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09:28<vaiaco>Hello, can you tell me the address of your datacenter in Frankfurt
09:29<Peng_>Like, the street? That's not public information.
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09:30<Peng_>If you want an IP address to ping
09:30<vaiaco>I am arunning a business
09:31<vaiaco>and the government requires me to probode the exact address of the server where my site is hosted
09:31<vaiaco>That is why I need the exact addresss
09:36<Peng_>I'd suggest contacting Linode and asking.
09:37<@sjacobs>vaiaco: i think we can help you out if you get a support ticket opened up.
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09:40<Zimsky>what a shit government
09:40<Peng_>Now I'm curious but only slightly
09:40<Zimsky>don't be curious peng
09:40<Zimsky>that's how you end up like me
09:42<Zimsky>with a bit of research you could probably find the address of the dc
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10:26<Demo>"We're excited today to take another step toward that mission with the launch of — the Internet's fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service."
10:31<linbot>Peng_: 2606:4700:4700::1001, 2606:4700:4700::1111,,
10:31<Peng_>IPv6 all the nameservers
10:31<Zimsky>peng is a scam
10:31<Zimsky>er, ipv6 is a scam*
10:32<Zimsky>why would you want to send even more of your data to one company
10:33<Peng_>It's fun~
10:33<Zimsky>it's no different to google dns
10:33<Peng_>It's different in lots of ways
10:33<Zimsky>in that it's just more traffic for them to potentially parse
10:33<Zimsky>please do enlighten me
10:33<Peng_>They use case randomization~
10:33<Demo>doing some testing, the cloudflare dns cannot be seen from any leak test
10:33<Peng_>"leak test"?
10:34<Zimsky>is that like when you fix your bike tyres by pumping them up in the bath?
10:34<Demo>just fails, whereas google is visible.
10:34<Demo>this for example, click extended -
10:35<Peng_>Isn't that just testing if you have an especially shoddy VPN?
10:35<Demo>if you're using a vpn
10:36<Zimsky>just ensure all your internet-bound packets are routed through the vpn
10:37<Zimsky>except if you've set up your lan router or something as your dns server
10:37<Zimsky>s/^/it'll be fine, /
10:37<Demo>yeah exactly, some people choose not to use a vpn
10:38<Demo>the router is configured to googles dns, not my choice though.
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10:38<Peng_>Well, Cloudflare's not magic. If you have a reliable thing for detecting your DNS resolvers' IPs, Cloudflare's resolver certainly uses Cloudflare IPs.
10:39<Zimsky>that's not what their marketing people told me
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10:39<Demo>Yeah it does, not debating that.
10:39<Zimsky>they said it was like being caressed by a wizard's beard
10:40<Zimsky>Peng_: do you have a beard?
10:41<Peng_>I wonder if it's a capitalization thing.
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10:42<Peng_>No, it shouldn't be a capitalization thing.
10:43<Zimsky>if you had a beard you'd know
10:45<Peng_>I don't care about but I wonder why it's not working.
10:48<Zimsky>that would mean you do care
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10:50<softinio>Hey just noticed Linode has block storage now
10:50<softinio>got a few questions about it
10:51<softinio>is this basically analogous to aws S3 or EFS ?
10:51<softinio>How resilient is it? Do I still need to do back ups :-) ?
10:51<Zimsky>you should always be doing backups
10:51<softinio>I am assuming its EFS
10:52<softinio>fair point :-) but like stuff I have on aws s3 I never have
10:53<Peng_>It's like EBS
10:53<Peng_>It's pretty resilient, but you need to do backups
10:53<softinio>got it thanks
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10:54<Peng_>Data's redundantly stored on different devices in the same data center
10:57<softinio>that is great
10:57<Peng_>Well, if the data center burns down...
10:58<Zimsky>unless the halon suppression system fails, that's unlikely
10:58<Zimsky>wait no people use inergen now
10:59<Zimsky>it's really fun being in a datacenter when the suppression system is triggered
11:02<Peng_>Like if it's so loud it damages everyone's ears and breaks the hard drives
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11:07<Zimsky>speaking of ear damage
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11:18<kapdx>hello I have a problem
11:18<smallclone>feel free to ask your question
11:21<kapdx>i am constantly getting this
11:21<kapdx>whoops error
11:21<kapdx>while going to my dashboard
11:21<kapdx>it sucks
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11:35<kapdx>how to add ipv6 on linode
11:36<schwa>every linode has an ipv6 address you can see it in your Remote Access tab
11:36<Zimsky>you send a ticket requesting a range
11:40<kapdx>okay I already did that. how long will linode take to respond to a tickert
11:43<smallclone>probably at least an hour or two, more during peak times
11:44<kapdx>is this a peak time?
11:46<kapdx>btw where can I find my requested tickets?
11:46<smallclone>in the "support" tab of the linode manager
11:48<kapdx>thank you
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12:16<HoopyCat>come to think of it... find me a case where the answer to "do i still need to do backups" is no
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12:24<Peng_>HoopyCat: I put that case in Amazon S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage but something happened to it
12:25<Peng_>HoopyCat: "I'm leaving political office and taking up contempt of court as a hobby. Do I still need to back up my private email server?"
12:25<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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13:01<Woet>Eugene: FAKE. NEWS.
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14:21<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Is Server Running in Paravirtualization Mode? <>
14:39<AlexMax>> • The Backup Service for this Linode is currently undergoing maintenance.
14:39<AlexMax>How long? When will it finish? WIll it interrupt our backups?
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15:22<@sjacobs>AlexMax: the ongoing maintenance takes less than an hour. if the scheduled window for backups was during that time, the daily backup _may_ have failed and another will run tomorrow.
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15:23<@sjacobs>they try to run them at times that will affect the least amount of customers. if there was a failure, it will be logged on the Linode's "Backup" page.
15:44<AlexMax>how often does maintenance happen?
15:53<Peng_>Less often than my washing machine
15:54<Peng_>FWIW, you ought to be able to take a manual snapshot as soon as the maintenance is over, if you don't want to wait until the scheduled time tomorrow
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16:14<Woet>AlexMax: also, if you care about your backups, don't host them on the same provider.
16:15<Peng_>It can be convenient to have a set of provider backups *and* remote backups.
16:16<Woet>AlexMax: also, if you care about your backups, don't host them solely on the same provider.
16:28<Eugene>CRS-14 is going to space today
16:28<Peng_>Eugene: Thanks
16:29<millisa>!point Eugene
16:29<linbot>millisa: Point given to eugene. (55) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 19)
16:30<AlexMax>Woet: I am aware. Good advice.
16:30<Woet>Eugene: Every day they're Launchin'
16:30<Woet>AlexMax: that's 99% of my messages
16:30<Eugene>Nah, they got a ways to go for that. Every week, at best
16:31<Woet>Eugene: Every week they're Launchin'
16:31<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Is Server Running in Paravirtualization Mode? <>
16:31<Eugene>And even then, the first one wasn't until Jan 8th this year.
16:41<Woet>Eugene: stop arguing
16:46<millisa>Getting some slow response time from the manager and from apiv4
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16:48<millisa>(manager finally timed out and threw an nginx 502)
16:52<millisa>lish doesn't appear to be working either. just immediately throws a permission denied (public key)
16:54<millisa>just updated
16:54<Peng_>You know it's bad when the logo doesn't load
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16:55<obs>Is the Linode manager down or is it just my crap connection?
16:55<millisa>they just put a status update on it
16:55<Peng_>It's not just you :(
16:56<obs>Typical I just checked the status page and it wasn't there!
16:56<obs>Ah well
16:56<millisa>it just turned orange on the status page.
16:59<linbot>New news from status: Service Issue -, the Linode Manager, and our API <>
17:06<Eugene>Acid rain in the cloud
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17:07-!-RainbowLin is now known as Rainbow
17:09<Rainbow>hey mcintosh, where the fuck is that FreeBSD support? ;p
17:12<Cromulent>oh I'd like to see FreeBSD support
17:12<Cromulent>that would be fun to play around with
17:13<Woet>> freebsd in $current_year
17:18<Peng_>Maybe they're replacing the manager with FreeBSD~
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17:19<Q3Man>World on fire?
17:19<Peng_>How 'bout yours
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17:27<diveyez>I can access every website, except
17:27-!-pavlushka [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:27<diveyez>Hopefully it is fixed soon.
17:29<softinio>is freebsd on linode going to happen then?
17:29<softinio>I thought the guy who was interested in making it happen at linode left
17:30<@mcintosh>it's still something we're looking to make happen, softinio
17:32<Rainbow>softinio, the *GIRL* who was trying to make that happen left ;p
17:33<Rainbow>like...jesus, over 2 years ago now.
17:33<Woet>i think they need more than half a dozen interested users to make it happen
17:33<Rainbow>But I bitch at mcintosh every once in a while about it :P
17:33<softinio>mcintosh: great
17:33<softinio>Rainbow: I didnt know so thanks for correcting me
17:33<softinio>Rainbow: maybe I will to
17:33<Rainbow>Woet, there's a bunch of folks who want it. And I have the support of a few other Ports committers and src (the OS team) folks who are down to making sure it works.
17:34-!-arby [] has joined #linode
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17:34<softinio>mcintosh: is FreeBSD ready by end of today? :-)
17:34<Rainbow>I wrote a guide a long time ago that needs updating, but it's still valid.
17:34<softinio>I am spinning up a new node this week but planning to go with debian 9
17:35<Woet>Rainbow: i said more than half a dozen
17:35<linbot>New news from blog: Block Storage Now Available in Newark and Dallas <> || New Linode Community Site <> || Announcing Linode Block Storage Volumes <> || An Update to Meltdown: Mitigation Deployed <
17:36<Woet>i still dont know why digitalocean put time into it
17:36<Woet>maybe someone bribed them
17:36<diveyez>You can install any distro you want on your linode
17:37<diveyez>x86/64 of course
17:37<arby>Anyone know where on the spectrum 'tween "rebooting now" & "OMG, there's alumnium slag on the floor" Linode's current down-ness is? Trying to decide on lunch ...
17:37<diveyez>We are go for lunch
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17:38<arby>diveyez: Cocktails? or diet sodas?
17:38<diveyez>Im eating lunch right now
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17:39<Rainbow>oh eat a dick Woet :P
17:40<softinio>I would attempt a custom install on Linode and use FreeBSD my hesitation is I like using Linode backup service
17:41<diveyez>Woet is always trouble
17:41<diveyez>I am using backups for my raw disks
17:42<softinio>Are you saying I can have Freebsd and backup?
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17:43<Eugene>Backups doesn't care what OS you run, only what your filesystems are. FreeBSD's ext support is what it is.
17:44<diveyez>Awesome info on there
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17:45<diveyez>scrane: the labor day weekend dos attacks, I specifically remember linode staff saying it was specific to my linode, now ttruth reveals it was not
17:45<diveyez>40,000 bitcoin huh?
17:46<Peng_>Labor Day?
17:46<diveyez>Read the wiki Peng_
17:46<diveyez>BElieve it was 2016
17:47<diveyez>Yeah it was, my ex business partner blamed me after linodes response and closed the company after that. Nice to know it was not targeted at me.
17:47<Peng_>Oh. Not me.
17:48<softinio>Eugene: last time I looked into this was told thats the reason not to go with FreeBSD on linode but good to know thanks .... so I just choose ext2 for file system and I am good?
17:48<Peng_>That DDoS was an adventure
17:48<softinio>Can I a block storage backed up and be ext2 ?
17:49<diveyez>I am pretty sure your freebsd install will be in raw format
17:49<diveyez>Block storage is ext4 I believe, scrane is that correct?
17:49<Eugene>The Backups service will attempt to snapshot the underlying storage for all Disk Images that are marked as ext type in the Manager. It doesn't care what is on them or how you boot the LInode. It does not work on Block storage devices(sadly)
17:49<Peng_>I thought/assumed block storage was a raw image.
17:50<Peng_>I mean, I assumed it came all zeros and you got to mkfs it.
17:50<diveyez>Peng_: I have something to help you
17:50<diveyez>Grabs blacklists, the two most important, and sets up the rules for them.
17:51<diveyez>Customize before using, or loss of connectivity will happen
17:51<Eugene>I dunno how well FreeBSD will boot off a ext filesystem(not tried it), but if you're OK with not backups-ing your / it should be "fine" to run with all your other stuff in a ext mount
17:51<Peng_>Netfilter doesn't help much if a bazillion Gbps of traffic are aimed at your IP
17:51<diveyez>Just do manual backups
17:51<Eugene>Be inventive. It's freeBSD. I'm sure you can hack it
17:52<softinio>Rainbow: thanks for sharing link may give freebsd a try if I can figure out an effective way to deal with backups
17:52<Peng_>And I hold a grudge against EmergingThreats for their irresponsible list of all Tor relay IPs
17:52<diveyez>Peng_: I have tested modern dos attacks, they are all outbound service exploits. Mostly POST abuse.
17:52<Rainbow>softinio, is good. support for ZFS snapshots
17:53<diveyez>I use tor with that list. Its fine bro.
17:53<Peng_>diveyez: Those DDoS attacks last month were 1.5 Tbps of UDP memcached amplification.
17:53<Peng_>diveyez: You block Tor relays for no reason?
17:53<diveyez>there was dos last month?
17:53<Rainbow>softinio, i dont know if block device snapshots exist yet but that would also work, especially with volumes
17:53*diveyez crawls out from under the rocks
17:53<Q3Man>For about 30 seconds I was sad that the backup service didn't support ZFS, but then... you know.. snapshots
17:53<Rainbow>just use the volume as a disk.
17:54<diveyez>Peng_: that dos didnt even slow me down
17:55<diveyez>I saw some in december but it was GET HTTP abuse
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17:56<diveyez>iptables -A INPUT -p icmp -m state --state NEW --icmp-type 8 -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-net-unreachable
17:56<diveyez>iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 80 -m limit --limit 500/minute --limit-burst 250 -j ACCEPT
17:56<diveyez>iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 443 -m limit --limit 500/minute --limit-burst 250 -j ACCEPT
17:56<Rainbow>diveyez, pf > ip tables ;P
17:57<Eugene>Oh c'mon
17:57<Eugene> is best bin
17:57<softinio>Rainbow: Just so I understand your suggestion correctly ... setup a new linode using your blog and ZFS ... create an extra volume for storing data I want backed up on it using Ext2 .... then I can use this 3rd volume thats using ext2 to use Linode backup service as I would be able to for debian linodes?
17:59<Rainbow>no no no dont use ext2
17:59<Rainbow>oh god
17:59<Q3Man>also, depends on you are using the term "extra volume"
17:59<diveyez>pf is not even half as powerful as proper usgae of iptables
18:00<Q3Man>what I would recommend is to use a linode block storage volume and send your backups to that.
18:00<diveyez>Thats so 1999
18:00<Q3Man>Note that that is not using linode's "backup" system
18:00<Q3Man>but if you are using zfs, linode's backup system won't do a clean restore anyway
18:01<softinio>Q3Man: is that good enough backup 😃 ?
18:01-!-digibee [~oftc-webi@2600:380:4921:d140:cd8d:abfc:bebd:1b00] has joined #linode
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18:01<digibee>good afternoon fellow digits
18:01<Q3Man>depends on what your needs are and what you're trying to protect against
18:02<diveyez>And linode manager is back
18:02<softinio>@Q3Man thats why I considered linode backup not compatible to be used with FreeBSD at all but suggestions are that I can make it work by have a different volume
18:02<Rainbow>diveyez, oh bullshit
18:02<softinio>Rainbow: What did you mean then?
18:02<digibee>@all anyone know if they are able to get to or Management?
18:02<Rainbow>digibee, i logged into manager
18:02<diveyez>B -e-z Peng_ Rainbow Eugene
18:02<Q3Man>yeah, if you have a zfs volume, you probably don't want to use linode's backup at all
18:03<Rainbow>diveyez, pf has proven far more powerful to me, and the syntax is easier to work with. then again, i don't really like Linux (even though I run a distro) so... :P different strokes for different folks.
18:03<Rainbow>As long as you get off, that
18:03<Rainbow>s all that matters!
18:03<Eugene>Your mother is a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries
18:03<Q3Man>you CAN do bsd on ext3/4 and have linode's backup work
18:03<digibee>@rainbow i'm getting server not found for anything other than and sites we host seem to be online.
18:03*HoopyCat peeks in, raises her eyebrow at Rainbow, peeks out
18:03<Rainbow>weird. I logged into Linode Manager just fine a second ago
18:04*diveyez laughs at the lack of DISTROBUTION IMPLEMENTATION OF PF
18:04<Rainbow>diveyez, pf is a BSD thing. Linux folks are too busy jacking it to systemd to pay attention ;p
18:05<Rainbow>no but seriously, different strokes and all that.
18:05<digibee>@rainbow thanks for checking. could be a route thing
18:05<Rainbow>You use what works best for you.
18:05<Rainbow>I use what works best for me.
18:05<Rainbow>That's why FOSS is so great, ya know?
18:05<Rainbow>pissing matches are all fine and dandy but it boils down, at the end of the day, to "DOES THIS DO THE NEEDFUL?"
18:05<softinio>Q3Man: so what I was thinking was to have FreeBSD running on ZFS but create a separate volume using ext3/4 for data that needs to be backedup and use linode backup service to back it up
18:05<Rainbow>and if it does, then its good :D
18:06<Rainbow>softinio, that would work, but I'd reccomend offsite backups tbh
18:06<softinio>but from what u suggested earlier maybe I just need block storage and use that for backups
18:06<diveyez>Its not even maintained and its creators suggested using other tools
18:06<Rainbow>diveyez, eh? OpenBSD still actively develops pf.
18:06<Q3Man>softinio: you can do that, however linode's backup won't be able to "restore" your backup to a fully working server.. just the ext3/4 disk image
18:06<softinio>Rainbow: guess I could have a cron job doing backups and pushing to something offsite like aws s3 as a solution
18:07<Q3Man>and if you have to manually do restore stuff anyway, you're better off (read:cheaper & more flexible) using their block storage
18:07<Rainbow>softinio, yeah, or Backblaze b2
18:07-!-eggstyrone [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
18:07<Q3Man>you can format their block storage volumes as a ZFS pool
18:07<Q3Man>and literally just push snapshots to it
18:07<Rainbow>rsync supports ZFS right off the bat but I use backblaze for my media server since its cheap as fuck.
18:07<diveyez>Your argument is 0 >> /dev/null 2>&1
18:08<Rainbow>diveyez, how so? I mean, if you want to argue for argument's sake, that's fine, but lets stick to facts, shall we? :p
18:08<diveyez>Fact 0 >> /dev/null 2>&1
18:08<Rainbow>I'm a ports maintainer, so I'm involved in FreeBSD. I'm not here as a fangirl though. So, dick measuring contests won't exactly work with me ;)
18:09<Rainbow>I'm happy to debate, it's fun! but, to debate, one needs to stay grounded in rationality.
18:09<diveyez>Stateme = 0 >> /dev/null 2>&1
18:09<diveyez>Dicksize = 0 >> /dev/null 2>&1
18:09<Rainbow>Wouldn't mine be negative since I don't have one?
18:09<Rainbow>can we address a negative integer?
18:10<diveyez>Besides, everyone knows debian is better
18:10<Rainbow>nah, Devuan or bust.
18:10<Rainbow>because who doesn't love an OS that only updates every 5 years and doesn't have automated dependency manglement?
18:10*Rainbow installs slackware on everything
18:10*Rainbow installs slackware on mcintosh
18:11<diveyez>Just because you cant prevent systemd bugs, does not mean the entire world is going to follow you down that path.
18:12<Rainbow>Slacky The Bear says: Only YOU can prevent init fires.
18:14-!-MrControll [] has joined #linode
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18:15<diveyez>I used slackware to build many machines, only to realize I was making life 50-100% more difficult than it needed to be.
18:16<diveyez>Nice joke, why arent we friend?
18:16<softinio>Rainbow: Backblaze is a good solution thanks for that ..... I need to do some Scala (ie will need java) will it work fine on FreeBSD? $10 plan good start?
18:17<Rainbow>diveyez, because I'm never here.
18:17<Rainbow>softinio, i believe so. Java definitely works. Never done anything with scala though
18:17<diveyez>So why are you?
18:18<Rainbow>softinio, :D
18:18<softinio>Rainbow: what do u use or recommend for backing up on FreeBSD to backblaze?
18:18<softinio>Rainbow: thanks for scala link
18:19<softinio>This is exciting will def give FreeBSD a go always want opportunity to get to know it
18:20<diveyez>You get pm's Rainbow
18:22-!-Q3Man [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
18:22<Rainbow>softinio, the b2 client.
18:22<Rainbow>there's a package for it
18:24<softinio>Rainbow: any resource you can point me to help secure my new FreeBSD install similar to this:
18:24<Rainbow>softinio, uh, yeah, there's some in the FreeBSD Handbook
18:25<Rainbow>if you hjave questions lemme know. happy to help.
18:25<softinio>Rainbow: thanks so much .... glad I popped in and we had a chat ... excited to get to know FreeBSD
18:25<Rainbow>for the record, I'm not here all that often, softinio
18:26<Rainbow>but you can always find me on twitter @hacker_horse
18:26<Rainbow>I keep trying to get @hackerhorse but some shitty spambot stole it ages ago and twitter wont nuke their account...
18:28<softinio>Rainbow: Followed you thanks keep in touch
18:28<Rainbow>feel free to DM me any time :)
18:29<Rainbow>same goes for you diveyez
18:31<softinio>Rainbow: will do thanks again
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18:35<Peng_>How important a Twitter employee do you have to be to be able to steal usernames? Hypothetically.
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19:02<millisa>(just got back to a desk - lish appears to be working now, too)
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20:46<Zimsky>oh look hello rainbow
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21:04<abbas>anybody there
21:05-!-abbas is now known as Guest2064
21:05<millisa>lots of people
21:08<MrPPS>yeah quite a few
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22:58<dragon>does linode meter inbound or outbound internet ?
22:59<millisa>outbound counts against the quota.
22:59<millisa>(from the perspective of the linode)
22:59<dragon>i see -- is there a link that you know of that speaks to this?
22:59<millisa>one of the questions down at the bottom mention it
23:00<dragon>well, that doesn't give the internet in/out breakdown as far as what end is metered
23:00<dragon>ok, looking
23:00<dragon>ok, perfect, thank you
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