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01:37<Zimsky><Ikaros> ...weirdos...
01:37<Zimsky>that's just rude
01:37<Zimsky>Ikaros: in this place, you're the weirdo
02:42<Ikaros>Perhaps in your view. I only express my view. My mind functions very differently than, say, you and a few others in here for example.
02:43<Zimsky>nah you're strange af
02:44<Ikaros>Why, because I'm the all-business type of person who has a near-zero sense of humor?
02:47<Woet>Ikaros: enough
02:47<Ikaros>Well that's just how my personality is. It's how I've always been. Online and offline.
02:47<Zimsky>Ikaros: enough
02:48<@scrane>Zimsky: Enough
02:50<Ikaros>I mean joking around with might as well be talking to a wall for the most part. Even on occasion too, I sometimes end up misinterpreting an attempt at humor as serious and then that results in a temper flare when I feel it's offensive or insulting in some way.
02:51<Zimsky>except the wall talks back to you and then it's just terrifying
02:51<@scrane>I will have you know I have had very interesting and productive conversations with walls.
02:51<Zimsky>I don't want the wall to talk to me
02:52<Ikaros>Anyway, shifting gears. I found out why I seriously dislike managing upgrading the likes of Apache through distro package management tools. Aside from the stupid filesystem layout these packages are in (esp. for Debian/Ubuntu), which I can deal with eventually...sometimes stuff gets flipped around to defaults when I didn't ask it to be.
02:53<Zimsky>Woet: why is the wall using apache?
02:53<dwfreed>This is why I like portage's config protection mechanism
02:54<dwfreed>config protection means that when a package installs an updated config file, it will not replace your existing one
02:54<Ikaros>Like with what just happened. Running an upgrade to the latest version...and the maintainer's script is apparently screwed up because it somehow defaulted my installation BACK to the prefork MPM, and on top of that apparently didn't do anything with the MPM settings. The result: Soon after dpkg (which ofc is run by the apt tools during the process) gets done dealing with Apache, it bombs with
02:54<Ikaros>"Resource temporarily unavailable", same with any attempt to run any process thereafter.
02:54<dwfreed>apt is just a frontend to dpkg
02:54<Ikaros>What I came to find was...
02:55<Ikaros>Apache was trying to fork itself using settings that were meant for the threaded MPM I was using before
02:56<Ikaros>So basically the limits were being hit, and I couldn't kill any of them off normally because there was no room to run any processes, all resulting in the same error message. I had to use bash's builtin exec to run killall.
03:02<Ikaros>Almost curious to see just exactly how many times it tried to fork, lol. Given my MPM settings that are USUALLY in effect provided the correct MPM is loaded...don't even want to think about it after all, lol
03:32<Woet>Ikaros: have you ever tried sleeping in custard?
03:34<Zimsky>^ I too wish to know the answer to this
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04:14<mr_su>My vps ubuntu 16.04 on Terminal exec "apt-get upgrade -y" => "137 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded. E: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found"
04:16<mr_su>Why " 404 Not Found"
04:17<Peng_>Run apt-get update
04:18<Peng_>There's a newer version of that package now.
04:27<mr_su>On Terminalapt "apt-get update", then "apt upgrade -y", it's ok, but when i use StackScripts "apt update && apt upgrade -y", I waited for an hour, and the system died.
04:28<Zimsky>that doesn't make sense
04:28<Zimsky>what else was the stackscript doing?
04:29<mr_su>I install docker
04:29<mr_su>#!/bin/bash apt update && apt upgrade -y curl -fsSL | sudo apt-key add - apt install software-properties-common -y add-apt-repository "deb [arch=amd64] $(lsb_release -cs) stable" apt-get update apt-cache policy docker-ce apt-get install -y docker-ce
04:30<mr_su>When i remove "apt upgrade -y", it's ok, docker install successfully.
04:30<Zimsky>yeah see the 'system dying' was probably just the other parts
04:31<Zimsky>how peculiar
04:35<mr_su>"apt upgrade -y" on Terminal there is a window popup => "Configuring grub-pc", on StackScripts how to select popup window's default value
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05:13<mr_su>I solved it "DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt upgrade -yq"
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07:31<tanja84dk>just a question do you gous have a recommendation about what vpn to choose to get better speed to linode servers in USA ( I'm from europe ). Becaues I would like to have a vps personal in USA but noticed that I maximum get a 35 mbit connection but I have 100 mbit at my isp
07:47<@scrane>Hmmm you can see which datacenter works best for you using the LInode speedtest
07:47<@scrane>Otherwise, my general recommendations for VPN is OpenVPN
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07:52<Woet>scrane: are you cool?
07:52<@scrane>I'm ice cold.
07:53<Woet>speaking of ice cold, where has bhanks been?
07:53<Woet>[13:53:03] bhanks signed on at 25 March 2018 at 09:03:20 CEST and has been idle for 2 days, 17 hours, 38 minutes, 25 seconds
07:53<@scrane>I should not say.
07:53<Woet>it's chili's isn't it
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08:30<tanja84dk>scrane, thanks but unfortunally the best data center in USA gives me 35 mbit wich is not great. And I think its the routing issue. So I was thinking of getting a vpn if it could give me a better route
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09:00<Zimsky>scrane: she had enough?
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09:30<@scrane>Test received
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09:32<lamji>please chat
09:36<rsdehart>lamji: you haven't asked a question yet
09:36<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
09:36<lamji>hihi okayy
09:38<rsdehart>well ok, glad we could help
09:38<lamji>how does linode actually work?
09:40<rsdehart>they take a big computer, carve it up into little computers, and rent one of those little ones to you
09:40<@scrane>Linode is an unmanaged cloud hosting provider. That means you can come to us to spin up generally Linux-based instances to run whatever you would like on top of that. To give you an idea of what provisioning a Linode looks like, you can take a look at our getting started guide:
09:40<rsdehart>or that
09:41<rsdehart>I keep scrane around to embiggen my explanations
09:41<rsdehart>well done, scrane
09:41<@scrane>Thank you!
09:41<lamji>so both of you are real humans not bot?
09:41<rsdehart>of course we're real humans
09:42<rsdehart>why would you assume we were bots?
09:42<lamji>i dont really understand irc actually
09:42<rsdehart>I type words, you see them
09:42<rsdehart>then you type words and I see them
09:42<lamji>i thought there are bots in irc
09:42<Woet>scrane is like 90% augmented
09:42<rsdehart>there are. But that doesn't mean everyone's a bot
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09:43<lamji>i have assignment regarding irc so im trying to figure out how it workds
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09:43<lamji>because everyone is so quiet i thought the one talking are bots lol
09:43<@scrane>Hahaha no, that's just because most people are sleeping.
09:44<lamji>but these people are real? haha
09:44<lamji>when is the time people are mostly active? i need data for my assignment
09:44<@scrane>I mean... I wan't comment on whether or not Woet is real. Jury's still out on him. But the rest of us are most likely real.
09:44<@scrane>What would you like to know for your assignment?
09:45<lamji>actually im an English major so the assignment needs us to analyse the language in irc
09:45<Woet>I'm *
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09:45<@scrane>See? Jury's out on him.
09:46<lamji>our group got irc the hardest one while others got forum, facebook, instagram and all
09:46<Woet>irc is the easiest one
09:46<lamji>then help me! hehe
09:46<rsdehart>I'm still trying to understand the leap from "There are bots on irc" to "you must all be bots"
09:46<@scrane>IRC has been around the longest.
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09:46<lamji>i know! but im not from the generation who used irc much
09:47<rsdehart>it's official, guys. We're relics
09:47<@scrane>I'm only 29!! I'm too young to be old!!
09:47<lamji>i'm sorry please dont be offended
09:47<lamji>im 23
09:47<rsdehart>how'd you end up in #linode?
09:48<lamji>idk i just try googling on irc links then this one is the only one active
09:48<Zimsky>how did any of us end up in linode?
09:48<rsdehart>I was looking for VPS hosting support
09:49<lamji>so the hashtag thingy is basically the topic for the group chat, is it?
09:49<@scrane>Haha fair enough. So #linode is a community channel for the company Linode. We generally provide guidance for people having issues or jusut talk about things related to Linode.
09:49<rsdehart>lamji: it's the name of the channel
09:49<rsdehart>it often coincides with the topic
09:49<lamji>how do i choose the channel?
09:49<@scrane>Oh god... I'm so old... So here it's called a "pound". So the way we generally pronounce that is "pound Linode"
09:49<lamji>sometimes i enter but i was the only one joined the chat
09:49<Zimsky>you should probably read the wiki page for IRC
09:50<lamji>ive read a bit but still cannot understand
09:50<Zimsky>pound linode? what, like beat it up?
09:50<Zimsky>lamji: are you a programmer?
09:50<lamji>lol no :(
09:50<@scrane>lamji I was an English major as well.
09:51<lamji>oooh really?
09:51<Zimsky>it may be tricky to read, but should ideally explain everything
09:51<Zimsky>what kind of assignment looks at IRC
09:51<lamji>this assignment is for computer applications in language studies
09:52<@scrane>Likely one that's studying language in a digital age and how the specific mediums influence how we adjust our language/grammar
09:52<lamji>and our group turned out assigned for irc
09:52<Zimsky>IRC has very distinctive sets of subcultures, uses and people
09:53<@scrane>IRC tends to be relatively walled off in that regards. So some people are only in #linode while other people might be in about 5 different channels. Each one is likely to have its own culture and "lingo" so to speak
09:53<rsdehart>5? psh
09:53<rsdehart>I've lost count :(
09:54<rsdehart>I need help :(
09:54<rsdehart>in general, not with counting specifically
09:54<Zimsky>you'll find channels ranging from uptight, agitated people to people who just talk about specific things and don't really care much, to channels full of people who probably have trouble putting their socks on
09:55<@scrane>I know one of my friends is in a lucid dreaming IRC channel.
09:55<rsdehart>where this one falls on that spectrum is left as an exercise to the reader
09:55<Zimsky>I can give examples of each of those categories with people here
09:55*rsdehart makes popcorn
09:55<rsdehart>because I enjoy popcorn
09:56<Zimsky>well okay
09:56<Zimsky>it better be buttered
09:56<Zimsky>but only enough
09:56<rsdehart>I'm actually not. I don't have any popcorn
09:56<rsdehart>My life is a lie :(
09:56<Zimsky>not as much as Eugene's
09:56<Ikaros>If I wasn't at work I'd smack you preemptively, Zimsky >.>
09:56<@scrane>Every day he's Linod'in
09:56<rsdehart>There is at least that
09:57<Zimsky>Ikaros: that wouldn't end well for you
09:57<Zimsky>I tend to not like being smacked, especially not pre-emptively
10:00<@scrane>lamji This Reddit post might also help you find some more generalized chats that are active:
10:02<Zimsky>lamji: also try efnet
10:05<@gjjansen>Gosh, efnet is a bit of the wild west
10:05<Zimsky>yes, it's real irc
10:06<@scrane>If he's looking to learn about the language of IRC, the wild west might not be a bad place to go
10:06<@gjjansen>That's for sure.
10:06<@scrane>#linode is a pretty tamed/sanitized channel by comparison.
10:06<Zimsky>if you go to freenode, you're mostly going to get people like Ikaros
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13:00<Smart>Hello, I am asking about the "Managed" addon .. this will be for XX$ ??
13:00<Smart>Yes what :) ?
13:00<Zimsky>yes please
13:01<Smart>I mean .. Yes .. for what?
13:01<Zimsky>i think it's 100/month on top of the linode cost
13:01<Zimsky>it should say it on whichever page you're looking at
13:01<Smart>Will they setup the server for what I need?
13:01<Smart>or I will do it myself?
13:02<Smart>for example. I need to create linode for WordPress & WooCommerce
13:02<Smart>will they setup it and make it ready for WordPress?
13:02<Zimsky>should answer all your questions there
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13:05<Smart>Zimsky: Sorry, yes. the info on their website.
13:05<Smart>Zimsky: "Pricing is $100 per month per Linode on your account" ..
13:05<Smart>thank you
13:06<Zimsky>so you could probably get your WP/WC setup done through professional services
13:07<Zimsky>and if you also got managed, you'd get a discount on that even
13:15<Smart>Zimsky: Thank you.
13:15<Smart>Zimsky: checkout this please
13:15<Smart>the "Discovery Offer US - East (NVMe)"
13:15<Zimsky>it's ovh
13:16<Zimsky>why am I looking at this
13:16<Smart>Zimsky: I understand.. but compared to "Linode 16GB"
13:16<Smart>compared to "Linode 32GB"
13:17<Smart>I think the dedicated is stroger than the cloud ? right?
13:17<Zimsky>these are dedis though
13:17<Woet>Smart: what do you mean by "cloud"
13:17<Zimsky>ignore Woet, it's just a bot that says things
13:17<Zimsky>sometimes it's rude to me too
13:17<Woet>I get triggered by meaningless buzzwords.
13:17<Smart>:D .. Haha.
13:18<Zimsky>like that
13:18<Zimsky>the actual hardware is all yours to use with a dedicated server
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13:19<Zimsky>while with a linode (which is basically a virtual machine), you're sharing the hardware with others
13:20<Zimsky>so it's a little less possible to run extremely CPU intensive stuff on a linode all the time
13:20<Zimsky>while with a dedi, you can (usually) go nuts
13:21<Zimsky>there's other differences of course, but in your case, for a web site, you not really going to need a dedicated box
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13:59<Zimsky>didn't expect "woet is a bot" to work
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14:21<diveyez>So far the dallas nanonode I have is the fastest cpu
14:21<diveyez>I wonder why it does math better than the others
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14:32<Woet>diveyez: cat /proc/cpuinfo
14:32<diveyez>Not logged in, Im pretty sure they are the same as the new jersey center
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15:44<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
15:44<Woet>Eugene: fake news
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16:20<presales>hello anyone here?
16:22<presales>I had questions about Linode running Rocket Chat
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17:58<LinodeX>Hello, Do you recommend a manual or video series or any resource .. for LEMP Stack web server with all configuration required?
17:58<LinodeX>For production purpose of course
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18:54<kenyon>wait wat: -- linodes can't do IPv6 forwarding anymore?
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20:26<FluffyFoxeh>kenyon: huh. It also no longer says anything about pools being routed to single linodes
20:30<kenyon>FluffyFoxeh: well I just got a /56 routed, so I'm going to see if that's true about forwarding soon...
20:32<FluffyFoxeh>I don't really understand the logic of routing entire /56s and /64s to single linodes
20:36<kenyon>FluffyFoxeh: indeed IPv6 forwarding still works fine, so that document is wrong
20:36<kenyon>FluffyFoxeh: for using linodes as VPN hosts
20:36<kenyon>which is what I'm doing
20:36<kenyon>so like if I'm at a hotel which lacks IPv6, I can run openvpn on my laptop which connects to my linode's openvpn, and then I have IPv6
20:37<FluffyFoxeh>ah. I do use multiple addresses from my /64 pool so it's not entirely useless
20:37<Peng_>two? :P
20:37<FluffyFoxeh>can't imagine what one would want a /56 for though
20:37<FluffyFoxeh>Peng_: 4 or 5
20:38<FluffyFoxeh>just saying it's nice to have multiple but it probably doesn't need to be that big. but maybe it helps with filters that eat /64s
20:38<FluffyFoxeh>or other such naive systems
20:39<kenyon>for VPN the key is that it has to be routed, which is awesome that linode provides it that way
20:40<FluffyFoxeh>why does the whole thing have to be routed to one place though?
20:40<Peng_>I want to send DNS queries from random IP addresses. >:D But it didn't work, when I tried it.
20:44<kenyon>FluffyFoxeh: because that's how routing works
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20:59<FluffyFoxeh>kenyon: Hm, true. But then I was thinking about the fact that each address in the /116 pools can go to a different Linode. I'm not sure how they do that
21:00<Peng_>They're just separate IPs.
21:01-!-joon [~joon@] has joined #linode
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21:01<Peng_>They just, like, configure it normally, and poke holes in *all* of your nodes' host-side firewalls instead of just one.
21:01<dwfreed>they are in the same /64 as the main IPv6 address, so it's all one LAN
21:01<FluffyFoxeh>the main IPv6 address?
21:02<Peng_>The EUI-64 one
21:02<Peng_>It's the same but repeatedly :D
21:02<FluffyFoxeh>I'm confused
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21:06<dwfreed>FluffyFoxeh: the 4096 contiguous addresses referred to as a /116 are in the same /64 as your ::f03c:91ff:fe<blah> address
21:10<FluffyFoxeh>hmm. I see what you mean
21:14<dwfreed>kenyon: to clarify, Linodes cannot forward IPv4 or IPv6 traffic to other Linodes without some sort of encapsulation
21:14<dwfreed>that has been the case for a long time
21:15<dwfreed>that section is rather confusing
21:18<dwfreed>the hosts have restrictions so that you may only receive traffic destined for addresses assigned to you (and the IPv6 Solicited-node Multicast Addresses associated with the IPv6 addresses assigned to you), and you can only send traffic from addresses assigned to you (and the unspecified address when doing DHCP)
21:32<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • a bugs and a question <>
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23:50<Kevindank>What is the base pho version installed on linked
23:51<Peng_>PHP? Linode?
23:51<Kevindank>Pho version on linode
23:51<Peng_>That's up to your operating system.
23:51<Kevindank>Linux Ubuntu
23:52<Peng_>That's up to Ubuntu.
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