-10 scale is implementing CAA?
20:50<arooni>from ; Note that if a domain name has a CNAME record, it is not allowed to have any other records according to the DNS standards.
20:50<millisa>it shows up on a qualys/ssllabs test in orange; not sure it really makes a difference for the score (if their score matters to you)
20:51<arooni>i have to remove all other cnames? i got a a+ on ssllabs test
20:55<millisa>as for the cname thing - they are warning you that it will follow cnames; if you put a caa at your base domain name, but have a cname for www.arooni.domain.tld, that happens to point at, it's going to check for a cname for www.aroonie.domain.tld first, then next, then next.
20:55<arooni>i didnt know there was actually an order to the cname directives
20:56<millisa>er, check for 'caa' for www.aroonie.domain.tld first...
20:57<arooni>so do i want the the cname for or
20:57<millisa>there's folks that argue 'no' for other reasons other than caa.
20:58<arooni>as long as users see that green checkbox on their browser during checkout
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21:15<Peng_>millisa: It won't check (without www) anymore.
21:16<millisa>no? Did it change so that it didn't check the thing you've got the cname pointed at?
21:16<Peng_>Actually, I'm not sure if climbing CNAME targets is no longer allowed, or allowed but discouraged.
21:17<Peng_>millisa: It would check, but not Or it may.
21:17<millisa>time for science?
21:17<Peng_>Let's Encrypt disabled tree climbing ASAP
21:18<Peng_>Dunno what over CAs've done.
21:18<millisa>waiting on the 15 min publish thing now to see
21:20<Peng_>what other*
21:21<Peng_>"the CA MUST check for CAA records ... as specified in RFC 6844 as amended by Errata 5065 (Appendix A)"
21:21<Peng_>That totally bans tree climbing... I think.
21:22<millisa>"Thus, when a search at node X returns a CNAME record, the CA will follow the CNAME record chain to its target. If the target label contains a CAA record, it is returned." was on that page.
21:22<millisa>maybe I'm reading it wrong.
21:23<Peng_>"www.aroonie.domain.tld. CNAME" would result in a queries for "", "aroonie.domain.tld.", "domain.tld.", "tld." and ".", but not "" or "com."
21:23<Peng_>in queries*
21:24<Peng_>(Or it would stop if CAA records existed, of course.)
21:27<millisa>so right now, it looks like '' does not have a caa. does. Assuming there is a caa at domain.tld, and not one at aroonie.domain.tld; we're expecting that domain.tld caa
21:29<millisa>very exciting. come on linode dns. hurry up.
21:29<FluffyFoxeh>does let's encrypt even need an email address to use it?
21:30<Peng_>FluffyFoxeh: No. It's optional.
21:30<FluffyFoxeh>what would they use it for if you gave one?
21:30<millisa>they'll use it to let you know if a certs about to expire, though
21:30<millisa>if your renewal isn't working; or you forgot to drop it in cron . . can be useful
21:30<Peng_>Potentially other issues, like if something bad happened and they had to revoke the certificate
21:31<Peng_>also potentially EFF leaflets if you opt in ;)
21:31<Peng_>well, the EFF thing is specific to Certbot
21:32<FluffyFoxeh>ah I get those already from donating :p
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21:36<millisa>hm. try and 'load current policy'. it's a cname to plain gets the google caa (check!). is a cname for It doesnt appear to want to load any policy despite having one
21:38<Peng_>That could be an SSL Mate limitation
21:38<millisa>yeah. trying to find another tester. i guess I could just try getting a cert issued
21:40<millisa>This one appears to validate wrong on the first name - .
21:41<millisa>this one does the same as sslmate-
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22:26<WM_Jonssen>Hi, I am the author of Centcount Analytics.
22:32<smallclone>..what does that mean
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22:47<HoopyCat>hello, i am a cat
22:48<millisa>Hi! I'm Troy McClure; you may remember me from such travel guides as 'Hats Off to Fargo' and 'Suddenly, Tulsa'
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23:01<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
23:03<FluffyFoxeh>hello, I am the fox
23:03<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • tarot y cabala <>
23:09<Eugene>So what, do we reassemble into some sort of Linode Zord?
23:11<@scrane>Like Voltron!!
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23:27<@bhanks>Eugene where have you been
23:28<Eugene>Here, every day?
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