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00:00<Ram>Need some hosting help
00:00<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
00:00<@scrane>What can we do for you, Ram?
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00:00<Ram>Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)
00:00<@scrane>How are you getting this error?
00:00<Ram>In my website adsense ads not working, SHowing above error. iS IT Hosting Error
00:02<@scrane>Is the rest of the website loading well and only Adsense failing?
00:02<Ram>but same adsense code working well in other sites
00:02<@scrane>So from what I can tell, that wouldn't be something with hosting. That is likely an issue directly to Adsense. Possibly the account isn't approved, or the website isn't approved, or the website was disabled from serving ads.
00:03<@scrane>Here's some additional guidance on that:!topic/adsense/Tu14i8ekCnc
00:03<Ram>Ads are working Fine sir, Its apprioved
00:04<@scrane>So I can take a look, can you let me know what the domain is?
00:06<millisa>that site is on digital ocean isn't it?
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00:08<Ram>yes sir now am planing to change hosting
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00:10<@scrane>So taking a look at the website's source code, this definitely looks like it's a problem related to adsense and not hosting. The HTML on your website is trying to pull the ads from adsense and doesn't store them locally, however when they attempt to pull from adsense they're getting the 403 Forbidden. I would recommend logging into your adsense account and taking a look at any messages you may have gotten from Google.
00:12<Ram>No Sir, No Msg from Adsense. Same ad code i place in other websites but showing ads
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00:20<@scrane>Aside from the other link I provided, you can take a look at these:
00:21<@scrane>I don't know that there's' much more I can help with on this, but as I said, it sounds like this is specifically an issue between the domain and adsense, not necessarily your domain and your hosting.
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00:27<Ram>Ok Thak You
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05:08<ArchNoob>Hello, is there a way I can programmatically run a bash script inside my linode box using an API?
05:08<dwfreed>but those only apply on deployment
05:08<ArchNoob>yes, I don't mean that.
05:09<ArchNoob>I need to like create an nginx vhost programmatically.
05:09<dwfreed>you could literally make your webserver execute the script using cgi-bin
05:09<dwfreed>(though nginx doesn't do CGI)
05:10<ArchNoob>I'm not familiar with cgi-bin but can it run bash scripts?
05:10<dwfreed>you could make an <insert favorite language here> app that executes the script
05:10<dwfreed>cgi-bin executes anything executable
05:10<mattmcc>Lots of tools to choose from; ansible, salt, fabric, puppet, etc.
05:10<ArchNoob>well, :-D
05:11<dwfreed>following mattmcc's line, you're much better off using configuration management
05:12<ArchNoob>Thanks guys, I saw/have an ansible tutorial somewhere.
05:12<ArchNoob>will take a look at that.
05:15<dwfreed>one really nice thing about config management is that if you use a consistent setup, you can make templates for config files (and even template the instructions for making the paths, etc), and just give it a list of vhosts, and it'll make all of them
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05:24<zllovesuki>hi.... I suspect that the host h92-shg1 in Japan is experiencing problem
05:24<dwfreed>what's your Linode's IP?
05:24<dwfreed>can you reach it via Lish?
05:25<zllovesuki>trying to shut down via the web interface and the job is stuck
05:25<zllovesuki>was trying to apt upgrade and suddenly it died (literally)
05:26<zllovesuki>I have another Linode on host h325-shg1 (Japan) and it is still working
05:26<dwfreed>Linode monitors all their hosts quite extensively, so they've probably already noticed it, or will independently notice it in a minute or two
05:27<zllovesuki>such a pain that it happens when you just signed up and starting to spin up loads of nodes to build out a cluster
05:29<@bmartin>Hey there zllovesuki we are currently working on a situation in h92-shg1
05:29<zllovesuki>oh so there is an issue with the hose
05:29<@bmartin>We are investigating as we speak
05:30<zllovesuki>any preliminary ideas?
05:30<dwfreed>servers die randomly
05:30<@bmartin>I just found out myself so I'm not fully sure at this time. I'm sorry I can't provide more
05:30<zllovesuki>it's okay
05:30<zllovesuki>I will just take a shower and hopefully come back to a lovely Linode
05:31<dwfreed>(99% of server problems are "it just died randomly"; that's a global observation, not just Linode)
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05:40<naveen_>I hve a query
05:41<naveen_>I want to move my website from AWS to linode
05:42<naveen_>Server configuration i required is 8 GB RAM 4Vcpu and storage 100GB primany and also two secondary drive 1. 300GB 2. 400GB
05:43<naveen_>Please tell me if its possible
05:43<dwfreed>there is also
05:44<naveen_>i have already checked the pricing i am best go with the $40 server but i also need additional space
05:44<dwfreed>that's where block storage comes in, assuming fremont is an acceptable location at the moment
05:44<naveen_>can you please send me a b breif about my configuration pricing on my emai
05:45<Peng_> and cover it
05:45<dwfreed>this is a community discussion channel
06:05<zllovesuki>can someone ELI5 me here?
06:05<zllovesuki>What's Active Anti-Entropy?
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06:09<dwfreed>zllovesuki: anti-entropy is an error correction thing
06:11<dwfreed>the active part means that the error correction routines are running all the time, seeking out issues and fixing them (unlike a passive one, which looks for errors in data when that data is requested)
06:14<zllovesuki>mmmmm okay
06:14<zllovesuki>anyone uses ZFS here?
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08:30<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
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09:39<wdos>what is the price for managed node?
09:39<@scrane>The Linode Managed service is $100/month per Linode on the account on top of the price of the Linodes themselves. You can read more here
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09:48<albannoob>I have a vps running ubuntu and i want to have an FQDN
09:48<albannoob>How do i configure it
09:49<albannoob>The Domain is
09:50<albannoob>Could reallly use some help\
09:50<albannoob>Without typos
09:51<@bmartin>albannoob I believe this guide will assist you
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10:39<thrtaker>my account was cancelled for no reason can anyone help me
10:41<@sjacobs>you can email no one will be able to help with that through IRC.
10:42<thrtaker>i talk to the support via email they said my acount was flaged as "hight risk" and then no response
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11:10<Zimsky>s/ with.*/./
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11:57*Woet cancels Zimsky for plenty of reasons
11:59<Zimsky>you can't cancel what was not already subscribed or otherwise
12:06<Zimsky>Woet: how does time work?
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12:12<FluffyFoxeh>who said " with.*"
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12:15<Zimsky>you'd suck as a sed bot
12:17<synfinatic>oh man, i had forgotten about /dev/tcp and now I can't stop playing with it
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12:36<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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12:46<Zimsky>that is complete and utter lies
12:46<Zimsky>yes it is >1 lie
12:47<@jalter>!point Eugene
12:47<linbot>jalter: Point given to eugene. (55) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 19)
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12:47<nyancat>right then, I think two underscores is enough
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12:48<Zimsky>jalter: how can you, in good faith, support these treacherous acts?
12:49<@jalter>Because I like Linode
12:49<nyancat>do you really
12:49<nyancat>if you really like linode, get a tattoo
12:49<nyancat>big heart
12:49<Zimsky>jalter: but Eugene is lying
12:49<nyancat>in the middle, corporate logo, and below it, I <3 LINODE
12:49<@jalter>I already got Linode T-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, and pay stubs
12:49<Zimsky>more like lie-node amirite
12:49<nyancat>jalter: you wouldn't want to disappoint your lord and boss caker now would you?
12:50<Zimsky>where did caker go?
12:50<@jalter>he's very reasonable
12:50<Zimsky>was he klined?
12:50<nyancat>probably just not here
12:50<Zimsky>I bet it was the timegod
12:50<nyancat>maybe ;)
12:50<Zimsky>maybe he'd had enough
12:50<Peng_>nyancat: Only two underscores?
12:51<Zimsky>or it was enough
12:51<nyancat>Peng_: Yeah!
12:51<nyancat>On another network I'm on, I had five or six
12:51<Zimsky>are you half of an internal python method?
12:51<Peng_>nyancat: Wow
12:51<nyancat>Shocking, I know
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14:05<transit>When migrating a server to another data center, is the one operating at the original center still available after breifly taking it offline to facilitate the transfer?
14:06<millisa>If you are cloning using this guide: then it doesnt remove the original linode. you pay for both
14:07<transit>Thanks, that looks like a better option than migrating.
14:10<transit>I have a second v4IP, and Linode is pretty strict about giving those out. Will letting them know I intend to get rid of the first linode make the requisition for a second IP on the second linode go smootly?
14:11<millisa>You'd probably have to ask them in a ticket for it after the clone
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14:55<phlux>I made a DNS change at minute 46 -_-
14:56<phlux>5 minutes left
15:17<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials • need an urgent help on how to continue from putty <>
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15:30<SB>Much bigger channel than I expected... Quick question I wasn't sure about - does Linode offer any sort of a yearly pre-paid discount? Ability to reserve the instance for a year basically and pre-pay?
15:30<SB>it's what i thought... guess i remember they USED to do it
15:31<SB>thank you
15:31<millisa>well, you could put a years worth of money onto your account, assign a linode and not turn it on. . you'd be billed the same as if it was on...
15:31<synfinatic>no discout though :)
15:31<SB>no discount to that though :-)...
15:31<SB>either way - i am thinking i'd be resizing at the 6-month mark anyway... thanks for chimin gin
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15:36<arielp>Mmm.. gin.
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16:50<synfinatic>oh ffs, why won't centos honor disabling rp_filter via sysctl during boot.
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17:18<dwfreed>phlux: Linode's masters don't all update exactly on the quarter hour; it's staggered, and then what you see depends on which master CF's proxies decide to hit
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17:48<Peng_>and CF caches
18:00<dwfreed>not much, but it does
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18:47<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • pls help me on installation. pls <>
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18:48<Xodiac13>Hi I am doing a school project and I want to see who is a Linux Administrator to answer some questions please.
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18:56<millisa>Finding number 1: Linux admins don't respond instantly.
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19:02<synfinatic>kids these days don't know the value of patience
19:03<AlexMax>how long will that take?
19:03<synfinatic>dunno... i'll get back to you
19:03<phlux>Do any of you prefer SMF over phpBB?
19:04<synfinatic>this is a trick question right?
19:04<dwfreed>I'd prefer stubbing my toe to dealing with forum software
19:04<synfinatic>dwfreed +1
19:09<devilspgd>dwfreed +++
19:11<devilspgd>Disqus or something professionally maintained, if you can get away with it. (Not a big personal fan of Disqus, but it's what all the cool kids are doing).
19:11<nate>disqus isn't the best of things if you're privacy paranoid
19:12<nate>but yes it does at least give you a pretty managable comments system 3rd-party maintained
19:12<nate>But comparing disqus to something like a forum software seems weird
19:13<devilspgd>I've seen it done well in a few cases, I think one had an easy way to create a new page and Disqus handled all the communication, it was kinda slick for what it was.
19:17<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • pls help me on installation. pls <>
19:19<nate>It's not hard to, as there are JS handlers that ultimately determine the 'body' disqus operates in, but I'm not sure they'd like it being used that way
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19:57<zifnab>!lick dwfreed
19:57<linbot>zifnab: Point given to dwfreed. (41)
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21:00<Eugene>!towel zifnab
21:00<linbot>Eugene: Point taken from zifnab! (11)
21:00<Eugene>zifnab - was it you who wanted me to make a git-based blockchain?
21:01<zifnab>!caress Eugene
21:01<linbot>zifnab: Point given to eugene. (56) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 19)
21:02<zifnab>Eugene: no. I want you to weld a 1/4 inch steel chain to a 6inch steel cube.
21:02<Eugene>I am a git
21:02<zifnab>So I can hit people who suggest blockchain.
21:02<Eugene>Therefore, git-based blockchain
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23:38<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • I am the new girl <>
23:39<Woet>bhanks: you got competition
23:40<@bhanks>im hardly new Woet
23:40<Woet>bhanks: wheres your weblog
23:41<@scrane>What forum post? I see no forum post.
23:41<Woet>the one your anti spam measures you refuse to implement should have prevented
23:42<@scrane>There is no spam. Spam is a myth. A legend. A meme.
23:42<dwfreed>you say that, and yet they've written a whole new community site that will replace the forums
23:44<Woet>thats a bit extreme
23:44<@scrane>We take no half measures.
23:44<dwfreed>have you seen phpBB?
23:45<Woet>"Physical contact and simulated physical contact (eg, textual descriptions like “hug” or “backrub”) without consent or after a request to stop"
23:45<dwfreed>it's *horrible* internally
23:45*Woet hugs scrane
23:48<Woet>"Unwelcome comments regarding a person’s lifestyle choices and practices, including those related to food, health, parenting, drugs, and employment"
23:48<Woet>bhanks: stop eating at chili's all the time
23:48<@bhanks>the only thing i eat or drink it seltzer
23:49<Woet>hmm it doesnt say anything about drinks
23:49<Woet>guess we're good
23:52-!-pavlushka [] has joined #linode
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23:53<@bhanks>great. im thrilled to hear it
23:56<Woet>bhanks: i dont like your dismissive sarcastic tone
23:56<@bhanks>Woet have i ever been dismissive to you!?
23:56<@bhanks>sarcastic. perhaps.
23:56<Woet>well i feel very dismissed
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