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02:30<penryu>Hello. What are my options if I have an old grandfathered-in 6144 linode and there doesn't appear to be anything available now in that $30 price slot. Is there some way to add specs to a 4096 plan?
02:31<@scrane>penryu: I'm not 100% sure. Let me double check that.
02:33<@scrane>Just so I can be certain, what is your hard drive allocation of your current plan? And you said it costs $30/month?
02:34<@scrane>Or do you mean you already have one LInode on a grandfathered 6144 plan, and you want to add another Linode that is also on that plan?
02:34<penryu>The latter.
02:35<penryu>it's ~74GB storage, ~2.2TB/mo network.
02:35<@scrane>Aah, unfortunately we wouldn't be able to add individual resources to a 4096 plan. though if you're looking for additional storage, we currently offer Block Storage in Fremont you could use to add to the Linode.
02:35<penryu>I've been playing with a separate 4096 linode, but it's a little light on storage.
02:36<penryu>aww. :-/
02:36<penryu>not sure how the block storage works.
02:38<@scrane>You can read a bit more about it here:
02:38<@scrane>It costs $0.10/GB per month for the volume. You can add the volume to the LInode effectively as an additional drive.
02:38<penryu>cool. I'll check it out. thanks.
02:40<penryu>yeah, I think that will work for now. thanks, scrane!
02:40<@scrane>No problem!
02:42<penryu>are the volumes transferable to different linodes? or just tied to the one it's created on?
02:44<@scrane>They can be detached then reattached to other Linodes
02:44<penryu>nevermind. it appears they are transferable/attachable to different linodes.
02:44<penryu>(but not multi-attached... which makes total sense) :)
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04:46<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
04:46<Zimsky>!towel Eugene
04:46<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from eugene! (55)
04:46<dwfreed>Eugene: no you aren't
04:46<dwfreed>you've missed so many days it isn't funny anymore
04:47<Zimsky>it was never funny in the first place
04:47<dwfreed>yeah, but at least now I'm drunk
04:47<Zimsky>it was always just a meme
04:47<Zimsky>why are you drunk?
04:48<dwfreed>because I'm alone
04:49<Eugene>I am a towel though :-(
04:50<dwfreed>or if you prefer
04:50<Zimsky>Eugene: you're more akin to the stinging after getting towel-whipped in the changeroom
04:52<Zimsky>you should go and drink with dwfreed. he needs a friend
05:05<Eugene>My couch is always open. Moreso than usual right now: the dog barfed on it, so its in the patio waiting to be thrown out. So yeah, totally open.
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05:32<Zimsky>I don't think the barf would matter so much for a drunk sloshing about
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07:20<@scrane>Hey there!
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13:11<Allexz>Hi, I'm wondering if there's any trial option avaliable? I'm thinkining of purchasing a subscription but not sure if the performance would be enough to run the intended application. A few hours of testing would be enough :]
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13:14<Allexz>Nevermind my question, i was obviously blind while checking the site. Thank you! x)
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13:20<hays>I am trying to set up a way to send email from my linode that will pass basic spam sniff tests (e.g. gmail).. Is there a guide for this? I setup exim but it appears its insufficient
13:22<HoopyCat>hays: i use mailgun
13:23<hays>does that work for cases where apps like nextcloud need to send email using the system they are running on?
13:24<HoopyCat>hays: yeah, you can use it as a smarthost for other
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14:27<hays>waiting for dns is annoying :)
14:33<HoopyCat>yah, is usually the first thing i do before deploying something, or the last thing i do when migrating something, and it's usually followed by lunch
14:34<HoopyCat>also when migrating stuff, setting the TTLs wicked short ahead of time helps a lot
14:35<Peng_>And when you're not migrating stuff ah ha ha ha ~starts coughing~
14:36<HoopyCat>i usually skip lunch :<
14:37<hays>im waiting for my aaaa record to show up.. was hoping :30 would do it
14:37<hays>but it passed.. so maybe :45
14:39<hays>the tool says every quarter hour...
14:40<hays>i am correct that it just goes in there with no hostname and then the ipv6 address and i guess the tool knows its a AAAA vs. an A record
14:42<hays>I should have said am I correct?
14:47<hays>alright. I'm going to have lunch, but I am worried I did this wrong somehow
14:47<hays>I have an entry in A/AAAA Records for the IPV6, but not seeing it in dig at ns*
14:52<Peng_>What's the name?
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15:06<hays>my end goal is getting both ipv4 and ipv6 configured in reverse dns
15:06<linbot>Peng_: 2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:feae:5422,
15:07<hays>i've been using dig
15:12<hays>Peng_: ok. confirmed here it appears to be where it needs to be. but the reverse dns configuration tool isn't picking it up i don't think
15:16<hays>this is what reverse dns im seeeing
15:16<hays>perhaps this needs 24 hours to update
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15:17<Peng_>Did you set the reverse DNS in the manager?
15:18<hays>here it shows a screenshot that has both represented and that's not what i am seeing
15:18<hays>i just see the ipv4
15:19<hays>here's a screenshot showing what i mean
15:21<Peng_>You need to wait longer. :X
15:21<Peng_>The DNS resolver the manager uses probably has a "didn't exist" cached.
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15:39<HoopyCat>hays: negative caching TTL on that zone is 86400 seconds, so try again tomorrow
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15:42<hays>ok thanks!
15:51<Peng_>How long do the Linode resolvers cache negative answers? They seem to return the full TTL to clients, but could store something else internally.
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19:35<Peng_>How does resizing a node on annual billing work currently? Can it be done from the resize tab or does it require a ticket or something?
19:35<Peng_>I always ask this and forget
19:36<Peng_>I think it took a ticket last time I did it.
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19:53<dwfreed>Peng_: I think you would need a ticket
19:54<Peng_>I feel bad about filing tickets to make my bill smaller :D
20:01<@nmelehan>I believe you should be able to do this in the Manager. Probably.
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20:02<Peng_>Ah :D
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20:03<Peng_>My last ticket, they didn't explicitly say whether it required a ticket or not. I just asked and they handled it.
20:03<Peng_>Might be I could've handled it, but they were being nice
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20:10<dwfreed>Peng_: can always just try it, see if it explodes
20:10<Peng_>It's hard to put reassemble explosions
20:10<Peng_>s/put //
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22:06<blueness>hi guys, i'm looking to move a linode instance from one account to another. does anyone know if the network environment will remain the same?
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22:18<@rsyracuse>blueness: Yes, the only thing that will change is ownership of the Linode itself
22:19<blueness>rsyracuse: thanks!
22:20<blueness>rsyracuse: is it pretty much instantanous?
22:24<blueness>(well not the response to the ticket, but there is no interruption of service)
22:25<@rsyracuse>blueness: yep! Once the transfer's been approved it'll go through immediately
22:25<blueness>rsyracuse: thanks i'll coordinate with the other side
22:26<blueness>i'm transferring from my account to his
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23:12<linbot>New news from status: Support Email Outage <>
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23:50<dcraig>I thought my computer locked up but actually my mouse battery died
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