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04:24<firdausi22>is linode VPS good for webhosting?
04:24<firdausi22>does it support MySQL, Linux, Php, Ioncube loader, .hraccess, File.get content function, URl_fopen etc?
04:25<Zimsky>linode is not a web host
04:25<Zimsky>linode is a linux server host
04:25<mattmcc>It's an unmanaged virtual machine. You can run whatever you want on it.
04:26<firdausi22>do we have support for making it a webhost?
04:27<firdausi22>or anyguidelines in making it a webhost?
04:29<Zimsky>don't confuse "web host" with "web server"
04:29<Zimsky>you can run a web server on a linode
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04:29<Zimsky>but linode is not a "web host" like other companies that call themselves "web hosts"
04:30<Zimsky>so you have to set up the web server, web application, install the necessary software to run it, maintain the server, etc
04:30<@bmartin>^^ all correct
04:31<@bmartin>because Zimsky is fantastic
04:31<Zimsky>I am not fantastic
04:31<Zimsky>I'm a rambling lunatic
04:31<@bmartin>that is my kind of person
04:31<Zimsky>but I'm a tremendous rambling lunatic
04:37<firdausi22>thanks... for the help.
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04:40<Javier_>Hello we need some help
04:40<Javier_>We can not log into the customer area.
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04:41*bmartin was typing a response
04:42<mattmcc>Guess it wasn't that important.
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06:21<kabaa>i facing error
06:21<kabaa>Setting up database Oops Something went wrong !!
06:21<kabaa>in ubuntu
06:21<kabaa>while installing wordpress
06:21<Zimsky>I think it sounds like something went wrong
06:21<Zimsky>I could be wrong though
06:22<Zimsky>perhaps you could be more specific?
06:22<kabaa>Running pre-update checks, please wait... Setting up NGINX configuration [Done] Setting up webroot [Done] Downloading WordPress [Done] Setting up database Oops Something went wrong !! Calling cleanup actions ... 'ee_mysql_grant_host'
06:22<Zimsky>you should check your installation logs
06:23<kabaa>Adding repository for MySQL, please wait... Adding repository for NGINX, please wait... Adding repository for PHP, please wait... Updating apt-cache, please wait... Installing packages, please wait... Downloading MySQLTuner [Done] Downloading WP-CLI [Done] Reload : postfix [OK] Reload : nginx [OK] Restart : php5.6-fpm[OK] Reload : mysql [OK] Running pre-update checks, please wait... Setting up NGINX configuration [Done] S
06:23<kabaa>i try all possible way
06:23<kabaa>but don't understand how i fix this
06:24<Zimsky>if you're going to paste excerpts, you should use something like
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06:25<Zimsky>have fun
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06:25<kaba_>Adding repository for MySQL, please wait... Adding repository for NGINX, please wait... Adding repository for PHP, please wait... Updating apt-cache, please wait... Installing packages, please wait... Downloading MySQLTuner [Done] Downloading WP-CLI [Done] Reload : postfix [OK] Reload : nginx [OK] Restart : php5.6-fpm[OK] Reload : mysql [OK] Running pre-update checks, please wait... Setting up NGINX configuration [Done] S
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06:26*bmartin was typing
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06:30<mattmcc>Maybe you need to do a
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07:10<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Better docker support <>
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08:39<eatonphil[m]>when did the new communit site launch?
08:39<eatonphil[m]>the oldest posts seemed to be about a month old. but there was no blog post about it?
08:40<Zimsky>are you the medium size of eatonphil?
08:41<@scrane>Hey eatonphil[m] it officially launched March 16, but we also pre-populated it with some questions and answers.
08:42<eatonphil[m]>oh how did I miss that lol... I went looking on the blog a day or two ago and didn't see that
08:42<@bmartin>No problem!
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08:52<eatonphil[m]>was this one of the prepopulated ones? ;)
08:53<@scrane>Haha it was not.
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08:53<kabar>i stuck in my wordpress install.. i use easyengine to install wordpress
08:53<kabar>Reload : postfix [OK] Reload : nginx [OK] Restart : php5.6-fpm[OK] Reload : mysql [OK] Running pre-update checks, please wait... Setting up NGINX configuration [Done] Setting up webroot [Done] Downloading WordPress [Done] Setting up database Oops Something went wrong !! Calling cleanup actions ... 'ee_mysql_grant_host'
08:54<kabar>you can see my error above
08:55<Zimsky>like I said, that line explains nothing
08:55<Zimsky>you need to look at the actual log files
08:57<kabar>how i check the log..
08:57<kabar>can you tell me the command so i can share log here
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09:01<Woet>kabar: what have you tried so far?
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09:02<Zimsky>the command is always yes.
09:02<@scrane>Wondering if this might be something he could try following.
09:03<Woet>i wonder if people shouldn't buy unmanaged linux servers if they don't want to learn about linux
09:04<Zimsky>this is why rooted servers exist
09:04<Zimsky>hey woet have you ever thought about what life would be like if you were a cow?
09:05<Woet>moo, i haven't
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10:07<linbot>New news from blog: Block Storage Now Available in Newark and Dallas <>
10:12<DrJ>Atlanta still in the dark on that
10:23<@bmartin>We don't have anything to announce in regards to Block Storage in Atlanta at this time Drj
10:24<dzho>even so, woot, congrats, looking forward to it.
10:24<@bmartin>Appreciate you
10:27<tanja84dk>I have a question about abuse cases at a server host ( in general ) and would like to know if some know how that normally is handled
10:28<@bmartin>It's going to depend on what abuse you're referring to
10:29<smallclone>$10 says it's a compromised mail server
10:29<tanja84dk>lest take that example where a host is continuesly trying to gain access to others mail servers with bruteforce over several days
10:29<@bmartin>and is this one doing the brute force attack and IP on Linode?
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10:30<tanja84dk>no the attacker in this situation is not a linode that is why I asked in general
10:30<smallclone>you should reach out to the hosting provider via their abuse email
10:30<smallclone>Linode has no involvement in that situation
10:30<@bmartin>So if you whois the IP you will likely find the abuse email
10:30<tanja84dk>smallclone, they got the first report 4 days ago
10:31<smallclone>who's the host?
10:31<@bmartin>drj to be a bit more clear Atlanta isn't currently on the roadmap. Once we get through Singapore, Tokyo 2 and London we wil then be looking to add based on demand
10:31<smallclone>$10 says china unicom
10:32<DrJ>so atlanta may never get it?
10:32<@bmartin>whois the ip address
10:32<Zimsky>$10 is a little low
10:33<@bmartin>it's possible drj
10:33<tanja84dk>well I dont like to paint companies as bad if there is no reason thats why I asked how those kind of cases normally is managed. But it looks like a server host ( not even a cheap one ) in usa
10:33<Zimsky>I'd put €100 on that
10:34<smallclone>DrJ: I wouldn't be surprised if they're not interested in building up new infra in Atlanta, but rather in making a Dallas-style move to a different provider
10:34<smallclone>Zayo is garbage
10:34<Zimsky>clearly it's china unicom's north american division
10:35<DrJ>eh, I should just migrate to dallas
10:35<smallclone>tanja84dk: i dunno, the only abuse work i've ever done was at linode, but linode would have definitelly gotten back to you by now
10:35<DrJ>IP change is the only thing really holding me back
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10:36<tanja84dk>but okay its a Liquid Web host. And I have noticed at ( there only keep logs for 7 days ) that there even have been reports to the abuse team 7 days ago
10:36<tanja84dk>and maybe even further back
10:37<smallclone>honestly, aside from reporting it, about the only thing you can do is just block the IP
10:37<@mcintosh>DrJ: to be clear, Atlanta is unlikely to get Block Storage support at all
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10:38<smallclone>damn didn't think i'd see that uh, said
10:38<smallclone>!point mcintosh
10:38<linbot>smallclone: Point given to mcintosh. (31)
10:39<tanja84dk>smallclone, I'm also doing that ( happening automaticly ) but I were jusyt curius if it were normal that it would take over 7 days to handle a abuse case ( where we are talking about bruteforce )
10:39<Zimsky>is there reason apart from it not being sufficiently profitable?
10:41<tanja84dk>smallclone, but yeah the last 7 days blocklist are listing this when I look up the IP, and that is the numbers of reports about that host "Your Result for the Request IP: >><< 243 matches"
10:41<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • sexe evreux <>
10:42<Zimsky>I don't even bother reporting hosts
10:43<@bmartin>Tanja84dk I can say we don't take that long typically to deal with that type of abuse but I can't speak for other providers
10:43<tanja84dk>Zimsky, well for me its happening automaticly
10:44<Zimsky>can you just not care about random addresses sending you tcp syns?
10:45<tanja84dk>Zimsky, well this is not just tcp sync the main things there is reported for my servers are directly login attemps on mail and ssh
10:45<@mcintosh>Zimsky: no, ceph is actually banned in Georgia
10:46<@mcintosh>indeed Linode Block Storage is powered by antibiotics
10:46<Zimsky>tanja84dk: can you just not care about those?
10:46<Zimsky>mcintosh, you had to look that up didn't you
10:46<@mcintosh>of course
10:47<Zimsky>tanja84dk: run ssh on something other than port 22, and mail, I dunno, just ignore that
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10:50<edgar>buenos dias
10:50<edgar>habla español?
10:51<edgar>do you speak spanish?
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10:58<smallclone>tanja84dk: maybe i'm not understanding what you're saying. are you saying *your* server's IP is in the abuse reports too?
11:00<tanja84dk>smallclone, The look up of the ip where one of the big reasons that I could not get my head around that the server provider didnt had handled it yet
11:01<smallclone>i don't really understand what you just said
11:02<smallclone>so your IP isn't listed? i'm just not sure why you care this much
11:02<Zimsky>I thought I was going mad reading that
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11:39<Woet>implying you aren't already
11:40<Zimsky>Woet: I've never implied that. in fact, on multiple occasions I've outright stated I'm a lunatic
11:40<Woet>you said you thought you were going mad
11:40<Woet>you can't go mad if you're already mad
11:40<Zimsky>a mad person thinks mad things
11:41<Zimsky>so I can think I'm going mad (from a state of not being mad), despite already being mad, if I was mad
11:41<Zimsky>because I'm mad
11:43<Zimsky>`head -c 4096 /dev/urandom`
11:52<relidy>!point Zimsky
11:52<linbot>relidy: Point given to zimsky. (14)
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12:21<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • MySQL not running <>
12:41<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • MySQL not running <>
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14:52<AlexMax>what happens if we go over our per server transfer limit?
14:52<millisa>you pay
14:52<@jackley>AlexMax: you get charged for your additional transfer usage
14:54<@sjacobs>if you have more than one linode, you want to check the bar at the bottom of the index page, though.
14:55<AlexMax>Yeah, I saw that and couldn't tell which referred to which
14:55<AlexMax>What happens if we exceed our global transfer?
14:55<@sjacobs>if an individual linode goes over it's own limit, but your pooled total is large enough to cover, there is no affect
14:55<@sjacobs>if you go over your global limit, it's $0.02 per gb.
14:55<@sjacobs>traffic won't be affected, though.
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14:56<AlexMax>okay cool
14:56<AlexMax>okay yeah, the distinction between global and per server transfer was what i was confused about
14:56<AlexMax>i didn't know which kicked in when
14:58<devilspgd>From a billing standpoint, only the global matters. The per-Linode stats are basically just informational, at least as I understand it.
14:58<AlexMax>I don't think we're going to run out of transfer anytime soon...
14:58<millisa>challenge accepted?
14:59<devilspgd>I'm at a whopping 1% this month.
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15:20<Schroeder>Well, it's happened again.
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15:21<@mcintosh>what is "it"?
15:24<Schroeder>I've just wasted another perfectly good hour listening to Car Talk.
15:38<Peng_>Schroeder: ...
15:47<synfinatic>aren't they all re-runs?
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16:14<AlexMax>synfinatic: it was a waste of time when there were new episodes too
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18:54<arooni>question; is there an easy way to scale resources to give my linode temporarily more ram / cpu to deal with higher traffic
18:54<arooni>and then scale it back down when i dont need the increased horsepower
18:54<millisa>if you dont use local storage and have the whole thing on blockstorage, the resizes are extremely quick
18:55<arooni>hmmm something i should look into; using local storage right now :(
18:55<arooni>is block storage like AWS EBS?
18:55<millisa>drawbacks being you pay extra for the block store, and the performance on the blockstorage won't be as gd
18:55<arooni>but i could clone my config over to a bigger more powerful linode and pay per hour on it?
18:56<millisa>yeah, you'd pay for the hours at the higher linode size
18:56<millisa>(you can resize local storage linodes, too; you just end up waiting for it to copy that local storage back and forth)
18:57<arooni>i think for some reason i may not be on hourly billing yet
18:57<millisa>or maybe no reason. if you aren't getting any discounts, there's probably not a great reason
18:58<arooni>is there any advantage to being on hourly billing over whatever kinda billing there was before?
18:58-!-Good_Sir [] has joined #linode
18:58<arooni>Linode 2048 is whats listed on my invoice
18:58-!-Good_Sir is "realname" on #tor #osm #oftc #linode #debian #moocows
18:58<millisa>1gb linodes, high memory linodes, being able to do the resize you talked about without getting odd credit card billings
18:58<dwfreed>win /win 60
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19:02<arooni>is this still accurate?
19:04<millisa>not for hourly
19:04<arooni>never knew about that discount for prepayment; i should do better research lol
19:04-!-MrControll [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:10<mattmcc>If you're already on hourly billing, you can't switch to prepayment.
19:24-!-cnf [~cnf@2a02:1807:3920:400:3d37:5691:cc3a:dc4] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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20:08<tyler>trying to figure out if Linode's customers get a dedicated server, vps, or just shared server space. Can anyone answer this?
20:09<tyler>will i be able to transfer files via putty?
20:09<millisa>if you set it up that way, sure.
20:10-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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20:10<millisa>Check out the getting started guide - - it walks you through how you set the system up; you're getting root access to a distribution you set
20:10-!-CodeMouse92__ [] has joined #linode
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20:11<millisa>as for transferring files, using an sftp/scp client is the usual way. filezilla is popular; there's a doc on it -
20:13<tyler>we use filezilla for our other servers but we're wanting to use Linode to test file transfers with putty
20:14<mattmcc>It's the same protocols, just a different client.
20:15<HoopyCat>does putty do file transfer? i've only used it for enshellment
20:15<millisa>it has psftp and pscp . .
20:16<HoopyCat>splendid. (it's been awhile)
20:16<tyler>it does, I've just never used it before. we'd use filezilla but filezilla won't let us go above the active directory to access the backup files
20:16<millisa>they can be downloaded separate if you want to play with them
20:17<millisa>tyler: that's probably not being limited by filezilla
20:17<tyler>right. hostgator told us to use putty to access our backups
20:18-!-MrControll [] has joined #linode
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20:18<millisa>sounds like a hostgator answer.
20:18<millisa>since you are setting up the linode's OS, you can limit/restrict it as much as you want.
20:19<mattmcc>Are you connecting with FTP or SFTP? Their FTP server is probably boxing you into a certain directory.
20:20<tyler>is it possible to FTP into the root directory?
20:20<mattmcc>Not if the FTP server doesn't allow it.
20:20<millisa>(possible but not a great idea)
20:21<millisa>if you can get to the files with putty's sftp/scp, you should be able to get to them with filezilla if you use sftp/scp instead of ftp
20:21<mattmcc>(Which is what Hostgator should've told you)
20:22<millisa>(but they give hostgator answers)
20:22-!-react [~react@2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:fe24:4661] has joined #linode
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20:22<tyler>haha. yes. I told them today that when I call in I usually get a brick on the line that can't tell me much.
20:23<millisa>you just have to use the control panel user/pass, not one of the ftp users you setup in that panel
20:23<millisa>(so the same user/pass you use in putty)
20:40-!-joon [~joon@] has joined #linode
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20:49<subdomain>I've had a domain with ssl cert from what I found in the documentation.
20:50<subdomain>so what about a subdomain?
20:50<millisa>if you want, sure
20:51<subdomain>I saw this:
20:51<subdomain>but nothing on subdomains
20:52<millisa>that shows a vhost setup for and it could have more serveralias lines for if you are wanting that name to be on the same site.
20:52<nate>subdomain: I'm not sure what you're trying to ask about. ARe you confused about how to -do- subdomains? Or have a cert cover them?
20:52<millisa>if you are intending it to be a different site, it'd be another virtualhost block
20:52-!-tyler [~oftc-webi@2600:8803:7a01:3000:741a:cbfc:e31b:c9c9] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:53<nate>A cert will cover whatever subdomains is defined -in- the certificate, otherwise what millisa just said, each subdomain (if meant to be a different set of files/different website/etc) would need to be it's own virtualhost block with it's own certificate that matches said virtual host
20:53<nate>you can have one certificate cover multiple virtual hosts just fine, so long as that certificate matches the domain defined for the virtual host
20:54<subdomain>well, my ssl works well in many browsers on my pc and phone
20:54-!-moonkyan_ [~moonkyang@] has joined #linode
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20:54<millisa>it'd probably be easier if you shared the config you are working from in a pastebin
20:54<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
20:55<subdomain>but my, when opened in browsers, I get the scarey warning about invalid cert, but then I would have to click "proceed anyway"
20:55<millisa>is 'sub1' a different site or is it an alternate name for the same site?
20:56<subdomain>so in /etc/apache I have and in /var/folder1
20:56<subdomain>and in /var/folder2
20:56<millisa>so a different site
20:56<subdomain> in /var/folder3 ...etc
20:57-!-moonkyang [~moonkyang@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:58<millisa>it'd probably be easier to just use the real names and see an config that isn't redacted.
20:58<subdomain>what do you mean? I dont understand.
20:58<millisa>paste your config over at and share the url
20:59<millisa>(stop with all the '' stuff)
21:01<millisa>what is that?
21:02<subdomain>sorry, mistake
21:02<subdomain>I'll just erase the vm and start over again.
21:02-!-joon [~joon@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:02<millisa>how will that help?
21:02<@scrane>There probably isn't much need to nuke and start over
21:03<@scrane>You'll learn a lot more trying to fix this error than just starting fresh
21:03<subdomain>probably all mangled up.
21:03<@scrane>Probably. But un-mangling it is the way to go!
21:04<millisa>if it looks anything close to the example in the doc you posted, it can't be that bad.
21:04<subdomain>ok, so what's the proper proceedure to get a ssl for a domain and then a subdomain? maybe I missed a step
21:04<@scrane>So what are the actual domains you are using including the subdomain?
21:04<millisa>if it's a domain validated cert, you setup the vhost, get it working on port 80, get your cert issued through whatever process needs to be followed, then update your vhost with the issued cert
21:05-!-acald3ron [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:05<millisa>(we don't know what steps you've taken; but showing the config would probably give a big hint)
21:05-!-joon [~joon@] has joined #linode
21:05-!-joon is "Joon" on #linode
21:06<subdomain>which config?
21:06<millisa>your apache config. the virtualhost sections are mostly what would be of interest
21:07<subdomain>I dont have anything in that file
21:09<millisa>what file did you setup the virtualhost sections in?
21:09<subdomain>everythiong is misconfigured. I'll try again. thanks folks.
21:09<subdomain>its ok. thanks very much folks. thanks again.
21:13<subdomain>I have two certs in /etc/letsencrypt
21:14<subdomain>I had an old one in there that I did not know how to properly remove.
21:14<subdomain>so, how to you re-ssl certifiy or whatever the term
21:15<subdomain>like, how do I remove old certs and do again?
21:16<millisa>there's an archive dir, a live dir, and a renewal dir in that /etc/letsencrypt structure
21:16<subdomain>so do I just delete everything in there?
21:16<millisa>if you get rid of the domain directory under the first two and the domain.tld.conf file in the renewal dir, it's not going to try to renew it.
21:16<millisa>or you could just ignore them; you don't have to get rid of the certs to get a new one from letsencrypt
21:17<millisa>seriously, if you show your web server config, chances are you are only a couple steps from getting the setup you want.
21:17<subdomain>Is this what I really want:
21:18<millisa>if you aren't sure which files are holding the important info; newer versions of apache will show you the config if you run 'apachectl -T' - share that and we can give you hints on the next step
21:18<millisa>the wildcard certs went live a few days ago. it's dns validated though
21:20<Peng_>Why do you need a wildcard cert?
21:22<Peng_>There's no reason to delete any of Certbot's files, or use a wildcard certificate.
21:31<nate>because wildcard certs are a lot easier to work with vs a SAN Cert spread across multiple servers
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21:34<subdomain> i do appriciate the input foloks
21:36-!-MrControll [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:45<Peng_>nate: D:
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21:55<subdomain>my ssl for domain and subdomains are working well now. thanks all for your help
21:55<subdomain>I gave myself a new Rolex
21:55<millisa>!point subdomain
21:55<linbot>millisa: Point given to subdomain. (1)
21:56<subdomain>Well, that's worth more than my imaginary Rolex.
21:56<subdomain>!point millisa
21:56<linbot>subdomain: Point given to millisa. (51)
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