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00:28<stvn>is there any linode staff that I can talk to?
00:31<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
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00:37<linbot>stvn: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
00:38<user301>how much is 200gig of disk space ?
00:38<user301>doen't tell me how much disk space is
00:38<dwfreed>because generally speaking, if you need more disk space, you have to go to a larger plan
00:39<dwfreed>unless you're using Block Storage, but that's only available in 3 datacenters right now
00:39<dwfreed>(Fremont, Dallas, and Newark)
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00:40<user301> found the cost
00:40<user301>I am ok with block storage
00:40<dwfreed>note that that isn't local to the Linode, and isn't covered by the Linode Backup Service
00:43<user301>I am sure the NAS has some bad ass built in redundancy
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00:47<dwfreed>it does, but you can still lose data due to unforeseen issues, and redundancy is not backups
00:48<dwfreed>they serve mostly orthogonal purposes
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02:19*cheapie facepaws
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02:19<bsoft>How many days will Linode take to deactivate an account if there is no payment made after an invoice is raised
02:20<dwfreed>back in my day, Linodes were suspended for non-payment after 10 days
02:20<dwfreed>I do believe that timeline has changed, though
02:21<millisa>Don't think I've run across and 'official' number in their docs.
02:21<millisa>er 'an official'...
02:22<dwfreed>probably don't want to advertise how long you can get away with not paying your bill
02:22<dwfreed>but if someone asked, we always told them
02:23<bsoft>I have a problem with my card...Will be rectified in a week's already four day safter the due date..just wanted to be awae fo the policies
02:23<millisa>You should probably contact them about it then
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02:25<Ikaros>Yeah I've been able to do that before, like the one time where my bank suddenly decides that "as a security precaution" to deactivate my old card and automatically send me a replacement...right at the end of the month. I suddenly had no way to pay at all.
02:27<millisa>I had pretty good luck with BoA recently. Someone lifted my card a couple weeks ago; had it deactivated and the online fraud stuff said it'd take about a week. I called them and requested an expedite and they said 'sure'. Overnighted.
02:28<Ikaros>Generally they've only had to do it once and usually I got it two days down the line, but I still felt the need to let all my hosting companies know.
02:31<millisa>The actual fraud activities were just odd too. They hit 3 gas station/convenience stores along the same highway heading out of town (heading towards Houston). The first one was ~70 bucks. The next one was ~$4.31, then they had another 70.
02:31<millisa>The one in the middle . . .did they just decide "lets just get a hot dog and slurpie this time"?
02:33<dwfreed>millisa: I thought I lost my Discover card (it was in the left back pocket I *never* put anything in), so I called them and had a new card within a day or two, no charge
02:33<dwfreed>after I called them, I found the old card
02:36<Ikaros>Better safe than sorry.
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03:32<Peng_>!mtr-dallas -4b
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03:32<linbot>Peng_: [mtr-dallas] 12.|-- 0.0% 3 210.6 210.5 210.4 210.6 0.0 -- 13.|-- ( 0.0% 3 210.9 210.7 210.6 210.9 0.0 -- see for full mtr
03:32<Peng_>Internet what are you doing
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03:50<dwfreed>Peng_: you don't want your to come from Myanmar?
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08:22<JamesTK>Zimsky has germs
08:23<Zimsky>yes the germans are great
08:23<JamesTK>did they invent aws?
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08:30<Zimsky>probably not, because aws sucks
08:33<dzho>seems to be working out for AMZN ok
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08:40<Zimsky>that has little correlation with how much a thing sucks
08:42<@bmartin>For example the transformers movies
08:42<dzho>something something how bad something which way the suck flows
08:43<dzho>I was trying to work "in the eye of" into that but decided this was not at all what I was going for
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10:20<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
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10:38<Guest2173>Hi. Can Linode sign a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) for HIPPA compliance?
10:38<smallclone>Guest2173: yes, but you will need to open a ticket requesting that
10:39<Guest2173>That's fantastic! Are aware if I need one for each Linode or does one for the account suffice?
10:40<smallclone>they aren't typically used on a per-Linode basis, you probably just need one for your business / account
10:41<smallclone>their HIPAA thing basically states that you are responsible for compliance as it relates to how your configure your Linodes, etc
10:41<smallclone>so however many you have shouldn't matter
10:42<Guest2173>Thank you! I'll open a ticket on the site.
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10:56<Guest2176>is that vps support windows system?
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10:58<Zimsky>sort of
10:58<Zimsky>it's technically possible, but it isn't supported, in that linodes aren't designed to run windows
10:58<Zimsky>can you not do what you're trying to do on linux?
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11:00<Guest2176>just asking for my friend, I have no idea what he want to do.
11:00<Guest2176>thanks buddy
11:00<Zimsky>nae wuz cuz
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11:09<Zimsky>tbh if I had to ask about windows i'd also be saying "asking for a friend"
11:09<Woet>how do I get rid of 80 dead bodies without leaving any evidence
11:09<Woet>asking for a friend
11:11<Zimsky>fly malaysian airlines
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11:17<mostafa_nassar>Linode Managed service , i asking for
11:20<mostafa_nassar>do you support odoo
11:31<smallclone>mostafa_nassar: managed services doesn't really set up anything for you
11:32<smallclone>it is not actually "managed" in the sense that they don't manage anything
11:33<smallclone>if you are looking for something similar to what every other hosting provider ever calls "managed", linode does not offer that
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13:46<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
13:47<tom>Forgot username
13:47<@sjacobs>there is a link for that. "Forgot username"
13:47<@sjacobs>what he said.
13:47<tom>I don't get the mail
13:48<@sjacobs>as well as what you just told us here.
13:49<tom>OK Thanks
13:50<smallclone>do not put your personal information in this public irc channel
13:50<smallclone>also, they only need the *last* 6
13:50<smallclone>so what you provided wouldn't even work
13:51<smallclone> not put the last 6 digits in this channel.
13:51<smallclone>they will get to it
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14:19<Elias>can i ask some questions regarding lindo servers?
14:19<Elias>or what ?
14:19<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
14:20<Elias>this is kind of support for lindo servers?
14:20<millisa>It's a community chat where we like talking about linodes.
14:20<Elias>Linode 1GB, the price come with cpanel ?
14:21<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
14:21<Elias>i suppose to install cpanel ?
14:21<millisa>Unless you get it with managed. a 1gb system is very light for cpanel though
14:22<smallclone>Linode does not provide it, you can install it if you want, you will need to bring your own license
14:22<Elias>aa got it
14:22<Elias>so lindo provide only the server?
14:22<smallclone>they just provide a linux server
14:23<Elias>thank you
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14:47<jennis>Hello guys
14:48<jennis>Is there a looking glass for Linode
14:48<dwfreed>not at the moment, but I've heard rumors that one might be planned
14:48<dwfreed>there is a speedtest, though
14:48<dwfreed>you can also mtr/traceroute to those servers
14:50<jennis>Thank you
14:51<jennis>Is there a ping test as well to other servers?
14:56<smallclone>you can ping them too if you want
14:58<jennis>Okay thanks
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15:26<@sjacobs>don't scare me like that linbot.
15:26<dwfreed>something weird happened
15:26<dwfreed>in Dallas, I mean
15:27<dwfreed>continuous-running mtr was happy, but I got disconnected from a Linode there (the same Linode Kamilion connects to IRC from, and he got disconnected too)
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15:39*Woet spooks sjacobs
15:40*sjacobs hides
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16:28<zifnab>!carress Eugene
16:28<zifnab>Blah can't spell.
16:28<Woet>Eugene is busy linodin' today
16:28<@mcintosh>zifnab: there's a typo on the about page for
16:28<@mcintosh>i wanted to PR but i think the about page isn't in the repo ;P
16:29<zifnab>It isn't. It's a paste!
16:29<@mcintosh>...that's pretty clever heh
16:29<zifnab>Yeah. It was easier.
16:29<zifnab>What's the typo?
16:29<@mcintosh>> if you lose the URL and aren't logged in, its gone for good.
16:29<@mcintosh>it's gone for good
16:30<zifnab>Also it speaks of encryption
16:30<zifnab>Which I never implemented
16:30<zifnab>I'll fix it at some point, stuck on a phone ATM
16:30<Woet>its also coded in python
16:30<zifnab>"work conference"
16:30<Woet>too bad
16:31<zifnab>I may sneak out the back door and go find a coffee shop
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17:09<zifnab>Time to sneak out the back door and find coffee.
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23:11<dzho>!to saqib ask
23:11<linbot>saqib: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
23:12<saqib>can I use linode for windows server??
23:12<dzho>but since it's pretty late at night EDT you might need to wait a while
23:12<dzho>saqib: rumor has it that you can, and there are documents around somewhere, but it's not really supported or recommended
23:21<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
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