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00:25<acald3ron>how can i used the ipv6 public pool ?
00:26<@scrane>Were you granted an additional pool for your Linode? If so, I'd recommend taking a look at the Static Networking guide here:
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00:50<Peng_>fyi !dns6 now runs on two Linodes. :D
00:50<Peng_>In case you want to use !dns6 when Atlanta is down
00:50<Peng_>Now you can!
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03:17<Woet>Peng_: what if I wanna use it if Linode goes bankrupt?
03:18<Woet>wheres the multi-provider redundancy? where's my 99.9999% SLA?
03:28<Peng_>What if my other provider is down
03:28<Woet>hence multi
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03:33<trippeh>what if trump starts a nuclear war
03:33<@scrane>Then you'll want to migrate your Linodes to London, probably.
03:35<Peng_>plz open Linode Moscow
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06:33<Zimsky>the ideal location would be Valetta, really
06:33<Zimsky>statistically has the least chance of natural disaster, is more or less politically neutral, nice privacy laws, and everyone forgets they exist
06:34<Zimsky>malta that is
06:35<Peng_>And they have cute cats
06:36<Peng_>It's been 6 months since they assassinated an investigative journalist
06:39<Zimsky>well then you can host your anti-maltese-government site in Nicaragua
06:44<FluffyFoxeh>it's fuckin early
06:45<FluffyFoxeh>wait where are you again
06:45<Peng_>It's 06:45 local.
06:45<FluffyFoxeh>I haven't slept yet :p
06:45<@scrane>wote: Please excuse me while I go ahead and register that domain...
06:46<Woet>ok acners
06:46<Zimsky>scrane do you like things that go left
06:47<Zimsky>you know, because you're S-crane
06:57<diveyez>Morning all
06:57<diveyez>Lungs are okay
06:57<diveyez>Allergic reaction to something
06:57<diveyez>Blood tests came back 100% disease virus, and fungal free
06:58<Woet>did someone actually want to know that
06:59<Zimsky>I find it interesting, but I didn't /want/ to know it
06:59<Zimsky>diveyez: why is your blood 100% virus?
06:59<diveyez>Idk, but we know you are a narcissist so, piss of m8, you woet m8?
06:59<Zimsky>that sounds bad
07:00<Zimsky>you need a comma in there
07:00<@scrane>Two commas
07:00<@scrane>Because the oxford comma is important.
07:01<@scrane>Oh no wait... one comma. Ignore me.
07:01<Zimsky>already has an oxford comma
07:01<Zimsky>but oxford's spelling standards annoy me
07:01<Zimsky>they want to americani*z*e everything
07:02<Woet>* scrane!*@* added to the ignore list.
07:02<diveyez>you WOET m8?
07:02<Zimsky>yes you said that
07:03<diveyez>That website is dope
07:04<Zimsky>yes, woet is an actual web dev, that's why
07:06<diveyez>I have shiny new things syndrome
07:06<diveyez>I think I broke windows 10 10 times the last 10 minutes
07:06<Woet>> Windows in $current_year
07:06<diveyez>Debian was easy to break tbh
07:06<Zimsky>how do you break something that is already broken?
07:07*Woet breaks Zimsky's confidence
07:08<Zimsky>which one?
07:09<Zimsky>I'm confident in say, suturing, but not confident that you would be any good at assembling steamships
07:11<Zimsky>unless you are actually a shipwright, in which case, I would only be confident after having seen your boat outside of a dry dock
07:11<diveyez>Its okay, I love you
07:12<Zimsky>that's nice, but the sentiment isn't reciprocated
07:18*Woet calls the nearby burn center
07:35<diveyez>I need to buy a server for the office, anyone got suggestions?
07:36<@scrane>Hmm, not sure. I'd want a server who fully understands the menu and what they are serving.
07:36<diveyez>Was lookin at anstle
07:37<diveyez>Ill probably end up building one by the look of things
07:37<Zimsky>!point scrane
07:37<linbot>Zimsky: Point given to scrane. (9)
07:38<Zimsky>it sucks when the server doesn't know if the kale is non-GMO and whether it was grown in the vicinity of healing rocks
07:39<diveyez>I checked dell and their servers are weak
07:39<diveyez>My raspberry pi is probably more stable than those things
07:39<diveyez>Thanks for being smart asses
07:40<@scrane>HAha you're welcome.
07:40<Woet>haHAA *
07:45<@scrane>So sadly, I don't know too much about buying the server hardware. Wish I could give you suggestions, diveyez
07:45<Zimsky>something something supermicro
07:46<Zimsky>it entirely depends on your requirements
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08:03<Woet>scrane: can you suggest me on what to order at chili's?
08:06<Peng_>Leave and go to Friday's
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08:27<FluffyFoxeh>what's hardware
08:38<Zimsky>ware that's hard
08:42<FluffyFoxeh>Peng_: do you sleep?
08:59<FluffyFoxeh>melted ice tastes bad
09:00<Zimsky>maybe you should filter your water
09:01<FluffyFoxeh>think it's from sitting in the freezer for a while
09:04<Zimsky>do you clean your freezer/ice box?
09:04<FluffyFoxeh>my mum does
09:05<Zimsky>and have you witnessed her doing this?
09:26<Woet>do you have photographic evidence?
09:33<Woet>so it never happened
09:38<dzho>so, to sum up: Woet would like pix of your mum
09:38<Zimsky>that is not at all what was said, dzho
09:41<dzho>Zimsky: I appreciate your hermeneutic efforts here, but don't hurt yourself.
09:41<Zimsky>I only hurt myself when I have to read things you say
09:42<dzho>pity there are no tools to protect you from the onslaught
09:42<Zimsky>true shame
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10:17<poky>Hi. I am trying to upload some files via FileZilla and it is not letting me to. The folder is set as runcloud:runcloud, and I am logged in as 'user1'. I ran this command on SHELL - "sudo usermod -a -G runcloud user". Still I cant upload files. Is there anything more to do?
10:18<poky>*Correction "sudo usermod -a -G runcloud user1"
10:22<Zimsky>when you say you can't upload the files, what's telling you you can't upload them?
10:22<Zimsky>e.g. errors, notices, warnings, messages, etc
10:23<poky>Permisison denied
10:23<poky>"open for write: permission denied"
10:23<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • linode/instances documentation <>
10:24<Zimsky>does the group have the correct write permissions, including parent directories?
10:26<poky>Should be. It is created by
10:29<Zimsky>'should' is not always equal to 'is'
10:29<Zimsky>did you verify that?
10:32<Zimsky>also did you log in via ftp again after changing the group permission?
10:32<Zimsky>sometimes unix auth stuff doesn't always work like one might think it should
10:33<Zimsky>by "ftp", I mean with whatever thing you're using, which I assume to be sftp
10:35<poky>Well I will be back
10:35<poky>need to rush. I re-logged in, it didnt work.
10:35<poky>thanks anyways
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11:47<dwfreed>the folder may have the group runcloud, but if it doesn't have group write access, you still can't write to it
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14:50<NeedSomeHelp>Just registered a domain name with NameCheap and purchased a Linode 1024 instance, how do I use my new domain name with my new Linode instance?
14:51<Woet>NeedSomeHelp: update the DNS at Namecheap if you use their nameservers
14:51<Woet>NeedSomeHelp: or change the nameservers to Linode and manage the DNS through the Linode panel
14:52<NeedSomeHelp>Not using NameCheap NS
14:53<NeedSomeHelp>Where do I find the Linode NS info for NameCheap?
14:54<Woet>where did you check so far?
14:54<Woet>using an unmanaged VPS requires a bit of effort from your side too
14:56<NeedSomeHelp>Just started looking through the web dashboard and installed the Linode Android app, have not really explored either that much yet honesty
14:56<Woet>google is always a good place
14:56<Woet>"linode nameservers"
14:56<Woet>and all the docs in general
14:57<Woet>sjacobs: you gotta teach a man how to fish
14:57<@sjacobs>you can use namecheap's nameservers. or use Linode's. choice is up to you.
14:58<NeedSomeHelp>Great, off to do some research, thanks for pointing me in the right direction
14:58*Woet buys sjacobs a fish
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15:00<@sjacobs>Woet: thank you for the fish.
15:01<Woet>sjacobs: so long
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19:40<bryce>Hi! Just wondering.. Is it possible to connect from a Linode in Newark to a Linode in Dallas over the private network?
19:40<Peng_>The private network is currently local only
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20:57<Peng_>h.. ...
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