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00:08<dcraig>u woet m8
00:08<Woet>dcraig: please respect my pronouns
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00:19<zifnab>huh, nevermind, moving on
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00:22<gecco>evening linode, could someone check the vitals on host: h1078-rin1 (KVM) I think this just went down, dallas data center
00:22<dwfreed>"Blood pressure's dropping; we're losing him!"
00:23<gecco>hahahaha, yeah, its thank God late at night, so I don't really care, and no ones working at this hour
00:23<gecco>but still... just sent a shutdown command on the host, its not responding
00:23<@scrane>Hey there, gecco, let me check on that real fast.
00:24*dcraig tickles zifnab around a bit with a large rough pomfret
00:24<gecco>thanks scrane, appreciate it, ok, it says host just shutdown
00:24<zifnab>!caress dcraig
00:24<linbot>zifnab: Point given to dcraig. (7)
00:24<dwfreed>dcraig: why you gotta be so rough?
00:24<zifnab>so i just found an irc client (thelounge) that preloads images
00:24<zifnab>entirely by mistake
00:25<zifnab>i have also found that it buffers png files in-memory
00:25<zifnab>and i need to figure out how to report this because "I think an 8gb png crashes it"
00:25<@scrane>Hrm... I'm not seeing anything going on with the host. Do you currently have a ticket open, gecco? I'd definitely like to take a look at this a bit deeper
00:26<dwfreed>probably just took the host a minute to start the job because it was doing others
00:26<gecco>just initiated boot for a linode on h1078-rin1 (KVM), checking vitals of linode...
00:26<gecco>ok, this linode is responding, any idea why the host maybe stalled?
00:27<dwfreed>are you sure it wasn't internal to the Linode?
00:27<@scrane>How long was the shut down hanging for?
00:27<gecco>are disks looking ok? are you seeing any SMART errors or HW issues? I've never had this host freeze up before, ever,
00:28<gecco>It hung for 11mins beyond a 3min cron job restart
00:28<gecco>never seen this before, very strange
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00:29<zifnab>kernel panic! jettison the children! turn the flashers on! while(1);!
00:30<dwfreed>if a Linode is not responsive, it can take 2 minutes for a shutdown job to complete (that's how long it tries before pulling the plug)
00:30<gecco>weird, will pull some more health stats on it tomorrow, I guess if your not seeing anything up with the host, I guess we're good
00:32<gecco>yeah, usually we're down in 30 seconds and backup and fully reporting in under 3mins, I have reports going back to middle of last year, no issues, always under 3.5mins for a gap in telemetry data
00:32<gecco>thanks for checking scrane, you guys have a good evening
00:34<@scrane>No problem!
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03:18<iONinja>Hi, anyone around?
03:18<millisa>lots of folks
03:18<iONinja>Is the list on the side the online list?
03:18<millisa>in the channel, sure. who knows who's actually at the keyboard.
03:19<iONinja>I have a question about bandwidth measurement
03:19<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
03:19<iONinja>So here is my bandwidth usage:
03:20<iONinja>Transfer/mo: 1000 GB Incoming: 4.35 GB Outgoing: 14.1 GB Total: 18.5 GB
03:20<@scrane>The transfer pool only counts outgoing, so you won't be billed for incoming network.
03:21<millisa>(and it is prorated according to time left in the month)
03:21<iONinja>According to the pricing page, "inbound traffic is free and will not count against your quota". What I sent above seems to indicate that the total amount is counted.
03:21<iONinja>Ok thanks, so only 14 GB will be counted towards the total?
03:21<iONinja>(The total billed)
03:22<millisa>it's outbound from the perspective of the linode. You've had 14.1gb go out from the linode
03:22<dwfreed>and yes, the total billed is only outbound
03:22<dwfreed>it used to be both inbound and outbound, hence the need for that total field; it was never removed when inbound was made free
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03:29<millisa>The new community image/logo makes me uncomfortable.
03:31<dwfreed>it's like they're staring at you
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03:31<millisa>I think it's the mouth heights on lefty and righty.
03:32<@scrane>It kind of reminds me of... have you guys ever seen Full Metal Alchemist?
03:33<dwfreed>giant chins
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09:06<Zimsky>there's a time in every girl's life when she spills a bag of doritos on her bed
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10:26<talal>need some help
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11:21<thisara>hi anyone there..?
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12:21*Zimsky !
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14:02<AlexMax>got a question
14:02<AlexMax>I want to get email alerts
14:02<AlexMax>like CPU Usage, Disk IO, etc.
14:02<AlexMax>I DON'T want emails that tell me about what jobs have been run
14:02<AlexMax>server starting up, shutting down etc
14:03<AlexMax>We use the Linode API to automatically deploy servers, and it's a pain in the neck to get spam like that every time we deploy
14:03<AlexMax>but we DO want CPU usage messages
14:04<phlux>I have an nginx instance that recognizes server_name, but not, despite there being no typos >_<
14:05<Peng_>phlux: Check "nginx -T", listen and server_name directives, and DNS?
14:06<phlux>-T isn't a valid option for my nginx
14:07<phlux>I assume you mean -t
14:07<Peng_>-T was added in... 1.9.2?
14:07<phlux>whelp, leave it to Debian to still be on 1.6.x
14:07<Peng_>> -T — same as -t, but additionally dump configuration files to standard output (1.9.2).
14:08<Peng_> ;)
14:15<phlux>Whelp, upgraded, still doesn't work
14:15<phlux>-T is picking up that part of the configuration
14:16<phlux>Actually, the whole thing is being ignored now
14:17<AlexMax>So yeah, continuing my question
14:17<AlexMax>In the account menu
14:17<AlexMax>In my profile menu
14:17<AlexMax>under "notifications"
14:18<AlexMax>There is "Linode Events Email"
14:18<AlexMax>Will disabling this only quiet the job emails
14:18<AlexMax>or will it silence ALL emails, including the watchdog emails?
14:27<Peng_>I think that will only quiet the job emails labeled Linode Events.
14:28<Peng_>But I dunno for sure.
14:38<phlux>ugh, I am a moron
14:38<phlux>For some reason, I don't have my individual sites listening for ipv6
14:39<phlux>So, since I was resolving the IPv6 address, it went to the default "welcome to nginx!" page
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14:42<mackrishi>Any live linode support staff here?
14:42<mackrishi>Any live linode support staff here?
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14:54<kezimo>any recommendations for an *established* VPS provider in a neutral juristiction that doesn't keep logs, is IRC, torrent, and bandwith intensive use friendly, accepts bitcoin, and has a free trial.
14:55<grawity>that's one hell of a request
14:55*grawity googles "spammer-friendly VPS providers"
14:56<kezimo>doesnt have to be email friendly
14:56<kezimo>i just to watch movies in foreign countires
14:58<grawity>I'd think it is a bit difficult to combine all that stuff with "has a free trial"
14:58<kezimo>also thats openVPN
14:58<kezimo>doesnt hae to have a free trial
14:58<grawity>"offers refunds" mayb
14:58<grawity>also what's with openVPN
14:58<Demo>anyone else having issues connecting to mirrors.linode ipv6?
14:58<kezimo>whats wrong with openVPN
14:58<grawity>VPS providers generally have nothing to do with VPN software
14:59<grawity>Demo: WFM from London
14:59<kezimo>i like openvpn though
14:59<grawity>yeah so install openvpn if you want, that's not a thing VPS providers are for
15:00<Demo>kezimo: resaerch first of course :)
15:00<grawity>unless you're mixing up VPS providers and VPN providers
15:00<Peng_>"Hello legitimate business that charges $2.50 a month in satoshis, do you ignore cease and desist emails from Netflix?"
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15:01<pristine>I'm new to Linode
15:01<pristine>can I customize the VPS option before purchasing?
15:01<Peng_>Customize how?
15:02<pristine>For example this one: Linode 16GB $60/mo ($.09/hr) 16 GB RAM 1 CPU Core 20 GB SSD Storage 5 TB Transfer 40 Gbps Network In 1000 Mbps Network Out
15:02<grawity>you cannot really customize the predefined plans
15:02<pristine>Can I customize Hard Drive to 160GB SSD?
15:02<pristine>Given I am willing to pay more for Hard Drive
15:02<grawity>although some datacenters are getting the extra storage option, but that's not an upgrade to the main disk, it's created as a separate volume
15:02<grawity>besides that, no
15:03<pristine>so, I have to go by the predefined options to match my need ?
15:04<Demo>pristine: correct, although dependent on location you can buy block storage
15:04<grawity>it's only one datacenter so far, and I cannot remember which
15:04<pristine>I see
15:04<grawity>probably newark? or not
15:04<grawity>the rest "sometime in the future"
15:05<grawity>you could always get a 2nd Linode and use its storage via SMB or NFS
15:05<Demo>Fremont have block now :)
15:06<Eugene>Ur a block
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