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02:50<Woet>dwfreed: help linbot is phishing my hotmail login
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03:25<Woet>dwfreed: help linbot is phishing my citibank login
03:25<Woet>bmartin: you're getting better
03:25<dwfreed>Woet: enough
03:25<Woet>Zimsky: enough
03:26<Woet>bmartin: imagine if we had the technology to actually stop it from happening in the first place
03:26<Woet>instead of customer service having to waste their time removing it by hand for years
03:27<Zimsky>bmartin: enough
03:32<Ikaros>I should probably just disconnect when the weirdos come out at night. :x
03:33<Woet>Ikaros: enough
03:33<@scrane>bmartin: Enough
03:33<Woet>scrane: enough
03:33<Zimsky>Ikaros: enough
03:34<abrining>scrane enough
03:34<@bmartin>gjjansen enough
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03:35<@gjjansen>all: enough
03:35<@bmartin>linbot pls
03:36<Woet>guys, that's enough
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03:36<@scrane>I guess he had...
03:36<Woet>suspend their account
03:36<abrining>I can do that
03:36<Woet>thats enough toxicity to warrant it
03:36<@scrane>I will also give it detention.
03:36<@bmartin>this is the type of interactions that upset me
03:37<Woet>the linode code of conduct clearly says calling people weirdos is not alloewd
03:37<Woet>and frankly i've had enough
03:37<@bmartin>it's tiume for a change
03:37<abrining>Woet enough
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03:38<@abrining>gjjansen ;)
03:39<Woet>abrining: Threats of violence, both physical and psychological
03:39<Woet>abrining: please don't +o in front of everyone
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07:43<at>my server is not connected
07:43<at>nithere SSH or webbrowsing
07:44<@scrane>What do you see when you attempt to ping it?
07:44<@scrane>Are you able to access the Linode via the Lish console?
07:44<at>server not responding
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07:44<at>sorry request time out
07:45<@scrane>What do you see when you attempt to open the Lish console?
07:46<at>lish console is open
07:46<at>and run netstat -plntu this
07:47<at>not show any ssh service running
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07:51<Delta>Hi. What safeguards can we employ vs a DOS attack?
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07:52<@scrane>Delta: We don't offer any, however you can use a DoS mitigation service like CloufFlare or Sucuri to obscure your IP address.
07:53<Delta>Is there any way linode could look into our traffic and confirm that's what is happening first?
07:55<@jackley>Delta: we do that for each DoS attack we detect
07:56<Delta>We put in a ticket. Our data jumped from 1mb to 150 and we crahsed
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07:56<@jackley>Delta: ticket number?
07:59<@bmartin>Hey Delta I'm taking a look right now
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08:37<Delta>Sorry! I got swamped.
08:37<dzho>Delta: you didn't miss anything here
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08:42<Delta>Was any thing found out?
08:42<@jackley>Delta: bmartin updated your ticket
08:42<@scrane>Delta: I believe you should have an update on the ticket.
08:42<Woet>scrane: enough
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08:45<@scrane>Woet: enoug
08:45<Woet>scrane: enou
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09:58<SAntos>good morning
09:58<SAntos>I have a doubt
09:59<SAntos>In 1 Linode I can run how many masternode?
10:00<smallclone>Linode doesn't allow bitcoin mining any more if that's what you're referring to
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10:02<Woet>but CPU mining is so lucrative
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10:10<@gjjansen>Woet: Makes you rich.
10:10<Woet>gjjansen: you presence makes me emotionally rich which is much more important.
10:15<Woet>your *
10:17<Woet>don't use words you can't pronounce
10:18<@gjjansen>Is that why no one uses your real name???
10:18<@gjjansen>Sorry, that was mean.
10:18<Woet>i didnt even get to pick it
10:19<@gjjansen>I understand. I can't get people to spell mine right when it's written in front of them.
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10:22<Woet>maybe you shouldn't have duplicated letters for no reason
10:22<@gjjansen>dang bruzzer
10:23<Woet>bmartin: help gjjansen is bullying me
10:24<Woet>gjjansen: Deliberate misgendering. This includes deadnaming or persistently using a pronoun that does not correctly reflect a person’s gender identity. You must address people by the name they give you when not addressing them by their username or handle
10:26<nyancat>gjjansen: do you pronounce it
10:26<@gjjansen>My account has been removed from the platform.
10:26<@gjjansen>No, nyancat. That's just my alias :)
10:27<nyancat>JuST An ALiAs
10:27<@gjjansen>My whole world is full of spongebob memes
10:29<@bmartin>You're welcome
10:29<nyancat>well fancy meeting you here on irc bmartin
10:29<nyancat>i take it you two are acquainted?
10:29<Woet>they're more than acquainted
10:29<Woet>they're on second base.
10:29<@gjjansen>I can hardly escape him.
10:29<nyancat>no? cool. let me introduce. this is <insert ridiculously hard to pronounce name here>
10:30<Woet>gjjansen: what else did you think the vault in the new office was for?
10:30<Woet>bmartin is very kinky.
10:30<@bmartin>like an old hose
10:30<Woet>( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
10:32<@bmartin>( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
10:32<Woet>ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
10:33<@gjjansen>That's gotta be against the community rules.
10:33<Woet>literally every conversation ever is
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10:42<@bmartin>Hello mikos
10:42<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
10:43<mikos>anyone from Linode support that can help we out with infrastracture related questions?
10:43<mikos>hi smallclone
10:43<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
10:43<smallclone>you're better off just asking, is the short answer
10:43<smallclone>there's a mix of people here, but most of us can probably help you
10:46<mikos>well my question is, i have several linodes, each of them have a specific service ( webserver, database, etc. ) they are all connected using vpn site to site to another linode acting as a gateway ( in and out ) , it is a good setup i can manage all sort of trafic and services, however this setup introduces some latencies wen accessing webpages ( tcp erros some time ) , is there a way to connecte them like they are on same lan, or something like aws or azu
10:46<mikos>or maybe you can suggest a complete different setup
10:47<mikos>i like Linode and been using it for long tome, so i dont wont to migrate to any other service, but i would realy like to remove this vpn connection and introduce something more scalable and without the overhead and latency
10:48<Woet>mikos: are you using the most expensive linode?
10:49<mikos>nop i have several ones , some are expensive others are not, but i cannot see the picture
10:49<smallclone>mikos: you could use the private network + firewall rules if they're all in the same datacenter, though really you would still really need some kind of encryption to be safe
10:49<Woet>mikos: so what is the point of having them on different servers?
10:49<smallclone>people used to use stunnel for that..but i think it kinda sucks. ymmv
10:50<mikos>@smallclone: yes i though about that, but still vpn based
10:50<mikos>@Woet: the point is scalability, managment, security, several things
10:51<Woet>mikos: yea, scalability once you reach the limit a single server can provide.
10:51<Woet>mikos: theres no point doing it if you aren't at or close to the limit.
10:51<smallclone>there are plenty of reasons
10:51<mikos>It is not resource my issue, i have alote of resources in my linodes, however the setup does not feel buletproof and proffesional to host several websites
10:52<mikos>@smallclone: yes there are
10:52<Woet>mikos: anyways, if you insist doing it this way, SSH tunnel adds very little overhead.
10:53<smallclone>yeah it'll be less than a full blown vpn
10:53<mikos>@Woet: tried that, it is difficult to manage and maintain proper connectivity, VPN has provided itself as a better option the SSH tunneling
10:53<Woet>mikos: autossh takes care of both.
10:54<@gjjansen>The VPN will always come with more overhead.
10:54<Woet>management and connectivity will be identical, not sure why you're saying otherwise
10:55<mikos>using vpn i can benefit from interface based firewall rules, i use PFsense as the gateway, so from its point of view it sees every connected host as a lan host, hence i can logically consider it as a lan and mix and match rules, this is 1 of the many pros agains ssh
10:55<Woet>sounds very much overly complicated
10:59<mikos>well consider you have a gateway with multiple wan interfaces, 1 is for vpn, witch handles incomming vpn connection from the servers, and assigns lan ip addresses and creates interfaces for them, doing so give me the ability to route traffic from and to the connected servers out of other wan interfaces on the gateway, and apply rules for them since the gateway considers them as almost directly attached, also i can apply rules for them talking to each othe
10:59<mikos>consider it as several virtual machines on the same host, connected through private virtual lan interface
10:59<Woet>sounds like something management would be impressed by indeed
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11:00<mikos>this gives me better security and control over traffic, for example now i am introducing another gateway, which will be a redundant one for more expensive clients websites that needs dfferent services
11:01<Woet>need more buzzwords
11:01<mikos>@Woet: i looked at the Linode managed services, they must use something similar however i would like to manage it myself since this is both a production and a testing inviorment
11:01<smallclone>it sounds like you're pretty comfortable with what you have
11:01<smallclone>you just want it to be faster
11:01<smallclone>i don't think anyone is going to have an answer you want to hear
11:02<mikos>@smallclone: yes, i also want it to be following a standard, cz i am sure it does not now "D
11:02<mikos>so what about you guys, how are your Linode invoirment looks like
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11:03<mikos>maybe i can get some ideas, for example of someone want to host a website or multiple websites, how do you implement it? iptable rules on same linode?
11:05<Woet>i put it on the same server because I don't make my life difficult for the sake of it
11:05<Woet>but i guess thats not what you want to hear
11:07<mikos>@Woet: i started with this setup, then got into issues when having more then 10 clients websites, different services, the management of iptable rules got me exausted, especialy wen testing something, i would need to bring a service down
11:08<Woet>mikos: you can just add multiple servers running the same stack and separate the websites.
11:08<Woet>mikos: just like you can have a development server with the same stack
11:08<Woet>mikos: and use something like CSF to make iptables easier
11:08<mikos>Linode is greate, the control panel features are awesome, but i think they need to work on something to interconnect hosts behind the scenes, so it will be semmless for us devs
11:09<mikos>exactly, but how to better interconnect them and route traffic betwwen them the right way, not vpn or ssh, this is the trick
11:10<Woet>why do they need to be interconnected?
11:11<mikos>cause the webserver need to talk with the database server and also to the syslog server, and as a best practice they should talk using privat encrypted chanels, which services is not exposed to the outside world
11:11<Woet>as I've been saying, put them on the same server.
11:12<Woet>add more servers which also run their own web and database server if you need to add more sites
11:12<Woet>you'll only run into issues when a single website needs more than a $960/month server
11:12<mikos>@Woet, i can do that but what if you have different service requirment for apache then you do for mysql
11:12<Woet>at which point you want it to be separated from the rest anyways
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11:14<mikos>yes, i have a custom kernel built for apache vps, and another custom kernel built for mysql, and another for syslog
11:14<smallclone>oh geez
11:15*Woet passes out
11:15<mikos>yes as i said, tried all possible scenarios, this is why my question was, better interconnectivity features :D
11:15<Woet>the alternative being doing things like a human being
11:15<smallclone>i highly doubt the performance bump from some custom kernel outweighs the added slowness of using a vpn
11:16<Woet>i think having a custom kernel for a syslog server is grounds to legally claim insanity
11:16<Woet>check with your lawyer tho
11:16<mikos>l@smallclone: maby your right, but even so, migrating to this setup is not possible, since you also need a proper gateway to manage traffic and security, and you cannot rely on the same server to perform these
11:17<smallclone>if you aren't separating everything out you don't need a gateway
11:17<mikos>@Woet: hehe , you need to have custom kernel for everything production based, i learned that
11:18*Woet stares into the distance
11:18<mikos>@smallclone: how would you you implement security, policy based routing, IPS and other stuff then?
11:19<smallclone>i'm still not clear why you need all that for a web server
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11:20<mikos>@smallclone: aside from the webserver, there is a storage server, a hosting platform, exchange servers ( with dns and DC ) that are hosted on rackspace
11:21<mikos>which needs to be accessible from the hosting control pannel of the client, which lives on the webserver itself
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11:21<smallclone>this is all pretty heavily i said before: i don't think you're going to get an answer you want to hear.
11:22<mikos>@smallclone: but i think you are right, i could merge the webserver and database server together , but still issue persists
11:23<mikos>Thank you for your input and help
11:24<smallclone>if you put the web server and db on the same node, just let users hit that node directly for web traffic, don't have them going through your whole gateway thing
11:24<smallclone>for web traffic specifically
11:24<mikos>yes this reduces the overhead, for the webserver on the same node at least
11:25<smallclone>yeah, it would get rid of the website slowness issue, but you can still have all your like, LAN stuff going on in the background
11:25<smallclone>for your client panel and whatnot
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11:28<mikos>yes i think this is the logical setup, however still need to figure out a way to tap into the dev database and work seperately without interfering with the webtraffic, as if they are on the same server, client websites will be much faster, however my work will propapbly slow them down espiaccly when db backup starts, and again this introduces another problem when needing to switch db server for maintenance purposes, i would then need to manually change th
11:28<mikos>rather then just switching the route through teh gateway
11:31<Woet>i'm not sure what gives me a bigger headache, the consistent typos, the long wrapping sentences or the level of over-complication
11:34<mikos>@Woet: well you get the picture i guess, i am russian, so typos are a must :D
11:35<Woet>you're very much above average then
11:35<Woet>most russians i know are only capable of saying cyka blyat rush b
11:36<mikos>@Woet: well here you go, you know some :D
11:36<mikos>@Woet: anyways, thanks for the input, and happy easter
11:37<Woet>is this the part where i throw a tantrum complaining about the fact i don't celebrate easter?
11:37<Woet>since its 2018 and all
11:38<mikos>Well what i meant is Happy Easter for the community, for you happy day
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11:38<Woet>приятного вечера to you too
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12:26<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
12:27<Woet>Eugene: fake news
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12:41<smallclone>i'm really going to miss the high quality discussion on the linode forum
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12:51<mdchaney>Anyone seeing issues in NJ? I have a linode that is up and accessible through lish, but routing is totally hosed. It can't get to the world and the world can't get to it.
12:54<grawity>ipv4, ipv6, or both?
12:58<mdchaney>ipv6 is also broken
13:09<mdchaney>Weird, fixed by a reboot.
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18:10<arooni>perhaps offtopic but here goes
18:11<arooni>i'd like to move an ancient rails 2.1.0 with ruby 1.8.7 app from ubuntu 14.04 ==> ubuntu 16.04 server. ... 1) anything to watch out for? 2) can i simply run rvm on the 16.04 box to put the version of ruby the old app is? 3) on the new box i'm running nginx and php (i know sad)... on the 14.04 server i'm running passenger phusion... what's the best way of serving this site?
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20:34<Peng_>and on his farm he had a cow
20:36<veecious>e i e i o
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