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00:15<Eugene>!lick zifnab
00:15<linbot>Eugene: Point given to zifnab. (12) (Biggest fan: eugene, total: 9)
00:15<zifnab>!caress eugene
00:15<linbot>zifnab: Point given to eugene. (56)
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00:56<mobman>are waffs or something enabled on hosted websites/servers on your network, which can block attacks?
01:07<@rsyracuse>mobman: A WAF can be configured for your sites, however this is something that would need to be set up by you and your team
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01:13<mobman>i dont think anyone is here.. or they lurk.. not sure.. i asked a question.. waiting on someone to say something
01:13<karko>Is it possible for me to install my own Cpanel on the linode system?
01:13<karko>Oh ok
01:13<grawity>mobman: you got an answer 6 minutes ago, want me to copy/paste it again?
01:13<mobman>sorry my bad someone did reply
01:13<grawity>karko: it is, but you need to obtain your own license
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01:14<karko>What about emails? Since I am moving from a Cpanel based hosting, I want to check if I can use Linode for email as well?
01:14<grawity>uhh, sure
01:16<karko>Is there a knowledgeable article or something that can guide me through email setup on Linode?
01:17<grawity>there should be some at
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02:50<diveyez>Does jhaas work for linode anymore?
02:50<diveyez>I finished an experiment he wanted to see results from
02:51<diveyez>I have a raspberry pi operating the N mode with Alfa adapters as a router. Its awesome.
02:51<dwfreed>he's still on the employees page
02:51<diveyez>I have supplied my neighbors with 140~ mbps wifi for a month now
02:51<diveyez>They are happy campers
02:52<diveyez>A guy living about 200 yards away was using it and he said its faster than his fios
02:52<diveyez>I am using a 1gbps comcast line and hostapd with some other neat custom things
02:53<diveyez>Thanks dwfreed
02:53<diveyez>I am certainly not going to need to work around 50 year old wiring when I am in california, I cannot wait to setup my new office
02:53<diveyez>I am going to give myself 32 cubicles
02:53<diveyez>If that is how the word is spelled
02:54<Peng_>How will you find your coffee mug?
02:54<diveyez>It is permanently attached to my gentialia, no life without coffee mug
02:56<diveyez>No really, it will be three desks, and a server room with a bedroom on the other side of the building
02:56<diveyez>Starting a software company is going to be fun in LA
02:56<diveyez>Everything from this point forward is paid for by the investors.
02:56<diveyez>I am done with DC/Baltimore, not another dime to this place.
02:56<diveyez>I love linode
03:04<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
03:07<zifnab>stats: lineage used 8.7 PB last year
03:07<zifnab>a $500,000 aws s3 bill, or a $44,000 linode bill
03:07<zifnab>roughly 2.3gbit/s for a year
03:08<Peng_>I didn't know vomitbin was so popular
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03:32<@bmartin>How can we help you?
03:33<@bmartin>Morning Woet
03:34<@bmartin>or afternoon/evening
03:34<Woet>The date & time is currently: Tuesday, 3 April 2018 at 09:34:10
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03:42<jiangzhuobiao>I find a ip of loged in my VM, and then I remove my VM and rebuild again, but this IP steal in, please give me help!!
03:42<jiangzhuobiao>still in
03:44<jiangzhuobiao>the webside has problem?
03:44<grawity>isn't that your own IP
03:44<grawity>10:30 --> jiangzhuobiao ( has joined #linode
03:44<@bmartin>That is the IP you logged into IRC from
03:45<jiangzhuobiao>my ip is not this
03:45<@bmartin>It is the IP you logged into IRC from however. How did you log in to IRC?
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03:46<jiangzhuobiao>I use the putty
03:46<grawity>do you use Google GCE, or Google Developer Shell, or anything such
03:47<jiangzhuobiao>my ip is china
03:48<jiangzhuobiao>I use google
03:48<jiangzhuobiao>but I loged out
03:49<nate>either which way the IP you just pasted is literally the same one you just said logged into your VM, so...?
03:49<@bmartin>You are logging into this IRC room with that IP address so it does not appear to be a malicious actor
03:49<@bmartin>jiangzhuobiao ( has joined #linode
03:50<grawity>the address isn't actually
03:50<jiangzhuobiao>sorry, I don't know why show this message
03:51<jiangzhuobiao>oh,I use the vps
03:51<@gjjansen>grawity: Looks to be logging in from a web client now.
03:52<@gjjansen>Which would explain the IP being different at this time.
03:52<@gjjansen>But yeah, looks to be your own vps, jiangzhuobiao
03:52<grawity>gjjansen: well, not that kind of different
03:52<grawity>it shows Moldova because the addresses in GCE rDNS are, well, reversed
03:53<@gjjansen>Yeah. But his whois whos OFTC WebIRC Client.
03:53<jiangzhuobiao>Can you tell me why the putty show "" ,is not ""
03:53<grawity>jiangzhuobiao: that's called "rDNS"
03:54<grawity>running `host` would show that it resolves to the address
03:54<grawity>and running `host` would show that it has reverse-DNS ""
03:55<grawity>your Linode server's rDNS is "", and so on
03:56<jiangzhuobiao>ok ,thanks , I think ....
03:59<Woet>i'm not sure whether you do
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04:03<nate>I don't even
04:04<grawity>tbh it's confusing that rDNS means two kinds of reverse at once
04:04<grawity>but oh well
04:05<nate>Yeah but it's been that way forevar
04:06<nate>I mean it's weird they literally even pasted their actual IP probably from a what-is-my-ip service and they were still confused
04:06<grawity>more likely they pasted the IP which they saw in PuTTY, into a geolookup service
04:09<@bmartin>Woet enough
04:09<Woet>(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
04:09<hawk>I mean, it's a weird choice for a hostname
04:16<Woet>you're a weird choice for a hostname
04:22<Woet>and its not a weird choice
04:22<Woet>thats how you do arpa records
04:22<Woet>so you can do wildcard rdns
04:22<Woet>e.g. 35.194.237.* would be impossible in dns
04:22<Woet>hence *.237.194.35
04:24*rsdehart sets Woet as his rdns
04:25<grawity>why would you do a wildcard rdns
04:26<Woet>because someone with a /16 might not want 64k records in his dns
04:26<Woet>not everyone is anal about fqdns
04:26<Woet>just Zimsky
04:28<Peng_>Like an IPv6 /16?
04:30<grawity>ah yes, like those operators I see in traceroute with "rdns-to-be-filled-in" etc.
04:32<hawk>Woet: It's not a wildcard in this case, though.
04:43<@abrining>bmartin enough
04:43<@gjjansen>I don't get it. Is 'enough' a joke?
04:43<Woet>gjjansen: enough.
04:43<@abrining>gjjansen enough
04:43<@bmartin>gjjansen enough
04:44<grawity>I never get woet is going on in this channel
04:44<Woet>u woet m8
04:44<@gjjansen>ba dum cha
04:50<@abrining>I don't think you get the grawity of our conversation either
04:52<grawity>please provide an abrinindged version
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05:36<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • list of famous psychics <>
05:46<diveyez>Why didnt you send details about the outages?
05:47<diveyez>bmartin: you only sent a status page link lol
05:47<@bmartin>That was my mistake :(
05:47<@bmartin>no coffee
05:47<diveyez>Post it here
05:47<diveyez>I am out of coffee lol
05:47<diveyez>There is always bvitamins and monatomic gold
05:47<diveyez>I just spent 6 hours fixing broken WSL
05:47<diveyez>Microsoft is stupif
05:48<diveyez>Stupid, I am pretty sure they are trying to pass off debian as kali
05:48<diveyez>Necessary for the new job =)
05:48<@bmartin>I'm getting those details now (was out of the loop a bit yesterday)
05:48<diveyez>Im always out of the loop and on the infinite bypass
05:49<@bmartin>I know we typically do a post mortem after the fact that will go on that status page
05:49<@bmartin>seeing if there is any other info I can share now though
05:50<diveyez>No breach of security?
05:52<@bmartin>Does not appear so
05:52<diveyez>Good, april fools
05:53<@bmartin>I'm not seeing much in the way of details on my end but once they've investigated the situation further that post mortem will be telling.
06:01<diveyez>Okay, thanks.
06:01<@bmartin>Thank you
06:02<diveyez>I use a dummy debit card for online stuff anyone
06:02<diveyez>If something happened they toss it to the feds immediately
06:02<diveyez>Somoene tried identity theft last year
06:02<diveyez>Hes in prison now
06:03<nate>Why in the world do people jump to security issues any time things go down these days lol
06:04<nate>doubly so when the past few years has been full of security breaches not only without downtimes but without even being discovered for months if not more passing by o.O
06:09<diveyez>You answered your own question
06:14<nate>diveyez: Clearly you didn't read the question
06:14<diveyez> the past few years has been full of security breaches
06:15<nate>diveyez: Completely unrelated to any form of service downtimes
06:15<diveyez>the past few years have* been full of_
06:15<nate>diveyez: Do you walk into places randomly asking if they're on fire before fully walking in?
06:15<nate>Because that's about how it seems to me lol
06:15<diveyez>you are an idiot
06:15<nate>No, I'm simply not wearing tinfoil on my head and assuming every little error is a breach
06:16<nate>I mean shit one of youtube's content networks were throwing 500 errors yesterday, oh shit google must have had a breach
06:16<nate>I literally can't see any sane reason for thinking like that
06:16<diveyez>You are an idiot
06:16<nate>I mean you're entitled to your opinion, we're all allowed them, much like my opinion is I don't understand people potentially causing drama by mentioning shit like "breach" or "hacked" when there's literally no reason for it lol
06:27<diveyez>This makes the 97th linux install I completed in the last 365 days
06:28<diveyez>Counter rests in 4 weeks
06:28<diveyez>My record is 243 in 1 year
06:36<Woet>diveyez: enough
06:36<diveyez>WOET M8?
06:36<Woet>nate: enough
06:36<diveyez>hater eater
06:37<diveyez>I dont know WOET to do while proc is busy
06:41*diveyez hugs Woet
06:41<nate>Woet: We need to work on your relevant timing :P
06:41<Woet>bmartin: help diveyez is breaching the linode community code of conduct
06:42<diveyez>We need to work on nothing, My behavior is appripriate for my lifestyle
06:46<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • online psychic reading chat <>
06:47<diveyez>Someone is about to get a permaban from the forums
06:49<diveyez>Damnit, it got deleted before I could even comment and insult them
06:49<Woet>bmartin has trigger fingers
06:50<@bmartin>I am the SpamTerminator
06:58<grawity>"online psychic reading chat" so basically every support channel
06:59<diveyez>How did that make it to linbot but my very recent post in linux network didnt
07:01<diveyez>Where should I post the openvpn setup script ? Gen or Networking?
07:01<diveyez>I want to share this so everyone can conquer Mt. OpenVPN
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07:08<diveyez>And suddenly, a random post appears
07:16<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • CPU jumping to 100% from PHP <> || General Discussion • How to Conquer Mountain OpenVPN <>
07:19<diveyez>Coffe tim bmartin
07:24-!-Irssi: #linode: Total of 326 nicks [20 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 306 normal]
07:24<diveyez>coffe grinds low, I made brown water, no blackness for me
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08:41<___>Anal daughters
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08:54<@gjjansen>did someone say coffee???
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09:26<RaviK>Getting errors
09:26<RaviK>Err:3 yakkety/universe amd64 sendmail-bin amd64 8.15.2-4 404 Not Found [IP: 2400:8901:1::8ba2:1ada 80] Err:4 yakkety/universe amd64 sensible-mda amd64 8.15.2-4 404 Not Found [IP: 2400:8901:1::8ba2:1ada 80] Ign:5 yakkety/universe amd64 sendmail all 8.15.2-4 Err:1 yakkety/universe i386 sendmail-base all 8.15.2-4 404 Not
09:26<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
09:26<RaviK>I need to install sendmail
09:27<Karrde>yakkety is no longer supported, and the Linode mirror does not have it. Update your VM or find a different mirror.
09:27<dzho>paste the URL here instead
09:27<RaviK>I need to install sendmail but it seems like paths in /etc/apt/sources.list are not working anymore
09:28<@jackley>RaviK: it looks like you're using Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak), which hasn't been supported since July 2017. You'll need to update to a newer version of Ubuntu
09:28<@jackley>RaviK: this answer has good guidance ->
09:28<RaviK>Do I need to upgrade dist-upgrade , Could I install sendmail without apt-get , don't want to upgrade OS for now
09:29<@jackley>RaviK: if you switch your mirrors to '', you may be able to install sendmail. it'd be wise to get off of 16.10, though
09:30<@jackley>RaviK: if you don't want to go through this every year, deploy an LTS release, like 16.04.
09:34<RaviK> worked for me now, I will surely upgrade OS ASAP. Thanks all
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10:13<Hayk>Hi Everyone. I have a problem with adding a cname record
10:13<Hayk>I have a domain with .aero extension
10:13<Hayk>It dissapears once I add it
10:14<@sjacobs>let me test it out. is the parent record `.aero` or is the cname pointing to a `.aero` domain?
10:15<@sjacobs>which one? both?
10:15<Hayk>the domain itself is with .aero extension
10:16<Hayk>I can't add the cname record, or a TXT record
10:16<Hayk>it Either disapears but adds the record leaving the domain name blank
10:17<@sjacobs>gotcha. gonna test it out.
10:19<Hayk>ogives an error • Record conflict - CNAMES must be unique
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10:20<hawk>Hayk: You can't add a CNAME record to a name that has other records. Ie, a name cannot both be an alias and have records
10:21<@sjacobs>Hayk: i am not having any issues with cname or txt. everything is working as expected.
10:23<Hayk>the record adds normally but leaves the name field blank
10:23<Hayk>TXT records
10:23<Hayk>when I add a .aero domain
10:25<@sjacobs>the name already defaults to your domain.
10:26<@sjacobs>hence it being blank.
10:27<smallclone>Hayk: not sure if you're doing this, but i'll just throw it out there - you can't make CNAME records for a root domain in the DNS manager, only subdomains
10:29<Hayk>I am doing that, one question though
10:29<Hayk>My email service is external
10:29<Hayk>so the cname has 2 fields
10:29<Hayk>Hostname and Alieses to
10:29<Hayk>I add it this way
10:30<Hayk>Hostname: Ali.. to:
10:30<Hayk>is this correct?
10:31<smallclone>yes that appears to be correct
10:32<@sjacobs>is your mail provider one that has documentation available?
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11:03<eagle>does it make sense to add discard to the fstab on a linode?
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12:11<andrew>I have recently assumed maintenance chores for a linode hosted site. The site is built in cake php. I need to change the send to contact form emails. I've found the controler where the email are, and changed them. But they are not being delivered to the email addresses I added.
12:12<andrew>What am I missing?
12:16<millisa>answers you get here would be just guessing. it's not something linode specific
12:17<andrew>I'll take anything.
12:17<andrew>thinking maybe I need to alter an SOA record?
12:17<millisa>uh, are you sure you are changing things in the right place? could the addresses be stored in the db, and the ones on the filesystem ignored?
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12:18<millisa>an soa record is unlikely to be related
12:18<andrew>OOH, that's a good idea. Thanks.
12:20<millisa>your httpd and maillogs would be the next thing to look at
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12:26<andrew>where might I find those log files?
12:26<millisa>usually /var/log; but it depends on your distribution and how the system was setup
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14:03<Ron_>I need a copy of the SOC 2 report.
14:04<millisa>put in a ticket and they'll supply whatever ones are valid
14:04<smallclone>Ron_: open a ticket and specify which data center
14:07<Ron_>Thank you
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14:10<hgelacio>Hi, What are the limits for use in Linode?
14:11<millisa>(if that is what you are asking about)
14:16<hgelacio>not at all
14:17<hgelacio>i hava a service that received the information of many GPS in cars
14:19<hgelacio>i want to know, if do you have the capacity to receive the traffic in a VPS without suspend de service
14:19<hgelacio>What is the limit of conection per second?
14:20<hgelacio>What service can you offer me to that?
14:20-!-nrh1703 [] has joined #linode
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14:21<synfinatic>depends on how well tuned your software is. it's a linux box. there's no arbitrary limit that linode is enforcing
14:21<millisa>linode doesn't artificially limit that sort of thing beyond the throughput limits on the specific node sizes
14:24<hgelacio>It's a linux box
14:25<synfinatic>linux virtual machine technically, but your code won't care
14:26<hgelacio>The Connections to the server are made for each data sent by the GPS of 400 vehicles
14:26<hgelacio>4 connection per minute per vehicule
14:27<smallclone>that is not especially high load, but again: it's going to depend on your application. there are no connection limits enforced on Linode's end
14:27<hgelacio>It's posible that your aply that connection like a attack or DoS and suspended the service
14:28<hgelacio>that is my problem in other hosting
14:28<smallclone>if the rate of traffic is impacting others on your Linode's host machine, action will be taken
14:28<smallclone>otherwise it shouldn't be an issue.
14:28<hgelacio>I want to know if Linode support my need
14:29<smallclone>it's a VPS company. if you need a Linux VPS then yes, it supports your need
14:30<millisa>and if you designed your app to do it - you could always make use of a node balancer to spread the load; they have a 10 thousand concurrent connection limit.
14:34<hgelacio>Ok, thanks so much
14:43-!-hgelacio [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:44<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Linode Maintenance <>
14:51<millisa>meltdown 2 the electric linodaloo
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15:25<Ikaros>Seems Intel updated their microcode guidance document too, and from it seems they've finally put a stop sign in place.
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15:35<Met-group>hey everyone, I'm sebastian from colombia and want to get server service for vehicle monitoring system
15:36<smallclone>Met-group: ok, do you have any specific questions?
15:39<Met-group>yeah we need a server interaction with different kind of AVL (automatic vehicle location). Each avl can do 22 petitions to server per second. We estimated around 300 AVL for system test.
15:39<Met-group>other server provider detects DDos attack for that conections
15:40<smallclone>if it does not impact service for other users on your Linode's host machine, you should be ok
15:40<smallclone>if it does, you will be null routed
15:40<dwfreed>and it probably won't, based on that scale
15:41*millisa finds it suspicious how similar the last two question sets are...
15:41<smallclone>yeah this is weird and will probably end badly
15:41<Met-group>what about 2000 AVL devices? is the main target we need for first deploy.
15:42<millisa>what about 2 million? too much of what you are asking depends on your app
15:42<smallclone>yeah this is not an AVL software community chat
15:42<dwfreed>millisa: same ISP
15:42<Met-group>2K AVL devices sending 22 messages per minute
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15:44<Met-group>thanks guys, see you!
15:44-!-Met-group [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
15:45<smallclone>that's gonna be one weird abuse ticket
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16:37<nitesh>need to know dose this server include whm and cpnel
16:37<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
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