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00:11<madman587587>To clone a linode to another linode, It still retains fully qualified domain name?
00:13<Zimsky>the uh, domain name doesn't really have anything to do with the server
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00:13<Zimsky>it'll retain the hostname you set in /etc/hostname or wherever, but that's local to the server
00:14<net>are u the owner of linode
00:15<Zimsky>as amusing as that would be, no
00:15<net>have u brought one and dose it allow ddos
00:15<Zimsky>I might have, but I'm pretty sure linode doesn't allow you to ddos things
00:15<Zimsky>I could be wrong though
00:16<Zimsky>if you're asking about whether they can handle being ddosed, they don't
00:16<Zimsky>they just nullroute the ip of your server
00:17<madman587587>go find a dodgy torrent/seedbox server that you can ddos
00:18<nate>lol asking in a public IRC channel about allowing DDoS
00:18<nate>that's how you end up on lists
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00:18<Zimsky>yes it's a terrible crime
00:18<net>whats soo bad about asking if they alow ddos kid
00:19<madman587587>I think they are smart enough to get a notification that the server is been used for ddos attach and shut your service down, basically just read the TOS.
00:19<Zimsky>you should see the amount of government expenditure for tracking ddosers
00:19<Zimsky>it's bigger than the american military budget!
00:20<net>lmaooo iv been ddosing since 3 years now and im still here
00:20<Zimsky>aw slick bro
00:21<net>i have been
00:22<net>i have my own irc net and also telnet bud so how can i be lieing when iv been ddosing over 3 years hmmmm?
00:23<madman587587>military budget is 598mill. total usa budget 1.11 trill
00:23<net>idc about the gay ass military
00:23<madman587587>can you get past cloudflare
00:25<Zimsky>only if you disable tree caches
00:25<nate>lol, "kid"
00:25<Zimsky>otherwise you hit memory errors
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00:28<net>so madman kid
00:30<nate>So? I think a better so would be, so how about you finish elementary school so you don't type like a infirm 8 year old dropout, then people might be more inclined to believe you when you try to make silly claims, -maybe- :P
00:31<nate>(also +1 on thinking running your own IRC network is somehow something to be proud of...?)
00:31<nate>(not being sarcastic either, not at all, nope)
00:31<Zimsky>nate: do you want a gold star
00:33<nate>Zimsky: We all know your gold stars are really just gold plated aluminum, get outta' here with that cheap stuff
00:33<Zimsky>what's aluminum?
00:35<Zimsky>aluminium is only fractionally less electrically conductive than gold
00:36<nate>it's also one of the cheapest common metals at price per lb, thus cheap stuff :P
00:36<Zimsky>but it has terrible solderability and it develops an oxide layer
00:37<Peng_>But if you remove the oxide layer well enough you can set it on fire right
00:38<Zimsky>combined with an oxidiser, sure
00:38<Zimsky>then you've got thermite
00:38<dwfreed>...which will bring the oxide layer right back
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00:45<Zimsky>not for long
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01:01<net>i like porn
01:04<nagchampa>if you're not hosting your own zonefile, is there anything particularly wrong with having your zonefile host sign and hold the private keys for signing your dnssec records?
01:05<Zimsky>it's the same as having your private keys for anything on any hosted service
01:06<nagchampa>that's kind of what i figured
01:06<grawity>one more point of compromise, but it depends on what threats you're trying to protect against
01:06<nagchampa>i mean it comes down to how much i trust the zonefile host
01:06<nagchampa>just as linode can access my tls private keys easy enough if they wanted to
01:06<nagchampa>i prefer to host different points of my infrastructure with different services, so I wouldn't lose all at once in the case of a compromise
01:07<nagchampa>1984hosting in iceland provides free zonefile hosting that supports dnssec, you just have to put the DS records on your registrars systems
01:08<grawity>as long as you still own the domain (like in whois records)
01:08<Zimsky>they say don't keep all your eggs in one basket, but if you put them in 4 different baskets, three of those baskets could be really easy to get into and arguably less secure than one really really good basket
01:08<nagchampa>well yeah, you need to own your domain to set that up
01:09<grawity>because I've seen "shared hosting" providers which sell you a domain+hosting package, register a domain for you...under their own account, and transferring it away is a *major* pain in the ass
01:09<nagchampa>grawity: i stay far away from those
01:09<nagchampa>i'm helping an organisation take more control over their resources and might be dealing with that next month
01:11<nagchampa>Zimsky: thankfully i have a free account with gsuite for hosting my email i use for admin accounts, which is probably one of the most secure options
01:11<Peng_>You don't have to use DNSSEC
01:12<nagchampa>Peng_: no, but it's a good thing to set up if you trust the zonefile host
01:15<Peng_>Mnay disagree :D
01:15<nagchampa>i don't think i'll set up TLSA records though, because it would be another manual update i'd have to do each time my certificates are updated
01:15<Peng_>Many people do too
01:15<nagchampa>Peng_: i'd be interested in reading some dissenting views
01:17<nagchampa>this is an interesting read
01:18<nagchampa>although anyone relying on subdomains being private are probably doing something wrong
01:22<Peng_> is the classic one
01:33<grawity>nagchampa: *each time your keypairs are updated, which is not necessarily the same, or each time your CA is switched, which is rare
01:36<Peng_>Or you can automate it.
01:41<grawity>Peng_: you don't have to use TLSA
02:42<madman587587>its got to do with DNS?
02:46<Peng_>Does what?
03:47<linbot>New news from forum: Performance and Tuning • High % CPU Stealing <>
03:49<Peng_>The steal % in that graph looks like blood is pouring down from above
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04:11<dwfreed>Peng_: or jam
04:12<Zimsky>jam is thicker than blood
04:23<Woet>yea thats definitely more than enough CPU steal alright
04:49<madman587587>anyone have good stats on cpanel, required resources per user?
04:50<Woet>madman587587: entirely depends on the user.
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09:46<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
09:47<PK>I want a 4gb, 2 core and 150-100GB dissk spcase
09:47<smallclone>they do not offer custom plans
09:47<PK>server, on which I need to run tomcat/java/php/mysql
09:47<smallclone>you can get their 4GB plan and then block storage, if you're in newark or fremont or, uh, somewhere else
09:47<smallclone>i forget where
09:48<@bmartin>newark fremont, dallas
09:48<PK>I am from India (Asia)
09:48<smallclone>^ there ya go
09:48<PK>thank you..
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12:19<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
12:19<Zimsky>you weren't yesterday
12:20<Zimsky>!towel Eugene
12:20<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from eugene! (55)
12:20<Eugene>I was busy being a towel
12:21<Zimsky>then it should be "Every day I'm Linodin' (except some days upon which I am a towel"
12:21<Zimsky>+closing parentheses
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14:55<king>how many websites can i host in any plan?
14:56<smallclone>there is not a limit
14:56<smallclone>a Linode is a linux vps, you can do whatever a linux machine can do
14:56<smallclone>provided that you're capable of configuring it yourself
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15:14<Woet>king: do you know what Linode sells?
15:16<Woet>king: so why are you asking how many websites you can host?
15:17<king>woet i am new here
15:18<Woet>king: okay, but if you know Linode sells unmanaged Linux VPSes, you know that there's no plan limit.
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15:46<@mcintosh>Woet: be nice
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15:48<Woet>mcintosh: I was and am.
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16:50<Suresh_K_Gupta>We have application deployed on unix servers hosted on Linode
16:50<Woet>I'm happy to hear that.
16:50<Suresh_K_Gupta>We are trying to get ISO 27001 certification for the application
16:51<Woet>That's good to know.
16:51<Suresh_K_Gupta>It seems to obtain that we need to make sure Linode also meets ISMS compliance
16:52<Suresh_K_Gupta>Do you have any kind of compliance certification that you can share with us
16:52<smallclone>Suresh_K_Gupta: you should open a ticket, and specify the data center
16:52*nate does not recall ISO27001 requiring that, thought it was largely an on-system checklist for the most part
16:52<Woet>"ISMS compliance" doesn't make much sense
16:52<smallclone>Linode can give you certification for the data center itself, the of the application is obviously up to you
16:53<nate>Woet: Magic word like "Cloud Computing"
16:55<thurin>I'm sure the blockchain solves all that
16:56<Woet>i'm machine learning right now
16:59<Suresh_K_Gupta>sure. thank you.
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18:04<tafa2>don't suppose anyone does remote IT support? (need a price guage)
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18:29<Eugene>tafa2 - yup, that's my dayjob
18:30<tafa2>You in the US?
18:30<Eugene>Yessir, Seattle.
18:30<tafa2>pm ok?
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19:07<FluffyFoxeh>what's your night job Eugene?
19:08<Eugene>No, I wouldn't interview there based upon the feedback I have heard from multiple (former) employees about working conditions & pay rates.
19:08<Eugene>Also, fuck new jersey
19:09<FluffyFoxeh>but you say that you're Linodin' every day
19:09<linbot>Eugene: That URL appears to have no HTML title.
19:09<Eugene>!dns a
19:09<linbot>Eugene: (dns <host|ip>) -- Returns the ip of <host> or the reverse DNS hostname of <ip>.
19:09<Eugene>FUck you
19:09<FluffyFoxeh>dats a linode
19:10*FluffyFoxeh linodes
19:12<linbot>Peng_: 2600:3c01::14:7116,
19:13<Peng_>Eugene: What about Pennsylvania
19:29<@bhanks>yeah its philly now Eugene
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19:37<Eugene>The office is. LINODE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY is still registered as a NJ corporation
19:38<Eugene>And honestly? Pennsylvania sucks even worse.
19:38<smallclone>Philly is definitely better than SJ
19:39<smallclone>and while it's visually beautiful and a great place to work in tech, Seattle is basically turning into a much more dreary SF, including the homelessness problem
19:41<smallclone>that said i would consider moving there after this last east coast winter
19:41<Peng_>also you're under the constant gaze of the Eye of Sauron
19:41<Eugene>We have no income tax in Washington :v
19:43<smallclone>i think i would miss being able to get good pizza
19:43<smallclone>but i am paying a lot for that pizza
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19:46<HoopyCat>seattle is definitely growing on me
19:49<Eugene>I dislike the City of Seattle for various social issues. I actually live out on Vashon Island, like some sort of UNIX hippie neckbeard
19:50<HoopyCat>reasonable ^^
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20:00<zifnab>seattle does not have good pizza
20:01<Eugene>Goddamned pizza hipsters
20:01<Eugene>Learn to make your own pies if you're so picky, jeeze
20:02<Eugene>Its a pizza. Bread, sauce, cheese, accessories. Bake until ready. Not hard.
20:03<dwfreed>I miss Napoli's
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20:36<Peng_>Eugene: Bagel, ketchup, slice of cheddar from the convenience store...
20:39<dwfreed>...and now I want a bacon death bagel
20:44<dwfreed>of what? the bacon death bagel?
20:45<dwfreed>unfortunately I haven't made one in a while, and I don't have the stuff to make one now; I can give you the recipe, though
20:48<dwfreed>fry bacon (2 or 3 strips, usually, per sandwich); remove bacon from pan, leave grease; slice bagel, place face down in pan, cook to preferred toastedness; place bacon on bagel, cover with preferred amount of shredded cheese (mozzarella is really good), make sandwich
20:49*Eugene scribbles
20:49<dwfreed>if you have a decent sized pan, you can make 2 at once
20:50<dwfreed>the toasting the bagel in the bacon grease is what makes it so much better than just a bacon and cheese bagel (and is how it earns the name "death bagel"
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