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00:15<dwfreed>dcraig: oops
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00:27<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
00:27<ryu>what about that one day you weren't
00:35<dwfreed>one? it was more than that
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00:38<ryu>i marked it on my calendar
00:40<ryu>2-11-2018 (eugene was not linodin')
00:55<dcraig>I specifically remember Eugene linodin' on Feb 11
00:58<ryu>going to need a chat log
00:59<dcraig>well that was easy
00:59<dwfreed>note that you need to adjust for timezones
01:00<dwfreed>for Eugene, that linked time was actually just before midnight on 02-10
01:00<millisa> then
01:01<dwfreed>and mike's logs are US Eastern, DST aware
01:01<dwfreed>Eugene is US Pacific time
01:01<millisa>or was he?
01:01<ryu>god damn it
01:02<ryu>he must have a bot
01:02<ryu>no one is that consistent
01:08<dwfreed>he isn't, though
01:20<Eugene>My address is a matter of public record
01:20<Eugene>My sleep schedule is not
01:21<ryu>are you a sys admin?
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02:10<zifnab>i'm unsure if one has to be online to lnode
02:10<zifnab>i have to assume that if eugene doesn't say this in a day, his server shuts down
02:10<zifnab>Eugene: you should really add ^^ as a feature. grep your logs and shut it all down if you don't verbally say in this channel you're linodin'
02:25<Eugene>When pressed, I do in fact claim that as justification as evidence of my Linodin': though I may not be using IRC on every given calendar day, my presence here implies that my online presence(eg, my server and all its stuff) continues to reside upon a Linode.
02:25<Eugene>Neener neener etc
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03:48*FluffyFoxeh Eugenes
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04:01*bmartin also Eugens
04:01<@bmartin>or Eugenes whichever
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05:55<vidyashankar>Hi Team, I world like to purchase linux (website hosting). could your please prefer for my requirement
05:56<@bmartin>I'm not certain I fully understand your question but our plans can be viewed here.
05:57<vidyashankar>yes i have seen your pricing but need to know which plan is suitable for me.
05:57<@bmartin>That would depend entirely on your needs. What do you intend to use the Linode for?
05:57<@bmartin>Also you can resize at anytime to a larger plan
05:58<vidyashankar>website hosting on linux (wordpress)
05:58<@bmartin>our $5 Linode would likely serve you just fine
05:58<@bmartin>though if you find it isn't you'd be able to resize.
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06:47<user_>anybody there
06:48<user_>support staffs?
06:51<@bmartin>How can we help you?
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07:01<user_>i'm unable to send email to
07:11<dwfreed>they know
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07:11<dwfreed>user_: ^
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07:17<Alban_>Hello I have a domain elsewhere and im trying to setup FQDN for Linode host
07:17<Alban_>I have pointed to DNS of Linnode
07:18<Alban_>Now I can use some help with the dns manager and hostfiles
07:21<@jackley>Alban_: hi there. what do you need help with?
07:22<Alban_>Setting up FQDN
07:23<@sjacobs> < setting your hosts file correctly should resolve FQDN warnings
07:24<@sjacobs> < this has the most info about adding records to the DNS Manager.
07:24<Alban_>Ok so do I need to do both?
07:24<Alban_>Or is hostile entry enough?
07:25<@sjacobs>the latter is going to be required for others to visit your site using it's domain name.
07:25<@sjacobs>the latter would affect requests local to your machine.
07:26<@sjacobs>the first**
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08:17<Guest1493>i have setup postfix on my server and doing a direct forward (virual alias) of emails to gmail. however the mails are landing in the gmail spambox. is there a way to fix this ?
08:18<grawity>if you're sending via ipv6, ask linode for a dedicated ipv6 /64
08:18<grawity>or limit postfix to ipv4
08:18<Guest1493>grawity: me ?
08:19<grawity>the shared /64's are likely to have terrible reputation within Gmail's spam filters
08:19<Guest1493>grawity: it seems like gmail received via ipv6. so how can i restrict postfix to using only ipv4 ?
08:20<Guest1493>is a dedicated ipv6 free ?
08:21<@sjacobs>it is. so is a /64 pool.
08:21<@sjacobs>did google report why they marked it as spam?
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08:23<Guest1493>sjacobs: no, nothing mentioned by gmail, let me check again
08:23<Guest1493>sjacobs: SOFTFAIL with IP 2600:3c03:0:0.....
08:24<grawity>ah, that's just your SPF record missing IP addresses then
08:24<Guest1493>grawity: wow, the mails are now coming into inbox :D thanks a lot
08:24<grawity>how did you fix your DNS so fast
08:25<Guest1493>grawity: just configured postfix to use only ipv4
08:25<grawity>I shouldn't have suggested that :|
08:25<Guest1493>grawity: spf records were already configured
08:25<grawity>what's your domain
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10:43<Zimsky>!towel Eugene
10:43<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from eugene! (54)
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10:56<@mcintosh>!point Zimsky
10:56<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to zimsky. (13)
11:14<FluffyFoxeh>Hi Team
11:15<@sjacobs>Hi FluffyFoxeh.
11:15<smallclone>hello komrade
11:22<FluffyFoxeh>I would like to purchase linux
11:26<smallclone>ok here you go
11:28<@jalter>ALL of the Linux
11:30<smallclone>those reviews have to be fake
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11:30<smallclone>on that site
11:31<smallclone>i mean, they read as kind of believable. but they're all five stars. for a website that basically sells you linux on a flash drive.
11:33<dzho>reminded me of the now-discontinued on-disk store
11:34<smallclone>i will never be able to understand why any person would use one of these websites
11:35<dzho>not everyone has good Internet connectivity
11:35<smallclone>it takes a week for these things to arrive according to the reviews
11:36<FluffyFoxeh>I remember being able to get free Ubuntu CDs from Canonical
11:36<smallclone>even with lousy connectivity i'm pretty sure most people could dl it faster than that
11:36<FluffyFoxeh>I still have a few
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11:45<jordz2203>Hi, is it possible to host a TS3 server with Linode?
11:46<FluffyFoxeh>If the TS3 server software runs on Linux, then yes
11:47<jordz2203>Ok cool thanks :)
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11:58<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
12:00<francossegura>Well, thank you. I want to ask about yearly cloud server plans prices.
12:00<francossegura>is it available?
12:00<synfinatic>the plan is done as 12 monthly installments :)
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12:02<francossegura>oh ok. Thank you so much! Regards
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13:56<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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15:41<Karrde>Why, Eugene, why
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15:45<Eugene>Because the service is reliable, priced well, and meets my needs
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15:59<Joey>I want to know if I install samba on my Ubuntu server on linode how will my workers on the network access the server since its in the cloud
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16:30<dzho>I guess we'll never know.
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16:30<Joey>i'll be darned
16:31-!-Joey is now known as dzho
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16:49<Mandar>Do you provides server for Email smtp
16:58<smallclone>Mandar: it's a Linux machine, you can run anything on it that runs on Linux
16:59<smallclone>but you have to be able to set it up yourself
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17:13<dy>Is down for anyone else or is it just me?
17:24<millisa>doesn't ping from a dallas linode i tried
17:24<dy>ok thanks! :)
17:25<dwfreed>millisa: but does it arping?
17:25<dwfreed>(no, it doesn't
17:25<millisa>what it shows and does in lish probably matters
17:25<millisa>.40 does ping, so
17:26<dwfreed>.40 could be 10 racks down the aisle, though
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19:56<Zimsky>smallclone: привет, товарищ
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20:25<dominator20188>i cant login to my dashboard
20:25<Zimsky>did you try dominating it?
20:25<Zimsky>though really, what message does it give?
20:25-!-joon [~joon@] has joined #linode
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20:31<MrPPS>dominator20188: incorrect password or something like that?
20:31<dominator20188>and not give into my email recovery process
20:34<dominator20188>r u there?
20:36<@bhanks>dominator20188 you can as your question and someone in the chat will typically try to help you out
20:36<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
20:36<dzho>!to dominator20188 contact
20:37<dzho>dominator20188: you might wish to send email to linode explaining the situation
20:37<dzho>what might have happened is you are using a different email from the one you registered with?
20:37<Zimsky>bhanks: >typically
20:37<Zimsky>nice addition
20:37<dominator20188>yes i send to
20:37<dominator20188>but show this reply
20:37<dominator20188>This is the mail system at host I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below. For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster. If you do so, please include this problem report. You can delete your own text from the attached returned message. The mail system
20:37<dzho>email sometimes is delayed in delivery, or gets filed as spam
20:37<Zimsky>or email is broken
20:38<Zimsky>send an email to support telling them that support email is broken
20:38<@bhanks>you can give them a call as well
20:38<@bhanks>(609) 380-7100 (international) or (855) 454-6633 (local)
20:39<@bhanks>there is an email issue ongoing, there's a status page up -->
20:39<Zimsky>bhanks: what happens when the status page is down?
20:40<Zimsky>where will your god be then?
20:40<@bhanks>dont ask me those questions pls
20:40<dominator20188>i need enter to my dashboard urgent and i cant
20:41*Peng_ checks if still hosts the logo on ... yep
20:41<@bhanks>dominator20188 please call Linode and they can assist you
20:41<@bhanks>you are experiencing an issue sending an email, so the next option is to call
20:42-!-dominator20188 [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
20:42<@bhanks>Zimsky I think we helped
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22:28<Geoff>I received an email (phishing attack). I tried sending an email to abuse@linode however I was blocked
22:28<millisa>They have an email issue happening right now
22:28<Geoff>The link is: - It's redirecting to fake banking pages
22:28<Geoff>That makes sense!
22:29-!-joon [~joon@] has joined #linode
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22:29<@rsyracuse>Geoff: Our abuse e-mail should be back online. Would you mid trying to e-mail us with the relevant information again?
22:29<millisa>Ah well
22:30<millisa>I looked; chrome complains. want me to put in a ticket?
22:31<smallclone>i mean, i went and looked at it. it's a fake bank site, the IP address is
22:31<smallclone>i feel like that's enough info for someone at Linode to take it from here
22:32<millisa>I mean, I've put in my account number for my bank 4 times and it hasn't taken me *anywhere*
22:32<@rsyracuse>millisa: That's ok, thanks though. Our abuse team is investigating now
22:33<Zimsky>which bank does it give you?
22:33<millisa>(no clue actually. i didnt see an easy way past googles big bad red page)
22:34<millisa>oh. there is the way to bypass it. looks like 'anz internet banking'
22:34<relidy>Typing "badidea" will get you past that screen.
22:34<millisa>it's probably got several; it looks like it took the bank it wants to fake in a query string
22:35<Zimsky>seems it just collects info then redirects you to the actual bank site
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23:31<rey>hi guys my sites went down is it just me?
23:31<rey>I'm hosted on linode dallas location
23:32<Peng_>The data center isn't down.
23:32<Peng_>It could be partly down, for all I know.
23:32<Peng_>What's going on with your sites?
23:32<Peng_>What are your sites?
23:33<rey>it says "This site can’t be reached"
23:33<millisa>what does the linode manager show for the server, what do you see on the lish console
23:34<Peng_>rey: Why can't it be reached
23:35<rey>oops it's up again, looks like was something on my end
23:35<rey>I just executed ipconfig /flushdns
23:36<rey>thanks guys Peng_ and millisa
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23:38<Peng_>millisa: We're the best
23:39<millisa>can we get t-shirts?
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