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03:52<Woet>who deleted my horoscope
03:52<Woet>i paid good money for it
03:52<@scrane>'tis I!
03:55<@gjjansen>he cancelled your account
03:55<Woet>scrane: refund pls
03:57<Peng_>No worries the refund system is as trustworthy as your horoscope.
03:57<Woet>it probably said "a friend is going to betray you financially"
03:57<Woet>but i will never know now
04:35<diveyez>Cant actually laugh, a lung collapsed on me yesterday afternoon
04:37<diveyez>Soup and Tea time. Cant wait to be out of the cold environment and on the beach.
04:41<Woet>diveyez: have you had enough of the cold weather?
04:57<Zimsky>whose lung was it?
05:00<diveyez>My left lung
05:01<@scrane>Did you try propping the lung up with q-tips?
05:01<diveyez>Allergies and the Cold triggered a bad reaction, I didnt know it was collapsed until I went to see doctor
05:01*diveyez fires scrane
05:01<@gjjansen>Yikes. I'm sure it was painful though.
05:01<diveyez>Yeah, felt like a knife in my ribs and back
05:01<@gjjansen>Hopefully all is getting taken care of and will be well, diveyez.
05:02<diveyez>I been asthematc my whole life, nothing new
05:02<diveyez>I am okay. Soup and movie and no more coding tonight.
05:02<@gjjansen>Sounds relaxing.
05:02<diveyez>Snow tomorrow, so I have to stay inside and warm with my linodes
05:08<diveyez>I will say this though, I tried 9 hosting companies in 2017, linode was the only one that didnt have downtime
05:08<diveyez>Customer Loyalty Rewards?
05:09<@gjjansen>scrane was our community guy but I think you fired him... :(
05:10<@gjjansen>but i think we do pretty well. my own stuff hasn't fallen over too often.
05:13<Demo>pretty well is probably an understatement
05:14<Demo>I quit my job on Wednesday, boss started shouting and being toxic, throw him the keys.
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07:22<Indiafin>I have an issue that mariadb is not restart
07:22<@scrane>What is the error message you are getting?
07:22<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
07:22<Indiafin>Cannot restart the mariadb
07:23<Indiafin>I have upgraded the memory space from 4gb to 8gb but on vesta it is not affected
07:24<Indiafin>On vesta panel ithat is showing older space
07:24<@scrane>But does it provide you with a specific error message?
07:24<Indiafin>Now i am unable to login in vesta panel also
07:25<@scrane>Can you log into the LInode via SSH?
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07:26<Indiafin>in mariadb.log file i have seen...
07:26<Indiafin>We will try our best to scrape up some info that will hopefully help diagnose the problem, but since we have already crashed, something is definitely wrong and this may fail. Server version: 5.5.52-MariaDB key_buffer_size=16777216 read_buffer_size=262144 max_used_connections=0 max_threads=202 thread_count=0 It is possible that mysqld could use up to key_buffer_size + (read_buffer_size + sort_buffer_size)*max_threads = 175106 K bytes of memory Hope tha
07:27<Indiafin>this type of messages
07:27<@scrane>Alright, logged into SSH can you run the following command and let us know how much disk space is being used: df -h
07:27<Indiafin>disk space use 100%
07:28<@scrane>That's from the df -h command? In that case you will want to increase the LInode's' disk size or delete files on the Linode.
07:28<Indiafin>Sir i have upgraded the linode to Linode 8192
07:28<@scrane>But did you increase the disk size after?
07:28<Indiafin>but it is not reflacted
07:29<@scrane>Increasing the Linode's plan don't automatically change the disk size. You have to do that manually.
07:29<Indiafin>How can i increase the disk size
07:29<@scrane>You will want to follow this guide:
07:37<Indiafin>I have done the need full
07:38<Indiafin>now cpanel of vesta is open
07:38<Indiafin>but Maria db is still not restart or start
07:47<Woet>Indiafin: what is your question?
07:47<Indiafin>MariaDb not restart
07:47<Indiafin>The manual page at contains information that should help you find out what is causing the crash. 180407 11:35:29 mysqld_safe mysqld from pid file /var/run/mariadb/ ended
07:47<Indiafin>Log Conetent
07:47<Woet>Indiafin: do you have disk space yet?
07:48<Indiafin>76% space availible
07:49<Woet>Indiafin: use to share the output of df -h and the command restarting mariadb.
07:52<Zimsky>I thought you need a github account to use gist
07:52<Woet>i dont talk to people who dont have a github account
07:52<Zimsky>well I'm gonna get my github account deleted pronto then
07:53<Woet>bhanks: help Zimsky is being mean again
08:01<Indiafin>Job for mariadb.service failed because the control process exited with error code.
08:10<@scrane>Does it tell you to run any commands for more details?
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11:45<Schroeder>so much for Tiger Woods roaring back at the Masters
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12:42<Cromulent>so just a random question - what shell do you guys all use? bash or something else?
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12:52<dwfreed>Cromulent: bash
12:53<dwfreed>Schroeder: we're not going to repeat what happened the last time you got banned from here; stop posting random completely off-topic things in #linode
12:53<dwfreed>(Why do I remember that? Because I'm the one that did it)
12:58<Cromulent>just switched my manjaro install to zsh to try it out
12:59<Cromulent>only problem I have so far is it only has a vi mode and not a vim mode and last time I tried vi it had some subtle differences
13:00<dwfreed>usually when people say vi they really mean vim
13:00<dwfreed>unless they're talking about busybox
13:00<Cromulent>doesn't calling vim as vi enable compatibility mode? I seem to recall it did
13:00<grawity>dwfreed: or unless they're running arch
13:00<grawity>dwfreed: which ships ex-vi as /usr/bin/vi
13:01<Cromulent>well this manjaro which is an Arch derivative
13:01<Cromulent>this is*
13:01<grawity>but anyway, that doesn't matter
13:01<grawity>most of the subtle differences only apply to actual vi/vim, and not to "vi mode" in other CLI apps
13:02<grawity>usually their "vi mode" is a best-effort cosplay in any case
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13:47<zifnab>dwfreed: i thought this channel *was* off topic
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14:17<@gjjansen>whoopsies. don't leave weechat up lol
14:20<dwfreed>gjjansen: need focus follows eyes support
14:21<dwfreed>(which can be disabled when you're intentionally focusing on something other than your target window)
14:22<Zimsky>doesn't work for the boss-eyed though
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14:39<zifnab>does anyone happen to know how far linode's frankfurt DC is from hetzner
14:39<Zimsky>at least 3
14:40<Zimsky>hetzner is falkenstein
14:40<zifnab>so pratically next door
14:42<Zimsky>they do also have a nürn dc
14:42<zifnab>hopefully this ES index won't be too l arge for a few 2gbs
14:42<Zimsky>nuremberg I should say
14:44<zifnab>FSN1-DC5 would be falkenstein
14:44<zifnab>should be fine
14:47<Zimsky>oh although zifnab
14:47<Zimsky>I should mention there's more than one falkenstein
14:48<zifnab>of course there is :P
14:48<Zimsky>I'm pretty sure hetzner's FSN datacenter is in the falkenstein next to czechia
14:49<zifnab>it is.
14:49<zifnab>...hetzner vms it is.
14:49<zifnab>fucking latency issues
14:50<zifnab>it's *only* 60ms, elasticsearch is not happy with that.
14:50<Zimsky>so yeah it's not right next door to FF
14:50<Zimsky>more like 200km away
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15:11<Woet>Schroeder: don't worry about dwfreed, the rules regarding off-topic chats are a lot more lenient since he left/got fired
15:12<Woet>pretty much all the ops engage in it
15:12<dwfreed>Woet: I was not fired
15:12<Woet>dwfreed: alright, then the former. i wasn't sure
15:13<Demo>anyone know of a way of blocking access to but not for example?/
15:13<Woet>Demo: using a linode..?
15:13<Demo>Yeah, have all my network running through my Linode
15:14<dwfreed>Demo: not feasible, because requires HTTPS, and browsers like Chrome ensure that the certificate is the real one
15:14<Woet>dwfreed: depends if it's a proxy or not
15:14<Demo>Yeah exactly what I thought
15:14<Demo>Bassically setup is VPN > pihole > internets
15:15<Woet>thats pretty difficult
15:15<Woet>would be easier if you used a proxy
15:19<Zimsky>well as part of https, the actual path is in the encrypted bit
15:20<Demo>I guess it near impossible to block certain sections of websites, a proxy would take a long time to configure.
15:21<Zimsky>fortunately, site blocking for specific pages of sites is a lot harder now
15:21<Zimsky>unfortunately, some like to just go and block the entire site
15:22<Demo>For sure
15:22<Zimsky>so what's the purpose here
15:24<Demo>advertisements, and restrictions on network
15:25<Zimsky>dns blacklists are usually just the way, which I assume is what you've got pihole running for
15:26<Zimsky>I'm pretty sure I met one of the pi hole devs when I was at Google
15:26<Demo>yeah, it's a cool project.
15:26<Zimsky>he was doing an after-work presentation on it, which I thought was really ironic
15:27<tafa2>oh damn....
15:27<tafa2>my NAS appliance is conking out left right and center because TLSv1 is basically peta
15:27<tafa2>but NETGEAR didn't update openssl for it...
15:27<Demo>Oh not NETGEAR.
15:27<Demo>My home router is Netgear.
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18:20<Demo>hey msqaddura
18:20<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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18:49<Ikaros>^ ...that seems...silly.
18:49<Ikaros>The way I see it, you either run the entire site with SSL or you don't. There is no in-between for "some files".
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19:04<Peng_>I do it. Sometimes there's not a huge value in redirecting certain things to HTTPS.
19:04<Peng_>For me, Let's Encrypt validation challenges, and URLs that redirect to other HTTP things.
19:04<Peng_>Though, for the latter, redirecting to HTTPS would benefit by establishing HSTS.
19:05<Ikaros>^ indeed.
19:05<Ikaros>Though if you did that would it not also cause an issue with content you wanted to host on plain HTTP?
19:05<Demo>Using a subdomain is better practise?
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19:32<nyancat>Is it possible to enable the tun module on a linode running the stock kernel?
19:32<nyancat>er, not stock kernel, the linode kernel
19:35<Peng_>Is it not built in?
19:36<nyancat>Peng_: i guess, but i'm an idiot, trying to run openvpn without sudo access
19:57<nyancat>Peng_: ask another stupid question? Do you know if the Clone function is a like copy of the vm and its contents or are there things it wont copy
19:57<nyancat>i.e. packages installed
19:58<Peng_>It copies the disks bit-for-bit
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20:23<nyancat>Peng_: alright, thanks, looks like it does what i need it to
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