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00:00<mr_su>@nate, @Zimsky I see. Thanks.
00:00<Zimsky>look a snail
00:01<Zimsky>mr_su: depends on whether you're literally trying to just change the output of the command, or if you want to change the reverse dns name
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00:02<eran>i am not sure what is supposed to happen next
00:02<Zimsky>me neither
00:02<Zimsky>the universe probably collapses
00:02<Peng_>eran: Hello?
00:02<Zimsky>and we'll all be squashed down to a single point
00:03<eran>the universe is expanding
00:03<Zimsky>it's really quite beautiful if you think about it
00:03<Zimsky>aha but the final energy state is said to be a compression
00:03<eran>theoretical physiscists are idiots, but then again, most of us are too
00:03<eran>i am interesed in hosting
00:04<eran>not sure which plan would work best
00:04<Zimsky>that's for you to work out
00:04<Zimsky>based on your application requirements and predicted load
00:05<eran>wordpress site
00:05<Zimsky>also fwiw a theoretical physicist could at least spell physicist
00:05<millisa>you could always start with a small plan and resize it up when you find you need more resources. resizing is easy -
00:05<Zimsky>"wordpress site" doesn't mean anything
00:06<Zimsky>is it going to have 1 hit/s or 8 000 000 hits/s
00:06<eran>only 100 users per day, but also 50 plugins
00:07<Zimsky>'users' is a vague metric though
00:07<eran>well, average user is prob like 2 page views. not much.
00:07<Zimsky>and then it'll depend on the plugins and what they do
00:08<eran>k, also wanted to know if you offered phone support
00:08<Zimsky>I don't, since I don't work at linode, but linode does
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00:08<eran>i am confused. I clicked on support chat from linode
00:09<Zimsky>this is the "linode community discussion"
00:09*Peng_ looks at smallclone
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00:09<Zimsky>don't do that, you'll go blind
00:09<eran>i am apparently illiterate
00:09<Zimsky>what makes you say that?
00:09<eran>thansk dude
00:10<Zimsky>no problem gurl
00:10<eran>i missed the "community" in the chat link
00:10<eran>ph well
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00:10<Zimsky>my pH is very well
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00:11<Zimsky>how uncouth
00:12<Zimsky>hey Peng_ I had an idea
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00:52<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • vidente buena en algeciras <>
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01:35<Kashif>can you please help me
01:35<MrPPS>Quite possible
01:35<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
01:35<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
01:35<MrPPS>oops, millisa beat me
01:35<millisa>!highfive MrPPS
01:35<MrPPS>!point millisa
01:35<linbot>MrPPS: Point given to millisa. (50) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 11)
01:36<millisa>I wanted there to be a 'highfive' so badly.
01:36<Kashif>One of our client has hosted their services on your cloud
01:36<MrPPS>millisa: That would be excellent :) points will have to suffice for now
01:37<Kashif>they want to establish IPSec tunnel with our environment
01:37<Kashif>we are using Cisco ASA firewall
01:37<Kashif>How can we achieve this target?
01:38<MrPPS>openswan I believe will do that for you Kashif
01:38<Kashif>How can we set up site to site connectivity?
01:38<grawity>I'd suggest strongswan or libreswan, they both get a bit more development and updates
01:39<MrPPS>There you go :)
01:39<Kashif>can you please share me URL or guide line
01:39<grawity>openswan doesn't seem to be quite dead yet, but...
01:39<MrPPS>grawity: full disclosure; this was a 20 second google
01:39<MrPPS>haven't used any of them personally
01:39<MrPPS>Kashif: - then input "strongswan ipsec tunnel cisco asa"
01:39<MrPPS>"libreswan ipsec tunnel cisco asa"
01:39<grawity>all of them *swans work, just by gods don't use raccoon for ipsec
01:40<MrPPS>Pick one of the results that seems relevant/well written, and follow that guide
01:40<MrPPS>Do it in a test environment first, of course
01:40<MrPPS>The tunnel, not the googling
01:41<millisa>!point MrPPS
01:41<linbot>millisa: Point given to mrpps. (6)
01:41<millisa>!point grawity
01:41<linbot>millisa: Point given to grawity. (10)
01:41<Kashif>so we need to setup tunnel on Ubunto between Cisco ASA firewall or linode environment between Cisco ASA firewall??
01:42<grawity>the former
01:42<millisa>assuming you are using ubuntu...
01:42<grawity>Linode doesn't have a separate "network environment" like GCE or AWS might
01:43<Kashif>so it just host VM?
01:43<Kashif>am i right?
01:45<Kashif>so we need to create tunnel on Ubunto and Cisco ASA firewall?
01:45<MrPPS>That's correct
01:45<MrPPS>The only way you'll be able to on linode infrastructure
01:45<Kashif>can you please guide me how can i achieve this target?
01:45<Kashif>guide me please
01:46<millisa>ask a specific question/
01:46<MrPPS>To be blunt, if you're not able to find + read the guide yourself, and understand it, you should *probably* not be setting up a high security tunnel
01:47<MrPPS>because you'll likely do something wrong which exposes the data
01:47<grawity>hire a professional
01:47<MrPPS>But seriously, don't do it unless you understand what you're doing
01:48<MrPPS>That's not an insult to you - it's just, you don't want to do this stuff *badly*
01:48<MrPPS>ipsec tunnels are supposed to be secure for a reason
01:49<Kashif>it should be secure
01:49<grawity>find out what IKE version you need (IKEv2 or IKEv1), what authentication mechanism the ASA requires (psk, keypairs, etc.), what ciphers (proposals) it requires
01:50<Kashif>so if this is low in security and having security threat then we should reply to our client that we can compromise with our secure environment
01:51<MrPPS>I'm not sure what you're saying just now
01:51<MrPPS>Can you reword that?
01:51<Kashif>i know all the VPN parameters in detail but this is new for me
01:53<Kashif>i mean that if VPN between Ubunto and Cisco ASA firewall is having compatibility or security issue then we should not do that
01:53<Kashif>simple reply to our client we can do that
01:53<Kashif>is it right?
01:54<MrPPS>Well, that's correct - however, I was more suggesting that if this is something you haven't done before, there is a possibility that, in doing so, you incorrectly configure part of the tunnel, thereby causing an issue where there may not have been one
01:54<MrPPS>I'm just suggesting that you should be careful doing this
01:54<MrPPS>As if there is a security problem, the consequences would be large (given that ipsec tunnels are usually in place to keep important data secure)
01:54<Kashif>let me explain the same to our clinet
01:54<MrPPS>If in doubt, practice, test, and/or hire expert help
01:55<Kashif>hope they will never compromise security
01:55<MrPPS>You're better off getting help and doing it properly, rather than risking exposing your clients information
01:55<MrPPS>Know what I mean?
01:55<millisa>'Hope' doesn't below on a security assessment.
01:55<grawity>unless it refers to the security conference?
01:56<Kashif>so final is that as i did not configure it yet so i will not use it
01:56<Kashif>and for this i have to hire a prof engineer
01:57<MrPPS>I would suggest that, yes
01:57<Kashif>thanks for your help
01:58<MrPPS>Pleasure :)
01:58<Kashif>Much appriciated
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02:18<Eugene>Every night I'm a towel
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02:22<HoopyCat>Eugene: i, too, am moist.
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03:14*dcraig tickles hoopycat around a bit with a large frogmouth catfish
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03:50<@gjjansen>It always makes me so sad when they quit immediately. :/
03:58<Cromulent>I'm completely new to Docker - I have a Dockerfile and a docker-compose.yml file - am I right in thinking I can use them to deploy a web app to a Linode?
03:58<Cromulent>people keep talking about Kubernetes clusters and while I could probably set one up if I could just do it with Docker it would be cheaper
03:58<Cromulent>I can show the files if you need to see them
03:59<Woet>gjjansen: don't be sad, i'm here now
04:00*Woet hugs gjjansen
04:00<Woet>whoops i broke the Linode community rules again
04:00<Cromulent>there are rules?
04:00<@gjjansen>Cromulent: I'm hardly a Docker expert but that does sound about right. I know Mastodon is a webapp that is just deployed via a Dockerfile.
04:00<@gjjansen>They're fast and loose, the wild west of virtual servers.
04:01<Woet>"Physical contact and simulated physical contact (eg, textual descriptions like “hug” or “backrub”) without consent or after a request to stop"
04:01<@gjjansen>Is that the BSD license?
04:01<Cromulent>gjjansen: sounds good - I have a Django app I am working on but deployment manually is a PITA
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04:01<Woet>gjjansen: close
04:01<@gjjansen>Cromulent: Sounds like Docker might be your friend so you can wrangle those dependencies.
04:02<Cromulent>does it make me old to wish for the days when I first started programming in C and all you needed was a make file?
04:03<FluffyFoxeh>Woet: wow, I didn't realize Linode's had such a political code of conduct :p
04:03<Woet>FluffyFoxeh: thats what you get when you copy/paste from geek feminism
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08:13<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • rencontres montagne gap <>
08:14<Woet>tu une tete du cochon
08:14<Woet>wow, removed in under a minute
08:14<Woet>who can i give a point for that
08:15<Zimsky>!unpoint woet
08:15<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from woet! (11)
08:16<Zimsky>no Woet
08:17<Woet>!ops Zimsky is abusive
08:17<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
08:17<linbot>Linode's abuse contact is , as shown in the abuse contact info for the IP address in question. shows how to look this up yourself.
08:18<Zimsky>reporting woet for sending a tcp syn to port 22
08:21<@bmartin>it was me
08:21<@bmartin>I removed it
08:21<Woet>!point bmartin
08:21<linbot>Woet: Point given to bmartin. (9)
08:22<Woet>as promised
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08:27<Zimsky>were you not previously contemptuous?
08:27<@gjjansen>Even lunatics have standards, Zimsky
08:29<Zimsky>indeed, this is why I have printed copies of RFCs
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08:32<Doug_>Looking to set up a linux server
08:32-!-Doug_ is now known as Guest1671
08:32<Guest1671>need to run a fully loaded Server wiht Centova
08:33<Zimsky>go for it
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08:33<Woet>i prefer fully loaded potato skins from chili's
08:33<Woet>amiright bhanks
08:33<Zimsky>another day
08:33<Zimsky>another doug
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08:43<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Yahoo Mail Sign In <>
08:44<Woet>bmartin: clockwatch is running
08:44<Woet>30 seconds
08:44<Woet>you turn me on
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08:57<Zimsky>oh dear
08:58<Woet>"help im getting spam from linode but i refuse to send an abuse mail i want someone to shut it down right now"
08:58<Zimsky>is linode's mail still broken?
08:58<Woet>gjjansen: why are you being so toxic towards me
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08:59<@gjjansen>I've got nothing but love for you, Woet
08:59<Woet>[14:27:33] <@gjjansen> Even lunatics have standards, Zimsky
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08:59<@gjjansen>Oh, I'm just yanking your chain. I thought we had something special.
08:59<Zimsky>wouldn't yank that chain
09:00<Zimsky>it's rusted and covered in sewer grime
09:00<Woet>we do have something special
09:00<Woet>we both have Dutch last names
09:00<Woet>we both work for the secret service
09:00<Annoyed_by_SPAM>hey seems that i am in the correct threat... why do we have so many linode mails in our newsletter with a broken mail? do you think thats funny to spam newsletter-forms?
09:01<@bmartin>Hello there
09:01<Zimsky>hello bmartin
09:01<Woet>Annoyed_by_SPAM: why don't you verify email addresses before adding them to your database?
09:01<Zimsky>do you think that's funny?
09:02<@gjjansen>Woet: We do both have Dutch last names. My family jumped ship from the country though. Haha.
09:02<@bmartin>So we've seen in the past few days that someone has been spoofing our email address. This is being done via an exploited vulnerability in mailpoet that allows tons of signups at a time
09:02<Woet>gjjansen: wish mine did the same
09:02<Woet>now i'm stuck with a visa marriage to bhanks
09:03<Annoyed_by_SPAM>yeah mailpoet :-D i hope it will stop sometime
09:03<@bmartin>So what is happening is our email is being used to sign up, your confirmation comes to our inbox where it is filtered out and the bounce email comes back to you
09:03<Woet>aren't bounce emails supposed to be a thing of the past
09:04<@bmartin>We sadly have no control over this as it is not us or our staff. I would advise checking for updates or potentially disabling mailpoet. I'm not certain if there are other prevention steps out there
09:05<Annoyed_by_SPAM>ok thats fine for me... so im gonna sort out the mails and prevent my mailpoet from sending mails to adresses
09:05<@gjjansen>Woet: I'm sure bhanks will get you in the country.
09:06<Woet>gjjansen: yea, i just have to remember tedious things about her to convince the immigration officer. how am I supposed to remember her favorite color is coquelicot?
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09:10<Zimsky>I thought her favourite colour was smaragdine
09:10<Zimsky>Woet: might wanna check your facts
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09:20<@gjjansen>Its okay. I'm visiting NL sometime this year so that'll be weird. I'll have to get food recommendations and things from you.
09:21<Woet>i just got here 2 days ago
09:26<@gjjansen>Don't you live there? I know you travel a lot but wow.
09:26<Woet>i try to avoid it best I can
09:26<Woet>I've spent about 1 month here the past year
09:27<Woet>actually, 1 month the past ~ 9 months
09:27<Woet>after I recovered from surgery
09:29<@gjjansen>I don't know what the issue is. It seems relaxing.
09:29<Zimsky>indeed, surgery is relaxing
09:30<Woet>well i couldn't eat or drink for 3 months
09:30<Woet>gjjansen: it's cold
09:31<@gjjansen>It's about as cold as it is here.
09:31<Woet>thats why I don't live on the east coast either
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09:34*gjjansen shrugs
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09:52<Woet>i have a warm personality gjjansen
09:52<Woet>the weather needs to match
09:52<Peng_>Come to Florida. The weather *and* fauna match. It's warm and there are snapping turtles. ;)
09:53<waltman>They have very good beer in NL. But you probably can't drink it if you're recovering from surgery.
09:53-!-ntox [~textual@] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
09:53<waltman>Come to Philadelphia. We don't have snapping turtles, but we do still have some snow on the ground.
09:54<@gjjansen>Philadelphia is charming in its own way.
09:54<Woet>you're charming
09:55*gjjansen shrugs again
09:55-!-ntox [~textual@] has joined #linode
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10:02<diveyez>I love linode. God OVH is a nightmare.
10:02<Woet>no they're not
10:03<diveyez>Not you again, the local dutch smartass
10:03<Woet>don't call me Dutch
10:03<diveyez>Yeah they are.
10:03<Woet>or at least say "Dutch against your will"
10:03<diveyez>"Dutch, against your will, smart allick =P"
10:03<diveyez>Appropriate nickname lol
10:04<diveyez>They call me dive when they cannot pronounce my name. Actually funny cause of the company diveyes
10:04<diveyez>I started jumping head first at things just to wear the name properly
10:05<diveyez>Anyway, I never have issues with my linodes anymore. OVH, 34% downtime across 9 machines in the last 7 days.
10:05<diveyez>I am going to dump them and get more linodes instead.
10:05<diveyez>The ram, sure, but the network, ugly
10:05<Woet>they called me "Bruzzer" when I said my name
10:06<diveyez>Dutch, by force, against the will, Bruzzer"
10:07<diveyez>We did some sniffing and snooping, we found several massive mining operations and seed bots on the OVH lines next to ours. UGLY.
10:07<diveyez>That kind of stuff needs to be isolated.
10:10<diveyez>Woet, type this into your bash 'exit thematrix'
10:10<@gjjansen>How did they get Bruzzer???
10:10<diveyez>I wondered that as well
10:10<@gjjansen>That confuses me.
10:12<diveyez>Prepare for lols
10:12<diveyez>diveyez@unknown:~$ exit thematrix
10:12<diveyez>-bash: exit: thematrix: numeric argument required
10:12<diveyez>I wonder why it did that
10:13-!-Anne [] has joined #linode
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10:16<diveyez>Hello anne
10:16<Anne>Does anyone know if Linode has a model processor agreement?
10:17<Anne>Regarding the new General Data Protection Regulation
10:20-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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10:20<@gjjansen>We don't have any information on GDPR compliance at this time but we are able to create an EU Model contract for you.
10:21<@gjjansen>Have you created a support ticket for it yet?
10:21-!-JoshuaACasey [~Joshua@2604:180:2:168:1337:dead:beef:cafe] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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10:22<@gjjansen>With that, we will be able to get the necessary information for us to draft that up for you, Anne
10:23<Anne>No, I haven't created a support ticket yet. I'll do that.
10:26-!-Anne [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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13:36<tafa2>can anyone recommend a good load/ddos tester?
13:36<tafa2>I've some NGINX fail2ban rules I want to test
13:37<tafa2>(I'm not going to flood my linode for hours, only a few mins)
13:40<Woet>just run a minecraft server and wait
13:43-!-cnf [~cnf@2a02:1807:3920:400:6162:99e2:13ae:c1e0] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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14:01<tafa2>thank dwfreed
14:03<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
14:06-!-jcanto [~Jorge@] has quit [Quit: Going offline, see ya! (]
14:14<@bhanks>thanks for the update Eugene!
14:19-!-zivester [] has joined #linode
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14:29<tafa2>wow... siege is amazing...
14:33-!-telega [] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
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14:47-!-ryu [] has joined #linode
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14:48<ryu>does linode offer staging / production environments?
14:49<tafa2>ryu ?
14:50<DrJ>ryu: if by staging you mean offline/not accessible to public... you could just disable public IP on the linode
14:50<smallclone>linode offers VPSes
14:50<smallclone>you can use them for staging or production or whatever, really
14:50<DrJ>and use the private network
14:50<tafa2>if you want to have 1 VPS for testing then when you're ready to deploy you can swap the IP's over as well
14:51<ryu>just trying to find out what is best practice
14:53<Woet>understanding what linode sells would be a good start
14:53<smallclone>they're just machines runnign Linux, basically. you can use them however you want, and do whatever you would normally do on a linux machine.
14:54<smallclone>Linode isn't opinionated or even really at all involved in how you set your stuff up
14:54<ryu>godaddy overs staging servers like that you can automatically push to live from
14:55<smallclone>nah Linode doesn't do that
14:55<smallclone>you configure everything yourself
14:55<ryu>k makes sense
14:55-!-kaare_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:55<Peng_>You're free to name a server whatever you want, d29434 or otherwise.
14:57<ryu>i mean i get it
14:57-!-toastedpenguin [~dchristen@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
14:58<ryu>you just setup two linodes one staging one production etc
14:58<ryu>but you have to handle all the syncing yourself
14:58<smallclone>depending on what you're doing you could just have staging and prod on the same machine, if you're just talking about a website or something
14:59<smallclone>otherwise yeah, IP swapping is probably the easiest way to turn your staging into prod if they're split between two linodes in the same dc
14:59<Peng_>Soon: smallclone's website crashes due to a bizarre staging bug
15:00<ryu>ok thanks
15:02*smallclone 's website has been down for years
15:02*smallclone doesn't know what he's talking about
15:03-!-kaare_ [] has joined #linode
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15:06-!-Epictetus [] has joined #linode
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15:06<ryu>while we are requesting features how about a GUI to spin up specific linodes like Wordpress or Node.js configured boxes ready to go
15:07<smallclone>you're requesting features?
15:07<ryu>yea a staging / live integration
15:08<smallclone>there are plenty of things linode should add but what you're talking about is totally outside of the very service they offer, they're not shared hosting
15:09<smallclone>digitalocean does the "click and deploy" thing but i'm pretty sure you're still editing config files and stuff yourself
15:09<smallclone>so the button is about as useful as running "apt install" for you
15:10<smallclone>^ could be wrong about that i've never used those buttons
15:10<ryu>rackspace has a nice interface for configured boxes
15:11<smallclone>if you're willing to pay rackspace has some version of like, every hosting offering
15:11<smallclone>but that isn't what linode does
15:11<smallclone>you're basically coming to a VPS company and saying "don't be a VPS company"
15:12<smallclone>you could always install cpanel or something if you want to use a GUI on the machine itself
15:13<ryu>rackspace isn't vps?
15:13<smallclone>the benefit of linode is that it offers an excellent price-to-performance ratio for those who know how to use it. there's a reason people come here from godaddy shared hosting plans that run like garbage, but it's a tradeoff
15:13<smallclone>rackspace does practically everything, is what i'm saying
15:13<ryu>im not talking about go daddy
15:13<ryu>or shared hosting solutions
15:13<smallclone>they're an absolutely enormous company
15:14<ryu>So linode is trying to add features that rackspace already implemented like managed hosting
15:14<ryu>why wouldnt they want to add more features?
15:14<smallclone>linode doesn't offer actual managed hosting
15:15<smallclone>they do want to add more features, they recently added block storage for example
15:15<Peng_>smallclone: :D
15:16<Peng_>Surely AWS will make GoDaddy shared hosting cheap and fast...
15:16-!-TomasCZ [] has joined #linode
15:16-!-TomasCZ is "Unknown" on #tor #linode #debian #ceph
15:16<smallclone>linode wants to add features that integrate with its existing core product, which has been successful and lucrative, even if they've chosen to hide their most desirable plan at the bottom of the new linodes page and give it a goofy meaningless name
15:17<Peng_>Hey it's a good pun
15:18<millisa>and fun to say
15:21<ryu>hire a dude to sit there and build user interfaces and then self invoking stack scripts for custom environments that would def be a popular feature
15:21<Peng_>ryu: FWIW, those "deploy WordPress" type VPS offerings can be replicated with one "apt install" and reading a tutorial. And that way you understand what you're running, and how to maintain it, instead of relying on an overworked VPS company sysadmin who might not actually use the software day-to-day.
15:21<smallclone>yeah with those types of things you are still, at some point, doing the config yourself
15:22<ryu>linode is for more tech savvy people but there are also non tech savvy people who want web sites these days
15:23<smallclone>there are plenty of places that offer the kind of stuff you're asking for
15:25<ryu>fair enough
15:26-!-pavlushka [] has joined #linode
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15:27<smallclone>typically when someone comes in and wants linode to offer more buttons and cat gifs and widgets and stuff, they're basically asking to get a more performant version of shared hosting, at linode's current prices
15:27-!-NomadJim_ [~Jim@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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15:27<smallclone>which compare quite favorably to most shared plans
15:28<millisa>+1 vote for catnode rollout
15:28<smallclone>so like, the savings of a VPS, but also you do everything for me by giving me buttons to push
15:28<smallclone>it isn't very realistic to expect
15:34-!-joon [~joon@] has joined #linode
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15:41-!-technoid_ [] has joined #linode
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15:46<ryu>I wouldn't care about paying more for more features
15:48-!-joon [~joon@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:51<Demo>ryu: may be worth talking to tafa2 as he's in the process of configuring cPanel on his Linode, may have something to offer?
15:52<Demo>there are advantages to bare bones install, so much bloat and misconfiguration in pre-set scripts, no flexibility or freedom.
15:52<ryu>oh no I hate cpanel
15:53<Demo>Ah fair, was just thinking along the shared hosting route.
15:53<ryu>but i'd love to just spin up a wordpress or laravel box with one click
15:54<smallclone>but i mean, you're literally just clicking and having it install a package for you
15:54<smallclone>most of the work is in configuring it after that
15:54<ryu>it saves about 10-15 mins
15:54<Demo>ryu: you can easily write a bash script, to get the package installed, but as smallclone explained the configuring will always need to be done to sync with databases etc.
15:55<ryu>but i end up spinning these boxes up a lot and have custom bash scripts for them
15:55<Demo>fair enough
15:55<smallclone>ryu: what you're talking about sounds like a config mgmt use case
15:55<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Paypal Calculator <>
15:55<smallclone>err yeah what millia said
15:56<smallclone>if we manage to talk you all the way from "don't use buttons" to "learn ansible" i'm going to be pretty proud of this channel today
15:57<smallclone>but really if you do go that route you'll not only make yourself infinitely mroe employable but you'll also save yourself a lot of headache in the long run
15:57<ryu>i need control over certain parameters so i have a text file that runs the bash script
15:57<ryu>if i go that route i may as well make it a service and sell it
15:58*relidy votes for SaltStack
15:58<@sjacobs>ryu: or or sound _sort_ of what you're looking for. maybe.
15:58<smallclone>ansible is probably the closest thing to whatever janky bash script is doing the work now
15:58<ryu>ill check it out
15:58<smallclone>least overhead, easy to get started with for basic stuff, etc
15:59<@sjacobs>and if you do want to script it, i'd throw another vote for ansible as the easiest to get started diy.
16:02<smallclone>double or nothing guys
16:03<smallclone>let's try to get him to containerize everything
16:05<ryu>hold on what chapter is containers in vps for dummies i have edition 1
16:05<@sjacobs>smallclone: kubernetes cluster?
16:07<smallclone>make everything a microsevice
16:08<@sjacobs>exactly. who knows when i'll want to write my visitor counter in a new programming language.
16:09<smallclone>ryu: it's pages 5-2100
16:12<smallclone>this gives me so many literary / technology crossover ideas
16:16-!-ryu [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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17:58<tafa2>Demo - still in the process, work and life getting in the way
18:04-!-joon [~joon@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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18:59<dohhdohhhhhdohhhh>will linode be sold to some massive company soon?
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